Five Tips & Tricks for a Flawless Valentine’s Day

Looking forward to that PERFECT Valentine’s Day night with someone special? Have you been prepping to make sure everything goes according to plan? This Valentine’s Day, make sure to prep with these essential tips to make the night (and yourself!) flawless – from start to goodnight-kiss finish!


Tip #1: All About the Fragrance:
Looking your best is just part of it – you also have to feel your best, and SMELL your best! Research shows that a large part of attraction is based on smell, so make sure you grab the perfect perfume for the big day! For Valentine’s Day, a floral fragrance is ideal. If you don’t normally wear perfume, consider a scented body lotion or oil for just a touch of scent that he won’t forget.

Tip #2: Look great, no matter what “time of the month” it may be: We girls know that “that time” comes around RIGHT when you don’t want it – unnecessary bloating, horrible cramps can leave you feeling terrible. To combat PMS symptoms, try Girl Uninterrupted®, a fresh, new and all-natural approach to PMS relief. It’s composed of an all-natural blend of essential amino acids and herbs that have been specifically formulated to directly address those common symptoms of PMS. With Girl Uninterrupted, you’ll be able to curb bloating to fit into that gorgeous red dress and keep those PMS side effects at bay!

Tip #3: Get Your Beauty Sleep. More than just a pretty-making mechanism, sleep is an essential component to staying slim. During those coveted 8hrs of shut-eye, your digestive system is pumping hard to process your food, metabolizing carbohydrates and breaking down fats – so make sure you don’t skimp out on sleep before the big day so you can look (and feel!) your best!

Tip #4: Moisturize!
Valentine’s Day can leave you stressed, but your skin should be the last of your worries before the big day! Moisturizing keeps your skin hydrated, smooth and unaffected by changes in air and temperature that usually dry out skin.

Tip #5: Pre-Dinner Workout: Whether you’ve been working out every day before Valentine’s Day or you barely managed to hit the gym, a quick workout before you go out with your guy can help bring color to your cheeks, achieve that natural glow and can help settle nerves while you tone! Try a small circuit of pushups, squats, crunches and high knees to get your heart rate up and tone specific areas before your night out.

Tips via Mayling Kajiya

Disclaimer: Reader discretion advised, please consult your physician before beginning any exercise or diet program.