Awesome Snowboarding Video: P.S. Episode 3 It’s Deep

In the mood to hit the slopes? We are after seeing this rad video from ESPN.


Robin Van Gyn, Amber Stackhouse, Erin Comstock and Annie Boulanger head to Baldface lodge in Canada for some pow laps.

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Training Video: Erin Stern Bench Dips

Erin Stern hits the bench weights hard with some added weight. She’s looking on point headed into the 2013 Figure International. Follow her on Facebook en route to her return to the Arnold Stage.

Video: Corsets Comeback

ABC News / Nightline recently featured a growing (or slimming in this case) trend in Hollywood… Corsets. Corsets have been around for years but thanks to Hollywood stars they’re making a comeback as a fashion statement. Is it comfortable? It certainly doesn’t look like it from this video but what’s a little discomfort when you can have a slim, trim waistline, right?

corset comeback fashion
Corsets are not only a growing trend in Fashion but they are also a popular garment for fitness fanatics. Over the years, hundreds of competitors have convinced themselves that wearing a corset (or similar garment) will ultimately slim their waistline. It’s a trick women have used for years but does it work or another gimmick? If you’re one of the ladies currently rock’n a corset, remember nothing will replace exercise and eating healthy to get a sleek, slim waistline. Check out the ABC video below for the feature on corsets as a Fashion statement.

Disclaimer: Reader discretion advised, please consult your physician before beginning any exercise or diet program.