Hardbody Poll – Who Are The Top Ten IFBB Pro Women of 2013?

The 2013 IFBB competitive season has come to an end and we need your help in determining who made the biggest impact. There were a number women who made an their presence known in the IFBB Pro ranks and could make a case for being on the our Top Ten list. We’ve narrowed down the lists by division. Cast your vote, one for each division. We’ll compile the votes and come up with our final top 10 list. Did we leave someone off? If you think we did mention them in the final poll below.

top ifbb pros of 2013


Tanji Johnson – Tanji won the Fitness International in Columbus and followed it up with another win at the Arnold Europe.

Adela Garcia – Adela sat out the Fitness International but won the Fitness Olympia once again. She continues to be the all-time fitness queen in Olympia victories.

Ryall Graber-Vasani – Ryall won not only the inaugural Arnold Brazil Fitness event but also took top honors at the Toronto Super Show.

Oksana Grishina – Oksana Grishina continues to be a fan favorite and moved up into the runner-up position at this year’s Olympia, her highest finish at the event. She ended the year with a win at the Phoenix Pro.

Michelle Blank – Michelle took top honors at the Tampa Pro Fitness and made her presence known after returning from an injury.



Candice Keene – Candice had a break out year in Figure. She won the Figure International to start the year off and followed it up with wins in Australia and New York.

Nicole Wilkins – Nicole Wilkins sat out the Figure International and was less than her best at the New York Pro where she finished third. Just when many were counting her out, she transformed her physique and returned to the top spot by winning the Figure Olympia.

Erin Stern – Erin Stern slipped to third at the Figure International but won the Sarasota Pro. She was turn for turn with Wilkins at the Olympia but was relegated to the runner-up spot.

Heather Dees – Heather started the year off with a second place finish at the Figure International and followed it up with a win in Sacramento. She continues to be a threat to the top five in every show she enters.

Mallory Haldeman – Mallory started the year off with a fifth place finish at the Figure International but won not only the Tampa Pro but also the Tahoe Pro. She finished out the year with a fifth place finish at the Olympia.



Iris Kyle – Iris continues to be the most dominate female bodybuilder of all-time. She won what appears to the the last Ms. International and followed it up with a record 9th Olympia victory.

Alina Popa – Alina sat out the Arnold and came back to push Iris to the wire at the Olympia. It was the best she’s ever looked and many wouldn’t have argued had she taken the top spot at the Ms. Olympia event.



Dana Linn Bailey – Dana, or DLB as she’s known in the industry, returned to the stage after many thought she hung up the posing suit for good. She was the runner-up at the Tampa Pro and followed it up with a victory in Dallas. She went on to become the first winner of the Olympia Physique showdown.

Sara Hurrle – Sara won the inaugural Mile High title and followed it up with a third place finish at the Olympia. She continues to be a contender in every Women’s Physique show she enters.

Toni West – Toni took top honors at the Toronto Pro show and went on to finish 4th at the Olympia. Many feel Toni has what it takes to be the champ in the division.

Tycie Coppett – Tycie won the Greater Gulf States and took that momentum to Vegas where she finished in second behind DLB. Tycie also has the physique to be a top contender in ever show she enters.

Patricia Mello – Patricia started the year off where she left off in 2012, the winner’s circle. She won Los Angeles Grand Prix and also the Orlando Pro. She finished the year in fifth place at the Olympia.



Ashley Kaltwasser – Ashley started the year off with a 10th place finish at the Bikini International. She bounced back, collected a few first place titles along the way before becoming the Bikini Olympia Champion. She finished the year off with a win at the Sheru Classic in India.

India Paulino – India Paulino started the year with a win at the Bikini International and followed it up with another victor in Australia. Many thought she was poised to win the Olympia however she dropped to fifth at the event.

Yeshaira Robles – Yeshaira had a break out year with victories in Pittsburgh, New York and finished in the runner-up position at the Olympia.

Amanda Latona – Amanda won the Greater Gulf States title in June. She finished in 6th place at the Olympia and went on to win the Sacramento Pro to close out the year.

Nathalia Melo – Nathalia was the runner-up at the Arnold and in Australia. She closed out the year with a fourth place finish at the Olympia. Despite not winning a show in 2013, Nathalia continues to be a fan favorite wherever she goes.

Courtney King – Courtney took top honors at the Orlando Pro and the Tampa Pro. She closed out the year with a top ten finish in her first Olympia. She was named “rookie of the year” by FLEX magazine.



Who did we miss? Write in your pick for a top IFBB PRO below.


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