Don’t Call it A Comeback… She’s Been Here Before

Krissy Chin has graciously agreed to share her journey back to competition here on HARDBODY. Krissy brings us up to speed on what she’s been doing and what’s ahead for her. She’s a champion on and off the stage.

krissy chin
By Krissy Chin

Hello Hardbody Peeps:)!

First, I just want to say that I am SO #EXCITED to be blogging here on Hardbody! I have been a BIG TIME fan of Hardbody from day 1!

I hope everyone’s year is off to a great start! My name is Krissy Chin & I am an IFBB Figure Pro, Team Gaspari Athlete, new MOM-Yeah!!!! and you can also find me emceeing NPC/IFBB shows throughout the year. My education is in physical therapy and health sciences where I hold a dual degree-Masters of Science in Physical Therapy & a Bachelors of Science in Health Sciences. I was propelled into health & fitness when I lost both my parents to cancer in the 1990’s. I then decided that I wanted to get a better grasp on my own health and well-being and I wanted to live a healthy lifestyle after seeing how fragile life could be. Well that was about 20 years ago and I can proudly say that I am still, if not more extremely passionate about health, wellness, fitness and helping & inspiring others whenever & however I can.

My incredible journey in the NPC began in 2003 and I earned my IFBB Pro card in 2007 at the Figure Nationals/Team U in New York by winning my class. I feel blessed to have qualified for the Figure Olympia 4X and have competed at the Figure International (Arnold) twice thus far in my career. My last show was the 2012 IFBB Pro Governor’s Cup where I placed 2nd while being 6-weeks pregnant. You are probably wondering, “Why did she compete while she was pregnant?!” Well, I had no idea I was even pregnant and here is how the story goes. I was 4-weeks out from competing in the 2012 California Pro when I knew something was just not right. My body was not responding how it typically did for prep and I felt bloated and constipated. Coach Kim Oddo even asked me if I ate something that I wasn’t supposed to because I had this lil “pooch” at the base of my 6-pack, which I never had! Well, after 3 home pregnancy tests and a visit to my OB/GYN, it was confirmed that I was 12 weeks and 4 days pregnant! Shocker to say the least especially since I was on birth control pills & we were not planning on getting pregnant just quite yet.

I went from full on prep mode to full on BABY MODE! Since my pregnancy was not planned and I missed my 1st trimester, I quickly researched, read and learned as much as I could about pregnancy and about having a baby. I have to say that I did enjoy my whole pregnancy and I loved being pregnant. I was glad that I didn’t experience any nausea or morning sickness, any swelling, back pain or any other symptoms that other expecting moms have experienced. Throughout my pregnancy, I made sure that I kept myself properly nourished, hydrated, rested and I kept myself in a really good, calm & peaceful place both spiritually and mentally. I also got regular prenatal massages & continued training up until 40-weeks without any difficulty. However, I must point out that my training did change during the pregnancy since my goal had changed once I became pregnant. My goal for training during my pregnancy was to stay healthy & strong for my baby and for myself, which I successfully accomplished. At 41-weeks, I had to be induced since my Dr. said that Baby London was quite cozy in the womb and I was at complete ZERO dilation. After 33 hrs of labor, I was able to successfully have a vaginal birth. Beautiful Baby London MeiLan was born a healthy 7 lbs. 13 oz. on Nov. 26th, 2012.

Fast forward to today, London is now 17.5 months (almost 1 1/2 yrs. old) and I am less than 4-weeks away from making my return to the IFBB Pro stage!! I debated for a bit about whether or not to compete again. Truth be told, I am a true competitor at heart and I truly missed competing so much! There were other factors which also influenced my final decision to compete which were, I really love being in tip top shape conditioning wise so I wanted to see what my body was capable of doing post-baby and if I knew I had the adequate time to prep without taking away from baby London. London is my number one. For me it was so important to give 200% to London that first year of her life and just nurture and love her as best as I could. I was with her 24/7 until only recently when I started her in daycare twice a week at 16 months of age. I did not even contact Coach Kim to initiate prep until London was 14 months of age. I just didn’t want to take anything away from London. In addition, Rich Gaspari and Gaspari Nutrition recently re-signed me to a 2-yr athlete contract (Wohooo!!), which also solidified my decision to compete. I am #EXCITED to announce that my 1st show of the 2014 season will be the IFBB Northern California Pro Bikini!

I would say that life has significantly changed since becoming a mom. I’ve had to become even more organized, learn to REALLY multi-task, do things at a much quicker pace and I’ve learned to be creative when things change or something comes up in order to accommodate London and her needs. The biggest challenge for me when first getting back into training was leaving London for the 30 min or for the hour. I must admit, I still have a hard time being away from her. Yes, I am that in love with our precious daughter. In the beginning, it was also a challenge to find the time to fit everything in that I needed to get done while caring for London. Since Troy and I don’t have family here in California, it has been the two of us working together as a team to manage our schedules, care for our precious baby and for our 2 fur babies. It was also a bit of a challenge for me the first few months since I was a first time mom alone at home and I was, “learning the ropes.” Now that London is almost 1 1/2 yrs of age & is in daycare 2-3X/week, everything has gotten a lot more manageable & has allowed me to get all my training in, cardio done, food prepped and all my work done- Gaspari appearances, online clients, posing clients and all my other responsibilities completed. With all that said and done, I must admit that I absolutely LOVE being a mom and that London has just been the biggest, most beautiful blessing!

Until next time, train hard, be happy and live each day to its fullest!

With Love,


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Crush Your Shoulders with Dana Linn Bailey’s Delt Training

Dana Linn Bailey was the first woman to be awarded IFBB Pro status in the Women’s Physique Division. She kept up her first-ever winning ways when she won the inaugural Women’s Physique Olympia Showdown champion last Fall. She’s become one of the most popular women in the IFBB. Sure Dana Linn (or DLB as she’s often referred to) has a hardbody but it’s her personality that helps separate her from fellow competitors.

DLB Delt Training Workout

She has built a physique that is the envy of many and her shoulders are one of her strongest body parts. DLB shares her approach with in this training video and says her approach is simple… “I hit them as hard as I can.” Dana’s training workout reinforces her approach mindset… work, hustle and kill. Check it out.

Dana Linn Bailey’s Delt Homicide
Exercise 1: Superset Bent-over Reverse Cable Flye Face Pull
Exercise 2: Single-Arm Cable Lateral Raise
Exercise 3: Reverse Hammer Strength one-arm press
Exercise 4: Superset Lying Cable Upright Row – Cable Upright Row
Exercise 5: Dumbbell Lateral Raise Pyramid
Exercise 6: Strip Superset – EZ-Bar Cable Front Raise – Plate Raise Dropset

Get the entire shoulder training workout on and for more on DLB visit

Candice Lewis’ Hardbody Road to The Arnold

Candice Lewis is coming off one of the best years of any IFBB Pro. She made history by winning five shows in 2012, a record that she now shares with Erin Stern and Nicole Wilkins. Candice has her sights set on the Figure International title and working hard in Arizona to reach the top spot. Candice opens up about being a little freaked out and what she’s working on en route to her first trip to the Arnold stage.



Candice Lewis -  2013 Figure International Contender
My name is Candice Lewis and I am a proud native of Chandler, Arizona. The last few years have been exciting times since the 2011 Jr. Nationals, where I won overall Figure Title. This will be my first trip to The Arnold Classic. It is such an honor and dream come true of mine to be invited to such a prestigious event. The excitement is driving me crazy!

I have been working my butt off from the start of my pro debut in October 2011 to December 2012. I have competed in a total of 10 shows so I’ve been a busy lady. If someone would’ve said “you’re going to diet all year long and like it”, I probably would have complained and confessed that I needed to have my daily fix of froyo and cupcakes to survive. With hard work and having a BIG dream, I’ve  manage to win five pro shows, making history along with Erin Stern and Nicole Wilkins. Wow, freaking amazing!!!! Not many people have the opportunity in their life to achieve their goals and to inspire others. That’s what motivates and drives me.

My Arnold prep is completely different from any other show I’ve done which makes me a little uneasy. Ok-ok, I’m freaking out but in a good way only because I trust my trainer Damian Segovia 120%! He is proven and knows his stuff. The only person that needs work is me. I call this chapter in my show prep, me vs me. The first me is the physical me and she is on point. The second me is my state of mind. She is a work in progress but we’re getting there, slowly but surely, baby steps. I’m looking forward to this prep and being the best I can possibly be. I have to know and believe with all my heart that I will be a contender on the Arnold stage as long as I put in the work! Even after five pro wins, finding my confidence is my biggest challenge but deep down I know that confidence come from hard work, sacrifice and dedication. If I can incorporate this in my prep, I know I will step on stage and look my best and that’s what it’s all about!

Thanks for reading. In my Arnold voice “I’ll be back!”… Next week

Candice Lewis

Follow Candice on twitter @icandylewis and become a fan on Facebook. Check out some of her contest photos here. For more information on the Arnold Sports Festival visit and use #ASF2013 in all your tweets.


Nicole Nagrani’s 10 Fit Tips For Students

Champion Bikini Pro, Nicole Nagrani shares a few tips on how she stays in top shape while attending college. Anyone who has attended college knows it’s not easy to eat healthy but it can be done. How does Nicole juggle prepping for a show while attending class, finishing home work, eating all her meals and working out? Find out she avoided the “Freshman 15” and more in her top ten fit tips for students.



By Nicole Nagrani

When attending school, things can get really busy when you have to go to class, finish homework, make time for studying, workout, find (healthy) food to eat, and attempt to have a social life. Yes, they say college days are your best days, but the way you treat your body in your adult-forming years can have a huge impact on your future health. Also, by forming good habits early on, you are more likely to continue taking care of yourself as you get older.

I began competing in the NPC as a teen figure competitor when I began college. Initially, my plan wasn’t to compete, but I was just attempting to avoid the “freshman 15” by eating healthy and working out. A lot of students are going out on their own for the first time and don’t really know how to acclimate to the new freedom they are given so they go buck wild with the partying, junk food, and staying up all night. Well, I have a few tips that worked for me that helped me stick to being healthy when I began college.

1. SET GOALS – Before you embark on your fitness journey, make goals for yourself and write them down. You are more likely to achieve what you set out for if you know exactly what you want to accomplish.

2. PRIORITIZE – If you are student, whether you are in high school, college, masters program or any type of educational institution, obviously your studies are most important. Then from there, you need to determine what is most important to you. If working out is really important to you to improve your overall well-being once you lay out all of your tasks on the table, then make sure it actually become a priority!

3. MAKE A SCHEDULE – When planning out your week ahead of time, include your classes, when you would want to workout, what body part you plan on training, when you’d have time to study, and when you’d have time to rest. This way if you follow your schedule you will get everything accomplished that you need.

4. EAT RIGHT – It is definitely not easy to make healthy choices at college, especially if you are on a meal plan. BUT… it is possible! You just have to be conscious about the choices you are making and really attempt to stay away from the garbage. Also, you can always stock up on healthy foods that are easy to grab on the go like tuna, rice cakes, carrots, and so on.

5. GET A WORKOUT PARTNER – It’s easy to let your busy day wear you out and prevent you from hitting the gym. If you have a scheduled workout with a friend you are less likely to stand them up.

6. WORKOUT WITH MUSIC – I can’t even tell you how many times I go into the gym at my University and feel like its social hour. People go there to see friends, talk in between sets, and really just create more distractions for themselves. If you wear headphones, you are less likely to pay attention to the dude trying to interrupt your workout and get your number!

7. DRESS NICE – I am a firm believer in the idea that if you look good, you feel good. Even if I have class at 8 am, I make sure I get up ahead of time to make sure I look cute because it really reflects on my mood. When I look cute it gives me a better attitude to approach my day, and I can better apply myself to whatever I am doing. This also goes for the gym. If you wear sloppy clothes and look like hell, once you start seeing people you know you are going to want to get out of that gym ASAP. Get some cute outfits so you feel comfortable in the gym and want to sport your new attire when you’re working on your fitness!

8. STUDY – When you apply your mind, you actually burn calories. Your brain utilizes a lot of nutrients that you put in your body. So maybe if you think of studying as a second workout, it wont be such a pain to actually get done!

9. GET YOUR FRIENDS INVOLVED – When you are at school and away from home, you really rely on your friends that you make to comfort you. If you’re friends are also interested in working out and eating healthy, then if you all are doing it, it will be much easier. Believe me, I know what its like to be sitting around all of your friends eating pizza and drinking beers while they repeatedly try and get you to join them against your own will. So maybe if they were all on the same page as you, you wouldn’t have such a hard time resisting them.

10. LEARN BALANCE – Nobody said that if you want to eat healthy and workout, that you can’t enjoy some of the indulgences that come with being a student. Every once in a while it’s a good thing to go out and enjoy yourself and maybe have a drink or so. It won’t kill you. Don’t deprive yourself of the experience, but learn how to balance yourself between your fitness goals and college fun.


Follow Nicole on twitter at @NicoleNagrani and like her Facebook page. You can watch Nicole compete at the  Arnold Sports Festival where she will attempt to reclaim her title of Bikini International Champion. Cisit for more information.

A “Typical” Day with Fitness Pro Bethany Cisternino – The Balancing Act

Bethany Cisternino has one of the top physiques in the Pro Fitness ranks and as her routines continue to improve so do her placings. She’s coming off a runner-up finish at the Ft. Lauderdale Cup at the end of 2012 and has positioned herself as a leading lady heading into the 2013 Fitness International. She joins us on her Hardbody Road to the Arnold and shares what a “typical day” is like. As you can see her day is anything but “typical” to most but she gets it done!



Bethany Cisternino – 2013 Fitness International Contender

Balancing Act
Hello Hardbodies! Happy New Year!
I can’t believe it is a short 7 weeks until I step on stage at the 25th Anniversary of the Arnold Classic! This will be my fourth appearance and it is still a huge honor and blessing to represent IFBB Pro Fitness. I remember competing in my first Fitness International feeling so lost and overwhelmed. It was so nerve racking to be up against the best and being judged by the best. To top it off (no pun intended) I had a costume malfunction and didn’t get to finish my routine! Needless to say I have improved in my performance at the Arnold and I have learned to focus that nervous energy into a fierce focus that has helped me in the gym and on the stage!

In 2012 I competed in five shows! I ended my season placing 6th at the Olympia and 2nd at the Fort Lauderdale Cup in October. In fitness the two-piece round counts for 1/3 and the routine round counts for 2/3 of the total score. My goal in the two-piece round this year is maintaining a fuller look and keeping the same conditioning I have in the past. Therefore, after my last competition I took a 6 week hiatus from the gym to let my mind and muscles recover. My goal in the routine round is to bring a faster more explosive routine that the audience can get into.  Sometimes the audience is so quiet during our routines; I hope I have picked a theme and songs the crowd will like!

Every year my biggest challenge is finding time to fit in all my training without becoming mean, short-tempered, emotional, and overly tired (I’m sure the list could go on). The Arnold is always the first week of March, which means I am teaching and full into coaching indoor track. Time is precious so I stick the same routine every day.

A typical Weekday (7 weeks out)

6:15am – alarm
7:00am – walk my dog Roxy
7:10am – leave for work
7:35am – school starts (I teach high school Biology, Anatomy, and Biomedical Science)
9:00am – meal 1
1:00pm – meal 2
3:00pm – track practice begins
5:15pm – home / meal 3
6:15pm – train and 55 min cardio
8:30pm – meal 4
9-11:30 – shower, lesson plans, grading, emails, tweet, instagram, laundry, prep meals, etc
11:30 – meal 5
12:00 – bed

Each week I look forward to sharing with you news about my training, my diet, and how I am achieving my goals for this year. Stay tuned for my experiences with massage therapy and ART as I incorporate those into my training!

Follow Bethany on twitter at @BFitness80. Check out her competition photos on For more information on the Arnold Sports Festival visit and use #ASF2013 in all your tweets.

Build Better Shoulders with Candice’s Shoulder Blaster Workout

Arizona’s Candice Lewis has skyrocketed to the top of the IFBB Figure ranks. She has incredible shape and sure genetics plays a big part in her physique however she didn’t get her award winning physique by sitting on the couch. Candice shares her shoulder blaster workout with us and it’s guaranteed to leave you feeling the burn. Check it out and give it a try.


Candice Shoulder Blaster Workout

This routine is brief (30 minutes) Done once a week. No warmup is needed.

• Start by performing all-out set to failure for each set. Rack the weight and rest exactly 45 seconds. Continue this pattern until you complete the routine. Focus on good form.

*You are destroying your shoulders with limited rest. Remember each set is to failure you may drop the weight between sets if you are no longer able to complete a full rep. Depending on your fitness level roughly 5-10 pounds is all you need.

• Military Press (Dumbbells) 5 sets
• Front Laterals (Dumbbells) 3 sets *slow 4-6 seconds (+\-)
• Seated Dumbbells Press – 5 sets
• Cable Side Laterals 3 sets *slow 4-6 seconds (+\-)

Hope you enjoy this shoulder workout.

Burn baby burn!



Fitness Personality Jillian Michaels to Release “Hard Body” DVD

Jillian Michaels is one of the leading fitness personalities in the world today. She’s known for her no-bs, hard hitting approach on NBC’s The Biggest Loser and now she’s coming out with another DVD. She’s put out a number of DVDs already but this one claims to take your body to the next level. We’re not sure on how great the DVD will be but we’re sure it’s got a great name. “Hard Body” will be released in March of this year.


“Are you ready to take your body to the next level? Jillian Michaels Hard Body is the most effective total body workout for torching calories and transforming your entire physique. Hard Body is comprised of two 45-minute body-blasting workouts that progress in difficulty. These quick paced routines have fun, fresh new moves to deliver an incredible workout and turn your body into a lean and sexy high performance machine. Jillian also shows modifications for both beginners and advanced athletes in each workout. Get the Hard Body you’ve always wanted!”

Jillian Michaels’ new DVD “Hard Body”

Product Details
Actors: Jillian Michaels
Directors: Andrea Ambandos
Format: Color, NTSC, Widescreen
Language: English
Region: Region 1 (U.S. and Canada only.)
Number of discs: 1
Rated: NR (Not Rated)
Studio: Empowered Media Productions
DVD Release Date: March 5, 2013
Run Time: 96 minutes

AMAZON: List Price: $14.98
Price: $12.73 & eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25.
You Save: $2.25 (15%) Pre-order Price Guarantee. Learn more.

New Planet Fitness Commercial – Hot or Not? UPDATED

Planet Fitness is known for their absurd, over the top commercials and their “Lunk Alarm”. Most physique competitors would be banned from their gym due to their laundry list of rules, like no grunting. The gym chain is back with a new round of commercials to kick off the new year. They claim they’re not a gym though and it’s only $10 a month. In the newest spot they poke fun at pretty girls and claim that’s why their not a gym.


Um ok. I’m not buying it but if it gets people to workout then so be it but it’s a pretty lame approach in my opinion. What say you Hardbody Nation? Check out the commercial below and then vote and/or comment below.


The New York Times published a story about Planet Fitness and shared that the new campaign will use the slogan “No Gymtimidation”. This coincides with their “judgement-free zone” that is unless you grunt then you could get booted out. One thing I was unaware of that the NYT piece mentioned was “Every month members are treated to pizza on the first Monday night and bagels on the second Tuesday morning, while Tootsie Rolls are handed out daily.”


But Steve Red, the chief creative officer of Red Tettemer & Partners, said the aspirational approach can backfire when it comes to promoting health clubs.

“I’m never going to get to be that washboard-stomach, super-cut guy that I see in the Equinox ads,” said Mr. Red, referring to the chain of upscale gyms.

New York Times.

Maybe because the daily tootsie rolls have something to do with that Mr.Red.

#update# Not to be outdone by the women’s ridiculousness there’s a new “BURN” spot for men. I laughed but only because of how stupid it is.

Ad Watch: No Matter What. Sweat. Under Armour Women

Under Armour Women released a new video today titled, “No Matter What. Sweat. Every. Day.” The mantra is in line with that of a Hardbody even though the whole “.” after every word has been played out. Under Armour wants women to believe that “sweating is the best part of your day.” Agree?

women sweat workout

After watching the video a couple things jump out at us. Why aren’t more of the women sweating? Why not really push the idea by having women drenched in sweat? We’re pretty sure if you worked out with women like Ronda Rousey, Erin Stern or Nicole Wilkins you’d have sweat pouring down your face. It’s not until the very end of the clip we actually see visible sweat. We dig the idea but would love to see them show how women really look after a during and after a hard workout.

No Matter What. Sweat. Every. Day. — Under Armour Women
Sweating is the best part of your day. The part that tests your will, your body, and your mind. The part that truly makes you better. Under Armour celebrates the WILL of female athletes everywhere in our latest anthem. It’s an invitation, a challenge, and a mantra. Now get out there and sweat!

Visit for Under Armour Women products.

Via Youtube.

Amanda Latona’s High Five Booty Workout

Resident Hardbody, Amanda Latona shared her wildly popular cardio workout last month. A.L. is never one to disappoint and this month she delivers once again with a booty workout. Give your booty a high five with this butt blasting workout from cover model Amanda Latona. We can’t promise you’ll build a butt like Amanda’s but it’s worth a try.


Take 5 Booty exercises, I did…
1. Leg Press
2. Reverse hack squat
3. Single leg squat
4. Step ups
5. Butt blasters

Do 5 sets of each. 20 reps and up to 40 reps for drop sets. FEEL THE BURN!

High Volume for a High Booty! Have fun and Hit it HARD!

Amanda’s High Five Booty.

Follow Amanda on twitter for workout tips. If you haven’t “liked” her fan page you can do so here and lastly check out her blogs on Let us know how it goes!


photo via A.L. facebook

Get Hardbody with Nicole Wilkins’ Shoulder Workout

Looking to build bigger shoulders? Maybe you’re bored with your current shoulder training plan and looking for a few new exercises. Check out how Figure Olympia champ trains her shoulders in this video produced by Nicole takes you through her shoulder routine and offers a few tips along the way. The champ also shows you some of her gymnastic skills, yes Nicole competed in Fitness before she became the Figure champion she is today.

Let us know what you think of the workout after you give it a try.

If you’re looking for the compete shoulder workout including the sets, reps and helpful tips visit

Hardbody “I’m Stronger Than” – Excuses

We all face obstacles. It takes digging deep from within ourselves to rise above these challenges. We’ve started a new campaign to help empower female athletes across the globe, “I’m Stronger Than”. We want to know what YOU are STRONGER THAN.

Our first “Stronger Than” hardbody is IFBB Figure Pro Alea Suarez. As you can see, Alea has been able to face and conquer her obstacles en route to a championship physique. She’s STRONGER THAN excuses. Are you?

Share what you are STRONGER THAN on twitter with #strongerthan.

Disclaimer: Reader discretion advised, please consult your physician before beginning any exercise or diet program.