Week 21: Staying Healthy & Fit While Pregnant

Dina Al Sabah is checks in with an update after traveling to Germany. She shares an easy-to-follow training circuit you can do in your hotel room and reminds us all to get outdoors and enjoy the nice weather when possible. Dina shares what she’s been craving at 21 weeks into her pregnancy and what she plans to incorporate in the coming weeks to stay fit. Read the latest from Hardbody Mom-to-Be…

21 weeks pregnant


Staying Healthy & Fit While Pregnant - Week 21
This week had me traveling to Frankfurt and the Hague. The compression stockings did their job, and I had no swelling. I also kept up my water intake while on the plane though it did make me run to the bathroom hourly! The weather in Frankfurt was very mild so instead of going to the gym I walked about the city, and I did a mini circuit in my hotel room.

Mini-Circuit Hotel Workout:
3 sets – 15 push ups
3 sets – 15 body weight squats
3 sets – 15 lunges

I love walking in cities that I visit. Frankfurt has some beautiful historic architecture as well as a very modern skyline. Eating was a little tricky as I have had a complete aversion to chicken, beef and fish. I can stomach beef and chicken if  ground up and mixed with veggies, but that is not always easy to find. Needless to say, I did not meet my protein quota. I did indulge in a wonderful croissant – one has to when in Europe. The croissant was most delicious on the way down; however  the aftermath was not so pleasant.  Pregnancy  hormones have  slowed down my digestion and caused me to have reflux especially when eating something that has a high fat content. One of the things I noticed on this trip is the quality of food available at both the Frankfurt and Amsterdam airports. It is too bad that most of the airports in the USA do not have good options.

A great advantage about living in Los Angeles is the weather. This year our winter has been nonexistent. It felt so good to step out of the airport and into the warm sunshine.

The day after I returned I had my anatomy scan scheduled. This scan is usually done around 20 weeks and checks the development of the fetus. Thankfully everything is progressing well, and I got to see the little rascal kicking and punching; at one point he even smacked himself in the chin!!! I am always anxious when I go to my check-ups. I now have a system in place where I check the little guy’s heartbeat with my pocket fetal doppler before each appointment just so I know that he is doing well. There is nothing more reassuring than hearing the whomp, whomp, whomp of his heartbeat which usually clocks in at 145 – 150 bpm.

The jet lag has made me extra tired these last few days, so I haven’t done much in the gym other than walk on the treadmill and some light upper body/ab training. Nothing to write home about. I do have a yoga class scheduled on the weekend, and I am adding some Pilates in next week so that I can have some variety.

My latest comforts have been:
– lemon, cucumber and mint water
– zucchini pasta – I got a little spiral cutter that makes pasta like strands… a little sauce and Parmesan cheese make this a tasty treat
– tangerines

I will check in with you all again soon.

week 21 dina
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Disclaimer: Reader discretion advised, please consult your physician before beginning any exercise or diet program.