Kaitlyn Leaves WWE – Plans Return to Fitness

Former Divas Champion Kaitlyn has decided to leave the WWE and eyes a return to the Fitness Industry. You may recall Kaitlyn, or known to those in the fitness world as Celeste, competed in the NPC before her meteoric rise to the top of the WWE. Celeste shared some of her adventures here on Hardbody and we’re happy for what her future has in store. She announced that she is engaged to PJ Braun, trainer and NPC Bodybuilder, and that she plans a return to the fitness industry with a new supplement company.

kaitlyn leaves wwe

Celeste has something most search for but never find… a personality. It’s her witty sense of humor, ability to poke fun at herself and of course her hardbody that make her a star in whatever she chooses to do. Celeste shares that she will be starting up her own clothing line for fellow muscle chicks and look for more in the coming months. While we’re bummed we won’t get to see her kick in any more skulls inside the ring, we wish her nothing but the best in the next chapter of her life.

See her video goodbye here.

WWE Features “Superstars and Divas bodybuilding past”

Our resident Hardbody contributor, Kaitlyn became the WWE Divas champ and shot to worldwide fame in the process. We’ve known her since her competition days and today WWE.com took note of her past on their website. See the excerpt below for what they had to say about the HARDBODY champ.


From WWE.com:

WWE Divas Champion Kaitlyn got an early start in the world of bodybuilding, beginning her training at 18.

“I did really well in several NPC shows in Texas,” the Divas Champion said. “The first show I ever did, I trained all on my own and didn’t have a nutritionist or a trainer. I just loved bodybuilding and fitness ever since I was a kid. I placed 10thout of 20, which is pretty good for doing everything on my own at 18.

One year later, she came back and won the same show.

However, Kaitlyn’s favorite moment was competing in the Arnold Classic figure division at the amateur level. “I was the youngest competitor on stage,” she said. “Even though I didn’t win the show, I placed top five. Just being in the top five in the Arnold Classic — a huge international show that I was invited to — was such cool moment for me.”

Recalling the rigors of bodybuilding competition, Kaitlyn revealed her secret to success.

“A lot of people say the diet is the hardest thing. But once you commit to doing it, the diet just becomes routine. The hardest thing is staying mentally focused. Once you accept this [diet and cardio] is what you have to do, it’s easy. The second that you get out of the right mindset, it screws everything up.”

Certainly, Kaitlyn has figured out the key to success in WWE as well.

See more WWE superstars and divas who competed in bodybuilding here. We were a bit surprised that they didn’t feature Aksana who not only competed in the Figure International but she also shook Arnold’s had as the winner in 2009.


Zivile at the Arnold Classic / Figure International

Hard Body Kaitlyn is The New WWE® Diva Champion

Houston, We see no problems! A HUGE shout out to our Hardbody friend and contributor to the site, Kaitlyn. Tonight in front of thousands of fans in her hometown of Houston,Texas she become the new WWE® Diva Champion. Th hometown girl was down early but not out. At the end of the match she hoisted the belt in victory.


Follow Kaitlyn on twitter at @KaitlynWWE and like her Facebook page.

Watch the match on WWE.com

Via wwe.com:

You know what they say: Good things come to those who wait. And Kaitlyn’s persistence in pursuing the Divas Title finally paid off on Raw’s 20th anniversary, when the beautiful NXT veteran finally dethroned Eve as Divas Champion, capturing the butterfly-emblazoned title in a hard-fought match with an interesting stipulation. While Eve had largely retained the title due to chicanery and an exploitation of technicalities, SmackDown General Manager Booker T decreed the title would change hands if Eve got herself counted out or disqualified again, as she had done in recent bouts between her and Kaitlyn.

The stipulation worked entirely to the challenger’s advantage, as Eve found herself with nowhere to escape Kaitlyn’s relentless onslaught. The champion looked as though she might pull off the victory after a rough start, but couldn’t close the door on the contest to notch a three-count or submission. The two Divas matched each other shot for shot, as Eve kicked out of Kaitlyn’s reverse DDT, Kaitlyn escaped the neckbreaker and Eve withstood the gutbuster in a vicious sequence of signature maneuvers. Kaitlyn inevitably proved herself the wilier of the two when Eve tossed Kaitlyn over the barrier and assumed the win was in hand. While Eve called for a count-out, Kaitlyn snuck back into the ring and rocked the champion with a spear, bringing Eve’s reign to its crashing close.

But that’s not all: One Diva’s triumph was another one’s final downfall as, moments later, a furious Eve quit WWE during an WWEActive interview.

Check out the video where Kaitlyn is all tears…of joy after her win. Here’s some HARDBODY photos of Kaitlyn shot by Liftstudios specifically for Kaitlyn and this site.

See more photos of Kaitlyn on WWE.com.

Lead image via WWE.com

Kaitlyn’s Corner: WWE Diva’s Take on New Year’s Resolutions

Our favorite skull crusher in the WWE is back in the New Year and she lays some smack down. Who Dat? WWE Diva Kaitlyn of course. She holds nothing back on those who would rather text kitten photos than squat in the gym and she reminds us all to DO WORK SON!

From Kaitlyn:

Happy Hardbody New Year
So it’s about that time we start thinking about the new year and a new set of resolutions and promises to ourselves. For some of us it’s weight loss, a new workout regimen, save money, or my personal favorite… stop drinking. For others, it’s to conserve water (bathe less), stimulate the economy (buy an ass-load of stuff you will never use), or “go green” (act like you care about the environment in order to look more attractive to that hot guy, with the dreads, that works at Whole Foods).

Maybe you fully intend on focusing on the next year and improving yourself as a person, inside and out, or maybe you’re goals are superficial and materialistic.
Regardless of your intentions, I feel as though New Years resolutions are short lived and something we are all just… programmed to do. New Years resolutions are often prostituted by people that believe they can change a large aspect of their life just like THAT. (I made a poor attempt to snap my fingers aggressively to emphasize the quickness of the word “that”).

I mean, really what’s the difference between December 31st and January 1st? Besides your blood alcohol level, it’s just another day. In most cases, I believe people make resolutions just because everyone else is doing it. Perhaps, it does provide a certain kind of motivation. It’s a new year, a fresh start, a chance to reinvent yourself. For one reason or another, most fall back into their same routine, same bad habits, and same “fat” jeans. I hate my fat jeans. They haunt me in my dreams.

Seriously, most new gym members that join January 1st don’t even make it to February 1st.

kaitlyn wweKaitlyn on WWE NXT last Tuesday.

I don’t consider myself a pessimist, (unless it’s earlier than 6 am). However, I feel like I’m a fairly down to earth and a realistic person. In my short 25 years on this earth, I have found that people don’t really change unless they are truly, truly committed. Even then, old habits die hard. If you haven’t worked out a day in your life, except for awkward-back acne-training bra-junior high gym class, I don’t really think you’re going to become an instant advocate of HIIT. Just sayin’.

While I’m on this subject…. Isn’t it just the worst thing when you walk into YOUR gym, ready bang out a workout….and there’s a bunch of new members that don’t really want to be there? I’m all for people getting in the gym and making changes in their life to be more fit and healthy. It’s the people that DON’T really want to be there that really grind my gears. There they are, at the squat rack to do something that vaguely resembles a squat… Or some kind variation of a push press, (with some people, I can’t tell the difference) and somehow texting pictures of kittens to their friends, at the same time.

Ok… I text pictures of kittens too. Seriously just google “kittens in costumes” and try not to be amused. BUT… There is a time and place for everything and the weight room floor is not one of those places. I use examples from the gym because fitness goals are among the most common New Years resolutions… And in most cases the most amusing. Anyways, Allz I’m saying is that if you really want something bad enough and you really believe you have the dedication, discipline and drive to truly accomplish it… Then don’t just pretend…DO IT.

Be different this year. Be one of the few that actually follows through and accomplishes their goals. Whether it’s big or small, commpletely materialist or something that will possibly help get you laid… (by the guy at Whole foods).

Push yourself, make sacrifices and do work, SON.

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Kaitlyn’s Awesome Adventures: Mexico Edition

We caught up with our favorite WWE Diva Kaitlyn to see what was crack-a-lack’n. Well besides being McAwesome she’s continued to travel the globe and made her first trip to Mexico. Check out her latest blogsky exclusive to Hardbody.com.



Thanks for joining me for the all new, (and first ever)…

*Awesome Adventures of Kaitlyn: Mexico Edition*

Day one of our short tour began on a Thursday. I got up at 6:00 am and walked a few blocks to the gym and got in a sweet Hardbody workout. It would come to my realization later on, that I am an idiot for getting up so early on a day of international travel AND the same day of our first show.

We flew out of Dallas on a private charter around noon. The best thing about that last sentence isn’t that we flew out of Dallas and it’s not the time of departure neither. We flew on a private charter like rock stars straight into Monterrey, Mexico! Our usual travel from live events, tv days and pay-per-views are normally brutal. We fly into the location of our first show and then we drive… and drive… and drive some more. So this was pretty amazing to get the chance to feel so important, especially for someone as easy impressed as myself.


View of Mexico.

So we arrived in Monterrey and we took a charter bus to the arena for our first show of the tour. We had police escorts surrounding us the whole way. So baller. When we arrived to the arena for show, there was already droves of people waiting to get in hours before Showtime. The experience is extra special for the fans because they don’t get the chance to see live shows very often. Little did they know that this was exponentially more exciting to me because this was my first time to experience Mexico with the WWE. It’s a good thing I reconsidered wearing the sombrero. It’s a little over the top.

The peeps at the arena had a good selection of healthy things to eat…along with ridiculously tempting Mexican delights as well. I stayed away from the beans, enchiladas and anything spicy. I’d compare eating that combination of foods before a wrestling match as something similar to a time bomb.

Once the show got under way, the crowd was electric. When the fans are excited, it makes us excited and makes for an awesome show.

After our main event, we all showered, slapped some clothes on and jumped onto the bus and headed back to our charter jet. We landed in San Louis Potosi and arrived at our hotel about 4:00 am. This was about the time I asked myself why in the hell I got up so early. At least I got my workout in, I had no idea what our gym access would be the rest of the trip. I dropped my bags, turned on the Spanish Disney channel and passed out. I was clearly too lazy to search for the English channels. I figured maybe I’d learn some Spanish in my sleep.

OH YA That's ME!

The next day I still had no knowledge of the Spanish language. Damn It! We all had breakfast and jumped on a shuttle to get a workout in before the next show. We pulled up to an Olympic training facility! Oh snap. It was just a cardio day for me but I couldn’t resist playing with all of the cool stuff they had.

Our next show was outdoors in a baseball stadium at night. Holy air horns, the fans were even more enthusiastic than the night before. Side note: Latin men are big fans of a muscular woman. This is a fact. Needless to say, my quads have a great fan base in Mexico.

Ok so yada yada… Bus… Plane… Hotel…food.. No sleep… Friday morning…NEXT SHOW ! Veracruz had a full baseball stadium of excited fans! It was HOT! Our resident ginger badass, Shaemus, had to wrestling in his under armor shirt to save his sensitive white skin from a severe burn. I was very pleased with this. A big, white, jacked wrestler with fire red hair, wrestling in small trunks and a long sleeve shirt.


In Action & No, I'm not breakdancing.

After the scorching show, we cleaned up in some sort of makeshift shower that looked like a port-a-potty. Since we were outdoors, everything was in tents. Pretty cool experience, plus we had A.C. And electricity. Not too shabby. Then, we flew straight to Mexico City for Raw tv that same night. Whoa. Luckily, Smackdown was taped at the same venue the next day, so we got a little sleep that night.

The following day Smackdown tv had 11,000 people in attendance! I had the honor of wrestling a singles match. It was unreal. That is the most people I’ve performed in front of yet! I also got a mic on the way down to ring. Let’s just say I learned enough Spanish to call my opponent “fish lips”. I was very pleased with myself. I won the match with a sweet leg submission. The crowd went wild. This is easily the highest point of my career thus far.

So in conclusion, Mexico is beautiful… even though I only saw it from the plane, the bus and the hotel room. I had the time of my life, learned some impressive Spanish (boca de pescada: fish lips), won a match in front of 11,000 people with a sweet submission hold using my legs (I give the people what they want), and avoided Montezuma’s revenge.


Follow Kaitlyn on twitter @KaitlynWWE to see what’s up. You might want to look into her MOVEMBER team – just a thought.

WWE Diva Kaitlyn Talks Olympia & Thanks Chuck Norris

Our resident body-slamm’n bad ass, Kaitlyn checks in on the heels of the 2011 Olympia. We’re stoked that Gaspari has brought her on board to host their Live Olympia coverage and will be giving fans a chance to meet the rising WWE star. She checks in with her latest blogskie and breaks down what’s up.


Dear Vegas,

Hi. It’s been a while. I see you’ve been doing well. Sorry I haven’t called. I’ve… just been busy. I’ll be seeing you again very soon. I hope we can work it out. I really don’t think I want my mattress to end up on the roof and I certainly don’t want any more tattoos. Please take it easy on me.

With love,

Ps. If anyone ends up in the trunk… I’m blaming hardbody.

It’s that time of year again! The countdown to the 2011 Olympia weekend begins! I am so excited to be going to the Olympia this year. I can’t wait to breathe in the excitement of the Olympia expo, to be amongst the world’s most incredible athletes and to return to my roots!

I’ve always loved fitness and bodybuilding. I fell in love with it when I was just a kid. I attribute part of my love for fitness to Chuck Norris. He’s a true Hardbody. Plus, his Nordic Track infomercials really did a number on me! When I was fourteen, I remember asking mom for a weight bench and set of plates and dumbbells to put in my room as an early Christmas present. Apparently, this is not “normal” behavior for a young teenage girl, but I think I turned out just fine. I went from the NPC figure stage straight to the the WWE. Look at me now ma! I’m a professional wrestler! ( Makin’ Mom proud since 1986).

So, besides getting to represent the WWE at the fitness industry’s most prestigious event, What makes this Olympia extra special for me? I’ll be making my debut as the host of Gaspari TV! This is a first-time-ever, never-been-done, holy-moly-this-is-awesome moment!

I will be interviewing Gaspari‘s elite athletes, some of the most important people in the industry today, many enthusiastic fitness fanatics and Rich Gaspari himself. I am truly honored to have the opportunity to represent Gaspari Nutrition and the WWE in such a exciting and innovative way.

There are so many things running through my mind. What should I wear? Should I also be tanned and oiled? Do I break the ice with bathroom humor? Ahh, I’m so nervous. Without a doubt, the 2011 Olympia weekend with Gaspari Nutrition and friends will be filled with excitement, shenanigans and certainly many unexpected and memorable moments.

I’ll see you there!


Fans stop by the Gasapari Nutrition Booth at the Olympia and get this autograph card. Follow her on twitter.com/kaitylnWWE and give her a HARDBODY hello.




WWE Diva Kaitlyn’s Corner – Spread Some Positive Juju

Our favorite WWE Diva, Kaitlyn checks in with her newest blogsky. Despite being on the road, or in the air, non-stop she’s live’n and love’n life. It can be easy to get caught up in all the annoying little things in life but in this installment she reminds us all that being polite and positive can go a long way to creating a happy place.

From Kaitlyn:
So here I am. Seat 8C, on a flight to Los Angeles, CA. I’ve had a crazy week of travel. East coast to West coast, West coast to East coast, Midwest to middle earth somewhere… My body is tired and my mind… Well, I lost it going through security at Houston’s Bush International airport.

Kaitlyn hit Muscle Beach while in LA. She’s looking HARDBODY!

I boarded the plane really early, got comfy and sat back to watch everyone find their way to their seat. Ok, I didn’t actually “sit back” because for some reason most airlines think it’s funny to make the seats so uncomfortable that it feels as though you are actually leaning forward. Anyways, back to the action.

First, I watched the ridiculously uptight flight attendant controlling the flow of traffic at the the front of the plane. If her lips were pursed any tighter, she would look like the “bitter beer face” guy. She was in no mood for shenanigans. Annnnd since “Shenanigans” is my middle name, I decided that I wouldn’t be bothering her at any point during this three hour tour. She was barking orders at passengers, acting so inconvenienced to have to help anyone put their bags away. I’m pretty sure she eats babies on her lunch break. I covered my mouth and nose in order to prevent myself from catching her contagious negativity.

Bitter Beer Face guy.

Next, I got eyes on the very overweight man squeezing into his window seat, nearly crushing the pelvis of the terrified man in the middle seat. Come on man, let the guy get up to let you by. He didn’t ask for a lap dance… To spite how erotic that may have been. Then this jumbo jerk had the balls to rudely get the flight attendant’s attention by snapping his fingers. What possibly could have been so important you ask??? He needed a seat belt extender!! Ugh, have you no shame!?

Now we get to the super jacked guy lugging his bags in one hand and balancing a fast food bag, a 30 oz soda, and some sort of man purse in the other hand. By the way, I’m not knocking the man purse. It’s sort of looks like my new satchel… you know like Indiana Jones, but cooler. Anyway so this guy struggles on past me with all of his belongings and then realizes he’s supposed to be in first class. Wow. So he turns around shoving through people still trying to make it to their seats. Plowing through women, children, cute puppies. (ok, there weren’t any puppies). He clearly has his mind set on the double McHeartAttack sammich in his hand.

All three of these characters, in the ongoing situational comedy that is my life, have one thing in common. They all have very little manners and had little or regard for others. Many other people were effected by these jackasses and their actions. The flight attendant was rude and belittled undeserving passengers. The heavy mouth breather guy nearly crushed the man next to him and possibly molested him. He also showed very little respect to the innocent flight attendant. The big muscle head pushed people out of the way and felt it was his right for one reason or another. Maybe he felt this way because he was chiseled like a Greek God or maybe just because his mama didn’t teach him any manners. Who’s to say that everyone who was directly effected doesn’t do the same thing to someone else just because they had a bad experience and it dampened their day?

I guess what I realized is that having a bad attitude and little regard for people around you is like having the flu and spreading your germs to everyone around you. I know I don’t want your bad attitude bird flu germs.

Thumbs up during the WWE Summer Slam.

The point is that if negative energy spreads like wild fire, imagine what a little positive juju could do. I strongly believe that doing nice things, smiling and even just having some manners goes a long way. It’s also makes you feel good about yourself. This flight was A little reminder to myself that no matter how little sleep I’ve had, how achy my feet are from uncomfortable shoes or how bad my face hurts from the wrath of feisty female wrestlers, being positive and polite goes along way. Spread the love peeps. It will probably make your day a little happier, your workout a little better, and your overall outlook a little brighter.

Follow her on twitter.com/kaitylnWWE and give her a HARDBODY hello.

No Kaitlyn on WWE RAW? We Got Ya Covered

If you’re a WWE fan you likely watched WWE RAW tonight. We did and while there were some entertaining matches we were hoping to see our resident hardbody Kaitlyn. It wasn’t meant to be but hey we’re here to help ya with your Kaitlyn fix.

Here’s a peek at Kaitlyn from her LIFTstudios photo shoot a few weeks ago. She was just getting started on her Caveman Diet when these were shot.

Fitness fans will get the opportunity to meet Kaitlyn at the 2011 Olympia in Las Vegas next month. Stay tuned for more details on that. In the mean time enjoy this Kaitlyn photo and follow her on twitter @KaitlynWWE – give her a Hardbody hello.

©Photo by Isaac Hinds – LIFTstudios.com – 2011.

Kaitlyn’s Corner: WWE Diva Sheds 10 Pounds Like A Caveman

Our favorite WWE Diva, Kaitlyn is back for another round and this time she shares a bit about her diet and how she’s recently shed 10 pounds. Kaitlyn keeps it real and breaks down how she went from a figure competitor to a “blobish” wannabe wrestler. Now she’s stoked to share how she’s looking hardbdy as a WWE Diva. You have to love her honesty and sense of humor and if you don’t, well then you better watch out. She might just deliver a kick to your grill.

Kaitlyn’s Corner:

Alright girls, let’s talk Cavemen! Loin cloths, over abundance of body hair and loud grunting as a means of communication! Well… Not exactly. Ever heard of the “Caveman Diet”? It’s also referred to as the Paleo or Warrior Diet. To sum it up… The Paleolithic diet consists mainly of grass-fed pasture raised meats, fish, vegetables, fruit, roots, and nuts, and excludes grains, legumes, dairy products, salt, refined sugar, and processed oils.

Ok, We will get back to specifics of it later on. First, I would like to explain why I ventured into this different approach to “dieting”.

I spent a few years competing in figure/bodybuilding and had many successes and failures with various diets. I’ve tried ketosis diets, carb cycling diets, and everything in between. In my experience, most of the time, I would diet very extreme and then rebound like crazy after a competition and then struggle to find a healthy balance in my off season. This is no way to live!!! I had my “in season” jeans and my “off season ” jeans… aka my fat pants… aka anything with stretch.

When I got signed by the WWE, I was training for a bodybuilding show. My life changed drastically as far as my work schedule, workouts, sleep patterns and stress levels. I was searching for balance. So after only about a month of training in the developmental program for WWE, I was pulled up as a last minute replacement on the WWE reality based show NXT.

September 7th, 2010 was my official tv debut.. And the last time I can remember being sane, until now.

My schedule was non-stop. I was traveling so much I couldn’t remember what city/state I was leaving or heading to. When I would return home, I would have to go straight to practice, shows, or training for the developmental program, which I’m currently still a part of. I was getting 4-5 hours of sleep and even went 3 months straight without a day off. This was the “oh sh*t” method of learning how to be a WWE superstar on the fast-track. Looking back, I wouldn’t change one thing. Well… Except the blobish shape that my body had transformed into.

Seriously, I went from strict routine to utter chaos in no time and my body was the evidence. I tried some of the diets that had worked for me in the past but nothing was effective because there wasn’t much time for morning cardio and strict routine. I lost a sense of who I was.

After I ended up winning season 3 of NXT, my life regained a small sense of order. I was put on the Smackdown roster and began to try to find some consistency. Constantly traveling isn’t ideal for staying in great shape but this is my new way of life! I have always taken pride in being strong, muscular and in shape. And this blobish “shape” didn’t cut it.

Have you ever heard that doing the same thing over and over with the same unsatisfactory result is the definition of insanity? True… So very painstakingly true. So I looked in the mirror at where my abs had once been and said, “You’re better than this, McFatty”.

So I decided to tried the “caveman diet”. It’s different than anything I had ever done before. Basically, I started eating everything fresh. I started taking in way more fresh/raw veggies and even added fruit in 2-3 times a day. Now, if you have ever dieted strictly, you know that fruit is mostly “forbidden” due to it’s high sugar content. So eating fruit was glorious.

Next, I began eating whole eggs, tuna, salmon and nuts as my means of protein. Bye-bye red meat, chicken and beloved turkey patties. Basically, I stopped eating carbs “intentionally” and got them from fruit and fibrous veggies. I also ended up eating about 15-20 grams of fat per meal.

Whhhhhat!? Yep.

There are many ways to follow the Paleolithic diet. There’s tons of information on the internet and number of great books on it. I believe there are many variations and you have to find what works for you.
Welllll… Are you dying to know how effective it is? Yea, thought so. Let’s put it this way… I lost 10 lbs of pure body fat and gained 4 lbs of lean muscle in just 4 weeks. Oh, and by the way, I didn’t have to kill myself with cardio. (we will talk about that next time) Suck it, fat jeans!!


Before and After The Caveman Diet.

So here is the best part… Other than being a HARDBODY once again and being proud of the way I look, I actually FEEL good all the time! It has really become a way of life for me. I’m done fluctuating up and down and constantly trying to find balance. Plus, this diet is easy to maintain when I’m on the road. Veggies, fruits, nuts, tuna and boiled eggs are always in my lunch box. Yes, I DO get teased for carrying a lunch box. In my defense, it’s very fashionable.

Hey…. It’s so easy.. A caveman can do it! Zzzzziiiiinnnng!

Stay tuned Hardbodies, I’ll be back with another blogskie soon.


The main point here is to make eating healthy a way of life and try to avoid dieting extremes. Follow Kaitlyn on twitter at kaitlynWWE and become a fan on her official Facebook Fan page. Tweet her & give her a HARDBODY hello. She’s currently rock’n over 50,000 followers. BAM!

Photo Credits: Lead Photos by Isaac Hinds / LIFTstudios.com. Before & After photos courtesy of Kaitlyn.


WWE Diva Kaitlyn Joins Hardbody

I’m stoked to announce our newest Hardbody contributor, NPC Figure competitor turned World  WWE Diva Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn will be sharing her tales from the road, how she trains and look behind the scenes as a WWE Diva. She has the looks and the personality to match, making her one of the hottest new female stars in the WWE.

Kaitlyn’s Corner:

Well here I am… Dripping sweat, starving and about to wet my pants in seat 7A…. Headed to Harrisburg, PA.

I guess I should explain myself. I don’t normally wet my pants, in case that’s what you were thinking. I’m flying to Harrisburg to tape an episode of Friday night SMACKDOWN. I am currently one of the newest Divas on the roster.

So I arrived at Tampa international Airport to catch my flight, as I do EVERY week and my flight is delayed. Sweet. So half an hour later, I board my flight and just as I pass a screaming baby and think to myself, “I dodged a bullet there, glad I’m not sitting next ‘Stinky McTantrum'”. As I find my row, I’m thankful to have a window seat. Ok, the man in the middle seat seems normal. He looks a little like a hill-billy but who am I to judge? I sit down, put my seat belt on and HOLY FEBREEZE!! What is that smell?? If a donkey and gingivitis had a baby… This is what it would smell like.

This man, who I nick-named “Halitosis Harry (ass)” has clearly missed his monthly bath and most likely uses manure as tooth paste.

So I remind myself that things could be worse (not likely), but I always try to stay positive. It’s only an hour and forty minutes. As the plane went into descent and only 10 minutes to go, I was very thankful that we had a safe flight and that I was able to mask some of the odor by eating an entire pack of Orbitz sweet mint gum (which will undoubtedly give me gas later).

So the plane touched down and I turn on my phone while trying to think of something dumb to post on Twitter.

“Crap”. (that’s not actually what I said… But it’s close enough). It was 5:29 and my connection was going to take off at 5:52! When we got to the gate, I jumped up frantically trying to get to the front. Hey, I don’t care, I’ll push a baby! Especially if he was crying the whole flight. I was not going to get stuck in Charlotte, NC for the night. That means that I would have to fly to Harrisburg in the morning on a TV day.

TV days are ridiculously long and not to mention hella stressful. Plus my bags would be going to Harrisburg without me. That means my clothes, hair products and my cooler with all my food, (of course I bring my food on the road. Once a fitness girl, always a fitness girl), would be out of touch until the next morning.

So, I grabbed my carry-on and held on to my low-rise jeans and sprinted from gate B7 to gate E25! I made it in just enough time to have the yellow strap pulled in front of me and the gate door closed. The lady at the desk wasn’t bothered in the least that I had embarrassing pit stains and was pretty much completely out of breathe.

Man, I do interval sprints! Why the EFF was I struggling to breath? Whatever.

So I begged and pleaded and she let me on and she couldn’t have been more disgusted with the idea of actually helping someone out.

So that brings us up to now. I am so grateful to be sitting next to this clean elderly gentleman, who is quietly reading and smelling very pleasant. I am grateful even though I didn’t get to eat or use the bathroom and now I’M the one that smells like a hill-billy.

My life as a Diva is amazing, exhausting, rewarding, challenging and the best job in the world, but it is most definitely NOT glamorous. I have had the most incredible, (good and bad) experiences and I’ve only been with the WWE for just short of one, whirl-wind year.

My luggage didn’t arrive until 3:00 am… So I did what any HARDBODY would do… And worked out in my wrestling boots at the hotel gym. The first thing I learned about flying: always have your gear, wrestling boots, one dress, a set of workout clothes, make up and undies in your carry on bag for occasions such as this.

That’s all until next time Hardbody peeps!

Follow Kaitlyn on twitter at kaitlynWWE and become a fan on her official Facebook Fan page. Give Kaitlyn a shout and tell her you saw her on HARBDODY. She has a HUGE following on twitter and always good for a few laughs.


Disclaimer: Reader discretion advised, please consult your physician before beginning any exercise or diet program.