2015 Arnold Brazil Bodybuilding & Fitness Preview Plus Prize Money

2015 Arnold Classic Brazil
The 3rd annual Arnold Classic Brazil will take place on Saturday May 30th in Rio de Janiero. The IFBB Pro portion of the weekend is an invite only competition and it has shaped up to be one the best line-ups of the year. The IFBB Pro League event features Men’s Open Bodybuilding and Fitness. Bethany Wagner, the defending champ, and Ryall Graber the inaugural champ are both in the line up looking to become the first 2x winner in Pro Fitness. The buzz is around Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay in the men’s competition but there are a number of competitors who could take the top spot.

Tanji Johnson will be making her first appearance in Brazil and could shake things up in the top spots. It will largely come down to how conditioned she is and be in the top spots for the physique round. Bethany can repeat if she brings a solid routine to the stage. Look for her to go back to the Hot for Teacher routine instead of the Wicked Witch she did at the Arnold in Columbus. It will likely be Bethany, Michelle, Tanji and Ryall to be in the top spots for the physique round if they are all on the A-Game. Regiane has been placing higher in the physique rounds lately but I don’t see it other than she brings better conditioning than most. Ryall has to bring a conditioned physique if she wants to be in the top spots. She’ll likely be in the 3-4 range with her routine score. Regiane Da Silva has shown she’s a threat for a top spot in every show she enters. She will likely score high in the routine round and don’t be shocked if you see her finish in the top three. Marta Aguair has a great routine and if she can move up a bit in the physique portion of the show she could be in the top spots. Michelle Blank is coming off a win and will look to make it two in a row. She’s improved her physique presentation and routine so she could be up in the mix. Ashley Sebera will have her work cut out for her in this line up and may be have to settle with being happy to be there.

Marta Aguiar
Michelle Blank
Regiane Da Silva
Ryall Graber
Tanji Johnson
Ashley Sebera
Bethany Wagner

2015 ARNOLD BRAZIL PRIZE MONEY: Fitness ($16,000)
1st Place – $6,000
2nd Place – $3,500
3rd Place – $2,000
4th Place – $1,500
5th Place – $1,000
6th Place – $1,000
7th Place – $1,000

My Predictions:
1. Bethany Wagner
2. Regiane Da Silva
3. Tanji Johnson
4. Michelle Blank
5. Ryalla Graber
6. Marta Aguiar
7. Ashley Sebera

This show is stacked! The only show with a better line up this year will be the Olympia. While there are only 10 guys in the show, they are ten top notch competitors. It’s not like the 10 we saw in California earlier this month where you’re wondering who was who. These are familiar names that will have the fans following along to see who comes out on top. It’s no secret that Arnold loves Cedric’s physique but Rio hasn’t been the kindest place for McMillan to compete. In the inaugural Arnold Brazil he was disqualified for missing showing up late to the competitor’s meeting and ended up not competing after a bizarre string of events. He’ll be looking for a bit of redemption but will have some tough competition. The biggest guy in the line-up and the one with the most buzz in the industry is Big Ramy. The question that remains for the big guy is will he bring the conditioning it takes to win. He’s working with a new “guru” and that leaves people wondering if they’ll have the right plan the first time working together. We’ve seen Ramy go from a giant water ballon in preview pics before to ripped on stage. He’ll need to be on point to win his first Arnold title. Lionel Beyeke will be looking for a top spot and arguably could have been much higher than his fourth place finish last year at this show. Brandon Curry won the inaugural Arnold Classic Brazil and will look to add another win to his resume. He’ll have a tough time overcoming most guys in this lineup due to their sheer size. Victor Martinez will be the x-factor in this lineup and if he’s conditioning could be the winner, if he’s slightly off you could see him in a 3-5 place spot. One of the seasoned veterans to the stage, Toney Freeman likely won’t be the winner but he’ll show that he can still hang with the younger cats. Last year, Juan Morel was second to Steve Kuclo and is coming off a win at the New York Pro. Look for him to be in the top spots when the dust settles at the finals. Jose Luis Rodriguez won the Arnold Amateur Brazil overall title last year and this will be his pro debut. It’ll be a tough show to make a debut at but he should be able hold his own. Marius Dohne needs to bring an entirely different look than he did to Columbus or he’ll be at the bottom of the pack. He’ll be outsized in this lineup so his only hope will be conditioning to keep him in the top five. Fred Smalls continues to improve his physique but has become known for his smooth moves in his routine. He’ll entertain the crowd at the night show but will need a miracle to be in the top five of this lineup.

Lionel Beyeke
Brandon Curry
Marius Dohne
Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay
Toney Freeman
Victor Martinez
Cedric McMillan
Juan Morel
Jose Luis Rodriguez
Fred Smalls

1st Place – $22,500
2nd Place – $15,000
3rd Place – $10,000
4th Place – $7,500
5th Place – $5,000
6th Place – $1,000
7th Place – $1,000
8th Place – $1,000
9th Place – $1,000
10th Place – $1,000

My Predictions:
1. Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay
2. Victor Martinez
3. Juan Morel
4. Cedric McMillan
5. Brandon Curry
6. Lionel Beyeke
7. Toney Freeman
8. Fred Smalls
9. Marius Dohne
10. Jose Luis Rodriguez

Visit arnoldclassicbrasil.com.br for more information and follow Arnold Rio on Facebook. The main Arnold Sports Facebook page will also be sharing information throughout the weekend on this event. There will not be a live webcast of the show.

2015 IFBB Omaha Pro Competitor Lists & Show Preview

2015 Omaha Pro
The 2015 IFBB Omaha Pro competition will feature Women’s Bodybuilding, Figure and Physique. On the men’s side of things the show will play host to the 212 Bodybuilding division. There will also be a star studded guest appearance line up with 8x Olympia champions, Adela Garcia and Lee Haney in attendance. The Pro show will be held in conjunction with a national qualifying NPC event in Omaha, Nebraska on May 30, 2015.

The writing is on the wall when it comes to Women’s Bodybuilding on the amateur and pro level. It’s hanging on by a thread and the competitors are doing little to help it from becoming extinct. In one of only a few pro shows that feature Women’s Bodybuilding the field is less than ten. Strangely the Women’s Physique division has a fairly small turn out as well. It could be because there are three pro shows on the same day and it’s inevitable that not every show will draw a huge turn out. No offense to the folks of Omaha but when you have a chance to head to Puerto Rico to compete, chances are you’re going to choose that over Nebraska. It also doesn’t help that this show is on the same day as Denver’s Mile High Pro which essentially draws from the same pool of people. You can’t help but wonder if the shows weren’t on the same day if there would be a better turn out. The Men’s 212 bodybuilding turn out has been dismal all year and no offense to those who entered but this line up is sight for sore eyes. When only five guys enter you know things need to be looked at but that’s a topic for another day.

It certainly isn’t from lack of promotion as Jack Titone promotes the hell out of his shows online and in the area. The event is always well run and the venue is top notch. The Figure pro division will be well represented and will be the division to watch this weekend in Omaha.

In the dismal Women’s Bodybuilding lineup it will be Monique Jones and everyone else. The only way Monique doesn’t win is if she comes in out of shape. She’ll have the best lines and best back in the show but hasn’t been consistent with her conditioning. Even an 80% Monique could walk away with the win.


2015 IFBB Omaha Pro Women’s Bodybuilding Competitors
Omaha, Nebraska – May 30, 2015
Irene Anderson
Rene Campbell
Lisa Cross
Christine Envall
Paula Francis
Judy Gaillard
Monique Jones
Margie Martin
Elizabeth Mexa Gomex
Angela Rayburn

The Women’s Physique competition has a variety of physiques and who knows how this one will play out. Leonie Rose has been at the top before but how will she match up to the rest of the women in this lineup. You’d be a fool to bet on how the top five of this one plays out.

2015 IFBB Omaha Pro Women’s Physique Competitors
Omaha, Nebraska – May 30, 2015
Margarita Charaim
Caroline Guame
Joy Henderson
Melanie Horton
Gillian Kovack
Andrea Lenihan
Loan Lenoard
Sheilla Mettler
Leonie Rose
Casie Shephard
Leila Thompson

#UPDATE# Gen Strobo will be competing in Puerto Rico so the field is wide open in Omaha.
The Figure division drew the biggest turn out and the judges will have their hands full with this line up. The physique vary dramatically in the line up but if you’re gambling on who will come out on top you have to go with veteran Genn Strobo. Strobo has been a top competitor at the Olympia and will be the one to beat in this line up. Look for Shalako Bradberry, Julie Mayer, Chaya Boone and Tamara Sedlack to be contenders. Krista Dunn could also be in the mix but you never know where she’ll end up. Some shows she’s in the top callouts and the next week she’s out of the top ten.

2015 IFBB Omaha Pro Figure Competitors
Omaha, Nebraska – May 30, 2015
Chaya Boone
Shalako Bradberry
Jessica Canty
Maria Carlone
Angela Coleman
Natasha Davis
Krista Dunn
Chrissy Garcia
Ivana Ivusic
Elizabeth Jenkins
Candice John
Kimberly Jones
Danielle Kifer
Charmain Lett
Julie Mayer
Karen Noorlun
Jennifer Palazzo
Dawn Reichley
Agnese Russo
Tamara Sedlack
Gennifer Strobo
Carly Starling Horrell
Katerina Tarbox
Bojana Vasiljevic
Jessica Vetter
Natalie Waples
Nadia Watt
Sue Ling Yip

It’s Tricky Jackson, Darron Glenn and everyone else. A men’s physique competitor with a decent set of legs could be a contender in this lineup. Darron has yet to nail his conditioning and Tricky is almost always on his A-game. I’d go with Tricky on this one.

2015 IFBB Omaha Pro Men’s 212 Pro Competitors
Omaha, Nebraska – May 30, 2015
Oliver Adzievski
Dobromir Delev
Darron Glenn
Tricky Jackson
Rod Ketchens
Daron Lytle
Bleu Taylor

For more information visit NPCMIDWEST.com

2015 IFBB St. Louis Pro Competitor Lists

2015 IFBB St. Louis Pro Competitors
This weekend in St. Louis, Missouri the IFBB Pro Bikini, Women’s Physique and Men’s 212 Bodybuilders will compete for the coveted Olympia qualification. The one to beat in Bikini will likely be Sarah LeBlanc and the top five is a coin toss as to who ends up in there. The Women’s Physique competitor list is pretty stacked and there’s no odds-on favorite for the top spot. The line-up for the Men’s 212 bodybuilding is fairly lackluster and it should be Charles Dixon’s show to lose.

2015 IFBB St. Louis Pro Bikini Competitors
Vicki Counts
Shawn Hektor-Lewis
Jessica Landry
Francesca Lauren
Sarah LeBlanc
Brenna Martinez
Caryn Paolini
Annie Parker
Tanya Rachan
Michelle Sylvia
Katherine Williams
Whitney Wiser
Kenea Yancey

2015 IFBB St. Louis Pro Women’s Physique Competitors
Heather Barbee
Nicole Carter
Lauren Hoskins
Candrea Judd Adams
CeaAnna Kerr
Andrea Lenihan
Amanda Limas
Lisa Lopez
Jessica MacMillan
Maritza Martinez
Loana Muttoni
Marga Lee Overby
Tammy Patnode
Kimberley Raber
Danielle Reardon
Lynn Reif
Crystal Rieke
Jennifer Robinson
Mica Schneider
Autumn Swansen
Lise Thexton
Leila Thompson
Natalie Rae Wolfe

2015 IFBB St. Louis Pro Men’s Bodybuilding 212
Thomas Anderson
Charles Dixon
Milton Holloway, Jr
Rod Ketchens
Daron Lytle
Freddie McCray III
Bryan Pazdzierz

4x Mr. Olympia Phil Heath will be guest posing at the event. The Pro show is held in conjunction with the NPC Midwest Championships, a national qualifier.

WHEN: April 4, 2015
WHERE: St. Charles Convention Center
For more info visit npcmidwest.com

2014 IFBB Irongames Pro Bikini Competitors

2014 irongames bikini

Culver City, California will play host to another pro bikini competition this weekend. The winner will qualify for the 2015 Olympia and the second through fifth place finishers will earn points towards the Olympia Point Series. There isn’t a clear cut favorite in this line up and it’s anyone’s show to win. Nicole Ankney could be considered the favorite after her win at the Sacramento Pro and will look to make it two in a row. Christie Marquez is one to watch as she’s coming off a top five finish last weekend in Sacramento. It will be interesting to see how Tatiana Koshman fairs in this line up. She was fifth in her Bikini debut at the Phoenix Pro but carries more muscle than the other women in this lineup.

2014 IFBB Irongames Pro Bikini Competitors UPDATED November 3, 2014 – 530pm MST
Culver City, California – November 8, 2014
Nicole Ankney
Lisa Asuncion
Yarishna Ayala Otero
Iveth Carreon
Queenie Pe Benito
Harriet Davis
Emjoli Enriquez
Tatiana Koshman
Jessica James
Christie Marquez
Lisandra McGrath
Michelle Mein
Kristen Moffet
Emily Nicholson
Annie Parker
Lisa Roy
Janelle Saitone-McGuire
Christina Williams
Jacklyn Wilson

2014 Ultimate Warriors Pro Women’s Physique Competitors

Ten women are slated to compete this weekend at the 2014 Ulimate Warriors Pro Women’s Physique competition in San Diego, California. A quick look at the list, the smart bet would be on Heather Grace for the win. There are only ten women slated to compete but the event should be competitive.

2014 Ultimate Warriors Pro Women’s Physique Competitors
San Diego, California – November 1, 2014

Vicki Diaz
Heather Grace
Marnie Holley
Candrea Judd Adams
Katerina Kyptova
Jodi Marchuck
Loana Paula Muttoni
Claire O’Connell
Leonie Ross
Gillian Ward

2014 IFBB Sacramento Pro Competitor Lists

2014 Sacramento Pro
The 2014 IFBB Sacramento Pro will feature the women of the pro bikini division and the men’s physique division. This show has been a mainstay in Northern California for years and a number of the NPC competitors from this show have gone on to not only turn pro but do well as a pro. The event has featured Figure, Bodybuilding but lately focused on Bikini and Men’s Physique. Only five women in the line-up are from outside of The Golden State. The winner will qualify for the 2015 Olympia and currently no one already qualified for the Olympia has entered.

Last year was the first Pro Master’s Bikini competition, which was won by Noy Alexander. Surprisingly, Amanda Latona will not be back to defend her title. She’s won this show the last three years. There’s no clear winner in the line up so its anyone’s show to win.

IFBB Sacramento Pro Competitor Lists
Sacramento, California – November 1, 2014

IFBB Sacramento Pro Bikini Competitors
Sheena Jayne Anderton
Nicole Ankney
Jessica Arevalo
Lisa Asuncion
Queenie Pe Benito
Summer Bernard
Leigh Brandt
Valerie Cantin
Krissy Chin
Enjoli Enriquez
Lisette Howard
Jessica James
Christie Marquez
Breena Martinez
Anna Lee McKill
Michelle Mein
Annie Parker
Camile Periat
Janelle Saitone-McGuire
Nina Silic
Jen Stevens
Brie Tawhal
Christina Williams

IFBB Sacramento Pro Masters Bikini Competitors
Nicole Ankney
Valerie Cantin
Krissy Chin
Anna Lee McKill
Michelle Mein
Camile Periat
Christina Williams

IFBB Sacramento Pro Men’s Physique Competitors
Nicholas Adams
Jake Alvarez
Dean Balabis
Thomas Canepa
Mariusz Czerniewicz
Murat Demir
Michael Doughtery
Brian Epstein
James Hurst
William Kitchen
Joseph Lee
Devon Lindner
Darnell Moss
John Nguyen
Jake Phippen
Arya Saffaie
Mike Saffaie
Jeremy Tevaga

IFBB Sacramento Pro Master’s Men’s Physique Competitors
Tim DeGroot
Murat Demir
Michael Dougherty
Brian Epstein
Mike Saffaie

Sacramento pro poster

2014 Phoenix Pro Prejudging Report

2014 Phoenix Pro Prejudging Report
The 2014 Phoenix Pro prejudging took place on Saturday, October 25th in downtown Phoenix. Every division, except women’s bodybuilding, was on display at the event. Over 160 men and women competed over the course of 5 hours in the prejudging portion of the competition.

It looks like Whitney Jones, Ryall Graber and Sara Kovach will be in the top three with Kelcie Gahley,, Shelly Paton and Chika Aluka in the hunt as well. Sara was moved to the middle at the end of the first callout however I wouldn’t have given her the first place nod. I would have Whitney winning the 2piece round but I’d love to see her ditch the “taking flight” flapping of her arms/hands when she gets into her poses. Physique wise it’s the best she’s looked. Sara put on quite a bit of muscle since the Tampa show and her quads were a tad over powering. Ryall looks good from the front but disappears in the side poses. Kelcie has a nice look and if she nails her routine she should finish in the top five. The fitness routines count for 2/3 the final score so it’s still anyone’s show to win. I like Shannon Siemer’s chances to move up into the top five after the routine rounds as she always brings a solid routine to the stage. Some of the women I’d put in the first or second callout were in the last callout. We’ll see who qualifies for the 2015 Olympia with a win here tomorrow. The top three will receive prize money with the winner getting $5,000, second getting $3,000 and third will earn $2,000. It’s the same prize money as the men’s 212 bodybuilding and deservedly so. I’d argue they deserve as much as the open men, especially in this line up.

The women’s physique looks like it will be between Tamee Marie and Teresita Morales. I’d give the nod to Tamee Marie but who knows. Third looks to be a lock for Heather Grace and Jamie Postill from Canada in 4th. This was the first time I’ve seen Jamie compete and she has tremendous potential. La’Drissa Bonivel, Susan Salazar and Natalia Batova will likely round out the top 7 spots. It was a little unusual to see seven women called out and especially odd to see Natalia Batova in that group. She looked great but belongs in women’s bodybuilding with the amount of muscle she carries. She was way too muscular for a first callout, at least in my opinion. The winner will receive $3,000, second $1,1500 and third $500.

The Figure division had me raising an eyebrow and saying huh? There was a wide variety of physiques on stage and some in the first callout I agreed with while others I never would have bet on it. It looks like Vera Mallet could win this show with Ivana Ivusic in the second place spot. I like Ivana’s look and potential in the division. Brittany Campbell has an incredible physique but looked like a physique competitor in heels. She has huge delts, massive quads and big calves. If she had competed in Physique at this show I’d have her in the top 3. How she made it into the top callout and will likely finish in the top 3 is beyond me. No disrespect to her or the judges but it’s definitely a confusing call. Rounding out the top spots will be Josie Zamora, Beckie Boddie and Tamara Sedlack. I like Tamara’s look but her suit top was not flattering from the front and I think it hurt her placing. First place takes home $3,000, second $2,000 and third $1,000.

Bikini has become a head scratching division. Some of the posing is mind boggling. The shaking of the shoulders to the swaying of the hips and winking is just absurd. There were some interesting choices in heels, suits and makeup. By “interesting” I mean bad. Like REALLY bad and whoever is teaching this should be embarrassed for such ridiculousness.

As expected, Sarah LeBlanc looks to be your winner. She has a nice physique and doesn’t over do the posing. Francesca Lauren could snag the second place spot and while she has a nice look I never would have bet on her being in the top spots. Why will she finish there? No clue. Lindsey Waters looks to be a lock for third but I could see her in second. She has a nice physique but the make up and the eyelashes that look to be a foot long have gotta go. Bianca Berry will finish in the top five once again and likely be in 4th. Tatiana Koshmann made the switch to Bikini from Figure and while she looked great, I wouldn’t have her in the first callout simply because of her muscularity. Rounding out the top spots were Yarishna Ayala and Alexa Hotaling. Some of the women I thought would be in the top spots were in the bottom callouts.

One thing I noticed at check-in was a competitor wearing a “Shaper”. Scratch that – TWO shapers on the outside of her clothing. This crap has gotta stop. If you wear one good for you, I don’t agree with it, but please don’t wear it to check-in. It’s embarrassing and does nothing to help the bikini argument of “we’re athletes!” The winner of the show will receive $3,000, second earns $1,500 and third receives $500.

The finals take place at 2pm Phoenix time on Sunday. For photos visit FLEXonline.com, Bodybuilding.com and/or NPCnewsonline.com.

2014 IFBB Nordic Pro Competitors & Hardbody Preview

2014 Nordic Pro

The IFBB PROS will be back in action this weekend at the 2014 Nordic Pro. The competition will feature the men’s bodybuilding and women’s pro bikini. Anna Virmajoki took top honors last year and one to watch again this year. Although she beat a number of the women on the list last year, she’ll have a much tougher road to the top this time around. Tawna Eubanks has won two shows already this year and would be a likely candidate for number three. I like the look that Margret Gnarr and Christina Strom Fjaere bring to the stage. They have more a more athlete look to their bikini bodies than some of the other women. Noemi Olah will be one to watch in this lineup as she’s coming off a second place finish last week at the Prague Pro. Michelle Lewin is a fan favorite and this will be her first test as a pro in the International competition. She was on the outside of the Olympia Point Series by a single point and depending on which look she brings could be one to watch. She often carries too much muscle in her legs for the judges’ liking. Sara Back will be making her IFBB Pro debut and one of Finland’s finest. She took top honors at the 2013 Arnold Europe competition.

2014 IFBB Nordic Pro Bikini Competitors
Valeria Ammirato, Germany
Sara Back, Finland
Lacey DeLuca, USA
Tawna Eubanks, USA
Christina Strom Fjaere, Norway
Aly Garcia, USA
Margret Gnarr, Iceland
Anna Larsson, Sweden
Michelle Lewin, Venezuela
Noemi Olah, Hungary
Jessica Renee, USA
Anna Virmajoki, Finland

2014 IFBB Nordic Pro Bodybuilding Competitors
Vladimir Agrinskiy, Russia
Dainius Barzinskas, Lithuania
Robert Burneika, USA
Oleg Emelianov, Russia
Timo Honkala, Finland
Johnnie Jackson, USA
Jeno Kiss, Hungary
Alexey Lesukov, Russia
Steve Kuclo, USA
Alexandre Nataf, France
Robert Piotrkowicz, Poland
Rudy Richards, USA
Ronny Rockell, Germany
Nikitas Sotirios Manolakas, Greece
Alex Shabunia, Belarus
Mario Van Steenberghe, Belgium
Roelly Winklaar, Curacao

The show will take place on October 11, 2014 and held in conjunction with the Nicole Wilkins Amateur Championships. Visit nordicfitnessexpo.com for more information.

2014 IFBB Border States Pro Competitor List

2014 Border States

The 2014 IFBB Border States Pro will be the first qualifying event in the Figure division for the 2015 Figure Olympia. The event will take place on Saturday, October 4, 2014 in San Diego, California. Currently, 18 women are signed up to compete and there’s no clear cut favorite. Allison Frahn and Julie Mayer are coming off the Figure Olympia and your likely favorites if you were forced to pick one. Krista Dunn is also coming off the Olympia and has been competing pretty much all year. It will be interesting to see how her physique looks after so many shows. Tamara Sedlack has slowly but steadily moving up in the ranks and with some rest could be one to watch for a top spot.

2014 IFBB Border States Pro Competitors
Nancy Bowlin
Shalako Bradberry
Kim Clark
Marci Colliau
Darcy Defrees
Jennifer DeJoya
Jill Dunn
Krista Dunn
Dawn Fernandez
Allison Frahn
Vanessa Jacobs
Kimberly Jones
Sidibe Khoudeidji
Julie Mayer
Karen Noorlun
Sherlyn Roy
Tamara Sedlack
Josie Zamora

2014 IFBB EVLS Prague Pro Competitor Lists & Hardbody Preview

Prague Pro

This weekend the IFBB Pro Bikini competitors will be back on stage for the second qualifying event towards the 2015 Olympia. Over the weekend the first show of the new pro calendar year (the Korea Pro) took place with Ashley Kaltwasser winning.

This weekend the odds on favorite heading into the show looks to be India Paulino who finished third in Korea. She’ll have her work cut out for her as the European competitors are no joke. While some praise the “new version” of India’s posing, I’m not fan. She’s brought in a better look to her physique recently and the over-the-top posing detracts from it. If she let’s the bod do the talking she’ll be cashing a first place check. If she thinks she’s auditioning for SHOWGIRLS, she’ll be on the outside of the winner’s circle. Christina Strom Fjaere didn’t finish in a top spot at the Olympia however it was just her second pro show ever. She won her pro debut and has a look that will undoubtedly get noticed. Look for her to be in the mix at the Prague Pro. Noemi Olah is a likely contender for the top spot and you can never rule out Lacey DeLuca to be in the hunt for a top five finish. Jessica Arevalo has been competing all year and it will be a test to see how her body looks at yet another show. Aly Garcia has yet to hit her groove this year but with some rest she could come into this lineup and shake things up, if she doesn’t try and new hair styles or goofy poses. Michelle Brannan is looking to get back in the top spots and will need to nail the little details like her posing, tanning and makeup. Margret Gnarr has a great look and if she brings a similar presentation to this stage that she did at the Arnold, she should be a top callout contender.

The 2013 Prague Pro Bikini winner Vladmira Krasova is not currently on the list but if she does enter she’ll be one to watch for the top spots.

The competition takes place on October 4, 2014 in Prague, Czech Republic. The Bikini competitors will share the stage with the Men’s Open and 212 Bodybuilders.

2014 IFBB EVLS Prague Pro Bikini Competitors
Valeria Ammierato
Jessica Arevalo
Michelle Brannan
Lacey DeLuca
Christina Strom Fjaere
Aly Garcia
Margret Gnarr
Noemi Olah
India Paulino
Jessica Renee
Sofia Tandilian

2014 IFBB EVLS Prague Pro Bodybuilding Competitors
Jon DeLarosa
Dalibor Hajek
Johnnie Jackson
Tomas Kaspar
Jeno Kiss
Steve Kuclo
Juan Morel
Shawn Rhoden
Aliaksei Shabunia
Mike Sheridan
Fred Smalls
Daniel Toth
Roelly Winklaar
Dennis Wolf

2014 IFBB EVLS Prague Pro 212 Bodybuilding Competitors
Baito Abbaspour
Ahmad Ahmad
Peirre Chamoun
Guy Cisternino
Flew Lewis
Terzo Mirsad
Lee Powell
Jose Raymond
Andre Regestein
Vicente Santamaria

Visit evlspraguepro.com for more information.

2014 IFBB St. Louis Pro Bikini – Last Chance to Qualify

stl bikini

The 2014 IFBB St. Louis Pro Bikini is the last opportunity for the women in the pro bikini division to qualify for the Olympia. The Olympia is a week earlier this year and the St. Louis Pro moved up in the schedule as a result. The winner will automatically get in the Bikini Olympia and those finishing in the second through fifth places will earn points in the Olympia Point Series. The women with the five highest point totals get in the Olympia.

The magic number is 10 to get into the Olympia via points. A woman will need at least ten points to have a chance at qualifying. This show will be very interesting to watch as three women are currently tied with 10 points for the fifth and final spot. Candice Conroy is the only one of them currently on the list. If she places anywhere in the top five she’ll break the tie and bump Michelle Lewin and Nomei Olah out of the mix. Mathematically she’s the only one on the list with a chance to qualify via points. Everyone else will need a win to get in. Brittany Taylor is the one who could shake things up in this line-up and don’t be shocked if Candice and Brittany are being compared for the own here.

*Update – Jessica Arevalo, Justine Munro and Noemi Olah have been added to the lists which changes the game.*

2014 IFBB St. Louis Pro Bikini Competitors (as of August 18, 2014) *UPDATED*
Jessica Arevalo
Candice Conroy
Svetlana Eregina
Janet Ann Harding
Shawn Hecktor-Lewis
Solmay Hernandez
Justine Munro
Noemi Olah
Caryn Paolini
Kamilah Powell
Tanya Rachan
Brittany Taylor

For more information on the show and how to purchase tickets visit npcmidwest.com.

August 23, 2014


Rickman Auditorium
747 Jeffco Boulevard
Arnold, MO 63010

2014 IFBB TAHOE PRO Figure – Last Chance to Qualify

tahoe-pro figure

The Tahoe Pro is the last chance for the women of the IFBB Pro Figure division to qualify for the 2014 Olympia. Currently, ten women are slated to in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. The winner will automatically punch their ticket to the big show and those finishing in 2-5th will collect points towards the Olympia Point Series.

It’s a tight race in the point series. Allison Frahn is leading the point series with fifteen. If she were to win this show everyone moves up in the point series. If she doesn’t win, she’ll still be in as 15 points are enough to qualify her for the Olympia. Second place Sasha Brown is in with 12 points as well. That leaves Krista Dunn, Andrea Calhoun, Julie Mayer are all tied for the remaining three spots with 10 points. Wendy Fortino is on the outside looking in but if she places fourth or higher she’ll be in with enough points.

Beckie Boddie and Bojana Vasiljevic are mathematically out of the top five points. They’ll need to win to get in. Same holds true for Jami DeBernard, Sarah Dominguez and Kartina Tarbox.

2014 IFBB TAHOE PRO FIGURE COMPETITORS (as of Monday August 18, 2014)**
Beckie Boddie
Shalako Bradberry
Andrea Calhoun
Jami DeBernard
Sarah Dominguez
Krista Dunn
Wendy Fortino
Allison Frahn
Julie Mayer
Michelle Shepherd
Katrina Tarbox
Bojana Vasiljevic

**Alicia Coates was on the original list but confirmed she is NOT doing the show. Added are Shalako Bradberry, Andrea Calhoun and Michelle Shepherd

2014 IFBB Golden State Pro Competitor Lists

This weekend in Sacramento, California marks one of the last remaining shows before the Olympia. The winner of each division will qualify for the 2014 Olympia and those placing second through fifth will collect points towards the Olympia Point Series. The show will take place on Saturday, August 2, 2014 at the Sacramento Memorial Auditorium.

There are a number of women looking to not only win but place high enough to collect points and punch their ticket to the Olympia. Look for Roxie Beckles, Loan Leonard, Karin Hobbs, Heather Grace, Jennifer Robinson and Carrie Simmons to be your likely top six. Jillian Reville is returning to the stage for the first time since heart surgery. Jennifer Robinson is the only woman qualified for the Olympia in this lineup.

2014 IFBB Golden State Pro Competitor Lists

2014 IFBB Golden State Pro Women’s Physique Competitors
1. Roxie Beckles
2. Heather Grace
3. Karin Hobbs
4. Leah Johnson
5. Candrea Judd Adams
6. Loan Leonard
7. Jodi Marchuck
8. Akane Nigro-Ismeal
9. Claire O’Connell
10. Jillian Reville
11. Jennifer Robinson
12. Carrie Simmons
13. Patriciia Wood

2014 IFBB Golden State Pro Master’s Women’s Physique Competitors
1. Karin Hobbs
2. Cathy Jackson
3. Candrea Judd Adams
4. Claire O’Connell

Toney Freeman, Johnnie Jackson, Essa Obaid are your likely top three in the men’s division. Look for William Bonac, An Nguyen, Akin Williams and JoJo Ntiforo to be in the mix for the top spots. While the lineup isn’t the deepest we’ve seen it will be competitive for the top spots.

2014 IFBB Golden State Pro Men’s Bodybuilding Competitors
1. Santana Anderson
2. Mohamed Ali Bannout
3. William Bonac
4. Toney Freeman
5. Johnnie Jackson
6. Kenneth Jackson
7. Manuel Lomeli
8. An Nguyen
9. Jojo Ntiforo
10. Essa Obaid
11. Manuel Romero
12. Akim Williams
13. Brian Yerskey

More info: spectrumfitnessproductions.com

2014 IFBB Prestige Crystal Cup Pro Competitors

olympia qualifier

The women of the IFBB Pro Bikini division are back in competition this weekend at the 2014 IFBB Prestige Crystal Cup Pro. This is one of the few remaining shows for the women to qualify for the Bikini Olympia. The Men’s Physique Pro competitors will also be on stage along with a NPC competition. The show will take place this Saturday, July 19th in Boca Raton, Florida.

Lacy DeLuca is the only woman currently in the lineup who is qualified for the Olympia. Stephanie Mahoe is the current leader in the Olympia Point Series with 19 points. A win here would lock in her spot in the Olympia lineup but anything in the top five would help her stay in the mix via the point series. Dayna Maleton is sitting in third place with 13 points and a top five finish would help her stay in the Olympia hunt. Currently, the magic number to get in via the point series is 11. The winner gets an automatic invite, something everyone on this list is shooting for and the top five will be competitive.

2014 IFBB Prestige Crystal Cup Pro Competitors:
• Ashlee Adams
• Stefanie Bambrough
• Callie Bundy
• Lacy DeLuca
• Aly Garcia
• Lauren Hoskins
• Michelle Lewin
• Stephanie Mahoe
• Dayna Maleton
• Asia Mendoza
• Raphaela Milagres
• Noemi Olah
• Amanda Otero
• Jessica Renee

661 NW 53rd Street
Boca Raton, Florida, 33487

Visit prestigecrystalcup.com for more information.

2014 IFBB Tournament of Champions Pro Figure Competitor Lists

2014 tournament of champions

The 2014 IFBB Tournament of Champions, held in San Diego, CA is one of the last chances for women in Pro Figure to qualify for the Olympia. The event will be held on July 12th with 25 women slated to compete. There’s also a pro master’s figure competition and a NPC National Qualifying event held in conjunction with the Pro Figure competition.

Ones to watch in this line-up as they are in the hunt for a top five finish in the Olympia Point Series. The winner of this show will automatically qualify for the Figure Olympia held in September. The 2-5 finishers will collect points. Sasha Brown is currently in 4th place with 8 points. If she finishes in the top five it will definitely help earn her a spot in the Olympia. Right behind her and in this show is Julie Mayer. Julie is currently tied for 5th in the point series so anything in the top five would give her a bump in the Point standings. Canty, Bodie, Watts and Vasiljevic are currently sitting with three points each. If one of them can snag the second place spot they’ll be in the hunt. Anything below second and they’ll still be on the outside of the top five Point Series.

There could be more women added before Saturday’s event but as of now here’s the line-up.

2014 IFBB Tournament of Champions Pro Figure Competitors:
• Marie Allegro
• Beckie Boddie
• Sasha Brown
• Jessica Canty
• Dawn Fernandez
• Karina Grau
• Elizabeth Jenkins
• Meg Kruse
• Crystal Lowery
• Elizabeth Maurice
• Julie Mayer
• Lisandra McGrath
• Bruna Miyagui
• Asher Prio
• Susana Ramirez
• Lisa Rapoza
• Tamara Ribeiro Bailey
• Sheryln Roy
• Lacy Smith
• Tamen Stuvve
• Katrina Tarbox
• Jennifer Taylor
• Mavis Tozzi
• Bojana Vasiljevic
• Latorya Watts

2014 IFBB Tournament of Champions Pro Masters Figure Competitors:
• Marie Allegro
• Dawn Fernandez
• Meg Kruse
• Elizabeth Maurice
• Lisandra McGrath
• Lisa Rapoza
• Sherlyn Roy
• Katrina Tarbox
• Jennifer Taylor
• Mavis Tozzi

Scottish Rite Event Center
1895 Camino Del Rio S.
San Diego, California 92108

Schedule of Events:
Saturday, July 12t
10:00am pst – Prejudging
6:00pm pst – Finals

More info visit: lindsayproductions.com

2014 IFBB Patriots Pro Bikini Competitors & Preview – UPDATED

patriots pro

The first annual IFBB Patriots Pro Bikini show will take place this weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada. When the lineup was first announced there were only eight women on the list but that has since changed. Currently, 20 women are slated to compete. Despite the twelve additions only one competitor appears to be a threat to the big two. Anything can happen on game day but if history repeats itself it’ll come down to Stacey Alexander, Angela Marquez and Justine Munro for the top spots.

Angela Marquez has won three shows in a row and will look for her fourth this weekend. She’ll face her toughest test of the year when she meets up with hometown girl Stacey Alexander. Stacey was third at last year’s Olympia and won’t have to worry about hotels or travel since she calls Vegas home. Stacey and Angela will likely finish in the top spots unless they’ve camped out at an In-N-Out Burger. We saw Justine on stage earlier this year where she finished 10th at the Bikini International. Look for her to be compared to Stacey and Angela for the win.

There’s no clear cut favorites to round out the top five. Yarishna has a good look but her legs have yet to come down and tend to be a bit too muscular compared to her upper body. Marcela has a good look and if she can come in with a fuller look to her physique has a good chance at that third place spot. Mary Dent will blow people’s minds when they see her and find out she’s over 50. Can she finish in the top spots? Don’t bet against her. Jennifer Dietrick hasn’t competed much this year and has been all over the board with her placings in previous shows. Liana Hamilton has yet to dial it in this year but has the tools to nail a top spot. If she comes in tighter than her last two shows she’ll be in the hunt.

2014 IFBB Patriots Pro Bikini – UPDATED JULY 2, 2014
1. Stacey Alexander
2. Lisa Asuncion
3. Yarishna Ayala
4. Lorena Bucio
5. Marcela Cabral
6. Iveth Carreon
7. Kelsie Clark
8. Rachelle Dejean
9. Mary Dent
10. Jennifer Dietrick
11. Liana Hamilton
12. Lisa Kelly
13. Sandie Kight
14. Angela Marquez
15. Michelle Mein
16. Justine Munro
17. Maysa Quy
18. Lisa Roy
19. Lynn Sambuco
20. Nissan Weaver
21. Lindsey Wells
22. Jacklyn Wilson

2014 IFBB Patriots Pro Master Bikini  – UPDATED JULY 1, 2014
1. Iveth Carreon
2. Mary Dent
3. Liana Hamilton
4. Diana Harbot
5. Sandie Kight
6. Lisa Roy
7. Lynn Sambuco

The IFBB Pro show is held in conjunction with a National Qualifying NPC show. For more information visit: lindsayproductions.com.

 UPDATE 07.01.14: 12 women have been added to the official line up. Preview article changed based on new additions.

 UPDATE 06.30.14: Not on the list but told will be competing are Justine Munro, Jaclyn Wilson and Lisa Asuncion. This could definitely shake things up, especially if Justine Munro is on point.

2014 NPC / IFBB Greater Gulf Preview

Things will be heating up in Metairie, Louisiana this weekend for the 2014 NPC / IFBB Greater Gulf. The show, promoted by Luke and Robin Tesvich, has become one of the favorite events for pros and amateurs. The venue is close to the airport and it’s a very laid back, well run event. Once you’re done with the competition you take a short drive into New Orleans and enjoy some of the best food in the world.

greater gulf states

This will be the third year for the pro competition of the Greater Gulf and the 21st year for the NPC Greater Gulf States. Luke and Robin are expecting over 250 NPC competitors and 67 pros to compete over the course of two days. Yes, the show has grown so large that they’ve split it into two days. Competitors love this set up as the prejudging and finals are on the same day. Women are up first and the men’s competition is held the following day. It’s also one of the few events with a wheelchair bodybuilding competition.


I expected a few more competitors to be in this show from the bikini division but perhaps learning of who was in it scared some of the women away. Amanda Latona will be back to defend her Greater Gulf title but she’ll have a little tougher time this year. On paper, Amanda has to be considered the favorite for the win but it’s not a sure thing. Last year’s overall NPC bikini winner at this show, Jenee Leger will be competing as a pro this time around. She made an immediate impact in her pro debut with a win at the Dallas Europa. She has a similar look to Latona and don’t be shocked if you see the two of them standing next to one another being compared for the win. Amanda is at her best when she doesn’t stage on stage trying to hit too many poses and doing the weird leg cocked to one side pose. It was her stage presence early on in her pro bikini career that stands out. No need to over due things when you have looks and a body that do the talking.

Rounding out the top spots will likely be Sara LeBlanc, Desiree Niemann, Aly Garcia and Michelle Lewin. Sarah found success on stage earlier this year and I see her being in the mix once again at this show. Desiree Niemann is coming off a third place finish last week, in her pro debut, and will undoubtedly be in the mix for the top five. Michelle Lewin is wildly popular on social media but still trying to find her groove on the pro competition stage. Aly Garcia, who went by Aly Veneno in the past, should also be a top contender. She’s toned down posing and if she brings the same look and presentation to this competition she’ll finish in the top spots.

Long shots:
Liana Hamilton has the potential to be in the mix but needs, in my opinion, to go back to the look that worked for her last year. She’s been a bit fuller and too soft in her competitions this year. I like the look of Marcela Cabral from San Antonio, Texas and she could sneak into the first callout but it will be tough.

2014 IFBB Greater Gulf Pro Bikini Competitors
1. Lisa Asuncion
2. Marcela Cabral
3. Jade Carroll
4. Adrienne Crenshaw
5. Aly Garcia
6. Liana Hamilton
7. Sarah LeBlanc
8. Jenee Leger
9. Michelle Lewin
10. Meredith Mack
11. Desiree Niemann

This is one of the larger turnouts for the women’s physique division. Last year’s champ, Tycie Coppett will not be back to defend her title and is focused on the Olympia. Tamee Marie will be looking for her second victory in a row and could do it. She just has to nail the little details like her tanning. The heat in Louisiana can often be a challenge for tanning and hair due to the heat and humidity. She’ll have her work cut out for her to take top honors. Roxie Beckles, Sheena Ohlig, Leonie Rose, Mascha Tieken and Karina Nascimento are all names that jump out as contenders. There are a variety of physiques in this competition but look for the women with long and lean muscle to rise to the top.

2014 IFBB Greater Gulf Pro Women’s Physique Competitors
1. Alisa Alday
2. Heather Barbee
3. Roxie Beckles
4. Evangeline Belton
5. Jeni Briscoe
6. Gloria Faulls
7. Hannah Hallman
8. Kari Hartman
9. Joy Henderson
10. Rosella Joseph
11. Candrea Judd Adams
12. Anne Marie Kam
13. Marina Lopez
14. Tamee Marie
15. Karina Nascimento
16. Sheena Ohlig
17. Tammy Patnode
18. Dona Pohl
19. Leonie Rose
20. Elizabeth Schneider
21. Tish Shelton
22. Sabrina Sonner
23. Leila Thompson
24. Mascha Tieken
25. Tracy Weller
26. Shelly Yakimchuk

The women’s competition takes place on Friday, June 20, 2014. The men will compete on Saturday. This is the case for both pro and amateur competitions.

FINALS: 6:30 pm

Best Western Landmark Hotel
2601 Severn Ave
Metairie, LA

For tickets and more info visit npcggs.com.

2014 IFBB Southern California Pro Bikini Competitor Lists & Preview

The women of the IFBB Pro Bikini division will be back in action at the 2014 IFBB Southern California Pro. The event will take place on Saturday, June 14th in San Diego, California. Thirteen women are slated to compete in the open and just three have thrown their heels in the mix for the Masters division.

2014 IFBB Southern California Pro Bikini

Angela Marquez will look to make it three wins in a row. She’ll be coming off back to back victories in Arizona and Northern California. Making her IFBB Pro debut will be Desiree Niemann. Desiree has the potential to make an immediate impact in the pro ranks is she brings a similar look to her amateur days. She achieved IFBB Pro status by winning her class at the 2012 NPC Nationals. Narmin Assria always seems to fair well in the Southern California shows and has to be considered a contender in this lineup. She’s coming off a 6th place finish at the New York Pro. Christie Marquez will look to stay in the top spots after her third place finish at the Northern California Pro. Janelle Saitone-McGuire finished just behind Christie last weekend and should be in the hunt for the top five once again. Others who have potential to break into the top five are Lisette Howard and Amy Updike. Amy continues to move up in her placings and will look to move up from her 7th place finish last week.

2014 IFBB Southern California Pro Bikini Competitors
1. Narmin Assria
2. Lisa Asuncion
3. Sandy Avelar
4. Iveth Carreon
5. Rachelle DeJean
6. Lisette Howard
7. Lisa Kelly
8. Angela Marquez
9. Christie Marquez
10. Desiree Niemann
11. Marissa Rivero
12. Janelle Saitone-McGuire
13. Amy Updike

2014 IFBB Southern California Pro Masters Bikini Competitors:
1. Iveth Carreon
2. Diana Harbort
3. Lisa Kelly

2014 IFBB Northern California Pro Bikini Competitors & Preview

Twelve women are slated to compete this weekend at the 2014 IFBB Nothern California Pro Bikini contest. A quick look at the list and it could be anyone’s show to win but there are a few names you have to figure will be in the hunt. Jessica Arevalo, Janelle Saitone-McGuire and Christie Marquez have faired the best out of this line up but don’t count out Krissy Chin, Liana Hamilton and Amy Updike. Amy continues to improve with each show and I look for her to crack the top five at this competition. Jessica Arevalo could win this show if she smiles and gives off some positive energy instead of scowling on stage. Christie Marquez will likely be standing next to Jessica and it will come down to the two of them if they are in condition. If Liana Hamilton brings a similar to this stage as she did as an amateur she’ll give them a run for their money and could be your winner.

northern cal

There’s also a master’s pro bikini event which I look for it to be between Krissy Chin and Liana Hamilton for the win. Krissy has to watch not to come in too hard with her conditioning and Liana has to make sure she’s not too soft with hers.

2014 IFBB Northern California Pro Bikini Competitor Lists

2014 IFBB Northern California Pro Bikini Competitors:
1. Jessica Arevalo
2. Lisa Asuncion
3. Sandy Avelar
4. Krissy Chin
5. Liana Hamilton
6. Christie Marquez
7. Stacey Naito
8. Janelle Saitone-McGuire
9. Amy Updike
10. Rosemary Valenzuela
11. Nissan Weaver
12. Katherin William

2014 IFBB Northern California Pro Bikini Competitors:
1. Sandy Avelar
2. Krissy Chin
3. Liana Hamilton
4. Stacey Naito
5. Rosemary Valenzuela

For more information visit: spectrumfitnessproductions.com.

Saturday Showdown – Hardbody Preview of Toronto, Denver & Phoenix Pro

This weekend nearly 300 IFBB Pro competitors will be competing across North America. The Toronto Pro will showcase the largest field and every IFBB Pro League division. The Mile High Pro, held just outside of Denver, will feature the Men and Women’s Physique division. Last but certainly not least, the Dennis James Classic will take place in Phoenix and features the Pro Bikini division.

show preview

If you’re looking to connect on social media use… #TOPRO for Toronto, #MILEHIGHPRO for Denver’s show and #AZPRO for Phoenix coverage.

This is one of the biggest shows of the year for the IFBB PRO LEAGUE and the first women’s bodybuilding event of the year. It will be interesting to see how the women show up. You have a variety of physiques ranging from the large and in charge to those who could be women’s physique competitors. Familiar names to the line up are Emery Miller, Tonia Moore, Nancy Clark and Melody Spetko. The winner goes to the Olympia so look for the women to be at their best in hopes of snagging the qualification.

2014 IFBB Toronto Pro Women’s Bodybuilding Competitors
1. Nancy Clark
2. Roxanne Edwards
3. Christine Envall
4. Lisa Giesbrecht
5. Sherri Gray
6. Aurelia Grozajova
7. Margie Martin
8. Wendy McCready
9. Tananarive McGowan
10. Emery Miller
11. Tonia Moore
12. Simone Oliveria
13. Virginia Sanchez
14. Alana Shipp
15. Melody Spetko
16. Joanne Williams

If you’re going with conventional wisdom based on past events you’d most likely put your money on Trish Warren, Kizzy Vaines or Ryall Graber. All three have competed at the Olympia and done well. Kizzy always has a crazy good routine with insane flexibility. Ryall can bring a high energy, fast paced routine but we haven’t see that just yet this year. Trish has improved not only her routine but also her physique over the years.

Diana Monteiro won’t be in the top spots for the physique round but will have a routine that moves her up. Three women to watch for that could shake things up in the top spots… Vanda Hadarean is a world class athlete. When you see her routine you’ll know what I am talking about. She’s an Olympic Gymnast, yes those Olympics, and her skills are out of this world. She doesn’t tend to place as high as she should simply based on her physique round. Danielle Ruban continues to bring her routines to a higher level and has improved her physique. Look for her to finish in the top 5 and she’s always very happy on stage, which is nice. No one wants to see ANGRY FACES. The dark horse is Darrian Tissenbaum. She will have a routine that leaves people saying, “WOW”! Look for her to bring an improved physique from her last competition and a routine that puts her on the map.

2014 IFBB Toronto Pro Fitness Competitors
1. Marta Aguiar
2. Ryall Graber
3. Natalie Graziano
4. Vanda Hadarean
5. Amanda Hatfield
6. Nita Marquez
7. Dominique Matthews
8. Diana Monteiro
9. Kary Odiatu
10. Shelly Paton
11. Danielle Ruban
12. Shannon Siemer
13. Lovena Stamatiou-Tuley
14. Darrian Tissenbaum
15. Kizzy Vaines
16. Trish Warren

The Figure competition will likely be a two woman race. Ann Titone will be back to defend her title and Genn Strobo will likely be standing next to her looking for the win. Smart money is on Ann as she’s coming off a win in Dallas and had time to tweak things. Strobo is coming off the New York Pro and will likely be Ann’s biggest threat for an upset. Look for Andrea Calhoun to be in the mix and I really like Elissa Martis’ potential. If Elissa can pose her back just a bit better I think it will help her. I’d like to see her in that first callout if she shows up like she did in New York. Those are my picks for your top spots but as we all know anything can happen.

2014 IFBB Toronto Pro Figure Competitors
1. Leah Berti
2. Chaya Boone
3. Jennifer Brown
4. Andrea Calhoun
5. Maggy Cambronero
6. Linda Crossley
7. Laura Davies
8. Angela Doucette
9. Jolene Fonseca
10. Cydney Gillon
11. Erin Harding
12. Shawn Hecktor Lewis
13. Vera Mallet
14. Elissa Martis
15. Christina Mehling
16. Annette Mendez
17. Emi Perez Custodio
18. Samantha Rioux
19. Jill St. Laurent
20. Roshanda Schmitt
21. Giada Simari
22. Gennifer Strobo
23. Katerina Tarbox
24. Ann Titone
25. Zsuzsanna Toldi
26. Madgalena Wilk
27. Emily Zelinka

The defending champ, Ashley Kaltwasser will be back to defend her title. She’s shown that she’s not unbeatable. Ashley is coming off a second place finish at the New York Pro but don’t look for her to be out of the winner’s circle. I like Belinda Kiriakou’s physique and if she doesn’t “over pose” she should be in the mix. Gigi Amurao could be in the top five if her legs aren’t too muscular. Stephanie Mahoe finished in third in New York and will likely be in the top spots again this weekend. Noemi Olah is looking to get back to the Olympia but hasn’t found the winning look as of late. Sabrina Nicole will have some of the best abs on stage but it could cost her for being “too muscular”. Canada’s own Natalie Waples will have a large cheering section as she competes in Bikini again. Nat has the personality for the division but needs a little more booty to finish in the top spots.

2014 IFBB Toronto Pro Bikini Competitors
1. Gigi Amurao
2. Maria Annunziata
3. Yarisna Ayala
4. Cynthia Benoit
5. Callie Bundy
6. Valerie Cantin
7. Danielle Carr
8. Denita Clark
9. Becky Clawson
10. Jennifer Dawn
11. Dana French
12. Breanne Hensman
13. Joanne Holden
14. Ashley Kaltwasser
15. Belinda Kiriakou
16. Natalie Mack
17. Stephanie Mahoe
18. Jana Majernikova
19. Nathalie Mur
20. Sabrina Nicole
21. Noemi Olah
22. Marissa Rivero
23. Francine Slobodnik
24. Anna Starodubtseva
25. Natalie Waples
26. Nissan Weaver

Look for Mindi O’Brien and CeAnna Kerr to be your top women in the Women’s Physique portion of the show. There are a number of women who have the potential to be in the top spots but my money is on it coming down to those two for the win.

2014 Toronto Pro Women’s Physique Competitors
1. Olandina Balan
2. Fabiola Boulanger
3. Jessica Bowman
4. Nathalie Foreau
5. Amie Francisco
6. Aurelia Grozajova
7. Leah Johnson
8. CeaAnna Kerr
9. Michelle Krack
10. Sandra Lombardo
11. Terista Morales
12. Colette Nelson
13. Nkechi Nwafor Robinson
14. Mindi O’Brien
15. Jill Rudison
16. Ida Sefland
17. Lise Thexton
18. Tracy Weller


The judges will have their hands full with a variety of physiques taking the stage at the Mile High Pro. Look for Rachel Baker and Samantha Jo Hill to be in the mix for the top spots. They’re coming off the Optimum Classic last weekend and unless they did something crazy in between then could be your top two again. Roxie Beckles has long, lean muscle but should make her presence known. If Carrie Simmons brings in a tight physique she could be in the top spots. Jacklyn Sutton Abrams won’t be the biggest competitor on stage but will hold her own in her hometown. Jen Louwagie could find herself in the mix if she brings her best. The 2013 Champ, Sara Hurrle will not be competing but will be on stage as the emcee. Sara is expecting her first child later this year.

2014 IFBB MILE HIGH PRO Women’s Physique
1. Rachel Baker
2. Roxie Beckles
3. Rose Brunner
4. Cinzia Clapp
5. Jill Dearmin
6. Jessica Gaines
7. Susan Graham
8. Samantha Jo Hill
9. Cathy Jackson
10. Candrea Judd Adams
11. Anna Marie Kam
12. Marina Lopez
13. Jen Louwagie
14. Meredith Mack
15. Delia McNeil
16. Marga Lee Overby
17. Antonia Perdikakis
18. Rita Rae
19. Drorit Silverman
20. Carrie Simmons
21. Stacy Simons McDowell
22. Jacklyn Sutton Abrams
23. Shelly Yamchuck

This weekend’s Phoenix Pro could go a number of ways but you have to look to Lacey DeLuca as the favorite. If Lacey brings in a tight booty without looking too drawn in she could leave the champ. I like Ashriel Osgood’s look and would put her up in the top spots but I’m not judging. I also like the look Amy Updike brings to the stage and she rocks the tats like no other bikini pro. If she’s more relaxed with her back posing she’ll be up there. Angela Marquez may not sound familiar and that’s because she competed as Angela Skeels. She recently married and will look to return to the top spots. Angela has struggled to find her groove since winning the 2012 Overall NPC Nationals title. Nikola Weiterova has a great look and gets the award for longest travel, making the trip all the way from Slovakia. No, it’s not a mistake that Krissy Chin’s name is in the Bikini line-up. This is Krissy’s first time on stage since having her baby and don’t be surprised if she brings a completely new physique and holds her own. Debora Goodman deserves a standing ovation for the rock’n body she brings to the stage. She is a mother of not just one, not two but SIX children. Yes, SIX! I like what she brings to the stage and how can you not cheer for a mom of six bringing a hardbody like hers to the stage? Karey Grabow has a good look for the division and has steadily improved. I like her chances for a top five finish.

2014 IFBB Dennis James Pro Bikini Competitor List
1. Sandy Avelar
2. Krissy Chin
3. Kelsie Clark
4. My Coustels
5. Lacey DeLuca
6. Deborah Goodman
7. Karey Grabow
8. Lisa Kelly
9. Angela Marquez
10. Stacey Naito
11. Ashriel Osgood
12. Caryn Paolini
13. Amy Updike
14. Nikola Weiterova

2014 IFBB NEW YORK PRO Competitor Lists

The IFBB Pros will be back in action this weekend (May 17th) at the 2014 IFBB New York Pro in New York, New York. The top three from last year’s Figure competition will not be in the show so we’ll see a new top three in that division. In Bikini, Yeshaira Robles will be back to defend her title and reigning Bikini Olympia Champ Ashley Kaltwasser will look to leave with another title. Defending champ in the women’s physique, Juliana Malacarne will look to leave with the title again and is coming off a win at the Dallas Europa.

2014 New York Pro competitor lists

Note there will likely be more names added to this list before show time so check back for updates. *Updated 3:45pm – May 12, 2014

2014 IFBB NEW YORK PRO Competitor Lists:

1. Marie Allegro
2. Julie Aragon
3. Laurel Bickford
4. Beckie Boddie
5. Andrea Cantone
6. Tara Chandler
7. Kim Clark
8. Laura Davies
9. Heather Dees
10. Erin Ehlrich
11. Laurie Green
12. Kelly Keiser
13. Elissa Martis
14. Elizabeth Maurice
15. Lisandra McGrath
16. Christina Mehling
17. Camala Rodriquez
18. Jill S. Laurent
19. Rinnah Schmid
20. Diana Schnaidt
21. Tamara Sedlack
22. Gennifer Strobo
23. Tamen Stuve
24. Katerina Tarbox
25. Magdalena Wilk
26. Patty Zariello
27. Andrea Calhoun
28. Georgina Lona
29. Annette Mendez
30. Magdalena Wilk

1. Stacey Alexander
2. Maria Annunziata
3. Narmin Assria
4. Yarishna Ayala
5. Chaundra Bagwell
6. Callie Bundy
7. Marcela Cabral
8. Danielle Carr
9. Taylor Jade Carroll
10. Rachelle DeJean
11. Lacey DeLuca
12. Diana Graham
13. Breanne Hensman
14. Joanne Holden
15. Ashley Kaltwasser
16. Sidibe Khoudiedji
17. Belinda Kiriakou
18. Vladimira Krasova
19. Stephanie Mahoe
20. Jane Majernikova
21. Jessica Renee
22. Yeshaira Robles
23. Francine Slobodnik
24. Anna Starodubtseva
25. Amy Updike
26. Angeles Burke
27. Becky Clawson
28. Amira Lamb
29. Antanique Landry
30. Nissan Weaver

1. Orlandina Balan
2. Olga Beliakova
3. Nahiany Berbet Nery
4. Fabiola Boulanger
5. Gloria Faulls
6. Amie Grancisco
7. Teresita Morales
8. Eva Pogcnik
9. Shawna Pringle
10. Jill Rudison
11. Ida Sefland
12. Alicia Spearman
13. Mascha Tieken
14. Tracy Weller
15. Juliana Malacarne
16. Karen Gatto
17. Sheena Ohlig

1. Andre Adams
2. Anton Antipov
3. Mike Balan
4. Murat Demir
5. Brian Upstein
6. Vincent Fiore
7. Chris Gurunlian
8. Sadik Hadzovic
9. Shawn Lebega
10. Nick Olsen
11. German Pacheco
12. Jason Poston
13. Sharif Reid
14. Sean Sapera
15. Jonathan Sebastian
16. A.J. Shukoori
17. Rich Tuma
18. David Valezquez
19. Derrick Wade
20. Derrick Yuvienco
21. Matt Acton
22. Nate Baumbick
23. Jonathan Cetera
24. Chad Demchik
25. Robert Ortiz
26. Pierre Vuala

1. Breon Ansley
2. Thomas Benagli
3. Curtis Bryant
4. Marco Cardona
5. Aaron Clark
6. Guy Cisternino
7. Shaun Clarida
8. Guy Ducasse
9. Abiu Feliz
10. Milton Holloway
11. Lukas Osladil
12. Bryan Pazdzierz
13. Craig Richardson
14. Marco Rivera
15. Amit Sapir
16. Steve Silverman
17. Gregory Ulysse
18. Marvin Ward
19. Mike Yablon
20. Baito Abbaspour
21. Stan McQuay
22. Baito Abbaspour

1. Fouad Abiad
2. Henri Pierre Ano
3. Max Charles
4. Jon Delarosa
5. Constaninos Demetrio
6. Michael Kefalianos
7. Juan Morel
8. Sergey Shelestov
9. Salid Tejan Kamara
10. Daniel Toth
11. Akim Williams
12. Eboni Wilson
13. Jeff Beckham
14. Lionel Beyeke
15. Marius Dohne

For tickets and more information on the show visit: http://www.bevfrancis.com/npcnortheast/ifbb-ny-pro

– Women’s Physique
– Men’s Physique
– 212 Men’s Bodybuilding
– Open Men’s Bodybuilding
– Figure
– Bikini

FINALS – 6pm EST (Same Order – with top five posedown for men at the end followed by awards)

Tribeca Performing Arts Center
199 Chambers Street
New York, NY

2014 IFBB Europa Supershow Pro Competitor Lists

2014 IFBB Europa Supershow Pro competitor lists have been released and this show has lived up to the saying, “everything is bigger in Texas”. Currently, 135 IFBB pros are slated to competed and look for a few more to be added before showtime. This event is typically held in August but due to scheduling conflicts with the venue it has been moved up to May. The show is held in conjunction with a NPC event, huge expo and a variety of other sports and activities in Dallas, Texas.

Dallas Europa

2014 IFBB Europa Supershow Pro Competitor Lists *Updated May 7th

2014 IFBB Europa Supershow Pro Figure
1. MayLa Ash
2. Viviana Baca Servin
3. Michelle Beck
4. Laura Belew
5. Shalako Bradberry
6. Tammy Bravomalo
7. Sasha Brown
8. Jessica Canty
9. Clarissa Castaneda
10. Kim Clark
11. Vicki Counts
12. Jessica Curry
13. Kimberly Dickson
14. Krista Dunn
15. Allison Frahn
16. Angie Garcia
17. Ryan Hays
18. Monica Labriola
19. Alissa Parker
20. Marcee Renee
21. Rinnah Schmid
22. Diana Schnaidt
23. Danielle Sereluca
24. Katerina Tarbox
25. Jennifer Taylor
26. Ann Titone
27. Megan Wyble
28. Stephanie McDonald
29. Elvimar Sanchez

2014 IFBB Europa Supershow Pro Women’s Physique
1. Heather Barbe
2. Olga Beliakova
3. Erica Blockman
4. La’Drissa Bonivel
5. Jessica Bowman
6. Beni Bueno Lopez
7. Ayanna Carroll
8. Desunka Dawson
9. Gloria Faulls
10. Cassandra Floyd
11. Jessica Gaines
12. Susan Graham
13. Hannah Hallman
14. Cathy Jackson
15. Juliana Malacarne
16. LaDawn McDay
17. Nuria Novoa
18. Minna Pajulahti
19. Dona Pohl
20. Elizabeth Schneider
21. Ida Sefland
22. Tish Shelton
23. Sabrina Taylor
24. Stephanie Willes
25. Rita Rae

2014 IFBB Europa Supershow Pro Bikini
1. Jessica Arevalo
2. Kelsie Burgin
3. Michelle Lynn Capraru
4. Jennifer Dawn
5. Karey Grabow
6. Crystal Green
7. Michelle Johnson
8. Belinda Kieriakou
9. Vladka Krasova
10. Anna Larsson
11. Jenee Leger
12. Michelle Lewin
13. Dayna Maleton
14. Michelle Mein
15. Ashriel Osgood
16. Cara Ovis
17. Lindsay Oxford
18. Caryn Paolini
19. Kamilah Powell
20. Monique Ricardo
21. Jessica Renee
22. Aly Veneno
23. Natalie Waples
24. Amy Updike

2014 IFBB Europa Supershow Pro Men’s Bodybuilding
1. Baito Abbaspour
2. Fouad Abiad
3. Timmy Gaillard
4. Johnnie Jackson
5. Malcolm Marshall
6. Zaher Moukahal
7. An Nguyen
8. Butch Rolle
9. Sergey Shelestov
10. Vladimir Sizov
11. Daniel Toth
12. Branch Warren
13. Eddy Wilson

2014 IFBB Europa Supershow Pro Men’s 212
1. Thomas Benagli
2. Guy Cisternino
3. Guy Ducasse
4. Moba Edwards
5. Derik Farnsworth
6. Wendell Floyd
7. Shavis Higa
8. Milton Holloway, Jr.
9. Janos Kubik
10. Cory Mathews
11. Kevin Ofurum
12. Amit Sapir
13. Bleu Taylor
14. Lornezo Jones
15. Jojo Ntiforo

2014 IFBB Europa Supershow Pro Men’s Physique
1. Todd Abrams
2. Fawad Ahadi
3. Ron Alexander
4. Michael Anderson
5. John Arterberry
6. Mike Balan
7. Robin Balogh
8. Charles Chester
9. Shane Eslahi
10. Negus Ferguson
11. Denis Gusev
12. Sheridan Hause
13. Eric Hedelberg
14. Jim Holcomb
15. Greg Jones
16. Jacques Lewis
17. Tone Martin
18. Stephen Mass
19. Steve Mousharbash
20. John Nguyen
21. Robert Ortiz
22. Matt Pattison
23. Reynaldo Pickwoad
24. Jason Poston
25. Rodney Razor
26. Arya Saffaie
27. Jonathan Sebastian
28. Willie Spencer
29. Tyler Stines
30. Jason Tessler
31. Ryan Terry
32. Tony Torres
33. Rich Tuma
34. Jeffrey Velazquez
35. James Hodges

For more information on the show and to purchase tickets visit: www.europaexpo.com/dallas-2014.

2014 IFBB Pittsburgh Pro Preview & Competitor Lists

Nearly 100 IFBB pros will compete this weekend at the 2014 IFBB Pittsburgh Pro. The women will compete in pro bikini and figure divisions at this event. The men’s physique competitors will also take the stage. Along with the pro competition is the NPC portion of the event, which always showcases some of top amateur physiques. Many of the top male bodybuilders will also take the stage on Saturday night for the annual guest posing.

pittsburgh pro


The 2014 IFBB Pittsburgh Pro Bikini is going to be a very competitive competition and the top five could go a number of ways. Currently, 27 women are slated to compete but a few favorites should rise to the top. Look for the defending champ, Yeshaira Robles be the one to beat here. Yeshaira has the looks, the body and posing down. She’s my pick for the win as she can go from sassy and sexy to cute in a blink of an eye. She’ll be put to the test with always improving Stacey Alexander. Stacey is polished and poised on stage and continues to bring a better look each time she competes. She could be in the winner’s circle is Yeshaira isn’t at her best.

Amanda Latona will undoubtedly be in the top five but where. She’s won a number of competitions in her career but has placed behind Yeshaira and Stacey in previous outings. She’ll have to be at her best to leave Pittsburgh with the win. I see her in the 3-5 spot but hey you never know. Rising star, Janet Layug has the looks and could be the one to shake things up if she’s on her A-game. Janet continues to improve her physique with time and while she’ll have a tough time with this line up she should be in the mix for a top five spot. Sarah LeBlanc will look to make it three in a row after winning in St. Louis and Orlando. She also continues to improve with each show and this will be her toughest competition to date.

Narmin Assria will try to hang with the big dogs on the East. She typically competes on the West Coast and fairs well but will it carry over to the East? She’ll have her work cut out for her to be in the top five. Callie Bundy continues to improve and could be one in the mix. Lacey Deluca always finds her way into the top 10 but will she be able to be in the top 5? She continues to bring in a tighter physique and if her booty is tight she could be in the mix. Stephanie Mahoe is a bubble girl who is sometimes in the top spots and other times on the outside looking in. Little details like her posing and tan will make a difference here. I like the look Pollianna Moss brings to the stage. A native of Brazil and now living in Hawaii she always brings a tight and toned physique. She should be in the mix for the top callout or two. If Jessica Renee brings the look she has in the past two shows, she could also be a contender for the top spots.

Anyone could bring their best and be in the hunt but based on prior showings that’s how I see things shaking out at the 2014 Pittsburgh Pro Bikini

2014 Pittsburgh Pro Bikini Competitors
1. Natalie Abrhiem
2. Stacey Alexander
3. Narmin Assria
4. Yarishna Ayala
5. Paula Lorena Bucio Moran
6. Callie Bundy
7. Alexis Burke
8. Angeles Burke
9. Taylor Jade Carroll
10. Maria Chase
11. Lacey DeLuca
12. Breanne Hensman
13. Joanne Holden
14. Belinda Kiriakou
15. Amanda Latona
16. Janet Layug
17. Sarah LeBlanc
18. Stephanie Mahoe
19. Pollianna Moss
20. Mylien Nguyen
21. Sabrina Nicole
22. Ashley Pfaff
23. Jessica Renee
24. Satrice Rigsby
25. Yeshaira Robles
26. Lisa Schmkat
27. Francine Slobodnik

The Pro Figure competition has nearly 30 competitors listed but you have to figure it’s Camala Rodriquez’s show to lose. Since she made the switch from Fitness to Figure she’s held her own in nearly every competition she’s entered. If Camala brings the physique she has in recent shows, she will leave your champ. Allison Frahn should be in the mix but will need to be on point with her conditioning to be compared next to Camala. I like Elissa Martis for a top callout in this competition. She has a nice look and if she’s on the money with her conditioning she could be in the mix for a top spot. Monica Labriola and Laurie Green are likely candidates for the top five callout but would need to be at their all-time best to leave with the top spot. Look for Andrea Calhoun to be in in the hunt, again if her conditioning is on point. Julie Mayer has found success in her last couple of shows an could be another name you see at the top of this group.

2014 Pittsburgh Pro Figure Competitors
1. Mayla Ash
2. Laura Belew
3. Laurel Bickford
4. Tammy Bravomalo
5. Jennifer Brown
6. Andrea Calhoun
7. Maggy Cambronero
8. Andrea Cantone
9. Jessica Canty
10. Edith Driver
11. Allison Frahn
12. Susana Garcia
13. Karina Grau
14. Laurie Green
15. Ryan Hays
16. Monica Labriola
17. Georgina Lona
18. Elissa Martis
19. Julie Mayer
20. Annette Mendez
21. Alissa Parker
22. Amy Puglise
23. Camala Rodriquez
24. Rinnah Schmid
25. Danielle Sereluca
26. Melissa Smith
27. Tamen Stuve
28. Katerina Tarabox
29. Patty Zariello

Visit GaryUdit.com and NPCNEWSonline.com for more information on this event.

2014 IFBB Mozolani Pro Competitors

The 2014 IFBB Mozolani Pro will take place this weekend in Zilina, Slovakia. The event will feature women’s pro figure, bikini and men’s 212 bodybuilding. This will be the first time the pros and amateurs share the stage in Slovakia.

2014 IFBB Mozolani Pro Figure Competitors:
1. Kati Alander
2. Ekaterina Gamagina
3. Olga Karavayeva
4. Christina Mehling
5. Ann Pratt
6. Natalia Revagova Lenartova
7. Louise Rogers
8. Giada Simari
9. Zsuzsann Toldi
10. Mette Ulseth

2014 IFBB Mozolani Pro Bikini Competitors:
1. Michelle Brennan
2. My Coustels
3. Christina Strom Fjaere
4. Margret Gnaar
5. Jana Majernikova
6. Eregina Svetlana
7. Anna Virmajoki
8. Nikola Weiterova

2014 IFBB Mozolani Pro Men’s 212 Competitors
1. Sami Al Haddad
2. Khalid Almohsinawi
3. Robert Belisle
4. Marian Cambal
5. Raul Carrasco Jimenez
6. Pierre Chamoun
7. Dobromir Delev
8. Mark Dugdale
9. Jan Kubik
10. Lukas Osladil
11. Amit Sapir
12. Vicente Santamaria Martinez
13. Petr Vanis

For more info visit: www.mozolani.com

2014 IFBB Orlando Pro Europa Show of Champions Bikini Preview

The 2014 IFBB Orlando Pro Europa Show of Champions Bikini competition has a solid line-up with no clear cut winner. Despite there not being any one odds-on favorite to take top honors there are a few likely candidates to be in the mix for the win. Last year, Courtney King was the winner and the year before that went to Nathalia Melo. It’s safe to say the winner of this show will be in good company with the Orlando Pro title to her competitive resume.

bikini preview

Sarah LeBlanc is coming off her first win as a pro. She took top honors at the St. Louis Pro last month and could likely be the one to beat in this contest. She brings a nicely balanced physique and presents with confidence which has consistently put her in the top five throughout her pro career. Stephanie Mahoe will look to upset LeBlanc’s run at two in a row. She’s coming off a second place finish at the Battle on the Beach. Dayna Maleton has one of my favorite physiques in the division as it has a nice balance of muscle without being too much. When she doesn’t over think her posing and actually smiles, she lights up the stage. She should be in the top callout if she doesn’t scowl at the judges. Lacey Deluca will compete for the first time this year and has been consistently in the top spots her last few shows. Once she changed up her training and nutrition she presented a more balanced physique. If her booty is in check and she brings a tighter lower half she’ll be in the top spots.

Jessica Arevalo will travel across the country for this show and if the long flight doesn’t get to her she’ll be in the mix for the top five. She tends to fair a bit better outside of her home stage of California so she’ll be one to watch. Yarishna has a nice look but will likely be too muscular in her legs compared to the others in this group. Jennifer Dawn found success early in the division and fought to get back into the mix her last few outings. We’ll have to see how she stacked up in this line-up. Candyce Graham has a great physique but we haven’t seen her on stage in over a year. How will the time off effect her? If she’s in shape she could be in the hunt. She just can’t “angry pose” when she takes the stage. Lisette Howard could also be in the mix for the top spots as she was in the mix at her pro debut just a couple weeks ago. Michelle Lewin wasn’t at her best at the Battle on the Beach and dropped to 9th. She’ll look to get back into the top five at this show. This will be her third show as a pro. Ashley Pfaff has a good look and if she comes in a bit tighter than she was in Cali she’ll move up. Jessica Renee also has a good look and just needs a bit tighter conditioning in the lower body to hang in the top three.

Taylor Gallagher will be making her pro debut and it will be interesting to see what she brings to the stage. She’s been wrestling in Tampa and the last time she was on a bikini stage was at the 2009 Nationals. Jade Carroll will also be making her pro debut after achieving pro status at last year’s NPC Nationals.

2014 IFBB Orlando Europa Show of Champions Bikini:
1. Jessica Arevalo
2. Yarishna Ayala
3. Stefanie Bambrough
4. Taylor Jade Carroll
5. Nicole Coleman
6. Jennifer Dawn
7. Lacey Deluca
8. Taylor Gallagher
9. Candyce Graham
10. Lisette Howard
11. Sarah LeBlanc
12. Michelle Lewin
13. Stephanie Mahoe
14. Dayna Maleton
15. Bernadett Matassa
16. Ashley Pfaff
18. Jessica Renee

Total Purse – $8,000
1st – $4,000
2nd – $2,500
3rd – $1,500

Pro Meeting / check-in
7pm – Host hotel


2:30pm – Main Stage – Convention Center South Hall A


3:30pm – Main Stage – Convention Center South Hall A

Host Hotel:
9840 International Drive
Orlando, FL 32819

Orange County Convention Center – South Hall A
9800 International Drive
Orlando, FL 32810
(across the street from the official contest hotel)

For more information visit EuropaExpo.com. Use #ORLANDOPRO for all your social media related to this event.

2014 IFBB Orlando Europa Show of Champions Competitor Lists

The IFBB Pros are back in action this weekend in Orlando, Florida. The 2014 IFBB Orlando Pro Europa Show of Champions will showcase a competitive group of women in the Bikini and Women’s Physique divisions. There will also be an open Men’s Bodybuilding and Men’s Physique competition. Ed and Betty Pariso continue to produce great events throughout the year that have grown to include more than an IFBB pro show and an expo. There are health and wellness seminars, powerlifting, grappling, obstacle courses and more over the span of two days.

2014 europa competitor lists

2014 IFBB Orlando Europa Show of Champions Bikini:
1. Jessica Arevalo
2. Yarishna Ayala
3. Stefanie Bambrough
4. Taylor Jade Carroll
5. Nicole Coleman
6. Jennifer Dawn
7. Lacey Deluca
8. Taylor Gallagher
9. Candyce Graham
10. Lisette Howard
11. Sarah LeBlanc
12. Michelle Lewin
13. Stephanie Mahoe
14. Dayna Maleton
15. Bernadett Matassa
16. Ashley Pfaff
18. Jessica Renee

2014 IFBB Orlando Europa Show of Champions Women’s Physique:
1. Danielle Balbino
2. Jessica Bowman
3. Jennea Burritt
4. Rose Duvigneaud
5. Gloria Faulls
6. Lisa Grasso
7. Sherri Gray
8. Hannah Hallman
9. Catherin Hernon-Schaumleffel
10. Frances Mendez
11. Leonie Rose
12. Joele Smith
13. Tracy Weller

2014 IFBB Orlando Europa Show of Champions Men’s Physique:
1. Andre Adams
2. Michael Anderson
3. Anton Antipov
4. John Arterberry
5. Travales Blount
6. Josh Bowmar
7. David Breaux
8. Duane Brickhouse
9. Anthony Brigman
10. George Brown
11. Justin Busiere
12. Victor Clark
13. Victor Ricardo Delgado Ruiz
14. Murat Demir
15. Deniz Duygulu
16. Michael Ferguson
17. Reuben Gordon
18. Sheridan hause
19. Brian Hay
20. Jim Holcomb
21. Burton Hughes
22. Stephen Mass
23. Steve Mousharbash
24. Aaron O’Connell
25. Geobanny Paula
26. Douglas Peaney
27. Kevin Perod
28. Reynoldo Pickwoad
29. Jason Poston
30. Jeff Seid
31. Ken Settepani
32. William Sullivan
33. David Valazquez
34. Jermaine Ward

2014 IFBB Orlando Europa Show of Champions Men’s Bodybuilding:
1. Justin Compton
2. Clarence Devis
3. Jon Delarosa
4. Lloyd Dollar
5. Malcolm Marshall
6. Capriese Murray
7. An Nguyen
8. Fred Smalls
9. Saiid Tejan Kamara
10. Daniel Toth
11. Keith Williams
12. Eddy Wilson
13. Nathan Wonsley

2014 IFBB Governors Cup Competitor List & Preview

The 2014 IFBB Governors Cup will showcase an open and master’s pro figure competition. The event will be held in Sacramento, California on March 28-29 in conjunction with a NPC event. There are currently 27 women slated to compete in the open pro figure with one Olympia qualification up for grabs. The Master’s figure has nearly 20 women entered despite there being no Olympia qualification for the win.

2014 Governors cup

The odds on favorite has to be Mallory Haldeman for the win. Mallory opted out of competing in the Figure International earlier this month and this will be her first time on stage this year. She’s a top six Olympia competitor and the one to beat. If she’s brought her back up a bit and can remain calm while posing she’ll be your winner. Mallory tends to shake and look nervous while on stage but has continued to improve with each show. Look for local California girl, Wendy Fortino to be compared for the win as well. Wendy brought a great look to this stage last year and should compare well to Mallory. The two squared off last year but Heather Dees took top honors. Heather will not be competing this year so look for the two of them to be the ones to beat.

Allison Frahn will likely find herself in the top callout but won’t have quiet the same amount of muscle in her lower body as Mallory and Wendy. Julie Mayer, Monica Labriola and Patty Zariello could also be contenders for the top callout. Krista Dunn will look to get back in the mix and had a great season in 2013. There are a number of women who could shake things up for the top five but Mallory Haldeman will have to be way off her game to lose this show.

2014 IFBB Governors Cup Pro Figure
1. Linda Andrew
2. Beckie Boddie
3. Nancy Bowlin
4. Tina Bozman
5. Jennifer Brown
6. Kim Clark
7. Vickie Dowel
8. Krista Dunn
9. Dawn Frenandez
10. Wendy Fortino
11. Allison Frahn
12. Jessica Graham
13. Mallory Haldeman
14. Danielle Kifer
15. Monica Labriola
16. Vera Mallet
17. Julie Mayer
18. Lisandra McGrath
19. Alessandra Pinherio
20. Christina Reed
21. Marcee Renee
22. Tamara Sedlack
23. Kim Seeley
24. Michelle Shepard
25. Bojana Vasijevic
26. Patty Zeriello
27. Emily Zelinka

The Master’s Figure competition will be a competitive group. Master’s Figure has proven far more popular than Master’s bikini. Many of the women in this line-up can and do hold their own in open events.

2014 IFBB Governors Cup Pro Figure – Masters
1. Linda Andrew
2. Nancy Bowlin
3. Tina Bozman
4. Jennifer Brown
5. Kim Clark
6. Kimberley Doehnert
7. Vickie Dowell
8. Krista Dunn
9. Dawn Fernandez
10. Danielle Kifer
11. Vera Mallet
12. Julie Mayer
13. Lisandra McGrath
14. Alessandra Pinherio
15. Christina Reed
16. Marcee Renee
17. Kim Seeley
18. Michelle Shepherd
19. Patty Zariello

For more information visit spectrumfitnessproductions.com.

2014 IFBB Battle on The Beach Competitor Lists & Preview

The second annual IFBB Battle on the Beach is a women’s only event held in Daytona Beach, Florida. The IFBB portion of the event will feature bikini and master’s bikini. The amateur portion will showcase fitness, figure, bikini and physique. There are 15 women slated to compete in the pro bikini and just four in the master’s bikini competition.

battle on the beach

The match-up to watch has to be between Michelle Lewin and Janet Layug. Last year, the two women squared off as amateurs in the NPC Florida Cup. They both won their height class and Michelle went on to win the overall title at that show. Michelle successfully petitioned her country of Venezuela for her pro card after the win. Janet went on to win the overall title at the NPC Nationals and made her pro debut at the Bikini International earlier this month. Michelle has more muscle on her frame than most of the other women in this show but she carries it well and it’s not over the top. If her legs are a bit smaller than last year she could win this show. Janet will be one of the tallest women in the group. She’ll need to come in with a fuller look than we saw at the Arnold. I look for it to be a rematch between the two of them for the win but this time an Olympia qualification is on the line.

Gigi Amurao will likely be in the first callout and if her legs are down in size she’ll be in the hunt for a top spot. Jessica Renee has a good look and if she can nail the little details with her hair and makeup she could be in that first callout. Look for Stephanie Mahoe to also make a run for the top three if she too has the little details right specifically with her tanning. Making her pro debut, Callie Bundy will be one to watch as a top five contender. Don’t sleep on the blonde beauty, Noemi Olah. She relocated to Florida last year and will be a contender here.

2014 IFBB Battle on The Beach Pro Bikini
1. Gigi Amurao
2. Stefanie Bambrough
3. Callie Bundy
4. Angeles Burke
5. Alexa Hotaling
6. Amira Lamb
7. Janet Layug
8. Michon Leddy
9. Michelle Lewin
10. Stephanie Mahoe
11. Bernadett Matassa
12. Asia Mendoza
13. Nathalia Mur
14. Noemi Olah
15. Kamilah Powell
16. Jessica Renee

The master’s bikini division has yet to pick up momentum in the pro ranks. There’s no Olympia qualification on the line but it does give the women another opportunity to compete. This will be the third Master’s pro bikini competition of the year and the previous two
shows only had one competitor.

2014 IFBB Battle on The Beach Pro Bikini Pro – Masters
1. Amira Lamb
2. Michon Leddy
3. Nathalie Mur
4. Janet Lynn West

Visit npcbattleonthebeach.com for more information.

2014 St. Louis Pro Competitor Lists & Show Preview

The 2014 St. Louis Pro takes place on Saturday, March 8th and it has a very competitive line-up in every division. The IFBB Pro portion will feature Bikini, Figure and Women’s Physique. The event is held in conjunction with a NPC competition that is sure to highlight some up-and-coming competitors in the amateur ranks. Jack and Ann Titone always put their heart and soul into promoting this event and look for the athletes to be well taken care of throughout the weekend.

st louis pro

Twenty four women are signed up to compete in the Figure division. Candice Lewis has to be the one to beat in this line-up coming off from her fifth place finish at the Figure International. Look for Dana Ambrose, Victoria Adelus, Krista Dunn, Allison Frahn, Natalia Waples and Monica Lebriola to be in the mix for the top spots. This is a very deep line-up in just the second pro figure show of the year.

2014 IFBB St. Louis Pro Figure
1. Victoria Adelus
2. Dana Ambrose
3. Leah Berti
4. Kim Clark
5. Angela Coleman
6. Vicki Counts
7. Jill Dearmin
8. Krista Dunn
9. Allison Frahn
10. Maria Garcia Sanchez
11. Dawn Hinz-Pugh
12. Jennifer Iratano
13. Monica Labriola
14. Candice Lewis
15. Gretchen Lichtenstein
16. Very Mallet
17. Samantha Maycock
18. Julie Mayer
19. Linda Potter
20. Christina Reed
21. Marcee Renee
22. Agnese Russo
23. Kim Seely
24. Natalie Waples

The IFBB Bikini competition will also be very competitive. Look for Jessica Arevalo, Sarah LeBlanc, Ashriel Osgood and Sandi Fortsythe to be your top contenders. There’s no clear cut favorite so the top five could be anyone’s game. The winner qualifies for the Olympia while the remaining top five collect Olympia Points in the ongoing Point Series, where the leader at the end of the year gets a ticket to compete at the big show. Jennifer Andrews is not slated to compete and defend her title.

2014 IFBB St. Louis Pro Bikini
1. Jessica Arevalo
2. Alexis Burke
3. Sandi Forsythe
4. Dana French
5. Janet Harding
6. Terri Krevitz
7. Jessica Landry
8. Sara LeBlanc
9. Linda McKown
10. Raphaela Milagres
11. Ashriel Osgood
12. Caryn Paolini
13. Kamilah Powell
14. Kristie Trasey
15. Michelle Trasey
16. Katherine Williams

The Women’s Physique competition get started with a solid turn out for 2014. The winner will head to the Olympia Showdown and the top four will collect points towards the Olympia series. There’s no odds-on favorite to win the show and the top five could go a number of ways. There’s a mix of physiques and depending on what look is presented, the judges could have their hands full with deciphering this line-up. Great to see a good turn out for the division to kick things off.

2014 IFBB St. Louis Pro Women’s Physique
1. Lisette Acevedo
2. Misty Ali
3. Shannon Byers
4. Ana Paula Da Silva
5. Danielle Deck
6. Marnie Holley
7. Anna Marie Kam
8. Anne Marie Lasserre
9. Jayla McDermott
10. Delia McNeil
11. Frida Palmell
12. Danielle Reardon
13. Jennifer Robinson
14. Leonie Rose
15. Lise Thexton
16. Tracy Weller

FRIDAY March 7th 2014
5:00pm at the HOST HOTEL
Chase Park Plaza
212 N. Kingshighway
St Louis Mo 63108

FRIDAY March 7th 2014
6:00pm at the HOST HOTEL
Chase Park Plaza
212 N. Kingshighway
St Louis Mo 63108

St. Louis University Busch Student Center
20 N.Grand, St Louis, MO

For More information visit: npcmidwest.com

2014 Bikini International Preview, Poll and Predictions

The 2014 Bikini International showcases a competitive field and you’d have better luck picking the lotto numbers than correctly predicting the top ten in exact order. The line-up has defending champion India Paulino in it along with Bikini Olympians Nathalia Melo and Ashley Kaltwasser. Rookie Janet Layug has caught the attention of fans online and hopes to do the same with the judges in her pro debut. Seasoned vets like Amanda Latona, Yeshaira Robles and Justine Munro will be looking to get into the top spots as well. Don’t count out third place at the Olympia, Stacey Alexander who came on strong at the end of 2013.

2014 bikini international

If history repeats itself, we’ll see a new Bikini International champion. Nicole Nagrani won the inaugural event and Sonia Gonzales took top honors the second time around. India Paulino edged out Nathalia Melo for the win last year. Read the skinny on all the competitors at Bodybuilding.com. The preview breaks down each competitor and what we might expect from the women next week in Ohio. One woman to watch who isn’t getting any attention but should is Margret Gnarr. She is Iceland’s only IFBB Pro and not only that but she’s a blackbelt in Taekwondo. Keep your eye on her, she’s good.

Cast your vote for who you think will win the 2014 Bikini International. The event takes place in Columbus, Ohio with the prejudging on Saturday, March 1, 2014 at 2pm and the finals to follow later that night. For tickets visit arnoldsportsfestival.com.


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