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2014 IFBB Emerald Cup Competitor Lists

The IFBB Pro Figure and Physique women will be back in action this weekend. The event will be held in conjunction with the wildly successful NPC Emerald Cup in Bellevue, Washington. Over 20 Figure Pros and a dozen Physique pros are slated to compete. The winner in each division will qualify for the Olympia in September.

2014 IFBB Emerald Cup Figure:
1. Victoria Adelus
2. Dana Ambrose
3. Mayla Ash
4. Meredith Berthelson
5. Leah Berti
6. Tammy Bravomalo
7. Tara Chandler
8. Rosalyn Dudding
9. Krista Dunn
10. Dawn Fernandez
11. Wendy Fortino
12. Erin Harding
13. Rose Hendricks
14. Monica Labriola
15. Francesca Lauren
16. Amber Leon
17. Michelle Mayberry
18. Erin Oakie
19. Kiana Phi
20. Nicole Sims
21. Bojana Vasijevic

2014 IFBB Emerald Cup Women’s Physique:
1. Roxie Beckles
2. Erica Blockman
3. Valentina Chepiga
4. Cinzia Clapp
5. Ann Gannon
6. Susan Graham
7. Tanji Johnson
8. Kimberley Kosmas
9. Michelle Krack
10. Venus Nguyen
11. Tammy Ross
12. Jacklyn Sutton Abrams
13. Sabrina Taylor
14. Staphanie Willes

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The 2014 NPC Europa Orlando contest was held in conjunction with the IFBB Pro Europa Super Show of Champions on April 12th. A number of promising competitors took the the stage in hopes of qualifying for the National level events. Monica Marie took top honors in the Bikini division and Karin Wood went home with the overall Figure crown. Look for both of these women to make a run at pro status this year.


Figure - #73 Karin Wood
Bikini - #156 Monica MarieOVERALL MEN’S AWARDS
Mens Physique - #115 Jacques Dulce

Mens BB Open - #26 Sergio Fernandez
Novice BB - #211 Miguel Dorta
Women Fitness
Athletes’ Number Athletes’ Name Place
47 Mia Lanz 1
231 Taylor Cyphert 2
Women Physique A
Athletes’ Number Athletes’ Name Place
220 Jacqueline Garcia 1
42 Amanda Conomon 2
227 Falon Stacey 3
226 Magen Wooley 4
219 Rita People 5
41 Jessica Schrock 6
Women Physique Masters
Athletes’ Number Athletes’ Name Place
220 Jacqueline Garcia 1
219 Rita People 2


Women Bodybuilding Open 
Athletes’ Number Athletes’ Name Place
1 Ingrid Valentin 1


Women Figure Teen
Athletes’ Number Athletes’ Name Place
48 Natalia Abraham Coelho 1
49 Josie Toung 2


Women Figure A
Athletes’ Number Athletes’ Name Place
50 Barbie Titus 1
52 Michele Strickland 2
234 Colleen McGuire 3
51 Maria Martinova 4
233 Christina Diaz 5
53 Haven Hennessey 6
47 Mia Lanz 7
232 Cecilia Vallaro 8


Women Figure B
Athletes’ Number Athletes’ Name Place
73 Karin Wood 1
235 Jessica Rivera Ramos 2
58 Lauren Viola 3
54 Noelia Pina 4


Women Figure C
Athletes’ Number Athletes’ Name Place
63 Bonnie Peterson 1
59 Samantha Cohen 2
65 Linda Palonen 3
236 Hope Trask 4
57 Mariene Faria 5
64 Sarah Wengert 6
55 Evonne Archer 7
61 Amanda Wright 8
66 Ashley Niewiadomski 9


Women Figure D
Athletes’ Number Athletes’ Name Place
69 Denise Holloway 1
70 Mariana Coker 2
60 Erika Anderson 3
62 Amie Russell 4
237 Waleska Leal 5
74 Amanda O’Daniel 6
68 Michele Cuff 7
71 Devon Manny 8
72 Ashley Biehl 9
238 Lindsay Rodriguez 10
67 Kaitlyn Kuhn 11


Women FigureMasters  ( over 35 )
Athletes’ Number Athletes’ Name Place
69 Denise Holloway 1
234 Colleen McGuire 2
68 Michele Cuff 3
239 Jo Anne Hill 4
240 Tammy Eddy 5
232 Cecilia Vallaro 6
54 Noelia Pina 7
75 Gisselle Gutierrez 8


Women Figure Masters ( over 45 )
Athletes’ Number Athletes’ Name Place
76 Natalie Merritt 1
78 June Robins 2
79 Esther Strombeck 3
77 Lori Conn 4


Women Bikini Teen
Athletes’ Number Athletes’ Name Place
146 Katryna Solley 1
144 Cassidy Cintron 2
143 Lacey Dunn 3
147 Jade Mullin 4


Women Bikini A
Athletes’ Number Athletes’ Name Place
156 Monica Marie 1
162 Je Williams 2
151 Sandra Myers 3
163 Dani Milan 4
159 Meghan Schwartz 5
149 Leslie Maxwell 6
273 Kessia Riveria 7
154 Shey Webb 8
153 Jacqueline Amendola 9
165 Kendra Concepcion 10
168 Tamika Williams 11
152 Valencia Suprice 12
157 Gianna Masci 13
160 Lauren Hagwood 14
148 Yaleibis Florenzano 15
161 Rosalyn Flores 16


Women Bikini B
Athletes’ Number Athletes’ Name Place
173 Kayla Jindra 1
183 Shandy Ortiz 2
170 Angela Mills 3
144 Cassidy Cintron 4
182 Andrea Ortiz 5
143 Lacey Dunn 6
189 Marian Galang 7
174 Olmae Abanes 8
171 Ashley Swanstrom 9
275 Ashley Christine 10
169 Elizabeth Muniz 11
188 Ginelle Morales 12
147 Jade Mullin 13
276 Janettsy Chiszar 14
175 Gina Espinoza 15
209 Jessica Moss-Bechtold 16


Women Bikini C
Athletes’ Number Athletes’ Name Place
206 Catherine Radulic 1
184 Madeleine Conti 2
280 Manissa Danish 3
281 Lina Ceivaldo 4
187 Maci Parr 5
282 Abigail Gonzales 6
177 Jessica Fernandez 7
194 Ashley Marcolino 8
186 Raquelle Felder 9
278 Natasha Lackey 10
279 Grace Martinez 11
179 Shandi Tarvin 12
178 Brittany Cavicchia 13
176 Stephanie Wisnieske 14
180 Dominique Baca-Lomanitz 15
191 Crystal Haynes 16


Women Bikini D
Athletes’ Number Athletes’ Name Place
287 Jessica Boninconiri 1
203 Erika Gerstner 2
196 Ana Morales 3
146 Katryna Solley 4
200 Shannon Pace 5
284 Becky McNichols 6
201 Kristin Wrinkle 7
199 Cathryn Miller 8
286 Brenna Cockrell 9
208 Susan Koprash 10
285 Stacey McGregor 11
193 Jenna Crawford 12
197 Dominique DelGuidice 13
288 Jamine Campbell 14
198 Kristen Eimer 15


Women Bikini Masters
Athletes’ Number Athletes’ Name Place
290 Elisa Tavara 1
206 Catherine Radulic 2
151 Sandra Myers 3
207 Lucia Owens 4
289 Madelene Bermudez 5
161 Rosalyn Flores 6
199 Cathryn Miller 7
181 Daynah Wahlberg 8
279 Grace Martinez 9
153 Jacqueline Amendola 10
208 Susan Koprash 11
205 Arodis Machado 12
204 Melessa Handy 13

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2014 IFBB Texas Shredderbuilt Pro Bikini Results

2014 IFBB Texas Shredderbuilt Pro Bikini results are in and Colorado’s Sandi Forsythe left with the win. The victory punches her ticket to the 2014 Olympia held in September. In second was Kelsie Burgin from Plano, Texas and rounding out the top three was Lindsay Oxford.

2014 IFBB Texas Shredderbuilt Pro Bikini Results
1. Sandi Forsythe
2. Kelsie Burgin
3. Lindsay Oxford
4. Marcela Cabral
5. Shemika Speights
6. Camille Periat
7. Francesca Lauren
8. Yasmin Ali
9. Ashriel Osgood
10. Joanne Holden
11. Kamilah Powell
12. Samantha Morris

2014 IFBB Europa Show of Champions Results

The 2014 IFBB Europa Show of Champions Results are in and Sarah LeBlanc continued her winning ways in the Bikini division. This was Sarah’s second win in a row, coming off a win at the St. Louis Pro. She was the unanimous choice on the judges’ scoresheet. Coming in second was Lacey DeLuca who continues to bring an improved look to the stage. Rounding out the prize money spots was California’s Jessica Arevalo in third.

2014 IFBB Europa Show of Champions Results

View photos from the show.

2014 IFBB Europa Show of Champions Bikini Results
1. Sarah LeBlanc
2. Lacey DeLuca
3. Jessica Arevalo
4. Dayna Maleton
5. Stephanie Mahoe
6. Yarishna Ayala
7. Jessica Renee
8. Taylor Jade Carroll
9. Stefanie Bambrough
10. Lisette Howard
11. Candyce Graham
12. Michelle Lewin
13. Jennifer Dawn
14. Ashley Pfaff
15. Nicole Coleman
16. Bernadett Matassa
16. Taylor Gallagher

Frances Mendez took home the top spot and an Olympia qualification in the process. Joele Smith and Leonie Rose tied for second and third but Joele got the nod in the tie-breaker. Danielle Reardon finished in fourth and Gloria Faulls rounded out the top five.

2014 IFBB Europa Show of Champions Women’s Physique Results
1. Frances Mendez
2. Joele Smith
3. Leonie Rose
4. Danielle Reardon
5. Gloria Faulls
6. Jeannea Burritt
7. Lisa Grasso
8. Catherine Hernon-Schaumleffel
9. Jessica Bowman
10. Danielle Balbino
11. Hannah Hallman
12. Tracy Weller
13. Rose Duvigneaud
14. Sherri Gray

2014 IFBB Europa Show of Champions Men’s Physique Results
1. Jason Poston
2. Michael Anderson
3. Michael Ferguson
4. Steve Mousharbash
5. Jeff Seid
6. David Breaux
7. George Brown
8. Brian Hay
9. Stephen Mass
10. Travales Blount
11. Andre Adams
12. Tony Torres
13. Deniz Duygulu
14. Reuben Gordon
15. Reynaldo Pickwoad
16. Aaron O’Connell
16. Anthony Brigman
16. Anton Antipov
16. Burton Hughes
16. Capriese Murray
16. David Velazquez
16. Douglas Peaney
16. Duane Brickhouse
16. Geobanny Paula
16. Jermaine Ward
16. Jim Holcomb
16. Joe Cantu
16. John Arterberry
16. Josh Bowmar
16. Justin Busiere
16. Ken Settepani
16. Murat Demir
16. Sheridan Hause
16. Victor Ruiz
16. Victor Clark
16. William Sullivan

2014 IFBB Europa Show of Champions Men’s Bodybuilding Results
1. Justin Compton
2. Jonathan Delarosa
3. Fred Smalls
4. Daniel Toth
5. Eddy Wilson
6. Ben White
7. An Nguyen
8. Marius Dohne
9. Clarence DeVis
10. Keith Williams
11. Lloyd Dollar
12. Malcolm Marshall
13. Rudy Richards
14. Saiid Kamara
15. Nathan Wonsley

View photos from the show.

2014 IFBB Texas Shredderbuilt Pro Bikini Competitors’ List

The 2014 IFBB Texas Shredderbuilt Pro Bikini competitors’ list has been announced and thirteen women are scheduled to compete. The winner of the Shredderbuilt Pro Bikini will qualify for the Bikini Olympia in Las Vegas later this year. The event will take place on April 12, 2014 in conjunction with a NPC contest in Austin, Texas.

2014 IFBB Texas Shredderbuilt Pro Bikini Competitors
1. Yasmin Ali
2. Kelsie Burgin
3. Marcela Cabral
4. Sandi Forsythe
5. Joanne Holden
6. Francesca Lauren
7. Samantha Morris
8. Ashriel Osgood
9. Lindsay Oxford
10. Camile Periat
11. Kamilah Powell
12. Sana Shah
13. Shernika Speights

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2014 IFBB Pro Grand Prix Competitors

The 2014 IFBB Pro Grand Prix Competitors’ lists have been released. The show will take place on April 12, 2014 in Culver City, California. The pro show will be held in conjunction with the amateur competition. This event will showcase the Men and Women’s Physique division. See below for the 2014 IFBB Pro Grand Prix competitors slated to enter the show.

2014 Grand prix

2014 IFBB Pro Grand Prix Women’s Physique
1. Roxie Beckles
2. Nathalie Falk
3. Candrea Judd Adams
4. Katerina Kyptova
5. Loan Leonard
6. Venus Nguyen
7. Dona Pohl
8. Jill Rudison
9. Sabrina Taylor
10. Stephanie Willes

2014 IFBB Pro Grand Prix Men’s Physique
1. Ronald Alexander
2. Tyler Anderson
3. Michael Bevins
4. Alberto Bistocchi
5. Thomas Canepa
6. Alex Carneiro
7. Matt Christianer
8. Demetrius Clemons
9. Chad Crouse
10. Matt DuBois
11. Brian Epstein
12. Shane Esalahi
13. Stephen Fiore
14. Xavisus Gayden
15. Denis Gusev
16. Greg Jones
17. Trevor Larsen
18. Robert Ortiz
19. Matt Pattison
20. Jake Phippen
21. Rodney Razor
22. Jacob Roberson
23. Arya Saffaie
24. Sean Sapera
25. Jonathan Sebastian
26. Willie Spencer
27. Donta Tanner
28. Ryan Terry
29. Derrick Yuvienco

2014 IFBB Pro Grand Prix Men’s Physique Masters
1. Matt DuBois
2. Brian Epstein
3. Stephen Fiore

April 12, 2014

Prejudging: 10am PST
Finals: 6pm PST

Veteran’s Memorial Auditorium
Culver City, CA 90230

2014 IFBB Orlando Pro Europa Show of Champions Bikini Preview

The 2014 IFBB Orlando Pro Europa Show of Champions Bikini competition has a solid line-up with no clear cut winner. Despite there not being any one odds-on favorite to take top honors there are a few likely candidates to be in the mix for the win. Last year, Courtney King was the winner and the year before that went to Nathalia Melo. It’s safe to say the winner of this show will be in good company with the Orlando Pro title to her competitive resume.

bikini preview

Sarah LeBlanc is coming off her first win as a pro. She took top honors at the St. Louis Pro last month and could likely be the one to beat in this contest. She brings a nicely balanced physique and presents with confidence which has consistently put her in the top five throughout her pro career. Stephanie Mahoe will look to upset LeBlanc’s run at two in a row. She’s coming off a second place finish at the Battle on the Beach. Dayna Maleton has one of my favorite physiques in the division as it has a nice balance of muscle without being too much. When she doesn’t over think her posing and actually smiles, she lights up the stage. She should be in the top callout if she doesn’t scowl at the judges. Lacey Deluca will compete for the first time this year and has been consistently in the top spots her last few shows. Once she changed up her training and nutrition she presented a more balanced physique. If her booty is in check and she brings a tighter lower half she’ll be in the top spots.

Jessica Arevalo will travel across the country for this show and if the long flight doesn’t get to her she’ll be in the mix for the top five. She tends to fair a bit better outside of her home stage of California so she’ll be one to watch. Yarishna has a nice look but will likely be too muscular in her legs compared to the others in this group. Jennifer Dawn found success early in the division and fought to get back into the mix her last few outings. We’ll have to see how she stacked up in this line-up. Candyce Graham has a great physique but we haven’t seen her on stage in over a year. How will the time off effect her? If she’s in shape she could be in the hunt. She just can’t “angry pose” when she takes the stage. Lisette Howard could also be in the mix for the top spots as she was in the mix at her pro debut just a couple weeks ago. Michelle Lewin wasn’t at her best at the Battle on the Beach and dropped to 9th. She’ll look to get back into the top five at this show. This will be her third show as a pro. Ashley Pfaff has a good look and if she comes in a bit tighter than she was in Cali she’ll move up. Jessica Renee also has a good look and just needs a bit tighter conditioning in the lower body to hang in the top three.

Taylor Gallagher will be making her pro debut and it will be interesting to see what she brings to the stage. She’s been wrestling in Tampa and the last time she was on a bikini stage was at the 2009 Nationals. Jade Carroll will also be making her pro debut after achieving pro status at last year’s NPC Nationals.

2014 IFBB Orlando Europa Show of Champions Bikini:
1. Jessica Arevalo
2. Yarishna Ayala
3. Stefanie Bambrough
4. Taylor Jade Carroll
5. Nicole Coleman
6. Jennifer Dawn
7. Lacey Deluca
8. Taylor Gallagher
9. Candyce Graham
10. Lisette Howard
11. Sarah LeBlanc
12. Michelle Lewin
13. Stephanie Mahoe
14. Dayna Maleton
15. Bernadett Matassa
16. Ashley Pfaff
18. Jessica Renee

Total Purse – $8,000
1st – $4,000
2nd – $2,500
3rd – $1,500

Pro Meeting / check-in
7pm – Host hotel


2:30pm – Main Stage – Convention Center South Hall A


3:30pm – Main Stage – Convention Center South Hall A

Host Hotel:
9840 International Drive
Orlando, FL 32819

Orange County Convention Center – South Hall A
9800 International Drive
Orlando, FL 32810
(across the street from the official contest hotel)

For more information visit Use #ORLANDOPRO for all your social media related to this event.

2014 IFBB Orlando Europa Show of Champions Competitor Lists

The IFBB Pros are back in action this weekend in Orlando, Florida. The 2014 IFBB Orlando Pro Europa Show of Champions will showcase a competitive group of women in the Bikini and Women’s Physique divisions. There will also be an open Men’s Bodybuilding and Men’s Physique competition. Ed and Betty Pariso continue to produce great events throughout the year that have grown to include more than an IFBB pro show and an expo. There are health and wellness seminars, powerlifting, grappling, obstacle courses and more over the span of two days.

2014 europa competitor lists

2014 IFBB Orlando Europa Show of Champions Bikini:
1. Jessica Arevalo
2. Yarishna Ayala
3. Stefanie Bambrough
4. Taylor Jade Carroll
5. Nicole Coleman
6. Jennifer Dawn
7. Lacey Deluca
8. Taylor Gallagher
9. Candyce Graham
10. Lisette Howard
11. Sarah LeBlanc
12. Michelle Lewin
13. Stephanie Mahoe
14. Dayna Maleton
15. Bernadett Matassa
16. Ashley Pfaff
18. Jessica Renee

2014 IFBB Orlando Europa Show of Champions Women’s Physique:
1. Danielle Balbino
2. Jessica Bowman
3. Jennea Burritt
4. Rose Duvigneaud
5. Gloria Faulls
6. Lisa Grasso
7. Sherri Gray
8. Hannah Hallman
9. Catherin Hernon-Schaumleffel
10. Frances Mendez
11. Leonie Rose
12. Joele Smith
13. Tracy Weller

2014 IFBB Orlando Europa Show of Champions Men’s Physique:
1. Andre Adams
2. Michael Anderson
3. Anton Antipov
4. John Arterberry
5. Travales Blount
6. Josh Bowmar
7. David Breaux
8. Duane Brickhouse
9. Anthony Brigman
10. George Brown
11. Justin Busiere
12. Victor Clark
13. Victor Ricardo Delgado Ruiz
14. Murat Demir
15. Deniz Duygulu
16. Michael Ferguson
17. Reuben Gordon
18. Sheridan hause
19. Brian Hay
20. Jim Holcomb
21. Burton Hughes
22. Stephen Mass
23. Steve Mousharbash
24. Aaron O’Connell
25. Geobanny Paula
26. Douglas Peaney
27. Kevin Perod
28. Reynoldo Pickwoad
29. Jason Poston
30. Jeff Seid
31. Ken Settepani
32. William Sullivan
33. David Valazquez
34. Jermaine Ward

2014 IFBB Orlando Europa Show of Champions Men’s Bodybuilding:
1. Justin Compton
2. Clarence Devis
3. Jon Delarosa
4. Lloyd Dollar
5. Malcolm Marshall
6. Capriese Murray
7. An Nguyen
8. Fred Smalls
9. Saiid Tejan Kamara
10. Daniel Toth
11. Keith Williams
12. Eddy Wilson
13. Nathan Wonsley

Updated 2014 Arnold Classic Brasil IFBB Competitor Invitation Lists

The 2014 Arnold Sports Festival Brasil will be held April 25-27, 2014 in Rio de Janerio. After a wildly successful event in 2013, the expo and events are moving to a bigger venue. One of the highlights of the weekend will be the Arnold Fitness Brazil and Arnold Classic Brazil. Ryall Graber will be back to defend her title in the fitness division and three’s been a few changes to the lineup since they were originally announced.

2014 Arnold Classic Brasil IFBB Competitor Invitation Lists

Updated 2014 Arnold Classic Brasil IFBB Competitor Invitation Lists
Myriam Capes is still nursing an injury that forced her to withdraw from the Fitness International last month in Columbus, Ohio. Michelle Blank suffered a broken foot during her Arnold routine and is on the road to recovery which will keep her out of this show. Fiona Harris was also on the original list but will no longer be competing. Added to the Fitness line-up was Tiffany Chandler.

Bethany Cisternino and Regiane DaSilva are the highest ranking fitness competitors in the line-up and will be the biggest threat to Ryall’s title. Don’t sleep on Melinda Szabo after an impressive performance in Columbus.

2014 Arnold Fitness Brasil Competitors
Marta Aguiar
Tiffany Chandler
Bethany Cisternino
Regiane DaSilva
Ryall Graber
Amanda Hatfield
Whitney Jones
Babette Mulford
Diana Monteiro
Danielle Ruban
Melinda Szabo

The Men’s lineup has a few changes as well. Baito Abbaspour, Julio Balestrin and William Bonac have been added to the list since it was announced in February. Roelly Winklaar and Hidetada Yamagishi have been removed from 2014 Arnold Classic Brasil IFBB competitor lists. Roelly suffered a motor cycle accident which forced him out of the Arnold Classic in Columbus and Hidetada made the move down to the 212 division.

2014 Arnold Classic Brasil Competitors
Baito Abbaspour
Julio Balestrin
Lionel Beyeke
William Bonac
Jonathan De LaRosa
Marius Dohne
Toney Freeman
Michael Kefalianos
Martin Kjellstrom
Steve Kuclo
Juan Diesel Morel
Ed Nunn
Ben Pakulski
Robert Piotrkowicz
Fred Smalls

Ana Paula Leal
Savaget Promotions

Bob Lorimer
Arnold Sports Festival

Brent LaLonde

Janet Layug Wins 2014 IFBB Battle on The Beach Pro Bikini Results

The 2014 IFBB Battle on the Beach played out as most thought it would at least for the most part. Janet Layug, competing in just her second pro show, took home top honors and a ticket to the Bikini Olympia contest. Janet took top honors at the 2013 NPC Nationals and quickly became a fan favorite. She finished 8th in her pro debut earlier this month but she faced the best in the division at the Bikini International.

Janet Layug

Look for Janet to be in the hunt for the top spot again in a couple weeks when she competes at the Orlando Europa. She’s one of the taller competitors and can hold her own at the Olympia if she continues to fill out her frame. Coming in second was Stephanie Mahoe and in doing so collected more points towards the Olympia Series. Angeles Burke was third and Callie Bundy finished 4th in her pro debut. Rounding out the top five was Jessica Renee. Surprisingly not at her best was Michelle Lewin who had beaten Janet last year when the two were amateurs but missed the top 5 this time around.

Just four women entered the Pro Masters Bikini and Amira Lamb left with the win. Janet Lynn West was second, Nathalie Mur third and in fourth was Michon Leddy.

2014 IFBB Battle on the Beach Pro Bikini Results
1. Janet Layug
2. Stephanie Mahoe
3. Angeles Burke
4. Callie Bundy
5. Jessica Renee
6. Noemi Olah
7. Gigi Amaurao
8. Alexa Hotaling
9. Michelle Lewin
10. Asia Mendoza
11. Amira Lamb
12. Bernadett Matassa
13. Nathalie Mur
14. Michon Leddy
15. Stafanie Bambrough
16. Kamilah Powell

2014 IFBB Battle on the Beach Pro Bikini Masters Results
1. Amira Lamb
2. Janet Lynn West
3. Nathalie Mur
4. Michon Ledd

Next up for the IFBB Pro Bikini women is the Orlando Europa in two weeks.

SHOCKER in Sacramento – 2014 IFBB Governor’s Cup Pro Figure Results

The women of the IFBB Pro Figure division were back on stage in Sacramento, CA. The 2014 Governor’s Cup had 27 women in the show but only one would punch their ticket to the Olympia stage. The odds-on favorite heading into the show was Vegas resident Mallory Haldeman. Haldeman, at least on paper, was the one to beat having finished fifth at the 2013 Olympia and before that had two back-to-back wins. When the top five placings were announced many were shocked.

sacramento results

Jessica Graham was crowned your 2014 Governor’s Cup Pro Figure winner. Who is Jessica Graham? Great question.

This was Jessica’s IFBB Pro debut and flew under the radar to most, myself included. She put together an impressive amateur resume over the years before turning pro last summer. Graham turned pro at the 2013 NPC USAs last July by winning the C height class. She was the 2012 NPC Contra Costa Champion and took first at the 2009 NPC Sacramento. The win qualifies her for the 2014 Olympia in Las Vegas. Congrats to Jessica on doing what few have done… win their IFBB Pro debut.

Rounding out the top five were Allison Frahn, Krista Dunn, Monica Labriola and Linda Andrews. Each of these women earn points in the Olympia Qualification Series. Krista went on to win her first pro show in the 2014 IFBB Governor’s Cup Masters Pro Figure. While there is no Master’s Olympia Figure event, she does pick up some prize money and bragging rights.

Haldeman not cracking the top five was shocking but also surprising was last year’s runner-up Wendy Fortino finishing 15th this time around. It’s a reminder you never know what can happen on any given show.

2014 IFBB Governor’s Cup Pro Figure Results
1. Jessica Graham
2. Allison Frahn
3. Krista Dunn
4. Monica Labriola
5. Linda Andrew
6. Mallory Haldeman
7. Tamara Sedlack
8. Julie Mayer
9. Jennifer Brown
10. Michelle Shephard
11. Alessandra Pinheiro
12. Patty Zariello
13. Danielle Kiffer
14. Tina Bozman
15. Wendy Fortino
16. Nancy Bowlin
16. Beckie Boddie
16. Vickie Dowell
16. Dawn Fernandez
16. Vera Mallet
16. Lisandra McGrath
16. Christina Reed
16. Marcee Renee
16. Bojana Vasiljevic
16. Emily Zelinka
16. Kimberley Doehnert

2014 IFBB Governor’s Cup Pro Figure Results – Masters
1. Krista Dunn
2. Monica Sanchez-Labriola
3. Linda Andrews
4. Tamara Sedlack
5. Julie Mayer
6. Jennifer Brown
7. Michelle Shepherd
8. Alessandra Pinherio
9. Tina Bozman
10. Patty Zariello
11. Danielle Kifer
12. Dawn Fernandez
13. Marcee Renee
14. Christina Reed
15. Vera Mallet
16. Kim Clark
16. Kimberley Doehnert
16. Vickie Dowell
16. Lisandra McGrath
16. Kim Seeley
16. Nancy Bowlin

Read the show preview here.

2014 IFBB Governors Cup Competitor List & Preview

The 2014 IFBB Governors Cup will showcase an open and master’s pro figure competition. The event will be held in Sacramento, California on March 28-29 in conjunction with a NPC event. There are currently 27 women slated to compete in the open pro figure with one Olympia qualification up for grabs. The Master’s figure has nearly 20 women entered despite there being no Olympia qualification for the win.

2014 Governors cup

The odds on favorite has to be Mallory Haldeman for the win. Mallory opted out of competing in the Figure International earlier this month and this will be her first time on stage this year. She’s a top six Olympia competitor and the one to beat. If she’s brought her back up a bit and can remain calm while posing she’ll be your winner. Mallory tends to shake and look nervous while on stage but has continued to improve with each show. Look for local California girl, Wendy Fortino to be compared for the win as well. Wendy brought a great look to this stage last year and should compare well to Mallory. The two squared off last year but Heather Dees took top honors. Heather will not be competing this year so look for the two of them to be the ones to beat.

Allison Frahn will likely find herself in the top callout but won’t have quiet the same amount of muscle in her lower body as Mallory and Wendy. Julie Mayer, Monica Labriola and Patty Zariello could also be contenders for the top callout. Krista Dunn will look to get back in the mix and had a great season in 2013. There are a number of women who could shake things up for the top five but Mallory Haldeman will have to be way off her game to lose this show.

2014 IFBB Governors Cup Pro Figure
1. Linda Andrew
2. Beckie Boddie
3. Nancy Bowlin
4. Tina Bozman
5. Jennifer Brown
6. Kim Clark
7. Vickie Dowel
8. Krista Dunn
9. Dawn Frenandez
10. Wendy Fortino
11. Allison Frahn
12. Jessica Graham
13. Mallory Haldeman
14. Danielle Kifer
15. Monica Labriola
16. Vera Mallet
17. Julie Mayer
18. Lisandra McGrath
19. Alessandra Pinherio
20. Christina Reed
21. Marcee Renee
22. Tamara Sedlack
23. Kim Seeley
24. Michelle Shepard
25. Bojana Vasijevic
26. Patty Zeriello
27. Emily Zelinka

The Master’s Figure competition will be a competitive group. Master’s Figure has proven far more popular than Master’s bikini. Many of the women in this line-up can and do hold their own in open events.

2014 IFBB Governors Cup Pro Figure – Masters
1. Linda Andrew
2. Nancy Bowlin
3. Tina Bozman
4. Jennifer Brown
5. Kim Clark
6. Kimberley Doehnert
7. Vickie Dowell
8. Krista Dunn
9. Dawn Fernandez
10. Danielle Kifer
11. Vera Mallet
12. Julie Mayer
13. Lisandra McGrath
14. Alessandra Pinherio
15. Christina Reed
16. Marcee Renee
17. Kim Seeley
18. Michelle Shepherd
19. Patty Zariello

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2014 IFBB Battle on The Beach Competitor Lists & Preview

The second annual IFBB Battle on the Beach is a women’s only event held in Daytona Beach, Florida. The IFBB portion of the event will feature bikini and master’s bikini. The amateur portion will showcase fitness, figure, bikini and physique. There are 15 women slated to compete in the pro bikini and just four in the master’s bikini competition.

battle on the beach

The match-up to watch has to be between Michelle Lewin and Janet Layug. Last year, the two women squared off as amateurs in the NPC Florida Cup. They both won their height class and Michelle went on to win the overall title at that show. Michelle successfully petitioned her country of Venezuela for her pro card after the win. Janet went on to win the overall title at the NPC Nationals and made her pro debut at the Bikini International earlier this month. Michelle has more muscle on her frame than most of the other women in this show but she carries it well and it’s not over the top. If her legs are a bit smaller than last year she could win this show. Janet will be one of the tallest women in the group. She’ll need to come in with a fuller look than we saw at the Arnold. I look for it to be a rematch between the two of them for the win but this time an Olympia qualification is on the line.

Gigi Amurao will likely be in the first callout and if her legs are down in size she’ll be in the hunt for a top spot. Jessica Renee has a good look and if she can nail the little details with her hair and makeup she could be in that first callout. Look for Stephanie Mahoe to also make a run for the top three if she too has the little details right specifically with her tanning. Making her pro debut, Callie Bundy will be one to watch as a top five contender. Don’t sleep on the blonde beauty, Noemi Olah. She relocated to Florida last year and will be a contender here.

2014 IFBB Battle on The Beach Pro Bikini
1. Gigi Amurao
2. Stefanie Bambrough
3. Callie Bundy
4. Angeles Burke
5. Alexa Hotaling
6. Amira Lamb
7. Janet Layug
8. Michon Leddy
9. Michelle Lewin
10. Stephanie Mahoe
11. Bernadett Matassa
12. Asia Mendoza
13. Nathalia Mur
14. Noemi Olah
15. Kamilah Powell
16. Jessica Renee

The master’s bikini division has yet to pick up momentum in the pro ranks. There’s no Olympia qualification on the line but it does give the women another opportunity to compete. This will be the third Master’s pro bikini competition of the year and the previous two
shows only had one competitor.

2014 IFBB Battle on The Beach Pro Bikini Pro – Masters
1. Amira Lamb
2. Michon Leddy
3. Nathalie Mur
4. Janet Lynn West

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RESULTS: Arnold Amateur Bodybuilding, Fitness, Figure, Bikini and Physique Championships

Winners Announced for the Eighth-Annual Arnold Amateur Bodybuilding, Fitness, Figure, Bikini and Physique Championships
COLUMBUS, OHIO – About 700 of the top amateur competitors from around the world competed in the Arnold Amateur IFBB International Bodybuilding, Fitness, Figure, Bikini and Physique Championships at Veterans Memorial Auditorium and the Greater Columbus Convention Center February 28 – March 1, 2014 as a part of the Arnold Sports Festival.

arnold amateur

Overall winners in each division include: (competitor’s number)
Men’s Bodybuilding – Kyung Won Kang of Korea (475)
Men’s Classic Bodybuilding – Sergii Gorenkov of Ukraine (60)
Men’s Masters Bodybuilding – Eduardo Zoega de Oliviera of Brasil (17)
Fitness – Aurika Tyrgale of Russia (70)
Figure – Andressa Ribeiro of Brasil (168)
Figure Masters – Jessica MacMillan of Canada (87)
Bikini – Kenea Yancey of USA/Atlanta, GA (117)
Men’s Physique – Felipe Murakami of Brasil (267)
Women’s Physique – Bruna Miyagui of Brasil (336)

“Athletes represented 65 different countries this year making it one of the biggest international events of its kind,” said Bob Lorimer, owner of MetroFitness Gyms and the events co-producer with the Fitness Factory’s Mike Davies. “We are fortunate to collaborate with such fantastic partners like Rafael Santonja, President of the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Jim Manion, President of the Nation Physique Committee who help us bring together so many talented competitors,” Lorimer added.

Arnold Amateur winners in men’s bodybuilding, fitness, figure and bikini who earn Pro-cards will be invited to compete in a future Arnold Classic, Fitness International, Figure International or Bikini International.

Matthias Botthof, Essa Obaid, Roelly Winklaar, Tarek Ellsetorhi, Diana Monteiro, Elena Shportun, Marie Garmen Gomez, Sylvia Tremblay and Noemi Olah are among previous Arnold Amateur winners who have competed as professionals in their respective divisions.

Overall winners received tickets to the Arnold Classic finals and were recognized on stage and photographed with Arnold Schwarzenegger. The winners of each weight or height class received a Tony Nowak Arnold Classic jacket. The top five competitors in each weight or height class received trophies.

Click here for complete scoresheets/results. (PDF)


OVERALL: Bruna da Costa Miyagui (Brasil)

1. Bruna Miyagui (Brasil)
2. Rosanna Harte (United Kingdom)
3. Giudittta Magazzino (Italy)
4. Margaret Negrete (USA)
5. Federica Gastaldi (Italy)
6. Luciane Vieira (Brasil)
7. April Dumouchel (Czech Republic)
8. Karolina Holubcová
9. Marisol Solis (Mexico)
10. Toni Wheeler (USA)
11. Teresa Heron (Canada)
12. Brewer Eklund (USA)
13. Carina Espinoza (Argentina)
14. Jeante Argandoã
15. Marea Warde (United Kingdom)
16. Amy Mendez (USA)
17. Gwen Fuerte (USA)
T18. All Other Competitors

1. Joan Liew (Singapore)
2. Ester Parisi (Italy)
3. Paola Sanchez (Dominican Republic)
4. Katie Lee (USA)
5. Lorena Inarra (Spain)
6. Camila Mendes de Campos (Brasil)
7. Lucy Cerantula (Canada)
8. Dr. Alexandra Heberger (Canada)
9. Evy Rustad (Norway)
10. Toni Hill (USA)
11. Robin Eve (Canada)
12. Julia Foery (Switzerland)
13. Hayley Brylewski (United Kingdom)
14. Iris Swatuk (Canada)
15. Bianca Antunes Nobrega (Brasil)
16. Reshanna Boswell (USA)
T17. All Other Competitors


OVERALL: Aurika Tyrgale (Russia)

1. Aurika Tyrgale (Russia)
2. Kristine Duba (USA)
3. Tanina Terragni (Argentina)
4. Cicely Kyle (USA)
5. Anna-Elise Bowman (USA)
6. Christine Ray (Australia)
7. Amber Parsley (USA)
8. Donnice Christian (USA)
9. Toni Wheeler (USA)
10. Monica Vargas (USA)
11. Kendra Stiffler (USA)
12. Sydney Gilpin (USA)

1. Oksana Orobets (Ukraine)
2. Marta Aguiar (Uruguay)
3. Brittany Kanne (Canada)
4. Giorgia Foroni (Italy)
5. Samantha Sage (USA)
6. Alyssa Gualtieri (USA)


OVERALL: Andressa Ribieko (Brasil)

Figure A Class
1. Jessica MacMillan (Canada)
2. Angela Derzapf (Germany)
3. Jessica Coate (New Zealand)
4. Janaína Ferreira da Silva (Brasil)
5. Stina Telhammer (Sweden)
6. Nora Martinez (Paraguay)
7. Valentina Mazzola (Italy)
8. Ekaterina Grima (Ukraine)
9. Cristina Romano (Italy)
10. Marjan Washington (USA)
11. Allessandra Tantari (Italy)
12. Katrina Kocielska (Canada)
13. Olesia Plikus (Russia)
14. Kristine Duba (USA)
15. Loreto Del Carmen Soto (Chile)

Figure B Class
1. Rosimar Lopes (Brasil)
2. Macha Douard (Canada)
3. Yaroslava Nikolaeva (Russia)
4. Ania Anvaryfar (Canada)
5. Susse Hougaard (Denmark)
6. Shay Diggs (USA)
7. Karolina Botkova (United Kingdom)
8. Nicole Schepp (Canada)
9. Sabrina Burgess (Bermuda)
10. Julia Emanuele (Canada)
11. Sarah Parks (USA)
12. Reem Al-Bareeq (United KIngdom)
13. Cecilie Lind (Denmark)
14. Karla Plott (USA)
15. Alicia McDowell (USA)
16. Laura Marenco (El Salvador)
18. Mandy Hill (USA)
19. Jaimy Maktari (USA)
20. Jheaneale Bahadosingh (Bahamas)

Figure C Class
1. Andressa Ribeiro (Brasil)
2. Maria Scotland (United Kingdom)
3. Solveig Wilhelms (Norway)
4. Eszter Patti (United Kingdom)
5. Sarah Gacsy (USA)
6. Vanesa Burke (USA)
7. Carli Terepka (USA)
8. Brandy Red Smith (USA)
9. Haidy Cruz (Dominican Republic)
10. Samantha Sage (USA)
11. Canan Yavas (Netherlands)
12. Renee Black (USA)
13. Jennifer Salinas (USA)

Figure D Class
1. Renata Guaraciaba (Brasil)
2. Lucrecia Tolkachier (Argentina)
3. Nury Perez (Mexico)
4. Samantha Smith (USA)
5. Oksana Blanyuk (USA)
6. Eliyan Lobez (Austalia)
7. Zuleica Rezende (USA)
8. Carri Woodgerd (USA)
9. Elena Cuzuioc (Italy)
10. Ranae Cann (Bermuda)
11. Sonia Lopez (Honduras)
12. Charlene Gilbert (Canada)
13. Lesley Barents (Netherlands)
14. Laura Stevenson (Canada)
15. Maria Lepe (USA)
16. Katherine Glen (Canada)
17. Beata Antoninas (Canada)
18. Amanda Graham (USA)
19. L. Dawn Charlton (Bahamas)
20. Shameella Simons (Bermuda)

Figure E Class
1. Rachel Killam (Canada)
2. Andy Forbes (Australia)
3. Katalin Jasztrab (Hungary)
4. Emillie-Jean Bisgrove-Cole (Australia)
5. Kristin Russell (USA)
6. Virginia Kinkel (USA)
7. Marcelle Collisson (South Africa)
8. Viaura Centeno (U.S. Virgin Island)
9. Melissa Moen (USA)
10. Shirley van den Bos (Netherlands)
11. Rosemarie Roodenburg (Netherlands)


OVERALL: Jessica McMillan (Canada)

1. Jessica MacMillan (USA)
2. Ania Anvaryfar (Candada)
3. Brigitte Subrin (France)
4. Viviana Gimenez (Paraguay)
5. Heidi Jentes (USA)
6. Sônia Tavares (Brasil)
7. Cristina Romano (Italy)
8. Nicole Schepp (Canada)
9. Joesfina Monsivais (USA)
10. Jaimy Maktari (USA)
11. Patrizia Garnero (Italy)
12. Melitta Simmons (USA)
13. Laura Lee Bater (Canada)
14. Beth Marie Siracuse (USA)
15. Deb Seyler (USA)
T16. All Other Competitors

1. Maria Scotland (United Kingdom)
2. Zuleica Rezende (USA)
3. Brandy Red Smith (USA)
4. Yolanda Tillman (USA)
5. Jodie Parker (Australia)
7. Sharon Fillyaw (USA)
8. Haidy Cruz (Dominican Republic)
9. Ursula Domingues (Brasil)
10. Katherine Glen (Canada)
11. Mayra Baez (Mexico)
12. Canan Yavas (Netherlands)
13. Sophie Haddad (USA)
14. Heidi Giffin (USA)
15. Sandy Wilkerson (USA)
16. Federica Ghezzi (Italy)

1. Paola Sanchez (Dominican Republic)
2. Tina Glass (USA)
3. Martha Lope
4. Rosalind Alexander (Singapore)
5. Rosemarie Roodenburg (Netherlands)

OVERALL: Kenea Yancey (United States)

Bikini A Class
1. Romina Basualdo (Argentina)
2. Anya Ells (Canada)
3. Virág Kiss (Hungary)
4. Angie Mellon (USA)
5. Ashley Sisko (USA)
6. Nikki Jenkins Robinsons (United Kingdom)
7. Veronica Zamora (Mexico)
8. Maddie Abrams (USA)
9. Julenoy Dias Vieira (Brasil)
10. Arlena Oliva (USA)
11. Amanda Fils-Aime (USA)
12. Clarissa Campos de Oliveira (Brasil)
13. Katalin Egervári
14. Amanda Fantell (USA)
15. Farncesca Biondi (Italy)
16. Laura Huddleston (USA)
T17. All Other Competitors

Bikini B Class
1. Shalagh Paton (Canada)
2. Oksana Artemova (Russia)
3. Yana Kashcheeva (Russia)
4. Julie Royer (Canada)
5. Maidê Salles Nogueira (Brasil)
6. Giannina Lujan-Ripoli (Peru)
7. Heather Hayes (USA)
8. Samantha Hastings (USA)
9. Naiara Schubert (Brasil)
10. Tiffany Ranalli (USA)
11. Anita Bekus (United Kingdom)
12. Heather Rickard (USA)
13. Andrea Secara (USA)
14. Ágnes Sebestyén (Hungary)
15. ANtonella Trantaki (German)
T16. All Other Competitors

Bikini C Class
1. Kenea Yancey (USA)
2. Sheena Martin (New Zealand)
3. Tiffany Inboden (USA)
4. Lisa Marie Tydings (USA)
5. Cara Dukes (USA)
6. Britainie DeGarbott (USA)
7. Ekaterina Usmanova (Russia)
8. Nina Ross (United Kingdom)
9. Keishawna Griffin (USA)
10. Beth Hall (USA)
11. Sarah Allen (Australia)
12. Vladyslava Selitbovska (Ukraine)
13. Chantelle Harvey-Houghton
14. Olga Olafsdóttir (Iceland)
15. Alane Ayet Adapt (USA)
T16. All Other Competitors

Bikini D Class
1. Kerri Keller (USA)
2. Aimee Chitty (New Zealand)
3. Marina Diaz (France)
4. Mimi Macias (USA)
5. Sophie Guidolin (Australia)
6. Olga Viazmetinova (Ukraine)
7. Alzira Rodriguez (Dominican Republic)
8. Irina Vasilyeva (Russia)
9. Alaina Ravens (USA)
10. Olivia McIntire (USA)
11. Ashley Nelson (USA)
12. Olivia London (Canada)
13. Alesia Chuchkevich (USA)
14. Egle Eller-Nabi (Estonia)
15. Lisa Netherly (USA)
16. Diana Delgado (Ecuador)
T17. All Other Competitors

Bikini E Class
1. Liana Moroz (Russia)
2. Magnea Gunnarsdoóttir (Iceland)
3. Cassandra Marshall (USA)
4. Alexis Young (USA)
5. Alexis Nicole (USA)
6. Gabriella Rákóczi (Hungary)
7. Jessica Bish (USA)
8. Tressia Murphy (Canada)
9. Deavin Bowser (USA)
10. Ekaterina Timofeeva (Russia)
12. Shawna McClosky (USA)
13. Sandra Tavarez (USA)
14. Stephanie Gemmer (USA)
15. Tiffany Morice (USA)
16. Leslie Lewis (USA)
17. Katalin Jasztrab (Hungary)

Bikini F Class
1. Anna Kiseleva (Russia)
2. Nini Gøthler (Denmark)
3. Brittany Brinkman (USA)
4. Amy Bella (USA)
5. Jill Bunny (Canada)
6. Kathrin Hollmann (Germany)
7. Vanessa Albarran (USA)
8. Traisha Martin (USA)
9. Carley Wissner (USA)
10. Aoalheiour Yr Ólafsdóttir (Iceland)
11. Jenni Aaskov (Denmark)
12. Alexandra Roane (USA)
13. Andrea DeOrio (USA)
14. Brittany Gill (USA)
15. Helen Fritsch (USA)

Kaltwasser Wins New Zealand Pro – Complete Results

Ashley Kaltwasser has been virtually unstoppable in the IFBB Pro Bikini division. She won the Bikini International earlier this month and followed it up with a win in Australia. Last night she won the New Zealand Pro Bikini title. Will she slow down and take a break before the Olympia? Only time will tell but she’s positioned herself as the one to beat in the division.

ashley kaltwasser

Stacey Alexander finished in second and India Paulino was third. New Zealand’s Jade MacKinnon took home fourth and rounding out the top five was Sheena Martin.

1. Ashley Kaltwasser
2. Stacey Alexander
3 India Paulino
4. Jade MacKinnon
5. Sheena Martin
6. Aimee Wright
7. Leigh Brandt
8. Amy Van Den Broek
9. Anne-Marie Caravallho
10. Ebony Quince
11. Elyse Inglis

1. Jose Raymond
2. Petr Vanis
3. Mike Debenham
4. Salah Ibarham
5. Sam Mohammad
6. Teina O’Malley
7. Joe Ulberg

Noy Alexander Wins the 2014 MuscleContest Pro Bikini

The 2014 Pro Bikini field wasn’t the largest we’ve seen in the pro ranks but with three contests being held on the same day, one was bound to field fewer than the others. Despite the small turnout, the winner was no less deserving. Noy Alexander notched her first pro open win of her career in unanimous fashion. She was victorious last year in the inaugural Sacramento Pro Master’s division. Lissette Howard finished in second and Canada’s Jaclyn Wilson finished in third.

2014 MuscleContest Pro Bikini Results
1. Noy Alexander
2. Lisette Howard
3. Jaclyn Wilson
4. Tamara Haddad
5. Karey A Grabow
6. Ashley Pfaff
7. Lisa Roy

2014 MuscleContest Pro Bikini Masters Results
1. Lisa Roy

2014 IFBB St. Louis Pro Women’s Physique Results

The 2014 IFBB ST. Louis Pro was the first competition of the year for the Women’s Physique division. Jennifer Robinson took home her first pro victory edging out Danielle Reardon by three points. Ana Paula DaSilva of Brazil finished in third, the highest of her women’s physique career. Frida Palmell and Gloria Faulls rounded out the top five. The win puts Jennifer’s name on the Olympia showdown roster, held later this summer in Las Vegas.

2014 IFBB St. Louis Pro Women’s Physique Results
1. Jennifer Robinson
2. Danielle Reardon
3. Ana Paula DaSilva
4. Frida Palmell
5. Gloria Faulls
6. Lisa Thexton
7. Jayla McDermott
8. Jill Dearmin
9. Tracy Weller
10. Shannon Byers
11. Marnie Holley
12. Anne Marie Lasserre
13. Anne Marrie Kam
14. Misty Ali
15. Lisette Acevedo
16. Delia McNeil
17. Danielle Deck
17. Leonie Rose

2014 IFBB St. Louis Pro Bikini Results

Sixteen women entered the 2014 IFBB St. Louis Pro Bikini but only one could be crowned the winner. Sarah LeBlanc of Louisiana locked in her first pro win and did so in unanimous fashion on the judges’ scoresheet. A relative unknown to those in the USA, Rephaela Milagres finished in second. She was the 2013 Overall Amateur Bikini winner at the inaugural Arnold Brazil competition last year. She has a bright future in the division with a very impressive pro debut. Jessica Arevalo, Caryn Paolini and Ashriel Osgood rounded out the top five.

2014 IFBB St. Louis Pro Bikini Results
1. Sarah LeBlanc
2. Raphaela Milagres
3. Jessica Arevalo
4. Caryn Paolini
5. Ashriel Osgood
6. Katherine Williams
7. Sandi Forsythe
8. Dana French
9. Kamilah Powell
10. Alexis Burke
11. Janet Harding
12. Michelle Trasey
13. Terri Krevitz
14. Jessica Landry
15. Kristie Trasey
16. Linda McKown

Lewis wins in St. Louis – IFBB Figure Pro Results

Candice Lewis was in the shape of her life at the 2014 Figure International and despited missing out on the top three she wasn’t about to let an opportunity go to waste. She headed to St. Louis, Missouri and scored a unanimous win in the field of 24 women. Lewis’ incredibly tiny waist combined with just the right amount of conditioning propelled her to the win. If she brings a similar look to the Olympia stage this Fall she’ll be a threat for the title.

st louis pro figure

Dana Ambrose was back in the driver’s seat and back in the top callout. She was just on the outside of the top spots at the Figure International in Columbus but was back in the groove here. She scored a 13, one point better than Monica Labriola who was arguably at her all time best. Monica has nice shape and she found the right balance of conditioning to suit her frame this time around. Allison Frahn and Natalie Waples rounded out the top five.

Congrats to all the Figure Pros and to promoters Jack and Ann Titone on another successful event.

1. Candice Lewis
2. Dana Ambrose
3. Monica Labriola
4. Allison Frahn
5. Natalie Waples
6. Krista Dunn
7. Vicki Counts
8. Victoria Adelus
9. Julie Mayer-Hyman
10. Maria Sanchez
11. Jennifer Iritano
12. Leah Berti
13. Ryan Seely
14. Dawn Hinz-Pugh
15. Vera Mallett
16. Angela Coleman
17. Agnese Russo
17. Christina Reed
17. Gretchen Lichtenstein
17. Kim Clark
17. Linda Potter
17. Marcee Renee
17. Marci Colliau
17. Samantha Maycock

photo by Dan Ray

2014 IFBB Australia Pro Figure Results & Scores

Candice Keene continued her winning ways down under at the 2014 Australia Pro Figure competition. She made the trip from the U.S. after winning her second Figure International title. Candice was the unanimous winner on the judges scoresheets and coasted to another victory.

candice keene australia

Heather Dees finished in second, matching her placing from last week at the Figure International. Moving back up into the top spots was Ava Cowan with a solid third place score. Amanda Doherty jumped up to 4th place and Larissa Reis rounded out the top five.

The surprise of the show has to be two-time Figure Olympia Champ Erin Stern not being in the top callout or second callout for that matter. She was not as hard or conditioned as the other competitors however those who follow the Figure division have seen Erin in fairly similar condition and still finish in the top five. She opted to skip the Arnold after a second place finish at the 2013 Olympia and make this her first show of the year. Erin finished in sixth, her lowest finish since as a pro since her debut in 2009.

2014 IFBB Australia Pro Figure Results & Scores:
1. Candice Keene – 5
2. Heather Dees – 10
3. Ava Cowan – 15
4. Amanda Doherty – 22
5. Larissa Reis – 23
6. Erin Stern – 35
7. Asher Prior – 40*
8. Ekaterina Gamagina – 40*
9. Eli-Yan Lobez – 40*
10. Rinnah Schmid – 47

2014 Australia Pro Bikini Results & Scores

Ashley Kaltwasser continues to be the “it” pro bikini gal on stage. She won the 2013 Bikini Olympia and finished the season with a win at the INDIA Pro. Shea picked up where she left off with a win at the Arnold last week and was crowned the bikini champ this weekend at the Australia Pro. Coming in second was Stacey Alexander who made a strong case for the win but was relegated to the brides-maid position. She edged out India by four points. India was the defending champ but had to settle for third this time around. Amy Wright from Australia and Jade MacKinnon rounded out the top five.


2014 Australia Pro Bikini Results & Scores
1. Ashley Kaltwasser – 5
2. Stacey Alexander – 11
3. India Paulino – 15
4. Amy Wright – 20
5. Jade MacKinnon – 28
6. Barbie Heng – 30
7. Leigh Brandt – 31
8. Anne-Marie Caravalho – 35
9. Gemmalyn Crosby – 44
10. Rhiannon Harris – 49
11. Amy Van Don Brook – 58
12. Elyse Inglis – 59*
13. Ebony Quince – 59*

2014 Australia Pro Bikini Prejudging Callouts & Video

It looks like Ashley Kaltwasser and Stacey Alexander will be your top two in the 2014 Australia Pro Bikini competition. Look for India Paulino to finish in third and Amy Wright in fourth. The top five will get points towards the Olympia Point Series.

australia pro bikini

1st callout
Ashley Kaltwasser
Stacey Alexander
India Paulino
Amy Wright

2nd callout:
Jade MacKinnon
Ann-Marie Caravalho
Leigh Brandt
Barbie Heng

3rd Callout:
Ebony Quince
Rhiannon Harris
Elyse Inglis
Gemmalyn Crosby
Amy Broek

4th callout
Ashley Kaltwasser
Stacey Alexander
India Paulino
Amy Wright

Ebony Quince from Australia and Amy Van Den Broek (spelling?) from New Zealand both won IFBB Pro status in the qualifier held before the pro show.

View photos on

2014 St. Louis Pro Competitor Lists & Show Preview

The 2014 St. Louis Pro takes place on Saturday, March 8th and it has a very competitive line-up in every division. The IFBB Pro portion will feature Bikini, Figure and Women’s Physique. The event is held in conjunction with a NPC competition that is sure to highlight some up-and-coming competitors in the amateur ranks. Jack and Ann Titone always put their heart and soul into promoting this event and look for the athletes to be well taken care of throughout the weekend.

st louis pro

Twenty four women are signed up to compete in the Figure division. Candice Lewis has to be the one to beat in this line-up coming off from her fifth place finish at the Figure International. Look for Dana Ambrose, Victoria Adelus, Krista Dunn, Allison Frahn, Natalia Waples and Monica Lebriola to be in the mix for the top spots. This is a very deep line-up in just the second pro figure show of the year.

2014 IFBB St. Louis Pro Figure
1. Victoria Adelus
2. Dana Ambrose
3. Leah Berti
4. Kim Clark
5. Angela Coleman
6. Vicki Counts
7. Jill Dearmin
8. Krista Dunn
9. Allison Frahn
10. Maria Garcia Sanchez
11. Dawn Hinz-Pugh
12. Jennifer Iratano
13. Monica Labriola
14. Candice Lewis
15. Gretchen Lichtenstein
16. Very Mallet
17. Samantha Maycock
18. Julie Mayer
19. Linda Potter
20. Christina Reed
21. Marcee Renee
22. Agnese Russo
23. Kim Seely
24. Natalie Waples

The IFBB Bikini competition will also be very competitive. Look for Jessica Arevalo, Sarah LeBlanc, Ashriel Osgood and Sandi Fortsythe to be your top contenders. There’s no clear cut favorite so the top five could be anyone’s game. The winner qualifies for the Olympia while the remaining top five collect Olympia Points in the ongoing Point Series, where the leader at the end of the year gets a ticket to compete at the big show. Jennifer Andrews is not slated to compete and defend her title.

2014 IFBB St. Louis Pro Bikini
1. Jessica Arevalo
2. Alexis Burke
3. Sandi Forsythe
4. Dana French
5. Janet Harding
6. Terri Krevitz
7. Jessica Landry
8. Sara LeBlanc
9. Linda McKown
10. Raphaela Milagres
11. Ashriel Osgood
12. Caryn Paolini
13. Kamilah Powell
14. Kristie Trasey
15. Michelle Trasey
16. Katherine Williams

The Women’s Physique competition get started with a solid turn out for 2014. The winner will head to the Olympia Showdown and the top four will collect points towards the Olympia series. There’s no odds-on favorite to win the show and the top five could go a number of ways. There’s a mix of physiques and depending on what look is presented, the judges could have their hands full with deciphering this line-up. Great to see a good turn out for the division to kick things off.

2014 IFBB St. Louis Pro Women’s Physique
1. Lisette Acevedo
2. Misty Ali
3. Shannon Byers
4. Ana Paula Da Silva
5. Danielle Deck
6. Marnie Holley
7. Anna Marie Kam
8. Anne Marie Lasserre
9. Jayla McDermott
10. Delia McNeil
11. Frida Palmell
12. Danielle Reardon
13. Jennifer Robinson
14. Leonie Rose
15. Lise Thexton
16. Tracy Weller

FRIDAY March 7th 2014
5:00pm at the HOST HOTEL
Chase Park Plaza
212 N. Kingshighway
St Louis Mo 63108

FRIDAY March 7th 2014
6:00pm at the HOST HOTEL
Chase Park Plaza
212 N. Kingshighway
St Louis Mo 63108

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2014 Australia Pro Competitor Lists

The 2014 Australia Pro is quickly approaching and it will feature some of the top IFBB Pros this year. The figure division will showcase Candice Keene, Heather Dees and Erin Stern along with local favorite Amanda Doherty. Fan favorites Larissa Reis and Ava Cowan will also make the trip down under to compete. In Bikini, the reigning Olympia champ and newly crowned Bikini International champ Ashley Kaltwasser will be the one to beat. Looking to give her a run for her money will be India Paulino, Stacey Alexander and a trio of Aussie competitors.

2014 australia
2014 Australia Pro Competitors:
Men’s Open:
1. William Bonac (Holland)
2. Evan Centopani (USA)
3. Mike Debenham (Australia)
4. Abraham Elzibak (Australia)
5. David Henry (USA)
6. Abbas Khatami (USA)
7. Ed Nunn (USA)
8. Shawn Rhoden (USA)
9. Fred Smalls (USA)
10. Luke Timms (USA)
11. Branch Warren (USA)

16. Ava Cowan (USA)
17. Heather Dees (USA)
18. Amanda Doherty (USA)
19. Ekaterina Gamagina (Russia)
20. Candice Keene (USA)
21. Asher Prior (Australia)
22. Larissa Reis (USA)
23. Rinnah Schmid (Australia)
24. Erin Stern (USA)

27. Stacey Alexander (USA)
28. Leigh Brandt (Canada)
29. Anne-Marie Carvalho (USA)
30. Gemmalyn Crosby (Philippines)
31. Rhiannon Harris (Australia)
32. Barbi Heng (Australia)
33. Elyse Inglis (New Zealand)
34. Ashley Kaltwasser (USA)
35. Jade MacKinnon (New Zealand)
36. India Paulino (USA)
37. Amy Wright (Australia)

2014 IFBB Australian Pro
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Prejudging starts 4PM
Finals start 7PM
Finals are reserved seating.
Date: Saturday 8th March 2014
Venue: The Plenary – Melbourne Convention Center

2014 Bikini International Results & Scores

2014 Bikini International results are in and Ashley Kaltwasser took home the victory. This was Ashley’s second major win, the first being the 2013 Bikini Olympia.


COLUMBUS, OH – Ashley Kaltwasser of Akron, Ohio won the 2014 Bikini International competition at the Arnold Sports Festival 2014. Contestants were judged on attractiveness and presentation of their curvier, less muscular physiques.

Kaltwasser received a prize of $7,000 from Jeff Compton of Europa, a trophy from Jason Birney of Hollywood Casino and a Tony Nowak jacket from Arnold Schwarzenegger.

top six in bikiniTop six at the 2014 Bikini International.

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Other major prizes awarded in the Bikini International were:
• 2nd place: Yeshaira Robles from the Bronx, NY received $3,000 presented by Kevin DeHaven of BPI and a trophy from Cory Gregory of MusclePharm.
• 3rd place: Amanda Latona of Las Vegas, NV received $2,000 presented by Rich Gaspari of Gaspari Nutrition and a trophy from Mick Skinner of
• 4th place: Nathalia Melo of Ft. Lauderdale, FL received $1,000, presented by Jay Jacobsen of Optimum Nutrition and a trophy from Mark Garces of MuscleTech.
• 5th place: Stacey Alexander of Las Vegas, NV received $1,000, presented by Truman Leuing of ALLMAX Nutrition and a trophy from Gera Rivkin of 6 Pack Fitness.
• 6th place: India Paulino of Pembrook Pines, FL received $1,000 presented by Edwin Yang of The Columbus Dispatch and a trophy Jay Jacobsen of ABB.

Presenting Sponsor: Europa Sports Products.

Diamond Sponsors: Hollywood Casino Columbus, MHP, Muscle Pharm.

Gold Sponsors: Animal,, bpi Sports, BSN, EAS Abbott Nutrition, Gaspari Nutrition, Gasp & Better Bodies, Optimum Nutrition.

Silver Sponsors: 4 Dimension Nutrition, 6 Pack Fitness, ABB, AEP, ALLMAX Nutrition, American Airlines, BEAST, Body Fortress, Cellucor, Cytosport,, GAT/World Health Products, Jan Tana, MET-RX, MuscleTech, Nutrex Research, Oh Yeah! Nutrition, ProMera Sports, Pure Protein, Quest Nutrition,, Rogue Fitness,VPX.

Bronze Sponsors: Active Interest Media, Badass, Blender Bottle, Champion Energy, Fitmark, Gear, Gold’s Gym, GT Energy, iSatori, Inc., Liftag Sport, Lone Star Distribution, MRI, MRM, Mutant, N.V.E. Pharmaceuticals, Nationwide Realty, PH9 Generator Bottles, Power Crunch, Probiotica Lab, Rivalus Inc., Scivation, Smartshake, The Columbus Dispatch.

Bikini Score Sheet


2014 Bikini International Results & Scores
1. Ashley Kaltwasser
2. Yeshaira Robles
3. Amanda Latona
4. Nathalia Melo
5. Stacey Alexander
6. India Paulino
7. Courtney King
8. Janet Layug
9. Margret Gnarr
10. Justine Munro
11. Anna Virmajoki
12. Jennifer Andrews
13. Juliana Daniell
14. Jessica Mone
15. Noy Alexander
16. Anna Starodubtseva

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2014 Fitness International Results & Scores

2014 Fitness International Results from Columbus, Ohio. Oksana Grishina of North Hollywood, California is the winner of the Fitness International competition at the Arnold Sports Festival. She received $25,000 presented by Jon De La Rosa of MHP, a trophy presented by Jeff Compton of Europa, congratulations and Tony Nowak jacket from Arnold Schwarzenegger.

oksana grishina wins

Other prizes in the Fitness International were:
• 2nd place: Regiane DaSilva of Gudensberg, Germany received $13,000 presented by Gasp & Better Bodies and a trophy from Hollywood Casino.
• 3rd place: Tanji Johnson of Renton,WA received $8,000 presented by Cytosport and a trophy from
• 4th place: Bethany Cisternino of Bridgewater, NJ received $5,000 presented by GAT/World Health Products and a trophy from Nutrex Nutrition.
• 5th place: Trish Warren of Copper Canyon, TX received $3,000 presented by Pure Protein and a trophy from Oh Yeah! Nutrition.
• 6th place: Ryall Graber of St. Thomas, Barbados received $2,000 presented by VPX and a trophy from BPI.

View photos from the show here.

2014 Fitness International Results
1. Oksana Grishina
2. Regiane DaSilva
3. Tanji Johnson
4. Bethany Cisternino
5. Trish Warren
6. Ryall Graber-Vasani
7. Melinda Szabo
8. Whitney Jones
9. Michelle Blank
10. Kizzy Vaines
11. Allison Ethier
12. Danielle Ruban
13. Amanda Hatfield
14. Babette Mulford

fitness international

2014 Figure International Results & Scores

The 2014 Figure International Results from Columbus, Ohio. Candice Keene of Maitland, Florida won the Figure International for the 2nd year in a row. She received $16,000 from Jason Birney of Hollywood Casino, a trophy from Jeff Compton of Europa, and a Tony Nowak jacket from Arnold Schwarzenegger.

2014 Figure International

Other prizes in the Figure International were:
• 2nd place: Heather Dees of Lehi, UT received $10,000 presented by BPI and a trophy from Gaspari.
• 3rd place:Camala Rodriguez McClure of Morrison, CO received $8,000 presented by Jan Tana and a trophy from Optimum Nutrition.
• 4th place: Ann Titone of St. Louis, MO received $5,000 presented by Body Fortress and a trophy from 6 Pack Fitness.
• 5th place: Candice Lewis of Aurora, CO received $3,000 presented by MuscleTech and a trophy from ALLMAX Nutrition.
• 6th place: Gennifer Strobo, of Lake Mary, FL received $2,000 presented by American Airlines and a trophy from The Columbus Dispatch.

View photos here.

2014 Figure International Results
1. Candice Keene
2. Heather Dees
3. Camala Rodriguez
4. Ann Titone
5. Candice Lewis
6. Gennifer Strobo
7. Alicia Coates
8. Ava Cowan
9. Allison Frahn
10. Amanda Doherty
11. Dana Ambrose
12. Elissa Martis
13. Larissa Reis
14. Karina Grau
15. Giada Simari
16. Natalie Waples
17. Kati Alander

2014 Figure International Scoresheet:

scoresheet figure international

2014 Figure & Fitness International Prejudging Report

The 2014 Arnold Sports Festival is underway in Columbus, Ohio and the IFBB pro women kicked things off this morning. The Figure and Fitness International prejudging took place this morning and the finals will be held at 7pm this evening. You can watch the finals LIVE on’s Free webcast.


The judges have it between defending champion, Candice Keene and last year’s runner-up Heather Dees. Personally, I have Candice Lewis for the win. Candice Keene looked good and since she is the defending champion, I don’t think too many people will baulk at her winning. I’ll be shocked if she’s not crowned the champ for the second year in a row. She presented herself with confidence and had all the details right. Heather Dees came in a bit fuller than last year with a little added size however when she posed she was shaking like a leaf in the Columbus win. I think Heather is a beautiful woman but I wouldn’t have her in the second place spot. Nothing personal, just other physiques that structurally are better and when the little details count, posing should be one.

I am often overly critical of Candice Lewis and it’s because she has so much potential that despite winning numerous shows in 2012 and 2013, it wasn’t until this show that she nailed it. Candice has nice shape, her legs were streamlined and presented a polished look from head to toe. The judges might say her legs are overpowering but I’d disagree on it today. It looks like the judges have her in 4th but it will be close. Camala Rodriquez brought a balance physique and she is strongest from the back. I would have liked to seen her next to Candice Keene for a comparison from behind. It looks like she’ll be in the third place spot. Ann Titone looks good when she stands alone on stage however when you put her next to the other women she starts to fade. She has improved her physique over the years and continues to improve however I think she’ll be in the 5th place spot but could sneak into 4th if the judges favor her to the look Candice Lewis brought.

Gen Strobo brought one of her better physiques to date and I could see her locking in the 6th place spot. She has great delts but her lower body still lacks a bit behind her upper body. Still one of her best showings though and if she snags sixth it would be a score for her.

The rest of the pack. I would have put Elissa Martis a bit higher. I like her look and with a little more stage time she’ll be a contender. Alicia Coates was off her best but will still likely end up in the top ten. Her posing was a bit off, make-up/face didn’t match her physique color and her legs were off from her previous shows. Beautiful girl but not her best showing to date. Ava Cowan will likely be in the 8-10th place range. She’s overcome a lot over the past year and physique wise she was too lean, too muscular and too ripped compared to the other women. It was more of a women’s physique. Look for Allison Frahn, Dana Ambrose and Amanda Doherty to be in the hunt to round out the top ten.

I think the judges will go:
1. Candice Keene
2. Heather Dees
3. Camala Rodriquez
4. Candice Lewis
5. Ann Titone
6. Gen Strobo

I’d have Candice Lewis, Candice Keene and Camala Rodriquez as my top three but it looks like it’s all Candice Keene and then Heather Dees. The tighter race is between Rodiquez, Lewis and Titone for 3-5.

Check out prejudging photos here.

Bethany Cisternino looks poised to win the two-piece round with Tanji in second. This could flip flop but ultimately it will come down to the routine round. Tanji looks like she’s in the driver’s seat to repeat as the champ if she nails her routine. In the third and fourth place spots you have Trish Warren and Regiane DaSilva. Regiane typically doesn’t end up this high in the two-piece and I was a bit surprised to see her in the first callout. I would have liked to see Danielle Ruban and Oksana Grishina in the mix for the top three. Oksana didn’t come in as hard as previous years and downsized her muscle a bit however the judges didn’t seem to favor it to be in the top four. She could be fifth but also 6 or 7th based on comparisons. I like the shape Danielle Ruban presented she could have been a tad tighter but overall I thought it was a top five look. The judges didn’t see it that but she’ll be one to watch in upcoming shows.

A stand-out to me was Michelle Blank. It’s the best presentation she’s put together from her hair to makeup, presentation and her physique. She wasn’t as conditioned as the other women and faded just a bit but overall it was her best look to date and would have her in the top five. She could sneak in there but likely on the bubble and could end up 6-8th. Whitney Jones might be in the top five and will likely be in the 6-8th spot as well. I’d like to see her work on her posing a bit, especially from the back.

Ryall is scratching to get into that mix as well. Her tan was a little light and yellow looking. She had some issues with her posing suit riding up a bit too high and showed some under boob.

Heading into the routine round I think it looks like this…
1. Bethany Cisternino
2. Tanji Johnson
3. Trish Warren
4. Regiane DaSilva
5. Whitney Jones
6. Oksana Grishina
7. Michelle Blank
8. Ryall Graber

Check out prejudging pics here. Follow on twitter or watch the live webcast tonight!

LIVE 2014 Arnold Sports Festival Coverage

We’re in Columbus, Ohio for the 26th Anniversary of the Arnold Classic. You can follow our coverage all weekend long, LIVE from the events. Along with HARDBODY’s twitter coverage we’ve added EVERYONE across the globe using #ASF2014 on twitter. Now you can see what everyone is saying about the Arnold Sports Festival.

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live arnold coverage

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Arnold Classic South Africa – Coming in 2016

It’s official. The Arnold Classic is adding another country to its growing list of events. Since 1989 the Arnold Classic has been held in Columbus, Ohio. The Arnold Classic then expanded into Spain and last year into Brasil. Next year the Australia Pro will become the Arnold Australia and in 2016 we’ll see an Arnold Classic South Africa.

arnold south africa

Wayne Price, former strongmen athlete and current President of South Africa National Bodybuilding Federation, made the news official on Facebook this evening.

“It is official, it is big news- Arnold Classic Sport Festival is coming to South Africa – Arnold Classic South Africa, will be hosted in Durban, South Africa 2016! Watch this space for the launch of the Arnold Classic South Africa facebook and webpage! Body Building and Fitness Rocks in South Africa.”

I had the pleasure of meeting Wayne and part of his team while in Columbus for the Arnold Sports Festival and they will be amazing. Look for another world-class event to be held in Durban, South Africa.

Disclaimer: Reader discretion advised, please consult your physician before beginning any exercise or diet program.