Katrin Tanja Davidsdottir Wins the 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games

2015 CrossFit Games Winner
The third time was a charm for Iceland’s Katrin Tanja Davidsdottir. Katrin proved that persistence pays off. In 2012 she finished in 30th, in 2013 she moved up to 24th but in 2014 she failed to qualify for the Games. Today, she finished forty point ahead of her nearest competitor and was crowned “The Fittest Woman on Earth.” Along with that prestigious title she also collected $275,000 with the win. The same amount her male counter part, Ben Smith collected for his victory.

Rounding out the Women’s top five were Tia-Clair Toomey in second, Ragnheiður Sara Sigmundsdottir in third, Sam Briggs was fourth and Kara Webb finished in fifth.

2015 Reebok CrossFit Games Women’s Results
1 (790) Katrin Tanja Davidsdottir
2 (750) Tia-Clair Toomey
3 (743) Ragnheiður Sara Sigmundsdottir
4 (735) Samantha Briggs
5 (703) Kara Webb
6 (661) Chyna Cho
7 (636) Lindsey Valenzuela
8 (623) Emily Abbott
9 (620) Margaux Alvarez
10 (616) Amanda Goodman
11 (606) Stacie Tovar
12 (590) Sammy Wood
13 (586) Camille Leblanc-Bazinet
14 (582) Brooke Ence
15 (575) Nicole Holcomb
16 (572) Brooke Wells
17 (566) Kristin Holte
18 (562) Michele Letendre
19 (560) Whitney Gelin
20 (556) Alethea Boon

2015 CrossFit Games Prize Money for the Top 20 at the Games
1st – $275,000
2nd – $90,000
3rd – $60,000
4th – $30,000
5th – $20,000
6th – $18,000
7th – $16,000
8th – $14,000
9th – $13,000
10th – $12,000
11th – $11,000
12th – $10,000
13th – $9,000
14th – $8,000
15th – $7,000
16th – $6,000
17th – $5,000
18th – $4,000
19th – $3,000
20th – $2,000

Visit games.crossfit.com for more information.
Photo via CrossFitGames.

Lindsey Valenzuela Partners with HumanX by Harbinger

lindsey valenzuela

HumanX by Harbinger Proudly Signs Professional CrossFit Athlete Lindsey Valenzuela as Brand Ambassador
An elite level CrossFitter, Lindsey brings strength, power, and spirit to the HumanX team
FAIRFIELD, CALIF. – HumanX by Harbinger, makers of specialized functional training gear, is proud to announce the addition of CrossFit champ Lindsey Valenzuela to their growing team of sponsored athletes.

Lindsey is an accomplished Olympic lifter and elite level CrossFit competitor, making her a perfect addition to the HumanX team. Her superwoman strength, competitive drive and determination, and easy-going demeanor have made her a favorite among CrossFit fans everywhere.

“Lindsey’s talents and accomplishments are only part of the package,“ says Chanin Cook, HumanX’s Director of Marketing. “She is truly “the peoples’ champion” – extremely down-to-earth, personable and the embodiment of strength and power. These are the qualities we look for in our athlete ambassadors to best represent the HumanX by Harbinger brand.”

A competitive CrossFitter for the last 5 years, Lindsey’s accomplishments include:
• 2nd place – 2014 Kill Cliff East Coast Championships
• 1st place – 2014 OC Throwdown
• Team USA – 2013 CrossFit Invitational
• 2nd place finish at the CrossFit Games in 2013
Most recently she placed 2nd in Reebok CrossFit California Regional, and will compete for the podium at the 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games next week in Carson, Calif.

“I discovered Olympic weightlifting while playing collegiate volleyball. I used the lifts as my off-season strength program. When I finished college, I became a competitive Olympic weightlifter and through that, discovered the sport of CrossFit,” says Lindsey. “I now use CrossFit to satisfy my competitive spirit, and am very thankful to be an elite athlete partnering with companies like HumanX by Harbinger. The motto I swear by is simple, BELIEVE and that’s what I’m taking to the Games next week!”

About HumanX by Harbinger
HumanX by Harbinger is a line of high performance gear from Harbinger, the fitness company known as the “go to” brand for weightlifting and conditioning gear for over 25 years. HumanX products meet the demand for functional training tools in today’s evolved fitness market, with a focus on high intensity, multi-discipline programming.

The HumanX product line includes Speed Ropes, Kettlebell Arm Guards, Red Line Wrist Wraps, 20# Weight Vest, Gloves, GRIPS, AbX and Foam Core Belts. HumanX gear is found in gyms and sporting goods retailers worldwide. For more information, visit www.humanxgear.com.

Photo Courtesy HumanX.

Women of the 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games

2015 Women of the CrossFit Games

This week the 2015 Reebok CrossFit® Games kick off in Carson, California and the women’s field is as strong as ever. Camille Leblanc-Bazinet is back to defend her title but she has some fierce competition. Camille has competed in the Games five times and finished in the top 10 four times. Two-time champ Annie Thorisdottir will be back after a second place finish to Leblanc last year. The 2013 champ, Sam Briggs will look to return to the podium but has been battling injuries throughout the year. Emily Bridgers showed tremendous potential in the Regionals and you can’t overlook rookie Brooke Ence. The three women who could shake things up on the podium are Margaux Alvarez, Lindsey Valenzuela and Dani Horan.

Women’s Open CrossFit® Games Winners:
2007 – Jolie Gentry
2008 – Caity Matter
2009 – Tanya Wagner
2010 – Kristan Clever
2011 – Annie Thorisdottir
2012 – Annie Thorisdottir
2013 – Samantha Briggs
2014 – Camille Leblanc-Bazinet

The Women of the 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games:
Annie Thorisdottir
Samantha Briggs
Camille Leblanc-Bazinet
Emily Bridgers
Brooke Ence
Michele Letendre
Kara Webb
Emily Abbott
Brooke Wells
Ragnheiður Sara Sigmundsdottir
Margaux Alvarez
Lindsey Valenzuela
Dani Horan
Alethea Boon
Carleen Mathews
Nicole Holcomb
Katrin Tanja Davidsdottir
Amanda Goodman
Anna Tunnicliffe
Chyna Cho
Kari Pearce
Tia-Clair Toomey
Jessica Core
Stacie Tovar
Jenn Jones
Cassidy Lance
Alessandra Pichelli
Carol-Ann Reason-Thibault
Denae Brown
Regan Huckaby
Elisabeth Akinwale
Kristin Holte
Maddy Myers
Whitney Gelin
Rebecca Voigt
Kelley Jackson
Sammy Wood
Alex Parker
Lindy Barber
Thuridur Erla Helgadottir

ESPN will air the 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games highlight shows this Fall. Schedule details will be released at a later date. ESPN Inc. is in its fifth year of presenting the CrossFit Games.

2015 Reebok CrossFit Games schedule: 

Date Time (ET) Event Networks  
Tues, July 21 12 p.m. – 8 p.m. 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games: Masters and Teenagers ESPN3 Live
Wed, July 22 12 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. & 6 p.m. – 10:40 p.m. 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games: Individual and Teams ESPN3 Live
  12 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games: Masters and Teenagers  ESPN3 Live
Thurs, July 23 12 p.m. – 8 p.m. 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games: Masters and Teenagers ESPN3 Live
Fri, July 24 12 p.m. – 11 p.m. 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games: Individual and Teams ESPN3 Live
 7 p.m. – 10 p.m. 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games: Individual and Teams ESPN, WatchESPN Live
Sat, July 25  10 a.m. – 12 p.m. 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games: Individual and Teams ESPN2, WatchESPN Tape
  12 p.m. – 3 p.m. 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games: Individual and Teams ESPN, WatchESPN Tape
   3 p.m. – 6 p.m. 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games: Individual and Teams ESPN, WatchESPN Live
  12 p.m. – 11:45 p.m. 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games: Individual and Teams ESPN3 Live
Sun, July 26 10 a.m. – 12 p.m. 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games: Individual and Teams ESPN2, WatchESPN Tape
  12 p.m. – 9 p.m. 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games: Individual and Teams ESPN3 Live
  3 p.m. – 5 p.m. 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games: Team Finals and Individual ESPN2, WatchESPN Live
  7:30 p.m. – 9 p.m. 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games: Individual Finals ESPN2, WatchESPN Live

*Schedule subject to change.

Kara Webb, Lindsey Valenzuela & Michele Letendre Lead After Day 2

Kara Webb, Lindsey Valenzuela & Michele Letendre Lead After Day 2 at the CrossFit Regionals. The top five point totals in each Regional will advance to the CrossFit Games held in July. Australia’s Kara Webb is running away with the Pacific Region winning three out of the first five events. She slipped a bit in Event four but maintains a 61 point lead heading into the final day of action. Michele Legendre holds a 17 point lead over Dani Horan. It will likely come down to the two of them in the final day of competition at the East Regional. Lindsey Valenzuela has been consisted throughout the weekend and looks poised to return to Carson City after narrowly missing out last year. She holds a slight edge over Chyna Sho who is having a great weekend. The points are close throughout spots and will come down the the final two events to see who makes it to the Games.

2015 CrossFit Pacific Regional Leader Board – Day 2
1. Kara Webb (460)
2. Alethea Boon (399)
3. Stephanie Ortiz (395)
4. Tia-Clair Toomey (393)
5. Denae Brown (386)
6. Sammy Wood (384)
7. Lindsay Vaughan (364)
8. Justine Beath (349)
9. Andrea Miller (340)
10. Ashley Higgins (331)

2015 CrossFit East Regional Leader Board – Day 2
1. Michele Letendre (424)
2. Dani Horan (407)
3. Kari Pearce (340)
4. Kaleena Ladeairous (332)
5. Kelly Munroe (327)
6. Carol-Ann Reason-Thibault (325)
7. Kelley Jackson (325)
8. Heather Soukas (323)
9. Jennifer Smith (314)
10. Maude Charron (309)

2015 CrossFit California Regional Leader Board – Day 2
1. Lindsey Valenzuela (392)
2. Chyna Cho (377)
3. Brooke Ence (370)
4. Alessandra Pichelli (348)
5. Chelsey Grigsby (344)
6. Rebecca Voigt (343)
7. Kirsten Pedri (321)
8. Meaghan Gonzalez (303)
9. Courtney Walker (294)
10. Colleen Fotsch (290)

Lindsey Valenzuela Inks New Partnership

CytoSport Monster Series made their presence known at the 2015 Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio with a new look and a “rebirth” of their speciality brand. Until this year there was never a clear identity to the brand but rather a series of products ranging from Monster Amino, Monster Mass and the popular Monster Milk. It was obvious at the Arnold Expo that the CytoSport had regrouped and reinvested in becoming a serious player in the specialty category.

A look at the #CytoMonster Series. Look for them in stores soon. #monsterisreborn

A photo posted by CytoSport Monster (@cytomonster) on

This week the California based supplement brand reinforced their commitment to being a serious player by signing top CrossFit athlete Lindsey Valenzuela. While the terms of the sponsorship weren’t disclosed it appears she will play an active role in the brand’s marketing and advertising.

Lindsey went from being a spectator to a CrossFit Games participant in a few short years. In 2013, she solidified her position as an elite CrossFit athlete with a second place finish at the Reebok CrossFit Games. This year, she’s ranked as one of the top California Regional competitors and considered the favorite to win the Regional competition. A strong showing this weekend will put her in CrossFit Games title contention.

Lindsey Valenzuela CytosportPhoto Via Lindsey Valenzuela/Cytosport Monster Series

Lindsey shared, “I’m extremely happy to be a CytoSport Monster athlete. One of the things I paid more attention to this year was my nutrition and supplementation. It’s important to properly fuel your body and take the time to recover if you want to be an elite athlete. CytoSport Monster Series is a supplement brand I can trust and I couldn’t be happier with this partnership. I’m excited for the Regionals and thankful for their belief in me.”

You can follow Lindsey on Facebook (LiftLikeLindsey), Instagram and Twitter, or her website on www.wodshop.com. For more information on the new CytoSport Monster Series check out their Facebook, Instagram @cytomonster, Twitter, and cytosportmonster.com. The newly released products are currently available on VitaminShoppe.com and in a variety of stores.

The California Regional will begin on Friday May 22nd with the finals concluding on May 24th. The women with the top five points qualify for a trip to Carson City, CA for the 2015 CrossFit Games. For more information visit games.crossfit.com.

2015 CrossFit® South Regional Women’s Results

2015 CrossFit South Regional
Camille LeBlanc was in the lead heading into the third and final day of the CrossFit South Regionals by 33 points. She continued her winning ways by dominating Event 6. She set the event record with a time of 13:49.1. Coming in second was Natalie Newhart who was neck and neck with Camille until the final round. Natalie finished under the 16 minute time cap with a time of 14:41.2. Rounding out the top three in Event 6 was Tiffany Hendrickson with a time of 15:02.5

Women’s Event 6 – Time Cap: 16 Minutes
Five Rounds For Time:
• 25-Calorie Row
• 16 Chest-to-bar Pull-Ups
• 9 Strict Deficit Handstand Push-ups

2015 CrossFit South Regional Event 6 Results:
1. Camille LeBlanc-Bazinet
2. Natalie Newhart
3. Tiffany Hendrickson
4. Amanda Goodman
5. Rachel Garibay
6. Jenn Jones
7. Chely Galvan
8. Alexis Johnson
9. Jaime Gold
10T Tylinn Rashan
10T Tatiana Rebane

Camille has a comfortable lead heading into the seventh and final event. The fifth and final qualifying spot will be the one to watch. Only the top five women with the highest points will head to the 2015 CrossFit Games.

2015 Overall Points CrossFit South Regional WomenAfter Event 6
1. Camille LeBlanc-Bazinet (555 Points)
2. Margauex Alvarez (487 Points)
3. Jenn Jones (474 Points)
4. Amanda Goodman (457 Points)
5. Whitney Cappellucci (397 Points)
6. Natalie Newhart (388 Points)
7. Maddy Myers (388 Points)
8. Tiffany Hendrickson (380 Points)
9. Tennil Reed (377 Points)
10. Brista Mayfield (374 Points)

Amanda Goodman turned things up a notch in the final event and set the Event record. In doing so she won the event and moved up into the third place spot in the overall standings. Camille Leblanc-Bazinet finished Event 7 in second place and cruised to a victory in the overall point standings. Coming in fourth in the event and second overall was Margie Alvarez. Jenn Jones finished the overall standings in fourth. The fifth and final overall spot went to Maddy Myers. Myers was in 7th heading into the final event but an impressive third place finish launched her into that fifth and final qualifying spot.

Women’s Event 7 – Time Cap: 6 Minutes
• 15 Muscle-Ups
• 1 Squat Clean – 135bs
• 1 Squat Clean – 145lbs
• 1 Squat Clean – 155lbs
• 1 Squat Clean – 165lbs
• 1 Squat Clean – 15lbs

2015 CrossFit South Regional Event 7 Results:
1. Amanda Goodman 1:21.0
2. Camille Leblanc-Bazinet 1:29.6
3. Maddy Myers 1:29.9
4. Margaux Alvarez 1:53.0
5. Tiffany Hendrickson 2:03.0
6. April Digiannantonio 2:13.6
7. Alexis Johnson 2:14.9
8. Whitney Cappellucci 2:15.3
9. Alexandra LaChance 2:18.5
10. Jaime Gold 2:20.3

2015 CrossFit® South Regional Women’s Overall Results:
1. Camille LeBlanc-Bazinet (650 Points)
2. Margauex Alvarez (572 Points)
3. Amanda Goodman (557 Points)
4. Jenn Jones (539 Points)
5. Maddy Myers (478 Points)

For complete results visit games.crossfit.com.

Read more from Day 2’s competition.

2015 Women’s CrossFit® Atlantic Regional – Results

2015 CrossFit Atlantic Regionals
Heading into third and final day of competition, Anna Tunnicliffe held a 12 point lead. Emily Bridgers had a slow start in day one but turned up the intensity in day two. She was in second place heading into the sixth event with Same Briggs nipping at her Reebok Nano’s. Heading into the final heat only Hannah Richards finished Event 6 under the 16 minute time cap.

It was neck and neck between Briggs and Bridgers in Event 6. Bridgers slowed during the rowing portion of the even but made up time in the chest-to-bar pull-ups and handstand push-ups. The opposite was true for Sam Briggs who cruised through the Calorie row but slowed a bit by the time she made her way to the handstand push-ups portion. Ultimately the Atlanta favorite, Bridgers pulled away for the victory in a time of 14:01.4. Sam Briggs finished under the cap with a time of 15:22.5 and coming in third was Hannah Richards with 15:59.0. It looked as if Richards came up just short of the time cap but it was overturned. Cassidy Lance and Anna Tunnicliffe tied for fourth.

Heading into the seventh and final event the overall standings…

2015 Women’s Atlantic Regional Overall Standings (through 6 Events)
1. Emily Bridgers (517 Points)
2. Anna Tunnicliffe (514 Points)
3. Sam Briggs (504 Points)
4. Cassidy Lane (470 Points)
5. Whitney Gelin (410 Points)
6. Alea Helmick (382 Points)
7. Christy Adkins (376 Points)
8. Caroline Dardini (358 Points)
9. Lindsay Eder (356 Points)
10. Gretchen Kittelberger (345 Points)

Women’s Event 6 – Time Cap: 16 Minutes
Five Rounds For Time:
• 25-Calorie Row
• 16 Chest-to-bar Pull-Ups
• 9 Strict Deficit Handstand Push-ups

2015 Women’s Atlantic Regional Event 6 Results
1. Emily Bridgers
2. Sam Briggs
3. Hannah Richards
4T Cassidy Lance
4T Anna Tunnicliffe
5. Lauren Truskwoski
6. Lindsay Eder
7. Alanna Colon
8. Rachel Krumm
9. Caroline Dardini
10. Corrinna Benz

Emily Bridgers finished the weekend winning four of the last five events. She finished the 7th event in the number one spot and earned another trip the CrossFit Games in Carson, California. Emily finished 15 seconds ahead of Christy Adkins with a time of 1:33.9 in Event 7. Caroline Dardini was third and Alea Hemlick in fourth. Rounding out the top five in the final event was Sam Briggs. After the competition conclude, Briggs shared that she would be heading into surgery and had been competing on a broken foot.

Women’s Event 7 – Time Cap: 6 Minutes
• 15 Muscle-Ups
• 1 Squat Clean – 135bs
• 1 Squat Clean – 145lbs
• 1 Squat Clean – 155lbs
• 1 Squat Clean – 165lbs
• 1 Squat Clean – 15lbs

2015 Women’s Atlantic Regional Event 7 Results
1. Emily Bridgers
2. Christy Adkins
3. Caroline Dardini
4. Alea Helmick
5. Sam Briggs
6. Sarabeth Phillips
7. Whitney Gelin
8. Cassidy Lance
9. Allan Colon
10. Corinna Benz

The top five from each regional qualify for the 2015 CrossFit Games in July. Emily, Sam, Anna and Cassidy have all been to the Games before. This will be Whitney Gelin’s first trip to the CrossFit Games. Your final standings in the Atlantic Regional.

2015 Women’s Atlantic Regional Overall Final Standings
1. Emily Bridgers (617 Points)
2. Sam Briggs (584 Points)
3. Anna Tunnicliffe (561 Points)
4. Cassidy Lance (541 Points)
5. Whitney Gelin (483 Points)

For complete results from the 2015 Women’s Atlantic Regional visit games.crossfit.com.

Read more: from day 2 at the Women’s Atlantic Regional.

2015 Women’s Atlantic Regional Results – Day 2

Atlantic Regional Day 2
Day two is in the books at the 2015 Women’s Atlantic Regional and there’s a new leader in the Women’s Individual division. Anna Tunnicliffe sits in the top spot with 429 points. Fan favorite and the leader after Day 1, Sam Briggs fell to third and sits 20 points behind Anna. Emily Bridgers made up tremendous ground from day one and currently sits in second. Emily was in sixth heading into the second day of action.

2015 Women’s Atlantic Regional Individual Events 3

Heat 1 – 0:00:00
Heat 2 – 0:30:00
Heat 3 – 1:00:00
Heat 4 – 1:30:00

2015 Women’s Atlantic Regional Event 3 Results
1. Emily Bridgers
2. Anna Tunnicliffe
3. Sam Briggs
4. Christy Adkins
5. Kim Cocce
6. Caroline Dardini
7. Lindsay Eder
8T. Whitney Gelin
8T. Cassidy Lance
10. Jaimie Byerly

2015 Women’s Atlantic Regional Individual Events 4 & 5

Heat 1 – 0:05:45
Heat 2 – 0:16:45
Heat 3 – 0:27:00
Heat 4 – 0:39:00

2015 Women’s Atlantic Regional Event 4 Results
1. Emily Bridgers
2. Jessica Carillon
3. Cassidy Lance
4. Hannah Richards
5. Nicole Corey
6. Elizabeth Parry
7. Anna Tunnicliffe
8. Sarabeth Phillips
9. Gretchen Kittelberger
10. Linsey Wise

2015 Women’s Atlantic Regional Event 5 Results
1T. Nicole Corey
1T. Cassidy Lance
3. Whitney Gelin
4T. Emily Bridgers
4T. Gretchen Kittelberger
6. Alea Helmeck
7. Corinna Benz
8T. Sarabeth Phillips
8T. Anna Tunnicliffe
10. Caroline Dardini

2015 Women’s Atlantic Regional Overall Standings
1. Anna Tunnicliffe (429 points)
2. Emily Bridgers (417 points)
3. Samantha Briggs (409 points)
4. Cassidy Lance (385 points)
5. Whitney Gelin (363 points)
6. Alea Helmick (333 points)
7. Christy Adkins (313 points)
8. Nicole Corey (309 points)
9. Jessica Carillon (291 points)
10. Caroline Dardini (291 points)

Camille Leblanc-Bazinet Leads CrossFit South Regional – Day 2 Results

Day 2 CrossFit South
The 2014 CrossFit Games Women’s champ, Camille Leblanc-Bazinet finished Day 2 of the CrossFit South Regional in the number spot. She started day two with a fifth place finish but regained championship form in event number four. She finished the day with a second place finish in event number five. Camille heads into the third and final day with a 33 point lead over Margaux Alvarez. Margo lost some ground in event number four coming in 14th in the event. Rounding out the top three is Jenn Jones who finished the day off with an impressive 190 lbs snatch in event five, which earned her the in in the event. She is 23 points behind Margaux and 56 points behind Camille heading into the final two events.

2015 Overall Points CrossFit South Regional Women Overall Results
1. Camille LeBlanc-Bazinet (455 Points)
2. Margauex Alvarez (422 Points)
3. Jenn Jones (399 Points)
4. Amanda Goodman (372 Points)
5. Tennil Reed (334 Points)
6. Whitney Cappellucci (328 Points)
7. Brista Mayfield (325 Points)
8. Maddy Myers (315 Points)
9. Alexis Johnson (311 Points)
10. Andrea Ager (296 Points)

2015 South Regional – Women’s Event 3

Heat 1 – 0:01:40
Heat 2 – 0:31:40
Heat 3 – 1:01:45
Heat 4 – 1:30:00
Heat 5 – 2:00:00

CrossFit South Regionals 2015 – Event 3
1. Natalie Newhart
2. Marguex Alvarez
3. Tiffany Hendrickson
4. Whitney Cappellucci
5. Camille Leblanc-Bazinet
6. Alexis Johnson
7. Jenn Jones
8. Chely Galvan
9. Tennil Reed
10. Rachel Garibay

CrossFit South Regionals 2015 – Event 4
1. Camille Leblanc-Bazinet
2. Tiffany Hendrickson
3. Tennil Reed
4. Brista Mayfield
5. Jenn Jones
6. Amanda Goodman
7. Alexandra LaChance
8. Arielle Armstrong
9. Alexis Johnson
10. Tylinn Rashan

CrossFit South Regionals 2015 – Event 5
1. Jenn Jones
2. Camille Leblanc-Bazinet
3. Amanda Goodman
4. Alexandra LaChance
5. Whitney Cappellucci
6. Andi Turner
7. Margaux Alvarez
8. Maddy Myers
9. Beth Spearman
10. Tennil Reed

2015 CrossFit Regional Women’s Standings – Day 1

2015 CrossFit Regional
Anna Tunnicliffe and Sam Briggs battle it out in the Atlantic Region while Margaux Alvarez and Camille Leblanc-Bazinet are the top two women at the South Regional. Sam Briggs sits in the top spot at the Atlantic Regionals with 195 points after day one. Briggs is on a mission this year and it shows. She was the 2013 CrossFit Games winner but failed to qualify last year. It’s also worth noting that Sam is competing in a new region this year. She had previously competed in the European Region.

Anna Tunnicliffe is in second just five points behind Briggs. Anna Tunnicliffe is a two-time Olympian and won a Gold Medal in the 2008 Olympic Games sailing. Anna was seeded in the number six spot heading into the Atlantic Regional.

Emily Bridgers and Christy Adkins will be ones to keep an eye on in the Day 2 events.

2015 CrossFit Regional Women’s Standings – Day 1

Atlantic Regional Women’s Event 1
1. Samantha Briggs (2:28.8)
2. Cassidy Lance (2:45.8)
3. Anna Tunnicliffe (2:52.3)
4. Alea Helmick (2:55.7)
5. Christy Adkins (2:55.9)

Atlantic Regional – Individual Event 1

Heat 1 – 40:00
Heat 2 – 52:00
Heat 3 – 102:00
Heat 4 – 110:00

Atlantic Regional Women’s Event 2
1. Anna Tunnicliffe (8:24.9)
2. Samantha Briggs (9:36.4)
3. Whitney Gelin (10:51.3)
4. Madi Mansberger (11:00)
5. Christy Adkins (11:01.7)

Atlantic Regional – Individual Event 2

Heat 1 – 5:00
Heat 2 – 26:00
Heat 3 – 46:00
Heat 4 – 106:00

Atlantic Regional Overall Women Standings after Day 1:
1. Samantha Briggs (195 points)
2. Anna Tunnicliffe (190 points)
3. Christy Adkins (160 points)
4. Whitney Gelin (153 points)
5. Alea Helmick (152 points)
6. Emily Bridgers (132 points)
7. Jessica Carillon (130 points)
8. Laura Brannen (130 points)
9. Madi Mansberger (128 points)
10. Cassidy Lance (124 points)

Watch Atlantic Regional Day One Events

Margaux Alvarez was the number four seed heading into Day One’s South Region events but ended up in the number one spot after two events. She dominated in Event one with a time of 2:35.3. She followed up that up with an impressive showing in the second event. The 2014 CrossFit Games champ, Camille Leblanc-Bazinet finished day one in second place and 15 points behind Alvarez. There are still plenty of points to be earned in the next two days. As evident with Andrea Ager’s event two performance, anything is possible. Andrea’s win in Event 2 helped her finish the day in the third place, this after a 10th place finish in Event 1.

South Regional Women’s Event 1
1. Margaux Alvarez 2:35.3
2. Camille Leblanc-Bazinet 2:42.2
3. Jasmine Dever 2:44.7
4. Jenn Jones 2:44.8
5. Rachel Garibay 2:47.6

South Regional Individual Event 1

Heat 1 – 103:00
Heat 2 – 113:00
Heat 3 – 123:00
Heat 4 – 133:00
Heat 5- 143:00

South Regional Women’s Event 2
1. Andrea Ager (8:32.0)
2. Margaux Alvarez (9:33.4)
3. Natalie Newhart (9:42.9)
4. Camille Leblanc-Bazinet (9:47.9)
5. Whitney Cappellucci (9:56.1)

South Regional Individual Event 2

Heat 1 – 1:50:00
Heat 2 – 2:10:00
Heat 3 – 2:30:00
Heat 4 – 2:51:00
Heat 5 – 3:11:00
End of Day 1 at the Desk – 3:30:00

South Regional Overall Women’s Standings after Day 1:
1. Margaux Alvarez (195 points)
2. Camille Leblanc-Bazinet (180 points)
3. Andrea Ager (167 points)
4. Amanda Goodman (148 points)
5. Jenn Jones (146 points)
6. Gabrielle Andrews (144 points)
7. Whitney Cappellucci (143 points)
8. Randi Stevens (142 points)
9. Maddy Myers (132 points)
10. Natalie Newhart (131 points)

Watch South Regional Day One Events

The action resumes on Saturday May 16th. Watch the South Regional and Atlantic Regional live on Youtube. For more information visit games.crossfit.com.

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DuPont and Reebok Collaborate on New Reebok CrossFit® Collection
The science and engineering behind this advanced material enables athletes to Dare Biggerâ„¢ and push the limits of their sport.

Wilmington, Del. – DuPont Protection Technologies (DuPont) and Reebok International (Reebok) announced the signing of a multi-year trademark license agreement for the use of the DuPontâ„¢ Kevlar® and Dare Biggerâ„¢ trademarks. Launching this upcoming June, the new Spring-Summer 2015 Reebok CrossFit® collection will incorporate the DuPont advanced material and feature the DuPont trademarks.

DuPont™ Kevlar® fiber is known for its extreme strength and durability. It is used in a variety of high-performance sporting apparel, accessories and equipment. As CrossFit® workouts continue to evolve and become more challenging and the limits of fitness are pushed, the CrossFit® athlete requires apparel that can withstand the rigors of functional movements performed at high intensity. This collection was designed with distinct emphasis on the specific needs of the CrossFit® athlete.

“The science and engineering behind this advanced material enables athletes to Dare Bigger™ and push the limits of their sport,” said Marc Doyle, president of DuPont Protection Technologies. “The collaboration is a great fit between our companies and capitalizes on the synergy between our brands, allowing us to innovate and help make strong, light and durable athletic apparel and gear.”

Best known for its use in ballistic and stab-resistant body armor, Kevlar® has helped to save the lives of thousands of people around the world. The use of Kevlar® has been extended to everything from fire fighter and industrial protective clothing to vehicles, fiber optic cables, mining belts and commercial aircraft. The Kevlar® brand and science also is used in many consumer products such as mobile phones, tires, workwear and high-performance sporting apparel, shoes and equipment. This year, DuPont is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the discoveries that led to Kevlar® and this new line of Reebok CrossFit® apparel and footwear is an example of advancing the innovation legacy of Kevlar® forward.

To celebrate the collaboration of this new line of Reebok CrossFit® apparel, Reebok has created a short video that emphasizes the unique partnership of these two powerful brands. The video truly highlights the story of how Reebok and DuPont are coming together to reach new heights. Many products are featured in the video, including the Reebok CrossFit® Board Shorts built with patches made with Kevlar® fiber. This product line also will be presented at the 2015 Reebok CrossFit® Games.

“My CrossFit training regimen is constantly testing my limits. I work out multiple times a day so I need consistent, durable gear that withstands the toughest workout,” said Camille Leblanc-Bazinet, professional CrossFit® athlete and female winner of the 2014 Reebok CrossFit® Games. “Reebok CrossFit® apparel and footwear made with DuPont™ Kevlar® are an ideal combination resulting in high-performance gear that allows me to do even more than I think is possible.”

“Reebok has strategically engineered Kevlar® into key abrasion zones within its apparel and footwear so they are durable enough to withstand even the toughest workouts,” said Corinna Werkle, senior vice president, Training at Reebok. “We value our relationship with DuPont for the science behind these world-class products and for the power of the DuPont™ Kevlar® brand.”

The Reebok CrossFit® apparel collection will be available on June 1, 2015, ranging from $100 MSRP – $250 MSRP at Reebok.com, store.crossfit.com and select retailers worldwide.


Dupont & Reebok


Reebok International, headquartered in Canton, Mass., USA, is a leading worldwide designer, marketer and distributor of fitness and lifestyle footwear, apparel and equipment. An American-inspired global brand, Reebok is a pioneer in the sporting goods industry with a rich and storied fitness heritage. Reebok develops products, technologies and programming which enable movement and is committed to accompanying people on their journey to fulfill their potential. Reebok connects with the fitness consumer wherever they are and however they choose to stay fit – whether it’s training, running, walking, dance, yoga or aerobics. Reebok Classics leverages the brand’s fitness heritage and represents the roots of the brand in the sports lifestyle market. A subsidiary of the adidas Group, Reebok operates under the multiple divisions of the Reebok brand, Reebok-CCM Hockey and the Sports Licensed Division. Reebok is the exclusive outfitter of CrossFit and the CrossFit Games, the official title sponsor of the Reebok Spartan Race; the exclusive authentic global outfitter of UFC, and exclusive apparel provider for Les Mills. For more information, visit Reebok at http://www.reebok.com.

CrossFit Inc. is the developer and provider of the CrossFit® strength and conditioning program and a recognized worldwide leader in functional fitness. Founded by Greg Glassman and built on the foundations of constantly varied, high-intensity functional movements, education and collaborative competition, CrossFit-brand workouts develop strength and fitness while cultivating community and camaraderie in each of the more than 10,000 affiliated gyms in its global network. CrossFit Inc. is a leading accredited certificate issuer for physical-training professionals worldwide and offers specialty certificate programs in addition to its core curriculum. CrossFit Inc. publishes the CrossFit Journal, promotes physical fitness and cognitive health through the CrossFit Kids Foundation, and created and operates the CrossFit Games, an annual competition where elite athletes compete to be named the Fittest on Earth™. To learn more, visit crossfit.com, games.crossfit.com, facebook.com/crossfit or youtube.com/CrossFitHQ.

DuPont Protection Technologies is a leader in technologies and products that protect people, the environment and critical assets worldwide. For additional information, please visit DuPont Protection Technologies. For media information on the Kevlar 50th anniversary, please visit the DuPont™ Kevlar® Media Center.

DuPont (NYSE: DD) has been bringing world-class science and engineering to the global marketplace in the form of innovative products, materials, and services since 1802. The company believes that by collaborating with customers, governments, NGOs, and thought leaders we can help find solutions to such global challenges as providing enough healthy food for people everywhere, decreasing dependence on fossil fuels, and protecting life and the environment. For additional information about DuPont and its commitment to inclusive innovation, please visit http://www.dupont.com.

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CrossFit, Forging Elite Fitness, The Sport of Fitness and Fittest on Earth are registered trademarks or trademarks of CrossFit Inc. in the United States and/or other countries.

The DuPont Oval Logo, DuPont™, Kevlar® and Dare Bigger™ are registered trademarks or trademarks of DuPont or its affiliates.

Better Than Yesterday – Crossfit & Reebok Partnership

better than yesterdayWhile we prefer “Stronger Than Yesterday” but Reebok’s “Better Than Yesterday” technically could make you stronger.  Reebok and Crossfit have partnered to make their products better each year. Their commitment to excellence is demonstrated in the video below.  Check em out if you haven’t already.

“In CrossFit we’ve found a community that embodies our beliefs and shares our passion. Since 2010 we’ve been stronger together: a collective tribe with a shared vision and a relentless goal…to make better humans, to make better products, to constantly evolve the fitness landscape.

Through sweat, testing, re-designing, re-testing, and more sweat we built the Nano training shoe. Every year we keep improving it because humans are getting stronger every day. The sport is getting tougher every day. Bests are being broken and limits are being destroyed. Everyday.


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2015 CrossFit® Games Prize Money

2015 CrossFit Games Money
CrossFit continues to grow in popularity and in large part due to the CrossFit Games appearing on ESPN. Add the support of Reebok and you have a recipe for success. The CrossFit Games are one of the few events where the men and women’s prize money is equal. The 2015 CrossFit Games prize money will be over $2,000,000.00, a 100 percent increase from three years ago. The top earners will be the fittest man and fittest woman, both taking home $275,000. That’s more than Mr. Olympia wins in bodybuilding. Pretty amazing for the women of CrossFit to be looked at as equals in their sport. Second place will receive 90 grand and third takes home $60,000. The CrossFit Games pay all the way down to 20th place, which send you home with $2,000 for your efforts.

2015 CrossFit® Games Prize Money Individuals
Top 20 at the Games
1st – $275,000
2nd – $90,000
3rd – $60,000
4th – $30,000
5th – $20,000
6th – $18,000
7th – $16,000
8th – $14,000
9th – $13,000
10th – $12,000
11th – $11,000
12th – $10,000
13th – $9,000
14th – $8,000
15th – $7,000
16th – $6,000
17th – $5,000
18th – $4,000
19th – $3,000
20th – $2,000

Top 3 in Each Games Event
1st – $3,000
2nd – $2,000
3rd – $1,000

Top 5 Overall at Each Regional
1st – $5,000
2nd – $4,000
3rd – $3,000
4th – $2,000
5th – $1,000

2015 CrossFit® Games Prize Money – Teams
Top 5 Games Teams
1st – $50,000
2nd – $30,000
3rd – $15,000
4th – $10,000
5th – $5,000

Top 5 Regional Teams
1st – $3,000
2nd – $2,500
3rd – $2,000
4th – $1,500
5th – $1,000

2015 CrossFit® Games Prize Money – Masters
Top 3 at the Games
1st – $10,000
2nd – $5,000
3rd – $3,000

Prize Purse information via games.crossfit.com

‘The Box’ Backlash – Crossfitters Hate Photoshopped Camille LeBlanc-Bazinet Cover

The Box Photoshop Camille
The Crossfit community is a tight knit group of people who tend to be extremely passionate about their sport. While some outsiders would argue they take their enthusiasm too far, I’d argue there are far worse things in life than to be fanatical about working out and following a specific nutrition plan. That’s a debate for another time. The reality is you don’t have to be a participant to appreciate the hard work and dedication it takes to become one of the elite athletes in Crossfit.

The Crossfit Games are held once a year, usually the end of July, and crown “The Fittest Woman (and man) on Earth.” Helluva title, right? It’s the holy grail of Crossfit and a sacred stature that few have reached. There’s no denying that if you win it, you’re a bad ass. This year’s female winner was Canadian Camille LeBlanc. Camille has landed multiple endorsement deals and unquestionably has a marketable look because of the hardbody she’s built. She trains like a beast and is a role model for women and men, in and out of Crossfit. She works hard, eats right, trains consistently and has fun along the way. Winning this year’s Crossfit Games makes her a no-brainer to grace the cover of a Crossfit magazine.

Camille was featured on Oxygen magazine’s last issue out of the Canadian offices (July 2013). On that cover they asked, “Could this be the fittest woman on earth?” In the Crossfit world the answer, albeit it officially validated a year later, would be YES!

camille leblanc oxygen coverCamille LeBlanc-Bazinet on Oxygen Magazine

The mag shut down for a stint and reopened under new publishers, Active Interest Media (AIM). AIM acquired Oxygen and two other titles previously published by Robert Kennedy but why is this important? AIM publishes ‘The Box’ magazine. Their website states The Box Magazine “serves the vast — and growing — population of CrossFitters. It educates new practitioners about CrossFit’s benefits, motivates existing members of the CrossFit community and advocates for the sport of CrossFit.”

The Box typically shows an athlete or athletes in workout attire on their cover. The magazine is published bi-monthly and has done a good job of featuring men and women on their covers over the years. It’s one of the few magazines that showcases an athlete as an athlete… until now. This month, The Box opted to show the newly crowned Fittest Woman on Earth® in a swimsuit, on a beach for their cover.

The Box CovrersTHE BOX covers

It’s not the first time she’s been on The Box cover. Camille was featured on the October-November 2012 cover and they called her “The Face of Fitness”. Pretty good call, right? So why would they stray from their usual covers and present Camille as a swimsuit model instead of an athlete? Great question and it’s one that has the Crossfit nation up in arms over. It’s not only because she’s presented as a swimsuit model but also the poor job they did “photoshopping” her.

Camille LeBlanc The Box CoverCamille LeBlanc-Bazinet on The Box cover in 2012 (left) and 2014 (right)

Let’s be clear. Yes, every magazine has “photoshopping” done to it. That’s the “reality” of the magazine biz however there’s a difference in recreating a body and retouching/editing one. Removing stray hairs, a bright spot in the skin and/or a skin blemish are part of retouching any image. I know, I’m a photographer and I edit photos daily. Did Camille get a bad photoshop job on her latest cover? Ya, her waist is the most obvious. She’s also got a sic set of abs but you’d never know that from the photo, in fact you’d wonder where they are if you had never seen her before.

There’s no reason to modify Camille, The FITTEST Woman on Earth, to be something she’s not. She’s not a swimsuit model. She never claims to be. She never strives to be one. When I interviewed her I asked her, “Do you feel like there’s pressure on women to look a certain way in CrossFit?” She shared, “Yes, I think women still want to be small and ripped, but I think we shouldn’t care about the way we look as long as our fitness is going up.” Camille’s fitness went up since then and she didn’t worry about being small and ripped as it’s irrelevant to her winning The Game. It’s a too bad The Box thought showcasing her as smaller and more ripped would be relevant to selling magazines. I find the corny “Life’s a Beach” and “awash in opportunity” nearly as silly as the image.

camille leblanc The Box

The Box 2014 Cover with Camille Leblanc, The Fittest Woman on Earth.

The Crossfit nation has called bullshit on the cover and you have to appreciate some of the comments being posted online about it. Let’s start with the posting of the image on The Box’s Facebook page.

Ouch. I’m guessing not quite the response they expected but BRAVO for fans and readers calling it out.

When the fans asked (many demanded) for an explanation, The Box demonstrated how NOT to respond. Public Relations 101 – don’t try to be funny and don’t add fuel to a fire. You’d be more productive pissing into the wind. Here’s what they posted.

An angry mob photo. Funny. Ha. Not. FAIL.

A couple quotes from fans…

“I am NEVER negative and I keep my page that way for a reason….. But i just couldn’t help but feel sad just quite mad a magazine such a “The BOX magazine” would photoshop camilles picture and take away her muscles… Why??????

We’re suppose to EMBRACE our hard earned work not “hide” or take away from them and “conform” to what society wants. Truly disappointed in this one.
Always Always EMBRACE your muscles ladies… ALWAYS!!!”
CFStrongWomen FB

Reddit members are sounding off too.

The second I saw the cover I could tell something was wrong immediately. The thing is, Camille is obviously beautiful and strong and fit, but we all know she doesn’t have the smallest waist and that doesn’t matter at all. – emptycalsxycuriosityDeuce Gym

“That is insulting. She’s worked her ass off to get where she is and then this magazine photoshops her muscles OFF? I can’t wrap my brain around this… Usually people would photoshop MORE definition not take definition away. Wtf.” – patrickkevinsays

“The saddest thing about it is it buys into the fear that women who lift are too bulky/manly to be conventionally attractive. Women still need to be soft and curvy (but still thin) to be beautiful. Even the fittest woman on earth doesn’t have the ‘ideal’ body shape so they photoshopped out her amazing abs that allow her to do all the amazing gymnastic movements she’s known for.” – viaaa

Another Crossfit magazine, BoxLife, posted…

WOD Talk magazine was a little more subtle with their jab at the cover and posted…

As I was finishing this article The Box Editor-in-Chief posted a response on Facebook. I couldn’t help put do a face palm in horror at the opening, “My name is Jordana Brown, and I’m the editor-in-chief of The Box magazine. Before everyone looks at my profile and starts doubting, I’ll tell you this: I don’t have a robust profile here because I hate Facebook. I hate Facebook because I don’t trust it.” Way to embrace the fans/readers ON FACEBOOK while they are going bat shit crazy over your latest cover. It doesn’t matter if YOU like Facebook or not, it’s the medium you chose to post your latest cover on. Any who…

Jordana defends the cover by saying, “A professional photo shoot with an experienced photographer who uses camera angles and poses the athlete to compose a shot, along with expert lighting, hair and makeup, will result in photos that look completely unlike anything you might find from a Google image search. In fact, it was our intent to show you a Camille you haven’t seen before — and to prove that beauty and strength coexist in her perfect body.”

Very true however the same professional photographer was used for previous covers. The same photographer used “expert lighting” and “camera angles” to compose every previous cover shot. So that’s a ridiculous statement in defense of the image. Jordana isn’t wrong in the statement but wrong to use it as a defense for this cover and for this athlete. The same athlete they’ve shown on the cover before. Oh right, I forgot they wanted to show “a Camille you haven’t seen before” and “prove that beauty and strength coexist”. They accomplished the first part but how ridiculous on the second part. Everyone who has followed Camille (cough, cough your magazine readers and those commenting on the social media platform you hate) knows she embodies strength and beauty. They didn’t need to see a poorly photoshopped image to know they coexist. And back to that pesky photoshop topic. Jordana defends it by sharing, “Did we do some color correction and use Photoshop on the image? Yes. Did we airbrush or retouch Camille’s abs, legs, muscles? No. Did her body need any work? No. Do we regret having done anything at all? Yes.”

Only those who have seen the RAW, unedited image will know for certain what was done to it. At this point does it matter? The readers aren’t stupid and regardless of what was done or not done to the image it doesn’t reflect the buying audience of The Box. They clearly don’t give a crap about seeing The Fittest Woman on Earth in a swimsuit on the beach. You might want to buy the issue since I’ll bet it’s the first and last time you see a beach / swimsuit cover.

What can we learn from The Box Backlash?
Don’t play readers and fans for fools.
Strong is sexy.
Strong is beautiful.
Be authentic.
Crossfitters hate photoshop badly photoshopped images.

Also of note, no one (myself included) is bashing or blaming Camille for the cover. Some people have questioned “how could she allow this” and “how would she approve this cover”. When you shoot for a magazine (this goes for a model and photographer) you have no idea what image will run and how it will be used. Cover images are often swapped out a dozen times before going to print. Many times right before press there will be a completely different image or even a new model.

Camille is strong. Camille is beautiful. Camille is a bad ass.

Check out her instagram account and you can follow her strength and beauty as she presents it.


Great lifting session doing 2 hang clean every 2 minute for 8 sets… This is 220pounds felt quite heavy at the end … #gettingstronger #lifting #pink #strenght #ryourogue #xendurance @roguefitness @reebok @rehband @xendurance @fitmarkbags @paleopowermeals

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Crossfit® Games Winners Reveal How Much They Workout

workout time

If you’re familiar with Crossfit® the work outs of the day (WOD) are typically short and sweet. You get your workout in and you’re done, unless of course you want to be the best at Crossfit. Curious how much time this year’s top competitors workout a day? Check out the video below and it might shock you. The women start at minute two.

Top Athletes Reveal How Many Hours A Day They Workout from The Rx Review on Vimeo.

Props from The Rx Review/

Camille Leblanc-Bazinet Tops The 2014 Crossfit® Women Rankings

2014 Crossfit

Canadian Camille Leblanc-Bazinet competed in her fifth Reebok CrossFit Games and finished on top of the podium for the first time. Camille beat out the 2011 and 2012 champion, Annie “Iceland Annie” Thorisdottir by 40 points. In 2013, Camille finished in 16th place but bounced back to claim the top spot this year. Prior to this year’s Games her highest finish was sixth in 2012. Camille’s gymnastic background proved to be helpful in route to her fist win at the Games. “I attacked more of my weaknesses. I worked my ass off. Every year, you get better at finding your weaknesses,” Leblanc said in post win interview.

Thorisdottir was second, and Julie Foucher finished in third.

2014 Crossfit Women top 3
Photo courtesy of CrossFit, Inc.

CrossFit introduced “the sport of fitness” in 2007. The 2007 Crossfit Games pale in comparison to what the event has become today. Today, thousands of spectators attend the Games and many more watch on ESPN. The total Games payout in 2014 grew to $1,750,000. The total 2015 prize purse will increase to $2,000,000 and by 2020 plans to reach $3,000,000. At the 2014 Reebok CrossFit Games, the top 20 men and 20 women took home prize money. First place (for both the men and women) received $275,000. It’s one of the few sporting events where the women’s pay is equal to the men. Individuals earned extra money by winning individual events. Along with the individual open competition, the Games features a Team event and Master’s competitions.

Individual Crossfit® Open Prize Money:
1st – $275,000
2nd – $75,000
3rd – $45,000
4th – $20,000
5th – $18,000
6th – $16,000
7th – $14,000
8th – $12,000
9th – $11,000
10th – $10,000
11th – $9,000
12th – $8,000
13th – $7,000
14th – $6,000
15th – $5,000
16th – $4,000
17th – $3,500
18th – $3,000
19th – $2,500
20th – $2,000

Per Individual Event
1st – $3,000
2nd – $2,000
3rd – $1,000

1st – $40,000
2nd – $20,000
3rd – $10,000

1st – $10,000
2nd – $5,000
3rd – $3,000

Total Payout in 2014

Top 25 2014 Crossfit® Women
1. Camille Leblanc-Bazinet
2. Annie Thorisdottir
3. Julie Foucher
4. Michele Letendre
5. Valerie Voboril
6. Emily Bridgers
7. Lauren Brooks
9. Lauren Fisher
10. Jenn Jones
11. Tiffany Hendrickson
12. Michelle Kinney
13. Emily Carothers
14. Elisabeth Akinwale
15. Chyna Cho
16. Kristin Holte
17. Denae Brown
18. Dani Horan
20. Amanda Goodman
21. Christy Adkins
22. Anna Tunnicliffe
23. Alessandra Pichelli
24. Rebecca Voigt
25. Sheila Barden

Top Ten 2014 Crossfit® Masters Women 40-44
1. Amanda Allen
2. Cheryl Brost
3. Marcie Wells
4. Tracy Shuford
5. Merrill Mullis
6. Nikki Ralston
7. Janet Black
8. Pamela Gagnon
9. Ami Wight
10. Tonia Osborne

Top Ten 2014 Crossfit® Masters Women 45-49
1. Kim Holway
2. Karen McCune
3. Shellie Edington
4. Jessica Clevenvik
5. Amy Mandelbaum
6. Lynne Fitzharris
7. Dawn Sibilia
8. Karyn Silvestri
9. Joyanne Cooper
10. Christine Wells

Top Ten 2014 Crossfit® Masters Women 50-54
1. Mary Beth Litsheim
2. Cindy Kelley
3. Kelli Dean
4. Linda Elstun
5. Lynne Knapman
6. Susan Habbe
7. Hylie Thompson
8. Marion Valkenburg
9. Bonnie Lynn
10. Colleen Fahey

Top Ten 2014 Crossfit® Masters Women 55-59
1. Susan Clarke
2. Kathy Ehrsam
3. Patty Failla
4. Lisa Long
5. Diana Flynn
6. Karen Miller
7. Kimberly Luber
8. Beth Hoppe
9. Debby Brouwer
10. April Kitagawa

Top Ten 2014 Crossfit® Masters Women 60+
1. Karen Wattier
2. Mary Schwing
3. Sharon Lapkoff
4. Bernadette Elliott
5. Susan Wallis
6. Marilou Seiff
7. Nancy Steen
8. Joke Dikhoff
9. Lones Stern-Banks
10. Karen Pocius

See the complete leaderboard here.

Lead image via games.crossfit.com video.

Camille LeBlanc-Bazinet: Crossfit Lifestyle – 2

camille leblanc training

Camille Leblanc-Bazinet talks about pushing herself and going as hard as you can. “I love training by myself. I also love turning the clock off.” Learn how the Crossfit® athlete pushes herself in her workouts. Camille finds eating carbohydrates like sweet potatoes work best for her training. Check out the video to hear what Camille eats when she competes and more. works best for her fuel.

BSN Athlete / CrossFit Competitor

In her most dominant performance to date, BSN Athlete Camille Leblanc-Bazinet bested all other female contestants at the Canada East Regional CrossFit Games, finishing first in seven out of eight events, punching her ticket to the 2014 Reebok CrossFit Games at StubHub Center in Carson, California, USA for what will be her fifth appearance on the big stage.

Camille Leblanc-Bazinet is one of the world’s top CrossFit athletes. She has finished in the top 10 at the Reebok CrossFit Games for the past three years, improving her placing each year (9th in 2010, 8th in 2011, and 6th in 2012). She has also been the highest-placing Canadian athlete at the Games each of the past three years, male or female, which makes her the fittest woman in her country. Along with her CrossFit accomplishments, Camille has qualified for the National Championship in weightlifting in Canada, while also remaining a full-time student in chemical engineering at the University of Sherbrooke.

Camille has been a competitive athlete her entire life. She did high-level gymnastics for 14 years, starting at 2 years old and retiring at 16 in order to coach younger girls and to try new sports. She played senior AA soccer, played volleyball in high school, was the captain of her college flag football team, and also enjoys running half-marathons, skiing and playing rugby. Always passionate about sports and health, Camille is continuing her sports education and working toward her Olympic lifting, CrossFit and gymnastic certifications. She is also interning to be on the staff for CrossFit Headquarters and to coach with legendary Olympic lifting coach Mike Burgener.

Camille’s profile continues to rise and she is constantly in demand for appearances and photo shoots, and has graced the covers of numerous sports and fitness publications. She’s also been nominated as one of the five most influential female athletes in Canada. With her youth, athleticism and dedication to constant improvement, Camille’s career seemingly has nowhere to go but up, and BSN® is thrilled to have her represent the brand to the CrossFit community and the world at large.

Read more about Camille on BSN’s Website.

via Youtube

Camille Leblanc-Bazinet: The Crossfit Lifestyle – 1

camille leblanc

Camille Leblanc-Bazinet shares a bit about her diet and training in the first episode of The Crossfit Lifestyle by BSN. One of the top ranked women in Crossfit, Camille shares, “For me having fun is pushing my limits”. She encourages others to keep having fun, keep improving and embrace your weakness. Sound advice whether you’re a competitor in Crossfit or not.

BSN Athlete / CrossFit Competitor

In her most dominant performance to date, BSN Athlete Camille Leblanc-Bazinet bested all other female contestants at the Canada East Regional CrossFit Games, finishing first in seven out of eight events, punching her ticket to the 2014 Reebok CrossFit Games at StubHub Center in Carson, California, USA for what will be her fifth appearance on the big stage.

Camille Leblanc-Bazinet is one of the world’s top CrossFit athletes. She has finished in the top 10 at the Reebok CrossFit Games for the past three years, improving her placing each year (9th in 2010, 8th in 2011, and 6th in 2012). She has also been the highest-placing Canadian athlete at the Games each of the past three years, male or female, which makes her the fittest woman in her country. Along with her CrossFit accomplishments, Camille has qualified for the National Championship in weightlifting in Canada, while also remaining a full-time student in chemical engineering at the University of Sherbrooke.

Camille has been a competitive athlete her entire life. She did high-level gymnastics for 14 years, starting at 2 years old and retiring at 16 in order to coach younger girls and to try new sports. She played senior AA soccer, played volleyball in high school, was the captain of her college flag football team, and also enjoys running half-marathons, skiing and playing rugby. Always passionate about sports and health, Camille is continuing her sports education and working toward her Olympic lifting, CrossFit and gymnastic certifications. She is also interning to be on the staff for CrossFit Headquarters and to coach with legendary Olympic lifting coach Mike Burgener.

Camille’s profile continues to rise and she is constantly in demand for appearances and photo shoots, and has graced the covers of numerous sports and fitness publications. She’s also been nominated as one of the five most influential female athletes in Canada. With her youth, athleticism and dedication to constant improvement, Camille’s career seemingly has nowhere to go but up, and BSN® is thrilled to have her represent the brand to the CrossFit community and the world at large.

Read more about Camille on BSN’s Website.

via Youtube

VOGUE Features CrossFit Athlete Iceland Annie

It’s not often you see women with muscle in an issue of VOGUE magazine which is why the profile on Annie Thorisdottir, known as “Iceland Annie”, is a big deal. At least for female athletes and women who with muscle. Annie was sidelined with an injury last year but has her sights set on reclaiming her title (she’s won the CrossFit Games twice) in July. She’s a great person to feature not because of her looks but because of her mindset. She tells Vogue, “I’m not preaching that everyone should try to become a CrossFit champion, but I want to show them that training can give them more confidence—and that being strong is beautiful.”

annie vogue


For Annie Thorisdottir, the fittest woman on the planet, working out means pushing her body to the outer limits of performance—and crushing it.

If you were to search a collection of stock images for the words women and exercise, you’d end up staring at a lot of willowy young moms standing in tree pose and skinny aerobics instructors brandishing pastel-colored dumbbells. Earlier this year, though, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg’s nonprofit LeanIn.Org foundation teamed with Getty Images to create a collection of photos that portray women in a more empowering light. The athletes it depicts have actual, visible muscles, which they can be seen putting to use in pictures with such descriptions as “Woman pressing barbell overhead in CrossFit gym,” “Woman climbing rope in CrossFit gym,” and “Smiling group of friends working out in CrossFit gym.”

Read the entire article on VOGUE.

Photograph by Bruce Weber for VOGUE.

See the slideshow featuring CrossFit Athlete Iceland Annie.

2014 Regional CrossFit Games Tickets on Sale

The CrossFit Open is over and the next stop will be the Region events. The field of 209,000 competitors worldwide will be trimmed to the fittest 48 men, 38 women and 30 teams in each region.

cross fit regionals


Now that the Open is over, the field will be trimmed from 209,000 competitors worldwide, to the fittest 48 men, 48 women and 30 teams in each region.

Starting in May, fans will be able to watch their region’s fittest athletes fight for the chance to compete at the CrossFit Games. Select heats will be streamed to the Games site from most regionals, and there will be plenty of articles, videos and analysis.

But nothing compares to watching the action from the stands.

Weekend 1: May 9-11
North Central (Chicago, Ill.)
Canada West (Vancouver, B.C.)
South East (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Latin America (Santiago, Chile)

Weekend 2: May 16-18
Central East (Cincinnati, Ohio)
Canada East (Toronto, Ontario)
North West (Kent, Wash.)
Europe (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Australia (Wollongong, Australia)

Weekend 3: May 23-25
Mid Atlantic (Washington D.C.)
SoCal (Del Mar, Calif.)
South Central (San Antonio, Texas)
Asia (Seoul, South Korea)

Weekend 4: May 30-June 1
North East (Canton, Mass.)
NorCal (San Jose, Calif.)
South West (Salt Lake City, Utah)
Africa (Johannesburg, South Africa)

Tickets to the regionals are on sale now. Buy your three-day or one-day pass through the “Get Tickets” block on the righthand side of the CrossFit Games site. Three-day passes go for US$50, and single-day passes are just $20.

Three international regions will have reduced rates. In Asia and Africa, the three-day passes will go for $20, and the single day passes will cost $8. Tickets in Latin America will cost $20 for three days, and $10 for one day.

If tickets do not sell out in advance, they will be sold at the door only, and may be subject to the venue’s processing fees.

Individual and team competitors at the regionals will receive credentials to allow them on-site. These credentials will be available at athlete check-in on Thursday.

Each individual athlete will also receive one coach’s credential and one three-day spectator pass for a friend.

Each team will receive one coach’s credential, and six three-day spectator passes for their friends.

Venue and parking information, directions, schedules and more will be provided on each region page. The information is limited now, but will be updated as the regionals approach. Find your region page by clicking the region icons on the lefthand side of the Games site, or by selecting your region’s name from the dropdown here.


Lead Photo courtesy of CrossFit, Inc.

2014 Reebok Crossfit Games – Top 10 Women Rankings

The 2014 Crossfit Open competition has ended and we’re one step closer to seeing who will make it to the 2014 Reebok Crossfit Games. “The Open” is just as it sounds,  an open event where everyone in the world is free to compete in five workouts over the span of five weeks. The scores are posted in real time and the top competitors are ranked both worldwide and by region.

top 10 cross fit women

Competitors will be ranked both worldwide and by region. The fittest 48 men, 48 women, and 30 teams from each region will earn invitations to one of 17 Regionals. This is the first chance athletes will have in 2014 to establish their international standings.

After the Open, the fittest from each of 17 regions around the world move on to the next phase of the season—Regionals. Athletes and spectators will gather in masses to watch CrossFit competition in a live format. Under the critical eye of Level 1 judges and in front of hundreds of cheering spectators, each region’s best athletes will battle for a few precious Games-qualifying spots. – via games.crossfit.com

Top 10 individual women worldwide rankings:
1. Samantha Briggs
2. Camille Leblanc-Bazinet
3. Kaleena Ladeairous
4. Jennifer Smith
5. Michelle Kinney
6. Valerie Voboril
7. Martina Barbaro
8. Alea Helmick
9. Emily Bridgers
10. Ruth Anderson Horrell

For more rankings and details on the 2014 Reebok Crossfit Games visit http://games.crossfit.com.

Photo courtesy of CrossFit, Inc.
Camille Leblanc-Bazinet, Team World, Final Event – October 26, 2013

A Day in the Life of Samantha Briggs – Fittest

Spend a day with 2013 Crossfit Champion Samantha Briggs. Sam takes you through her day of training, nutrition and more in this video. She was crowned the “Fittest Woman on Earth” last summer after three brutal days at the Crossfit Games in Carson, California. She’s a been training with Crossfit since 2009 but is a firefighter by trade. Learning she was out of the 2012 Games with a broken patella, her rise to the top of the podium is even more remarkable.

fittest woman on earth

Samantha discusses the importance of warming up and her working on her mobility before going into her workouts. She knocks out an intense workout and then walks you through her diet and what she typically eats. After watching this video you’ll want to hit the gym and step up your workout intensity. Samantha is the real deal.

What’s the secret to Samantha Brigg’s speed, agility, and strength? We spent a day with Sam to find out just that. Tune in to see how she trains, what she eats, and how she’s preparing for the 2014 CrossFit Games.

Samantha shares that she finds three meals a day combined with shakes work best for her. She also supplements her training with vitamins and protein shakes.

Post Workout
Protein shake with Coconut Water + 2 Fish Oil Capsules

1 Banana
Scrambled eggs made with coconut oil. Peanut Butter mixed in.

Protein: Salmon/Chicken/Turkey
Carbs: Salad or Babyfood
Fats: Nuts

Vegetables – Spinach

Video by Pure Pharma.

Interview with Camille Leblanc-Bazinet – One of The Fittest Women In The World

Camille Leblanc-Bazinet is one of the top ranked Crossfit Athletes in the world. She splits her time between Canada and the United States as she juggles college and being one of the rising stars of Crossfit. We caught up with Camille one month out from the 2013 Crossfit Games to learn a bit more about her. Camille shares what she eats, what duct tape can’t fix, her favorite song to sing in the shower and more. She’s definitely one hardbody athlete you’ll want to follow because she not only looks the part but also lives it.



Age: 24

Height: 5’2″

Weight: 130 lb

Born in:

Currently live in:
Montreal 80% / San Diego, CA 20%

Best part about Canada:
My family the food and Montreal is amazing

Best part about California:
Surfing, my husband coach and friends

What’s the best part of being a twin?
You are raise with your best friend

Were the two of you competitive with each other growing up?
We were not competitive together but I was competitive with everyone lol… We are way different she was playing hockey and I was doing gymnastic. We support each other a lot.

What’s the best song to sing in the shower or in the car?
“I will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston. hahahahaha

Any chances we’ll hear you putting out your own album?
lol hahahahaha hell no… I love singing by myself it is so much fun but I am more than scared to sing in front of anyone.

Are you still going to school for chemical engineering?
Yes, I am still in school and I have 36 credits left can’t wait to be done.

Will you put that on hold for a career in CrossFit or what would you like to do as a chemical engineer in a “perfect world”?
In a perfect world I would love to keep doing things with CrossFit especially to help out women and girls with the way they view themselves… but I also have a big passion to try to make a difference in the world with my degree… I want to do recycling process for industry and air and water treatment to try to save our planet.

Do you feel being pushed in gymnastics at a young age helped you in CrossFit?
Yes, I would recommend anyone to put their kids in gymnastic simply to learn kin-aesthetic awareness… just to be better in general in anything they want to do.

What was the most challenging sport you’ve tried?
Crossfit hahahaha which is why I love it so much… once you think you get better at something there is something new to work on… It is just so much fun the variety of this sport.

What other sports do you participate in now?
Now I ski and surf for fun.

Do you do any other type of training besides CrossFit?
No I pretty much just cross fit for training… because it involves already pretty much everything… do weightlifting power-lifting, running, swimming, etc.

Who introduced you to CrossFit and do you remember what your first WOD was?
I was introduced while I was playing rugby some of my teammates were doing crossfit so they challenge me to come try and my first workout was 5 rounds for time of 400m run 25 burpees 🙂


What should someone look for in a CrossFit gym and trying it for the first time?

A lot of attention from coach and a warm welcome from the other clients… they’ll take care of you as if your in their family.

Do you eat before or after a WOD?
Both… if I do a long endurance workout I eat 2 hours before other ways 30 minutes before and I always eat after a shake and sweet potato.

Do you change your diet up in preparation for The Games?
Yes… I already eat clean most of the year but I just clean up more and I eat way more since I do more volume… pretty much meat veggies, almost no fruits, sweet potato and some nuts… with bsn synths-6, amino-x and I take religiously my extreme endurance.

What do you eat the day of The Games?
Anything that goes in… I struggle to eat when I am nervous so if I want to eat somethings I do so to have fuel. Mostly sweet potato pouch (baby food), protein shakes and tons of water and coconut water.

Do the type of shoes you wear in CrossFit help you an any you’d recommend to others?
Yes, I totally love Reebok weightlifting shoes when we squat so I stay back in my heels. I like the Reebok Nanos cause they are light and keep my feet near the ground for more stability.

Do you think women get the same exposure and attention in CrossFit as the men?
I think we might get a little more… It is great to see a sport where the women are put in front and where we seem to have as much attention… I think it might be because it is creating a new way for women to see themselves and it is inspiring for people.

What would you like to see more women do in the world of CrossFit?
Accept themselves and stop worrying about their weight. lol… gain muscle and be proud to be strong!

Do you feel like there’s pressure on women to look a certain way in CrossFit?
Yes, I think women still want to be small and ripped, but I think we shouldn’t care about the way we look as long as our fitness is going up.

Are the women friendly and hang out with each other at The Games or not so much?
Well for myself there is a group of athletes that I can’t wait to hang out with… I know that I always have tons of fun with the majority of those girls and the reason why is because I have a huge respect for them… everyone works so hard to qualify that it seems ridiculous to me not to be friend with them… and they are all so amazing.

One event that you hope is not on this year’s schedule at The Games?
Just rowing for a certain distance or time.

How much of competing in CrossFit is mental?
Well all year you train and once your competing the work is already done and then its 90% mental.

Do you have any rituals or things you do to stay mentally strong during an event?

Yes, my husband ask right before event if I am hungry… and that always fired me up (hungry to win).

Who are your current sponsors?

bsn, cep compression, extreme endurance, wodshop, via prive and Reebok shoes.

What advice do you have for women trying to get sponsorships?
Work your ass off and they’ll come to you.

Favorite BSN product?
Syntha-6 peanut butter cup

Any recipes you’ve created using a BSN product that’s your go to meal?

Yes in a magic bullet…
• ice
• chocolate coconut water
• synth-6 peanut butter
• one frozen banana
• a spoon of peanut butter
Way too good!

What’s the best piece of advice anyone has given you?
Don’t let anyone tell you what you can or can’t do… you make the call.

Anything duck tape can’t fix?
hahahahaha when your sole hurt lol

Favorite line in Forrest Gump?
Life is like a box of chocolates. (obviously)

Was it more pressure to compete head to head and have it broadcast on the web or didn’t matter to ya?
It was more like an honor and a chance to prove myself… there was nothing really to win but it was a crazy experience and people gave me so much love it was one of the best experience i ever had… obviously it made me push way harder too.

Any aspirations to try out for the 2016 Olympics?

Yes, I really want to give a shot in weightlifting.

Where can people find more information on you?
They follow me on Facebook via my fan page or on instagram @camillelbaz and twitter on the same name.

Thanks Camille. All the best at The Games and thanks for your time.

Photos Courtesy of BSN.


Bizarre Video from Crossfit Founder & CEO Greg Glassman

Crossfit continues to be one of the hottest things going in the world of fitness. New affiliate gyms are popping up all over the world and since Crossfit has made its way onto ESPN it’s exploded. Companies are now sponsoring Crossfit athletes and looking to get into the Crossfit world.

Many people not into the Crossfit scene comment that it’s “weird” and a bit of a “cult”. Those who are into Crossfit often live and breathe it but would disagree the naysayers. If this video with Crossfit founder & CEO Greg Glassman is any indication, it is definitely a different way of thinking.

CrossfitHQ posted a video where Mr. Glassman is asked a few questions at a gathering. The video is a bit herky-jerky and the we hear odd statements from him like, “We don’t need money” and “I haven’t heard a new good idea in a long time. And you can bucket them all.” Greg says the company is debt-free and doesn’t need money. Something you don’t often here a CEO openly say. What company says, “we don’t need money” in the current state of the US ecomony? Apparently, Crossfit Inc.

Although it’s not clear in the video, it appears Glassman is referring to a company wanting to buy into Crossfit Inc. for $20 million dollars. He says, “No one spends $20 million for fun. These are money guys… They’ve got to get rid of me. I stand between them and the affiliates.”

Glassman borders on arrogance at times when uttering things like, “I shoot down ‘good ideas’ for a living.” Perhaps he does and he clearly isn’t shy about sharing it. Sounds like he auditioning for the “Horrible Bosses II” with lines like that.

When asked if he’s afraid of “giving away” all his “secrets” Glassman says, “Kinda but no one’s been able to do shit with it other than us.” The founder is then asked about his exit strategy and he laughs. “There’s no retirement for me. To do fucking what?” He goes on to say, “Tried golf. Stupid fucking game.”

Greg says his agenda is “Health and Wealth” and he wants “Just to make the world a better place.”

Check out the video and let us know what your take is on it.

Lead image compiled from Youtube video shown.

Video: Reebok Crossfit Champion Annie Thorisdottir’s Four Simple Training Tips

Two-time Reebok Crossfit Champion Annie Thorisdottir shares four simple but helpful tips in this Reebook Crossfit training video. She quickly describes and demonstrates pull-ups, the barbell snatch, kettlebell swing and push-ups. It’s a quick video that provides some helpful insight to getting started with basic Crossfit exercises.

1. Pull-ups and variations
2. Barbell Snatch
3. Kettlebell Swing
4. Push-up

Lead image compiled from youtube video.

Figure Olympia Champ Erin Stern at the 2012 Crossfit Games

Figure Olympia Champion, Erin Stern is known for her athletic background, sic physique and knack for trying new feats of strength. Over the weekend, Erin ventured to California for the 2012 Reebook Crossfit Games on behalf of her supplement sponsor Dymatize. While at the Games, Erin learned the proper technique to lifting an atlas stone.

Check out the video from the event and subscribe to Erin’s Youtube channel where she shares more videos on a variety of topics.

Annie’s Got Game – First Repeat Reebok Crossfit Games Champion

Elizabeth, Isabel and Fran helped decide who would win the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games. Those familiar with the world of Crossfit will recognize those three names as a “WOD”. “WOD” is short for “Workout of the Day”, except at the Crossfit Games finalists do all three in the same day.

Individual athletes competed in a wide variety of events, over the span of five days, at the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games to determine who would be “The Fittest On Earth.” In each event, athletes earned points based on their finishing order. The Athlete with the most points at the final event earns the title and $250,000. It’s one of the rare events that women earn the same as the men. A total of $1 million in prize money was awarded to athletes in 11 divisions, with $30,000 awarded to the top team, and $3,000 awarded to winners in each of the eight Masters divisions.

Iceland’s Annie Thorisdottir, whose last name translates to “Thor’s daughter”, was the odds-on favorite to win the 2012 women’s division and she delivered. A  veteran to the Games, Annie finished 28th in 2009, second in 2010 and won in 2011. It should be noted she had only a couple months of experience with Crossfit when she competed in 2009 and a testament to her athletic ability.

“Iceland Annie” credits her gymnastics background in helping her with Crossfit and when asked about her gymnastic background she shared, “it makes your core and everything get stronger, you get more aware of your body.”  She was certainly well aware of her body and proved to be stronger than a very competitive field at the 2012 Reebok Crossfit Games. Annie became the first repeat Crosssfit Games champion matched only by her male counter part Rich Froning.

23 year-old Julie Foucher finished in the runner-up position, up from repeat 5th place finishes in 2010 and 2011. Talayna Fortunato rounded out the top three, just four points behind Foucher.

2012 Reebok CrossFit Games
Place / Name /Points
1. Annie Thorisdottir (1062)
2. Julie Foucher (977)
3. Talayna Fortunato (973)
4. Kristan Clever (964)
5. Valerie Voboril (887)
6. Camille Leblanc-Bazinet (866)
7. Elisabeth Akinwale (859)
8. Jenny Davis (856)
9. Lindsey Valenzuela (845)
10. Rebecca Voigt (836)

Rich Froning repeated at the men’s champion. Matt Chan and Kyle Kasperbauer finished in second and third respectively.

About CrossFit
CrossFit Inc. is the world’s foremost developer of functional fitness programming and a leading accredited certificate issuer for physical training professionals worldwide. Founded by Greg Glassman, CrossFit® is the principal strength-and-conditioning program for hundreds of accomplished and professional athletes and hundreds of thousands of individuals seeking to achieve elite fitness. CrossFit offers specialty certificate courses and programs, including the CrossFit Kids program; publishes the CrossFit Journal; and created and operates the CrossFit Games, an annual event that seeks to find and crown the Fittest on Earthâ„¢. There are currently more than 4,000 affiliated gyms in the global CrossFit training network. For more information, please visit www.CrossFit.com.

Complete results from the Games available at http://games.crossfit.com/leaderboard.

Lead photo via: http://games.crossfit.com

Hardbody Training: CrossFit Workouts

This week the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games will feature a variety of events. In each event, the athletes will earn points and at the end of the weekend someone will be leave California with the title of “Fittest On Earth”. You don’t have to be in the finals of this year’s Games to train like one.

features a few killer Workout of the Day or WOD in CrossFit terms. Check out these workouts and if you want to follow the Games schedule of events, you can find it on games.crossfit.com.

Behind The Hardbody: Libby DiBiase – Mom, Crossfit Athlete & More

Libby Dibaise is a HARDBODY. She’s built rock solid physique with years of gymnastics, soccer, track and crossfit. Libby not only looks the part of a hardbody but she also lives it. We caught up with the Omaha native to learn more about her background, how she became sponsored by Reebok and Gaspari Nutrition and insight into the world of crossfit. Libby also shares some advice for moms and whether or not Omaha Steaks live up to the hype.

Libby DiBiase

Nutrition Consultant, Team Gaspari Athlete, Reebok Crossfit Athlete

Born in:
Omaha, NE

Currently live in:
Omaha, NE

What’s the best thing about living in Omaha?
We have all four season’s here, it’s not too small of city, but not to big either. I love it.

What’s the one thing you wish you could change about the Big O?
Winter. It get’s way to cold here for my liking.

Is the steak really good or a myth?
Oh yeah, no myth, Omaha Steaks is where it’s at.

What’s the best cut to order?

What sports did you play growing up?
I started out in gymnastics and soccer and slowly transitioned into track and field leading up into high school.

Favorite sport to watch?

What was your favorite event in track?
4x100m Being part of team is so much fun no matter what sport, I always felt like I ran a lot faster than individuals races since I had other people depending on me. Also, the 100m and 300 hurdles. Nothing over 400m, that’s way too long.

Are you a girly girl or more of a tomboy?
A girly girl. Even though I throw around heavy weight and get sweaty and nasty when I workout, I still like to get my hair done and put my makeup on. A girl’s got to look good right?

Who am I to argue with that?

When did you first start lifting weights?
My sophomore year of high school.

What would you tell other women who think weights will turn them into looking like dudes?
Genetics largely determines how we look, so it would sure take a lot to make any women look like a man without genetics and/or drugs. Lifting weights makes you strong and being strong keeps you young.

What’s the silliest comment a dude has said to you about being buff?
Did you get arrested today?
No, why? For having those guns.
Seriously, this was said to me.

Did that line work?
No, absolutely not, that’s no way to pick up a girl.

How long have you been crossfitting?
Around 6 years

When someone asks what crossfit is how would you describe it to them?
It’s difficult to explain without experiencing it, but in short, it’s weightlifting mixed with track and field and gymnastics. We also use rowing, plyometrics, and strongman implements as big part of our training. It’s different everyday, it’s intense, and most importantly it actually works.

Were you skeptical at first or loved it from day one?
No, I loved it. I get bored so quick so that’s why I kept coming back, since it is different everyday, I was hooked.

What do you say to the people who claim crossfit promotes bad form and you are more prone to injuries?
I think that people watch videos on the internet of people doing crossfit workouts, and they think that’s crossfit. Crossfit does not promote bad form, but crossfit does promote results, with that being said, when people push for maximum intensity in sport and strength and conditioning technique is not going to be perfect. The best crossfit athletes and the best coaches view technique as the most critical piece to intensity and intensity is the most critical piece to results. New athletes will always move like new athletes and new coaches will always coach like new coaches so there will always be some bad technique out there. But doing functional movements with bad technique is still safer than not doing them at all. Obviously we would like to have functional movements with good technique. All sports have injuries. Is football dangerous? Is soccer? Gymnastics? Hockey?…..etc.

Is the head band part of your signature workout attire?
Lol haha Yeah, Since I started I’ve always worn a bandana or headband. Usually I just cut the sleeve off a t-shirt and wrap it around my head, total jerry rig.

Will you be coming out with your own line of headbands or just keep cutting off sleeves whenever you need a new one? 
That’s a good idea, but in the meantime, yes, I will keep cutting off sleeves until I find something else I like better!

Do you follow the paleo diet and live and breathe the crossfit culture?
For the most part I eat paleo, but I add in oatmeal and protein powder. I’m not super strict. I found the best way to eat healthy is to just have those foods in your house. If you don’t have any sugar, starches or processed foods, you won’t eat them. It’s the best thing I’ve discovered.

Do you eat differently before a competition then your usual day – if so what changes?
Nope I eat the same. I might eat a little more than usual since we might have multiple workouts in a day.

Any experience on what to avoid on game day?
I have learned to not over analyze any workout. Grandit there is strategy involved in some of the workouts, but if I think about them too much it ends up hurting me rather than helping me.

Favorite crossfit workout?
Anything with heavy thrusters and muscle up’s

Least favorite?
Rowing and farmer’s carries.

Will we see you in the individual or team games this year?
Well, our regional was just a fre weeks ago. They took top 60 from sectionals. I went as an Individual this year and I wound up getting 9th overall. They take top 3 to the world games. I wasn’t disappointed in my performances since physically I knew I did the best I could. Obviously there were little things I could of done better in some of the workouts, but it does sting not making it, it just wasn’t my year. It gives me a whole year to get stronger and work on little things. Our team, Crossfit Omaha got 4 th as a team in regionals. They take top 3 also for the world games. They just missed the podium. This year will be the first year I haven’t’ gone to the games since 2008, either as an individual or on the team. But, I think this experience for all of us at regionals will mentally make us stronger and hungrier for next year.

Do you think the competition is getting tougher as more people discover crossfit?
 Yes, every year someone comes out of the woodwork, that’s going to happen. Since Crossfit linked up with Reebok, more and more people know what it is,and know you can compete. The purse for the games is also getting larger. So, I think we might see professional athletes from other sports dabble in crossfit too.

Gym you train at?
Crossfit Omaha

Why that gym over others?
This was the first Crossfit gym affiliated in Nebraska. It started out in the strength and conditioning gym at the University where I ran track. They accumulated so many clients that Ricky Frausto and Joe Westerlin, the owners, decided to open there own crossfit box. So I have stuck with them ever since. The coaching there is phenomenal. To me, that is what set’s apart this gym to others. It’s the little things they help us with (technique, efficiency, and transitions) We have had a handful of individual and teams qualify for the games also.

If I’m joining a crossfit gym for the first time – what should I look for?
Crossfit is not a franchise that is why every gym is unique. You have to find the best fit for you, to make sure it’s a welcoming environment and that technique is always taught prior to workouts.

If someone is new to crossfit how often would recommend they do it?
I would tell them to not be intimidated or scared to start. Everything is universally scalable, so everyone can do it. If they are new and starting out, I would still recommend 3 days on one day off.

Which of your athletic background has helped you the most in Crossfit?
I would say probably gymnastics. There is a lot of different gymnastics movements involved in crossfit and you use a lot of upper body strength in a lot of the workouts.

Areas you need to improve?
I always have areas I need to improve on. Mostly Olympic lifts,endurance, and grip strength. My hands are the size of a five year old boy, so I’m constantly working on ways I can improve grip for heavy lifts.

Ha. So  man hands is an advantage. Gotcha.

How many days a week do you crossfit?
3 days on, one day off.

Do you lift weights other than your crossfit workouts?
No not usually. If I don’t do a crossfit workout I’ll usually just do Olympic Lifting. But, I’m up for most anything, everyone started out lifting isolation or doing the normal one body part at a time workout. So anything to keep me active and is fun. I’m down for.

You competed in Figure before, ya?
Ya, once.

Ever think about doing another one?
No, I Iike food. Just not for me. But I am very impressed with anyone who does that, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication.

What female athletes do you admire – past or present?
I have 2 right now. Annie Sakamoto. She is basically the original OG of crossfit. I watched her in videos back in 2007 and thought; I wish I could be as good as her. She never competed until last year, she made it to the games, and she made it this year also. She has 2 kids, and most of all she always has a smile on her face when she’s competing. She has fun, and that’s what it’s all about. The second one would be Ronda Rousey she is a fellow Team Gaspari Athlete, and a MMA Strikeforce champ. Basically she can beat up the guys, and you wouldn’t want to mess with her, she’ll kick you’re a**.

Reebok Crossfit, Gaspari Nutrition & Atlas Power Wraps

What advise would you give to women who are seeking sponsorships or what has helped you not only get but keep your endorsements?
Well, this is what I love to do, and If you do what you love, people will catch on and start noticing. Put yourself out there, you have nothing to lose.

How did you connect with Reebok?
Reebok actually just contacted me at work one day. They just called me up and said they were interested in meeting with me, and told me all about what they were doing with crossfit, and how it was going to move forward.

Gaspari found you at an event, right?
Ha, yeah. It was a very random way I met everyone from the company. I was competing in a team crossfit competiton at the UFC expo in Houston. The phone I had then always died. I really needed and outlet so the closest booth was Gaspari Nutrition. So I walked over and asked if I could “borrow” their outlet for a little bit. Struck up and little conversation with them and a month later I was linked up with the company. It’s crazy how things happen and who you end up meeting!

Favorite Gaspari product?
Myofusion Probiotic Chocolate. Great to cook with, Also, detonate, should be out soon, just wait.

I read somewhere that you cross fit up until your pregnancy with your son – true?
Yes, that is true. I worked out until the day before I went into labor. I’m pretty sure that a workout I did put me into labor. It was called “The Inducer” Funny right, someone from the gym found it a told me to try it. I was 38 weeks when I did the workout, so the baby was completely developed. Anyway, it was 7 rounds of 7 pullups and 7 wallballs at #12. The next day I went into labor, I really didn’t think it would actually work! I’d have to say working out my whole pregnancy helped me get through labor pretty easily.

What’s the most challenging part of being a mom and getting your workouts in?
The hardest thing would definitely be time management. I have to carve out time later in the day just to get to the gym. Between working full time, training and doing my other random jobs it does get a little overwhelming and frustrating. But, it is all worth it in the end. I love being a mom and my son is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

What piece of advice would you give other mothers who say they are too busy?
You are never too busy for your health. If you can find even 30 minutes to do some sort of physical activity it will help you tremendously.

How important is it for moms to lead by example in health and fitness, in your opinion?
Very important. It starts when you are little. The reason I am so active and eat healthy is because of my parents. You learn what’s around you. So, if you are surrounded by it, you live it. They way children eat when their growing is crucial. It can not only affect them physically but mentally, and also the way the act (attitude, and demeanor) Exercising and eating healthy is something you have to choose to live. It’s worth it.

Did you golf in Boise earlier this month?
I sure did. We were down there for the bodybuilding.com expo and a couple of us from Gaspari Nutrition golfed in a charity golf tournament for the Jayden DeLuca Foundation. We had ALOT of fun. Let’s just say I was a little rusty, but got into the groove of things after a couple holes. But, I think all of us need to stick to what were good at, and that doesn’t include golf!

What’s one thing you’ve yet to do that you’ve always want to?

One thing that scares the hell out of you?
Watching Criminal Minds by myself in my house.

Anyone you’d like to thank?
Oh yes. I would love to thank Reebok. For all of the gear and letting me travel to all these places that I’ve never seen. Gaspari Nutrtion, for all of the new friends that I have made and products they let me try, and giving me chance! Atlas Power wraps, for giving me the best wraps possible to protect my wrists. Also, my parents who help so much with my son Cruz. I am lucky enough to go to all these great events, so I need someone to watch him. They are always there to help. I am truly blesse and thankful for all of the sponsorships and people I have in my life. I couldn’t do it without them.

Where can people find more info on ya?
On facebook: Libby DiBiase
Twitter: @LibbyDiBiase1
and I blog on Gasparinutrition.com, you can find it here: http://www.gasparinutrition.com/teamgaspari/crossfit.aspx

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Lead image courtesy of Gaspari Nutrition, Inc. by Ian Spanier.
Other images via Libby’s Facebook.

2012 Reebok CrossFit Games

The 2012 Reebok Crossfit games are quickly approaching. A number of hardbody women will be entering the open events in hopes of making it to the games held in July. If you’re not familiar with the Crossfit Games, check out the video below.

There are two steps to competing in the Open. First, you will need to create an account. Once you have an account, you can begin filling out your profile and will be able to receive notifications about the season if you choose to.

Will you be participating in the games? Leave a comment or drop us an email if you or someone you know will be competing.

Disclaimer: Reader discretion advised, please consult your physician before beginning any exercise or diet program.