Hardbody Backstage Pass – Arnold Amateur

We were backstage last night at the 2013 Arnold Amateur and had the opportunity to capture some of the action many never see. Check out what goes on behind the curtain while waiting to go on stage or when exiting after the competition.


See all the photos from the Arnold Amateur on Bodybuilding.com. Congratulations to all who competed!

Backstage at the Arnold Amateur.

Behind-The-Scenes Photos from David LaChapelle Smirnoff Vodka Commercial

IFBB Pros Jill Rudison, Branden Ray and Tonia Moore were recently cast for a Smirnoff Vodka commercial. Jill shared that the muscle-bound trio is on set with world-renown photographer David LaChapelle for a photo shoot. As you can see from the outfits, it’s sure to be an over-the-top campaign, which LaChapelle is known for.

Prop to Jill for sharing the images and for the trio on landing the gig. We look forward to seeing the end result.

ifbb-luchaJill Rudison, Branden Ray and Tonia Moore gone Lucha!

Jill Rudison with Chris Masters.

2013 LA Fit Expo Photos

Another Los Angeles Fit Expo is in the books and it was a packed house on Saturday and Sunday. Check out all the photos from the weekend on and offstage from the LA Fit Expo.


PHOTOS: IFBB Champion Sightings at The Pittsburgh Pro

Top IFBB Pros Sonia Gonzales and Adela Garcia made an appearance in Pittsburgh yesterday to help kick off the 2012 Pittsburgh Pro. The leading ladies were joined by top bodybuilders Phil Heath, Jay Cutler and Branch Warren.

A bus full of Team Bombshells was also sighted in the Burgh and you can see all the photos exclusively on NPCNEWSonline.com. Things are heating up in Pittsburgh this weekend!

Europa Dallas: IFBB Athlete Check-In Photos

Check out some of the photos from last night’s athlete check-in. The Figure and Bikini pros were greeted by promoters Ed and Betty Pariso and briefed on the weekend’s event. Each competitor received their number and backstage badges. The prejudging is about to go down but see what happened last night here!

IFBB Bikini Pros Dianna Dahlgren and Brooke Mora

Check out all the photos on Bodybuilding.com from last night’s check-in.

Backstage Pass to the Arnold – Day One

Ron Avidan and I were backstage at the Arnold Sports Festival capturing all the action for Bodybuilding.com. Ron his the pro athlete’s meeting and the Meet The Athletes event. I was busy doing photo shoots in our great little room thanks to Brent & Matt. Two guys who are WINNING in our book (note Charlie Sheen rant for joke on “winning”).


Check out the photos that no one else in the industry has on Bodybuilding.com.


Bikini ladies checking in.

2010 Olympia Photos – Day One in Las Vegas

Hardbody.com is rock’n in Las Vegas as we team up with Bodybuilding.com and GetBig.com to cover all the 2010 Olympia action.

Check out all the photos from Day one at the 2010 Olympia.

Press Conference Photos click here.

Athlete Meeting Photos click here.

Meet the Olympians Photos click here.

We’ll be hitting the expo and all the events tomorrow at the Olympia. Check back for more info through out the day. Follow our facebook page and twitter for new as well.

IFBB Detroit Pro Candid Photos

Last night the ladies checked in for the IFBB Detroit Pro Bikini competition. It was a quick and easy process for the women. Head Judge Steve Weinberger let the ladies know how the show would run and when to meet for the event. Here’s a look at some of the IFBB Bikini ladies.

Janet Harding, Kira Rivera and Jessica Jessie staying hydrated.

Davana Medina and Dina Al-Sabah arrive.

Davana Medina and Dina Al-Sabah shared the Figure Olympia stage together.
Will they make it to the Bikini Olympia?

Follow all the action here on hardbody and on twitter.com/hardbodynews.

Ladies First – Reigning Female Olympians Featured in FLEX Magazine

The reigning Fitness Olympia, Ms. Olympia and Figure Olympia met up at Gold’s Gym Venice for a one-of-a-kind workout. Adela Garcia, Iris Kyle and Nicole Wilkins-Lee blasted their back and biceps for a FLEX magazine feature. The photos and article are currently featured in the new issue of the magazine and it’s one worth checking out. It’s a cool story and the first time a meet-up of this type has ever taken place.

You gain a sense of the women’s humor and personality in the feature. Each of the ladies have their own style of training and you’ll learn a variety of things from them. It’s a fun read.

Ms. Olympia Iris Kyle blasting her biceps while Pavel captures the action.

Nicole Wilkins-Lee showing that Figure competitors have guns too.

Ms. Fitness Olympia, Adela Garcia stretching with a helpful hand from Iris.

Check out a few Behind-The-Scenes photos from the shoot at FLEXonline.com.

Photos Courtesy of FLEX magazine.

Behind The Scenes with Kim Lyons

IFBB Pro and trainer on NBC’s Biggest Loser, Kim Lyons takes you behind the scenes of her Total Flex infomercial shoot. In this video, Kim gives you a peak at what the set of Criminal Minds looks like and what kind of food they serve up on her set. She is only 11 weeks shy of having her baby! Pretty impressive. At the end of the video she knocks out a couple inverted push-ups.

Behind-The-Scenes with Victoria’s Secret

Behind-The-Scenes videos are nothing new. People have been doing them for decades but with technology advancing it’s becoming easier to do. Some videos are great, others leave a bit to be desired. Here’s one of Victoria’s Secret from their holiday commercial. What do you think about Behind-The-Scenes footage from photo shoots or commercials?



Behind-The-Scenes with the FLEX Bikini Model Search Winners

Check out some Behind-The-Scenes footage from the 2009 Flex Online Bikini Model Search Winners. The women are featured in the newest issue of FLEX magazine which is on newsstands now. The online coverage features a video as well as a number of photos from the morning shoot.


Tianna Ta one of the finalists in the model search contest.

Behind The Scenes Video with Nicole Wilkins-Lee

IFBB Pro Nicole Wilkins-Lee is featured in the newest FLEX magazine and looks great. Get a look behind-the-scenes during the photo shoot for the “Girls Are Back” section available now on FLEXonline.com.

Check out the Nicole Wilkins-Lee video.

Nicole will be taking the stage again next month at the NY Pro Figure and then hitting the Olympia stage.  Props to FLEX and Nicole!

FLEXclusive Look Behind The Scenes with Nicole Wilkins-Lee

The newest FLEX magazine has hit the stands and in it you’ll find one of the leading ladies of the IFBB, Nicole Wilkins-Lee. Nicole is featured in the popular segment that features women training. You won’t see any pink dumbbells in this series.

Behind-The-Scenes with Nicole Wilkins-Lee.

Check out more photos from this shoot at FLEXonline.com and pick up the newest issue of the magazine for more Nicole. Nicole will be competing next month at the NY Pro Figure contest and then the Olympia.

Behind The Scenes with Andrea Taylor

Last month you caught a glimpse of Andrea Taylor cooling off in a Vegas pool during a photo shoot. Now you can get a look behind-the-scenes thanks to “Money Mark” Mason and bodybuilding.com. At the end you’ll hear J.M. and LT exchange jabs which is pretty amusing.

Look for Andrea in an upcoming issue of IRONMAN magazine featured as a Rising Star. Check out more videos from the USA weekend on bodybuilding.com.

FLEXclusive Behind The Scenes with Erin Stern

Erin Stern snagged a Figure Olympia spot by placing second last weekend in Jacksonville. She’s also featured on the cover and inside the newest FLEX magazine. Here’s a couple photos, courtesy of FLEX, of the hardbody athlete.

Erin getting misted for the shoot.
Behind the Scenes on the FLEX photo shoot.
Making sure everything is set for the shoot.

Congrats on the continued success this rookie season Erin and props to FLEX for featuring the women in the industry.

Flex Swimsuit Video: Sizzle’n Stern

IFBB Pro Erin Stern is making waves in her rookie year on and off the stage. Check out Erin in the latest video installment from FLEX magazine’s swimsuit issue.

Erin Stern heat’n it up with FLEX magazine.

Flex Swimsuit Video: Kathleen Tesori – 2008 Flex Bikini Model Search Winner

Last year’s FLEX Bikini Model Search Winner, Kathleen Tesori is the latest online video feature at FLEXonline. Check out her video and remember this could be you as FLEX will be holding their contest once again. She makes some good points about connecting with the camera in her video interview.

Kathleen in the newest FLEX magazine.

Behind The Scenes at The Emerald Cup

Ron Avidan takes you Behind-The-Scenes at the Emerald Cup. Check out over 20 pages of candid and backstage photos from the event.

Backstage at the Emerald Cup.

FLEX Swimsuit – Behind the Scenes Video With Monique Minton

The latest installment from FLEX magazine’s swimsuit edition has been posted. Hear from one of the cover girls, Monique Minton in the newest online video.

Monique Minton at latest FLEX photo shoot.

FLEX Magazine Continues To Heat Things Up

More Behind-The-Scenes photos and video from the swimsuit issue is available at FLEXonline.com. The ladies all look great!

Last year’s bikini model search winner.

Go Behind The Scenes with the FLEX Swimsuit Issue

Check out the Behind-The-Scenes video and photos from the FLEX Swimsuit shoot. The roster of models includes: Monique Minton, Nicole Wilkins-Lee, Jenn Gates, Jessica Paxson-Putnam, Kathleen Tesori, Jodie Minear, Felicia Romero and Erin Stern. Check it out here.

Nicole Wilkins-Lee on location.

Sonia Gonzalez Photoshoot Part II

An extended look at the FLEX magazine shoot with Sonia Gonzalez. Check out the newest issue to see the final shots. Props again for everyone involved. Good stuff.





Scroll down to see more photos from this shoot.

FLEXclusive Look Behind The Scenes with Sonia Gonzalez

The newest FLEX Magazine (with Moe El Moussawi on the cover) features IFBB Figure Pro Sonia Gonzalez. The beautiful Sonia is the focus of this issue’s “Women are Back” section. The section has been huge hit with readers and props to the staff at FLEX for continuing to feature the women. Weider Staff Photographer, Pavel Ythjall and the folks at FLEX provide this look behind the scenes. Look’n good people






Check back tomorrow for Part II of the Behind The Scenes. Good stuff!

Behind The Scenes in Vegas

Ah summer time, it will be here before we know it. Last summer J.M. Manion managed to get two of the hottest women in Vegas too cool off. Monique Minton and Jamie Costa were in Vegas for the NPC USA contest and JM photographed the duo together. Not a bad sight for those by the pool that day.

Behind the scenes during a photo shoot.

Go Behind The Scenes with the Flex Bikini Model Search Winners

Check out the behind the scenes photos on FLEXonline.com. The winners of the Bikini Model Search contest are featured in the current issue of FLEX magazine. You can catch a glimpse of the shoot and more on the FLEX web site.

A look behind the scenes.

Flexclusive Look Behind-The-Scenes Photoshoot with Meriza DeGuzman

Here’s a first look at a few photos you won’t see in the newest issue of FLEX magazine. FLEX once again features one of the leading ladies in the IFBB. Check out these behind-the-scenes photos from the shoot with Meriza DeGuzman and photographer, Pavell Ythjall. You can see the full feature and all the hot shots in the March 2009 issue of FLEX magazine. Props to everyone involved, nice work.





WWE Divas Behind The Scenes Video

Check out the Behind-the-Scenes video with the Divas from the WWE. The women are featured in the newest FLEX magazine.

WWE Divas video.

Behind The Scenes Photoshoot

Check out the Behind The Scenes video with Pavell and Pauline. A closer look at a couple of Pauline’s photos are on her blog. As she asked, can you believe it is the same woman in the FLEX magazine Black and Whites? Pretty cool that she can have a hardcore ripped look as well as a softer side. Look for Pauline in the newest Muscle & Fitness magazine, on shelves now.

Photo of the Day: Backstage at the ’07 Nationals

Today’s shot was snapped in the pump-up room at the 2007 NPC Nationals. As you can see it is quiet congested. Next week the NPC Nationals will take place in Atlanta, GA.

Backstage at the 2007 NPC Nationals.

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