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2014 IFBB Prestige Crystal Cup Pro Results

prestige cup

Another Olympia qualifying show is in the books and another competitor will head to Vegas for the big show. Stephanie Mahoe unanimously won the Bikini Pro portion of the Prestige Crystal Cup. The win was her first in the pro ranks. Stephanie was leading the Olympia Point Series heading into this show but the win secures her spot in the Olympia line up this September. Lacey DeLuca came in second and was already qualified for the Olympia. Noemi Olah finished in third, just two points behind Lacey. She collects points towards the Olympia but still sits on the outside of the top five points. Michelle Lewin finished in fourth and rounding out the top five was Dayna Maleton. One point separated Maleton and Lewin for fourth and fifth.

top five bikini boca

2014 IFBB Prestige Crystal Cup Pro Bikini Results
1. Stephanie Mahoe
2. Lacey DeLuca
3. Noemi Olah
4. Michelle Lewin
5. Dayna Maleton
6. Raphaela Milagres
7. Jessica Renee
8. Asia Mendoza
9. Aly Garcia
10. Ashlee Adams
11. Callie Bundy
12. Lauren Hoskins
13. Amanda Otero
14. Stefanie Bambrough

There are still four more pro Bikini competitions before the Olympia so anything could happen in the point series and no one is a lock for the top five spots just yet.

top five men prestige

In the men’s pro physique division, Anton Antipov took home the win and an Olympia qualification.

2014 IFBB Prestige Crystal Cup Pro Men’s Physique Results
1. Anton Antipov
2. Felipe Franco
3. Reuben Gordon
4. Jeff Seid
5. Sheridan Hause
6. Vincent Fiore
7. Chris Mosher
8. Travales Blount
9. Brant LaRose
10. Jacques Dalce Jr.
11. Chad Abner
12. Steve Mousharbash
13. Butch Rolle
14. Anthony Brigman
15. Stephen Mass
16. Nick Dennard
16. Shane Eslahi
16. Geobanny Paula
16. Tyler Stines
16. Tony Torres
16. Jean Walkins Louis

There are two more Olympia qualifying events for the men’s physique division before September. The Tampa Pro and Dallas Pro will both be held in August.

Photos via Robin Tesvich Facebook

2014 IFBB San Jose Pro Championships Results

ifbb san jose pro
Another IFBB Pro show is in the books and another competitor is qualified for the Women’s Physique Showdown. La’Drissa Bonivel won the pro women’s physique competition and punches her ticket to the Olympia. La’Drissa finished 6th last weekend at the Chicago Pro and was 15th at the Dallas Europa earlier this year. This was her first pro win and the first time she had cracked the top 5 since winning her pro card at the 2011 NPC USA Championships.


2014 IFBB San Jose Pro Women’s Physique Championships Results
1. La’Drissa Bonivel
2. Carrie Simmons
3. Heather Grace
4. Akane Nigro Ismeal
5. Ana Da Silva
6. Claire O’Connell
7. Patricia Wood
8. Leon Lenard
9.  Margarita Charaim
10. CeaAnna Kerr
11. Gloria Faulls
12. Marga Lee Overby
13. Jennifer Jacques Conn

2014 IFBB San Jose Pro Men’s Physique Championships Results
1. Jeremy Buenida
2. Felipe Franco
3. Tonnell Rodrigue
4. Kameron Bailey
5. Chad Crouse
6. Tory Woodward
7. Vincent Fiore
8. Thomas Canepa
9. Demetrious Clemons
10. Matt Dubois

Saturday, July 12th, 2014

San Jose Convention Center
150 W. San Carlos Blvd.
San Jose, CA. 95113


2014 IFBB Tournament of Champions Pro Figure Results

ifbb tournament of champions

Oh what a difference a year makes. Last year, Karin Grau was 13th at the Tournament of Champions Pro Figure, her IFBB pro debut. Since then, Karina has tried to move her way up in the Pro figure ranks. She kicked the 2014 season with a 14th place finish at the Figure International in Columbus, Ohio. She went on to crack the top ten with a ninth place finish at the Pittsburgh Pro. Karina has shown improvements to her physique since last year’s debut and they proved to be enough one year later. The 2014 Tournament of Champions victory marks her first IFBB pro win and earns her a ticket to the Figure Olympia. Karina is originally from Prague and achieved IFBB pro status by winning the 2013 Arnold Amateur Brazil.

Coming in second and moving her way up in the Olympia point series was Sasha Brown. Sasha had 8 points heading into this show and in fourth. Tonight’s second place finish puts her in second place with 12 points. There are just two pro shows remaining and while not a guarantee she does looked poised for an Olympia qualification via the point series.  Julie Mayer’s third place finish gave her three points towards the Olympia point series. This puts here in a three-way tie for third place in the Olympia Point Series. There are still two more pro Figure shows to go so anything could happen. Latorya Watts finished in fourth and picks up 2 points towards the Olympia Series. She moves up in the standings but still have an uphill battle to get in. Currently 10 is the magic number to get in via the point series and she has five. Jessica Canty rounds out the top five and snags one point towards her Series total.  She currently has four points and will have a tough time getting in via the points unless she finishes in the top spots in the final two Pro Figure shows before the Olympia.

2014 IFBB Tournament of Champions Pro Figure Results:
1. Karina Grau
2. Sasha Brown
3. Julie Mayer
4. Latorya Watts
5. Jessica Canty
6. Jennifer Taylor
7. Dawn Fernandez
8. Bojana Vasiljevic
9. Tamara Ribeiro Bailey
10. Bruna Miyagul
11. Elizabeth Jenkins
12. Beckie Boddie
13. Lacy Smith
14. Sheryln Roy
15. Mavis Tozzi
16. Marie Allegro
16. Meg Kruse
16. Crystal Lowrey
16. Elizabeth Maurice
16. Lisandra McGrath
16. Asher Prior
16. Susana Ramirez
16. Lisa Rapoza
16. Tamen Stuve
16. Katrina Tarbox

In the Masters Pro Figure Jennifer Taylor picked up her first pro win. Jennifer was coming off a 15th place finish at the Chicago Pro show at the beginning of the month. Coming in second was Dawn Fernandez from Arizona and in third was Sherlyn Roy. This was Sheryln’s first show since the 2012 Chicago Pro and before that was the 2010 Sacramento Pro. Lisa Rapoza took the stage for the first time this year and finished in fourth. Mavis Tozzi’s rounded out the top five in her first comeptition in four years. Welcome back Mavis!

2014 IFBB Tournament of Champions Pro Masters Figure Results:
1. Jennifer Taylor
2. Dawn Fernandez
3. Sherlyn Roy
3. Lisa Rapoza
5. Mavis Tozzi
6. Katrina Tarbox
7. Meg Kruse
8. Lisandra McGrath
9. Elizabeth Maurice
10. Marie Allegro
Next on the IFBB Pro Figure schedule is the Tampa Pro on August 8-9th and the final chance will come via the Tahoe Pro show on August 23rd.

2014 IFBB Chicago Pro Results

chicago pro results

The 2014 IFBB Wings of Strength Chicago Pro show was one of the few remaining events left on the schedule before the Olympia. Over 100 men and women competed but only the winner of each division would punch their ticket to the big dance this September. There were a few expected finishes mixed in with a few surprises.

Fiona Harris took the top spot in not only the physique round but also the routine round. This is without question her best showing as a pro. Typically Fiona doesn’t fair as well in the routine rounds so for her to take the win in both rounds is a huge improvement. Coming second, was Fiona’s Canadian counterpart Daniell Ruban. Danielle had to play catch up going into the routine round. After the 2-piece score she was in 6th. The judges placed her routine in second and it launched her into the runner-up position. Darrian Tissenbaum did not finish due to an illness before the routine round which left her unable to perform.

Rita Bello took the top spot in women’s bodybuilding and Leila Thompson in women’s physique. The win qualifies them for the Olympia. In the Figure division, we saw rising star Cydney Gillon shine her brightest yet. The 21-year old track star has huge potential as was evident in Chicago. Coming in a close second was Wendy Fortino. Wendy started out a bit sluggish this year but has found the right look and continues to improve.

Check out the complete results from the 2014 Chicago Pro.

2014 IFBB Wings of Strength Chicago Pro Fitness
1. Fiona Harris
2. Danielle Ruban
3. Somkina Liudmilla
4. Amanda Hatfield
5. Tiffany Chandler
6. Chika Aluka
7. Lovena Tuley
8. Shannon Siemer
9. Diana Monteiro
10. Autumn Swansen
11. Danielle Chikeles
12. Aurika Tyrgale
13. Mary Stockbridge
14. Eileen Wells
DNF – Darrian Tissenbaum

2014 IFBB Wings of Strength Chicago Pro Figure
1. Cydney Gillon
2. Wendy Fortino
3. Bojana Vasilvevic
4. Laurie Green
5. Chaya Boone
6. Beckie Boodie
7. Julie Mayer
8. Jessica Canty
9. Asher Prior
10. MayLa Ash
11. Linda Crossley
12. Ivana Ivusic
13. Jennifer Codovez
14. Bruna Miyagui
15. Jennifer Taylor
16. Roshanda Schmitt
17. Meredith Berhelson
17. Laurie Davies
17. Shawn Hecktor Lewis
17. Dawn Hinz-Pugh
17. Elizabeth Jenkins
17. Eleni Kritikooulou
17. Katharine Lane
17. Annette Mendez
17. Heather Nappi
17. Melanise Pettee
17. Dona Pohl
17. Katrina Tarbox
17. Teela Thompson
17. Jacqueline Timberlake
17. Amy Villa Nelson
17. Rebekah Willich

2014 IFBB Wings of Strength Chicago Pro Women’s Physique
1. Leila Thompson
2. Jamie Pinder
3. Sandra Lombardo
4. Pamela York Slemmons
5. Tammy Patnode
6. La’Drissa Bonivel
7. Margarita Charaim
8. Jen Louqagie
9. Tish Shelton
10. Kim Baum
11. Nola Trimble
12. Olga Bellakova
13. LaDawn McDay
14. Cassandra Floyd
15. Tiffany Justice
16. Jessica Bowman
16. Tracy Mason

2014 IFBB Wings of Strength Chicago Pro Women’s Bodybuilding
1. Rita Bello
2. Lisa Giesbrecht
3. Christine Envall
4. Juanita Blaino
5. Emery Miller
6. Virginia Sanchez
7. Kim Buck
8. Kim Perez
9. Judy Gaillard
10. Roxanne Edwards
11. Alevtina Goroshinskaya
12. Zoa Linsey
13. Janeen Lankowski
14. Maria del Carmen Gomez Segura
15. Nancy Clark
16. Mairian Gerard
16. Gillian Kovack
16. Nicole Pfuetzenreuter
16. Tananarive McGowan

2014 IFBB Wings of Strength Chicago Pro Men’s Bodybuilding
1. Roelly Winklaar
2. Jojo Ntiforo
3. Essa Obaid
4. An Nguyen
5. Akim Williams
6. Marchell Herman
7. Jonathan Rowe
8. Dan Decker
9. Constantinos Demetriou
10. Bill Wilmore
11. Maor Zaradex
12. Keith Williams
13. Timmy Gaillard
14. Eboni Wilson
15. Brian Yerskey
16. Michael Ely
16. Jeff Long
16. Abbas Khatami

2014 IFBB Wings of Strength Chicago Pro 212 Men’s Bodybuilding
1. Charles Dixon
2. Hidetada Yamagishi
3. Tricky Jackson
4. Mboya Edwards
6. Fernando Noronha Almeida
7. Brad Davis
8. Petr Vanis
9. Thomas Anderson
10. Shelby Starnes
11. Lyndon Belgrave
12. Wendall Floyd
13. Marco Cardona
14. Abiu Feliz
15. Carlos Ascensio
16. Guy Ducasse
16. Rod Ketchens
16. Tim McGuire
16. Quincy Winklaar

2014 IFBB Patriots Pro Bikini Results – Las Vegas, NV

vegas pro bikiniThe scores are in and Vegas’ own IFBB Bikini Pro, Stacey Alexander is your unanimous winner at the 2014 IFBB Patriots Pro Bikini Results. The win puts Stacey back in the driver’s seat heading into the Olympia this September. The victory put Angela Marquez’s winning streak to an end. Marquez had won her last three shows but finished in the money here with a second place finish. Coming in third was Kelsie Clark and bouncing back into the top spots in fourth was Liana Hamilton. Rounding out the top five was Rachelle DeJean. Thought to be a threat for one of the top spots, Canada’s Justin Munro came in seventh.

In the Master’s Pro Bikini Iveth Carreon beat out five other women for the win.

2014 IFBB Patriots Pro Bikini Results
July 5, 2014 – Las Vegas, NV

1. Stacey Alexander
2. Angela Marquez
3. Kelsie Clark
4. Liana Hamilton
5. Rachelle DeJean
6. Lisa Asuncion
7. Justine Munro
8. Yarishna Ayala
9. Iveth Carreon
10. Jacklyn Wilson
11. Michelle Mein
12. Lisa Roy
13. Jennifer Dietrick
14. Lorena Bucio
15. Marcela Cabral
16. Mary Dent
16. Sandie Knight
16. Maysa Quy
16. Lynn Sambuco
16. Nissan Weaver
16. Lindsey Wells

2014 IFBB Patriots Masters Pro Bikini Results
July 5, 2014 – Las Vegas, NV

1. Iveth Carreon
2. Lynn Sambuco
3. Lisa Roy
4. Diana Harbot
5. Mary Dent
6. Sandie Knight

Welcome to The Next Level – 2014 NPC Universe Results


The IFBB Pro League added a few more women to their roster tonight in Teaneck, New Jersey, The 2014 NPC Universe (formerly Team Universe) competition includes bikini, fitness, figure, men and women’s physique and men’s bodybuilding. Women’s bodybuilding was dropped from the event due to the lackluster turn out in previous years.

The fitness division is the most challenging for competitors to prepare for but the most entertaining division to watch. Sadly, the division continues to struggle with the number of entrants. Years ago there were only two options for women to compete in… bodybuilding or fitness. The Figure division was added, then came bikini and most recently physique. It’s easier This weekend’s NPC fitness event is the officially known as the NPC Fitness Nationals and held in conjunction with the NPC Universe competition. The top two in each fitness class graduate to the new level of competition. We’ll have to wait and see if anyone in this class can shake things up in the pro league.

2014 NPC Universe Results – NEW IFBB PROS
Teaneck, New Jersey – July 5, 2014


MASTERS – Division/Class Winners Turn Pro
Women’s Physique Over 40
Jill Livoti

Women’s Physique Over 35 A
Laurie Hairston

Women’s Physique Over 35 B
Vicki Diaz

Women’s Physique Masters Overall Champion – Jill Lovoti

OPEN – Top 2 Each Class Turn Pro
Women’s Physique Class A
1. Jill Livoti – turned pro in Masters goes to the next two.
2. Monica Gries
3. Jehina Malik

Women’s Physique Class B
1. Laurie Hairston
2. Shelia Mettler

Women’s Physique Class C
1. Tara Brandt
2. Vicki Diaz – turned pro in Masters goes to the next placing
3. Jennifer Palazzo

Women’s Physique Class D
1. Patricia Vazquez
2. Katherine Sauter

Women’s Physique Overall Champion – Jill Lovoti


OPEN – Top 2 Each Class Turn Pro

Fitness Class A
1. Sarah Kovach
2. SueEllen Dent

Fitness Class B
1. Erin Nomura
2. Holly Semanoff

Fitness Class C
1. Danielle Schemm
2. Samantha Sage

Overall NPC Fitness Nationals’ Champion – Danielle Schemm


MASTERS – Division/Class Winners Turn Pro

Masters Figure Over 50
Jody Garland

Masters Figure Over 40 A
Melissa Froio-Speigel

Masters Figure Over 40 B
Selena Pons

Masters Figure Over 40 C
Jody Garland

Masters Figure Over 35 Class A
1. Melissa Froio-Spiegel – turned pro prior class goes to the next placing
2. Jennifer Everson

Masters Figure Over 35 Class B
Tatum Bounds

Masters Figure Over 35 Class C
1. Selena Pons – turned pro prior class goes to the next placing
2. Nicole Sturtze

Masters Figure Over 35 Class D
Carla Araujo

Masters Figure Over 35 Overall Champion – Carla Araujo

OPEN – Top 2 Each Class Turn Pro

Open Figure Class A
1. Natasha Davis
2. Erika Guerra

Open Figure Class B
1. Laurelle Martineau
2. Sarah Fletcher

Open Figure Class C
1. Stacy Deville
2. Chioma Uwasomba

Open Figure Class D
1. Christina Woodward
2. Carla Araujo – turned pro prior class goes to the next placing
3. Suni Sweeney

Open Figure Class E
1. Brittany Campbell
2. Kara Petruska

Open Figure Class F
1. Cassandra Carpenter
2. Kendra Beasley

Overall NPC Team Universe Figure Champion – Christina Woodward


MASTERS – Division/Class Winners Turn Pro

Masters Bikini Over 40 Class A
Harriet Davis

Masters Over 40 Class B
Colleen Garmin

Masters Over 40 Class C
Jeri Lynn Rease

Overall NPC Team Universe Masters Bikini Over 40 – Colleen Garmin

Masters Over 35 Class A
Jazmeen Hernandez

Masters Over 35 Class B
Lovey Paiva

Masters Over 35 Class C
Jeri Lynn Rease
Catherin Radulic

Masters Over 35 Class D
Joni Lyn Oritz

Overall NPC Team Universe Masters Bikini Over 35 - Jazmeen Hernandez

OPEN – Top 2 Each Class Turn Pro

Open Bikini Class A
1. Sarah Brown
2. Joanna Tesareski

Open Bikini Class B
1. Jessica Pimentel
2. Yvette Garcia

Open Bikini Class C
1. Katherine Ampolini
2. Michelle Ackerman

Open Bikini Class D
1. Michelle Sylvia
2. Jessica Lyda

Open Bikini Class E
1. Mariana Fernandes
2. Taylor Anderson

Open Bikini Class F
1.  Alexandra Roane
2. Ivory Crofoot

Overall NPC Team Universe  Bikini  - Mariana Fernanes


Visit for complete scores and photos.


2014 IFBB Greater Gulf Pro Results

Tamee Marie continued her winning ways in Louisiana tonight by taking top honors at the Greater Gulf pro. This is the second time Tamee has won this show and it’s her second victory this month. The win is her fourth title since making the switch from Figure to the Women’s Physique division. She beat out a competitive field and positions herself as one to watch at the Olympia this September.

2014 Greater Gulf States Pro

The bikini winner doesn’t come as much of a surprise to those who follow the division. Amanda Latona successfully defended her title; the win is her 10th in the IFBB Pro Bikini division and first of 2014. Amanda finished third at the Bikini International in March and had a third place finish at the Pittsburgh Pro in May. Look for her to make a run at the Olympia top spots in September.

2014 IFBB Greater Gulf Pro Bikini Results:
1. Amanda Latona
2. Sarah LeBlanc
3. Jenee Leger
4. Brittany Taylor
5. Desiree Niemann
6. Michelle Lewin
7. Marcela Cabral
8. Aly Garcia
9. Lisa Asuncion
10. Jade Carroll
11. Meredith Mack
12. Adrienne Crenshaw
13. Liana Hamilton

2014 IFBB Greater Gulf Pro Women’s Physique Results:
1. Tamee Marie
2. Leila Thompson
3. Karina Nascimento
4. Gloria Faulls
5. Shelly Yakimchuk
6. Mascha Tieken
7. Anne Marrie Kam
8. Alisa Alday
9. Leonie Rose
10. Rosella Joseph
11. Candrea Judd-Adams
12. Roxie Beckles
13. Heather Barbee
14. Evangeline Belton
15. Tammy Patnode
16. Joy Henderson
17. Jeni Briscoe
17. Hannah Hallman
17. Kari Hartmann
17. Marina Lopez
17. Sheena Ohlig
17. Dona Pohl
17. Elizabeth Schneider
17. Tish Shelton
17. Sabrina Sonner
17. Tracy Weller

RESULTS & REPORT: IFBB Amateur Olympia Latin America

The first annual IFBB Amateur Olympia Latin America was held in Acapulco, Mexico on June 14-15, 2014. The overall winners in all divisions earn IFBB Pro status and bragging rights as the first ever Latin America Amateur Olympia Champion.

Amateur Olympia Latin America Results

Elia Fernandez from Mexico Yucatan won the short bikini class and took the top spot in the overall comparisons. It came down to a tie-breaker for the win. Romina Basualdo from Argentina tied with Elia in the overall comparisons. Jovanna Ibanez Parra from Mexico won the short Bodyfitness (Figure) division and the overall title. Raquel Ramos from Spain left with the top spot in the Women’s Physique division.

Competitors don’t have to win the competition to get noticed in events like this. Media members from all over the world were in attendance and took notice of some of the up-and-coming faces. The IFBB amateur events are run a bit different than those at NPC competitions. There is no individual posing in prejudging, only comparisons. At the Finals, the field is cut to the top six in each class and only those competitors hit individual poses. The women’s physique division is still in its infancy outside of the USA, as evident with only four competitors. The bikini division had a variety of shapes and sizes on stage and a number of head turning physiques.

Bodyfitness / FIGURE
Class A – Up to 158cm
1. Jovanna Ibanez Parra*
2. Sandra Grajales Romero
3. Diana Garcia
4. Francis del Valle
5. Brisa Michel Aguilar Ramirez
6. Ana Judith Dabdoub
7. Carolina Solano Peralta
8. Beatriz Vazquez Hereida
9. Priscilla Palmer
10. Monica de la Torre Ramos
11. Dulce Eunice Parrilla Lopez
12. Blanca Cuellar
13. Debanhi Hernandez

Class B – Up to 164cm
1. Veronica Gallego
2. Berenice Gonzalez
3. Gabriela Badillo Ruiz
4. Julia H. Luz
5. Wilma Gil Rodriguez
6. Etzel Delcarmen Delgado
7. Jenny Garza
8. Yazmin Rangel Kame

Class C – Over 164cm
1. Rosario Gomez Ortiz
2. Charlotte Clark
3. Esmeralda Higareda Gonzalez
4. Martha Lepe
5. Monica de Jesus Bolaños Roa
6. Marisol Almela
7. Mayra Vianey Baez Miguel

overall latin america amateur olympia figure winner

Class A – Up to 156cm
1. Elia Fernandez*
2. Karina Constantino Durzo
3. Nayely Benitez Chaves
4. Paola Gonzalez Maqueda
5. Luisana Gandica
6. Sayury Rubi Huriostegui Moctezuma

Class B – Up to 160cm
1. Romina Basualdo
2. Danitza Alejandra Espino de Dios
3. Nancy Anahi Rodriguez
4. Elida Jiminez
5. Magdalena Vazquez Arguello
6. Cassandra de la Rosa
7. Stacey Da Silva
8. Natalia Munguia Llanes
9. Karina Alvarez Mendez
10. Linda Guereña Ferrer
11. Vania Ramirez Rivero

Class C – Up to 164cm
1. Juliane Carina Bueno de Andrade
2. Cindy Villalobos Duran
3. Naiara Schubert
4. Laura Magnolia Santos Gonzalez
5. Valeria Hernandez
6. Carolina Contreras Perez
7. Natalie Neurouth
8. Jenny Cardoso Pascual
9. Celia Guadarrama Soto
10. Ana Maria Olivares

Class D – Over 164cm
1. Márcia Cristiane Goncalves de Souza
2. Brenda Sosa Popoca
3. Karla Yurity Cortes Berdeja
4. Carolina Castrejon Calderon
5. Maria de Lourdes Martinez Lopez
6. Melissa Porras Brenes
7. Carolina Ruiz Marrero
8. Claudia Ramirez Hernandez
9. Rommy Rosalinda Hernandez Fuentes
10. Judith Abigail Zuniga

Overall Bikini Winner Amateur Olympia Latin America

1. Raquel Ramos*
2. Maria Susana Ramirez
3. Matilde Pacheco
4. Monica Casas

Women's Physique winner Amateur Olympia Latin America

Click here for scoresheets and complete IFBB Amateur Olympia Latin America results, including the men’s competition. (PDF)

2014 IFBB Northern California Pro Bikini Results

Fifteen IFBB Pro Bikini pros competed in Sacramento, California over the weekend. Taking top honors for the second weekend in a row was Angela Marquez. Angela beat out Jessica Arevalo by one point for the Northern California Pro title. Last week in Arizona, Angela won her first pro show and Jessica finished third. Rounding out the top three at this event was California girl Christie Marquez. In the Masters division, Krissy Chin notched her first win as an IFBB Pro. She finished 6th in the open competition.

northern cal results

2014 IFBB Northern California Pro Bikini Results
1. Angela Marquez
2. Jessica Arevalo
3. Christie Marquez
4. Janelle Saitone-McGuire
5. Nikola Weiterova
6. Krissy Chin
7. Amy Updike
8. Lisa Asuncion
9. Katherine Williams
10. Nissan Weaver
11. Rosemary Valenzuela
12. Michelle Mein
13. Sandy Avelar
14. Liana Hamilton
15. Stacey Naito

2014 IFBB Northern California Pro Bikini Masters Results
1. Krissy Chin
2. Rosemary Valenzuela
3. Michelle Mein
4. Sandy Avelar
5. Liana Hamilton
6. Stacey Naito

2014 IFBB Omaha Pro Results

The annual IFBB Omaha Pro took place on Saturday, June 7th in Omaha, Nebraska. The show is held in conjunction with a NPC event and this year the pro competition featured Women’s Bodybuilding, Women’s Physique and Men’s Physique. Tamee Marie took top honors in the Women’s Physique competition and Anne Freitas snagged the winning spot in the bodybuilding competition. The win qualifies both for the Olympia in Las Vegas.

omaha pro

2014 IFBB Omaha Pro Women’s Physique Results:
1. Tamee Marie
2. Rachel Baker
3. Jacklyn Sutton-Abrams
4. Mascha Tieken
5. Ayanna Carroll
6. Danielle Reardon
7. Jill Dearmin
8. Jill Rudison
9. Anne Marrie Kam
10. Marina Lopez
11. Beni Lopez
12. Rita Rae
13. Dominique Furuta
14. Rose Brunner
15. Irina Veselova
16. Aurelia Grozajova
16. Cathy Jackson
16. Jen Louwagie
16. Marcy McCaskey
16. Colette Nelson
16. Nola Trimble

2014 IFBB Omaha Pro Women’s Bodybuilding Results:
1. Anne Freitas
2. Margie Martin
3. Christine Envall
4. Tonia Moore
5. Alana Shipp
6. Wendy McCready
7. Helle Trevino
8. Rene Marvin
9. Melody Spetko
10. Judy Gaillard
11. Emery Miller
12. Paula Francis

2014 IFBB Omaha Pro Men’s Physique Results:
1. German Pacheco
2. Chris Mosher
3. Sheridan Hause
4. Stephen Mass
5. Sean Harley
6. Michael Bevins
7. William Sullivan
8. David Breaux
9. Derrick Wade
10. Tyler Stines
11. George Brown
12. Ronald Alexander
13. Chad Abner
14. Negus Ferguson

2014 IFBB Mile High Pro Results

Samantha Hill made it two wins in as many weeks by taking top honors at the 2014 IFBB Mile High Pro Women’s Physique. Hometown girl, Jacklyn Abrams came in second and rounding out the top three was Rachel Baker. Congratulations to all the women who competed in this event.

mile high pro results

mile high pro results

2014 IFBB Mile High Pro Women’s Physique Results
1. Samantha Jo Hill
2. Jacklyn Abrams
3. Rachel Baker
4. Jill Dearmin
5. Marina Lopez
6. Jessica Gaines
7. Danielle Mastromatteo
8. Rita Rae
9. Carrie Simmons
10. Anna Marie Kam
11. Roxie Beckles
12. Candrea Judd Adams
13. Marga Lee Overby
14. Susan Graham
15. Rose Brunner
16. Cinzia Clapp
16. Cathy Jackson
16. Jen Louwagie
16. Della McNeil
16. Antonia Perdikakis
16. Drorit Silverman
16. Stacy Simons McDowell
16. Shelly Yakimchuck
16. Trish Woop

2014 IFBB Dennis James Classic Pro Bikini Results

Congrats to Angela Marquez, formerly Skeels, on winning the inaugural IFBB Dennis James Pro Bikini Classic. She beat out 15 other women for the win. Coming in second was Lacey DeLuca and rounding out the top three was Jessica Arevalo.

AZ PRO  Results

2014 IFBB Dennis James Classic Pro Bikini Results
1. Angela Marquez
2. Lacey DeLuca
3. Jessica Arevalo
4. Nikola Weiterova
5. Kelsie Clark
6. Krissy Chin
7. Karey A Grabow
8. Ashriel Osgood
9. Deborah Goodman
10. Amy Updike
11. Caryn Paolini
12. Sandy Avelar
13. Lisa Kelly
14. Stacey Naito
15. Meredith Long
16. My Coustels

2014 IFBB Toronto Pro Show Results

The 2014 IFBB Toronto Pro show was full of some expected results but also throw fans a few curveballs when the results were read. Congratulations to all the competitors who met their goals in the 2014 IFBB Toronto Pro Show.

2014 Toronto Pro Show Results

2014 IFBB Toronto Pro Show Results

RESULTS – 2014 IFBB Toronto Pro Women’s Bodybuilding
1. Simone Oliveira
2. Alana Shipp
3. Virginia Sanchez
4. Margie Martin
5. Lisa Giesbrecht
6. Christine Envall
7. Melody Spetko
8. Wendy McCready
9. Nancy Clark
10. Joanne Williams
11. Tananarive McGowan
12. Emery Miller
13. Sherri Gray
14. Tonia Moore

RESULTS – 2014 IFBB Toronto Pro Fitness
1. Marta Agular
2. Danielle Ruban
3. Trish Warren
4. Kizzy Vaines
5. Vanda Hadarean
6. Ryall Graber
7. Nita Marquez
8. Shelly Paton
9. Amanda Hatfield
10. Diana Monteiro
11. Darrian Tissenbaum
12. Dominique Matthews
13. Natalie Graziano
14. Shannon Siemer
15. Kary Odiatu
16. Lovena Stamatiou-Tuley

RESULTS – 2014 IFBB Toronto Pro Figure
1. Genn Strobo
2. Ann Titone
3. Andrea Calhoun
4. Cydney Gillon
5. Chaya Boone
6. Roshanda Schmitt
7. Annette Mendez
8. Angela Doucette
9. Vera Mallet
10. Maggy Cambronero
11. Zsuzsanna Toldi
12. Emily Zelinka
13. Jolene Fonseca
14. Jennifer Brown
15. Leah Berti
16. Linda Crossley
16. Laura Davies
16. Erin Harding
16. Christina Mehling
16. Emi Perez Custodio
16. Samantha Rioux
16. Jill St. Laurent
16. Giada Simari
16. Katerina Tarbox
16. Magdalena Wilk
16. Jessica Macmillan

RESULTS – 2014 IFBB Toronto Pro Bikini
1. Ashley Kaltwasser
2. Stephanie Mahoe
3. Callie Bundie
4. Belinda Kiriakou
5. Noemi Olah
6. Breanne Hensman
7. Maria Annunziata
8. Yarishna Ayala
9. Anna Starodubtseva
10. Sabrina Nicole
11. Dana French
12. Natalie Waples
13. Joanne Holden
14. Gigi Amurao
15. Jennifer Dawn
16. Cynthia Benoit
16. Valerie Cantin
16. Danielle Carr
16. Denita Clark
16. Becky Clawson
16. Samantha Karr
16. Natalie Mack
16. Jana Majernikova
16. Nathalie Mur
16. Marissa Rivero
16. Francine Slobodnik
16. Nissan Weaver

RESULTS – 2014 IFBB Toronto Pro Women’s Physique
1. Mindi O’Brien
2. Teresita Morales
3. Sandra Lombardo
4. Jill Rudison
5. Leah Johnson
6. Tracy Weller
7. CeaAnna Kerr
8. Fabiola Boulanger
9. Nathalie Foreau
10. Lisa Thexton
11. Colette Nelson
12. Orlandina Balan
13. Nkechi Nwafor Robinson
14. Jessica Bowman
15. Amie Francisco
16. Aurelia Grozajova
16. Ida Sefland
16. Irina Veselova
16. Michelle Krack

RESULTS – 2014 IFBB Toronto Pro Men’s Physique
1. Matthew Acton
2. German Pacheco
3. Anton Antipov
4. Anthony Brigman
5. Michael Ferguson
6. Vincent Fiore
7. AJ Shukoori
8. William Sullivan
9. Chris Gurunlian
10. Derrick Wade
11. Setanta Carroll
12. Wayne Chambers
13. Javier Martinez
14. Sean Harley
15. Nathan Baumbick
16. Chad Demchick
16. Cory Lagasse
16. Craig Franczyk
16. Jim Holcomb
16. Michael Johnson

RESULTS – 2014 IFBB Toronto Pro Men’s Bodybuilding 212
1. Gaetano Cisternino
2. Raul Carrasco
3. Mark Dugdale
4. Marvin Ward
5. Mboya Edwards
6. Thomas Benagli
7. Lukas Osladil
8. Amit Sapir
9. Mehdi Hatami
10. Anthony Bailes
11. Guy Mark Ducasse
12. Shaun Clarida
13. Zane Watson
14. Rod Ketchens
15. Robert Belisle
16. Bryan Pazdcierz
16. Carlos Rabiel
16. Darron Glenn
16. Fernando Noronha Almeida
16. Gregory Ulysse
16. James Darling
16. Jocelyn Jean
16. Marian Cambal
16. Oliver Adzievski
16. Panexce Pierre
16. Quincy Winklaar
16. Vincete Santamaria

RESULTS – 2014 IFBB Toronto Pro Men’s Bodybuilding
1. Juan Morel
2. Johnnie Jackson
3. Jonathan Delarosa
4. Toney Freeman
5. Lionel Beyeke
6. Henri Pierre Ano
7. Jeff Long
8. Anwar Elsayed
9. Zaher Moukahal
10. Clarence DeVis
11. Marshell Herman
12. Santana Anderson
13. Hunnington Glanville
14. Christopher White
15. Saiid Tejan-Kamara
16. Fedel Clarke

2014 NPC JR USA Fitness, Bodybuilding & Physique Results

There were only 4 women who entered the 2014 NPC JR USA Women’s Bodybuilding contest. It makes you wonder if this division will continue to be offered at this show. There were no pro cards up for grabs which likely kept some competitors away from entering but we’ll see come USAs if the number of women’s bodybuilders increases.

jr usa results
Michell Shebloski won the heavyweight and overall. Jeany Walker was the only entrant in the lightweight division.

2014 NPC JR USA Women’s Bodybuilding – Heavyweight
1. Michelle Shebloski
2. Karen Pratt
3. Jessica McKenzie

2014 NPC JR USA Women’s Bodybuilding – Lightweight
1. Jeany Walker

Fitness awarded the overall winner with IFBB Pro status and Kristine Duba earned that honor.

2014 NPC JR USA Fitness – Class A
1. Kristine Duba
2. Brittany WHite
3. Chrissy Smith
4. Ashley Perry
5. Stacy Curcio

2014 NPC JR USA Fitness – Class B
1. Sommer DuBose
2. Nicolette Spencer
3. Alissa Carpio
4. Megan Ruane
5. Erica McClosky
6. Barbie Thomas
DNF – Chika Aluka

Danielle Mastromatteo won the B Class and took home the overall crown. The win earned her IFBB Pro status along with Michelle Jin who also left Charleston with IFBB Pro Status.

1. Michelle Jin
2. Jill Vadala
3. Rocio Guillen
4. Michelle Davis
5. Katie Chin
6. Marnee Winn
7. Justine Anselone
8. Gillian Ward
9. Allison Schmohl
10. Toni Wheeler
11. Cassie Kline
12. Janelle Ucci
13. Iramis Portero
14. Wendy Gerkman
15. Cheryl Shelby
16. Ariella Palumbo
16. Stephanie Ashton
16. Christine Oxley
16. Erin Elliott
16. Melissa Barbicas
16. Nichole Williams
16. Virginia Grabowski
16. Kayla Williams
16. Laura Zuniga

1. Danielle Mastromatteo
2. April Long
3. Sharee Davis
4. Shayann Schuessler
5. Stacia Woods
6. Keisha Surratt
7. Brandi Hensley
8. Amanda Kinnaird
9. Kimberly Rieck
10. Angie Bryan
11. Zelphia Whitfield
12. Melissa Hong
13. Jessica Giblin
14. Jamie Chizmar
15. Erin Knecht
16. Abbe Hockaday
16. Alma Agic
16. Shannon Burns
16. Christina Carney
16. Danelle Dison
16. Tanya Nordick
16. Abby Thompson
16. Melia Tyndall
16. Evonne White


Lauren Hoskins, Queenie Pe Benito & Whitney Wiser left Charleston, South Carolina as your newest IFBB Bikini Pros. Lauren won the F Class and the overall title and will head to the IFBB Pro League. Each class winner is compared for the overall title and at this show three of six class winners are awarded pro status. Other shows the height class winners achieve pro status and in some instances the top two. Congratulations to all who stepped on stage!

2014 npc jr usa bikini

1. Queenie Pe Benito
2. Arlene Oliva
3. Sarah Brown
4. Je Williams
5. Katherine Alcantara
6. Josie Rivera
7. Anh Souza
8. Amanda Gable
9. Lauren Triani
10. Harmony Cannon
11. Justine Feril
12. Kayla Le
13. Kalin Cooper
14. Samantha Nazzaro
15. Rumbidzai Cunningham
16. Brea Sharron
16. Millah Jackson
16. Theresa Randazzo
16. Libertine Venzuela

1. Kellie Maestrey
2. Michelle Mikin
3. Erica Calix
4. Elizabeth Yisrael
5. Christine Ortiz
6. Danielle Revelette
7. Celeste Santos
8. Maria DiNello
9. Tatum Freeman
10. Malgorzata Nawracaj
11. Laura Beasley
12. Theresa Rini
13. Annely Taylor
14. Tumeke Allen
15. Lindsey Fowler
16. Elizabeth Jameson
16. Halani Lobdell

1. Danielle Enriqez
2. Maizee Demske
3. Jasmine Bryant
4. Elisa Tavara
5. Jennifer Ronzitti
6. Teresa Jackson- Gittens
7. Michelle Boyden
8. Celeste Shaffer
9. Dianet Pereda
10. Kandice Wagner
11. Monica Marie
12. Brittany McIntyre
13. Laura Rodriguez
14. Wendy Ellis
15. Cassidy Cintron
16. Amanda Patterson
16. Ashley Jay
16. Christi Gordan
16. Deborah McElrath
16. Georgiana Hardy
16. Heather Rickard
16. Melissa Burks
16. Natoshia Coleman
16. Jordan Moore
16. Kathryn Mantone
16. Kelly Schreck
16. Marissa Larson
16. Sasha Hocter
16. Paige Tarloski
16. Ronica Sorice
16. Sarah Mathis
16. Shannon Syphus
16. Sophia Low

1. Ashley Gonzales
2. Amanda May
3. Candace Harrison
4. Andrea Reese
5. Haley Davis
6. Beth Hall
7. Tara Koenke
8. Lindsay Nutter
9. Mary Capuao
10. Ashley Cavitt
11. Jennifer Fritts
12. Simona Stoianova
13. Brigitte Calhoun
14. Marina Contos
15. Vanessa Marrero
16. Alexandra Oliveira
16. Andrea DiGiammarino
16. Haley Bye
16. Brittany Rogers
16. Salle Horner
16. Estrellita Caligiuri
16. Christina Galanaris
16. Danielle Levine
16. Jenna Smith
16. Katherine Jones
16. Kimberly Brown
16. Latorya Dopson
16. Justine Moore
16. Leah Hill
16. Melisa Arredondo
16. Rachel Wilbanks

1. Whitney Wiser
2. Meghan Duncan
3. Ashley Tomaseski
4. Taylor Anderson
5. Johnnie Borries
6. Hope Beel
7. Cheyenne Pitts
8. Kyla Bowron
9. Erika Gerstner
10. Kim Robertson
11. Jamie Teal
12. Emily Weiss
13. Gissella Martinez
14. Nikkilette Wright
15. Daynah Wahlberg
16. Shannon Dahlberg
16. Danielle Hoover
16. Laura Horne

1. Lauren Hoskins
2. Brittany Taylor
3. Mikayla Wingle
4. Katie Henley
5. LeJean Morrow
6. Lisa Smiling
7. Cassandra Marshall
8. Natali Rodriguaz
9. Karlie Grooms
10. Rachel Cables
11. Courtney Walston
12. Becky Greene
13. Candice Stewart
14. Andrea Maguire
15. Jennifer Galloway
16. Andrea Royal
16. Lindsay Albrant
16. Tracy Grant
16. Michelle Barnes
16. Emily Herrington
16. Jenna Petraglia
16. Karen Kennedy
16. Katyrna Solley
16. Mason Nowaski
16. Aubrey Scott
16. Nicole Markovic
16. Nina Holbeck
16. Taylor Stadaccino

2014 NPC JR USA FIGURE Results

The 2014 NPC JR USA was the first pro qualifier of the year. Brook Cook was crowned the overall figure champion at this year’s event. Also graduating to the pro league are Lacy Smith and Andreana Cornelisse.

npc jr usa figure

1. Nicole Phinney
2. Tiffany Stone
3. Jennifer Everson
4. Christal Churchhill
5. Milva Galati
6. Missie McLagan
7. Jennifer Nacoal Stone

1. Lacy Smith
2. Sekela Rodriguez
3. Rebekah Tervin
4. Marlissa Jordan
5. Brooke Merritt
6. Tiffany Taylor
7. Margie Evans
8. Carol Smith
9. Christine Crocco
10. Alkedra Tyler
11. Calle Vanni
12. Elizabeth Bradshaw
13. Brenda Gomez

1. Jerrica Thomas
2. Cara Hammond
3. Kimberly Jones
4. Karin Wood
5. Jessica Lowery
6. Chioma Uwasomba
7. Mishon Shore
8. Marianne Mills
9. April Anderson
10. Fey Hackett
11. Amber Sparling
12. Kim Haines
13. Zory Tolstov
14. Courtney Edwards
15. Jessica Delvalle
16. Melitta Simons
16. Janet Brown
16. Angela Christo
16. Christi Shaw
16. Topaz Good
16. Lakisha Hayes
16. Lisa Reid
16. Angela Kegler
16. Jessica Smith

1. Andreana Cornelissen
2. Taylor Turner
3. LaMardra Juliana
4. Jessica Valencia
5. Ashley Nordman
6. Carli Terepka
7. Sarah Johnson
8. Syndi Wisniewski
9. Leslie McKenzie
10. Paula Zuliani
11. Courtney Ritch
12. Amy Cathcart
13. Andrea Hughes
14. Erika Anderson
15. Paula Hornback
16. Amy Patterson
16. Harmony Zaird
16. Fatimah Ray
16. Shelley Hancock
16. Bianca Ruiz
16. Graham Ervin
16. Clarissa Spear

1. Brook Cook
2. Megan Olson
3. Valerie Solomon
4. Tracy Meinhart
5. Kristi Yarter
6. Whitney Mialkowski
7. Venetia Houser
8. Holly Nelson
9. Denise Holloway
10. Dorinda Melly
11. Jessica Blalak
12. Jill Soscia
13. Debbie Cox
14. Danielle Arnette
15. Shannon Labrador

1. Kate Grevey
2. Tara Ramos
3. Rebecca Mitchell
4. Leila Archer
5. Kim Frempong
6. Yelena Olshanskaya
7. Victoria Hamm
8. JoAnna Hogan
9. Samantha Cook
10. Alexandria Berriman
11. Britani Short
12. Dana Nicole Mauro
13. Holly Hatcher
14. Abonee Parker
15. Erika Singleton
16. Kimberly Chuberko
16. Lydia Law
16. Syreeta Walker
16. Amexia Harris

2014 IFBB California Pro Figure Results

Camala Rodriquez continued her winning ways over the weekend at the 2014 IFBB California Pro Figure contest. The win was her third consecutive victory this month. She kicked things off with a victory in Pittsburgh, followed it up with another win in New York and ended the run with a victory in California. We’ll likely see her sit out until the Olympia where she’ll look to make a run at the top spot there.

Camala Rodriquez

Sasha Brown bounced back after a disappointing finish in Dallas. The second place finish puts her in the top spots for the Olympia Point Series. Rounding out the top three was Latorya Watts who has incredible shape with a tiny waist.

Tamara Sedleck took home the top spot in the Masters Figure contest. Tamara continues to improve and has positioned herself as a top 10 competitor in shows. Look for her to be in the mix at future competitions.

2014 IFBB California Pro Figure Results
1. Camala Rodriguez
2. Sasha Brown
3. Latorya Watts
4. Shalako Bradberry
5. Julie Mayer
6. Zsuzsanna Toldi
7. Tamara Sedlack
8. Karen Noorlun
9. Monica Labriola
10. Dawn Fernandez
11. Erin Harding
12. Kimberly Dickson
13. Alessandra Pinheiro
14. Bojana Vasiljevic
15. Jill St.Laurent
15. Victoria Adelus
16. Angela Coleman
16. Jessica Curry
16. Jennifer Iritano
16. Gretchen Lichtenstein
16. Christina Mehling
16. Lisandra McGrath
16. Alissa Parker
16. Nicole Kupser
16. Sandie Kight
16. Meg Kruse
16. Melissa Smith
16. Betty Vasquez

2014 IFBB California Pro Masters Figure Results
1. Tamara Sedlack
2. Karen Noorlun
3. Monica Labriola
4. Dawn Fernandez
5. Kimberly Dickson
6. Ginette Delhaes
7. Betty Vasquez
8. Jessica Curry
9. Melissa Smith
10. Sandie Kight
11. Meg Kruse
12. Gretchen Lichtenstein
13. Lisandra McGrath
14. Christina Mehling

2014 IFBB Optimum Classic Pro Women’s Physique Results & Scores

Samantha Hill took home her first pro victory over the weekend at the 2014 IFBB Optimum Classic Pro Women’s Physique. This was Samantha’s highest finish since turning pro at the 2012 NPC USAs. The win qualifies her for the second annual Women’s Physique Olympia in Las Vegas, Nevada later this summer. Coming in second was Rachel Baker from Lutherville, Maryland. Rachel edged out one of the fan favorites, Kraina Nascimento by one point.

optimim pro

Rounding out the top five were Leonie Rose in fourth and Jill Rudison in fifth. The Women’s Physique competition heads north to Toronto, Canada for the next competition.

2014 IFBB Optimum Classic Pro Women’s Physique Results & Scores
Placing – Name – Points
1. Samantha Hill – 3
2. Rachel Baker – 7
3. Karina Nascimento – 8
4. Leonie Rose – 12
5. Jill Rudison – 15
6. Beni Lopez – 18
7. Evangeline Belton – 23
8. Marina Lopez – 25
9. Eva Pagcnik – 25
10. Candrea Judd Adams – 32
11. Ida Sefland – 33
12. Tish Shelton – 35
13. Susan Grahm – 40
14. Asha Hadley – 41
15. Jessica Gaines – 46
16. Leila Thompson – 47
16. Joy Henderson – 48
16. Stacy Simons McDowell – 48
16. Frida Palmell – 48
16. Sandra Lombardo – 48

2014 IFBB BODY POWER Pro Figure Results

The 2014 IFBB BODY POWER Pro Figure results are in and Zsuzsanna Toldi from Hungary took top honors. Coming in second was Amanda Doherty and rounding out the top three was Louise Rogers. The win qualifies Zsuzanna for the Figure Olympia held in Las Vegas, Nevada later this summer. She shared a photo on her twitter account after her win…

2014 IFBB BODY POWER Pro Figure Results
1. Zsuzsanna Toldi
2. Amanda Doherty
3. Louise Rogers
4. Ann Pratt
5. Lynsey Beattie
6. Kati Alander
7. Maria Jose Garcia Sanchez
8. Giada Simari
9. Ninamarie Richter
10. Anniken Froyslie
11. Mette Ulseth
12. Pia Marlen Johnsen
13. Kizzy Vaines

2014 IFBB New York Pro Women’s Physique Results & Review

Juliana Malacarne remains undefeated as a women’s physique pro, at least in New York. She went into the 2014 IFBB New York Pro Women’s Physique competition as the favorite and she delivered with flying colors. This was the third time she’s won the New York Pro and there was no question she was the deserved winner. Will she carry that momentum to a win at the Olympia this September? We’ll have to wait and see on that but here’s the skinny on this year’s New York Pro Women’s Physique competition.

women physique results

Juliana was a bit tighter at this show than she was in Dallas the week prior. It’s likely she wasn’t at her best in Dallas due to cancelled flights and delays getting to the contest. She had the luxury of not flying for this contest and it showed. Juliana carries more muscle than many of the other competitors in the division but dare I say it’s a “pretty” look to her muscle. She’s downsized a bit from last year and will look to get into the top spot come Olympia time in a few months. No disrespect to the other women in this show but it was Juliana and everyone else.

Shawna Pringle has to be stoked with her finish as this was her IFBB Pro debut. She has nice shape and a good look for the division. If I was to nitpick, I’d say I wasn’t crazy about the suit cut on her bottoms from the back. Look for her to be a contender in future shows.

Fabiola Boulanger took home third place and had a solid showing. She carries a bit more muscle than Shawna but doesn’t have quite the shape she does. When she poses straight on her waist looks a little wide but from the side / twisting poses she hides it well.

Olga Beliakova finished in the top five for the first time in her pro career and was improved from her Dallas appearance. She has some crazy baseball sized biceps and as one of the shorter competitors has to come in a bit leaner than others. She has a nice look and has fun on stage which is refreshing. No one wants to flat footed angry posers and Olga does a good job of posing on her toes, something more Women’s Physique competitors should do.

Mascha Tieken brought an improved physique to the stage and it paid off with a fifth place finish. She came in a bit leaner than she had before and it suited her well. If she enters more competitions this year you’ll see her in the top spots once again.


2014 IFBB New York Pro Women’s Physique Results
1. Juliana Malacarne
2. Shawna Pringle
3. Fabiola Boulanger
4. Olga Beliakova
5. Mascha Tieken
6. Gloria Faulls
7. Orlandina Balan
8. Eva Pogacnik
9. Teresita Morales
10. Jill Rudison
11. Sheena Ohlig
12. Karen Gatto
13. Alicia Spearman
14. Amie Francisco
15. Nahiany Berbet Nery
16. Ida Sefland
16. Tracy Weller

2014 IFBB New York Pro Figure Results and Review

The 2014 IFBB New York Pro Figure showcased a number of competitors however the judges had their hands full with what they were presented with. We saw some women with more vascularity than the male bodybuilders and others who left you wondering where they had turned pro.

Heading into the show it appeared to be a three woman race with the favorites (at least on paper) being Heather Dees, Camala Rodriquez and Genn Strobo. Based on previous shows and finishes Heather Dees was the one to beat. Things didn’t quite shake out that way.

new york pro figure

Camala Rodriquez was better than what we saw in Pittsburgh earlier this month but still not at her all-time best. She had the best shape and symmetry in the show and that deservedly put her in the winner’s circle. She’ll need to be a bit tighter at the Olympia if she hopes to be in the top three. Overall not a bad show for her and she was head and shoulders above the rest in this field. Look for her to make it three wins in a row if she heads to California for the Cal Pro.

Genn Strobo appeared a bit over depleted and tired on stage. I’m not a big fan of the dark makeup around the eyes and it make her appear even more drawn in than she was. She has to watch her vascularity on stage especially in her shoulders. I know it’s a timing thing with her and she has a fast metabolism so one minute she can appear flat and the others she’s full and vascular. Genetically, she doesn’t have the same flow to her physique as some of the other competitors but has steadily improved since turning pro. She’s not qualified for the Olympia yet so we’ll see her on stage again. I like her with longer hair (like she had here) and her suit was gorgeous.

Laurie Green finished in third and has to be ecstatic with her placing. She was just two points away from finishing in the runner-up spot. I like the fullness she brought to the stage last year but it’s hard to argue with her improved placings. She has a noticeably downsized physique and the judges have been rewarding her new look. She’s was a bit smaller in her quads and shallow in her upper chest compared to Camala but held her own. If she continues to add some width to her back and brings up her quads up in size she’ll continue to be in the mix. Overall a great finish for Laurie.

Andrea Calhoun finished in fourth and continues to improve. She’s one of the shorter competitors but has great shape and hangs with the taller gals. If she continues to improve her posing and presentation she’ll be a contender for the top five in future shows. Andrea tends to present a little lopsided and lean too far forward when posing her back. She doesn’t need to add any more size to her quads and could have been a tad tighter in her glutes and hamstrings.

Beckie Boddie rounded out the top five. She brought a fair amount of muscle to the stage and a bit too vascular in my opinion. This was her highest finish as a pro. We’ll see if she can duplicate t his finish in future competitions.

Kelly Keiser showed promise in her pro debut with a sixth place finish. She’ll need to continue to add size to her frame to move up but overall a good showing. Elissa Martis has a ton of potential. She finished in seventh at this show and I wouldn’t have argued if she was in the top five. She just needs to streamline her physique a bit but overall she’s one to watch in the months ahead.

Overall the competition was a bit lackluster. Some of the women came in way too hard and overly conditioned. The judges should see striations in a Figure competitor’s glutes. A few competitors looked like they were ready to transition into the bikini division. The judges were faced with trying to place a field of competitors with a variety of looks. Yes, this is often the case however this show was more than I’ve seen in quite some time.

What about Dees? Heather was way off. She knew it and you could see it on her face when she took the stage. She finished out of the top ten for the first time in over 3 years. Earlier this year (in March), Heather placed second at the Figure International and the Australian Pro. The drastic drop to 14th at this show was a surprise to everyone. Something clearly didn’t go as planned. She’ll likely take some time off to regroup before the Olympia. She’ll likely enter a show before the Figure Olympia to regain some momentum.


2014 IFBB New York Pro Figure Results
1. Camala Rodriguez
2. Gennifer Strobo
3. Laurie Green
4. Andrea Calhoun
5. Beckie Boddie
6. Kelly Keiser
7. Elissa Martis
8. Annette Mendez
9. Georgina Lona
10. Andrea Cantone
11. Patty Zariello
12. Rinnah Schmid
13. Tara Chandler
14. Heather Dees
15. Diana Schnaidt
16. Maria Allegro
16. Laurel Bickford
16. Kim Clark
16. Laura Davies
16. Erin Ehrlich
16. Robynn Europe
16. Sidibe Khoudiedji
16. Elizabeth Maurice
16. Lisandra McGrath
16. Christina Mehling
16. Tamara Sedlack
16. Jill St.Laurent
16. Tamen Stuve
16. Katerina Tarbox
16. Magdalena Wilk

Yeshaira Robles Repeats – 2014 IFBB New York Pro Bikini Results

The New York Pro always showcases the top competitors in the IFBB Bikini division and this year was no different. The reigning Ms Bikini Olympia and Bikini International champ, Ashley Kaltwasser had been on a hot streak and seemed unbeatable, at least on paper heading into this show. Yeshaira Robles was the defending New York Pro champ and coming off a win at the Pittsburgh Pro earlier this month. When it came to the finals, Yeshaira and Ashley were the last two women standing.

2014 IFBB New York Pro Bikini Results

The results played out just like last year, at least for the top two spots, and Yeshaira retained her New York Pro title. She has natural stage presence and comes across as sexy and sassy without it being over the top. She adds a little cutesy smile and you can’t help but smile with the energy she brings to the stage. Yeshaira is the epitome of class and one of the pros up and coming bikini competitors should look to on how to present themselves. She has to feel confident heading into the Olympia later this summer.

Ashley wasn’t quite as sharp as we’ve seen her in previous shows but she wasn’t too far off what we’ve seen in the past. She seems a bit nervous at times when she presents herself and her posing/walking in heels could use a bit of work. She has an athletic physique but lacks the energy some of the other women do on stage. At this point in her pro career, I’d like to see her with a bit more energy and be in the moment when on stage. Still a second place finish is nothing to be disappointed in. She was second at this show last year and like last year lost by a narrow margin to Yeshaira.

In third place was Stephanie Mahoe. Stephanie was definitely better than her Pittsburgh appearance earlier this month. She had trouble with her tanning at some shows but it wasn’t an issue here. Stephanie didn’t seem like she was having fun on stage and her presentation was good but lacked energy. I’d like to see her with a bit more sass and enjoy herself rather than just go through the motions.

Stacey Alexander was a bit off from what we’ve seen from her in previous shows. She was tighter at her Pittsburgh appearance where she finished second. Stacey has positioned herself as a top five competitor in every show she enters. The little details have been fixed like her hair and makeup. If she sticks with what works on those all she needs to do is bring a tighter booty and she’s good to go.

Lacey Deluca was much tighter than we’ve seen in previous shows and cursed (or blessed depending on your point of view) with a booty. The only thing that took me back was how drawn in her face was. She’ll need to watch that in future shows as the drawn in face flies with bodybuilders but not so much with bikini competitors. She continues to improve and as long as she keeps doing that she’ll be in the mix. A top five finish in this lineup is a solid placing for her.

A few of my personal favorites…
I like the look Belinda Kiriakou from Canada brings to the stage. She ditched the excessive hands through the hair pose she had in Dallas but still needs to work on her presentation. There’s a timing to it and she tends to hit a couple too many poses and stays on stage longer than others. She carries a bit more muscle than some of the other women but overall she has a great look.

Antanique Landry has a look that separates her from the rest of the competitors. She’s beautiful and has some of the best hair in the division. I love that she went with the natural look versus straightening it. If she brings her legs down in size just a bit you will see her move up. She’s definitely one to watch in future shows.

Amy Updike has a great physique and I like that she doesn’t cover up her tattoos. If she improves her posing from the back just a bit she’ll move up in the placings. I like her potential and the more stage time she gets the more she’ll improve.

Sabrina Nicole brought her best to the stage and it may have been a bit too much for the judges. She has a rock’n set of abs and while I’m a fan of the look it didn’t resonate with the judges this time around. She’s a taller competitor so I don’t think she needs the super thick heels she was sporting but hey what do I know?

See contest photos here.

2014 IFBB New York Pro Bikini Results
1. Yeshaira Robles
2. Ashley Kaltwasser
3. Stephanie Mahoe
4. Stacey Alexander
5. Lacey DeLuca
6. Narmin Assria
7. Belinda Kiriakou
8. Angeles Burke
9. Callie Bundy
10. Vladimira Krasova
11. Antanique Landry
12. Anna Starodubtseva
13. Breanne Hensman
14. Francine Slobodnik
15. Jade Carroll
16. Maria Annunziata
16. Yarishna Ayala
16. Chaundra Bagwell
16. Danielle Carr
16. Marcela Cabral
16. Becky Clawson
16. Rachelle Dejean
16. Diana Graham
16. Joanne Holden
16. Amira Lamb
16. Jana Majernikova
16. Sabrina Nicole
16. Jessica Renee
16. Amy Updike
16. Nissan Weaver

2014 IFBB Emerald Cup Pro Women’s Physique Results

Sabrina Taylor continues her winning ways with her second victory in a row this season. She’ll be back on stage this Fall looking to move up into the top Olympia spot. This was the first time Pro Women’s Physique has been held at the Emerald Cup. Coming in second was Roxie Beckles and in third was Erica Blockman. Tanji Johnson locked in 4th for her Women’s Physique debut and rounding out the top five was Venus Nguyen.

2014 IFBB Emerald Cup Pro Women’s Physique Results
1. Sabrina Taylor
2. Roxie Beckles
3. Erica Blockman
4. Tanji Johnson
5. Venus Nguyen
6. Katerina Kyptova
7. Jacklyn Abrams-Sutton
8. Cinzia Clapp
9. Michelle Krack
10. Susan Graham
11. Valentina Chepiga
12. Stephanie Willes
13. Loan Leonard
14. Kimberly Kosmas
15. Ann Gannon
16. Tammy Ross

2014 Arnold Classic Brazil Fitness Results & Review

The second annual Arnold Classic Brasil took place on Saturday, April 26, 2014 in Rio de Janiero. Eleven IFB Fitness pros made the trip to Rio in hopes of qualifying for the Fitness Olympia and shaking Arnold’s hand. The competition had no clear cut favorite heading into the show which made for an exciting competition.

2014 Arnold Fitness Brasil

2014 Arnold Classic Brazil Fitness Results & Review

The first round of competition was the two-piece swimsuit held during the prejudging portion of the show, directly after the men’s competition. It was clear that Bethany Cisternino would be your winner with the most balanced physique and just the right amount of conditioning. Second in the physique round was Whitney Jones who was one of the most muscular competitors in the show and drastically more conditioned than Cisternino. Whitney was tighter from the backside than she has been in previous competitions. She definitely doesn’t need to add any more muscle to her frame. An argument could have been made for Danielle Ruban or Marta Aguilar to be in the second place spot as they weren’t as muscular as Whitney. It was close on the judges score sheets for the first round with Marta in third, Danielle fourth and Regiane da Silva in fifth. A distant sixth was defending champion Ryall Graber who wasn’t as sharp as she needed to be with her conditioning.


ROUTINE ROUND / Final Placings
Bethany Cisternino took top honors on the judges’ score sheets in the routine round. While it wasn’t her cleanest routine but she demonstrated great strength and conditioning throughout the routine. Bethany’s gymnastic background shines when she performs and the consistent routine combined with an on point physique earned her the victory. I had no problem with this decision and how I saw it from the front row as well. It was a well deserved win. Bethany shared with me after the show that she will not be competing again until the Olympia and despite having a few challenges while in Brazil, she was pleased with the outcome.

Regiane Da Silva‘s high energy and high flying routine moved her up into the runner-up position. If she was a bit closer to Bethany in the physique round she may have pushed her for the win but a solid showing in second place. Regiane continues to refine her physique and her routines are always action packed.

Danielle Ruban finished in third after a solid routine. She performs with a smile and always seems like she is having fun. It’s something other competitors should take note on. No one wants to see an angry poser and Danielle is definitely not that. She had a number of strength moves and demonstrated great endurance from start to finish. This was one of Danielle’s best showings and arguably her best as a pro competitor.

Whitney Jones was in a solid second place heading into the routine round however had to settle for fourth. No shame in fourth at the second annual Arnold Classic Brasil. Whitney’s routine didn’t flow quite as well as some of the others but she did have a number of strength moves throughout. If she ditches some of the dancing in the routine and adds a bit more flow to it she should move up. A solid showing from her though.

Ryall Graber had a good routine which helped move her up into 5th. It wasn’t repeat performance she had last year but she still performed a good routine. Missing seemed to be the energy we’ve seen from Ryall in the past and she didn’t appear quite as amped up as usual in her routine round. She has a number of strength moves but they didn’t quite have the snap and crispness she’s capable of. The judges scored her routine the third best in the lineup.

Rounding out the money spots, in sixth place was Marta Aguiar from Uruguay. Marta has the potential to be one of the top competitors in the division. When she refines her physique just a bit and adds a few more strength moves to her routine you’ll see her move up into the top three. I like the look she brought to the stage and the potential she has. An impressive pro debut for Marta after competing as an amateur in this year’s Arnold in Columbus, Ohio.

Another competitor to keep your eye on in the future is Melinda Szabo. She needs a bit of refining on her physique and just a few minor tweaks to her routine’s flow but overall she stands out. I would have had Melinda in the top 6 but she finished in 8th. I like her look, great energy on stage and she has fun.

2014 Arnold Classic Brasil Fitness Results
1. Bethany Cisternino
2. Regiane Da Silva
3. Danielle Ruban
4. Whitney Jones
5. Ryall Graber
6. Marta Aguiar
7. Diana Monteiro
8. Melinda Szabo
9. Amanda Hatfield
10. Tiffany Chandler
11. Babbette Mulford

2014 IFBB Emerald Cup Pro Figure Results

IFBB Figure Pro Dana Ambrose took home her second pro win at the 2014 IFBB Emerald Cup. She beat out a competitive field to return to the Olympia for the second year in a row. Coming in second was Julie Mayer and rounding out the top three was Wendy Fortino. Wendy bounced back after being out of the top spots at the Governor’s Cup held earlier this year. Sasha Brown continues to be a threat to the top five in every show she enters and finished in fourth.

2014 IFBB Emerald Cup Pro Figure Results
1. Dana Ambrose
2. Julies Mayer
3. Wendy Fortino
4. Sasha Brown
5. Monica Labriola
6. Krista Dunn
7. Rosayln Dudding
8. Rose Hendricks
9. Kiana Phi
10. Victoria Adelus
11. Dawn Fernandez
12. Mayla Ash
13. Tammy Bravomalo
14. Bojana Vasiljevic-obradovic
15. Tara Chandler
16. Leah Berti
17. Meredith Berthelson
18. Erin Harding
18. Francesca Lauren
18. Amber Leon
18. Michelle Mayberry
18. Erin Oakie
18. Nicole Sims


The 2014 NPC Europa Orlando contest was held in conjunction with the IFBB Pro Europa Super Show of Champions on April 12th. A number of promising competitors took the the stage in hopes of qualifying for the National level events. Monica Marie took top honors in the Bikini division and Karin Wood went home with the overall Figure crown. Look for both of these women to make a run at pro status this year.


Figure - #73 Karin Wood
Bikini - #156 Monica MarieOVERALL MEN’S AWARDS
Mens Physique - #115 Jacques Dulce

Mens BB Open - #26 Sergio Fernandez
Novice BB - #211 Miguel Dorta
Women Fitness
Athletes’ Number Athletes’ Name Place
47 Mia Lanz 1
231 Taylor Cyphert 2
Women Physique A
Athletes’ Number Athletes’ Name Place
220 Jacqueline Garcia 1
42 Amanda Conomon 2
227 Falon Stacey 3
226 Magen Wooley 4
219 Rita People 5
41 Jessica Schrock 6
Women Physique Masters
Athletes’ Number Athletes’ Name Place
220 Jacqueline Garcia 1
219 Rita People 2


Women Bodybuilding Open 
Athletes’ Number Athletes’ Name Place
1 Ingrid Valentin 1


Women Figure Teen
Athletes’ Number Athletes’ Name Place
48 Natalia Abraham Coelho 1
49 Josie Toung 2


Women Figure A
Athletes’ Number Athletes’ Name Place
50 Barbie Titus 1
52 Michele Strickland 2
234 Colleen McGuire 3
51 Maria Martinova 4
233 Christina Diaz 5
53 Haven Hennessey 6
47 Mia Lanz 7
232 Cecilia Vallaro 8


Women Figure B
Athletes’ Number Athletes’ Name Place
73 Karin Wood 1
235 Jessica Rivera Ramos 2
58 Lauren Viola 3
54 Noelia Pina 4


Women Figure C
Athletes’ Number Athletes’ Name Place
63 Bonnie Peterson 1
59 Samantha Cohen 2
65 Linda Palonen 3
236 Hope Trask 4
57 Mariene Faria 5
64 Sarah Wengert 6
55 Evonne Archer 7
61 Amanda Wright 8
66 Ashley Niewiadomski 9


Women Figure D
Athletes’ Number Athletes’ Name Place
69 Denise Holloway 1
70 Mariana Coker 2
60 Erika Anderson 3
62 Amie Russell 4
237 Waleska Leal 5
74 Amanda O’Daniel 6
68 Michele Cuff 7
71 Devon Manny 8
72 Ashley Biehl 9
238 Lindsay Rodriguez 10
67 Kaitlyn Kuhn 11


Women FigureMasters  ( over 35 )
Athletes’ Number Athletes’ Name Place
69 Denise Holloway 1
234 Colleen McGuire 2
68 Michele Cuff 3
239 Jo Anne Hill 4
240 Tammy Eddy 5
232 Cecilia Vallaro 6
54 Noelia Pina 7
75 Gisselle Gutierrez 8


Women Figure Masters ( over 45 )
Athletes’ Number Athletes’ Name Place
76 Natalie Merritt 1
78 June Robins 2
79 Esther Strombeck 3
77 Lori Conn 4


Women Bikini Teen
Athletes’ Number Athletes’ Name Place
146 Katryna Solley 1
144 Cassidy Cintron 2
143 Lacey Dunn 3
147 Jade Mullin 4


Women Bikini A
Athletes’ Number Athletes’ Name Place
156 Monica Marie 1
162 Je Williams 2
151 Sandra Myers 3
163 Dani Milan 4
159 Meghan Schwartz 5
149 Leslie Maxwell 6
273 Kessia Riveria 7
154 Shey Webb 8
153 Jacqueline Amendola 9
165 Kendra Concepcion 10
168 Tamika Williams 11
152 Valencia Suprice 12
157 Gianna Masci 13
160 Lauren Hagwood 14
148 Yaleibis Florenzano 15
161 Rosalyn Flores 16


Women Bikini B
Athletes’ Number Athletes’ Name Place
173 Kayla Jindra 1
183 Shandy Ortiz 2
170 Angela Mills 3
144 Cassidy Cintron 4
182 Andrea Ortiz 5
143 Lacey Dunn 6
189 Marian Galang 7
174 Olmae Abanes 8
171 Ashley Swanstrom 9
275 Ashley Christine 10
169 Elizabeth Muniz 11
188 Ginelle Morales 12
147 Jade Mullin 13
276 Janettsy Chiszar 14
175 Gina Espinoza 15
209 Jessica Moss-Bechtold 16


Women Bikini C
Athletes’ Number Athletes’ Name Place
206 Catherine Radulic 1
184 Madeleine Conti 2
280 Manissa Danish 3
281 Lina Ceivaldo 4
187 Maci Parr 5
282 Abigail Gonzales 6
177 Jessica Fernandez 7
194 Ashley Marcolino 8
186 Raquelle Felder 9
278 Natasha Lackey 10
279 Grace Martinez 11
179 Shandi Tarvin 12
178 Brittany Cavicchia 13
176 Stephanie Wisnieske 14
180 Dominique Baca-Lomanitz 15
191 Crystal Haynes 16


Women Bikini D
Athletes’ Number Athletes’ Name Place
287 Jessica Boninconiri 1
203 Erika Gerstner 2
196 Ana Morales 3
146 Katryna Solley 4
200 Shannon Pace 5
284 Becky McNichols 6
201 Kristin Wrinkle 7
199 Cathryn Miller 8
286 Brenna Cockrell 9
208 Susan Koprash 10
285 Stacey McGregor 11
193 Jenna Crawford 12
197 Dominique DelGuidice 13
288 Jamine Campbell 14
198 Kristen Eimer 15


Women Bikini Masters
Athletes’ Number Athletes’ Name Place
290 Elisa Tavara 1
206 Catherine Radulic 2
151 Sandra Myers 3
207 Lucia Owens 4
289 Madelene Bermudez 5
161 Rosalyn Flores 6
199 Cathryn Miller 7
181 Daynah Wahlberg 8
279 Grace Martinez 9
153 Jacqueline Amendola 10
208 Susan Koprash 11
205 Arodis Machado 12
204 Melessa Handy 13

Visit for upcoming Europa Sports events this year.

2014 IFBB Texas Shredderbuilt Pro Bikini Results

2014 IFBB Texas Shredderbuilt Pro Bikini results are in and Colorado’s Sandi Forsythe left with the win. The victory punches her ticket to the 2014 Olympia held in September. In second was Kelsie Burgin from Plano, Texas and rounding out the top three was Lindsay Oxford.

2014 IFBB Texas Shredderbuilt Pro Bikini Results
1. Sandi Forsythe
2. Kelsie Burgin
3. Lindsay Oxford
4. Marcela Cabral
5. Shemika Speights
6. Camille Periat
7. Francesca Lauren
8. Yasmin Ali
9. Ashriel Osgood
10. Joanne Holden
11. Kamilah Powell
12. Samantha Morris

2014 IFBB Europa Show of Champions Results

The 2014 IFBB Europa Show of Champions Results are in and Sarah LeBlanc continued her winning ways in the Bikini division. This was Sarah’s second win in a row, coming off a win at the St. Louis Pro. She was the unanimous choice on the judges’ scoresheet. Coming in second was Lacey DeLuca who continues to bring an improved look to the stage. Rounding out the prize money spots was California’s Jessica Arevalo in third.

2014 IFBB Europa Show of Champions Results

View photos from the show.

2014 IFBB Europa Show of Champions Bikini Results
1. Sarah LeBlanc
2. Lacey DeLuca
3. Jessica Arevalo
4. Dayna Maleton
5. Stephanie Mahoe
6. Yarishna Ayala
7. Jessica Renee
8. Taylor Jade Carroll
9. Stefanie Bambrough
10. Lisette Howard
11. Candyce Graham
12. Michelle Lewin
13. Jennifer Dawn
14. Ashley Pfaff
15. Nicole Coleman
16. Bernadett Matassa
16. Taylor Gallagher

Frances Mendez took home the top spot and an Olympia qualification in the process. Joele Smith and Leonie Rose tied for second and third but Joele got the nod in the tie-breaker. Danielle Reardon finished in fourth and Gloria Faulls rounded out the top five.

2014 IFBB Europa Show of Champions Women’s Physique Results
1. Frances Mendez
2. Joele Smith
3. Leonie Rose
4. Danielle Reardon
5. Gloria Faulls
6. Jeannea Burritt
7. Lisa Grasso
8. Catherine Hernon-Schaumleffel
9. Jessica Bowman
10. Danielle Balbino
11. Hannah Hallman
12. Tracy Weller
13. Rose Duvigneaud
14. Sherri Gray

2014 IFBB Europa Show of Champions Men’s Physique Results
1. Jason Poston
2. Michael Anderson
3. Michael Ferguson
4. Steve Mousharbash
5. Jeff Seid
6. David Breaux
7. George Brown
8. Brian Hay
9. Stephen Mass
10. Travales Blount
11. Andre Adams
12. Tony Torres
13. Deniz Duygulu
14. Reuben Gordon
15. Reynaldo Pickwoad
16. Aaron O’Connell
16. Anthony Brigman
16. Anton Antipov
16. Burton Hughes
16. Capriese Murray
16. David Velazquez
16. Douglas Peaney
16. Duane Brickhouse
16. Geobanny Paula
16. Jermaine Ward
16. Jim Holcomb
16. Joe Cantu
16. John Arterberry
16. Josh Bowmar
16. Justin Busiere
16. Ken Settepani
16. Murat Demir
16. Sheridan Hause
16. Victor Ruiz
16. Victor Clark
16. William Sullivan

2014 IFBB Europa Show of Champions Men’s Bodybuilding Results
1. Justin Compton
2. Jonathan Delarosa
3. Fred Smalls
4. Daniel Toth
5. Eddy Wilson
6. Ben White
7. An Nguyen
8. Marius Dohne
9. Clarence DeVis
10. Keith Williams
11. Lloyd Dollar
12. Malcolm Marshall
13. Rudy Richards
14. Saiid Kamara
15. Nathan Wonsley

View photos from the show.

Janet Layug Wins 2014 IFBB Battle on The Beach Pro Bikini Results

The 2014 IFBB Battle on the Beach played out as most thought it would at least for the most part. Janet Layug, competing in just her second pro show, took home top honors and a ticket to the Bikini Olympia contest. Janet took top honors at the 2013 NPC Nationals and quickly became a fan favorite. She finished 8th in her pro debut earlier this month but she faced the best in the division at the Bikini International.

Janet Layug

Look for Janet to be in the hunt for the top spot again in a couple weeks when she competes at the Orlando Europa. She’s one of the taller competitors and can hold her own at the Olympia if she continues to fill out her frame. Coming in second was Stephanie Mahoe and in doing so collected more points towards the Olympia Series. Angeles Burke was third and Callie Bundy finished 4th in her pro debut. Rounding out the top five was Jessica Renee. Surprisingly not at her best was Michelle Lewin who had beaten Janet last year when the two were amateurs but missed the top 5 this time around.

Just four women entered the Pro Masters Bikini and Amira Lamb left with the win. Janet Lynn West was second, Nathalie Mur third and in fourth was Michon Leddy.

2014 IFBB Battle on the Beach Pro Bikini Results
1. Janet Layug
2. Stephanie Mahoe
3. Angeles Burke
4. Callie Bundy
5. Jessica Renee
6. Noemi Olah
7. Gigi Amaurao
8. Alexa Hotaling
9. Michelle Lewin
10. Asia Mendoza
11. Amira Lamb
12. Bernadett Matassa
13. Nathalie Mur
14. Michon Leddy
15. Stafanie Bambrough
16. Kamilah Powell

2014 IFBB Battle on the Beach Pro Bikini Masters Results
1. Amira Lamb
2. Janet Lynn West
3. Nathalie Mur
4. Michon Ledd

Next up for the IFBB Pro Bikini women is the Orlando Europa in two weeks.

SHOCKER in Sacramento – 2014 IFBB Governor’s Cup Pro Figure Results

The women of the IFBB Pro Figure division were back on stage in Sacramento, CA. The 2014 Governor’s Cup had 27 women in the show but only one would punch their ticket to the Olympia stage. The odds-on favorite heading into the show was Vegas resident Mallory Haldeman. Haldeman, at least on paper, was the one to beat having finished fifth at the 2013 Olympia and before that had two back-to-back wins. When the top five placings were announced many were shocked.

sacramento results

Jessica Graham was crowned your 2014 Governor’s Cup Pro Figure winner. Who is Jessica Graham? Great question.

This was Jessica’s IFBB Pro debut and flew under the radar to most, myself included. She put together an impressive amateur resume over the years before turning pro last summer. Graham turned pro at the 2013 NPC USAs last July by winning the C height class. She was the 2012 NPC Contra Costa Champion and took first at the 2009 NPC Sacramento. The win qualifies her for the 2014 Olympia in Las Vegas. Congrats to Jessica on doing what few have done… win their IFBB Pro debut.

Rounding out the top five were Allison Frahn, Krista Dunn, Monica Labriola and Linda Andrews. Each of these women earn points in the Olympia Qualification Series. Krista went on to win her first pro show in the 2014 IFBB Governor’s Cup Masters Pro Figure. While there is no Master’s Olympia Figure event, she does pick up some prize money and bragging rights.

Haldeman not cracking the top five was shocking but also surprising was last year’s runner-up Wendy Fortino finishing 15th this time around. It’s a reminder you never know what can happen on any given show.

2014 IFBB Governor’s Cup Pro Figure Results
1. Jessica Graham
2. Allison Frahn
3. Krista Dunn
4. Monica Labriola
5. Linda Andrew
6. Mallory Haldeman
7. Tamara Sedlack
8. Julie Mayer
9. Jennifer Brown
10. Michelle Shephard
11. Alessandra Pinheiro
12. Patty Zariello
13. Danielle Kiffer
14. Tina Bozman
15. Wendy Fortino
16. Nancy Bowlin
16. Beckie Boddie
16. Vickie Dowell
16. Dawn Fernandez
16. Vera Mallet
16. Lisandra McGrath
16. Christina Reed
16. Marcee Renee
16. Bojana Vasiljevic
16. Emily Zelinka
16. Kimberley Doehnert

2014 IFBB Governor’s Cup Pro Figure Results – Masters
1. Krista Dunn
2. Monica Sanchez-Labriola
3. Linda Andrews
4. Tamara Sedlack
5. Julie Mayer
6. Jennifer Brown
7. Michelle Shepherd
8. Alessandra Pinherio
9. Tina Bozman
10. Patty Zariello
11. Danielle Kifer
12. Dawn Fernandez
13. Marcee Renee
14. Christina Reed
15. Vera Mallet
16. Kim Clark
16. Kimberley Doehnert
16. Vickie Dowell
16. Lisandra McGrath
16. Kim Seeley
16. Nancy Bowlin

Read the show preview here.

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