Five Circuit Training Workouts from Hannah Teter

Hannah Teter Workouts
Doing the same workout routine every week can get boring and mundane. We’ve all been there at some point. It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned pro or a rookie to the training game, it happens. You can help combat boring workouts by trying something new. Seems like an obvious way to mix things up, right? Totally. While perusing Facebook I ran across an insanely awesome workouts by professional snowboarder Hannah Teter. Hannah has been going full beast mode with her workouts lately and she’s kind of a bad ass. Scratch that. She IS TOTALLY bad ass.

The two-time Olympic medalist (2006 Gold & 2010 Silver) in snowboarding halfpipe shares a few examples of her circuit training on social media and they’re impressive. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be an Olympic or X-Games (ya she’s won seven of those as well) medalist to try these workouts. I’m confident you’ll find something new to try in one of these Hannah Teter workouts & it’ll help you avoid training boredom.

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Check out these Five Circuit Training Workouts from Hannah Teter!

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MAD PROPS HANNAH! You’re definitely a hardbody!

Lead image composed via video images.

Lolo Jones “Eff butt injections. Kick butt Instead”

A great butt is all the craze in the fitness world and apparently it’s hitting the world of Track & Field. American Hurlder, Lolo Jones shared a snippet of her workout on Instagram & Facebook page and her fans went nuts. Her follow-up comment on Facebook was more interesting than the video though…

Eff butt injections. Kick butt instead #GetFit

A video posted by Lolo Jones (@lolojones) on

Via Facebook:

The days I don’t lift weights I do a body circuit so that I can get ripped. Lots of girls complain that they don’t want to lift weights bc they don’t want to look manly. So try this trick. I lift over 200 pounds for power clean. I don’t look like a body builder bc I balance it with moves like these. Happy Training!

Lolo Jones “Eff butt injections. Kick butt Instead”

Gina Aliotti’s – G-Fit Buddy Workout of the Day

Gina Aliotti shares a circuit training workout that you can do with a buddy. Give “G-Fit Buddy Workout of the Day” a try.

gina aliotti workout

G-Fit Buddy Workout of the Day

• 1 mile run

– 10 back lunges with knee to chest
– buddy squats, 2 squats, switch with partner, repeat 10x
– 15 decline push-ups
– 1 minute high knees
– 10 side lateral raise superset with front raise

Rest and repeat circuit 3x

Visit and for more!

Photo courtesy of Gina Aliotti.

Hardbody Training – Great Glutes Workout

Hardbody Lisa Schimkat stopped by to share her booty building workout with us. Give this workout a try the next time you’re training glutes.

hardbody glute workout

Hardbody Glute Workout
By Lisa Schimkat – IFBB Pro

A typical glute focused workout for me will include super setting various exercises between weighted and plyometics to keep the intensity level high. I train legs focusing on hamstrings and quads on a completely separate day.

Warm up stair master 10 minutes: Alternating between forward, sideways, backward, and kickbacks to squeeze flutes and get them warmed up.

• 4 x 15 reverse hack squat
superset with 15 jump squats

• 4 x 15 close leg sissy squat on smith machine (toes on plate)

• 4 x 15 single leg dead lifts with dumbbells
superset with walking lunges 15 each leg

• 4 x 20-30 cable kickbacks, keeping your hips parallel the whole time and pausing the squeeze at the top

• 4 x 30 sumo lateral lunges with weighted medicine ball

Typically my cardio consists of a series of HIIT sessions on the treadmill or stair master; sprints, walking lunges with kick on incline, side shuffle, kick backs.

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Great Glutes Workout

Build Better Glutes & Hamstrings with Yeshaira Robles’ Workout

Hamstrings and Glutes with Yeshaira Robles
In the beginning I was always a fan of upper body workouts. Lower body was a challenge for me, but once I started seeing a huge difference I fell in love with training my lower half. If I could train hams and glutes every day I would! We all know that’s counterproductive so I obviously don’t but I love training them that much. I like to go up in weight every set. That’s how I get those muscles stronger and more developed.

better flutes and hamstring training workout
I start of with moderate weight and push 20 reps then I go up a couple of pounds heavier and push 15, 12, 10, 8

My first set is a warm up.
I like to do 5 sets x 20 (reps) and then on down… 15, 12, 10, 8. Try this for each the exercises noted below. I start with 20 and end with 8 (20-8)

Standing Leg Curls 5 (sets) x 20-8
Using this machine makes me push on a single leg instead of laying down and using both my legs. My left is the weakest, so when I’m laying down I tend to use my right more. Since I’m standing I have no choice but to push on my left alone.

Laying Leg Curls 5 (sets) x20-8
I like to keep my feet together instead of having them far apart.

Stiff Legs 5(sets) x20-8
Get 2 10lb weights and place them in front of you, feet apart. Step on it with your heels out and your toes right on the edge. Doing this exercise gives you the extra stretch you need when doing stiff legs

High Leg Press Machine 5(sets) x 20-8
Place your feet on the top of the leg press machine with your toes sticking out half way. Come all the way down and push up with your heels. This exercise targets your glutes and your hamstrings

Since I’m going heavy each set I do not superset. You can superset all these workouts if you have all the machines close by and stay at a moderate weight and do 15-20 reps.

Single leg Press
Place your feet on the middle of the platform and come down and push up with your heel.

Butt Blaster

Always try to push with your heel.

Standing single leg Kick Backs
Using the cable machine.

Good Mornings
With your feet far apart bend over with your back straight and when you come up squeeze your glutes. This is also a back exercise but I like to use it as part of my glutes workout as well.

When I’m getting close to a competition, I do superset all these workouts and stay at a moderate weight always at 20 reps.

better glute training

I usually end with an ab workout that is similar to this…

4 (sets) x50 Crunches
4 (sets) x30 Leg Raises

Give my workout a try and hopefully it will help you build better glutes and hamstrings. You can find me on Facebook, twitter and check out some my tips and training on my Youtube channel.

Six Exercises to Six Pack Abs with Juliana Daniell

NBA cheerleader for the Atlanta Hawks and Arnold Sports competitor, Juliana Daniell shares her six exercises to six pack abs. Juliana has one of the more athletic physiques in the IFBB Pro Bikini division and one of her best body parts are her abs. She breaks down how she keeps her abs in looking tight in six exercises you can perform anywhere.

six pack abs

Give Juliana’s Ab workout a try and let her know how you like it.

Six Exercises to Six Pack Abs with Juliana Daniell.

Do you have a hard floor?

Do you have two hand towels and have a few minutes?

Well, that’s all you’re going to need to complete this ab series and be on your way to a tighter, flatter stomach! I am constantly changing up my ab routine not only because I get bored, but also because my muscles seem to adapt to exercises quickly. I’ve noticed I tend to plateau shortly there after. So by switching it up constantly, targeting ALL the muscles in my mid-section and doing them four to five days a week I am able to keep my midsection in check and where I like it.

Most people think that to get that six pack of abs you just crunch your life away; well news flash, you have four groups of muscles that make up your midsection and you have to target all three groups not just one. And of course your diet is a HUGE factor in our stomach’s appearance, but that’s a whole separate blog for a different day! 😉

I personally like to target more of my transverse abdominals; the muscles that you can’t actually see but lay underneath the muscles that you can see when you have a six-pack. For me this helps with my posture, it helps my back to be stable and secure and most importantly it keeps my stomach pulled in nice and tight even when I don’t have a visible six pack.

Below is an ab series I like to do that targets your transverse abdominals but of course incorporates the other groups, internal and external obliques and rectus abdominis, as well. Remember the key to these exercises is not speed or how many you can do, but how controlled you can be and in touch you can become with all of the muscles that make up your midsection.

Exercise 1: Bridge with a heel pull using towels.
Lie on flat on the floor, arms at your sides; knees in a bent position and feet flat on the floor on top of your towels.

Raise your hips into a bridge position, control your breathing and keep your glutes squeezed nice and tight the entire time.

Alternate legs, and maintain your bridge the entire time, slide one leg out straight using your heel to move the towel and make the letter D with your right foot and a backwards D with your left foot. And then reverse the motion the next set, so instead of going straight down to start, move your foot out to the side to make the curve of the D first and finish the movement but pulling your heel straight up the middle.

Complete 15 repetitions on each leg.

Exercise 2: Plank with knee pull-ins using towels.
Get into a plank position with hands flat on the floor, shoulders are directly above your hands and toes on top of your towels. Side note: if a plank position hurts your wrists or shoulders you can always perform this on your elbows, but it’s just a little bit harder =) and for your wrists you could perform these holding on to two free weights if you have them to allow your hands to not be flat on the floor and wrist in a stressed position.

While in the plank position make sure your booty isn’t too low causing a huge dip in your back or that your booty isn’t popped up too high either. Just be right in the middle. You will then alternate feet and pull one leg into your chest by sliding the towel all the way till your knee is almost tucked underneath you, perform on the other side the same way. Make sure your core is tight at all times, your breathing is normal, and you keep that neutral line so that you are truly using all of your muscles and not just rectus abdominis. This exercise can be performed slowly or with a slight pep in your step if you wanted to make it a little more challenging.

Complete 30 pull-ins on each leg.

Exercise 3: Windshield wipers with straight legs.
Lie flat on your back; arms outstretched making yourself look like the letter T. Raise your feet keeping your legs straight and rock your legs from side to side creating a tick-tock motion. If you want to make this more challenging place something between your feet (a pillow, a book, a can of food anything it doesn’t matter just be sure if its hard that you don’t drop it on your face!!) that you have to squeeze throughout the set. If these are too hard for you to begin with, you can always do them with your knees bent, or go as far to each side as you can and work up to being able to make the full range of motion. Note that your feet should never touch the floor and your abs should be engaged and breathing normal the entire time.

Perform 15 reps per side for a total of 30.

Exercise 4: Straight Leg Crunches
Pretty straight forward exercise. Lay on the floor with legs straight. Perform a basic crunch but make sure you are not pulling on your neck or head and that you breath out at the top of each crunch really contracting those ab muscles. You can also switch it up and put one foot on top of the other and perform the crunch and switch feet half way through.

Complete 20 crunches or 10 per foot on top, for a total of 20.

Exercise 5: Pelvic tilts (one of my favs!!)
This is an exercise where you will get super in tune with the muscles that make up your inner core. Lay flat on the floor with your knees bent and feet flat on the ground. Your feet are not together but placed comfortably apart. I prefer to either have my hands on my hips or on the top of my lower stomach during this exercise and I usually rotate between the two areas throughout the entire set. This exercise is really going to ensure your pelvis is in the right place, rotated correctly and supported and really targets the transverse abominis muscles.

Once you are all set and in position you are going to essentially rotate your hips by trying to pull your spine flat against the floor. The key here is to not allow your abs, the ones you can see in the mirror, or your obliques, the ones on your sides, to do ANY of the work. It is a very small, subtle movement and you might think its not doing anything or a waste of time, but I promise, when done correctly, it proves amazing results. It’s hard, frustrating at times and super challenging, so just work on it and eventually you will be using the right muscle because your stomach won’t raise up or get tight and you will really be able to feel those inner muscles working. And if it helps you, go ahead and watch your stomach while you do it so that you can SEE if it’s actually raising, getting tight, or just remaining flat and unflexed like it’s suppose too. Practice and patience are the keys to success with this exercise!! =)

Hold each repetition for 5 Mississippi’s and repeat 4 times.

Exercise 6: Tummy suck-ins
These can be done in a sitting position and the movement its literally sucking your stomach in as hard as you can; trying to pull your belly button in as far as it can go and really flexing and tensing all the muscles in your core and make sure the lower stomach is doing some work as well.

Hold each suck-in for 5 Mississippi’s and repeat 4-5 times.

You can go through these six exercises 2 or 3 times depending on how you feel. If you need more do more, if you need less do less. Totally up to you and your body!

Hope you enjoy it and I look forward to see those tight flat tummies!! 😉

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six pack ab training

Crush Your Shoulders with Dana Linn Bailey’s Delt Training

Dana Linn Bailey was the first woman to be awarded IFBB Pro status in the Women’s Physique Division. She kept up her first-ever winning ways when she won the inaugural Women’s Physique Olympia Showdown champion last Fall. She’s become one of the most popular women in the IFBB. Sure Dana Linn (or DLB as she’s often referred to) has a hardbody but it’s her personality that helps separate her from fellow competitors.

DLB Delt Training Workout

She has built a physique that is the envy of many and her shoulders are one of her strongest body parts. DLB shares her approach with in this training video and says her approach is simple… “I hit them as hard as I can.” Dana’s training workout reinforces her approach mindset… work, hustle and kill. Check it out.

Dana Linn Bailey’s Delt Homicide
Exercise 1: Superset Bent-over Reverse Cable Flye Face Pull
Exercise 2: Single-Arm Cable Lateral Raise
Exercise 3: Reverse Hammer Strength one-arm press
Exercise 4: Superset Lying Cable Upright Row – Cable Upright Row
Exercise 5: Dumbbell Lateral Raise Pyramid
Exercise 6: Strip Superset – EZ-Bar Cable Front Raise – Plate Raise Dropset

Get the entire shoulder training workout on and for more on DLB visit

Erin Stern’s 4-Week Fitness Training Program

Erin Stern is the focus of’s new Elite Body Trainer. The program promises to to help you become your best in four weeks. The Elite Body Trainer is for seasoned athletes and beginners alike. This is your change to rethink what is possible and follow Erin Stern’s workouts. The program incorporated a number of exercises that helped her achieve success not only on the Figure stage but also on the track.

Erin Stern Fitness Training


The program is designed to help you build your best self, in and out of the gym. “The strength you’ll develop in the gym equates to the strength you’ll develop out of the gym,” Erin says. “You’ll carry yourself differently. You’ll find you have a sense of power. It’s fantastic. We all have that ability.”

Follow Erin Stern and Jacob Wilson as they guide you toward your elite body. The program features five workout videos, full daily workouts, a complete nutrition plan, and a detailed supplement regimen. The Elite Body trainer is only 28 days. If you make the commitment to work hard, eat clean, and challenge yourself, you’ll see elite results.

Share this with your friends and get ready to get into the best shape of your life! Erin Stern’s Fitness 4-Week Fitness Training Program is one not to miss.

A Day in the Life of Samantha Briggs – Fittest

Spend a day with 2013 Crossfit Champion Samantha Briggs. Sam takes you through her day of training, nutrition and more in this video. She was crowned the “Fittest Woman on Earth” last summer after three brutal days at the Crossfit Games in Carson, California. She’s a been training with Crossfit since 2009 but is a firefighter by trade. Learning she was out of the 2012 Games with a broken patella, her rise to the top of the podium is even more remarkable.

fittest woman on earth

Samantha discusses the importance of warming up and her working on her mobility before going into her workouts. She knocks out an intense workout and then walks you through her diet and what she typically eats. After watching this video you’ll want to hit the gym and step up your workout intensity. Samantha is the real deal.

What’s the secret to Samantha Brigg’s speed, agility, and strength? We spent a day with Sam to find out just that. Tune in to see how she trains, what she eats, and how she’s preparing for the 2014 CrossFit Games.

Samantha shares that she finds three meals a day combined with shakes work best for her. She also supplements her training with vitamins and protein shakes.

Post Workout
Protein shake with Coconut Water + 2 Fish Oil Capsules

1 Banana
Scrambled eggs made with coconut oil. Peanut Butter mixed in.

Protein: Salmon/Chicken/Turkey
Carbs: Salad or Babyfood
Fats: Nuts

Vegetables – Spinach

Video by Pure Pharma.

Training Video – Erin Stern’s Glute Bridges

Erin Stern is known for having one of the most athletic physiques in the IFBB Pro League. She’s been on a variety of magazine covers and stood in the winner’s circle a number of times. In this video she demonstrates an exercise that may take some practice but once you get the hang of it you can work your way up in weight.

Erin Stern Training

Erin shared, “New PR tonight – 365lbs! Train hard, y’all!!” Recently on her Facebook page the champ posted some food for thought… “Something NEAT to think about: instead of cutting calories, try increasing the intensity of your workouts. Often, when we “diet,” our NEAT (non-exercise activity thermogenesis) decreases. This means that our bodies have a way of compensating for the decrease in calories – by becoming more sedentary. The solution: train harder and eat enough clean foods.”

Follow Erin on Twitter (@ErinFAST) and check out her Facebook page.

Snowboarder Elena Hight’s Three Favorite Exercises

Snowboarder Elena Hight shares three exercises she uses throughout the year to keep her in top form while snowboarding. She talks about why she enjoys them and how it helps her land tricks. Check out the video from

Let us know if you give these a try and how you like them.

Hardbody Challenge: How Many Pull-Ups Can You Do?

We challenge you to challenge yourself. This event isn’t timed but could prove to be a challenge. Over half of all female Marine recruits couldn’t do the minimum requirement of 3 pull-ups, which got us thinking… How many pull-ups can you do?

It’s been awhile for us but we’re up for the challenge if you are. The next time you’re in the gym take our HARDBODY CHALLENGE and remember to FINISH STRONG! You can share with us how many you did or keep it to yourself but do it. If you struggled to get one, that’s fine or if you can do 20 that’s cool too. The point is to do it. Write down how many you did and on what day. Then practice and in a month see if you can do more than you did the first time. The stronger you get the better you’ll feel and this little challenge can help you get stronger not only physically but mentally.


Hardbody Training: Get Shapely Shoulders

Get strong and shapely shoulders with this workout from IFBB Figure Pro Megan Wyble. Megan takes you though a sample workout in this installment of HARDBODY TRAINING. The next time you hit shoulders, give this workout a try.


Shapely Shoulders with Megan Wyble

Shoulders are my favorite body part to train. To me, shoulders are the hallmark of a competitor and I really strive to have that strong, broad and rounded shoulder appearance. In order to achieve the best results possible, I like to vary my workouts in terms of exercises, intensity techniques and rep tempo. Below is a snapshot of a typical shoulder routine that I might incorporate.

Seated Military Press 3 (sets) x 6-10 (reps)
This is my all-time favorite exercise for shoulders and a cornerstone for building overall delt size. I like to alternate barbell, dumbbell and machine presses from week to week.

Dumbbell Lateral Raises 3 (sets) x 8-12 (reps)
This is an exercise that I like to do both standing and seated. Performing these standing allows me to use a little more weight, whereas the seated version forces more strict form.

Barbell Upright Rows 3 (sets) x 6-10 (reps)

Javelin Thrower Press 3 (sets) x 12 (reps)
This is a unique exercise that I read about from Christian Thibaudeau.This exercise is performed standing while balancing a barbell in one hand and pressing it, unilaterally, overhead.

Rear Delt Flys
Drop sets to failure on fly machine.

All sets are done to failure. If I am able to go beyond the prescribed rep range, I will increase the weight on the following set. I will allow myself about 2 minutes rest between each set.

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Noy Alexander’s Guide to Great Glutes – 2 Day Split

Noy Alexander became the first IFBB Master’s Pro Bikini champion earlier this month and she proves that you can have great glutes at any age. Noy breaks her booty training into two workouts, one on Monday and another on Thursday.  She shares her Hardbody Trainingâ„¢ with us. Give it a try.

noy alexander training


1. 3x 15 Good Mornings

2. 3x 15 Barbell Full Barbell Squats
Deep squats below parallel, start with body weight then slowly add weights. Chest up, keep torso erect, sit back pretend there’s a chair behind you.
Superset all then 60 Sec Break Max, repeat 3 sets X’s 15 reps.

3a. Barbell Sumo Deadlifts

3b. Dumbbell Curtsy Lunge
Stand with feet shoulder width apart. Take a large step back behind with one leg and cross it over while lowering ur hips until thighs are parallel to the floor. Keep torso upright, chest up, be careful knees never past the toes. Repeat on opposite leg.

3c. Dumbbell Stiff Legs

3d. Weighted Hypers
On a hyperextension machine, use a comfortable weight, dumbbell or plate, bend forward at the hips and bring head towards the floor. Lift back up focusing on contracting the glutes, go up slightly arch back, squeeze for 2 seconds. Repeat.

Superset 3 sets X’s 12 reps.

4a. Standing Single Leg Curl

4b. Stability Ball Ham Reverse Ham Curls
I like to switch it around because the stability ball works the core and spine muscles at the same time as the glutes and hams. I also get a very good burn just because there’s variation.

NOY’s NOTES: Start with your body weight.Then work your way up until the last the reps are challenging. I usually end up with 20-25 lbs for 12-15 reps. I do a lot of circuits and HIT for my lower body to keep everything tight and burn more calories. My focus always been on getting the glutes up and streamlining the hamstrings. I always, always spend 10 minutes stretching before and after my workouts.

PLYOS in the Sand or Grass
Superset all, repeat 5 x’s 15 reps, 30 sec rest max between exercises, 60-90 second break at end.

1a. Frog Jumps

1b. Side Shuffle

1c. High Knee Grapevines
Step with left foot crossing in front right foot, step out with right foot, step behind with left foot, step out with right foot, going sideways.

1d. Split Jump Squats

Superset 4 x’s 20 seconds each exercise, 60 sec break max.

2a. Forward Sprints

2b. Backward Sprints

Follow on Noy on twitter and instagram at @noyfit. You can find out more on Noy and her training at

noy hardbody training glutes


Build Better Legs & Glutes – Ashley Kaltwasser’s Hardbody Training

Ashley Kaltwasser took top honors at the 2012 Arnold Sports Amateur competition in Columbus, Ohio. She went on to achieve pro status at the 2012 Team Universe and has since become one of the rising starts in the IFBB Pro League. Ashley shares her leg and glute workouts that help her build her hard body. She splits her workouts into two separate regimens, one with a leg focus and the other with a glute focus.


Monday (leg focus)
• 4 x 10 deep squats Smith Machine
• 4 x 10 prone hamstring curl
• 4 x 10ea. leg Pistol Squats
• 4 x 10 straight leg dead lifts
• 4 x 10 sumo squats with dumbbell
• 3 x 20 calf raise

Thursday (glute focus)
• 3 x1 5 resistance band kick backs
• 3 x 10 plyometric box jumps
• 3 x 10 one legged dead lifts with dumbbell
• 3 x 15 glute kick ups on hamstring curl machine or 3x 5 Glute Ham Raise
* Some exercises may be performed in a circuit or as supersets.

I will do a few sessions of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) cardio throughout the week, focusing on squeezing the glute area.

Examples of what I typically do for cardio would be 20 mins of interval Step Mill or 10 minutes of Jacob’s Ladder.


Follow Ashley on twitter at @AshleyKfit and on facebook. Check out what’s in Ashley’s fridge and some healthy eating tips on FitnessRx for Women.


Video: Erin Stern Fitness 360

Top Figure Athlete Erin Stern is the focus of’s newest Fitness 360 feature. The fit Floridian shares how she got her start in the world of competitive figure and what her approach is to diet and training. She’s been able to transition from track & field to Figure. She mixes up her training and her meal plans throughout the year.


When asked about her diet she shares, “It’s definitely not a diet.” Erin stresses the importance of making healthy eating a lifestyle. Many people say this catch phrase but she lives it. She talks about setting goals, supplementation and training in the video shown below. It’s important to know why you are eating what you are and Erin lives by the philosophy that “knowledge is power”.

See more on Erin Stern’s Fitness 360 Feature.

Pro Surfer Lakey Peterson Joins Nike Training Club

Nike has become more than a pair of running shoes. The brand has expanded into technology most never dreamed of years ago. One of the successful piece of technology is their iPhone and Android app. It helps you maximize your results and get motivated. Whatever your fitness goals might be, the Nike Training Club (NTC) app helps take up a notch. It’s a pretty sweet app that can help you get that hard body you want. Our Hardbody friend, Marie Wood-Purvis is a Nike Master Trainer and plays a huge role in the app.

The newest addition to the Nike Training Club is pro surfer Lakey Peterson. Lakey Peterson is a professional surfer and ranked one of the best in the world. She joined Marie and the NTC folks for a “Beach Legs” workout. Marie shared a photo on her instagram and it looks like they had a blast making it. Visit Nike Women’s Facebook page for some exercise tips and if you haven’t yet, download the Nike Training Club app.

lakey-marieLakey & Marie having some fun on the NTC set.

Get toned for summer with pro surfer Lakey Peterson’s new Beach Legs Workout for Nike Training Club.

How the NTC app works in seven easy steps.

Register with NTC so you can begin working out and we can begin helping you improve.


Select your goal and level, then choose from a list of workouts that meet your criteria.

Access detailed, step-by-step instructions and video demonstrations of each drill. A Nike professional trainer guides you through each step of your workout. Pause your workout at any time to access on-demand instruction.

Pick the album or playlist from your library that will keep you motivated.

After your workout, review a summary of your training inlcluding approximate NikeFuel earned, calories burned and more. Then share your results and see how close you are to your next reward.

Every minute of training gets you closer to NTC-exclusive rewards like personal training advice and star workouts. Unlock embedded reward content as you reach training milestones and earn badges.

Get the most from your workout with NTC-recommended products. Engineered to take your training further.

Check out Lacey’s new surfing movie, Zero to 100, that’s out later this month. Follow Marie on twitter and give her a Hardbody hello. She shares amazing tips on health, nutrition and training.

Bethany Cisternino’s Arm Blastin Workout

Gynmastics coach and fitness pro, Bethany Cisternino isn’t a big fan of training her arms. That doesn’t stop her from training hard though. She’s developed a workout that will help you blast your guns in the gym.


Blastin Arms
Arm Day! My least favorite day of the week. I just find it boring. Don’t get me wrong I train ‘em hard but I just don’t find it as fun and challenging as the other body parts. Today I’m going to do a bi, tri, calf circuit because I dislike calves equally as much. Not only will this help me blow through the workout, but will keep my heart rate up for a great fat burning workout!

Did you know: both heads of the bicep and one of the heads of the tricep originate on the scapula? And they all insert onto the bones of the forearm (radius/ulna)? Therefore it is important to warm up the shoulder joint as well as the elbow joint! I will do 2 sets of light bicep curls and tricep kick backs. I also warm up by rotator cuff in the shoulder by doing some adduction, abduction, lateral, and medial rotation movements.

Check out what I listen to while blasting my arms.

Ok now that you’re anatomy lesson is over let’s get down to business.

3 rounds 12-15 reps (medium to heavy weight)
No Rest

Circuit 1
• Barbell Bicep Curls
• Straight Bar Tricep Cable Push Down
• Horizontal Calf Raise

Circuit 2
• Overhead Tricep Extenstion (machine preferred)
• Dumbbell Bicep Curl (twist at the top- slightly turn palm out)
• Weighted Standing Toe Raise (machine preferred)

Circuit 3
• Straight Bar Cable Bicep curl
• Rope Tricep Pushdown
• No Weight Standing Calf Raise (20 reps each leg)

Have a great week and remember you are only yourself when no one is watching – or at least think no one is watching. Ha! Message me on twitter @Bfitness80 and let me know how you liked this workout!

Disclaimer: Reader discretion advised, please consult your physician before beginning any exercise or diet program.