Legends Classic Photo Gallery

The inaugural IFBB Legends Pro Classic was held over the weekend in Las Vegas, NV and Ron Avidan was there to cover all the action. The “Yogi” takes you behind the scenes and gives you a glimpse on what happens off-stage at a show. Visit Bodybuilding.com for the photos from the show and the candids moments.

legends pro bikini

See the contest results here.


Hardbody Photo of The Day: Kelly Clark Flying High at the Dew Tour

Professional Snowboarder Kelly Clark is a small town girl with big time accomplishments. She won the 2002 Olympic Gold Medal in Women’s Halfpipe and continues to be a dominate athlete over a decade later. Kelly has her own foundation, appropriately named the Kelly Clark Foundation, that aims to provide others with the opportunities to achieve their dreams. She’s the feature of today’s Hardbody Photo of The Day.


Kelly was the runner-up in the Women’s Superpipe at the 2013 Dew Tour and has her sights set on the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. For more information on Kelly’s Foundation visit kellyclarkfoundation.org. You can keep up with Kelly on twitter and follow her on Facebook. She also keeps fans in the loop with what’s she up to on her instagram account.

kelly clark dew tourClick for larger view. Photo by Isaac Hinds

Photo Gallery: Best of The 2013 Arnold Amateur Fitness Routines

The 2013 Arnold Amateur competition kicked things off last night in Columbus, Ohio. While the numbers in the fitness division were low, it wasn’t indicative of the level of competition. Competitors from across the globe entered the prestigious event. The women showcased tremendous skill and flexibility from start to finish.


If the competition was based on routines alone we’re going with Melinda Szabo to win the Short Class. She had tremendous dance skills and picture perfect toe points. Look for Alevtyna Titarenko to take top honors in the Tall Class. Alevtyna showcased some incredible strength and performed moves we’ve never seen before. It could come down to the two of these women for the overall title.

All the women did a great job. Congratulations to all who competed and dedicated to keep the crowd entertained in true sport fashion. Below are our favorite images from the routines.

Check out more photos from the competition and entire weekend on Bodybuilding.com.

2013 NPC Gold Coast Muscle Classic Photos & Results

The National Physique Committee’s (NPC) season is underway and from the looks of things it should be another stellar year. Ron Avidan was in attendance covering the NPC event for Bodybuilding.com and shares complete coverage on and off the stage. Visit Bodybuilding.com for photos from the weekend’s show in Culver City, California.

Congratulations to the 2013 NPC Gold Coast Muscle Classic overall Bikini winner RaeAnn Vega-Camacho. RaeAnn is a Personal Trainer in California. You can keep up with her on twitter at @onerae2fit, instagram at @oneraeoranother, and on her website onerae2fit.com. Visit Bodybuilding.com for complete photo coverage and results


RaeAnn Vega-Camacho with her sword. Photo by Ron Avidan – Bodybuilding.com


SIA Snow Show Day One Photos

Yesterday, we hit the SIA Snow Show in Denver, Colorado to see what all the buzz was about. We heard it was “the place to be” and “the most important expo in the snow industry” so we had to see for ourselves. The show not only lived up to the hype it surpassed it. The expo, held at the Colorado Convention Center, was massive and filled with a variety of companies ranging from the big dawgs on the blog to new up-and-comers.

si snow show 2013

The check-in process was the easiest, most convenient way we’ve ever checked in for an event. Those who were pre-registered for media credentials walked to any number of computers, typed in the confirmation number and within seconds a media credential was on the printer. It took less than a minute from start to finish. If you’re an event organizer you should definitely take a chapter from the Snow Sports process for your credentials.

We’ll be highlighting a number of companies in the coming days but for now enjoy some of the sights from Day One. Follow us on instagram @hardbodynews to see all the photos as we hit the show and look for the tag #SIA2013 for more coverage.



2012 Olympia Hardbody Photo Feature

Check out the 15 Olympia Bikini Photos that Bodybuilding.com has featured. They selected a collection of some of their top hardbody women to help inspire you to hit your goals. Visit bodybuilding.com for the entire collection.

hardbody olympia bodies
Check out the photos – do you agree with the list? Anyone you would have added from the Bikini Olympia?

IFBB Tournament of Champions Photos & Results

The 2012 IFBB Tournament of Champions Pro Figure was the last chance to qualify for the Olympia. Rookie Pro, Francine Sablan did what few women have done… win their pro debut. The win means her second pro show will be the Figure Olympia. Fellow rookie Mallory Haldeman finished in the runner-up position and will head to the Olympia as well via the Qualification Points System. The Figure Olympia will be Mallory’s third pro show since achieving pro status at the 2012 NPC Jr. Nationals. In a bit of a surprise, Teresa Anthony was relegated to third. Look for Teresa to be better than ever at the Olympia in less than three weeks.

Our West Coast correspondent, Ron Avidan was in Culver City to capture all the action on and off the stage. Visit Bodybuilding.com for complete results and photos from the 2012 Tournament of Champions.

Valenti Gold Cup Results & Photos

The inaugural IFBB Valenti Gold Cup is in the books and it was one for the history books. Erin Stern took top honors in the Figure division en route to the Olympia where she’ll look to reclaim the title she held in 2010. Yeshaira Robles won the bikini division, the first in her IFBB competitive career. Karina Nascimento solidified her position as one of the top women in the new Women’s Physique Division by taking home top honors. Myriam Capes unveiled a refined physique and new routine which earned her the win in Sarasota.



Visit Bodybuilding.com for complete results and photos from the show.

NPC California State & IFBB California Pro Figure Photos

Our West Coast correspondent, Ron Avidan was in attendance for the 2012 NPC California State Championships and 2012 California Pro Figure. Get the complete results and photos from the event both on and off stage.

See the photos here.

Photographic Coverage of the 2012 Arnold Sports Festival

The 2012 Arnold Sports Festival is in full swing and it’s already been one to remember. The IFBB pro competitors were treated to a rare encounter when Arnold Schwarzenegger showed up at their meeting. Typically Arnold arrives in Columbus on Friday however this year a larger than life statue is being unveiled in his honor.


photos from the arnold classic


There were a number of hardcore juggers at the meet the pros meeting. The Arnold Amateur competitors took the stage last night and there were a number of awesome hardbody women from across the globe. Ron Avidan and Isaac Hinds were there to capture all the action for Bodybuilding.com and NPC NEWS. Check out the photos here.



Florida Pro Photos

If you had the misfortune of missing the IFBB Miami Pro over the weekend, don’t sweat it. You can see thousands of photos from the weekend’s event on Bodybuilding.com. Visit the Legends’ page for results and photos.

India Paulino victorious in Miami.

This brings the 2011 competitive season to a close. Things will get started once again in just a few weeks with the first women’s pro event beginning in Feb.

2011 NPC Excalibur Photos

Nearly 300 hardbody men and women brought the competitive NPC season to a close over the weekend. Ron Avidan was on hand to capture all the action of the 2011 NPC Excalibur in Culver City, CA. Ali Archer claimed the overall bikini crown in her first show and will be one to watch in 2012.

Nearly 2,000 photos of the 2011 Excalibur can be found on bodybuilding.com.

2011 Titans Grand Prix Photos

Check out all the photos from the NPC & IFBB Titans Grand Prix. Ron Avidan was on hand to capture all the action over the weekend and you can check out the hundreds of photos on Bodybuilding.com.



You will find NPC and IFBB photos from the event on Bodybuilding.com. Check out the candid shot links for some of the silliness that went down beyond the stage.


2011 Olympia Day One Photos & Recap

The 2011 Olympia has begun. Stay updated on here and Bodybuilding.com for complete coverage. Day one is in the books and now the action gets into full swing. Check out the photos on Bodybuilding.com.


The athletes had their meeting where they are briefed on what the weekend has in store, the schedule and how things will be run. Ron Avidan and I were on hand to snap photos and some women were very friendly, most were cordial and only a couple wanted nothing to do with having their picture taken. Part of this weekend and being a professional is having your photo taken whether you like it or not. When asked for a photo, one bikini competitor said, “I don’t want my picture taken. I don’t want any pictures.” Guess what sweetie, you can either pose for a photo or I will take one any ways. So this particular competitor held up her folder in front of her face for her photo. Nice job. Two figure competitors wanted nothing to do with being captured by my lense and didn’t bother to look up or acknowledge it was there. That’s fine. Again I’ll snap your photo and you can play the game despite your disdain for me or not. The majority of the women were delightful, smiled and in good spirits.

I mention the examples of not wanting to be bothered because at this level you are expected to be a PROFESSIONAL. If you come to meetings without your hair and make up done, that’s fine I get it but you know by now people will be there taking your photo. At Meet The Olympians some competitors acted as if they’d rather be stabbed in the face with dull pencils. You’re carb depleted, tired, hungry and smell like tanning.  get it but at the end of the day it’s about building your brand and interacting with fans. If fans stop caring, guess what no one will want your picture and no one will sponsor you and then what? You’re left sitting at an empty table eating cold fish and no one will care.

Aight so that’s my rant for the day. My hope is more competitors get past how tired and hungry they are and enjoy the Olympia Experience. Thousands of women would kill to be in that position. Check out photos from Day One here on Bodybuilding.com!

2011 IFBB North American Championships – Check-in Photos

The 2011 IFBB North American Championships take place this weekend in Cleveland, Ohio. This is one of the only opportunities for competitors in Canada and Mexico to compete against those in the United States for an IFBB pro card. Over 550 men and women are in attendance for the show and it’s sure to be a good one.



Team Mexico as in the house and look for a couple women to make some noise in the Figure and Bikini division. Also don’t be too surprised if some of the Canadian women are top contenders this weekend. We’ll see how things play out tomorrow night at the finals but in the mean time check out a few photos from the check-in on Thursday night.

Mustaches & Fun Times at the NPC LA Championships

It looks like everyone from the judges, fans to the expeditors were having a great time over the weekend at the 2011 Los Angeles Championships. Check out all the photos from the weekend on Bodybuilding.com. Our West Coast man, Ron “Swagga Yogi” Avidan snapped all the action on and off stage.


A number of men who are competing this weekend at the NPC USA Championships provided a preview as did Will World Harris on how he’s looking for this weekend’s IFBB Connecticut show. IFBB Pro Gina Aliotti joined Lonnie Teper at the mic and helped a few hard body women en route to victory as their trainer. Check out all the photos from the show!

IFBB Tampa PBW Championships – Press Conference Photos

Promoter Tim Gardner welcomed a sizable group of fans who came out to see the IFBB pros. Over 60 IFBB men and women will take the stage tomorrow at the 2011 Tampa Pro Bodybuilding Weekly Championships. This event has a press conference which gives the competitors a chance to answer some questions and give a preview before the big day.


We were the capturing all the action for bodybuilding.com, NPC NEWS magazine and IFBBpro.com. Check out the photos from the press conference on Bodybuilding.com. You’ll see some candids, mostly people in clothes hitting poses but a few that showed a little skin. Check it out!

2011 New York Pro Bikini & Figure Photo Coverage

Check out all the photos from the 2011 New York Pro Figure and Bikini contest. Cheryl Brown was victorious once again and Ali Rosen returned to the winner’s circle. You can see photos of them and all the competitors on Bodybuilding.com.


Visit Bodybuilding.com for complete results and photos from all the events in New York.


NPC & IFBB California Photo Coverage & Results

Ron Avidan was in attendance for the 2011 NPC and IFBB California show. He captured all the action for Bodybuilding.com and you can check out all the winners here. Congratulations to everyone who competed and achieved their goals.

IFBB California Pro and NPC California State photos available here.

FIBO Power Pro Photos

Bodybuilding.com enlisted the services of long-time photographer Kevin Horton to cover the 2011 FIBO Power Pro. Check out all the photos from the event on the main FIBO page. It’s one of the few events that has female bodybuilding with it.

Complete Fibo coverage can be found here.

2011 NPC Orange County Classic Photos & Results

Last weekend, Ron “Yogi” Avidan was capturing the competition at Jon Lindsay’s NPC Orange County Classic. It looks like Yogi was every where at this event,  showing up front stage, back stage, side stage, outside, in the dark and more! Check out all the photos from the event. Congrats to all the winners.


2011 NPC Orange County Classic:

Bikini Photos
Figure Photos
Men’s Physique Photos
Misc Photos
Check out the results and full contest coverage on bodybuilding.com.

2011 NPC NY Metropolitan Photos & Results

The 2011 NPC Steve Stone New York Metropolitan brought out a number of hardbody men and women earlier this month. There were a number of competitors who showed potential to succeed on the national level stage. Don’t be surprised if you see a few of these competitors in the running for pro cards this year. Another great job by Steve, Bev and their crew.


2011 NPC Steve Stone New York Metropolitan:
Full contest results
– Bikini Photos
– Figure Photos

Check out all the photos and coverage from the weekend on bodybuilding.com.

2011 Emerald Cup Photos & Results

Money Mark Mason was at the 2011 NPC Emerald Cup and captured all the action. Over 300 competitors took the stage and you can see all the competition on Bodybuilding.com. Congratulations to all who competed and achieve their goals. Stay HARDBODY!

2011 Emerald Cup Links:
Full contest results
Men Bodybuilding Photos
Figure Photos
Fitness Photos

Emerald Cup main page with all contest related links on Bodybuilding.com.


Hardbody Photos: New York Pro Fitness

The 2011 New York Pro Fitness is in the books and we were there to capture all the action for Bodybuilding.com. You can check out individual photos, routine images, awards, comparisons and more, right here!

Congratulations to all the hardbody women who competed in this event. The IFBB Pro Fitness division showcases some of the best fitness talent in the world!

NPC Men’s Physique – Tips, Thoughts, Photos and More

One of the first big shows of 2011 featured the new division of the NPC, Men’s Physique. Promoter Jon Lindsay wisely chose to add the new division to his popular event, the Muscle Contest. The contest drew 47 physique competitors to the stage, which ended up out numbering the men’s bodybuilding entrants. Now before you die hard bodybuilding fans freak out, don’t worry bodybuilding is not being phased out. Bodybuilding is the backbone of the industry and will continue to survive. Female bodybuilding is going through it’s own changes and we’ll see how things play out with that side of things at the NPC JR USA in May, where the first women’s physique pro cards will be awarded.

One thing to clarify, despite the names being similar the divisions are distinctly different. The Men’s Physique division does not have a routine or mandatory poses, aside from the front and back poses. It’s much like bikini in terms of what it consists of on stage. Yes, some peeps amuse themselves by calling it men’s bikini. Hardy-har-har. Those making fun of the division clearly don’t see the big picture. This division opens up opportunities to men who either don’t have the genetics to become a pro bodybuilder or aspirations to look like one. Either way, this division is and will continue to thrive. Don’t be surprised if you see close to 200 men’s physique competitors at NPC Nationals or NPC USAs.

Will things evolve in the division? Absolutely. Right now the judges and competitors are finding their groove and “the look”. Just like in the bikini division, some things will work and others may not but have patience it will all work out.

I’ve spoken with a number of NPC judges and the one common response is, “we’re not looking for a bodybuilder look”. I share their sentiments having photographed the NPC UTAH which had the division as well. So, what does that mean? It means a Men’s Physique competitor obviously needs to be in shape but they shouldn’t be dry, grainy and shredded. The grainy, hard, striated look will NOT be rewarded in this new division. If competitors show up looking dry and shredded they will (or at least should be )marked down. Props to the judges for marking competitors down for that look already.  The judges are out to make a clear distinction between bodybuilding and Men’s Physique. Remember, they still can only judge what is presented to them on stage.

Tips & Observations:
These are just MY opinions but they seem to be shared by judges and others who have seen a show in person.

• DON’T have too much oil on.
It will wash you out and make you look like a basted Thanksgiving turkey.

• DO have some oil on.
No oil makes you look flat and your physique won’t “pop” on stage.

• DO have six pack abs.
If you don’t have abs, you won’t stand a chance of placing very high.

• Present with confidence.
If you’re looking down or unsure of yourself it shows. Walk with some swagga and show off your hard work. The crowd will react, as will the judges, to someone who carries themselves with confidence. That doesn’t mean cheese it up. Find the balance with out looking like a toolbag.

• Smile
I forgot this one initially but this is one of the most important ones on stage. Smiling conveys positive energy and people are drawn to it. If you’re frowning or scowling it won’t help you. Think about it, you’re draw to people who are smilingly and having fun more than bitter bodies. The stage is no different.

• Practice your posing/presentation.
Yes, I know as cheesy as it sounds competitors should practice. Yes, it’s only a front and back pose but if you don’t know how to present your physique it will be obvious on stage. It’s kind of like a photo shoot. You want to show your lines to flatter you physique, not detract from it.

• Shorts selection.
Some people feel the “board shorts” aren’t the way to go but like it or not, it’s one of the rules. They obviously allow the competitors to feature their upper body and not have to showcase their leg development but that’s beside the point. Choose flattering shorts and colors that work for YOUR physique. What worked for a guy who won another show, may or may not work for you. Colors are ranging the gamut and it goes back to what works for you.  Brighter colors will stand out more but they may also detract from your physique. Patterns can either accent your look or detract from it. Make sure you’re comfortable in the shorts and they fit. If they are too big and baggy, it doesn’t look good. They also shouldn’t be too tight. They shouldn’t go below your knee. They should be at the knee or two inches above it.

• Tanning
You should have a tan on stage. If you go too light you’ll look pale and washed out under the bright lights. You don’t want to go super dark or as dark as most bodybuilders.  Know what works for you. I say go a shade darker than a photo shoot but if you’re a pale dude that might mean you need 2-3 more shades. Every body is going to be different but you do need a tan.

• Diet
Do what works for you to be in your best shape. Some people will need to diet for weeks to get ready. I did. I got fat and out of shape and needed to diet 14 weeks to get into the shape I’m in now. It’s only because I made excuses, didn’t work out or eat as healthy as I should so I followed a bodybuilder type diet. I know some competitors who cleaned up their diet for a couple weeks and were ready. That’s the smarter way about it and one which should happen more often than not. Every competitor is different so don’t get caught up in what others are doing, focus on what you need to do.

• Day of the show
Some people have asked if you should deplete, carb up, pump up, etc. Again, it all depends on your physique. You may need to treat the contest like a bodybuilder would with depletion and carbing up in order to look your best. Some people may not need to. If you know your body, you’ll know what is needed to look your best. If that means eating rice cakes and peanut butter then do it, if it means woofing down a pizza then go for it.

• The Ladies
The overwhelming majority of women who have seen the competitors in the Men’s Physique division are drawn to it. So dudes, if you need a reason to compete let impressing the ladies be your motivation. I’ve had more than a dozen women tell me they’d love to judge it. Which isn’t a bad idea. It would get more women into the industry and on the judges panel. What do you think… Ladies would you judge it? I’m sure the guys wouldn’t mind.



When it comes to the higher level of competition, like the NPC JR USA in May, the little details will decide who is awarded a pro card or not. If you have a kick ass physique but can’t present it, you won’t win. Let’s be honest, you need to be a good looking cat to be in contention. If you think your zoo-lander look or your “myspace face” makes you attractive, think again. Also your genetics will play a role in splitting hairs at the higher level. If you have jacked up abs or under/over developed shoulders it could make a difference. We won’t know the exact look for the future pro division until pro cards are awarded but look for the division to grow and get more and more defined in the months ahead.

Check out Mens’s Physique photos from the Muscle Contest event on bodybuilding.com.


2011 Muscle Contest Pro Bikini Photos

Ron “Yogi” Avidan was in attendance for the 2011 Muscle Contest Pro Bikini and captured all the action. He photographed the stage, backstage and I’m not sure but he may have even been under the stage at some point. Like Waldo, you never know where he’ll show up with his camera. Fortunately for us, he shared the fruits of his labor on Bodybuilding.com.


Check out the photos from the weekend on Bodybuilding.com. If you have a favorite post it to our Facebook album for this contest.


St. Louis Pro Photographic Coverage

Bodybuilding.com has posted photos from the 2011 St. Louis Pro. I wasn’t at the event but the lighting was an obvious issue and hopefully one that will be corrected in future events. One of the most important things to a competition is the stage lights but it’s often an after thought or handled by people who don’t know what they are doing. This wasn’t the first pro show that’s had issues with the lighting.

I’d encourage all promoters to work with someone who understands stage lighting and if you don’t have the luxury of working with much light, work with the photographers in the pit they will all be more than willing to help you. When the lighting was corrected at the Dallas Europa Super Show it made a HUGE difference in the images and gave competitors their just due. That was accomplished by the promoters working with JM Manion on how to correctly set up the lights.

Photos last forever and are what fans see in the magazines and online. The also serve as a marketing tool for future events. The IRONMAN Pro always brought out top bodybuilders in large part because of their lighting and how they looked in the images.

Check out the photos here.

IFBB Australian Pro Grand Prix Photos

Photos from the 2011 IFBB Australian Pro Grand Prix are posted on Bodybuilding.com. The show took place over the weekend and drew thousands of fans from across the country. This year there was an expo held in conjunction with the event and I’m told it drew huge numbers. Congratulations to all the competitors.

Complete photo coverage.

Backstage Pass to the Arnold – Day One

Ron Avidan and I were backstage at the Arnold Sports Festival capturing all the action for Bodybuilding.com. Ron his the pro athlete’s meeting and the Meet The Athletes event. I was busy doing photo shoots in our great little room thanks to Brent & Matt. Two guys who are WINNING in our book (note Charlie Sheen rant for joke on “winning”).


Check out the photos that no one else in the industry has on Bodybuilding.com.


Bikini ladies checking in.

Sacramento Photo Coverage

Check out all the photo coverage from Sacramento. Ron Avidan was in attendance and snapped photos of the NPC, IFBB and went Behind-The-Scenes.

Click here for photo coverage from the IFBB Pro Event.
Interested in the NPC coverage? Got ya covered here!

Disclaimer: Reader discretion advised, please consult your physician before beginning any exercise or diet program.