IFBB Pro League Advisory Notice on Muscle Size

IFBB Pro League Advisory Notice on Muscle Size. Jim Manion, President of the IFBB Pro League, issues the following letter to all IFBB Pro Athletes and Judges.

From: IFBB Pro League
To: IFBB Pro Athletes and Judges
Date: November 13, 2015

The popularity of the IFBB Pro League continues to grow as a result of many factors the introduction of more achievable, less muscular physiques in the Figure and Bikini and the new divisions of Women’s and Men’s Physique.

All of the athletes who have competed in these divisions have represented the IFBB Pro League well. That being said, there has been a noticeable increase in muscle size across all of these divisions.

We would like to remind all athletes and judges that muscle size is only one of the many factors in judging competitors in these divisions.

In order to preserve the criteria in which all of these divisions were based on, we would like to see less focus on muscle size and more focus on symmetry, balance, proportion, definition and overall condition which are all equally important factors contributing to an aesthetically pleasing and fit physique.

We look forward to seeing all of you during the 2016 IFBB Pro League contest season.

Jim Manion
IFBB Pro League

About 11 years ago the IFBB issued a statement to all female athletes that read…

Date:December 6, 2004
From: Office of the Vice Chairman
IFBB Professional Division
To: All IFBB Professional Female Athletes

For aesthetics and health reasons, the IFBB Professional Division requests that female athletes in Bodybuilding, Fitness and Figure decrease the amount of muscularity by a factor of 20%.

This request for a 20% decrease in the amount of muscularity applies to those female athletes whose physiques require the decrease regardless of whether they compete in Bodybuilding, Fitness or Figure.

All professional judges have been advised of the proper criteria for assessing female physiques.


Jim Manion
Vice Chairman

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2015 IFBB Ferrigno Legacy Pro Results

The results are in from the 2015 IFBB Ferrigno Legacy Pro. Brine Martinez took the top spot in the IFBB Pro Bikini and Erika Kikuchi was victorious in the Women’s Physique division. Check out the complete results from the Palm Springs event below.

2015 IFBB Ferrigno Legacy Pro Results

2015 IFBB Ferrigno Legacy Pro Bikini Results
1. Breena Martinez
2. Lauren Irick
3. Francesca Lauren
4. Marissa Rivero
5. Heather Scofield
6. Michelle Mein
7. Eli Fernandez
8. Heidi Carlsen
9. Enjoli Enriquez
10. Lucy Huang
11. Geri Berger
12. Jessica Schiefer
13. Vicki Counts
14. Christina Williams
15. Babette Mulford
16. Natalie Abrhiem
16. Lisa Kelly
16. Stella Roberts
16. Simone Maman

2015 IFBB Ferrigno Legacy Pro Women’s Physique Results
1. Erika Kikuchi
2. Melissa Pearo
3. Rachel Baker
4. Jennifer Jaques-Conn
5. Jaquita Person-Taylor
6. Tarah Mitchell
7. Susan Ormiston
8. Jodi Marchuck
9. Candrea Judd-Adams
10. Danielle Mastromatteo
11. Sarah Butler
12. Jill Rudison
13. Nathalie Falk
14. Susan Salazar
15. Cathy Jackson
16. Janeen Lankowski
16. Moira McCormack
16. Geraldine Morgan
16. Rhonda Lee Queresma
16. Traci Weller

2015 IFBB Ferrigno Legacy Pro Men’s Bodybuilding Results
1. Josh Lenartowicz
2. Ronny Rockel
3. Rafael Jaramillo
4. Manuel Lomeli
5. Branden Ray
6. Frank McGrath
7. Bola Ojex
8. Lionel Brown
9. Pedro Barron
10. Frank Roberson
11. Omar Deckard
12. Zaher Moukahal
12. Rudy Richards
14. Micheal Ely
15. Oleg Emelianov
16. Jojo Ntiforo
16. Damion Rickets
16. Luke Schembri
16. Edardo Zeoga de Oliveira
16. Steve Benthin

2015 IFBB Ferrigno Legacy Pro Men’s Physique Results
1. James Hurst
2. Andre Adams
3. David Thorpe
4. T.A. Martin
5. Stanislas DeLongeaux
6. Scott Crowe
7. Daniel St. Peter
8. Tyler Larson
9. Timothy Fueling
10. Phillip Blow
11. Eduardo Seferi
12. Jonathan Ortega
13. Willie Spencer
14. Timothy DeGroot

For scorecards from the 2015 IFBB Ferrigno Legacy Pro Visit

Ronda Rousey Gets Venice Beach Mural – #RouseyRevolution

ronda rousey venice
UFC Champion Ronda Rousey has a new mural in Venice Beach, California with the hashtag #RouseyRevolution. According to Rolling Stone, the top dogs at the UFC (Lorenzo Fertitta and Dana White) commissioned the painting to honor her accomplishments.

The mural was done by Brazilian artist Bicicleta Sem Freio Goiânia. See more photos of the mural at

#rouseyrevolution #venicebeach

A photo posted by Bicicleta Sem Freio (@bicicletasemfreio) on

This is the second Venice Beach Mural featuring the champ. A few weeks ago Ronda shared this image on her instagram account.

Lead photo via bicicletasemfreio.

Arnold Classic Europe – Spain Competitor Lists

Arnold Classic Spain
The 2015 Arnold Classic Europa will be held in Madrid, Spain on September 25-27, 2015. The Arnold Classic Europe feature Women’s Fitness and Men’s Open Bodybuilding. The Men’s Bodybuilding competition will be a similar line-up to the Olympia with only Mr. Olympia, Phil Heath absent from the list. Will Dexter Jackson take the top spot or will we see Shawn Rhoden or Dennis Wolf leave Spain with the win? It’ll be a great show to watch. You have to bank on Oksana Grishina and Tanji Johnson in the top spots in the Fitness competition but don’t count out Myriam Capes and Regiane da Silva for a top spot. See who is slated to compete in this year’s show.

Arnold Classic Europe – Spain Competitor Lists
2015 Arnold Classic Europe – Men’s Bodybuilding Competitors
Carlos Asensio
William Bonac
Brandon Curry
Mandouh “Ramy” Elssbiay
Alex Fedorov
Dexter Jackson
Aziz Jelali
Michael Kefalianos
Zack Khan
Steve Kuclo
Alex Lesukov
Victor Martinez
Juan Morel
Shawn Rhoden
Fred Smalls
Roelly Winklaar
Dennis Wolf

2015 Arnold Fitness Europe – Fitness Competitors
Marta Aguiar
Michelle Blank
Myriam Capes
Regiane da Silva
Giorgia Foroni
Ryall Graber
Oksana Grishina
Tanji Johnson
Whitney Jones
Alevtina Titarenko

About Arnold Classic Europe?
The Arnold Classic Europe builds on the success of the Arnold Sports Festival, which began as the Arnold Classic professional men’s bodybuilding competition in 1989 and has grown to include more than 18,000 athletes competing in more than 45 sports and events each year.

More Information

Madrid Arena
Avda. de Portugal s/n (Casa de Campo)
28011 Madrid (Spain)

Sept. 25-27, 2015

For more information on the Arnold Classic Europe, visit

Oksana Grishina Wins! 2015 Fitness Olympia Results

Oksana Grishina Wins! 2015 Fitness Olympia Results

2015 Fitness Olympia Results:
1. Oksana Grishina
2. Tanji Johnson
3. Myriam Capes
4. Regina DaSilva
5. Bethany Wagner
6. Michelle Blank

2015 IFBB Bikini Olympia Results

2015 IFBB Bikini Olympia Results. Ashley Kaltwasser wins her third title in a row!

2015 IFBB Bikini Olympia Results
1. Ashley Kaltwasser
2. Janet Layug
3. Courtney King
4.India Paulino
5. Stacey Alexander
6. Narmin Assria

Watch the 2015 LIVE Olympia Webcast on Flexonline

Live Olympia Webcast
The 2015 Olympia Webcast will be shown on LIVE and for FREE. The webcast powered by Amazon Sports Nutrition will air live and free on September 18 & 19, 2015. This year’s webcast will be hosted by IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Dennis James. Joining Dennis “in the booth” will be Shawn Perine from Muscle & Fitness for the men and on the women’s side of things IFBB Pro Amanda Latona will help call the action. Yes, you read it right. Amanda Latona will NOT be competing at this year’s Olympia but instead will be on the mic helping with the play by play and color commentary on the webcast.

On Friday September 18th the webcast will feature the Bikini Olympia Finals, Fitness Olympia Finals (Routines and Awards) and the Mr. Olympia Pre-judging. Don’t go too far because on Saturday September 19th, the webcast will feature the Figure Olympia Finals, Men’s 212 Bodybuilding Showdown and the Mr. Olympia finals. The live stream will air on 7pm (PST) both nights. The live stream is brought to you exclusively by

Watch the 2015 LIVE Olympia Webcast on Flexonline

Those of you wanting to watch the Men and Women’s Physique will have to attend the show or hold tight for footage to air at a later date. Due to these events being held at the Convention Center Expo Hall there will not be a live webcast. There’s still time to get your Olympia tickets by visiting


2015 Olympia Prize Money – Over One Million Dollars

The total payout for the 2015 Olympia will be over one million dollars. The Olympia is looked at as “Bodybuilding’s Super Bowl” and features the best of the best in the IFBB Pro League. The annual event, held in Las Vegas, will offer an all-time high payout this year. The Mr. Olympia is still the foundation of the weekend however numerous other divisions have added to the growing popularity of the event. This year will be the biggest Olympia yet with a record number of competitors slated to take the stage.

2015 Olympia Prize Money Breakdown:
• Mr. Olympia: $805,000
• 212 Showdown: $75,000
• Fitness Olympia: $65,000
• Figure Olympia: $65,000
• Bikini Olympia: $50,000
• Men’s Physique: $27,500
• Women’s Physique: $27,500
Total: $1,115,000

2015 Olympia Prize Money

2015 Olympia Prize Money – Over One Million Dollars

For more information on the Olympia and the various events visit See the prize money breakdown from the 2013 Olympia.

Dana Linn Bailey Sits Out The Olympia – Launches New Supplement Brand

Dana Linn Bailey
Dana Linn Bailey (DLB as she’s known to her fans) is one of the most popular individuals in the IFBB Pro League. She was the first-ever Women’s Physique Pro and then went on to be crowned the inaugural Women’s Physique Olympia champion. DLB and her husband have created their own empire over in a relatively short time frame. While many “go pro” and seek to have a supplement sponsorship DLB has carved out her own path. Dana did go the traditional route for a short time working with MHP but quickly realized it would be more beneficial to build her own brand. What Dana and Rob have created is fascinating and something that arguably couldn’t be duplicated. They have their own camps, clothing line, Rob’s music, popular Youtube Videos, Road Tour, supplement line and a slew of other things in the works. Dana’s one of the few competitors who has managed to create an income on her own and the stage has little to do with it any more. Sure winning the Olympia didn’t hurt but it’s not the end all – be all for her.

Recently, Dana announced that she would be passing on competing in the Olympia due to a variety of reasons. It’s a smart move on her part and one that will certainly only help enhance the numerous projects she has going.

Dana Linn Bailey Sits Out The Olympia – Launches New Supplement Brand

So thank you all for your understanding and support, and don’t worry … DLB WILL BE BACK!!! I can’t think too far ahead to say what my next contest will be … BUT I will be back onstage, and it will only be that much more exciting!!!!!

– Dana Linn Bailey Sits Out The Olympia – Launches New Supplement Brand

It won’t “take away” any ticket sales to the Women’s Physique competition as it’s held in the Expo Hall of the convention center. Anyone who buys an expo ticket can watch the event. Fans can still see her at the Olympia as she’s recently announced they she will be launching “RUN EVERYTHING LABS“. Earlier this year she released a single supplement called “ONWARD” and now it appears the greater picture is Run Everything Labs with Onward and other products as part of it.

Are you even ready?….. Come see us at both 1249 @runeverythinglabs

A photo posted by DayDay Knucks (@danalinnbailey) on

If fans are wondering what else she and her team are up to you can check out the most recent video that outlines everything the marketing machine has going on. From their clothing line, supplement line to their own line of gyms. You don’t have to be a fan of her physique to appreciate the hustle and all that the Bailey’s have created.

Follow their adventure on Youtube and Instagram for the latest. Get your ticket for the Olympia and see what RUN EVERYTHING LABS has in store.

Lead image via Youtube

2015 IFBB Europa Atlantic City Pro Results

IFBB Atlantic City Pro Results
The 2015 IFBB Europa Atlantic City Pro results are in and the fields are set for the 2015 Olympia. Joan Smith edged out Shanique Gant for the win in Figure and punched her ticket to her first Olympia. Mikaila Soto took home her first win in an open division of Women’s Physique and will head to the Olympia. Branch Warren’s conditioning edged out Cedric McMillan for the win in the Men’s Open bodybuilding and Andre Ferguson was victorious in Men’s Physique. This was the first year for the IFBB Europa Atlantic City Pro but won’t be the last.

2015 IFBB Europa Atlantic City Pro Figure Results
August 29, 2015 – Atlantic City, NJ
1. Joan Smith
2. Shanique Grant
3. Swann DeLaRosa
4. Andrea Cantone
5. Brittany Campbell
6. Cydney Gillon
7. Bruna Miyagui
8. Diana Schnaidt
9. Agnese Russo
10. Aundreana Cornelissen
11. Angela Doucette
12. Linda Andrew
13. Maggie Corso
14. Vanessa Jacobs
15. Mandie Bender
16. Melanie Noel

2015 IFBB Europa Atlantic City Pro Women’s Physique Results
August 29, 2015 – Atlantic City, NJ
1. Mikaila Soto
2. Billie Cavalier
3. Roxanne Edwards
4. Dany Garcia
5. Klaudia Larson
6. Jessica Bowman
7. Loana Paula Muttoni
8. Jennifer Robinson
9. Jillian Reville
10. Zoa Linsey
11. Marnie Holley
12. Reshanna Boswell
13. Anne Luise Freitas
14. Marthe Sundby
15. Paloma Parra
16. Tracy Hess
16. Dolly Lazarre
16. Jill Livoti
16. Jodie May
16. Miava Nelson
16. Linda Simnick
16. Stacy Simons McDowell
16. Tina Trigeuro
16. Irina Veslova

2015 IFBB Europa Atlantic City Pro Men’s Physique Results
August 29, 2015 – Atlantic City, NJ
1. Andre Paula
2. Geobanny Paula
3. AJ Shukoori
4. John Nguyen
5. Mike Balan
6. Antonio Mitchell
7. Raymond Akinlosotu
8. George O’Banyoun
9. Brett Kahn
10. Mario Deluca
11. Ron Dacosta
12. David Dela Crus
13. Justin Hassan
14. Stephen Talamo
15. Chris Mosher
16. Victor Clark
16. Cameron Gardner
16. Jermichael Pratt
16. Sharid Reid
16. Tim Santiago
16. Alp Yurteri

2015 IFBB Europa Atlantic City Pro Men’s Bodybuilding Results
1. Branch Warren
2. Cedric McMillan
3. Drew Jemmott
4. Robert Piotrkowicz
5. Stefan Havlik
6. Nick Trigili
7. Kenneth Jackson
8. Henri Pierre Ano
9. Daniel Hawtin
10. Saiid Kamara
11. Jaime Atienza
12. Tom Jimenez
13. Malcolm Marshall

2015 IFBB Europa Atlantic City Competitors

Atlantic City Pro Competitors
This is the final show for many of the IFBB Pro divisions which means the last chance to qualify for the 2015 Olympia. The 2015 IFBB Europa Atlantic City show will feature Men’s Open Bodybuilding, Men and Women’s Physique, and Figure. The action will kick off on Friday, August 28th with the finals concluding on Saturday, August 29th.

The top five in each division will receive a trophy.

2015 IFBB Europa Atlantic City Prize Money:

2015 IFBB Europa Atlantic City Open Men’s Bodybuilding Prize Money:
1. $10,000
2. $5,000
3. $3,000
4. $1,000
5. $1,000
Total: $20,000

2015 IFBB Europa Atlantic City Men’s Physique Prize Money:
1. $2,000
2. $1,500
3. $500
Total: $4,000

2015 IFBB Europa Atlantic City Women’s Physique Prize Money:
1. $2,000
2. $1,500
3. $500
Total: $4,000

2015 IFBB Europa Atlantic City Pro Figure Prize Money:
1. $3,000
2. $2,000
3. $1,000
Total: $6,000

2015 IFBB Europa Atlantic City Figure Competitors
Atlantic City, NJ – August 28-29, 2015
Linda Andrew
Mandie Bender
Brittany Campbell
Andrea Cantone
Audreana Cornelissen
Maggie Corso
Swann De LaRosa
Angela Doucette
Cydney Gillon
Shanique Grant
Vanessa Jacobs
Bruna Miyagui
Melanie Noel
Agnese Russo
Diana Schnaidt
Joan Smith

2015 IFBB Europa Atlantic City Women’s Physique Competitors
Atlantic City, NJ – August 28-29, 2015
Jessica Bowman
Reshanna Boswell
Billie Cavalier
Roxanne Edwards
Anne Luise Freitas
Dany Garcia
Tracy Hess
Marnie Holley
Klaudia Larson
Dolly Lazarre
Zoa Linsey
Jill Livotti
Jody May
Loana Muttoni
Miava Nelson
Paloma Parra
Jillian Reville
Jennifer Robinson
Linda Simnick
Stacy Simons McDowell
Mikalia Soto
Marthe Sundby
Tina Triguero
Irina Veselova

2015 IFBB Europa Atlantic City Men’s Open Bodybuilding Competitors
Atlantic City, NJ – August 28-29, 2015
Henri Pierre Ano
Jaime Atienza
Stefan Havlik
Daniel Hawtin
Ken Jackson
Drew Jemmott
Tom Jimenez
Saiid Tejan Kamara
Malcom Marshall
Cedric McMillan
Robert Piotrkowicz
Nick Trigili
Branch Warren

2015 IFBB Europa Atlantic City Men’s Physique Competitors
Atlantic City, NJ – August 28-29, 2015
Raymond Akinlosotu
Mike Balan
Victor Clark
Ron DaCosta
David DeLa Cruz
Mario DeLuca
Cameron Gardner
Justin Hassan
Brett Kahn
Antonio Mitchell
Chris Mosher
John Nguyen
George O’Banyoun
Geobanny Paula
Jermichael Pratt
Sharif Reid
Tim Santiago
A.J. Shukoori
Stephen Talamo
Alp Yuteri

WHAT: 2015 IFBB Europa Atlantic City Pro show
WHEN: August 28-29, 2015 ( Friday & Saturday EXPO)
Pro Competitor Meeting: Thursday – 7pm
Pro Pre-Judging: Friday – 2:30pm
Pro Finals: Saturday – 2:30pm
WHERE: Atlantic City Convention Center
One Convention Center Boulevard
Atlantic City, NJ 08401

For More information visit:

2015 Olympia Point Series Info & Leaders’ Update

2015 IFBB Olympia Point Series
The Olympia Point Series (Officially called the Olympia Qualification Series) is a point-based system that determines qualifiers for all Olympia divisions. The Series awards points to competitors placing 2nd to 5th at IFBB Pro League competitions. At the end of the Qualification season, the five (5) competitors with the highest point totals will qualify to compete at the Olympia. The winner of each competition automatically qualifies and no points are awarded for first place. The top five (5) at the Olympia automatically qualify for the following year. Previous Olympia Winners are qualified to compete as we’ll likely see in a few divisions once the line-ups are announced for the 2015 Olympia.

There are four tiers to IFBB Pro League shows where points are awarded.

Tier 1 – Arnold Classic USA
2nd place – 8 points
3rd place – 7 points
4th place – 6 points
5th place – 5 points

Tier 2 – Arnold Classic Spain, New York Pro & Prague Pro
2nd place – 6 points
3rd place – 5 points
4th place – 4 points
5th place – 3 points

Tier 3 – Arnold Classic Brazil & Australia, Pittsburgh Pro & China Pro
2nd place – 5 points
3rd place – 4 points
4th place – 3 points
5th place – 2 points

Tier 4 – All Other IFBB Pro League Competitions
2nd place – 4 points
3rd place – 3 points
4th place – 2 points
5th place – 1 points

There are only a handful of shows left for IFBB Pro League competitors to qualify for the Olympia. The Olympia Qualification Series has wrapped up for the Men’s 212 and Fitness divisions with others determined in the next two weeks.

212 Men’s Bodybuilding
Tricky Jackson locked in the top spot in the Point Series with 12 points. Aaron Clark’s second place finish at the Texas Pro put him in the second place spot. Ahmad Ahmad and Oliver Adzievski tied with nine points for the third and fourth spot and the final qualifying spot went to Khalid Alomsinawi from Kuwait. Sami Al Haddad will not return to the Olympia stage this year. He will finish in 6th place with 6 points. Thomas Anderson, Derik Farnsworth and John Meadows all narrowly missed out on qualifying as well with five points.

212 Men’s Bodybuilding Olympia Point Series Top 5:
Tricky Jackson – 12
Aaron Clark – 10
Ahmad Ahmad – 9
Oliver Adzievski – 9
Khalid Almohsinawi – 7

The Texas Pro helped finalize who would make the cut for the 2015 Fitness Olympia. Marta Aguiar’s third place finish at the Texas Pro put her at the top of the Point Series leader board. Chika Aluka’s second place finish in San Antonio put her in the runner-up point total. Kristine Duba, Danielle Ruban and Allison Either round out the top five point leaders.

Fitness Olympia Point Series Top 5:
Marta Aguiar – 12
Chika Aluka – 11
Kristine Duba – 9
Danielle Ruban – 4
Allison Ethier – 4

There are two qualifying shows remaining on the IFBB Figure schedule. The Tahoe Pro (August 22) and Europa Atlantic City Pro (August 28-29) will finalize the line-ups. It appears Julie Mayer and Wendy Fortino will get in with 12 and 11 points but with two shows remaining it’s not a lock. I don’t see them falling out of the top 5 spots though and would consider them in. Andrea Cantone looks to be safe with 10 points but with Karen Noorlun and Jennifer Brown with 7 points she could slip a bit. I look for Andrea to be in the Olympia line-up Currently Brittany Campbell, Tamara Sedlack, Chaya Boone and Shalako Berry are in a tie with six points. After the Tahoe Pro the field and the possibilities will be a bit clearer.

UPDATE:Wendy Fortino, Julie Mayer and Andrea Cantone are a lock for the Figure Olympia. There’s a four-way tie for the remaining spots with 7 points. Mathematically there are a number of women who could beat the seven points with a strong finish in Atlantic City.

Figure Olympia Point Series Top Spots: As of August 22, 2015
Wendy Fortino – 13
Julie Mayer – 12
Andrea Cantone – 10

Karen Noorlun – 7
Jennifer Brown – 7
Shalako Bradberry – 7
Megan Wyble – 7

Brittany Campbell – 6
Tamara Sedlack – 6
Chaya Boone – 6

Vivien Olah – 4
Maria Garcia – 4
Linda Andrew – 4
Tina Nguyen – 4
Jessica Morgan Canty – 4
Janaina Ferreira – 4
Azaria Glaim – 4
Joan Smith – 4
Andressa Ribeiro – 4

Josie Zamora – 3
Carly Starling Horrell – 3
Chiomba Uwasomba – 3
Louise Rogers – 3
Bruna Miyagui -3
Bojana Vasiljevic – 3
Swann Delarosa – 3
Idalia Molina – 3
Rachelle Carter – 3
Maggy Cambronero – 3
Amanda Doherty – 3

There’s one more Bikini competition remaining on the schedule (August 29th). That said, it’s safe to say Noy Alexander, Francesca Lauren and Angeles Burkeare in the Olympia. Noy currently leads with 15 points and Francesca has 13 for second place. There’s no way those two are not in. Angels Burke is gauranteed a top five spot with 12 points. Christina Fjaere looks to be safe with 11 points and will return to Vegas for her second Olympia.

Sofia Tunisian is currently holding down the fifth place spot with 9 points but that number doesn’t put her safely in the Olympia yet. Mathematically there are a number of women who could bump her out should they finish in second at the last qualifying show. Brittany Taylor and Kenea Yancey could both snag the fifth place spot with a third place or better finish. They are tied with 7 points but would need to beat Sofia’s 9 points to get in. Tatiana Koshman, Lindsey Waters, Cynthia Benoit, Vladimira Krasova, Romina Basualdo and Angelica Dejean are long shots but could potentially get in with a second place finish. Anything less than second and they’re not in. They’d also have to hope that Brittany Taylor and Kenea Yancy finish lower than third.

Bikini Olympia Point Series Top Spots: As of August 21, 2015
Noy Alexander – 15
Francesca Lauren – 13
Angeles Burke – 12
Christina Fjaere – 11
Sofiia Tandilian – 9
Shandy Ortiz – 8
Brittany Taylor – 7
Kenea Yancey – 7
Tatiana Koshman – 6
Lindsey Waters – 6
Cynthia Benoit – 6
Vladimira Krasova – 6
Romina Basualdo – 6
Angelica Teixeira – 6

Leonie Rose is a lock with 13 points at the top of the Women’s Physique Point Series. Erica Blockman also looks to be a lock with 11 points. Jennifer Hernandez is safe with 10 points. Those three will get in the Women’s Physique Olympia showdown. After that it’s a tight race for the two remaining spots. Currently, Silvia Alves Fraga and Kristina Dybahl-Farnsworth are tied for fourth. They aren’t safe with their seven points as Mikaila Soto’s second place finish at the Texas Pro puts her within striking distance of a qualification. She currently sits in sixth but don’t be shocked if she heads to Atlantic City next week and gets into the top five. Loana Pula Muttoni and Rachel Baker each have a chance to sneak into the top five as they sit tied with five points. Mathematically, nine other women could get in if they place 2nd in Atlantic City.

Women’s Physique Olympia Point Series Top Spots: As of August 21, 2015
Leonie Rose – 13
Erica Blockman – 11
Jennifer Hernandez – 10
Silvia Alves Fraga – 7
Kristina Dybdahl-Farnsworth – 7
Mikaila Soto – 6
Loana Paula Muttoni – 5
Rachel Baker – 5
Katerina Kyptova – 4
Lise Thexton – 4
Pamela Slemmons – 4
Antoinette Downie – 4
Venus Nguyen – 4
Nathalie Foreau – 4
Eva Pogacnik – 4
Jodi Boam – 4
Reshanna Boswell – 4

Jacke Alvarez and Joseph Lee are a lock for the Olympia Showdown. After that Jake Campus looks like he’ll get in with 12 points. There are two shows remaining on the schedule (both on August 29th) and that will determine the rest of the field. Right now Andre Ferguson and Michael Balan are in the top five but there are a number of competitors that could mathematically knock them out of the top five.

Men’s Physique Olympia Point Series Top Spots: As of August 21, 2015
Jake Alvarez – 16
Joseph Lee – 14
Jake Campus – 12
Andre Ferguson – 11
Michael Balan – 10
Alex Carneiro – 9
Patrick Fulgham – 9
A.J. Shukoori – 8
John Nguyen – 7
Arash Rahbar – 7
Logan Franklin – 7
Geobanny Paula – 6

There are two shows remaining and after the Texas Pro finals we’ll have a clearer picture of who could get in. It’s safe to say Victor Martinez and Johnny Jackson are in with 14 points. Branch Warren looks to be a lock with 13 points and is slated to compete at the Atlantic City show (the last remaining qualifier on August 29th). Steve Kuclo is in 4th but is competing in the Texas Pro and undoubtedly will move out of that spot after the show. Justin Compton and Brad Rowe are tied for fourth with 11 points. Compton has announced he won’t compete in the Olympia even if he does qualify. Michael Lockett could move up after Texas as could Robert Piotrkowicz, both are on the outside of the top five but in striking distance with 9 points.

UPDATED – Johnnie Jackson won the Texas Pro, Steve Kuclo finished in second and Robert Piotrkowicz’s third place finish shook things up a bit. If Lockett enters the Atlantic City show and finishes in the top five he will bump Compton and Rowe out of the final spot. If Branch wins next week he’d be out of the point series and Locket, Compton (not competing regardless) and Rowe would be in.

Men’s Bodybuilding Olympia Point Series Top Spots: As of August 22, 2015
Steve Kuclo – 15
Victor Martinez – 14
Branch Warren – 13
Robert Piotrkowicz – 12
Justin Compton – 11
Brad Rowe – 11
Michael Lockett – 11
Evan Centopani – 8
Renaldo Gairy – 8

Check back for more updates.

Free Webcast of the NPC / IFBB Tahoe Pro Show

tahoe show webcast
If you can’t make it out to the Tahoe Pro Show but still want to follow the action you can thanks to and the Tahoe promoters. The show will be web-streamed live on Saturday, August 22. You’ll be able to watch the prejudging and finals of not only the pro portion but also the amateur NPC competition. Visit or for more information.

Big news! has joined the Tahoe Show as the 2015 TITLE Sponsor. “We love all that the Tahoe Show does for the athletes and it’s positive support of bodybuilding. You can see it in all aspects of the show’s production .” said Keith Sivera, Director of Offline Marketing. will be onsite providing all kinds of goodies plus will have their famous photo booth where you can take a photo with friends and receive a free photo print and digital image in seconds!

In addition to this first time Title Sponsorship of the Tahoe Show, this will be the second year that hosts the Tahoe Show live web stream. “The web stream has become extremely popular component of our shows. The Tahoe Show received 10,000 views and the Ferrigno Legacy received over 30,000 views, each lasting over 52 minutes.” said Chris Minnes, show promoter. The stream can be watched around the world. It is also a fantastic tool for the competitors so that they can watch the show on their phones and be sure to be back stage in time for their class.

Ronda Rousey’s Top 5 Reddit Responses

Ronda Rousey Reddit
This afternoon “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey answered a few fan questions on The site had thousands of posts within minutes of her making the announcement. As you might imagine she was bombarded with a variety of questions ranging from her thoughts on Cyborg, Game of Thrones, Transgender athlete, music and more. Here are our top five highlights from the Ronda Rousey Reddit Q&A.

Ronda Rousey’s Top 5 Reddit Responses

Knuckledork: What is your sincere opinion about Cyborg?
Rousey: Sincere opinion about Cyborg: she’s just waiting to be offered enough money to get her ass kicked (‘cuz she knows she’ll get her ass kicked). I know for a fact she can make the weight. She consulted with Mike Dolce (my current nutritionist) before I ever started working with him and after consulting with her he said he could get her in “the best shape of her life” at 135. She then started being represented by Tito Ortiz and all talk stopped. The delay is all about money, not her weight. She made 145 pumped full of steroids. She can healthily make 135 without them. Her shows that she headlines lose thousands of dollars, and the majority of the tickets are given away because no one will buy them. She needs me. So pretty much we’re waiting for her to realize that she needs to fight me before I retire or she’ll never have enough money to retire. I would like me kicking her ass be my retirement fight but whether she steps up or not I’ll walk away undefeated and happily ever after regardless.

2RINITY: What’s your go-to hype music before a fight?
Rousey: I have complete silence before I walk out before a fight. No talking in the locker room, no music, cellphones on silent. If I hear a ding from you taking a video you’re gonna get your own private Rowdy Glare.

Throwaway-to-Stay: What do you think about the pornstar calling herself “Ronda ArouseMe”?
Rousey: It’s funny I used to hear that in high school sometimes! At least some girl somewhere is paying her bills with it now.

Tenglishbee: As a guy, how do I keep from becoming a DNB?
Rousey: Well… try to be more self-sufficient and less cabana boy. 😉

trilobiting: Do you ever think ‘Finish Her!’ in a Mortal Kombat announcer voice when you’re taking down an opponent? In all seriousness, what’s your top piece of advice for young (and not so young) women looking to get into MMA or other competitive fighting oriented sports?
Rousey: Only in post.The advice: for any woman trying to break into a male-dominated career, I’d say the greatest thing you can do is always keep in mind that you always have the right to be there.

Read the entire Rousey Reddit Q&A here.

Lead image via instagram

2015 Olympia Adds Amazon as a Main Sponsor

amazon olympia sponsor

When news spread that would not be attending the 2015 Olympia the internet (as you might expect) went into a tizzy. had been a major sponsor of the Olympia for years and provided a live, free webcast for the fans. It appears promoter Robin Chang and his team have not only addressed their absence but taken things to  another level.

How could anyone be bigger than in the supplement world? To the hardcore bodybuilding fans they’d say there is no one bigger however in the online retail space there’s a much larger player. Enter

Today the Amazon Sports Nutrition (yes, they really have a sports nutrition logo) was added to the Olympia as a main sponsor. What does this mean for fans? We’ll have to wait until the official announcement is released but it appears to be a very positive thing. You have to assume that they’ll be behind some type of webcast this year and have a large presence at the Olympia Expo.

olympia logo

This certainly makes things a bit more interesting in the supplement world. coming to the Olympia definitely makes a statement that they’re investing in the supplement business. How will this change the online supplement game? Only time will tell but with their distribution and buying power it could be a great thing for consumers.

2015 Olympia Sponsors


Look for an “official” announcement to be released soon.

Alicia Keys – A Revelation

A revlation

Alicia Keys shared an inspirational message today on her website… “A Revelation”. She shows a photographer of herself underwater that’s inspired by an iconic Ali photo. In her post she reveals a bit about herself and what it has felt like to be hiding from her true self.

You are allowed to be smart
You are allowed to be beautiful
You are allowed to be radical and have strong thoughts that others might not agree with
You are allowed to be tough
You are allowed to be sexy
You are allowed to be bold
You are allowed to be shapely
You are allowed to be kind
You are allowed to be yourself!!

Alicia Keys Ali Water


Read the full story here.

Six Hardbody Sunday Selfies

No day is complete unless you post it on Instagram, right? Here are a few hardbody women who are keeping their ‘gram game on point over the weekend in and out of the gym.


A photo posted by Nicole Wilkins (@nicolemwilkins) on

Just chillin

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NIKE Women Presents: Master Trainer Marie Purvis

Marie Purvis

Nike’s quintessential “trainer in your pocket” Marie Purvis launches an all-new NTC workout.

Marie Purvis was a Nike Master Trainer before the title even existed. Over the past seven years, she has helped Nike understand how to best reach female workout enthusiasts, bring fitness to new places and create a training app that would eventually touch millions of people across the globe. She was one of the driving forces behind the creation of Nike+ Training Club (NTC).

“I would definitely say NTC is my biggest accomplishment,” says Purvis. “I still pinch myself. But it’s real. I’m living it.”

Purvis excelled as a track athlete in high school. However, when she got to college, she was exhausted, injured and over-trained. She wanted to stay in the world of sports, but made the tough decision to not continue on her college track team. She became depressed, had to overcome issues with self-esteem and felt lost in the world. Then she talked to her father, who had run track himself.

“My dad told me that you make a decision every single day in life and you have to own that decision,” says Purvis. “You can’t dwell and you can’t live with regret. You have to take action.”

The conversation was a catalyst in Purvis’s journey to be #betterforit. Purvis took her dad’s advice to heart and began working at her college’s athletic training facility. The job blended her passions and her talents: sports, mentoring and exercise physiology. After graduation, she continued down that road, becoming a sports conditioning coach for a competitive soccer league in Oregon. From there, she connected with Nike, where her personal training career led her to designing workout classes that would become the precursor to NTC. Not long after, she helped design the NTC App.

“I wanted to develop tools for people who maybe didn’t have the resources to get a trainer or coach,” she says. “I wanted to educate. I wanted them to have a trainer in their pocket.”

Ok #ntctourstockholm we are coming for you tomorrow!!! Let's get #ntcfit together!!

A photo posted by Marie Purvis (@mariepurvis) on

Today, Purvis is an NTC Master Trainer based at Nike World Headquarters in Beaverton, Ore., who travels on workout missions all around the world. She divides her time among mentoring new trainers, researching fitness, designing workouts and educating the community. Known for her creative workouts and her ability to inspire the people she trains, Purvis gains energy and drive from helping others get fit and meet their goals.

“That’s what gets me up at 4 a.m. every single morning,” she says. “When people start exercising they get more energy, and that goes so much deeper than just being able to get through the day. Once they feel better inside, they start to shine. They glow. It’s crazy. They come into the gym and they’re smiling.”

In recent years, Purvis has gotten much of her inspiration from traveling to places around the world where fitness is just catching on and where women are just beginning to learn the many benefits of training.

“I get chills every time I see women embracing sport in a new place,” she says. “It is amazing to see thousands of girls get super excited about working out.”

Purvis’s Ready, Set, Zoom workout launches on the NTC App on July 7. The 13-minute workout is the first of six new training sessions that highlight the 12-week Find Your Fast NTC Challenge. Purvis designed it to be dynamic, fast-paced and a starting point for more challenging workouts in the weeks to come.

“This workout is about getting used to footwork and getting used to your body mechanics before the training program progresses,” says Purvis. “This will give you more body awareness as you increase your speed, build power, and develop explosiveness.”

The workout blends quick, powerful movements – like fast feet and split jumps – with full-body moves that showcase balance, poise, and core strength, like side planks and hollow bodies.

“You’re going to be out of breath and you’re going to work on strength,” she says. “The workout really sticks true to the six core moves and lays a foundation down to make you as successful as you can be over the next twelve weeks.”

To find out more, visit or follow the Nike Sport Feed in the NTC App.

Plank rows are great for core and upper body strength. Add 3×16 to your workout! #trainingtips #strongissexy

A photo posted by Marie Purvis (@mariepurvis) on

To stay in touch with Marie, follow her on Instagram or Twitter.

• Diversity and consistency are huge if you want to get results. To keep getting better, it’s important to have fun and mix it up.

• Everything is so fast-paced and high-strung these days. People are getting injured and over-training. I want people to take a breath, slow down and do a proper warm-up.

• Functional training — training your body for everyday movement — should be your foundation. This is what Nike+ Training Club is all about.

• The NTC App really is a trainer in your pocket. If you’re just starting out, pick a Beginner-level class and follow the coaching in the app. Before you know it, you’ll be advancing to higher levels and longer workouts.

• One of the most powerful motivators I’ve seen in my travels is the power of the community. Whether you’re connecting digitally or in person, find your workout friends and push one another – you’ll go much further than you would alone.

Lead Image via Nike.

2015 IFBB Wings of Strength PBW Tampa Pro Results

2015 IFBB Tampa Pro
The 2015 IFBB Wings of Strength PBW Tampa Pro is a two-day event held in Tampa, Florida. The event draws around 200 IFBB Pros from across the globe. It’s one of the biggest events of the year and promoter Tim Gardner rolls out the red carpet for the competitors. The event is split in two with prejudging and finals for the Figure, Women’s Physique, Men’s Physique and Men’s 212 Bodybuilding on Friday. The Men and Women’s Bodybuilding along with the Fitness and Bikini competition takes place on Saturday, August 9th

The IFBB Pro Women’s Figure results came as no surprise as veteran Ann Titone took home the top spot. Ann was the highest ranked competitor in the line up and she delivered under pressure. Coming in second was Miami resident, Joan Smith and Jennifer Taylor from Zephyrhills, Florida rounded out the top three. The top three in Open Figure and in Master’s Figure went home with a paycheck.

Jennifer Taylor was victorious in the Masters Figure competition.

2015 IFBB Wings of Strength Tampa Pro Figure Results
Tampa, Florida – August 7, 2015
1. Ann Titone $2,500
2. Joan Smith – $1,750
3. Jennifer Taylor – $750
4. Diana Schnaidt
5. Shanique Grant
6. Megan Wyble
7. Jennifer Brown
8. Tivisay Briceno
9. Andressa Ribeeiro
10. Ava Cowan
11. Rachelle Carter
12. Chioma Uwasomba
13. Marie Ann Newman
14. Angie Garcia
15. Sharmane Williams
16. Patricia Babineaux
16. Maggie Cambronero
16. Jennifer Everson
16. Federica Ghezzi
16. Ester Gozhansky
16. Jennifer Iritano
16. Marlissa Jordan
16. Stacy Kinnard
16. Gretchen Lichtenstein
16. Andrea Paynter
16. Selena Pons
16. Tara Ramos
16. Jessica Reyes Padilla
16. Dawn Reichley
16. Samantha Rioux
16. Agnese Russo
16. Rebecca Schubeck
16. Lacy Smith
16. Melissa Smith
16. Linda Stephens
16. Christina Watson

2015 IFBB Wings of Strength Tampa Pro Masters Figure Results
Tampa, Florida – August 7, 2015
1. Jennifer Taylor – $1,250
2. Tivisay Briceno – $875
3. Ann Marie Newman – $375
4. Stacy Kinnard
5. Jennifer Iritano
6. Federica Ghezzi
7. Dawn Reichley
8. Linda Stephens
9. Selena Pons
10. Ester Gozhansky
11. Melissa Smith
12. Agnese Russo
13. Gretchen Lichtenstein
14. Rebecca Schubeck
15. Jennifer Everson

Mindi O’Brien will head back to the Olympia with her win in the Women’s Physique competition. She had a unanimous first place score in the judges’ eyes. Coming in a solid second was Reshanna Boswell and rounding out the money spots was Sheronica Henton. Jennifer Hernandez collected the first place check in the Masters Women’s Physique competition.

2015 IFBB Wings of Strength Tampa Pro Women’s Physique Results
Tampa, Florida – August 7, 2015
1. Mindi O’Brien – $2,000
2. Reshanna Boswell – $1,000
3. Sheronica Henton – $500
4. Jennifer Hernandez
5. Mikala Soto
6. Jennifer Robinson
7. Eva Pogacnik
8. Rosela Joseph
9. Andrea Holliday
10. Twana Barnett
11. Jen Louwagie
12. Roxanne Edwards
13. Marnie Holley
14. Olivia Terry
15. Sherri Gray
16. Robin Connell
16. Kendel Dolen
16. Cassandra Floyd
16. Paula Frega
16. Asha Hadley
16. Alisa Horigan
16. Lisa LaMay
16. Janeen Lankwoski
16. Alicia Alfaro Mesa
16. Jillian Reville
16. Tracy Weller

2015 IFBB Wings of Strength Tampa Pro Women’s Masters Physique Results
Tampa, Florida – August 7, 2015
1. Jennifer Hernandez – $1,000
2. Mikala Soto – $500
3. Jennifer Robinson – $250
4. Eva Pogacnik
5. Rosela Joseph
6. Roxanne Edwards
7. Olivia Terry
8. Sherri Gray
9. Tracy Weller
10. Janeen Lankowski
11. Robin Connell
12. Kendel Dolen
13. Cassandra Floyd

2015 IFBB Wings of Strength Tampa Pro Men’s Physique Results
Tampa, Florida – August 7, 2015
1. Brandon Henderickson – $2,000
2. Andre Ferguson – $1,000
3. Geobanny Paula – $500
4. Mike Balan
5. Antonio Mitchell
6. Jacques Lewis
7. Traveles Blount
8. Devon Lindner
9. John Nguyen
10. Jason Walker
11. Brant LaRose
12. Matt Ramseier
13. Duane Brickhouse
14. Lance Phillips
15. Jean Walkins Louis
16. Ronald Alexander
16. Michael Barnt
16. Murat Demir
16. Matt DuBois
16. Ryan Fisher
16. Chris Griffin
16. Brent Guillory
16. Jim Holcomb
16. Andre Johnson
16. Michael Johnson
16. Tone Martin
16. Lorenzo Orozco
16. Dan Pena
16. Ryan Stanton
16. Jeffrey Velazquez
16. Jermaine Ward
16. Alex Woodson
16. Tory Woodward

2015 IFBB Wings of Strength Tampa Pro Men’s Masters Physique Results
Tampa, Florida – August 7, 2015
1. Lance Phillips – $1,000
2. Murat Demir – $500
3. Alexander Woodson – $250
4. Ronald Alexander
5. Lorenzo Orozco
6. Chris Griffin
7. Michael Barnt
8. Michael Johnson
9. Daniel Pena
10. Jim Holcomb
11. Matt Dubois
12. Ryan Stanton
13. Ryan Fisher
14. Brent Guillory
15. Tone Martin

2015 IFBB Wings of Strength Tampa Pro Men’s 212 Bodybuilding Results
Tampa, Florida – August 7, 2015
1. Al Auguste – $3,000
2. Alejandro Cambronero – $2,000
3. John Meadows – $1,000
4. Alison Maria
5. Wendell Floyd
6. Angel Manuel Rangel Vargas
7. Raul Carrasco Jimenez
8. Mboya Edwards
9. Willie Vegas
10. Milton Martinez
11. Leonardo Pacheco
12. Quincy Winklaar
13. Freddie McCray
14. Victor Del Campo
15. Luis Santiago
16. Craig Licker

2015 IFBB Wings of Strength Tampa Pro Bikini Results
Tampa, Florida – August 8, 2015
1. Michelle Sylvia – $2,000
2. Stephanie Mahoe – $1,000
3. Bianca Berry – $500
4. Angelica Teixeira
5. Tiffany Urrea
6. Romina Basualdo
7. Ann Marie Carravalho
8. Oriris Prieto
9. Jade Carroll
10. Andreanna Calhoun
11. Jessica Renee
12. Vladimira Krasova
13. Meghan Duncan
14. Tayler Jordan
15. Sarah James Brown
16. Gigi Amurao
16. Yarishna Ayala Otero
16. Laurin Conlin
16. Angel Denman
16. Eli Fernandez
16. Janet Ann Harding
16. Solmay Hernandez
16. Sandra Jokic
16. Lisandra McGrath
16. Kristen Moffett
16. Samantha Morris
16. Kamilah Powell
16. Lindsey Waters
16. Kenea Yancey
16. Kim Robertson
16. Jessica Beckman Landry

2015 IFBB Wings of Strength Tampa Pro Master’s Bikini Results
Tampa, Florida – August 8, 2015
1. Osiris Preto $1,000
2. Kim Robertson $500
3. Mary Dent $250
4. Kristen Moffett
5. Janet Lynn West
6. Solmay Hernandez
7. Christy Zevely
8. Kat Ciresi
9. Janet Ann Harding
10. Angel Denman
11. Lisandra McGrath
12. Jessica Beckman Landry
13. Nina Cash

2015 IFBB Wings of Strength Tampa Pro Fitness Results
Tampa, Florida – August 8, 2015
1. Whitney Jones – $3,000
2. Missy Terwilliger – $2,000
3. Kristine Duba – $1,000
4. Chika Aluka
5. Rosi Mena Berrocal
6. Danielle Chikeles
7. Derina Wilson
8. Shannon Siemer
9. Stacy Dawn
10. Mandy Polk
11. Natalie Graziano
12. Debbie Fowler
13. Nicolette Spencer
14. Deborah Sizemore

2015 IFBB Wings of Strength Tampa Pro Women’s Bodybuilding Results
Tampa, Florida – August 8, 2015
1. Margie Martin – $4,000
2. Alanda Shipp – $2,5000
3. Isabelle Turell – $1,500
4. Keri Watkins – $1,000
5. Jacqueline Fuchs – $500
6. Judy Gaillard
7. Virginia Sanchez Mcias
8. Laura Carolan
9. Aleesha Young
10. Angela Debatin
11. Shawn Strong
12. Irene Anderson
13. Kim Buck
14. Patty Corbett
15. Maryse Descamps-Manios
16. Elizabeth Meza

2015 IFBB Wings of Strength Tampa Pro Men’s Bodybuilding Results
Tampa, Florida – August 8, 2015
1. Max Charles – $10,000
2. Fouad Abiad – $4,000
3. Johnnie Jackson – $3,000
4. Stefan Havlik – $2,000
5. Michael Lockett – $1,000
6. Robert Piotrkowicz
7. Joel Thomas
8. Akim Williams
9. Timmy Gaillard
10. Jose Luis Rodriquez Oyola
11. Paula Almeida
12. Grigori Atoyan
13. Eboni Wilson
14. Rudy Richards

2015 IFBB Tampa Pro Competitors – UPDATED

The 2015 IFBB Wings of Strength PBW Tampa Pro competitors have been announced. Close to 200 IFBB pro competitors will take the stage on August 8, 2015 in hopes of qualifying for the Olympia. There are some familiar veterans along side a number of rookies. As always this will be a jam-packed event.


2015 IFBB Wings of Strength PBW Tampa Pro Men’s Bodybuilding Competitors
August 8, 2015 – Tampa, Florida
Fouad Abiad
Paulo Almeida
Grigori Atoyan
Max Charles
Timmy Gaillard
Stefan Havlik
Johnie Jackson
Michael Lockett
Robert Piotrkowicz
Rudy Richards
Jose Luis Rodriquez Oyola
Joel Thomas
Akim Williams

2015 IFBB Wings of Strength PBW Tampa Pro Men’s 212 Bodybuilding Competitors
August 8, 2015 – Tampa, Florida
Al Auguste
Alejandro Cambronero
Raul Carrasco Jimenez
Victor Del Campo
Mboya Edwards
Wendall Floyd
Craig Licker
Alison Maria
Milton Martinez
Freddie McCray
John Meadows
Leonardo Pacheco
Angel Manuel Rangel Vargas
Luis Santiago
Willie Vegas
Quincy Winklaar

22015 IFBB Wings of Strength PBW Tampa Pro Men’s Physique Competitors
August 8, 2015 – Tampa, Florida
Ronald Alexander
Mike Balan
Michael Barnt
Traveles Blount
Duane Brickhouse
Murat Demir
Matt DuBois
Andre Ferguson
Ryan Fisher
Brent Guillory
Brandon Hendrickson
Jim Holcomb
Andre Johnson
Michael Johnson
Brant LaRose
Jacques Lewis
Devon Lindner
Tone Martin
Antonio Mitchell
John Nguyen
Lorenzo Orozco
Geobanny Paula
Dan Pena
Lance Phillips
Matt Ramseier
Ryan Stanton
Jeffrey Velazquez
Javon Walker
Jermaine Ward
Jean Walkins Louis
Alex Woodson
Tory Woodward

2015 IFBB Wings of Strength PBW Tampa Pro Masters Men’s Physique Competitors
August 8, 2015 – Tampa, Florida
Ronald Alexander
Michael Barnt
Murat Demir
Matt DuBois
Chris Griffin
Brent Guillory
Jim Holcomb
Michael Johnson
Brant LaRose
Tone Martin
Lorenzo Orozco
Dan Pena
Lance Phillips
Ryan Stanton
Alex Woodson

2015 IFBB Wings of Strength PBW Tampa Pro Women’s Bodybuilding Competitors
August 8, 2015 – Tampa, Florida
Irene Anderson
Kim Buck
Laura Carolan
Patty Corbett
Angela Debatin
Maryse Descamps-Manios
Jacqueline Fuchs
Judy Gaillard
Margie Martin
Virginia Sanchez Mcias
Elizabeth Meza
Alana Shipp
Shawna Strong
Isabelle Turell
Keri Watkins
Aleesha Young

2015 IFBB Wings of Strength PBW Tampa Pro Fitness Competitors
August 8, 2015 – Tampa, Florida
Chika Aluka
Rosi Mena Berrocal
Danielle Chikeles
Stacy Dawn
Kristine Duba
Debbie Fowler
Natalie Graziano
Whitney Jones
Mandy Polk
Shannon Seimer
Deborah Sizemore
Nicolette Spencer
Missy Terwilliger
Derina Wilson

2015 IFBB Wings of Strength PBW Tampa Pro Figure Competitors
August 8, 2015 – Tampa, Florida
Patricia Babineaux
Tivisay Briceno
Jennifer Brown
Maggie Cambronero
Rachelle Carter
Ava Cowan
Jennifer Everson
Angie Garcia
Federica Ghezzi
Ester Gozhansky
Shanique Grant
Jennifer Iritano
Marlissa Jordan
Stacy Kinnard
Gretchen Lichtenstein
Marie Ann Newman
Andrea Paynter
Selena Pons
Tara Ramos
Jessica Reyes Padilla
Dawn Reichley
Andressa Roberiro
Samantha Rioux
Agnese Russo
Diana Schnaidt
Rebecca Schubeck
Joan Smith
Lacy Smith
Melissa Smith
Linda Stephens
Jennifer Taylor
Ann Titone
Chioma Uwasomba
Christina Watson
Sharmane Williams
Megan Wyble

2015 IFBB Wings of Strength PBW Tampa Pro Masters Pro Figure Competitors
August 8, 2015 – Tampa, Florida
Tivisay Briceno
Jennifer Everson
Federica Ghezzi
Ester Gozhansky
Jennifer Iritano
Gretchen Liechtenstein
Marie Anny Newman
Selena Pons
Dawn Reichley
Jessica Reyes Padilla
Agnese Russo
Rebecca Schubeck
Melissa Smith
Linda Stephens
Jennifer Taylor
Christy Zevely

2015 IFBB Wings of Strength PBW Tampa Pro Bikini Competitors
August 8, 2015 – Tampa, Florida
Gigi Amurao
Yarishna Ayala Otero
Romina Basualdo
Bianca Berry
Andreanna Calhoun
Ann Marie Caravalho
Jade Carroll
Laurin Conlin
Angel Denman
Meghan Duncan
Eli Fernandez
Janet Ann Harding
Solmay Hernandez
Sarah James Brown
Sandra Jokic
Tayler Jordan
Vladimaria Krasova
Stephanie Mahoe
Lisandra McGrath
Kristen Moffett
Samantha Morris
Kamilah Powell
Osiris Prieto
Jessica Renee
Michelle Sylvia
Angelica Teixeira
Tiffany Urrea
Lindsey Waters
Kenea Yancey

22015 IFBB Wings of Strength PBW Tampa Pro Masters Bikini Competitors
August 8, 2015 – Tampa, Florida
Jessica Beckman Landry
Ann Marie Caravalho
Nina Cash
Kat Ciresi
Angel Denman
Mary Dent
Janet Ann Harding
Lisandra McGrath
Kristen Moffett
Kim Robertson
Janet Lynn West

2015 IFBB Wings of Strength PBW Tampa Pro Women’s Physique Competitors
August 8, 2015 – Tampa, Florida
Twana Barnett
Reshanna Boswell
Robin Connell
Kendel Dolen
Roxanne Edwards
Cassandra Floyd
Paula Frega
Sherri Gray
Asha Hadley
Sheronica Henton
Sheronica Hernandez
Marnie Holley
Andrea Holliday
Lisa Horrigan
Rosela Joseph
Janeen Lankowski
Jen Louwagie
Alicia Alfaro Mesa
Mindi O’Brien
Eva Pogacnik
Jillian Reville
Jennifer Robinson
Mikalia Soto
Olivia Terry
Tracy Weller

2015 IFBB Wings of Strength PBW Tampa Pro Master Women’s Physique Competitors
August 8, 2015 – Tampa, Florida
Robin Connell
Kendel Dolen
Roxanne Edwards
Cassandra Floyd
Paula Frega
Jennifer Hernandez
Lisa LaMay
Janeen Lankowski
Eva Pogacnik
Jennifer Robinson
Mikalia Soto
Olivia Terry
Tracy Weller

For more information visit:

2015 Arnold Classic Europe Competitors

The 2015 Arnold Classic Europe will take place on September 25-27, 2015 in Madrid, Spain. The men’s bodybuilding invites have been announced and it will be a competitive field. Many of these competitors will be top contenders in the 2015 Olympia.

2015 Arnold Classic Europe Competitors
William Bonac
Brandon Curry
Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay
Alex Fedorov
Dexter Jackson
Aziz Jelali
Steve Kuclo
Alex Lesukov
Juan Diesel
Shawn Rhoden
Fred Smalls
Roelly Winklaar
Dennis Wolf

For more information visit:

Ronda Rousey is ‘femininely badass as f*ck’

Ronda Rousey Rio

UFC Champion Ronda Rousey puts her Bantamweight title on the line this Saturday in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil against Bethe Correia. If you’ve followed Ronda for any amount of time you know the hardbody champion is never short on giving people something to talk about. She unapologetically speaks her mind and consistently provides writes with headlines on a silver platter.

In the second episode of UFC 190 EMBEDDED we’re treated to a perfect example of this. It’s 10:45pm and Ronda is all business. She’s doing cardio on an elliptical machine. Her headphones are on, hands are wrapped and she’s working up a sweat. She’s not talking or texting…she’s focused.

After cardio and a training session, Ronda discusses her body and the type of woman she isn’t. She’s not a ‘do-nothing bitch’ and she find her body to be ‘femininely badass as f*ck’. What? Watch around the 6:10 minute mark for some of the best of Ronda yet…

“Being put in the position of being like a role model, I don’t think I’m infallible enough for that. I have this one term for the kind of woman that my mother raised me to not be. And I call it a ‘do nothing bitch.’ Or I call it a DNB a lot of the time. The kind of chick that just like just tries to be pretty and get taken care of by somebody else. That’s why I think it’s hilarious like or if people like say my body looks masculine or something like that. I’m just like, ‘listen, I’m like, just because my body was developed for a purpose other than fucking millionaires, doesn’t mean it’s masculine.’ I think it’s femininely badass as fuck because there’s not a single muscle in my body that isn’t for a purpose. Because I’m not a do-nothing bitch. It’s not very eloquently said but it’s to the point and maybe that’s just what I am. You know, I’m not that eloquent but I’m to the point.”

Be like Rhonda. Don’t be a #DNB. Be femininely badass.

Ronda Rousey Quote - femininely badass as fuck

Jen Welter – NFL’s First Female Coach

TEMPE, Ariz. (AP) — The Arizona Cardinals have hired Jen Welter to coach inside linebackers through their upcoming training camp and preseason.

The Cardinals say Welter is believed to be the first woman to hold a coaching position of any kind in the NFL. Welter played running back and special teams in 2014 for the Texas Revolution of the Indoor Football League, becoming the first woman to hold a non-kicking position for a men’s professional sports league.

“I am honored to be a part of this amazing team,” Welter said on Twitter on Monday night.

Welter coached linebackers and special teams for the Revolution last season, becoming the first woman to coach in a men’s pro football league. Her general manager with the Revolution was 2015 NFL Hall of Fame inductee Tim Brown.

Welter played linebacker for more than 14 seasons in the Women’s Football Alliance, mostly with the Dallas Diamonds, where she helped the team win four championships. Welter holds a master’s degree in sports psychology. A rugby player at Boston College, she also earned two gold medals on Team USA at the International Federation of Football Women’s World Championships in 2009 and 2013.

A news conference was scheduled for Tuesday to introduce Welter and Levon Kirkland, a former Pro Bowl linebacker who is the inaugural participant in the Bill Bidwill Coaching Fellowship established to give recently retired NFL players a chance to coach in the league. He will work with outside linebackers for the next two seasons.

Four months ago at the NFL meetings, Arizona coach Bruce Arians was asked about the possibility of a woman coaching in the NFL.

“The minute they can prove they can make a player better, they’ll be hired,” Arians said.

Speaking to on Monday, Arians said: “Coaching is nothing more than teaching. One thing I have learned from players is ‘How are you going to make me better? If you can make me better, I don’t care if you’re the Green Hornet, I’ll listen.'”

“I really believe she’ll have a great opportunity with this internship through training camp to open some doors for her,” Arians said.

It’s the second such barrier to be broken in the NFL this year. The league announced in April that Sarah Thomas would be the first woman to be a full-time NFL official.

In the NBA, Becky Hammon is an assistant coach with San Antonio and served as the head coach for the Spurs’ team that won the Las Vegas Summer League championship.

Via AP

Meet Janae Marie Kroc… Formerly Matt Kroc

Matt Kroc to Janae Marie Kroc
While the mainstream media has been fixated on Caitlyn Jenner, the powerlifting/bodybuilding world has its own Transgender story. Over the past year, powerlifting champion and amateur bodybuilder Matt Kroc has been transitioning himself into the woman he’s always wanted to be… Janae Marie Kroc.

Looking back on the Matt Kroc’s Instagram page you can see some of the changes taking place of the past year. While continuing to update the Matt Kroc account, Janae Marie was quietly documenting the journey to a new identity. The profile reads, “Janae Marie Transgender/genderfluid Alpha male/girly girl Lesbian in a male body Single at the moment.” The first post was after surgery…

First no makeup pic 5 days post op FFS. :-)

A photo posted by Janae Marie (@janaemariekroc) on


“Transitioning is a very difficult process and even tougher at an older age (I’m 42). Your body doesn’t respond to hormones very well as compared to being in your teens or twenties and I have built a very good life for myself that I am hesitant to give up. And living as a transgender woman that is honest about her situation is very difficult and can be very dangerous. I am a very realistic person and I don’t think the transitioning will magically solve all of my issues without creating new challenges. Whatever path I choose there will be sacrifices to be made.”

In a story with Janae shares her full story.

#transgender #genderfluid #mtf #m2f #nonbinary #girlswholift #girlswithmuscle #girlslikeus #macgal #macgirl #brunette

A photo posted by Janae Marie (@janaemariekroc) on

The last post was three weeks ago but the comments continue to pour in. The comments are overwhelming positive and visitors are treated to a response from both Matt and Janae Marie in some of the posts. Janae Marie tells a confused commenter, “sexuality and gender identity are two different things. One isn’t necessarily linked to the other. Sexuality is who you like, gender identity is who you are. :-)”

When asked by one visitor if Matt Kroc would be coming back to powerlifting Matt writes back, “I’ve been having a lot of shoulder issues for the last 4-5 months which have prohibited me from training regular flat bench. So that has postponed any return for now. I’m training around it the best I can and trying to get it healed up. I will come back 100% or not at all. It’s not in me to do things half way.”

Janae Marie’s story has been picked up by a number of news organizations. writes, “Elite Bodybuilder Matt ‘Kroc’ Kroczaleski Transitions To Janae Marie Kroc” and shares, “World record powerlifter transitions to Janae Marie Kroc.”

See more of Janae Marie’s journey on her Instagram account.

Boston Bails on 2024 Olympic Summer Games Bid

boston bails on olympics

The United Stats Olympic Committee (USOC) and Boston 2024 Partnership announced that they have “jointly ended the campaign for Boston to host the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games.” Boston was selected in January as a potential host for the Olympic Games. They put together an impressive website, social media and marketing campaign but ultimately the pulled the plug.

In a statement released today, United States Olympic Committee CEO Scott Blackmun shared, “we have not been able to get a majority of the citizens of Boston to support hosting the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Therefore, the USOC does not think that the level of support enjoyed by Boston’s bid would allow it to prevail over great bids from Paris, Rome, Hamburg, Budapest or Toronto.”

The USOC isn’t ruling out another American City bidding on the game and have begun exploring other potential cities.

Steve Pagliuca, Boston 2024 Partnership chairman added, “Boston 2024 Partnership will offer our support and the extensive knowledge we have gained in developing our Bid 2.0 to any American city that may choose to participate in the 2024 bidding process going forward.”

Read the full statement here.

Katrin Tanja Davidsdottir Wins the 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games

2015 CrossFit Games Winner
The third time was a charm for Iceland’s Katrin Tanja Davidsdottir. Katrin proved that persistence pays off. In 2012 she finished in 30th, in 2013 she moved up to 24th but in 2014 she failed to qualify for the Games. Today, she finished forty point ahead of her nearest competitor and was crowned “The Fittest Woman on Earth.” Along with that prestigious title she also collected $275,000 with the win. The same amount her male counter part, Ben Smith collected for his victory.

Rounding out the Women’s top five were Tia-Clair Toomey in second, Ragnheiður Sara Sigmundsdottir in third, Sam Briggs was fourth and Kara Webb finished in fifth.

2015 Reebok CrossFit Games Women’s Results
1 (790) Katrin Tanja Davidsdottir
2 (750) Tia-Clair Toomey
3 (743) Ragnheiður Sara Sigmundsdottir
4 (735) Samantha Briggs
5 (703) Kara Webb
6 (661) Chyna Cho
7 (636) Lindsey Valenzuela
8 (623) Emily Abbott
9 (620) Margaux Alvarez
10 (616) Amanda Goodman
11 (606) Stacie Tovar
12 (590) Sammy Wood
13 (586) Camille Leblanc-Bazinet
14 (582) Brooke Ence
15 (575) Nicole Holcomb
16 (572) Brooke Wells
17 (566) Kristin Holte
18 (562) Michele Letendre
19 (560) Whitney Gelin
20 (556) Alethea Boon

2015 CrossFit Games Prize Money for the Top 20 at the Games
1st – $275,000
2nd – $90,000
3rd – $60,000
4th – $30,000
5th – $20,000
6th – $18,000
7th – $16,000
8th – $14,000
9th – $13,000
10th – $12,000
11th – $11,000
12th – $10,000
13th – $9,000
14th – $8,000
15th – $7,000
16th – $6,000
17th – $5,000
18th – $4,000
19th – $3,000
20th – $2,000

Visit for more information.
Photo via CrossFitGames.

Emblems of the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games

2020 Olympic Emblems

Tokyo 2020 Unveils the Emblems of the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games Symbolising the Power of the World Coming Together as One

24 Jul. 2015 – Tokyo 2020 Unveils the Emblems of the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games Symbolising the Power of the World Coming Together as One

The Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee today held an event to unveil the official emblems of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Tokyo 2020’s Games Vision was further manifested as the emblems capture its core essence.

When the world comes together for Tokyo 2020, we will experience the joy of uniting as one team. By accepting everyone in the world as equals, we will learn the full meaning of coming together as one.

The Tokyo 2020 emblems were created to symbolise the power of this unity.

The black colour of the central column represents diversity, the combination of all colours. The shape of the circle represents an inclusive world in which everyone accepts each other. The red of the circle represents the power of every beating heart.

These elements combine to create the emblems of both the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The Tokyo 2020 Olympic emblem is inspired by the T in

The Tokyo 2020 Paralympic emblem is inspired by = the universal sign of equality.

2020 is almost here.

Tokyo 2020 Olympic - Paralympic

Let’s unite in the spirit of these emblems to stage an Olympic and Paralympic Games for a better world and a brighter future.

Tokyo 2020 President Mori remarked, “The moment we have all been waiting for has finally arrived. The Tokyo 2020 Games emblems are a wonderful work of art that represent the aspirations and the ultimate goal that athletes around the world aim to achieve – taking part in the Olympic and Paralympic Games. The emblems are also symbols behind which the whole of Japan can unite as a single integrated body and join the collective endeavours of the Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, the national government, the Japanese Olympic Committee, the Japanese Paralympic Committee, the Japanese business community, as well as the Games volunteers and everyone who is assisting with the preparations for the 2020 Games. Let us all unite our efforts under the new Games emblems and work together as one to ensure the realisation of a truly inspirational Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2020.”

IOC Coordination Commission Chair John Coates said, “The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games emblem is a powerful symbol of Tokyo’s Games vision. By embracing the concept of unity in diversity, it shows the unique ability of the Olympic Games to bring together people from all over the world in peace and harmony. Its inclusiveness and its representation of the power of the human heart is testament to the spirit in which the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games are being prepared. They will be a global celebration that we can all be a part of and enjoy.” He continued, “Most importantly, this emblem represents Tokyo and its people. It reflects the vibrant nature of the city and the welcoming spirit of its citizens – two elements that the Olympic athletes in 2020 will fully appreciate. I congratulate the Tokyo 2020 team on their work and believe that this emblem will have an important influence on the future of Olympic design.”

Andrew Parsons, Vice President of the International Paralympic Committee said: “I would like to thank and congratulate the Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee for developing this wonderful emblem. When the Paralympic Games return here for the second time they will do so with a growing reputation for being the world’s number one sporting spectacle for driving societal change. The performances of the para-athletes will not just inspire and excite the world, but act as a catalyst for a more inclusive society, here in Japan, across Asia and the whole world. The Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games will create a brighter tomorrow for millions of people around the world. This emblem, whilst paying testament to Japan’s rich heritage, will represent that brighter future and will become globally synonymous with sporting excellence and the incredible achievements of Paralympians.”

The designer of the emblems is Kenjiro Sano. Born in Tokyo in 1972, Sano is an art designer, who graduated from the Department of Graphic Design at Tama Art University. He is the founder of MR_DESIGN Inc., and is active in the fields of logo mark design, character design, graphic design, package design and advertising art direction. Sano has won numerous awards including the Yusaku Kamekura Design Award, the Mainichi Design Prize, the New York ADC Gold Award, the Cannes Lions Gold, the London D&AD Black Pencil, the One Show Design Gold Pencil, the Tokyo Art Directors Club Members’ Award, the Japan Package Association Gold Prize, and the Traffic Advertisement Grand Prize. Sano’s works are also featured in the permanent collection at the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris.

Lindsey Valenzuela Partners with HumanX by Harbinger

lindsey valenzuela

HumanX by Harbinger Proudly Signs Professional CrossFit Athlete Lindsey Valenzuela as Brand Ambassador
An elite level CrossFitter, Lindsey brings strength, power, and spirit to the HumanX team
FAIRFIELD, CALIF. – HumanX by Harbinger, makers of specialized functional training gear, is proud to announce the addition of CrossFit champ Lindsey Valenzuela to their growing team of sponsored athletes.

Lindsey is an accomplished Olympic lifter and elite level CrossFit competitor, making her a perfect addition to the HumanX team. Her superwoman strength, competitive drive and determination, and easy-going demeanor have made her a favorite among CrossFit fans everywhere.

“Lindsey’s talents and accomplishments are only part of the package,“ says Chanin Cook, HumanX’s Director of Marketing. “She is truly “the peoples’ champion” – extremely down-to-earth, personable and the embodiment of strength and power. These are the qualities we look for in our athlete ambassadors to best represent the HumanX by Harbinger brand.”

A competitive CrossFitter for the last 5 years, Lindsey’s accomplishments include:
• 2nd place – 2014 Kill Cliff East Coast Championships
• 1st place – 2014 OC Throwdown
• Team USA – 2013 CrossFit Invitational
• 2nd place finish at the CrossFit Games in 2013
Most recently she placed 2nd in Reebok CrossFit California Regional, and will compete for the podium at the 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games next week in Carson, Calif.

“I discovered Olympic weightlifting while playing collegiate volleyball. I used the lifts as my off-season strength program. When I finished college, I became a competitive Olympic weightlifter and through that, discovered the sport of CrossFit,” says Lindsey. “I now use CrossFit to satisfy my competitive spirit, and am very thankful to be an elite athlete partnering with companies like HumanX by Harbinger. The motto I swear by is simple, BELIEVE and that’s what I’m taking to the Games next week!”

About HumanX by Harbinger
HumanX by Harbinger is a line of high performance gear from Harbinger, the fitness company known as the “go to” brand for weightlifting and conditioning gear for over 25 years. HumanX products meet the demand for functional training tools in today’s evolved fitness market, with a focus on high intensity, multi-discipline programming.

The HumanX product line includes Speed Ropes, Kettlebell Arm Guards, Red Line Wrist Wraps, 20# Weight Vest, Gloves, GRIPS, AbX and Foam Core Belts. HumanX gear is found in gyms and sporting goods retailers worldwide. For more information, visit

Photo Courtesy HumanX.

Women of the 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games

2015 Women of the CrossFit Games

This week the 2015 Reebok CrossFit® Games kick off in Carson, California and the women’s field is as strong as ever. Camille Leblanc-Bazinet is back to defend her title but she has some fierce competition. Camille has competed in the Games five times and finished in the top 10 four times. Two-time champ Annie Thorisdottir will be back after a second place finish to Leblanc last year. The 2013 champ, Sam Briggs will look to return to the podium but has been battling injuries throughout the year. Emily Bridgers showed tremendous potential in the Regionals and you can’t overlook rookie Brooke Ence. The three women who could shake things up on the podium are Margaux Alvarez, Lindsey Valenzuela and Dani Horan.

Women’s Open CrossFit® Games Winners:
2007 – Jolie Gentry
2008 – Caity Matter
2009 – Tanya Wagner
2010 – Kristan Clever
2011 – Annie Thorisdottir
2012 – Annie Thorisdottir
2013 – Samantha Briggs
2014 – Camille Leblanc-Bazinet

The Women of the 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games:
Annie Thorisdottir
Samantha Briggs
Camille Leblanc-Bazinet
Emily Bridgers
Brooke Ence
Michele Letendre
Kara Webb
Emily Abbott
Brooke Wells
Ragnheiður Sara Sigmundsdottir
Margaux Alvarez
Lindsey Valenzuela
Dani Horan
Alethea Boon
Carleen Mathews
Nicole Holcomb
Katrin Tanja Davidsdottir
Amanda Goodman
Anna Tunnicliffe
Chyna Cho
Kari Pearce
Tia-Clair Toomey
Jessica Core
Stacie Tovar
Jenn Jones
Cassidy Lance
Alessandra Pichelli
Carol-Ann Reason-Thibault
Denae Brown
Regan Huckaby
Elisabeth Akinwale
Kristin Holte
Maddy Myers
Whitney Gelin
Rebecca Voigt
Kelley Jackson
Sammy Wood
Alex Parker
Lindy Barber
Thuridur Erla Helgadottir

ESPN will air the 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games highlight shows this Fall. Schedule details will be released at a later date. ESPN Inc. is in its fifth year of presenting the CrossFit Games.

2015 Reebok CrossFit Games schedule: 

Date Time (ET) Event Networks  
Tues, July 21 12 p.m. – 8 p.m. 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games: Masters and Teenagers ESPN3 Live
Wed, July 22 12 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. & 6 p.m. – 10:40 p.m. 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games: Individual and Teams ESPN3 Live
  12 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games: Masters and Teenagers  ESPN3 Live
Thurs, July 23 12 p.m. – 8 p.m. 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games: Masters and Teenagers ESPN3 Live
Fri, July 24 12 p.m. – 11 p.m. 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games: Individual and Teams ESPN3 Live
 7 p.m. – 10 p.m. 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games: Individual and Teams ESPN, WatchESPN Live
Sat, July 25  10 a.m. – 12 p.m. 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games: Individual and Teams ESPN2, WatchESPN Tape
  12 p.m. – 3 p.m. 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games: Individual and Teams ESPN, WatchESPN Tape
   3 p.m. – 6 p.m. 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games: Individual and Teams ESPN, WatchESPN Live
  12 p.m. – 11:45 p.m. 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games: Individual and Teams ESPN3 Live
Sun, July 26 10 a.m. – 12 p.m. 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games: Individual and Teams ESPN2, WatchESPN Tape
  12 p.m. – 9 p.m. 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games: Individual and Teams ESPN3 Live
  3 p.m. – 5 p.m. 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games: Team Finals and Individual ESPN2, WatchESPN Live
  7:30 p.m. – 9 p.m. 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games: Individual Finals ESPN2, WatchESPN Live

*Schedule subject to change.

WalletHub Study: 2015’s Best & Worst Cities for Recreation

With July being National Park and Recreation Month and America’s largest cities investing more than $6.4 billion on park and recreation in 2014, the leading personal finance website WalletHub conducted an in-depth analysis of 2015’s Best & Worst Cities for Recreation.To highlight the benefit of public spaces and recreational activities to consumers and the local economy, WalletHub compared the 100 largest U.S. cities across 27 key metrics. The data set ranges from parkland acreage to the number of attractions to average movie cost.
WalletHub Study: 2015’s Best & Worst Cities for Recreation


Best Cities for Recreation Worst Cities for Recreation
1 Cincinnati, OH 91 Anaheim, CA
2 Omaha, NE 92 Garland, TX
3 Scottsdale, AZ 93 Fremont, CA
4 Tampa, FL 94 North Las Vegas, NV
5 Boise City, ID 95 Chula Vista, CA
6 Orlando, FL 96 Hialeah, FL
7 Minneapolis, MN 97 Laredo, TX
8 St. Louis, MO 98 Irving, TX
9 Reno, NV 99 Newark, NJ
10 Denver, CO 100 Jersey City, NJ

Key Stats 

  • Madison, Wis., has 14 times as many park playgrounds per 100,000 residents as Hialeah, Fla.
  • The percentage of the population with walkable park access is 4 times higher in San Francisco than in Charlotte, N.C.
  • Washington spends 100 times more on parks per capita than Hialeah, Fla.
  • Seattle has 46 times as many coffee shops per 100,000 residents as Laredo, Texas.
  • The number of bike rental facilities per 100,000 residents is 28 times higher in San Francisco than in Tulsa, Okla.

For the full report and to see where your city ranks, please visit:

Disclaimer: Reader discretion advised, please consult your physician before beginning any exercise or diet program.