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Sam “Sweet Feet” Gordon Dominates… Again

sweet feet

Sam Gordon didn’t let being the smallest player in her league stop her. She didn’t let being the only girl in her age division stop her. The phenom football player made national news two years ago and even appeared on a Wheaties box. Sam took a pass on competing in football during 2013 to focus on her soccer but came back this year and made her presence known. She scored 15 touchdowns and averaged 13 yards per carry. Pretty impressive! Oh and she played defensive too where she snatch 3 interception, recovered a fumble and recorded 59 tackles.

Check out Sam’s highlight reel and be sure to subscribe to her youtube channel. She’s a breathe of fresh air and reminds us all to have fun. GREAT JOB SAM! Keep up the good work! You’re a HARDBODY!


2014 NPC Nationals in Miami

2014 NPC Nationals

The last pro qualifying event in the NPC takes place this weekend in Miami, Florida at the 2014 NPC National Championships. Expect to see close to 1,000 competitors compete at this year’s event. Over 60 pro cards are up for grabs in the men’s and women’s bodybuilding, women’s physique, bikini, figure and men’s physique divisions. Check-ins take place on Thursday, November 20th and the prejudging kicks things off on Friday at 1pm. For more information and tickets visit Follow all weekend long for photos, videos, results and more.


Thursday – November 20, 2014
9am – 9pm – NPC/Promoter’s Office – Hyatt Regency
3pm – 4pm – NPC Trustees Meeting – James L. Knight
4pm – 6pm – NPC Board of Governors Meeting – James L. Knight
1pm – 8pm – Weigh-in/Check-in – All Athletes – James L. Knight
24 Hours Microwave Room Hyatt Regency
24 Hours by appointment – ProTan Spray Tanning

Friday – November 21, 2014
11:45am – Men’s BB Mandatory Meeting – James L. Knight
1pm – Men’s BB Prejudging – James L. Knight
1pm – Women’s Physique Mandatory Meeting – James L. Knight
Time tbd Women’s Physique Prejudging – James L. Knight
Time tbd Bikini Mandatory Meeting – James L. Knight
Time tbd Bikini Prejudging – James L. Knight
24 Hours Microwave Room Hyatt Regency
24 Hours by appointment – ProTan Spray Tanning

Saturday – November 22, 2014
8am – Women’s Bodybuilding Meeting – James L. Knight
9am – Women’s Bodybuilding Prejudging – James L. Knight
Time tbd Men’s Physique Mandatory Meeting – James L. Knight
Time tbd Men’s Physique Prejudging – James L. Knight
Time tbd Figure Mandatory Meeting – James L. Knight
Time tbd Figure Prejudging – James L. Knight

4pm – All Competitors Mandatory Meeting – James L. Knight
5pm – Finals James L. Knight

2015 ESPN Winter X Games Invited Athletes

2015 x games

The ESPN Winter X Games return to Aspen, Colorado on January 22-25, 2015. This will be the 14th consecutive year for the winter games in Aspen. The snowboarding, freeskiing, and snowmobiling competitions will be free and open to the public. The event will also play host to concerts, sports and more. Expect to see some of the top Winter Olympic athletes competing in the 2015 Winter X Games. Olympic Gold Medalist, Jamie Anderson leads the pack in the Women’s Snowboard slopestyle and other top female athletes like Torah Bright, Kelly Clark, Kaitlyn Farrington, Arielle Gold and Maddie Bowman. The rising star in the Women’s Snowboarding Superpipe is Chloe Kim. Kim was too young to be part of the Olympic team but don’t let her age fool you. She’ll be one to watch in the years to come.

Women’s Snowboard SuperPipe
Torah Bright
Kelly Clark
Kaitlyn Farrington
Arielle Gold
Chloe Kim
Rana Okada

Women’s Snowboard Slopestyle
Jamie Anderson
Isabel Derungs
Silje Norendal
Spencer O’Brien
Sarka Pancochova
Enni Rukajärvi

Women’s Snowboarder X
Carle Brenneman
Raffaella Brutto
Yuka Fujimori
Faye Gulini
Lindsey Jacobellis
Alexandra Jekova
Dominique Maltais
Nelly Moenne Loccoz
Helene Olafsen
Eva Samkova
Chloe Trespeuch

Women’s Ski Slopestyle
Dara Howell
Kim Lamarre
Kaya Turski
Maggie Voisin

Women’s Ski Superpipe
Maddie Bowman
Roz Groenewoud
Marie Martinod
Brita Sigourney

Competition Schedule:
Thursday, January 22, 2015
• Men’s Ski Slopestyle Elimination
• Mono Skier X Final
• Special Olympics Unified Snowboarding Final
• Snowboard SuperPipe Men’s Elimination & Final
• Snowmobile Speed & Style Finals

Friday, January 23, 2015
• Snowboarder X Men’s, Women’s and Adaptive Finals
• Men’s Snowboard Slopestyle Elimination
• Men’s Ski SuperPipe Elimination
• Snowboard Big Air Final
• Snowmobile Long Jump Final

Saturday, January 24, 2015
• Men’s Ski Slopestyle Final
• Women’s Ski Slopestyle Final
• Snowmobile Hillcross Final
• Women’s Snowboard SuperPipe Final
• Ski Big Air Final

Sunday, January 25, 2015
• Men’s & Women’s Snowboard Slopestyle Finals
• Snowmobile SnoCross & SnoCross Adaptive Finals
• Men’s Ski SuperPipe Final

The X Games in Aspen will also feature concerts by Skrillex, Wiz Khalifa, Chromeo and Snoop Dogg , Jan. 22-25, 2015. For the complete list and more information on the X Games visit

FDA Issues Warning: V26 Slimming Coffee Contains Controlled Substance

The FDA has advised consumers not to purchase or use V26 Slimming Coffee. Their lab anaylsis found the product contains the controlled substance, sibutramine. The FDA issues the release show below and notice their “note”. The note mentioned “a growing trend of dietary supplements or conventional food with hidden drugs and chemicals.” A bit of foreshadowing on what’s the come for the supplement industry and the FDA? Only time will tell but for the FDA to specifically note it’s a “growing trend” is a bit unsettling.

V26 Slimming Coffee Contains Hidden Drug Ingredient
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is advising consumers not to purchase or use V26 Slimming Coffee, a product promoted and sold for weight loss on various websites and possibly in some retail stores.

FDA laboratory analysis confirmed that V26 Slimming Coffee contains sibutramine. Sibutramine is a controlled substance that was removed from the market in October 2010 for safety reasons. The product poses a threat to consumers because sibutramine is known to substantially increase blood pressure and/or pulse rate in some patients and may present a significant risk for patients with a history of coronary artery disease, congestive heart failure, arrhythmias, or stroke. These products may also interact, in life-threatening ways, with other medications a consumer may be taking.

Health care professionals and patients are encouraged to report adverse events or side effects related to the use of these products to the FDA’s MedWatch Safety Information and Adverse Event Reporting Program:

Complete and submit the report online: MedWatch Online Voluntary Reporting Form

Download form or call 1-800-332-1088 to request a reporting form, then complete and return to the address on the pre-addressed form, or submit by fax to 1-800-FDA-0178

Note: This notification is to inform the public of a growing trend of dietary supplements or conventional foods with hidden drugs and chemicals. These products are typically promoted for sexual enhancement, weight loss, and body building and are often represented as being “all natural.” FDA is unable to test and identify all products marketed as dietary supplements that have potentially harmful hidden ingredients. Consumers should exercise caution before purchasing any product in the above categories.

Contact FDA
Toll Free
(855) 543-3784, or
(301) 796-3400

Human Drug Information
Division of Drug Information (CDER)
Office of Communications
10001 New Hampshire Avenue
Hillandale Building, 4th Floor
Silver Spring, MD 20993

News via

Oksana Grishina Re-signs with SAN

oksana grishina re-signs
Allow me to state the obvious. IFBB Fitness Pro Oksana Grishina‘s year has been nothing short of spectacular. She kicked the year off with a win at the Fitness International and went on to win the Olympia crown. She then traveled to Madrid and took top honors at the Arnold Spain. She’s featured in a new book, The Women’s Precontest Bible and continues to travel the globe with her sponsor SAN Nutrition.

SAN has been so pleased with Oksana that they renewed her endosrsement contract. Many people get a sponsorship but few continue the partnership beyond the contract. It speaks to not only Oksana’s commitment but also to SAN’s faith in her. I spoke with SAN and asked what attracted them to signing Oksana in the first place. They shared, “From the first time we met Oksana, we knew she was a natural fit with SAN. Not only is she a highly accomplished athlete, but fitness is truly her life, and she embodies everything SAN stands for. On top of her impressive athletic accomplishments, Oksana also carries a degree in Physical Training and Sports, she trains religiously, and her creativity and passion are off the charts. Her positive energy is contagious.”

“Oksana is the consummate perfectionist, and her style fits perfectly with what SAN is doing both domestically and internationally. The world is looking for more well-rounded athletes to make their marks in the fitness sport, and Oksana has already taken things to an entirely new level.” said SAN.

Oksana was excited at the contract renewal and said, “I’m very proud and happy to continue my relationship with SAN Nutrition. SAN makes quality products that have helped to support my training and body for years of Fitness competition.  But, what’s more important to me is that I love all the amazing SAN people who I get to work with!”

Certainly her competitive resume helps attract a sponsor like SAN but it goes behind that. SAN shared, “Oksana is an integral part of Team SAN, and she personifies the SAN philosophy. Whether competing at the highest levels, promoting SAN worldwide, or contributing to the Team SAN blog with tips, hints, and motivation, Oksana Grishina delivers results. Oksana puts her all into everything she does and SAN Nutrition is honored to have her as a member of our team.”

Fans will get a chance to meet Oksana at a number of events across the world in 2015. She is currently schedule to appear at the Arnold Classic in Columbus, The LA Fit Expo, Arnold Brazil, Arnold Madrid, FIBO, the Australian Fitness & Health Expo and of course the Olympia. Oksana said, “I love to see my fans, and spend time with my SAN buddies!  It’s always busy at the booth, so I even try to get there early, just to talk and spend time with my SAN teammates.”

When asked if she’d be back to the Fitness International stage in Columbus, Oksana enthusiastically shared, “Of course, it was really amazing to have such a successful competitive year.  But, when I look to the future, I want to compete for the same reasons I always have–because I love competing as an athlete, and because I have something to say with my performance on stage.  So, I’m still thinking about what to do next.”

That pretty much sums it up. It may sound cliché´ but when you do what you love you’ll be happy. Oksana doesn’t just pretend to live the Fitness lifestyle, she embodies it.

Follow Oksana on Facebook, twitter and instagram. Learn more about SAN and follow Oksana’s blog here.


oksana GrishinaOksana is all smiles at the SAN booth. 

Lead photo provided by SAN


2014 NPC Music City Muscle Results

2014 Music City Muscle

The 2014 NPC Music City Muscle was the biggest show in Tennessee EVER. Promoters Brandy Leaver and Brandon Curry did a tremendous job with the show and always treat everyone with respect and class. That goes for the last place competitor to the staff, judges and fans. The show was not a national qualifier however that didn’t keep the numbers down. Over 400 competitors registered for the event featuring figure, bikini, women and men’s physique along with men and women’s bodybuilding. Congratulations to all the competitors who met their goals.

All stage photos from the event can be found here.

2014 Music City Muscle Winners

Jennifer Duncan – Women’s Physique
Hannah Barnes – Novice Bikini
Angela Diaz – Open Bikini
Desirie Crowe – Masters Bikini
Destiny Martinez – Novice Figure
Wally Gravett – Open Figure

overall men winners

Blaze Long – Novice Men’s Physique
Ali Abuhassan – Open Men’s Physique
Jerry Brenneman – Novice Bodybuilding
John Manning – Junior Bodybuilding
Jeramy Buchanan – Open Bodybuilding


2 Carolyn Rudin 1
1 Jetaun Quarles 2
3 Jan Aughenbaugh 1
# Up to & incl. 5’4″ PLACE
5 Jennifer Duncan 1
6 Dawn Minkley* 2
7 Samantha Sanders 3
4 Melody Watson 4
# Over 5’4″ PLACE
8 Alyse Masserano* 1
10 Jessica Wood 2
9 Layla Hannah* 3
# Age 35-45 PLACE
11 Dawn Jones 1
12 Alyse Masserano* 2
13 Layla Hannah* 3
# Age 45-50 PLACE
14 Dawn Minkley* 1
# Age 50+ PLACE
15 Sherri Doyle 1
# Up to & incl. 5’4″ PLACE
22 Brittany Mims 1
17 Felicia Negron 2
32 Jennifer Murphy 3
30 Lauren Ingram 4
36 Jenny Goforth 5
25 Alie Rountree 6
20 Michelee Bechthold* 7
33 Jodi Grieshop 8
23 Hannah Bagwell 9
29 Ashley Tripp 10
27 Angela Elliott 11
21 Mallory Blake 12
34 Carrie Garner* 13
18 Maria Tarum* 14
38 Sarah Moore 15
39 Angela Davis* 16
24 Kayla Mihalinec 16
35 Lindsey Cauthen 16
37 Kristen Ashford 16
19 Hannah Sommers 16
28 Pam Bixenman 16
26 Montaqua Austin* 16
16 Olivia Hart 16
31 Hailey Stewart 16
# Over 5’4″ up to 5’6″ PLACE
48 Julianna Hackworth 1
50 Miranda Morrow 2
41 Tatum Merbitz 3
43 Lauren Bowling 4
46 Una Smith* 5
40 Candice Cherry 6
45 Ashley Brown 7
44 Michelle Leachman 8
47 Heidi Smith 9
42 Jillian Russell 10
49 Chanda Beach* 11
# Over 5’6″ PLACE
63 Hannah Barnes 1
53 Chelsey Burke 2
58 Christine Kanuch 3
54 Demetris Chaney* 4
52 Kristina Wiest* 5
60 Lindsay Lavigne 6
65 Cayla Stroud 7
57 Jessica Hausberger* 8
55 Jennifer Moore* 9
61 Jill Mullen 10
64 Kim Collins 11
62 Nakima Dixon 12
56 Kimberly Walter* 13
59 Tara Sargent 14
51 Stephanie Richardson 15
# Up to & incl. 5’2″ PLACE
70 Angela Diaz 1
66 Desirie Crowe* 2
69 Wendy Hyde* 3
67 Leah Wolfe* 4
68 Kimberly Predmore* 5
# Over 5’2″ up to 5’4″ PLACE
74 Taylor Bergen 1
75 Carla Fort 2
84 Kaylin Porter 3
81 Allie Chatham 4
77 Wendy Reuter 5
85 Tiffany Smith 6
89 Carole-Denise Greenway 7
87 Shauna Green 8
82 Jessica Driskell 9
80 Karlie Wright 10
90 Carly Kubanyi* 11
86 Kristyna Valjaskova 12
79 Joy Tacadena 13
78 Marybeth Rice 14
71 Judi Godwin* 15
88 Heather Stachel 16
72 Stephanie Baswell 16
76 Madison Leibach 16
83 Carleigh Hayes 16
73 Rachel Barnett* 16
# Over 5’4″ up to 5’6″ PLACE
105 Kim Jinhee 1
93 Ashley Mosier 2
102 Casey Horton 3
96 Alecia Drake* 4
99 Jesse Pittman* 5
91 Carman Charland 6
101 Kim Carter* 7
104 Cynthia Howell 8
98 Kyungri Mason 9
95 Maral Darakhshanian 10
100 Jenna Stafford 11
97 Melissa King 12
103 Monica Cummings 13
94 Jenica Coleman 14
92 Jessica Hiltenbrand 15
# Over 5’6″ PLACE
115 Katie Kimmitt 1
112 Ace Cross Crook 2
110 Jennifer Galloway 3
114 Mara Poole 4
111 LaToya Wilkerson 5
109 Justine Tyler 6
113 Tonia O’Neill* 7
108 Ginz Pisut* 8
107 Chanel McGee 9
106 Amanda Krumnow 10
# Age 16-19 PLACE
116 Jesse Pittman* 1
117 Haley Thompson 2
# Age 35-45 Class A Up to 5’4″ PLACE
119 Desirie Crowe* 1
128 Wendy Hyde* 2
126 Carly Kubanyi* 3
122 Leah Wolfe* 4
120 Michelee Bechthold* 5
124 Lesley Murray 6
121 Angela Davis* 7
129 Carrie Garner* 8
130 Alicia Smith 9
123 Rachel Barnett* 10
118 Maria Tarum* 11
125 Montaqua Austin* 12
127 Shirley Gadde 13
# Age 35-45 Class B Over to 5’4″ PLACE
142 Dietre Ffrench 1
136 Demetris Chaney* 2
137 Jennifer Moore* 3
133 Una Smith* 4
132 Alecia Drake* 5
140 Kim Carter* 6
139 Jessica Hausberger* 7
135 Kristina Wiest* 8
141 Tonia O’Neill* 9
134 Ginz Pisut* 10
138 Kimberly Walter* 11
131 Chanda Beach* 12
# Age 45+ PLACE
144 Judi Godwin* 1
145 Kimberly Predmore* 2
143 Pam Bixenman 3
# Up to & incl. 5’4″ PLACE
151 Destitny Martinez 1
146 Shameka Freeman 2
150 Brittany Bradey 3
152 Ahsley Bowman 4
148 Kim Roek* 5
147 Sonya Ewing* 6
149 Leslie Will* 7
# Over 5’4″ up to 5’6″ PLACE
154 Christy Huff* 1
157 April Fuqua* 2
156 AJ Harrison 3
153 Kelley Paige 4
158 Michelle Murphy 5
155 Olga Bernaz* 6
# Over 5’6″ PLACE
160 Sloan Ashworth 1
159 Leks Stanic 2
161 Wanda Charland* 3
# Up to & incl. 5’2″ PLACE
165 Wally Gravett* 1
162 Elsa Brassel* 2
164 Nina Cook 3
163 Cheri Potter 4
# Over 5’2″ up to 5’4″ PLACE
169 Nicol Wicker 1
167 Lyndsey Cole 2
168 Jennifer Toney* 3
170 Anita Royka* 4
166 Whitney Bertsch 5
# Over 5’4″ up to 5’6″ PLACE
174 Melissa Jones 1
173 Kelly Gray  2
175 Shelly Southerland* 3
176 Siris Carrasco 4
172 Latasha Ellenburg 5
171 Misty Collins* 6
# Over 5’6″ PLACE
179 Heather Swallows 1
186 Lauren Lovelday 2
185 Janice Hayden* 3
184 Wendy Newbegin* 4
178 Lisa Moredock* 5
183 Meryam Chumley* 6
177 Janie Jackson 7
181 April Bostick* 8
182 Doreen Richardson* 9
180 Tracy Leffel 10
# Age 35-45 PLACE
189 Wally Gravett* 1
198 Christy Huff* 2
193 Anita Royka* 3
187 Elsa Brassel* 4
202 Shelly Southerland* 5
195 Janice Hayden* 6
203 Meryam Chumley* 7
201 April Fuqua* 8
197 Wendy Newbegin* 9
191 Jennifer Toney* 10
190 Kim Roek* 11
199 Lisa Moredock* 12
196 Wanda Charland* 13
200 April Bostick* 14
194 Misty Collins* 15
192 Leslie Will* 16
188 Sonya Ewing* 16
# Age 45+ PLACE
206 Doreen Richardson* 1
204 Terrilynn Walston 2
205 Olga Bernaz* 3
# Age 16-19 PLACE
209 Michael Johnson* 1
208 Zach Beech 2
210 Mitchell Barrett 3
211 Justen Pollock 4
207 Hal Fisher 5
212 Victor Putala 6
# Age 35-45 PLACE
224 Marlo Buttler 1
221 Aaron Blair* 2
213 James Harris* 3
215 Sean McCallister* 4
217 Jeff Jolley* 5
220 Frank Baskerville* 6
222 Steven Bond 7
219 Mike Williams* 8
216 Roberto Blackmon* 9
218 Cory Wells* 10
223 Jason Fults 11
214 Jeremy Hargrove 12
# Age 45-50 PLACE
228 Dewayne Holifield 1
231 James Yates* 2
227 Eric Snyder* 3
229 Billy Miller* 4
230 Robert Fontaine 5
226 Rob Higgins 6
225 Gary Hollister 7
# Age 50+ PLACE
233 Ronald Cartmell* 1
232 Mark Rhoades* 2
234 Alvin Hardemon 3
235 Lonny Bickley 4
237 Stephone Duncan 5
238 Chuck Thompson* 6
236 Ronnie Neff 7
 Novice MEN’S
# Up to & incl. 5’8″ PLACE
246 Nyahuma Fort 1
240 Jonathan Gwaltney 2
242 Eric Holford 3
243 James Harris* 4
241 Joseph McKenna 5
245 Drew Zortman 6
239 Quran Rich 7
244 Chuck Thompson* 8
# Over 5’8″ PLACE
252 Blaze Long 1
249 Jeff Jolley* 2
256 Jason Norris 3
251 Eric Drake 4
258 Richard Beach 5
257 Corey Nieto 6
309 Nick Lasater 7
259 Trevor Patton 8
254 Eric Snyder* 9
247 Roberto Blackmon* 10
250 Joseph Buchanan 11
253 Dustin Evans 12
255 Christopher MacDonald 13
248 Clyde Barrett 14
# Up to & incl. 5’6″ PLACE
263 Rene Payong 1
260 EJ Williams 2
261 Dai-Hai Phan 3
262 Jeffrey Boyd 4
# Over 5’6″ up to 5’8″ PLACE
277 Tommy Anderson Jr. 1
266 Copernicus Johnson 2
264 Nathan Boswell 3
269 Sean McCallister* 4
268 Curtiss Carr 5
272 Robert Macri 6
270 Markus Norris 7
267 Paul Smith 8
276 Derick Parker 9
271 Mark Rhoades* 10
274 Charles McDowell 11
273 Chad Boyd 12
275 Jacob Smith 13
278 Brandon Holloway 14
265 Daniel Forero 15
# Over 5’8″ up to 5’10” PLACE
293 Ali Abuhassan 1
292 Michael Johnson* 2
283 Rakeem Gayle 3
280 Chris Dorn 4
281 Zerian Williams 5
285 Dwight Wilson 6
284 Kyle Winters 7
286 Stephen Pullen 8
279 Ronald Cartmell* 9
288 David La Rosa 10
290 Billy Miller* 11
291 Justin Jacobes 12
282 Cody Caruthers 13
289 Stevie Jones 14
287 Thad Davenport 15
# Over 5’10” PLACE
304 Hakeem Abdul-Saboor 1
307 Michael McConnell 2
298 William Franklin 3
310 Jonathan Zydel 4
306 Delbrieo Slaughter 5
303 Aaron Blair* 6
296 Frank Baskerville* 7
302 James Yates* 8
297 Kevin Greene 9
308 Will Akins 10
301 Michael Roura 11
311 Matt Corson 12
295 Mike Williams* 13
294 Cory Wells* 14
305 Phillip Kitchens 15
299 Jacob Wagoner 16
300 Christopher Baxter 16
NOVICE BB: Lightweight
# Up to & incl. 165.25 PLACE
312 Seth Buch 1
316 Steven Anderson 2
313 Chevy Estas 3
314 Christopher Ashley 4
315 Tim Blair* 5
317 Mitsunori Misawa 6
NOVICE BB: Middleweight
# Over 165.25 up to 187.25 PLACE
318 Jerry Brenneman 1
319 Matthew Jordan 2
323 Josh Scott 3
324 Ryan Sulikowski 4
320 Troy Zanko* 5
321 Jonathan Defago 6
322 Tony Pollard 7
325 Joe Bostick 8
NOVICE BB: Heavyweight
# Over 187.25 PLACE
326 Jeremy Goforth 1
332 Dacota Echols 2
331 Taylor Wangrud 3
327 Chris Hicks 4
330 Austin Stratton 5
329 Scott Rymer 6
328 Zac Roberts 7
JUNIOR BB: Lightweight
# Up to & incl. 165.25 PLACE
334 Jeffrey Pulford* 1
333 Andrew Cina* 2
JUNIOR BB: Middleweight
# Over 165.25 up to 187.25 PLACE
340 John Manning 1
336 Matt Altheim 2
337 James Johnson* 3
335 Sean Nanney* 4
338 Terrence Jones 5
339 George Brown* 6
JUNIOR BB: Heavyweight
# Over 187.25 PLACE
342 Chris Dichiara 1
341 Jamal Shakeenab* 2
343 Eric Tidmore 3
# Age 16-19 PLACE
348 Sean Nanney* 1
344 Nick Hill 2
349 Andrew Cina* 3
346 Branston Carnahan 4
345 Nathan Eckerson 5
347 Kody Gray 6
350 Rick Lanzilotta* 1
352 Jamal Shakeenab* 2
353 Jeffrey Pulford* 3
351 Terrence Jones 4
# Age 40-49 PLACE
359 Brian Strock* 1
356 James Johnson* 2
354 John Titus 3
357 Louis Vick 4
355 Troy Zanko* 5
358 Jack Roek* 6
361 Steve Murphy  7
360 Tim Blair* 8
362 Eric Tidmore 9
# Age 50-59 PLACE
364 Ronnie Aldrich* 1
367 David Cox*  2
363 R.D. Noren II* 3
365 Billy McDonald 4
368 Frank Daniels 5
366 George Woods 6
369 Donald Wolf* 7
# Age 60-69 PLACE
372 George Brown* 1
371 Mitch Spence 2
370 James Howarth 3
OPEN BB: Lightweight
# Over 143.25 up to 154.25 PLACE
373 R.D. Noren II* 1
OPEN BB: Middleweight
# Over 154.25 up to 176.25 PLACE
376 Jeramy Buchanan 1
378 Zach Martin 2
379 Stanley Blair 3
374 Ronnie Aldrich* 4
377 Rick Lanzilotta* 5
380 Adam Wicker 6
381 Qasim Alsetri 7
375 Cameron Harmon 8
OPEN BB: Light-Heavyweight
# Over 176.25 up to 198.25 PLACE
391 William Benny Blair 1
382 Brad Mabry 2
387 Evan Revoir 3
388 Brian Strock* 4
389 David Cox*  5
383 DeQuan Adams 6
390 Mitch Rutherford 7
386 Jarvis Johnson 8
385 Michael Sparkman 9
384 Jack Roek* 10
OPEN BB: Heavyweight
# Over 198.25 PLACE
395 Paul Glissen 1
392 Reed Stevenson 2
393 Austin Jones 3
394 Antoine Anderson 4
396 Donald Wolf* 5


SHOW PREVIEW: 2014 NPC Music City Muscle Classic

NPC Music City Nashville

The 2014 NPC Music City Muscle competition will take place on November 1, 2014 in Nashville, Tennessee. I’ve covered hundreds of events over the last 10 years and without a doubt this is one of the best shows in the USA. Promoters Brandy Leaver and Brandon Curry do a tremendous job from start to finish and provide the competitors with an unforgettable experience. They’re both IFBB Pros and they’ve “been there done that” as competitors and I think that plays into their show. Brandy’s passion showed last year when she was running the event at 9 months pregnant, yes she was due at any time. Brandon gave local fans a rare glimpse at his stage ready physique by guest posing. He won the inaugural Arnold Classic Brasil and had just competed at the Olympia.

The venue is one of the best you’ll find for any event, amateur or pro. Last year the event sold out in the Polk Theatre and this year they’ve moved to the Andrew JacksonHall in the Tennessee Performing Arts Center. The place is awesome and has three levels of seating. A backstage that is the size of a football field and a pump up room that is the size of a gymnasium. Competitors will be spoiled after competing on this stage because there are few shows that have anything like it.

I caught up with Brandy for a bit more info on the event in a quick Q&A:

HARDBODY (HB): How many years have you promoted this show?
BRANDY LEAVER (BL):This is our 4th year!

HB: Any women who have competed in the show and turned pro?
BL: Yes, Hanna Hallman went pro just a couple of weeks after competing in our show last year. Ecko Johnson was just 1 spot away from earning her pro status 2 years ago after winning our show.

HB: Numbers expected this year vs the first year?
BL: Our first year we had 96 total, and this year we are hoping to hit the 400 mark! We are already past 300 in pre registration! (not to mention we are still a non National Qualifier! That is, until next year! Woohoo!)

HB: Venue change?
BL: Same building, but this year we are going into a bigger theatre in the Tennessee Performing Arts Center. Our old theatre held around 1500 people and we sold the last ticket at finals just 7 minutes after opening the doors last year and had to turn a lot of people away. So this year we were ready for the big one and are heading into the Andrew Jackson Hall which seats 2500 spectators. It’s just beautiful.

HB: What separates your show from others?
BL: Brandon and I wanted to put on a show that focused on the competitors, not ourselves. To be honest a lot of people know the show but they don’t realize that we run it. And we are cool with that! We create a positive environment for competitors backstage and even have a good old homemade Red Velvet Cake waiting for them the second they get off stage at the Finals! I think people like to do our show because we care about the competitors and make them feel comfortable no matter their age, or if it’s their first time competing or if they are a very experienced competitor. We have people competing from ages 16-76! Last year we even had a BLIND woman compete and she placed in the top 5! It’s inspiring and it’s all positive! We want people to celebrate and feel rewarded for the journey that they have been on. Not everyone will become an IFBB Pro but I want to give everyone a place to be able to compete comfortably and be satisfied with themselves no matter what the outcome. It’s a show for everyone to have a good time!

We also like to make it entertaining for spectators. We run it as a production during the Finals so it’s not just an award show! We have such an amazing venue, why not take it all the way! LOL! A lot of people come to the show that have never been to a Bodybuilding event before so we try to entertain them too!

Tennessee Performing Arts Center / Andrew Jackson Hall
505 Deaderick St.

November 1, 2014
Prejudging: 8:30am
Finals: 5:30pm

More info:

2015 Olympia Qualification Point Series

2014 Olympia Point Series

The IFBB Professional League announced the 2015 Olympia Qualification Series and the point breakdown. Not much has changed from 2014 with the exception of a few shows being added and a couple of shows dropped. The Qualification Series has morphed a bit since it started in 2011 but the current formula seems to be working. The simplest way to explain it is, win and you’re in the Olympia. If you don’t win, then you accumulate points. The top five people at the end of the competition season (Olympia to Olympia) are qualified to compete. The top five competitors in the Olympia are automatically qualified for the following year’s Olympia.

2015 Olympia Qualification Series
Pittsburgh, PA – October 28, 2014 – The IFBB Professional League, in conjunction with Joe Weider’s Olympia Fitness & Performance Weekend, announces the 2014 Olympia Qualification Series, a point-based system that determines qualifiers for all Olympia divisions.

The Olympia Qualification Series awards points to competitors placing 2nd to 5th at IFBB Pro League competitions. At the end of the Olympia Qualification season, the five competitors with the highest point totals in the Olympia Qualification Series qualify to compete at the Olympia.

Since the winner of each competition automatically qualifies, no points are awarded for first place. Additionally, competitors placing in the TOP FIVE AT THE OLYMPIA automatically qualify for the following year.

Points and qualifications int he 2015 Olympia Qualification Series are awarded as follows:

TIER 1: Arnold Classic USA
2nd – 8 points
3rd – 7 points
4th – 6 points
5th – 5 points

TIER 2: Arnold Classic (Spain), New York Pro, Prague Pro
2nd – 6 points
3rd – 5 points
4th – 4 points
5th – 3 points

TIER 3: Arnold Classic Brazil & Australia, Pittsburgh Pro, China Pro
2nd – 5 points
3rd – 4 points
4th – 3 points
5th – 2 points

TEIR 4: All Other Competitions
2nd – 4 points
3rd – 3 points
4th – 2 points
5th – 1 points

The points are accumulated throughout the year with the first contest points beginning with the first show after the Olympia. There have been competitors who tie in points and so far those who tie end up going to the Olympia without a tie breaker being determined.

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National Oatmeal Day – October 29th

national oatmeal day
It’s National Oatmeal Day. What does that mean? Great question and I have no clue, it just kept popping up on my twitter feed this morning. Do we really need a day devoted to Oatmeal? Apparently so. Competitors often make oatmeal part of the contest prep and while it can is boring to eat you can spice it up with peanut butter, bananas, cinnamon or stevia. Many people are on an anti-grain kick lately so don’t count on them to help you celebrate this ridiculous day.

Joe Silverman, senior marketing director for Quaker Foods North America, shared, “Oatmeal is a delicious and nutritious breakfast option that families have enjoyed together for generations. We’re excited to treat fans, especially on National Oatmeal Day, with oatmeal to start their day off right.”

Looking for a few oatmeal recipes? Check em out here. also has a few recipes to help make oatmeal suck less.



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2014 IFBB Sacramento Pro Competitor Lists

2014 Sacramento Pro
The 2014 IFBB Sacramento Pro will feature the women of the pro bikini division and the men’s physique division. This show has been a mainstay in Northern California for years and a number of the NPC competitors from this show have gone on to not only turn pro but do well as a pro. The event has featured Figure, Bodybuilding but lately focused on Bikini and Men’s Physique. Only five women in the line-up are from outside of The Golden State. The winner will qualify for the 2015 Olympia and currently no one already qualified for the Olympia has entered.

Last year was the first Pro Master’s Bikini competition, which was won by Noy Alexander. Surprisingly, Amanda Latona will not be back to defend her title. She’s won this show the last three years. There’s no clear winner in the line up so its anyone’s show to win.

IFBB Sacramento Pro Competitor Lists
Sacramento, California – November 1, 2014

IFBB Sacramento Pro Bikini Competitors
Sheena Jayne Anderton
Nicole Ankney
Jessica Arevalo
Lisa Asuncion
Queenie Pe Benito
Summer Bernard
Leigh Brandt
Valerie Cantin
Krissy Chin
Enjoli Enriquez
Lisette Howard
Jessica James
Christie Marquez
Breena Martinez
Anna Lee McKill
Michelle Mein
Annie Parker
Camile Periat
Janelle Saitone-McGuire
Nina Silic
Jen Stevens
Brie Tawhal
Christina Williams

IFBB Sacramento Pro Masters Bikini Competitors
Nicole Ankney
Valerie Cantin
Krissy Chin
Anna Lee McKill
Michelle Mein
Camile Periat
Christina Williams

IFBB Sacramento Pro Men’s Physique Competitors
Nicholas Adams
Jake Alvarez
Dean Balabis
Thomas Canepa
Mariusz Czerniewicz
Murat Demir
Michael Doughtery
Brian Epstein
James Hurst
William Kitchen
Joseph Lee
Devon Lindner
Darnell Moss
John Nguyen
Jake Phippen
Arya Saffaie
Mike Saffaie
Jeremy Tevaga

IFBB Sacramento Pro Master’s Men’s Physique Competitors
Tim DeGroot
Murat Demir
Michael Dougherty
Brian Epstein
Mike Saffaie

Sacramento pro poster

2014 IFBB Europa Phoenix Pro Results

europa phoenix results

Complete results for the 2014 IFBB Europa Phoenix Pro event which featured over 160 competitors in Phoenix, Arizona.

2014 IFBB Europa Phoenix Pro Results
Phoenix, AZ – October 25-26, 2014

2014 IFBB Europa Phoenix Pro Fitness Results
1. Sarah Kovach
2. Whitney Jones
3. Ryall Graber
4. Chika Aluka
5. Kelcie Gahley
6. Allison Ethier
7. Nita Marquez
8. Amanda Hatfield
9. Hollie Stewart
10. Kimberly Stroup
11. Holly Semanoff
12. Shelly Paton
13. Tanis Tzavaras
14. Susana Cacavieli
15. Irene Nunn
16. Sherry Boudreau
16. Babette Mulford
16. Debbie Sizemore
16. Shannon Siemer

2014 IFBB Europa Phoenix Pro Figure Results
1. Vera Mallett
2. Ivana Ivusic
3. Josie Zamora
4. Brittany Campbell
5. Tamara Sedlack
6. Beckie Boddie
7. Olga Karavayeva
8. Carly Sparling Horrell
9. Dawn Fernandez
10. Melissa Spiegel
11. Susana Ramirez
12. Shalako Bradberry
13. Amber Crowder
14. Bruna Miyagui
15. Kimberly Jones
16. Agnese Russo
16. Beckie Boddie
17. Denise Rose
18. Shianne Behan
18. Jennifer Brown
18. Kim Clark
18. Virginia Coffman
18. Sarah Dominguez
18. Elizabeth Jenkins
18. Danielle Kiffer
18. Linda Potter
18. Viviana Baca Servin
18. Lacy Smith
18. Melissa Smith
18. Karly Woodle

2014 IFBB Europa Phoenix Pro Bikini Results
1. Sarah LeBlanc
2. Francesca Lauren
3. Lindsey Waters
4. Bianca Berry
5. Tatiana Koshman
6. Alexa Hotaling
7. Yarishna Ayala
8. Breena Martinez
9. Janelle Saitone-McGuire
10. Iveth Carreon
11. Edna Olivas
12. Lorena Bucio
13. Lisa Asuncion
14. Krissy Chin
15. Jessica James
16. Jennifer Stevens
17. Cindy Villalobos
18. Michelle Brannan
18. Karey A Grabow
18. Jessica Gutierrez
18. Solmay Hernandez
18. Lisette Howard
18. Jessica Lynn
18. Lisa Kelly
18. Camile Periat
18. Cecile Palacios
18. Cristina Mendivil
18. Joni Lyn Ortiz
18. Lisa Roy
18. Lindsey Wells
DNF – Sheena Jayne Anderton

2014 IFBB Europa Phoenix Pro Women’s Physique Results
1. Teresita Morales
2. Heather Grace
3. Tamee Marie
4. Jamie Postill
5. La’Drissa Bonivel
6. Susan Salazar
7. Natalia Batova
8. Asha Hadley
9. Nekole Hamrick
10. Antoinette Downie
11. Margarita Charalm
12. Shannon Byers
13. Jennifer Robinson
14. Loana Paula Muttoni
15. Erin Lawson
16. Katerina Kyptova
17. Laura Boisacq
17. Andrea Ferreira
17. Cassandra Floyd
17. Marnie Holley
17. Hannah Hallman
17. Marina Lopez
17. Dawniel King
17. Jayla McDermott
17. Jodi Marchuck
17. Tannaz Malek Nasta
17. Rita Rae
17. Kelli Schrader
17. Rebecca Schubeck
17. Casie Shepherd
17. Shelly Yakimchuk
17. Tracy Weller

2014 IFBB Europa Phoenix Pro Men’s Bodybuilding Results
1. Mohamed Bannout
2. Johnnie Jackson
3. Brad Rowe
4. Ben White
5. Fred Smalls
6. Grigori Atoyan
7. Pablo Ayala Zayas
8. An Nguyen
9. Franklin Roberson
10. Lloyd Dollar
11. Mike Johnson
12. Nikitas Manolakas
13. Alden Gamet

2014 IFBB Europa Phoenix Pro Men’s 212 Bodybuilding Results
1. Jose Raymond
2. Mark Dugdale
3. Ahmad Ahmad
4. Tricky Jackson
5. Marvin Ward
6. John Sherman
7. Gamal Al Maadawy
8. Troy Tate
9. Leonardo Pacheco
10. Wendell Floyd
11. Peter Ciccone
12. Bola Ojex
13. Jose Bustamante
14. Marcos Cardona
15. Breon Ansley
16. Lyndon Belgrave
16. Shavis Higa
16. Lorenzo Jones
16. Hennie Kotze
16. Daron Lytle
16. Richie Langit
16. Luis Santa

2014 IFBB Europa Phoenix Pro Men’s Physique Results
1. Jason Poston
2. Michael Ferguson
3. Xavisus Gayden
4. Ryan Hinton
5. David Gonzalez
6. Damir Delic
7. Nick Adams
8. Frank Griffin
9. Matt Christianer
10. Edgar Julian Gonzalez
11. Qaadir Majeed
12. Mariusz Czerniewicz
13. Murat Demir
14. Darnell Moss
15. Chris Williamson
16. Greg Jones
17. Evan Gryka
17. Freddy Naidu
17. Pierre Vuala

Ronda Rousey and Cat Zingano booked for Feb. 28th – UFC 184

UPDATE: UFC President Dana White announced today (October 29th) that Rousey Vs Zingano will be held in Los Angeles on February 28, 2015. The event will take place as the co-main event at the Staples Center.

The Women’s UFC Bantamweight Title will be on the line when Ronda Rousey and Cat Zingano face off at UFC 182 on January 3rd in Las Vegas, Nevada. The fight was confirmed by UFC president Dana White on UFC Tonight. The women will be the co-main event along side the Light-Heavyweight title fight between Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier.

Both women are undefeated in the octagon. Before Cat’s last fight the champ shared this on instagram.

Been waiting a long time for this fight to happen… Best of luck to @CatZingano tonight 👊😼

A photo posted by rondarousey (@rondarousey) on

There’s a mutual respect between the two women and don’t expect too much shit talking leading into the fight. Rousey is coming off a 16 second routing over Alexis Davis in 175 and Zingano won via TKO over Amanda Nunes at 178. Let’s hope everyone stays healthy to kick the new year off with one helluva show.

Lead photo via instagram

Marathoners are a Different Breed

marathoners are a different breed
The 2014 TCS New York City Marathon is quickly approaching (November 2nd) and if you’ve ever ran a marathon you know how challenging they are. Shoe maker Asics shared, “Marathoners are a different breed. We know the strength, commitment and dedication it takes to be one of the 541,000 – less than 1% of the population – who complete marathons every year. Our world is full of meticulous planning; getting up before the sun; of personal sacrifice and gasping as we struggle to finish that last mile. But there’s more to it. We do it because we love it, and because it’s fun. Most of all, we run because we can’t live without it.”


marathoners infographic


Check out the infographic by Asics.


nbc sportsworld

Joe Posnanski wrote, “We craved anything that resembled sports.” in his story titled “This is Sportsworld”. It’s in reference to NBC’s sports program from the 1980s. You can see the opening to it below and if you look close around the 57 second mark you’ll see female bodybuilding champion, Cory Everson. Don’t hold your breath on ever seeing that aired today. The 50th Olympia was supposed to air on NBC Sports Network but was pulled for unknown reasons but that’s a story for another time.

It’s refreshing to see NBC Sports focusing on the art of storytelling. It’s the easiest way to get people interested in sports. If a story is told in a compelling way, you’ll find yourself reading or watching it even if you don’t like the sport or the player. Check out for a few stories already published, like the one with 12-time Paralympic Gold Medalist Jessica Long, and bookmark it for future stories.

“NBC SPORTSWORLD” is the New Long-Form Home of NBC Sports Digital
NBC Sports Digital recently announced the launch of NBC SportsWorld, a new micro-site within dedicated to long-form storytelling. The site is populated with compelling long-form stories, essays, short films and documentaries, including select archived Olympic video.

Named after NBC Sports’ television program in the 1980s, which featured global content from a variety of sports properties, is the home of exclusive long-form pieces from NBC Sports Digital’s contributors, including award-winning writer Joe Posnanski, Joe Prince-Wright of ProSoccerTalk, and Nick Zaccardi of OlympicTalk.

Following the site’s debut last Thursday, NBCSportsWorld has since added the following long-form pieces:

Payne, the story of how golf champion Payne Stewart lived, from the early days when his father guided and influenced him, his first Ryder Cup win, and the tragic end to his life in a lonely field in South Dakota.

CSN Bay Area Senior Insider Ray Ratto connects the dots from Joe Montana and John Elway to Colin Kapernick and Peyton Manning.

Nick Zaccardi examines the illusive long-jump record as current record holder Mike Powell celebrates 23 years with the title, the same amount of time as previous record holder Bob Beamon.

Bob Costas’s interview with Peyton Manning, who, prior to breaking Brett Favre’s all-time record for career touchdown passes, discussed the record-holders who preceded him.

In order to stay up to date with all of the latest features and videos on NBC SportsWorld, users can subscribe to a weekly newsletter that will be published each Friday recapping the previous week’s content on Readers can also follow NBC SportsWorld on Facebook at and Twitter @NBCSportsWorld.

Mikaela Shiffrin & Reusch to Develop Signature Glove

Mikaela Shiffrin signature glove

Professional alpine athlete keeps on trusting in Reusch

American Mikaela Shiffrin and German glove specialist Reusch will extend their close partnership and moreover announce a special signature glove model for the next winter season 2015/2016.

Reusch is proud to state the extension of the agreement with Mikaela Shiffrin, present and future star in professional alpine ski racing. Beside this partnership, Mikaela will participate in developing a piste skiing glove for ladies. A young and fresh glove with lots of dynamic is what we can expect.

Reusch CEO Erich Weitzmann says: “We are proud to have the chance to develop a special signature glove with Mikaela. She has already reached so much at her early age, being Olympic champion, World Champion, and winner of World Cups. All these achievements are incredibly inspiring to all of us at Reusch and we will keep on working hard to prove her and also all our athletes, our retailers and end consumers out there that all our products will benefit from this positive energy.”

And it is not only the Reusch team that is celebrating the partnership and the fruitful exchange with professional athletes.

“I feel honored and excited to soon create my own signature glove with Reusch for my free skiing time out there! It will be a glove that my family, friends and all my fans can wear and have some fun with on the slopes. All I have been winning I won with Reusch. They just develop the best products in terms of fit and protection. For me there haven’t been any doubts that Reusch and their gloves will accompany me for many more years. I have to concentrate on so many things during my job; so knowing that Reusch takes care of my hands is a relief I am thankful for!” replies Mikaela Shiffrin.

To Mikaela and all our partner athletes we wish the best of luck for the upcoming World Cup season! Thanks you for trusting in Reusch!

Photo and announcement Via

Ten Interesting Things To Check Out Today

ten stories to check out

Ten things I found interesting around the web recently. Do you have something interesting worth sharing? Email editor @ and let me know.

Oscar Pistorius starts serving 5 year prison term
Double-Amputee Olympic Sprinter, Oscar Pistorius was sentenced to five years in prison for killing his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. He could be released after 10 months in jail and serve the remainder of his sentence under house arrest. The taken away in a police van Tuesday to start serving a five-year prison sentence for killing girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. He will be will be ineligible to compete in any Paralympic events during his sentence. – Via Associated Press

Check out what Girl is Not a Four Letter Word has been highlighting when it comes to young female athletes and their Instagram accounts.

Chobani to introduce “Chobani Tots”
The popular greek yogurt brand plans to introduce the new product this January. – Via AdAge

Trying to Live in the Moment (and Not on the Phone)
via The New York Times

China plans to grow its sports sector into a 5-trillion-yuan ($817-billion) industry by 2025.

Marathon Lawsuit
Paid workers vs Volunteers when it comes to a marathon and why this lawsuit matters. – Via Outside Online

Flying into obesity: Could jet lag be making you fat?
Via The Australian

Lebron James is featured in a new Beats By Dre headphone commercial but what’s with the Nike gloves for his workout?

Wanted: Cities interested in hosting 2024 Olympics
“The USOC is weighing bids from four cities before deciding whether to submit a candidate to the IOC next year. Vying for the U.S. nomination are Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston and Washington. Los Angeles hosted the games in 1932 and 1984 and offers the easiest choice from the U.S., but does the world want to go back for a third time or go somewhere new?” – Via Associated Press

Why Are Americans So Fascinated With Extreme Fitness?
Heather Havrilesky writes and essay for The New York Times discussing the fascination CrossFit and “extreme fitness”. She writes, “There’s also a very American fixation on extremes at play: More is always better.” via – The New York Times

2014 IFBB Europa Phoenix Pro Competitor Lists

2014 Phoenix Pro

The 2014 IFBB Europa Phoenix Pro is shaping up to be a jam packed event with nearly every pro division being part of the weekend’s events. The show will take place in Phoenix, Arizona on October 25 and 26th. One thing to note is this is a Saturday and Sunday event. Most shows are Friday and Saturday so plan accordingly if you plan to attend the show or are competing in the event.

These are the initial lists but are not final. Check back closer to the event to get the final list. As you can see it looks to be a huge show with over 150 competitors.

2014 IFBB Europa Phoenix Pro Competitor Lists (UPDATED ON OCTOBER 22, 2014)
Phoenix, AZ

2014 IFBB Europa Phoenix Pro Fitness
Chika Aluka
Sherry Boudreau
Susana Cacavieli
Allions Ethier
Kelcie Gahley
Ryall Graber
Natalie Graziano
Amanda Hatfield
Whitney Jones
Sara Kovach
Nita Marquez
Babette Mulford
Irene Nunn
Shelly Paton
Shannon Siemer
Holly Semanoff
Debbie Sizemore
Hollie Stewart
Kimberly Stroup
Tanis Tzavaras

2014 IFBB Europa Phoenix Pro Figure
Viviana Baca Servin
Shianne Behan
Beckie Boddie
Shalako Bradberry
Jennifer Brown
Brittany Campbell
Kim Clark
Virginia Coffman
Amber Crowder
Sarah Dominquez
Dawn Fernandez
Ivana Ivusic
Elizabeth Jenkins
Kimberly Jones
Olga Karavayeva
Danielle Kifer
Vera Mallet
Linda Potter
Susana Ramirez
Denise Rose
Agness Russo
Tamara Sedlack
Lacy Smith
Melissa Smith
Melissa Spiegel
Carly Starling Horrell
Karly Woodle
Josie Zamora

2014 IFBB Europa Phoenix Pro Bikini
Sheena Jayne Anderton
Jessica Arevalo
Lisa Asuncion
Yarishan Ayala
Bianca Berry
Michelle Brannan
Lorena Bucio
Iveth Carreon
Krissy Chin
Karey Grabow
Jessica Gutierrez
Solmay Hernandez
Alexa Hotaling
Lisette Howard
Jessica James
Lisa Kelly
Tatiana Koshman
Francesca Lauren
Sarah LeBlanc
Jessica Lynn
Breena Martinez
Cristina Mendivil
Bruna Miyagui
Edna Olivas
Joni Lyn Ortiz
Cecile Palacios
Camile Periat
Lisa Roy
Janelle Saitone-McGuire
Jen Stevens
Cindy Villalobos
Lindsey Waters
Lindsey Wells

2014 IFBB Europa Phoenix Pro Women’s Physique
Natalia Batova
Laura Boisacq
La’Drissa Bonivel
Shannon Byers
Andrea de Carvalho Ferreira
Margarita Charaim
Desunka Dawson
Antoinette Downie
Cassandra Floyd
Heather Grace
Asha Hadley
Hannah Hallman
NeKole Hamrick
Marnie Holley
Katerina Kyptova
Erin Lawson
Marina Lopez
Tannaz Malek Nasta
Jodi Marchuck
Tamee Marie
Jayla McDermott
Teresita Morales
Loana Paula Muttoni
Jamie Postill
Rita Rae
Jennifer Robinson
Susan Salazar
Kelli Schrader
Rebecca Schubeck
Casie Shepherd
Tracy Weller
Shelly Yakimchuk

2014 IFBB Europa Phoenix Pro Men’s Bodybuilding
Grigori Atoyan
Pablo Ayaia Zayas
Mohamed Ali Bannout
Lloyd Dollar
Alden Gamet
Johnnie Jackson
Mike Johnson
Richie Langit
Nikitas Manolakas
An Nguyen
Frank Roberson
Brad Rowe
John Sherman
Fred Smalls
Ben White

2014 IFBB Europa Phoenix Pro Men’s 212 Bodybuilding
Ahmad Ahmad
Gamal Al Maadway
Breon Ansley
Lyndon Belgrave
Jose Bustamante
Marco Cardona
Pete Ciccone
Mark Dugdale
Wendell Floyd
Shavis Higa
Tricky Jackson
Lorenzo Jones
Hennie Kotze
Daron Lytle
Bola Ojex
Leonardo Pacheco
Jose Raymond
Luis Santa
Troy Tate
Marvin Ward

2014 IFBB Europa Phoenix Pro Men’s Physique
Nick Adams
Matt Christianer
Mariusz Czerniewicz
Damir Delic
Murat Demir
Scott Do
Michael Ferguson
Xavisus Gayden
David Gonzalez
Edgar Julian Gonzalez
Frank Griffin
Evan Gryka
Ryan Hinton
Greg Jones
Qaardir Majeed
Darnell Moss
Freddy Naidu
Jason Poston
Pierre Vuala
Chris Williamson

For more information on the event visit

Christina Strøm Fjære Featured in D2 Magazine

Cristina d2 Magazine

I don’t have a clue what Cristina is saying but check out this well produced video highlighting her appearance at the 2014 Bikini Olympia. Cristina is Norway’s first IFBB Bikini Pro and the Olympia was her second pro show ever. A HUGE accomplishment and D2, a Norwegian magazine took notice. A writer and photographer traveled from Norway to Las Vegas for an in-depth feature on Cristina for the magazine and the accompanying video below.

See more on D2’s Facebook page.


The Vladar Company announces the world television premiere of GENERATION IRON, the 2013 documentary that serves as the first-ever contemporary update in the classic bodybuilding film series, on Friday, October 10th at 11pm ET on ESPN.

The latest installment in the popular franchise that dates back to 1977’s PUMPING IRON featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger, GENERATION IRON examines the sport of professional bodybuilding as it is today and looks at the lives, attitudes and dedication of the latest generation of top bodybuilders on their journey to achieve the ultimate goal – to be crowned Mr. Olympia. The Academy Award® nominated actor Mickey Rourke narrates the film, which also features appearances by Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno.

“We’re thrilled to have GENERATION IRON make its debut on ESPN, the finest TV outlet for sports programming,” said Vlad Yudin, co-founder and principal of The Vladar Company and the writer/director of the film. “GENERATION IRON has been rolling out across the world for the past year and its television premiere will bring its remarkable story to an even larger audience,” said Edwin Mejia, Producer and principal at The Vladar Company.

GENERATION IRON was released theatrically in the U.S. and Canada in September, 2013, coinciding with the 2013 Mr. Olympia competition in Las Vegas, ringing up an opening box office total of $245,000, which made it the biggest documentary opening of 2013. The film held its position as the #1 documentary in the US at the box office for three consecutive weeks and has since grossed more than $1,000,000.00 at the worldwide box office. GENERATION IRON’s commercial success is matched by its critical acclaim, with the film scoring an 80% critics’ approval rating and an 86% audience approval rating at review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes.

The film’s success continues to grow as it debuts overseas this month as GENERATION IRON is available worldwide on iTunes as of September 9, 2014. Additionally, an Extended Director’s Cut of GENERATION IRON, which delves deeper in the lives of bodybuilding’s biggest stars and their quest to for the Mr. Olympia crown, made its iTunes debut in the U.S. on Sept 9, 2014.

More information on GENERATION IRON can be found at the film’s official website at

About The Vladar Company:
The Vladar Company is a media and entertainment company, led by Vlad Yudin and Edwin Mejia. Since its inception in 2008, the company has catered to the market’s growing need for entertainment content across multiple platforms. The company focuses on developing, financing and packaging a library of intellectual properties with its producing partners at leading Hollywood and International production studios. The company is becoming a leading producer of many genres and multiple mediums in US and international markets.

Vladar will continue to develop, finance and release projects in different formats as well as create and build brands with partners and investors around the world. Vladar will also focus on creating and developing new distribution models and contribute to the success of independent film and TV production. Its sales and operations will expand nationally and internationally.

espnW Announces Sponsors for its Fifth Annual Women + Sports Summit


espnW Announces Sponsors for its Fifth Annual Women + Sports Summit
Today espnW announced the roster of sponsors for its fifth annual espnW: Women + Sports Summit presented by Toyota. This year’s Summit, held October 8-10 in Dana Point, Calif., is themed “Making an Impact” and will again gather thought leaders and influencers from the sports industry and beyond to focus on creating greater opportunity for women in sports. Toyota returns as the presenting sponsor, along with returning sponsors CoverGirl, Gatorade, JBL and Under Armour. The latest blue-chip company to join the roster is EY.

In addition to branding and on-site integrations, the sponsorships feature digital and social activations across espnW’s platforms. As presenting sponsor, Toyota will again recognize and honor three “Everyday Heroes,” an award that celebrates individuals making a difference for women and girls in their local communities through sports.
Beauty and cosmetics partner CoverGirl will showcase its #GirlsCan campaign through print and digital quote tiles featuring female athletes who have broken barriers throughout history. The brand will also gift guests with products at the Summit’s gifting suite.

Gatorade, the sports nutrition sponsor for the fourth consecutive year, will provide guests with Gatorade products at all “points of sweat” throughout the venue, including morning runs, core training, surfing, yoga and cycling. James Carter from the Gatorade Sports Science Institute will participate in the Summit’s performance panel, “Human Potential and Pushing Beyond Our Limits.”

JBL, the official sound partner, will gift guests with their latest JBL Reflect BT Wireless Sport headphones, a product developed with key insights and feedback provided by 2013 Summit attendees. JBL will also present Surf Camp at the Summit, with hands-on surf instructions in and out of the water during the Summit sport activities sessions.

Under Armour, the Summit’s official training partner, will gift all attendees with innovative apparel, footwear and accessories from their elevated women’s collection. The brand will also present Todd Durkin’s I.M.P.A.C.T Challenge, as well as yoga classes with international instructor Kathryn Budig, as part of the Summit’s sports activities.

The Summit’s newest partner, EY, will be featuring its Women Athletes Business Network, a program focused on harnessing the untapped leadership potential of female athletes after their retirement from sport. Athletes and executives will have an opportunity to sign up for the program in the gifting suite.

The Summit will be held for the second straight year at the St. Regis Monarch Beach Resort. For more information about The espnW: Women + Sports Summit and to see the complete agenda visit or follow on Twitter with @espnW and #espnWsummit.

About espnW
espnW serves women who love sports. provides an engaging environment that offers total access to female athletes and the sports they play, takes fans inside the biggest events, and shares a unique point of view on the sports stories that matter most to women. Founded in July, 2010, espnW lives across television, films, events, digital and social platforms. The annual espnW: Women + Sports Summit is the leading event of its kind in the sports industry. The Women’s Sports Foundation is a charity of choice for espnW.

2014 IFBB Prague Pro Results

2014 Prague Pro
The IFBB Pro circuit continues this weekend with the 2014 Prague Pro. The competition featured Men’s Bodybuilding, Men’s 212 Bodybuilding and the Bikini division. There were no real surprises to those who follow the Bikini division with India Paulino the highest ranking competitor in the line-up taking home the win. The alleviates the stress from having to qualify for the 2015 Bikini Olympia for her. Noemi Olah jumped back into a top spot finishing in second. Moving up from her 16th place Olympia finish into third was Christina Strøm Fjære from Norway. This was just her third pro show and she’s one to keep an eye on in the future.

Flex Lewis defended his 212 title & Dennis Wolf wins the open bodybuilding. The big story in the men’s division was Kai Greene dropping out after prejudging citing undisclosed medical issues.

2014 IFBB Prague Pro Results Bikini
Placing – Name – Prize Winnings
1. India Paulino – $7,000
2. Noemi Olah – $4,000
3. Christina Strøm Fjære – $2,500
4. Vladimira Krasova – $2,000
5. Sofiia Tandilian – $1,500
6. Lacey Deluca – $1,000
7. Michelle Brannan – $500
8. Margret Gnarr – $500
9. Valeria Ammirato – $500
10. Aly Garcia – $500

2014 IFBB Prague Pro Results 212 Bodybuilding
Placing – Name – Prize Winnings
1. Flex Lewis – $10,000
2. Baito Abbaspour – $5,500
3. Jose Raymond – $3,000
4. Guy Cisternino – $2,000
5. Ahmad Ahmad – $1,500
6. Lee Powell – $1,000
7. Andre Regestein – $500
8. Pierre Chamoun – $500
9. Vicente Santamaria – $500
10. Terzo Mirsad – $500

2014 IFBB Prague Pro Results Men’s Open Bodybuilding
Placing – Name – Prize Winnings
1. Dennis Wolf – $60,000
2. Dexter Jackson – $30,000
3. Shawn Rhoden – $20,000
4. Roelly Winklaar – $20,000
5. Steve Kuclo – $10,000
6. Juan Morel – $5,000
7. Victor Martinez – $1,000
8. William Bonac – $1,000
9. Johnnie Jackson – $1,000
10. Ronnie Rockel – $1,000

‘The Box’ Backlash – Crossfitters Hate Photoshopped Camille LeBlanc-Bazinet Cover

The Box Photoshop Camille
The Crossfit community is a tight knit group of people who tend to be extremely passionate about their sport. While some outsiders would argue they take their enthusiasm too far, I’d argue there are far worse things in life than to be fanatical about working out and following a specific nutrition plan. That’s a debate for another time. The reality is you don’t have to be a participant to appreciate the hard work and dedication it takes to become one of the elite athletes in Crossfit.

The Crossfit Games are held once a year, usually the end of July, and crown “The Fittest Woman (and man) on Earth.” Helluva title, right? It’s the holy grail of Crossfit and a sacred stature that few have reached. There’s no denying that if you win it, you’re a bad ass. This year’s female winner was Canadian Camille LeBlanc. Camille has landed multiple endorsement deals and unquestionably has a marketable look because of the hardbody she’s built. She trains like a beast and is a role model for women and men, in and out of Crossfit. She works hard, eats right, trains consistently and has fun along the way. Winning this year’s Crossfit Games makes her a no-brainer to grace the cover of a Crossfit magazine.

Camille was featured on Oxygen magazine’s last issue out of the Canadian offices (July 2013). On that cover they asked, “Could this be the fittest woman on earth?” In the Crossfit world the answer, albeit it officially validated a year later, would be YES!

camille leblanc oxygen coverCamille LeBlanc-Bazinet on Oxygen Magazine

The mag shut down for a stint and reopened under new publishers, Active Interest Media (AIM). AIM acquired Oxygen and two other titles previously published by Robert Kennedy but why is this important? AIM publishes ‘The Box’ magazine. Their website states The Box Magazine “serves the vast — and growing — population of CrossFitters. It educates new practitioners about CrossFit’s benefits, motivates existing members of the CrossFit community and advocates for the sport of CrossFit.”

The Box typically shows an athlete or athletes in workout attire on their cover. The magazine is published bi-monthly and has done a good job of featuring men and women on their covers over the years. It’s one of the few magazines that showcases an athlete as an athlete… until now. This month, The Box opted to show the newly crowned Fittest Woman on Earth® in a swimsuit, on a beach for their cover.

The Box CovrersTHE BOX covers

It’s not the first time she’s been on The Box cover. Camille was featured on the October-November 2012 cover and they called her “The Face of Fitness”. Pretty good call, right? So why would they stray from their usual covers and present Camille as a swimsuit model instead of an athlete? Great question and it’s one that has the Crossfit nation up in arms over. It’s not only because she’s presented as a swimsuit model but also the poor job they did “photoshopping” her.

Camille LeBlanc The Box CoverCamille LeBlanc-Bazinet on The Box cover in 2012 (left) and 2014 (right)

Let’s be clear. Yes, every magazine has “photoshopping” done to it. That’s the “reality” of the magazine biz however there’s a difference in recreating a body and retouching/editing one. Removing stray hairs, a bright spot in the skin and/or a skin blemish are part of retouching any image. I know, I’m a photographer and I edit photos daily. Did Camille get a bad photoshop job on her latest cover? Ya, her waist is the most obvious. She’s also got a sic set of abs but you’d never know that from the photo, in fact you’d wonder where they are if you had never seen her before.

There’s no reason to modify Camille, The FITTEST Woman on Earth, to be something she’s not. She’s not a swimsuit model. She never claims to be. She never strives to be one. When I interviewed her I asked her, “Do you feel like there’s pressure on women to look a certain way in CrossFit?” She shared, “Yes, I think women still want to be small and ripped, but I think we shouldn’t care about the way we look as long as our fitness is going up.” Camille’s fitness went up since then and she didn’t worry about being small and ripped as it’s irrelevant to her winning The Game. It’s a too bad The Box thought showcasing her as smaller and more ripped would be relevant to selling magazines. I find the corny “Life’s a Beach” and “awash in opportunity” nearly as silly as the image.

camille leblanc The Box

The Box 2014 Cover with Camille Leblanc, The Fittest Woman on Earth.

The Crossfit nation has called bullshit on the cover and you have to appreciate some of the comments being posted online about it. Let’s start with the posting of the image on The Box’s Facebook page.

Ouch. I’m guessing not quite the response they expected but BRAVO for fans and readers calling it out.

When the fans asked (many demanded) for an explanation, The Box demonstrated how NOT to respond. Public Relations 101 – don’t try to be funny and don’t add fuel to a fire. You’d be more productive pissing into the wind. Here’s what they posted.

An angry mob photo. Funny. Ha. Not. FAIL.

A couple quotes from fans…

“I am NEVER negative and I keep my page that way for a reason….. But i just couldn’t help but feel sad just quite mad a magazine such a “The BOX magazine” would photoshop camilles picture and take away her muscles… Why??????

We’re suppose to EMBRACE our hard earned work not “hide” or take away from them and “conform” to what society wants. Truly disappointed in this one.
Always Always EMBRACE your muscles ladies… ALWAYS!!!”
CFStrongWomen FB

Reddit members are sounding off too.

The second I saw the cover I could tell something was wrong immediately. The thing is, Camille is obviously beautiful and strong and fit, but we all know she doesn’t have the smallest waist and that doesn’t matter at all. – emptycalsxycuriosityDeuce Gym

“That is insulting. She’s worked her ass off to get where she is and then this magazine photoshops her muscles OFF? I can’t wrap my brain around this… Usually people would photoshop MORE definition not take definition away. Wtf.” - patrickkevinsays

“The saddest thing about it is it buys into the fear that women who lift are too bulky/manly to be conventionally attractive. Women still need to be soft and curvy (but still thin) to be beautiful. Even the fittest woman on earth doesn’t have the ‘ideal’ body shape so they photoshopped out her amazing abs that allow her to do all the amazing gymnastic movements she’s known for.” – viaaa

Another Crossfit magazine, BoxLife, posted…

WOD Talk magazine was a little more subtle with their jab at the cover and posted…

As I was finishing this article The Box Editor-in-Chief posted a response on Facebook. I couldn’t help put do a face palm in horror at the opening, “My name is Jordana Brown, and I’m the editor-in-chief of The Box magazine. Before everyone looks at my profile and starts doubting, I’ll tell you this: I don’t have a robust profile here because I hate Facebook. I hate Facebook because I don’t trust it.” Way to embrace the fans/readers ON FACEBOOK while they are going bat shit crazy over your latest cover. It doesn’t matter if YOU like Facebook or not, it’s the medium you chose to post your latest cover on. Any who…

Jordana defends the cover by saying, “A professional photo shoot with an experienced photographer who uses camera angles and poses the athlete to compose a shot, along with expert lighting, hair and makeup, will result in photos that look completely unlike anything you might find from a Google image search. In fact, it was our intent to show you a Camille you haven’t seen before — and to prove that beauty and strength coexist in her perfect body.”

Very true however the same professional photographer was used for previous covers. The same photographer used “expert lighting” and “camera angles” to compose every previous cover shot. So that’s a ridiculous statement in defense of the image. Jordana isn’t wrong in the statement but wrong to use it as a defense for this cover and for this athlete. The same athlete they’ve shown on the cover before. Oh right, I forgot they wanted to show “a Camille you haven’t seen before” and “prove that beauty and strength coexist”. They accomplished the first part but how ridiculous on the second part. Everyone who has followed Camille (cough, cough your magazine readers and those commenting on the social media platform you hate) knows she embodies strength and beauty. They didn’t need to see a poorly photoshopped image to know they coexist. And back to that pesky photoshop topic. Jordana defends it by sharing, “Did we do some color correction and use Photoshop on the image? Yes. Did we airbrush or retouch Camille’s abs, legs, muscles? No. Did her body need any work? No. Do we regret having done anything at all? Yes.”

Only those who have seen the RAW, unedited image will know for certain what was done to it. At this point does it matter? The readers aren’t stupid and regardless of what was done or not done to the image it doesn’t reflect the buying audience of The Box. They clearly don’t give a crap about seeing The Fittest Woman on Earth in a swimsuit on the beach. You might want to buy the issue since I’ll bet it’s the first and last time you see a beach / swimsuit cover.

What can we learn from The Box Backlash?
Don’t play readers and fans for fools.
Strong is sexy.
Strong is beautiful.
Be authentic.
Crossfitters hate photoshop badly photoshopped images.

Also of note, no one (myself included) is bashing or blaming Camille for the cover. Some people have questioned “how could she allow this” and “how would she approve this cover”. When you shoot for a magazine (this goes for a model and photographer) you have no idea what image will run and how it will be used. Cover images are often swapped out a dozen times before going to print. Many times right before press there will be a completely different image or even a new model.

Camille is strong. Camille is beautiful. Camille is a bad ass.

Check out her instagram account and you can follow her strength and beauty as she presents it.


Great lifting session doing 2 hang clean every 2 minute for 8 sets… This is 220pounds felt quite heavy at the end … #gettingstronger #lifting #pink #strenght #ryourogue #xendurance @roguefitness @reebok @rehband @xendurance @fitmarkbags @paleopowermeals

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IFBB Bikini Pro Stacey Alexander Joins Formulation One Nutrition

stacey alexnder pro

Stacey Alexander has positioned herself as one of the top IFBB Bikini Pros in the world and she’s parlayed that success into a new endorsement deal. Formulation One, a growing supplement company, has announced the addition of Stacey to their expanding team of athletes. Stacey runs A-Team Training Center in Las Vegas, NV and was named Trainer of the Month earlier this year.

Congratulations Stacey and props to Formulation One for showing their support to the women’s side of the fitness industry.


Stacey Alexander Joins Formulation One Nutrition
Bikini Olympia 3rd Place Finisher Signs Exclusive Deal

Emerging supplement company Formulation One Nutrition continues its momentum with the announcement of a new addition to its Performance Team. IFBB Pro Bikini Star Stacey Alexander, a 3rd place finisher at last month’s Bikini Olympia, has signed an exclusive deal to represent the brand.

In addition to her current standing as one of the most dynamic bikini “personalities” in the world, Alexander is regarded as one of the most diverse achievers in the industry, with an extensive background in kickboxing, CrossFit and nutrition. Formulation One CEO Dan Solomon explains, “Stacey’s passion is infectious. She’s a high energy, multi-dimensional, world-class athlete, who lives each day in pursuit of peak performance. We’re very excited to welcome Stacey to our team.”

“Formulation One is a great fit for me.” says Alexander. “Not only are the products great, but the brand is well positioned to do some pretty amazing things. I’m excited to be a part of it.”

J.M. Manion, Alexander’s manager at FMG adds, “Stacey Alexander and Formulation One are a perfect match. Their combination of creative energy should translate to great things for everyone involved.”

Makers of the popular Cherry-Lemonade and Watermelon Pre-Workout, along with the All-In-One Men’s Performance Formula, Formulation One recently announced U.S. distribution with Europa Sports Products.

When Hardbody reached out to Solomon for comment, he responded, “She’s not only one of the top bikini stars in the world, but she also has enough energy to power a small country!” Hard to argue with that.

Find Formulation One online at

Follow Formulation One on Facebook and twitter.

Stacey Alexander

All Women Sports Show “We Need to Talk” Airs on CBS Sports Network

NEW YORK (AP) — What perfect timing.

An all-women sports show premieres Tuesday night after weeks of NFL domestic violence cases dominating the headlines. Co-coordinating producer Emilie Deutsch has spent a lot of time listening to that male bastion of sports talk radio to prepare for the gig, and she marvels that “I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve heard someone say, ‘Well, I talked to my wife about this and my wife said this.'”

A core panel of a dozen female commentators will get to speak for themselves on “We Need to Talk,” which airs on cable channel CBS Sports Network. The weekly, hour-long, prime-time show is the first of its kind.

To Deutsch and fellow coordinating producer Suzanne Smith, the all-women cast makes it completely different than other sports programs — yet no different at the same time.

Smith notes that “The NFL Today” studio is next door to that of “We Need to Talk,” and she believes any of her 12 commentators could comfortably slide onto that set.

“They can talk the talk,” said Smith, the only woman currently producing or directing NFL games.

But CBS wouldn’t be doing the show unless its executives believed their talk would offer a different perspective.

“They bring their experiences as young girls, women, mothers, daughters to the topics,” said Deutsch, a vice president of features and original programming.

The main panelists are a mix of veteran broadcasters and former pro athletes. CBS is using five of its own announcers: Pro Football Hall of Fame honoree Lesley Visser; former Oakland Raiders CEO Amy Trask; sideline reporters Tracy Wolfson and Allie LaForce; and radio host Dana Jacobson. They are joined by reporter Andrea Kremer of NFL Network and HBO Sports, boxer Laila Ali, basketball stars Lisa Leslie and Swin Cash, swimmers Dara Torres and Summer Sanders, and tennis player Katrina Adams.

This is not a show specifically about women’s sports, unless they happen to be a major source of news. The domestic violence charges against star U.S. Soccer goalie Hope Solo will likely be discussed during Tuesday’s premiere — a subject that has received plenty of mainstream media attention in the context of the NFL’s handling of the Ray Rice case.

The first two planned segments Tuesday are on the league’s response to domestic violence allegations, hardly a stretch considering that has been by far the biggest sports story of the last month.

“(Viewers) are craving these women’s voices now more than ever before,” Smith said Monday.

“We Need to Talk” was announced in late August and in the works long before that. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was facing criticism at the time for handing Rice a two-game suspension, but only later did the issue become massive national news when TMZ released video of the Baltimore running back assaulting his then-fiancee.

Goodell, who had since acknowledged that the initial punishment was too lenient, suspended Rice indefinitely after the Ravens released him.

“All these things happened that totally needed a women’s perspective also,” Leslie said. “You had men addressing abuse that’s happening to a woman. What do women think?”

Leslie also thinks, though, that she brings a perspective of a hardcore fan no different from the male sports talk radio hosts she loves to listen to in the car. The passion that makes her yell at the TV and decide to attend 7 a.m. church services so she can make it home in time to watch her favorite New England Patriots.

After the first two segments Tuesday, the premiere will turn to more on-the-field sports topics such as Derek Jeter’s retirement and the job security of Michigan football coach Brady Hoke. And there may very well be male guests in future weeks.

CBS has shown its commitment to the show by promoting it during hugely popular NFL and SEC broadcasts. Trask and Kremer will also appear on Tuesday’s “CBS This Morning” to plug it.

The audience for “We Need to Talk” will be limited, though, by the distribution for CBS Sports Network, which is in fewer than half of the country’s homes with televisions. The channel is not rated by Nielsen, so viewership numbers won’t be available.

Just the existence of the show is important to Deutsch, who respects Visser, Wolfson and LaForce’s work as sideline reporters but is frustrated that women aren’t in the booth on NFL games.

“It’s really time for women to have more of an opportunity,” Deutsch said, “than being relegated to three minutes during a three-hour football game.”

“I am so honored to be a part of a ground-breaking show that exemplifies knowledge and expertise in the world of sports with some of the most reputable and respected voices in the sports arena. There’s no better time than now to express our views as women in the sports world that represent such a large base of athletes and fans.” – Katrina Adams

“I am thrilled and honored to have a seat at the table for meaningful conversation with so many accomplished women in the sports world.” – Laila Ali

“As a passionate sports fan, as well as an athlete, I am excited to be a part of CBS Sports Network’s historic sports-focused program hosted entirely by women, especially at a time when the influence of women in sports has evolved to where it is today.” – Swin Cash

“I’m excited to be a part of the show. While the buzz may be about this being an all-female sports show, once we start talking, I have no doubt that what we’re saying, not the gender of who is saying it, is what will resonate most.” – Dana Jacobson

“When I first heard about the show, my reaction was ‘finally.’ I applaud CBS for taking this historic step and am flattered and grateful to join the stellar group of women on the CBS roster and beyond. I have known and worked alongside Lesley Visser and Amy Trask for virtually my entire career. It’s ironic that over the years we’ve had so many conversations that start out with, ‘We need to talk about…’ Now we all get to share our knowledge and opinions on the burning issues in sports in this unique new forum.” – Andrea Kremer

“As human beings, we have the opportunity every day to redefine the preconceived standards that others set for us. No one but ourselves can know what we are capable of achieving. This show gives women an opportunity to challenge the status quo and set higher standards for what we can achieve as broadcasters.” – Allie LaForce

“I am honored to join the CBS Sports family to inspire, entertain and deliver insight on a platform with amazing women doing what we do best – talk sports. I am excited to have the opportunity to be a part of such a ground-breaking show. Yet we cannot do it alone. We hope to have the support of men and women because it’s time, and ‘We Need To Talk!’” – Lisa Leslie

“Sports have always been a huge part of my life and my conversations. It is a thrill and an honor to be a part of this ground-breaking show. I am a competitor at heart, but a true sports fan to my core.” – Summer Sanders

“Being an Olympic Medalist was a team effort. So I am honored to be a part of CBS Sports’ WE NEED TO TALK cast of iconic women. Being part of a show with some of my broadcasting and sports idols is an honor.” – Dara Torres

“I am delighted to be part of this electrifying project. It is certainly fitting that such leading edge programming is being presented by this tremendous network. I look forward to collaborating with the many terrific people who are working on this innovative project, both in front and behind the camera.” – Amy Trask

“The sports world is in need of a show like this and there is no better place for it than CBS. I am so excited to be part of this project and working alongside these talented, knowledgeable women as we bring our view on all the hot topics in sports.” – Tracy Wolfson

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2014 IFBB EVLS Prague Pro Competitor Lists & Hardbody Preview

Prague Pro

This weekend the IFBB Pro Bikini competitors will be back on stage for the second qualifying event towards the 2015 Olympia. Over the weekend the first show of the new pro calendar year (the Korea Pro) took place with Ashley Kaltwasser winning.

This weekend the odds on favorite heading into the show looks to be India Paulino who finished third in Korea. She’ll have her work cut out for her as the European competitors are no joke. While some praise the “new version” of India’s posing, I’m not fan. She’s brought in a better look to her physique recently and the over-the-top posing detracts from it. If she let’s the bod do the talking she’ll be cashing a first place check. If she thinks she’s auditioning for SHOWGIRLS, she’ll be on the outside of the winner’s circle. Christina Strom Fjaere didn’t finish in a top spot at the Olympia however it was just her second pro show ever. She won her pro debut and has a look that will undoubtedly get noticed. Look for her to be in the mix at the Prague Pro. Noemi Olah is a likely contender for the top spot and you can never rule out Lacey DeLuca to be in the hunt for a top five finish. Jessica Arevalo has been competing all year and it will be a test to see how her body looks at yet another show. Aly Garcia has yet to hit her groove this year but with some rest she could come into this lineup and shake things up, if she doesn’t try and new hair styles or goofy poses. Michelle Brannan is looking to get back in the top spots and will need to nail the little details like her posing, tanning and makeup. Margret Gnarr has a great look and if she brings a similar presentation to this stage that she did at the Arnold, she should be a top callout contender.

The 2013 Prague Pro Bikini winner Vladmira Krasova is not currently on the list but if she does enter she’ll be one to watch for the top spots.

The competition takes place on October 4, 2014 in Prague, Czech Republic. The Bikini competitors will share the stage with the Men’s Open and 212 Bodybuilders.

2014 IFBB EVLS Prague Pro Bikini Competitors
Valeria Ammierato
Jessica Arevalo
Michelle Brannan
Lacey DeLuca
Christina Strom Fjaere
Aly Garcia
Margret Gnarr
Noemi Olah
India Paulino
Jessica Renee
Sofia Tandilian

2014 IFBB EVLS Prague Pro Bodybuilding Competitors
Jon DeLarosa
Dalibor Hajek
Johnnie Jackson
Tomas Kaspar
Jeno Kiss
Steve Kuclo
Juan Morel
Shawn Rhoden
Aliaksei Shabunia
Mike Sheridan
Fred Smalls
Daniel Toth
Roelly Winklaar
Dennis Wolf

2014 IFBB EVLS Prague Pro 212 Bodybuilding Competitors
Baito Abbaspour
Ahmad Ahmad
Peirre Chamoun
Guy Cisternino
Flew Lewis
Terzo Mirsad
Lee Powell
Jose Raymond
Andre Regestein
Vicente Santamaria

Visit for more information.

2014 Arnold Classic Europe Results

Arnold Classic Europe

The 2014 Arnold Classic Europe is in the books and things went as expected in the women’s pro fitness division. Oksana Grishina was coming off her first Fitness Olympia win and brought all the moment with her to Madrid, Spain. She was able to perform the same routine that earned her the top spot at the Fitness International, in Columbus, Ohio to kick the year off. Oksana’s “pole routine” demonstrates not only her versatility as an athlete but also as a performer. She becomes the first woman to win the Fitness International, Olympia and Arnold Classic Europe Fitness all in the same year.

Defending Arnold Classic Europe Fitness champion, Tanji Johnson brought an improved physique to the stage but had to settle for third. Definitely no shame in that placing and Tanji continues to be one of the mainstays in the Fitness division. The third place finish matches her Olympia Fitness placing form last week. Myriam Capes suffered an accident after the 2014 Fitness Olympia that left her with an injured hand but it didn’t hold her back from a fifth place place finish. Leaping into the top five with an always beautiful routine was Canadian Fitness star, Danielle Ruban. Danielle always has a smile on her face and consistently in the hunt for a top spot in every show. The always high-flying and energetic Regiane Da Silva was coming off a second place finish at the Olympia and matched that placing in Madrid. Regiane always has to play catch up after the 2-piece round but her routines help her land a top spot due to the non-stop nature. She also makes strength moves look easy but try any one of them and you’ll likely land on your face.

2014 Arnold Classic Europe Fitness Results
Madrid, Spain


1. Oksana Grishina 8 – 10 – 18
2. Regiane Da Silva – 13 – 24 – 37
3. Tanji Johnson 9 – 32 – 41
4. Danielle Ruban 26 – 58 – 84
5. Myriam Capes 42 – 48 – 90
6. Marta Aguilar 20 – 72 – 92
7. Whitney Jones 29 – 70 – 99
8. Diana Monteiro 36 – 68 – 104
9. Amanda Hatfield 43 – 84 – 127
10. Aurika Tyrgale 49 – 88 – 137

Kai Greene and Mamdouh “Big Ramy” were slated to compete in the show but didn’t take the stage. This left the door open for the rest of the field to move up as Kai had to be the favorite heading into the show and Big Ramy a threat for the top five. An improved Dennis Wolf took top honors by his size and improved conditioning. Shawn Rhoden was able to hold onto his conditioning from last week’s Olympia and landed him in second. Rounding out the top three is the always dangerous Dexter Jackson. Dexter proves that age is just a number as he continues to be a top contender into his 40s.

2014 Arnold Classic Europe Bodybuilding Competitors
1. Dennis Wolf – $40,000
2. Shawn Rhoden – $25,000
3. Dexter Jackson – $15,000
4. Victor Martinez – $12,500
5. Roelly Winklaar – $5,000
6. William Bonac – $2,500
7. Juan Morel
8. Robert Piotrkowicz
9. Michael Kelfalianos
10. Jonathan DelaRosa
11. Fred Smalls

2014 IFBB Korea Grand Prix Competitors

2014 korea pro

The inaugural IFBB Korea Grand Prix takes place this weekend and while the line-ups are the biggest they will be competitive. The show features the IFBB Men’s 212 Bodybuilding and the pro Bikini division. Reigning Bikini Olympia champion Ashley Kaltwasser will face 7 other women in the show with names like Amanda Latona and India Paulino leading the way.

2014 IFBB Korea Grand Prix Competitors – Bikini
1. Krissy Chin
2. Ashley Kaltwasser
3. Vladimira Krasova
4. Amanda Latona
5. Aija Maximillian
6. India Paulino
7. Nina Ross
8. Brittany Taylor

2014 IFBB Korea Grand Prix Competitors – Men’s 212
1. Baito Abbaspour
2. Sami Al Haddad
3. Guy Cisternino
4. David Henry
5. Flews Lewis
6. Jose Raymond
7. Hidetada Yamagishi

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2014 Arnold Classic Europe Competitor Lists

Arnold Europe

The 2014 Arnold Classic Europe will feature some of the biggest names in professional Fitness and Bodybuilding. Oksana will look to make it three major wins in a row. She took top honors in Columbus to kick the year off at the Fitness International and followed it up with her first Fitness Olympia title. She’ll face the defending champion, Tanji Johnson this weekend in Madrid, Spain for the Arnold Europe Fitness title.

2014 Arnold Classic Europe Fitness Competitors
1. Marta Aguilar
2. Myriam Capes
3. Regiane Da Silva
4. Oksana Grishina
5. Amanda Hatfield
6. Tanji Johnson
7. Whitney Jones
8. Diana Monteiro
9. Danielle Ruban
10. Aurika Tyrgale

2014 Arnold Classic Europe Bodybuilding Competitors
1. William Bonac
2. Jonathan DelaRosa
3. Mamdouh Elsbiay
4. Kai Greene
5. Dexter Jackson
6. Michael Kelfalianos
7. Victor Martinez
8. Juan Morel
9. Robert Piotrkowicz
10. Shawn Rhoden
11. Fred Smalls
12. Roelly Winklaar
13. Dennis Wolf

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2014 Olympia Women’s Physique Showdown Results & Scores

2014 Women's Physique Olympia
The 2014 Olympia Women’s Physique Showdown was the second in the history of the division. Last year’s champion Dana Linn Bailey was back to defend her title but came up just short against Brazilian born Juliana Malacarne. Dana Linna Bailey (DLB as the fans refer to her) was a crowd favorite but it was a clear decision in the judges’ eyes that Juliana was the winner. Complete results and scores shown below and for photos visit Check back for a show report and the Hardbody 411 on the competition.

2014 Olympia Women’s Physique Showdown Results & Scores
Las Vegas, Nevada
1. Juliana Malacarne – 6
2. Dana Linn Bailey – 9
3. Tycie Coppett – 15
4. Karina Nascimento – 22
5. Sabrina Taylor – 28
6. Mindi O’Brien – 29
7. La’Drissa Bonivel – 33
8. Jillian Reville – 40
9. Jennifer Robinson – 50
10. Frances Mendez – 52
11. Karin Hobbs – 53
12. Jacklyn Sutton-Abrams – 54
13. Patricia Mello – 64
14. Heather Grace – 73
15. Tamee Marie -75
16. Rachel Baker – 80
16. Roxie Beckles – 80
16. Olga Beliakova – 80
16. Nathalie Falk – 80
16. Samantha Hill – 80
16. Sandra Lombardo – 80
16. Leila Thompson – 80
16. Toni West – 80

2014 Figure Olympia Results & Scores

2014 Figure Olympia

Nicole Wilkins won her 4th Figure Olympia title on Saturday night, something no other woman in the history of the division has done. She had been tied with Davana Medina, the inaugural champ, with three. Wilkins was the unanimous winner on the judges scoresheet with Candice Keene in second. Complete report coming but until then check out the photos from the show and complete results below.

2014 Figure Olympia Results
Las Vegas, Nevada
1. Nicole Wilkins – 10
2. Candice Keene – 20
3. Candice Lewis – 30
4. Ann Titone – 42
5. Latorya Watts – 43
6. Gennifer Strobo – 61
7. Julie Mayer – 68
8. Dana Ambrose – 82
9. Cydney Gillon – 93
10. Allison Frahn – 110
11. Alicia Coates – 114
12. Jessica Graham – 115
13. Camala Rodriguez – 117
14. Wendy Fortino – 136
15. Andrea Calhoun – 153
16. Krista Dunn – 158
17. Sasha Brown – 160
17. Karina Grau – 160
17. Natalia Revajova Lenartova – 160
17. Zsuzsanna Toldi – 160

Disclaimer: Reader discretion advised, please consult your physician before beginning any exercise or diet program.