Dina’s Diary – Staying Fit & Healthy During A Pregnancy

Dina shares the latest in her journal of staying healthy and fit during her first pregnancy. If you’re a Hardbody mom you’ll likely related to some of what Dina has to share. If you’re a mom-to-be like Dina is you’ll get an idea of what Dina is going through with her first pregnancy. She discuses how she’s feeling and what types of workouts she’s able to do. Dina also shares some of the beauty products she’s using and what her nutrition is like.

21 weeks pregnant

Dina’s Diary – Week 22

Yes, I have leaky boobs and am doing squats in the Smith Machine with 10lb plates! Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let me re-cap the week.

Ever since my anatomy scan, I have been feeling “movement”. As a primigravida (woman who is pregnant for the first time), I knew that it would take a while for me to feel anything. I have to say that it is the most incredible feeling, knowing that you have another life within you, that is moving about outside your control. I will admit though that I have gotten jabs at rather inopportune moments. I’m pretty sure you’ve all read about how pregnancy makes your hormones go crazy which can be a bonanza for all in the bedroom, but let me tell you that having my baby to be make his presence known at the very same time put a kibosh on everything. I’m sure I will get over it soon enough, but it’s taking some processing. Now as far as the leaky boobs…it happens. Usually this happens in the 3rd trimester but all bodies are different, and mine started at around 21 weeks. I gleefully wanted to share this new development with my husband, but he ran away shrieking. Now I know how to torment him! I also have a more pronounced Linea Nigra (the line that some pregnant women get that travels down the belly).

Body-wise I have been feeling pretty good. I feel stronger at the gym and a little less hesitant than I had been. I have gone back to squatting baby weights (yes, I use the Smith Machine now!). I find the leg press a bit uncomfortable, so I am no longer doing that. Here is what my arm day looked like:


Machine preacher curls 3 x 12
Flat curls 3 x 12
Push-ups using upside down Bosu ball 3 x 12
Rope Pulldowns 3 x 12

And here is leg day part one..I usually train legs twice a week:

Leg extensions 3 x 12
Hamstring Curls on Cable Machine 3 x 12
Plie Squats 3 x 12
Smith Machine Squats 3 x 12
Deads with a wider stance to accommodate the baby bump 3 x 13
Side Step Ups 3 x 12

This week I added yoga and Pilates into my workout rotation. I find that yoga allows me to stretch and get in tune with my body. Pilates, on the other hand, kicked my butt. You have to love an instructor who tells you that pregnancy is not a disability and that she expects you to work! My tushie will thank her later.

For nutrition, as I progress into my pregnancy, coach Layne advised that we should be slowly increasing my calories weekly. This week I get a few more carbs and a smidgen more of fat. Don’t get me wrong, I am not being completely obsessive with my diet, and I am indeed having fun. My husband made me buttermilk pancakes on Monday, and I was in a food coma for the rest of the day. My philosophy is to enjoy what I eat, but that pregnancy does not mean eating for two. It is my job to ensure that what I eat is nutritious for both myself and my son to be and that I maintain good health and weight gain. My OB advises a range of 25 – 35lb for me, and so far I have gained 11 lb. I haven’t had any real cravings, and my meat aversions are still there though they are diminishing slowly.

I thought I would touch on my beauty regiment.I have had to change some of my go to products during pregnancy. Having darker skin, I am predisposed to get melasma (dark patches). My aesthetician advised that I could use some vitamin c and kojic acid to keep it from getting worse. Below are some of the things I am now using with the approval of my OB.

Turbo Booster C Powder
Clé de Peau foam cleanser
Clé de Peau protective lotion
Image Ageless Total Skin Lightening Serum
Tatcha Rice Enzyme Powder

As far as on my body, I am a firm believer that stretch marks are genetic and no matter how many lotions and potions you apply, you will not avoid getting them should you be predisposed to them. My go to body products are:

Ultra Moisture In-Shower Body Lotion
Olay Quench Body Lotion Shimmer

Those two are the only products that have stopped me from getting scaly skin on my legs, and trust me I have tried everything.

For an extra treat, I love using
REN Moroccan Rose Otto Ultra-Moisture Body Oil

That’s all for now!

Disclaimer: Reader discretion advised, please consult your physician before beginning any exercise or diet program.