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Nicole Wilkins-Lee Heats Up in Muscle & Fitness Magazine

Muscle & Fitness magazine continues to print some of the classiest images of IFBB competitors. This month’s issue features Nicole Wilkins-Lee and they are hot. Pick up the new issue to see the feature and visit for other images from the shoot.

Nicole Wilkins-Lee in the newest Muscle & Fitness magazine.

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  2. christine says:

    Seems a little much! Does she need that much attention? OVERBOARD!!!!!

  3. How is that overboard Christine? She’s the Olympia Champ – she earned the attention

  4. christine says:

    I didn’t say she did not earn the attention…but why go to this extreme if she is the CHAMP!!!! Why not show a little Class… Isn’t Figure more of a sport than what some of these pic’s represent.

  5. The photos were classy. What women can’t be sexy who compete?

    You sound a little bitter

  6. christine says:

    Not bitter at all Isaac!!!! Were talking sport not sex!!!!

  7. WHY SO MANY!!!!!!?

    To each their own but if you don’t think these images are sexy and classy then I’m going to put you in the “PRUDE” category.

    Athletic women can be sexy.

  8. christine says:

    I ‘m not saying that Isaac!:) Prude that”s too funny::::LOL Athletic women are classy there is a difference…whether you agree or not. Each to there own..right? Enough said on my VIEW!!! I respect your opinion…respect mine:)


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