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Krissy’s Corner – Competing After Pregnancy

Krissy Chin talks about competing after pregnancy, what it felt like to be back on stage and what’s ahead for her.

krissy chin

By Krissy Chin

Hello Hardbody Peeps!!!!

WOWWWIIEEE!! I am so EXCITED to share with you some amazing news – I notched my 1st IFBB PRO WIN! I won the 2014 IFBB NorCal Pro Bikini Masters Championships. When I won, I was just overwhelmed with so much emotion on stage-happiness, joy, shock, excitement and just a ton of thankfulness! It reminded me so much of how I exactly felt when I won my class back in 2007 at the NPC Figure Nationals/Team Universe when I earned my IFBB PRO card☺! What a blessing!

I was also so thankful to have made 1st callouts & to have placed top 6 in my 1st 2 IFBB PRO bikini shows since returning to the stage post-baby and since switching divisions from figure to bikini. There was a change of plans since I last wrote here on Hardbody, I moved up my debut and I actually competed in back to back shows. I made my IFBB Pro Bikini debut at the 2014 IFBB Dennis James Pro Bikini Classic and then competed the following week at Spectrum Fitness Productions 2014 IFBB Norcal Pro Bikini & Pro Masters Bikini Championships. How did it feel to be back on stage after 2 years?? IT FELT AMAZINGGGGG to be back on stage and having the opportunity to compete with so many beautiful & incredible ladies! It truly feels GREAT to be back competing. After these two shows, it made me realize how much I really did miss competing and being on stage. It also made me realize how much I miss seeing and competing with my fellow IFBB pro ladies, many of whom I have become friends with. The friendships I have made over the past 11 years in the fitness industry are worth their weight in gold☺

I have to admit that in my bikini debut at the Dennis James Classic, I actually was a bit nervous! I was a rookie out there on the Pro bikini stage and these Pro bikini ladies are incredible! I was also nervous because I honestly did not know how the judges would receive my, ”new look”. I worked so extremely hard with Coach Kim on my prep and with my transformation switching from figure to bikini. I was hoping that my new look was received well by the judges and that I was bringing a competitive physique to that Pro bikini stage. So when I made 1st callouts, I was absolutely elated to say the least!

I ended up placing 6th and I was extremely happy! My debut got me even more excited and motivated for my next show, which was the following week-Spectrum Fitness Productions 2014 IFBB NorCal Pro Bikini & Pro Bikini Masters Championships.

After getting feedback and speaking with Coach Kim, we made needed adjustments to come in better this next show. Being totally objective, I feel that I did look better and fuller my 2nd show and I felt a lot more confident on stage. Ladies your confidence on stage is so important. I always tell my clients that and after 2 years of not competing, I was reminded of that myself.

I competed in both the open and the masters divisions in Sacramento since I am now over 35 years young. Once again, I was super elated to make 1st callouts in both divisions in prejudging. I felt a lot more confident and comfortable on stage this 2nd show and I was extremely happy with the physique I was presenting. I had such an amazing time all weekend with hubbie Troy, baby London, Coach Kim, my fellow Oddo’s angels sistas and all the other wonderful people who took part in the seminar and show. I also had an amazing time on stage and competing with all the beautiful ladies! At finals, I was just overwhelmed with joy, happiness, shock and thankfulness when I won the Pro bikini Masters division and placed top 6 in the open! Just WOW! I notched my 1st IFBB PRO WIN! I couldn’t believe it! Yes, my smile was from ear to ear. As I mentioned in my speech on stage and during the interviews I did after I had after I won, I am just very thankful to the judges and very thankful to the NPC/IFBB for being such an incredible and GREAT organization that gives women & men the opportunity to compete and inspire with the many different divisions that are now available. I also want to thank my huge support team-my husband Troy (you are still my biggest support even after all these years), my beautiful angel London (you bring me so much love, joy and happiness), my incredible Coach Kim Oddo (you just da bomb!), all my family, friends & fans (it feels so weird to say that I have fans-I am just flattered!), my sponsors-Gaspari Nutrition, Sakura Bikinis (love my incredibly beautiful & custom made bikini!) & Pro Tan, my dear friend and amazing make-up artist-Nancy Jambazian (love ya Nancy!) and all the beautiful ladies who I had the blessing to compete with these past 2 shows!

Now….time to hit the gym, make improvements and come back better for my next show! Oh yeah……I really have to work on my bikini swagggg!!

Until next time…love, laugh and train hard!

With Love,

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2014 IFBB Prestige Crystal Cup Pro Results

prestige cup

Another Olympia qualifying show is in the books and another competitor will head to Vegas for the big show. Stephanie Mahoe unanimously won the Bikini Pro portion of the Prestige Crystal Cup. The win was her first in the pro ranks. Stephanie was leading the Olympia Point Series heading into this show but the win secures her spot in the Olympia line up this September. Lacey DeLuca came in second and was already qualified for the Olympia. Noemi Olah finished in third, just two points behind Lacey. She collects points towards the Olympia but still sits on the outside of the top five points. Michelle Lewin finished in fourth and rounding out the top five was Dayna Maleton. One point separated Maleton and Lewin for fourth and fifth.

top five bikini boca

2014 IFBB Prestige Crystal Cup Pro Bikini Results
1. Stephanie Mahoe
2. Lacey DeLuca
3. Noemi Olah
4. Michelle Lewin
5. Dayna Maleton
6. Raphaela Milagres
7. Jessica Renee
8. Asia Mendoza
9. Aly Garcia
10. Ashlee Adams
11. Callie Bundy
12. Lauren Hoskins
13. Amanda Otero
14. Stefanie Bambrough

There are still four more pro Bikini competitions before the Olympia so anything could happen in the point series and no one is a lock for the top five spots just yet.

top five men prestige

In the men’s pro physique division, Anton Antipov took home the win and an Olympia qualification.

2014 IFBB Prestige Crystal Cup Pro Men’s Physique Results
1. Anton Antipov
2. Felipe Franco
3. Reuben Gordon
4. Jeff Seid
5. Sheridan Hause
6. Vincent Fiore
7. Chris Mosher
8. Travales Blount
9. Brant LaRose
10. Jacques Dalce Jr.
11. Chad Abner
12. Steve Mousharbash
13. Butch Rolle
14. Anthony Brigman
15. Stephen Mass
16. Nick Dennard
16. Shane Eslahi
16. Geobanny Paula
16. Tyler Stines
16. Tony Torres
16. Jean Walkins Louis

There are two more Olympia qualifying events for the men’s physique division before September. The Tampa Pro and Dallas Pro will both be held in August.

Photos via Robin Tesvich Facebook

Kacy Catanzaro Crushes America Ninja Warrior Course

mighty kacy

Bigger isn’t always better. Former Division 1 gymnast, Kacy Catanzaro is just 5 foot tall and tips the scale at 100 pounds but don’t let her size fool ya. She unleashed the beast from within and tackled what no other woman (and many men twice her size) has done… Finish the American Ninja Warrior course and advance to the next level. America Ninja Warrior (ANW) is an obstacle course with more than a few challenges. The grueling course makes other obstacle courses look like a McDonald’s playground. Check out the video of Kacy’s course run and you’ll be amazed more than once. It’s worth watching all the way through and by the end you’ll have know doubt why #MightyKacy was trending on twitter when it aired.

Kacy Catanzaro Crushes America Ninja Warrior Course

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Foreshadowing? A young Kacy as Wonder Woman.

‘TRY’ VIDEO: Colbie Caillat – Don’t you like you?

colbie try

Singer-songwriter Colbie Caillat’s new EP ‘Gypsy Heart’ is out now and her newest music video is resonating with women in a big way. Caillat tweeted earlier this month, “‘Try’ is the 1st video I’ve never prepared for. Didn’t go tanning or diet or heavily workout… & it felt wonderful!”.

It’s not Colbie’s self-admitted lack of effort in preparing for the video that’s hitting home for women but rather the message shown in the video. The video shows women stripping away layers of makeup and fake hair as the song asks, “Why should you care, what they think of you”?

The great thing about the song and the video is the conversation it’s sparked. Like any form of Art it’s inevitably interpreted a number of ways, as evident with the youtube comments. The video has over 7 million youtube views and thousands of comments in less than a week online. The song is powerful but when combined with the visuals it’s a home run.

Last month Colbie released the same song with a lyric video. She invited some of her friends to send photos of themselves without makeup on. The lyric video has under 200,000 views and flew virtually under the radar until now. One of lyric video participants was Olympic Figure Skater, Michelle Kwan who tweeted…

Caillat told ELLE,

When I did the lyric video for “Try,” and I asked some of my celebrity friends if they would send a picture of themselves, you have no idea how difficult it was. Some of them said no, some of them said they’ll send me a picture in a couple of days because they have a pimple on their chin, and they didn’t want it showing in the picture. And I was like, no, no, no! That’s good!

If you’re not convinced of Colbie’s authenticity then take a peek at her twitter timeline where she shares vines of herself without makeup on and relatable tweets like…


“This song/video is refreshing and empowering.”

“She’s not saying that wearing makeup is bad in anyway she’s saying stop trying so hard to get others to like you, just be yourself.”

“Being the father of 4 wonderful girls, and a husband to one very wonderful wife, this video and the song touch me.”

“What an empowering video! It serves as a great reminder that we don’t have to change ourselves or act a certain way for someone else’s approval. Nothing is more beautiful than being true to yourself.”

“Try” Lyrics

Put your make up on
Get your nails done
Curl your hair
Run the extra mile
Keep it slim so they like you, do they like you?

Get your sexy on
Don’t be shy, girl
Take it off
This is what you want, to belong, so they like you
Do you like you?

You don’t have to try so hard
You don’t have to give it all away
You just have to get up, get up, get up, get up
You don’t have to change a single thing

You don’t have to try, try, try, try
You don’t have to try, try, try, try
You don’t have to try, try, try, try
You don’t have to try
Yooou don’t have to try


Get your shopping on, at the mall, max your credit cards
You don’t have to choose, buy it all, so they like you
Do they like you?

Wait a second,
Why should you care, what they think of you
When you’re all alone, by yourself, do you like you?
Do you like you?

You don’t have to try so hard
You don’t have to give it all away
You just have to get up, get up, get up, get up
You don’t have to change a single thing

You don’t have to try so hard
You don’t have to bend until you break
You just have to get up, get up, get up, get up
You don’t have to change a single thing

You don’t have to try, try, try, try
You don’t have to try, try, try, try
You don’t have to try, try, try, try
You don’t have to try

You don’t have to try, try, try, try
You don’t have to try, try, try, try
You don’t have to try, try, try, try
You don’t have to try
Yooou don’t have to try


You don’t have to try so hard
You don’t have to give it all away
You just have to get up, get up, get up, get up
You don’t have to change a single thing

You don’t have to try, try, try, try
You don’t have to try, try, try, try
You don’t have to try
You don’t have to try

Take your make up off
Let your hair down
Take a breath
Look into the mirror, at yourself
Don’t you like you?
Cause I like you

ESPN Films & espnW to Launch Nine for IX Shorts

nine for nine

On July 28th ESPN Films and espnW will launch a new documentary series, Nine for IX Shorts. The short films are an extension of the Nine for IX series that aired on ESPN last summer. The films bring attention to variety of topics in women’s sports and are beautifully produced by female filmmakers.

A new film will premiere on every day and a clip will be featured on SportsCenter.


The five films in the series include:

Rowdy Ronda Rousey:  
Directed by the Mundo Sisters

On February 23, 2013, Ronda “Rowdy” Rousey made history by becoming UFC’s first female Bantam Weight Champion. After beating her opponent Liz Carmouche with her signature armbar, Rousey also became the #1 female MMA fighter in the world. The film will take an inside look at this record breaking fight and how Rousey is paving the way for women in the sport. We’ll learn about Rousey’s rough childhood and how it shaped her fighting career. The film will also explore the extreme physical challenges and emotional strength behind becoming the world’s greatest female fighter.
Premiers July 28th.

Think Normal:
Directed by Nikki Reed

Jason McElwain’s 20 points in four minutes inspired sports fans around the world and fine-tuned the conversation surrounding people diagnosed with autism. But it was the perseverance and undeterred support of Jason’s mother, Debbie, who coached her son and provided him with the strength and confidence to step onto his high school basketball court and hit six 3-pointers, and one 2-pointer in four minutes of play. Featuring heartfelt interviews from Jason, his mother Debbie and his brother Josh, “Think Normal” is a look at what a mother sacrificed for her sons.
Premiers July 29th.


Brittney Griner: Lifesize:
Directed by Melissa Johnson

This is a rite of passage story following Brittney’s inaugural season with the Zhejiang Golden Bulls. Director Melissa Johnson will collaborate with espnW’s Kate Fagan to chronicle not only Brittney’s transformation from amateur to professional but also from a celebrated kid with unlimited potential to a self-reliant adult with a deep inner capacity to make her championship dreams a reality. Blazing with authenticity, humor and irreverence, this story about the courage it takes to become everything that’s you — in the biggest, boldest way imaginable — is certain to delight and inspire.

Premiers July 30th.


Uncharted Waters:
Directed by Tina Carbone

In 1995, Bill Koch put together the first ever all-women America’s Cup team. Made up of top female athletes from across the country, the team made history onboard America3 and inspired fans across the country. But the team morale faltered after a series of changes were made including a new boat they weren’t use to, the replacement of a female team member with a male, and a last-minute rule change that allowed three teams to make it to the finals instead of two. In the last race of the Defender Series, the Mighty Mary lost their lead and rival Stars & Stripes beat them to the finish line.

Premiers July 31st.


Play a Round With Me:
Directed by Jessica Wolfson

In the 1980’s, Jan Stephenson became professional golf¹s first tabloid star, shaking up the game with her sex appeal and charismatic self-promotion. Amid intense media attention, Stephenson’s colorful and controversial life off the course often overshadowed her fierce determination to win championships. This film follows a tense year where, against all odds, Jan Stephenson tried to prove she was more just a pretty face.

Premiers August 1st.


All Nine for IX Shorts will air back-to-back in a two-hour block on Saturday, August 2, at 2:30 p.m. ET on ESPN.


About ESPN Films
Created in March 2008, ESPN Films produces high-quality films showcasing some of the most compelling stories in sports. In October 2009, ESPN Films launched the Peabody Award-winning, Producer’s Guild Award-winning and Emmy-nominated 30 for 30 film series. Inspired by ESPN’s 30th Anniversary, the films that made up the series were a thoughtful and innovative reflection on the past three decades told through the lens of diverse and interesting sports fans and social commentators. The strong reaction from both critics and fans led to the launch of 30 for 30 Volume II, which is currently underway. Additional projects from ESPN Films include the critically-acclaimed Nine for IX series, SEC Storied and the webby award-winning 30 for 30 Shorts.

About espnW
espnW’s mission is to serve women as fans and athletes. provides an engaging environment that offers total access to female athletes and the sports they play, takes fans inside the biggest events, and shares a unique point of view on the sports stories that matter most to women.

Founded in July, 2010, espnW lives across television, films, events, digital and social platforms. The annual espnW: Women + Sports Summit is the leading event of its kind in the sports industry. The Women’s Sports Foundation is a charity of choice for espnW.

Info via ESPN press release

2014 IFBB Tournament of Champions Pro Figure Competitor Lists

2014 tournament of champions

The 2014 IFBB Tournament of Champions, held in San Diego, CA is one of the last chances for women in Pro Figure to qualify for the Olympia. The event will be held on July 12th with 25 women slated to compete. There’s also a pro master’s figure competition and a NPC National Qualifying event held in conjunction with the Pro Figure competition.

Ones to watch in this line-up as they are in the hunt for a top five finish in the Olympia Point Series. The winner of this show will automatically qualify for the Figure Olympia held in September. The 2-5 finishers will collect points. Sasha Brown is currently in 4th place with 8 points. If she finishes in the top five it will definitely help earn her a spot in the Olympia. Right behind her and in this show is Julie Mayer. Julie is currently tied for 5th in the point series so anything in the top five would give her a bump in the Point standings. Canty, Bodie, Watts and Vasiljevic are currently sitting with three points each. If one of them can snag the second place spot they’ll be in the hunt. Anything below second and they’ll still be on the outside of the top five Point Series.

There could be more women added before Saturday’s event but as of now here’s the line-up.

2014 IFBB Tournament of Champions Pro Figure Competitors:
• Marie Allegro
• Beckie Boddie
• Sasha Brown
• Jessica Canty
• Dawn Fernandez
• Karina Grau
• Elizabeth Jenkins
• Meg Kruse
• Crystal Lowery
• Elizabeth Maurice
• Julie Mayer
• Lisandra McGrath
• Bruna Miyagui
• Asher Prio
• Susana Ramirez
• Lisa Rapoza
• Tamara Ribeiro Bailey
• Sheryln Roy
• Lacy Smith
• Tamen Stuvve
• Katrina Tarbox
• Jennifer Taylor
• Mavis Tozzi
• Bojana Vasiljevic
• Latorya Watts

2014 IFBB Tournament of Champions Pro Masters Figure Competitors:
• Marie Allegro
• Dawn Fernandez
• Meg Kruse
• Elizabeth Maurice
• Lisandra McGrath
• Lisa Rapoza
• Sherlyn Roy
• Katrina Tarbox
• Jennifer Taylor
• Mavis Tozzi

Scottish Rite Event Center
1895 Camino Del Rio S.
San Diego, California 92108

Schedule of Events:
Saturday, July 12t
10:00am pst – Prejudging
6:00pm pst – Finals

More info visit:

Opportunity Knocks at The 2014 Figure Olympia

Figure Olympia

The 2014 Figure Olympia presents a huge opportunity for the women qualified and entering the event. This will be the 11th year the IFBB Pro Figure competition has been held during the Olympia Weekend. The final competitor list has yet to be finalized but with three shows to go it’s getting close. Three of the women who finished in last year’s top six will not be returning. Last month, Heather Dees announced she was sitting out this year’s event. Heather placed fourth at the 2012 and 2013 Figure Olympia.

Two-time Figure Olympia champion, Erin Stern made her official announcement regarding this year’s competition. She made the following post in conjunction with Oxygen magazine’s “exclusive announcement”.

“It’s official – I won’t be competing in the 2014 Figure Olympia. For the last 5 years, I’ve done upwards of 6 shows a year. I have always trained/prepped myself for shows, which can make it difficult to know when to take time off. But, I want to focus more on helping others achieve their goals, do more seminars, and finish my book. I’m also looking forward to just training! As we all know, quality improvements to the physique can’t be made overnight! The stage will be there next year Thank you….and train hard, y’all!!!”

In the Oxygen story Erin shared, “It’s not that I feel that my body won’t respond, it’s just that my bones ache!” Despite the aching bones Stern shared, “I’m toying with the idea of doing some powerlifting competitions.”

Erin had finished in the top six in each of her five Olympia appearances. Her first Olympia, in 2009 she finished in sixth and after that it was a battle between her and Nicole Wilkins for the top spot. The two went head to head with Erin winning two times and Nicole winning three.

Fitness Management Group (FMG), Mallory’s management has exclusively confirmed that Mallory Haldeman will be sitting out the Olympia. She’s finished in fifth place in 2012 and 2013. In 2012 she was awarded “rookie of the year” by Flex Magazine. Mallory skipped the Figure International the and struggled at the California’s Governor’s Cup earlier his year. She finished in sixth at the 2014 Governor’s Cup, the lowest finish of her pro figure career. FMG shared that she will look at competing later this Fall and hopes to be invited back to the 2015 Figure International.

It looks like this year’s competition could spark a new rivalry between three-time champ Nicole Wilkins and Candice Keene. Keene has yet to finish higher than third at the Olympia but you have to figure (like that unintentional pun?) this is her opportunity to move up and make a run for the top spot. Candice did beat Nicole at the 2013 New York Pro but that wasn’t the best version of Wilkins we’ve seen. Nicole was off at that show and bounced back to win her third Olympia title. If you’re gambling in Vegas this September the smart money is on the 2014 Figure Olympia title going to one of these two women.

No one is unbeatable and with half of last year’s top six sitting out, opportunity knocks for those who are qualified. If there were an Olympia Figure pecking order we could look to Ann Titone, Camala Rodriquez, Genn Strobo and Candice Lewis to be the most likely candidates to finish in the top spots. You can rule out Alicia Coates who will be competing in her first Olympia and the other women who have earned their spot in this year’s competition.

Nicole Wilkins
Candice Keene
Erin Stern
Heather Dees
Mallory Haldeman

Camala Rodriguez
Alicia Coates
Candice Lewis
Jessica Graham
Dana Ambrose
Natalia Revajova Lenartova
Ann Titone
Zsuzsanna Toldi
Gennifer Strobo
Cydney Gillon

Read more on who is in the hunt for a qualifying spot via the Olympia Point Series.

STORY UPDATED on July 9th to reflect FMG’s exclusive statement.

2014 Olympia Qualification Series By The Numbers

The IFBB Pro League introduced the Olympia Qualification Series, a points-based system in 2012. The system was designed to help determine who would qualify for the Olympia in each of the IFBB Pro League divisions. The way it works is pretty simple. The winner of each contest is qualified for the Olympia and no points are rewarded. The competitors who finish in second through fifth place receive points for their placings. The points are accumulated throughout the year and after the final qualifying event, the five competitors with the most points are qualified to compete in the Olympia.



Some divisions are a little more interesting to follow than others and in many cases will come down to the final show to determine who gets in or not. There are only a few shows remaining on the schedule before this year’s Olympia and there are a few divisions and competitors who are a lock for a qualification based on point totals and remaining shows. Let’s break each of the women’s division down by the numbers.

The following women are already qualified to compete. This doesn’t mean that each woman WILL compete, but rather they are QUALIFIED to compete.

Adela Garcia
Oksana Grishinaa
Tanji Johnson
Myriam Capes
Bethany Cisternino
Marta Aquiar
Fiona Harris

The Pro Fitness is pretty close to being determined. There’s just one pro show remaining on the schedule (Tampa Pro) for the women to qualify. The winner gets in which means we’ll likely see one more woman added by way of a victory. That is unless one of the above women already qualified competes and wins. I can’t see any of the women listed about entering the show simply because they’ll be focused on the Olympia. Mathematically four women are a lock for the Olympia based on their point totals.

Regiane Da Silva from Germany will take top honors in the point series with 18. No one can come close to knocking her out of a spot. She’s in. Next up is Danielle Ruban from Canada. She too is in after a second place finish at the Chicago Pro. While technically she could drop out of the second place spot she wouldn’t fall out of the top five. She’s a lock with 12 points. Currently sitting in third place with 9 points, Arizona’s Whitney Jones is in. She too could drop from the third place spot but not enough to be bumped out of the top five. Veteran Trish Warren is also mathematically in with 8 points. Only one person could drop her down in points but that would still give her a high enough total to be in the top five.

Amanda Hatfield is currently in the fifth, and final, spot but her five points aren’t a lock for a qualification. There’s a few scenarios that could play out where she gets bumped out of the top five or ties for fifth. Somkina Liudmila could snag a qualification if she places in the top three at the Tampa Pro, fourth would tie her with Amanda. Ryall Graber who was in last year’s Olympia is on the bubble with two points. She’ll need to win or get second to qualify. Third place would tie her with Hatfield, assuming Hatfield didn’t pick up any points in Tampa. The same scenario plays out for Kizzy Vaines as she sits with two points as well. Long shots but not impossible are Ashley Sebera, Vanda Hadarean and Tiffany Chandler, each with one point.

Regiane Da Silva – 18
Danielle Ruban – 12
Whitney Jones – 9
Trish Warren – 8
Amanda Hatfield – 5
Somkina Liudmila – 3
Ryall Graber – 2
Kizzy Vaines – 2
Ashley Sebera – 1
Vanda Hadarean – 1
Tiffany Chandler – 1

The following women are already qualified to compete. This doesn’t mean that each woman WILL compete, but rather they are QUALIFIED to compete.

Iris Kyle
Alina Popa
Debi Laszewski
Yaxeni Oriquen-Garcia
Brigita Brezovac
Simone Oliveira
Anne Freitas
Rita Bello

There’s one remaining opportunity for the female bodybuilders to qualify. The last show on the schedule before the Olympia is the Tampa Pro held on August 8-9, 2014. The point totals are too close to call a Point Series winner but mathematically Margie Martin and Christine Envall will both be in with six points. Even if they don’t collect any more points in Tampa, the six points will be enough to keep them in the top five. After that it’s a dog fight to make it in. Alana Shipp and Lisa Giesbrecht both have five points and while it should be enough to keep them in the top five, it’s not a guarantee. Virgina Sanchez is right on the bubble in the fifth spot with three points. Tonia Moore, Juanita Blaino are currently on the outside looking in with two points and Emery Miller has one point. Tampa will be one to watch to see who ends up in the top spots.

Margie Martin – 6
Christine Envall – 6
Alana Shipp – 5
Lisa Giesbrecht – 5
Virginia Sanchez – 3
Tonia Moore – 2
Juanita Blaino – 2
Emery Miller – 1

The following women are already qualified to compete. This doesn’t mean that each woman WILL compete, but rather they are QUALIFIED to compete.

Nicole Wilkins
Erin Stern
Candice Keene
Heather Dees
Mallory Haldeman
Camala Rodrigues
Alicia Coates
Candice Lewis
Jessica Graham
Dana Ambrose
Natalia Revajova Lenartova
Ann Titone
Zsuzsanna Toldi
Gennifer Strobo
Cydney Gillon

There are three shows left for the IFBB Figure pros and there are too many scenarios that could play out. The Tournament of Champions, Tampa Pro and the Tahoe Pro are the three remaining qualifying shows. Allison Frahn has a comfortable lead but not a lock. She’ll likely be in the Olympia via points but look for her to compete in one of the remaining shows, likely the Tahoe Pro. Krista Dunn and Andrea Calhoun are in the top three with ten points each. They are in a good spot but again not a sure thing they will get in given the point totals.

Allison Frahn – 15
Krista Dunn – 10
Andrea Calhoun – 10
Sasha Brown – 8
Julie Mayer – 7
Laurie Green – 7
Monica Labriola – 6
Amanda Doherty – 6
Brooke Erickson – 4
Andrea Cantone – 4
Kati Alander – 4
Wendy Fortino – 4
Francine Sablan – 3
Ava Cowan – 3
Natalie Waples – 3
Jessica Canty – 3
Louise Rogers – 3
Beckie Boddie – 3
Latorya Watts – 3
Bojana Vasiljevic – 3

The following women are already qualified to compete. This doesn’t mean that each woman WILL compete, but rather they are QUALIFIED to compete.

Ashley Kaltwasser
Yeshaira Robles
Stacey Alexander
Nathalia Melo
India Paulino
Lacey DeLuca
Vladmiria Krasova
Jennifer Andrews
Narmin Assria
Amanda Latona
Taylor Methany Bentson
Crystal Matthews
Christie Marquez
Sarah LeBlanc
Noy Alexander
Janet Layug
Sandi Forsythe
Christina Strom Fjaere
Jenee Leger
Angela Marquez

There are five more qualifying events for the Pro Bikini division. That makes things far too complicated to call at this point. As we’ve seen the placings with bikini shows are anything but predictable. If the Olympia were next week we’d see Stephanie Mahoe, Jessica Arevalo, Dayna Maleton, Kelsie Clark & Nicola Weiterova in the show. If I was a gambler, I’d bet the top five changes from this. It will be tough for anyone to finish ahead of Stephanie Mahoe and Jessica Arevalo but mathematically possible.

Stephanie Mahoe – 19
Jessica Arevalo – 17
Dayna Maleton – 13
Kelsie Clark – 12
Nicola Weiterova – 11
Tawna Eubanks – 8
Anna Virmajoki – 7
Callie Bundy – 5

The following women are already qualified to compete. This doesn’t mean that each woman WILL compete, but rather they are QUALIFIED to compete.

Dana Linn Bailey
Tycie Coppett
Sara Hurrle
Toni West
Patricia Mello
Sabrina Taylor
Jennifer Robinson
Frances Mendez
Nathalie Falk
Juliana Malacarne
Samantha Hill
Mindi O’Brien
Tamee Marie
Leila Thompson

There are three qualifying events remaining for the IFBB Pro Women’s Physique competitors. The San Jose Pro, Golden State Pro and the Tampa Pro will determine who finishes in the top spots. Currently sitting in the top five spots are Rachel Baker, Olga Beliakova, Roxie Beckles, Jackyln Sutton-Abrams and Sandra Lombardo. Several more women could move up into the top five after the next events. This division’s top spots will likely come down to the final show in Tampa.

Rachel Baker – 11
Olga Beliakova – 8
Roxie Beckles – 7
Jacklyn Sutton-Abrams – 7
Sandra Lombardo – 7
Danielle Reardon – 6
Shawna Pringle – 6
Karin Nascimento – 6
Venus Nguyen – 5
Ericka Blockman – 5
Fabiola Boulanger – 5
Leonie Rose – 5
Mascha Tieken – 5


Division point totals provided by

2014 IFBB Patriots Pro Bikini Competitors & Preview – UPDATED

patriots pro

The first annual IFBB Patriots Pro Bikini show will take place this weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada. When the lineup was first announced there were only eight women on the list but that has since changed. Currently, 20 women are slated to compete. Despite the twelve additions only one competitor appears to be a threat to the big two. Anything can happen on game day but if history repeats itself it’ll come down to Stacey Alexander, Angela Marquez and Justine Munro for the top spots.

Angela Marquez has won three shows in a row and will look for her fourth this weekend. She’ll face her toughest test of the year when she meets up with hometown girl Stacey Alexander. Stacey was third at last year’s Olympia and won’t have to worry about hotels or travel since she calls Vegas home. Stacey and Angela will likely finish in the top spots unless they’ve camped out at an In-N-Out Burger. We saw Justine on stage earlier this year where she finished 10th at the Bikini International. Look for her to be compared to Stacey and Angela for the win.

There’s no clear cut favorites to round out the top five. Yarishna has a good look but her legs have yet to come down and tend to be a bit too muscular compared to her upper body. Marcela has a good look and if she can come in with a fuller look to her physique has a good chance at that third place spot. Mary Dent will blow people’s minds when they see her and find out she’s over 50. Can she finish in the top spots? Don’t bet against her. Jennifer Dietrick hasn’t competed much this year and has been all over the board with her placings in previous shows. Liana Hamilton has yet to dial it in this year but has the tools to nail a top spot. If she comes in tighter than her last two shows she’ll be in the hunt.

2014 IFBB Patriots Pro Bikini – UPDATED JULY 2, 2014
1. Stacey Alexander
2. Lisa Asuncion
3. Yarishna Ayala
4. Lorena Bucio
5. Marcela Cabral
6. Iveth Carreon
7. Kelsie Clark
8. Rachelle Dejean
9. Mary Dent
10. Jennifer Dietrick
11. Liana Hamilton
12. Lisa Kelly
13. Sandie Kight
14. Angela Marquez
15. Michelle Mein
16. Justine Munro
17. Maysa Quy
18. Lisa Roy
19. Lynn Sambuco
20. Nissan Weaver
21. Lindsey Wells
22. Jacklyn Wilson

2014 IFBB Patriots Pro Master Bikini  – UPDATED JULY 1, 2014
1. Iveth Carreon
2. Mary Dent
3. Liana Hamilton
4. Diana Harbot
5. Sandie Kight
6. Lisa Roy
7. Lynn Sambuco

The IFBB Pro show is held in conjunction with a National Qualifying NPC show. For more information visit:

 UPDATE 07.01.14: 12 women have been added to the official line up. Preview article changed based on new additions.

 UPDATE 06.30.14: Not on the list but told will be competing are Justine Munro, Jaclyn Wilson and Lisa Asuncion. This could definitely shake things up, especially if Justine Munro is on point.

HBO Real Sports Revisits Female Bodybuilding

Female bodybuilding is the foundation for all of the competitive female physique divisions. It was the first division in the IFBB Pro ranks and despite being the starting point for Fitness, Figure, Bikini and now Women’s Physique, female bodybuilding struggles within its own industry. Let’s forget “mainstream media” for a minute. It’s a given that mainstream media won’t focus on female bodybuilder’s dedication, work ethic or pursuit of being stronger inside and out. Instead it’s easier to focus on the darker side of a niche within a niche sport.

hbo real sports
In the latest episode of HBO REAL SPORTS, Bryant Gumbel revisits the topic of female bodybuilding. Four years ago, Gumbel first shine the spotlight on female bodybuilding. There’s not much new to the feature and unfortunately it paints the division as nothing more than a freak show that has to resort to alternative ways in order to make a living.

gumbel iris kyleBryant Gumbel shows a picture of 9x Mr. Olympia Iris Kyle.

The show producers didn’t interview any of the top female bodybuilders and perhaps they asked but the women declined. We hear from Colette Nelson, Lauren Powers and Brande Mae Akers in the segment. Anyone who has met Lauren knows she thrives on the attention she gets and encourages it. She’s not a professional bodybuilder but has built a career out looking larger than life. She discusses the world of “muscle worship” with Gumbel and the topic is sensationalized as you might expect.

What is it? Women charging men, and sometimes women, for a “session” either in person or via a webcam to admire their muscle. Weird? Surely it is to some but then again some might say the same for eating fish out of a Ziploc bag or carrying a chicken breast in your purse. Is it something all female bodybuilders do? No. The producers fail to look into the same line of “work” on the male side of things. Why is that? Who knows but it’s easier to focus on a women who “looks like a dude”.

lauren powersLauren Powers flexes during a “muscle worship session” for HBO Real Sports. 

The topic of female bodybuilders earning less money than men has been going on for decades and it won’t end any time soon. Yes, the women work just as hard as the men in bodybuilding,. Yes, they go through all the things men go through in pursuit of winning. It’s not about who works harder or who trains the most. The same discussion takes place in other sports. Female basketball players don’t earn the same as their male counterparts. Salaries for female golfers pale in comparison to the men. Aside from Tennis and Crossfit you’ll be hard pressed to find a sport where the women earn as much as the men. HBO chose to use “less pay” as the reason why women turn to performing muscle worship sessions. That’s not the reason “muscle worship” exists but it makes for a more sensationalized story line.

Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel – Show Synopsis
Host Bryant Gumbel revisits the interesting and often bizarre world of women’s bodybuilding. Although it’s virtually ignored by mainstream media, and offers significantly smaller financial incentives than those available to male counterparts, thousands of participants make a living from the sport, with many pushing boundaries to achieve the perfect physique. In an environment of obsessive workouts, round-the-clock fitness routines and even plastic surgery, performance enhancers often play a crucial and dangerous role in the physical development these women seek. For some in search of extra income, there’s also “muscle worship,” in which female bodybuilders allow male fans to massage and fetishize their bodies.


At the end of the day no one can be shocked that women’s bodybuilding is “virtually ignored by mainstream media” when it’s largely ignored by the bodybuilding industry. Women’s bodybuilding has changed since the first Olympia and we can point fingers a number of directions why it changed but that doesn’t do much good. Where will female bodybuilding go from here? Only time will tell but until the division is embraced within the bodybuilding industry we shouldn’t be surprised by features like the one HBO chose to air.


colette nelson hboGumbel tells Nelson she looks like “a cross between Brittany Spears and Thor.” 

Olympian Alysia Montaño Runs Race 8 Months Pregnant

Alysia Montaño is known as the “Olympic runner with the flower in her hair.” She’s an accomplished middle distance runner with five national championships and represented the U.S. in the 2012 Olympic Games. Montaño is still the runner with a flower in hair, but  this week she was the “running pregnant lady”. On Thursday, Alysia ran the 800 meters in the U.S. track and field championships, nearly eight months pregnant. Despite being 35 seconds slower than her personal best, it wasn’t about setting records or even winning the race.

In a phone interview with espnW Montano said, “This is what it looks like for a professional woman, first of all, continuing her career and pursuing her dream and starting a family simultaneously.” Alysia was cool, calm and collected in her interview just like she was while running the race.

As you  might expect, the public has been chiming in with their opinions and not all of them are positive. Anyone who speaks negatively about Alysia’s race should take time to educate themselves. Pregnancy isn’t a disease. It isn’t a disability. Exercising while pregnant isn’t a bad thing, in fact it’s enocouraged. Montano’s doctors were “100% on board” with her running the race. There will always be misguided comments from the uneducated and ill-informed. Kudos to Alysia for being bold and embracing her pregnancy in a positive light.

Alysia received a standing ovation from those in attendance and when asked about it she says with a laugh, “even though I came in last, I was the first pregnant lady.”

Follow her journey not only as an athlete but also as a role model. Visit and follow her on twitter @AlysiaMontano. Read more on

Arnold Sports Festival Adds Pro Physique to 2015 Lineup

The Arnold Sports Festival will feature the IFBB Pro Women’s and Men’s Physique divisions for the first time in 2015. The announcement was made on Facebook and noted the first Women’s Physique Olympia winner, Dana Linn Bailey would be competing. As you might expect from a few online keyboard warriors, not every comment about the addition was positive. The Arnold Facebook page boasts over 2 million fans and with that you have to expect varied opinions on pretty much everything.

2015 arnold

When the Olympia added Physique to the 2014 event the division was validated. The announcement from the Arnold Sports Fesitval reinforces it. Competitors now have two major titles to strive for and it will ultimately help increase the numbers in the amateur ranks. If you look at the big picture, the IFBB Pro women’s physique division is still in its infancy. This year’s pro competitions have been attracting more entrants but are we seeing more ticket buying fans? As of yet, I’d guess no but like anything new time will ultimately be the deciding factor.

The challenge will be HOW to make the division appealing to fans. It’s a challenge that should be, at least in my opinion, a shared responsibility by everyone in the industry. The Pro League is helping do their part by providing competitors a stage to compete on and at the biggest events. The division has to gain more traction within the bodybuilding industry before it can gain popularity outside of it. The bodybuilding and fitness media has yet to do much on the division and you rarely see women physique competitors in any of the magazines. Men’s Physique competitors are getting more exposure in the magazines because it’s a more “mainstream look”. Let’s be honest, there’s nothing “mainstream” about the Women’s Physique division and that’s okay. The same could be said for other divisions as well, with maybe the exception of Bikini when it comes to mass appeal. It’s not a look most people can related to and that too is not a bad thing. Instead of trying to gain “mainstream” acceptance better time may be spent sharing the benefits of eating healthy, training and goal setting. Many of the pro physique competitors are doing a bang up job of promoting themselves but are missing the big picture. They share a responsibility in promoting the division as well. As Dana Linn Bailey’s husband pointed out in his Facebook comment after the announcement.

dlb comment

The 2015 Arnold Sports Fesitval will be held on March 5-8, in Columbus, Ohio. Visit for tickets and more information on next year’s events.

Celebrate Olympic Day with a Quiz

Happy Olympic Day! Every year on June 23, Olympic Day commemorates the birth of the modern Olympic Games. The event was first introduced in 1948 and was established to help promote the Olympic Values and participation in sport across the world. More than 160 countries around the globe take part in the celebration.

2014 Olympic Day Logo

In the U.S., Olympic Day events range the gamut from small to large events. Find out what Olympic Day Events happening in your area and how you can participate.

Test your Olympic knowledge in this true or false quiz. The quiz is targeted for children 12-13 years old however I’d guess most adults wouldn’t score 100%.


Q1 – Each colour of the Olympic rings represents a particular continent.
False – This is a misconception. In reality, the rings represent the union of the five continents and the coming-together of the whole world’s athletes at the Olympic Games. As for the colours of the flag, they were chosen because at least one of them (blue, black, red, yellow, green and white) can be found in each national flag.

Q2 – One of the missions of the Olympic Movement is to promote peace in the world.
True - “The goal of Olympism is to place sport at the service of the harmonious development of humankind, with a view to promoting a peaceful society concerned with the preservation of human dignity.” This is the second of the six Fundamental Principles of Olympism set out in the “Olympic Charter”, the document which governs the organisation, actions and functioning of the Olympic Movement.

Q3 – The Games host city is chosen in a draw from among the candidate cities.
False - The IOC members elect the Olympic Games host cities with an absolute majority (i.e. half the votes plus one). This happens seven years before the Games are held, at a meeting called the Session. Custom dictates that the IOC President does not take part in the vote.

Q4 – The Olympic Anthem was written by Rod Stewart, a 1980s singer.
False – The music was composed by Spiros Samaras and the words were written by Costis Palamas. The Olympic Anthem was played for the first time in 1896, at the Opening Ceremony of the first modern Olympic Games. It was later replaced by several other musical compositions (but none by Rod Stewart). It was only in 1955 that it finally became the official anthem.

Q5 The Olympic motto – CITIUS ALTIUS FORTIUS – means “Proud, tall, strong”.
False - The three Latin words mean “faster, higher, stronger”. These three words encourage the athlete to give the best of himself during competition. To better understand the motto, we can compare it to the Olympic saying: “The important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle, the essential thing is not to have conquered but to have fought well.”

Q6 – Ice hockey and figure skating were on the Summer Games programme.
Neither true nor false - Skating was on the programme of the 1908 Games and ice hockey from 1920. At this time, there was no distinction between the winter and summer Games and the events could be staged over several months. It was only from 1925 that the IOC officially decided to separate the two events.

Q7 – Pierre de Coubertin, reviver of the Games, took part in the Games under a false name.
True – His “Ode to Sport” entered under a pseudonym for the Stockholm (1912) Olympic Games, won him first prize in the Art and Literature Contest, an event on the programme at the time.

Q8 – 50kg stone-lifting was on the Olympic programme.
True – It was part of the gymnastics all-round event in 1900, as was rope climbing and the pole vault! Sports, disciplines and events… the Games programme is continuously updated. Today, the Summer Games comprises 26 sports and the Winter Games seven. In the selection criteria it is specified that only sports that apply the World Anti-Doping Code can be included or remain on the program me.

Q9 – London is the only city to have hosted three Olympic Games.
True – London hosted the Olympic Games in 1908, 1948 and 2012. Six other cities have hosted the Games twice: Athens (1896 and 2004), Paris (1900 and 1924), St Moritz (1928 and 1948), Lake Placid (1932 and 1980), Los Angeles (1932 and 1984) and Innsbruck (1964 and 1976).

Q10 – The marathon was on the programme of the Olympic Games of Antiquity.
False – The marathon was not staged at the Games in Antiquity. This race was created for the Athens Games in 1896 to commemorate the legend of the Greek soldier who, in 490 BC, ran from Marathon to announce to the people of Athens the military victory over Persia (distance: about 34.5km). At the London 1908 Games, the distance of the race was extended, from 25 to 26.2 miles (42.195km), so that it could end in front of the Royal Box. This distance then became the standard for the marathon event and has remained so until today.

Quiz and information via (PDF)

Heather Dees Sits Out 2014 Figure Olympia

Salt Lake City’s brightest IFBB Pro Heather Dees has been one of the most consistent Figure competitors over the past three years. That was the case until the 2014 tNew York Pro where she finished a career low, 14th.

heather dees olympia

Heather turned pro at the 2010 NPC Nationals and since then has competed in 17 pro shows. She’s been the runner-up in seven of those shows and been in the winner’s circle twice. She’s finished second at the 2013 and 2014 Figure International in Columbus, Ohio and was the runner-up at this year’s Australian Pro. The past two year’s Heather has finished in fourth place at the Olympia. You get the point, she’s a viable threat to the top five in every competition she enters. Until the 2014 New York Pro.

At last month’s New York Pro she wasn’t just off her best by a little. She was way off. Clearly something didn’t go right with her prep and she knew it. You could tell from the moment she stepped on stage this wasn’t the look the judges and fans have come to expect from her. It was obvious it wasn’t a look she was comfortable presenting.

Last weekend, Heather announced in an interview that she will be sitting out the 2014 Figure Olympia. Heather cited her health as a main concern and went on to share this will be her first offseason in four years. When it came to sitting out the Olympia she says, “It was definitely a hard decision.” Heather appears relieved by the upcoming break and understandably so. In the interview, she addressed being off the mark in New York and took ownership of not being at her best. Something many competitors fail to do and typically blame everyone but themselves.

Heather sitting out the Olympia definitely changes the landscape of this year’s Figure competition. While not confirmed, she’s likely the third woman from last year’s top six who will not be back this year. Two-time Olympia champ Erin Stern appears to be unofficially retired and fifth place finisher Mallory Haldeman will not be competing.

Keep up with Heather Dees on Facebook and Twitter to see what she’s up to in her offseason.

2014 IFBB Greater Gulf Prejudging Report

The prejudging portion of the 2014 IFBB Greater Gulf States has concluded and it looks like the competition is close in both the Women’s Physique and Bikini divisions.

prejudging new orleans

Karina Nascimento looks poised for her first win of the year in the women’s physique division. She’s currently not qualified for the Olympia and has 3 points in the Olympia Point Series. If she should finish in second she would receive four points and would be tied for third in the series. Based on how things looked at the prejudging though she is your likely champion. Tamee Marie is fresh off a win at the Omaha Pro and is giving Karina a run for her money. It looks like the judges may put her in the runner-up position. There’s no pressure but certainly bragging rights on the line. Tamee’s win in Omaha qualified her for the Olympia in September. Rounding out the top three will most likely be Leila Thompson. She was the 2013 overall NPC JR USA winner and has yet to crack the top 10 as a pro. Her last appearance was the Optimum Classic earlier this year where she finished 16th. A third place finish would be a huge improvement for her.

women's physique

The Bikini division shaped up to be the defending champ, Amanda Latona versus Sarah LeBlanc. Sarah looks to be Amanda’s biggest threat for the top spot as the two were compared next to each other and smack dab in the middle of the stage. That doesn’t always mean they are your winners but in this case it’s highly likely they are your top two. They presented similar looks today. They both have dark brown hair and were wearing a red suit. So who will win it? We’ll find out later tonight.

Two newcomers shook things up in the top spots. Jenee Leger in just her second pro show should finish in the top spots and rightfully so. Fresh off her win at the 2014 NPC JR NATIONALS, Brittany Taylor made an immediate impact. She wasn’t on the original competitors’ list and someone many may have overlooked the rookie. She appears poised to finish in the top four in her pro debut, just one week after turning pro.

bikini greater gulf

The finals take place tonight at 6:30pm. Thanks to Mark Mason for the photos.

2014 Olympia Will Be Televised on NBC Sports

Great news for Bodybuilding and Fitness fans! The 2014 Olympia contest will be shown on television. Something that hasn’t happened in THIRTY YEARS! American Media, Inc. and NBC Sports Group announced plans for two 90-minute televised features of the 50th Olympia. The specials will air on October 18 at 1:30pm EST and the second will be shown on October 25 at 5:30pm EST. The Olympia will be webcast live online at and will not air live on NBC Sports. The telecast will highlight a variety of aspects from the Olympia weekend and the main focus will likely be on the Mr. Olympia competition.

Olympia on TV

American Media, Inc. (AMI) and NBC Sports Group today announced a partnership to televise the 2014 Mr. Olympia contest on NBCSN. The partnership will feature two 90-minute telecasts of the 50th annual Mr. Olympia where three-time champion Phil Heath will defend his title at Orleans Arena in Las Vegas.

“We are pleased to partner with NBC Sports Group to bring the excitement of the 2014 Mr. Olympia, and all of the events of Olympia Weekend, to a national television audience,” said AMI Chairman, President, and CEO David J. Pecker. “The Olympia Weekend is an extraordinary event that underscores the passion and commitment that every competitor brings to the stage, and the exhilaration of the more than forty thousand spectators that will attend this year’s event.”

The partnership brings the Mr. Olympia back to TV for the first time since 1984, when Lee Haney won his first of eight titles. NBCSN will televise two 90-minute specials around the event, the first on October 18 at 1:30 p.m. ET and the second on October 25 at 5:30 pm ET.

“We look forward to bringing the bodybuilding world’s most prestigious event back to television for its 50th annual contest,” said Lou Ferrer, Director, Programming Acquisitions, NBC Sports Group.

Each telecast will highlight various aspects of the Mr. Olympia competition, featuring some of the sport’s biggest stars including Kai Greene, Dennis Wolf, Branch Warren, and Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay as they attempt to wrest the coveted title from defending champion Phil Heath. One of the most notable winners of the contest was a young Austrian bodybuilder named Arnold Schwarzenegger who was named Mr. Olympia in 1970 at 23 years-old. Schwarzenegger was the youngest competitor to claim the title, and went on to win seven titles in total (1970-1975, 1980).

“It is a great opportunity to have this year’s Olympia Weekend broadcast on NBCSN, exposing the sport to an even broader audience who will see what bodybuilding and fitness are all about and getting an up-close view of the larger-than-life personalities,” said Jim Manion IFBB Professional League President. “Not only will this help raise the sport to new heights by showcasing the hard work and passion of today’s superstars like reigning and three-time Mr. Olympia Phil Heath, number one challenger Kai Greene, Dennis Wolf, and Shawn Rhoden, it may even inspire a future Mr. Olympia.”

In addition to crowning Mr. Olympia, the telecasts will also showcase how the Mr. Olympia competition has grown from its humble beginnings in 1965 into a four-day exposition featuring the Fitness, Figure, and Bikini Olympia contests, men’s and women’s physique contests, and several other activities and events. Last year, more than 40,000 people passed through the doors for The Mr. Olympia Fitness and Performance Weekend.

The 2014 Mr. Olympia Fitness and Performance weekend takes place September 18-21 at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas, NV. Tickets are available now at or by calling 888-234-2334.

For Listings and the NBCSN Channel Finder, visit

About NBCSN:
NBCSN, part of the NBC Sports Group, is dedicated to serving passionate sports fans. Now in more than 85 million homes, the Emmy Award-winning network is the cable television home of the Summer and Winter Olympics, National Hockey League (NHL), Premier League, Formula One, Major League Soccer (MLS), IndyCar, Tour de France, the 34th America’s Cup, and beginning in 2015, NASCAR. In addition, NBCSN features college football, college basketball, college hockey, cycling, outdoor programming, horse racing surrounding the Triple Crown and Breeders’ Cup, Fight Night boxing, Ironman, the Dew Tour and USA Sevens Rugby. The network is also home to original programs such as Costas Tonight, NFL Turning Point, Pro Football Talk, The Dan Patrick Show, Sports Dash with Yahoo! Sports and NASCAR America. NBCSN is distributed via cable systems and satellite operators throughout the United States.

RESULTS & REPORT: IFBB Amateur Olympia Latin America

The first annual IFBB Amateur Olympia Latin America was held in Acapulco, Mexico on June 14-15, 2014. The overall winners in all divisions earn IFBB Pro status and bragging rights as the first ever Latin America Amateur Olympia Champion.

Amateur Olympia Latin America Results

Elia Fernandez from Mexico Yucatan won the short bikini class and took the top spot in the overall comparisons. It came down to a tie-breaker for the win. Romina Basualdo from Argentina tied with Elia in the overall comparisons. Jovanna Ibanez Parra from Mexico won the short Bodyfitness (Figure) division and the overall title. Raquel Ramos from Spain left with the top spot in the Women’s Physique division.

Competitors don’t have to win the competition to get noticed in events like this. Media members from all over the world were in attendance and took notice of some of the up-and-coming faces. The IFBB amateur events are run a bit different than those at NPC competitions. There is no individual posing in prejudging, only comparisons. At the Finals, the field is cut to the top six in each class and only those competitors hit individual poses. The women’s physique division is still in its infancy outside of the USA, as evident with only four competitors. The bikini division had a variety of shapes and sizes on stage and a number of head turning physiques.

Bodyfitness / FIGURE
Class A – Up to 158cm
1. Jovanna Ibanez Parra*
2. Sandra Grajales Romero
3. Diana Garcia
4. Francis del Valle
5. Brisa Michel Aguilar Ramirez
6. Ana Judith Dabdoub
7. Carolina Solano Peralta
8. Beatriz Vazquez Hereida
9. Priscilla Palmer
10. Monica de la Torre Ramos
11. Dulce Eunice Parrilla Lopez
12. Blanca Cuellar
13. Debanhi Hernandez

Class B – Up to 164cm
1. Veronica Gallego
2. Berenice Gonzalez
3. Gabriela Badillo Ruiz
4. Julia H. Luz
5. Wilma Gil Rodriguez
6. Etzel Delcarmen Delgado
7. Jenny Garza
8. Yazmin Rangel Kame

Class C – Over 164cm
1. Rosario Gomez Ortiz
2. Charlotte Clark
3. Esmeralda Higareda Gonzalez
4. Martha Lepe
5. Monica de Jesus Bolaños Roa
6. Marisol Almela
7. Mayra Vianey Baez Miguel

overall latin america amateur olympia figure winner

Class A – Up to 156cm
1. Elia Fernandez*
2. Karina Constantino Durzo
3. Nayely Benitez Chaves
4. Paola Gonzalez Maqueda
5. Luisana Gandica
6. Sayury Rubi Huriostegui Moctezuma

Class B – Up to 160cm
1. Romina Basualdo
2. Danitza Alejandra Espino de Dios
3. Nancy Anahi Rodriguez
4. Elida Jiminez
5. Magdalena Vazquez Arguello
6. Cassandra de la Rosa
7. Stacey Da Silva
8. Natalia Munguia Llanes
9. Karina Alvarez Mendez
10. Linda Guereña Ferrer
11. Vania Ramirez Rivero

Class C – Up to 164cm
1. Juliane Carina Bueno de Andrade
2. Cindy Villalobos Duran
3. Naiara Schubert
4. Laura Magnolia Santos Gonzalez
5. Valeria Hernandez
6. Carolina Contreras Perez
7. Natalie Neurouth
8. Jenny Cardoso Pascual
9. Celia Guadarrama Soto
10. Ana Maria Olivares

Class D – Over 164cm
1. Márcia Cristiane Goncalves de Souza
2. Brenda Sosa Popoca
3. Karla Yurity Cortes Berdeja
4. Carolina Castrejon Calderon
5. Maria de Lourdes Martinez Lopez
6. Melissa Porras Brenes
7. Carolina Ruiz Marrero
8. Claudia Ramirez Hernandez
9. Rommy Rosalinda Hernandez Fuentes
10. Judith Abigail Zuniga

Overall Bikini Winner Amateur Olympia Latin America

1. Raquel Ramos*
2. Maria Susana Ramirez
3. Matilde Pacheco
4. Monica Casas

Women's Physique winner Amateur Olympia Latin America

Click here for scoresheets and complete IFBB Amateur Olympia Latin America results, including the men’s competition. (PDF)

2014 NPC / IFBB Greater Gulf Preview

Things will be heating up in Metairie, Louisiana this weekend for the 2014 NPC / IFBB Greater Gulf. The show, promoted by Luke and Robin Tesvich, has become one of the favorite events for pros and amateurs. The venue is close to the airport and it’s a very laid back, well run event. Once you’re done with the competition you take a short drive into New Orleans and enjoy some of the best food in the world.

greater gulf states

This will be the third year for the pro competition of the Greater Gulf and the 21st year for the NPC Greater Gulf States. Luke and Robin are expecting over 250 NPC competitors and 67 pros to compete over the course of two days. Yes, the show has grown so large that they’ve split it into two days. Competitors love this set up as the prejudging and finals are on the same day. Women are up first and the men’s competition is held the following day. It’s also one of the few events with a wheelchair bodybuilding competition.


I expected a few more competitors to be in this show from the bikini division but perhaps learning of who was in it scared some of the women away. Amanda Latona will be back to defend her Greater Gulf title but she’ll have a little tougher time this year. On paper, Amanda has to be considered the favorite for the win but it’s not a sure thing. Last year’s overall NPC bikini winner at this show, Jenee Leger will be competing as a pro this time around. She made an immediate impact in her pro debut with a win at the Dallas Europa. She has a similar look to Latona and don’t be shocked if you see the two of them standing next to one another being compared for the win. Amanda is at her best when she doesn’t stage on stage trying to hit too many poses and doing the weird leg cocked to one side pose. It was her stage presence early on in her pro bikini career that stands out. No need to over due things when you have looks and a body that do the talking.

Rounding out the top spots will likely be Sara LeBlanc, Desiree Niemann, Aly Garcia and Michelle Lewin. Sarah found success on stage earlier this year and I see her being in the mix once again at this show. Desiree Niemann is coming off a third place finish last week, in her pro debut, and will undoubtedly be in the mix for the top five. Michelle Lewin is wildly popular on social media but still trying to find her groove on the pro competition stage. Aly Garcia, who went by Aly Veneno in the past, should also be a top contender. She’s toned down posing and if she brings the same look and presentation to this competition she’ll finish in the top spots.

Long shots:
Liana Hamilton has the potential to be in the mix but needs, in my opinion, to go back to the look that worked for her last year. She’s been a bit fuller and too soft in her competitions this year. I like the look of Marcela Cabral from San Antonio, Texas and she could sneak into the first callout but it will be tough.

2014 IFBB Greater Gulf Pro Bikini Competitors
1. Lisa Asuncion
2. Marcela Cabral
3. Jade Carroll
4. Adrienne Crenshaw
5. Aly Garcia
6. Liana Hamilton
7. Sarah LeBlanc
8. Jenee Leger
9. Michelle Lewin
10. Meredith Mack
11. Desiree Niemann

This is one of the larger turnouts for the women’s physique division. Last year’s champ, Tycie Coppett will not be back to defend her title and is focused on the Olympia. Tamee Marie will be looking for her second victory in a row and could do it. She just has to nail the little details like her tanning. The heat in Louisiana can often be a challenge for tanning and hair due to the heat and humidity. She’ll have her work cut out for her to take top honors. Roxie Beckles, Sheena Ohlig, Leonie Rose, Mascha Tieken and Karina Nascimento are all names that jump out as contenders. There are a variety of physiques in this competition but look for the women with long and lean muscle to rise to the top.

2014 IFBB Greater Gulf Pro Women’s Physique Competitors
1. Alisa Alday
2. Heather Barbee
3. Roxie Beckles
4. Evangeline Belton
5. Jeni Briscoe
6. Gloria Faulls
7. Hannah Hallman
8. Kari Hartman
9. Joy Henderson
10. Rosella Joseph
11. Candrea Judd Adams
12. Anne Marie Kam
13. Marina Lopez
14. Tamee Marie
15. Karina Nascimento
16. Sheena Ohlig
17. Tammy Patnode
18. Dona Pohl
19. Leonie Rose
20. Elizabeth Schneider
21. Tish Shelton
22. Sabrina Sonner
23. Leila Thompson
24. Mascha Tieken
25. Tracy Weller
26. Shelly Yakimchuk

The women’s competition takes place on Friday, June 20, 2014. The men will compete on Saturday. This is the case for both pro and amateur competitions.

FINALS: 6:30 pm

Best Western Landmark Hotel
2601 Severn Ave
Metairie, LA

For tickets and more info visit

2014 IFBB Southern California Pro Bikini Competitor Lists & Preview

The women of the IFBB Pro Bikini division will be back in action at the 2014 IFBB Southern California Pro. The event will take place on Saturday, June 14th in San Diego, California. Thirteen women are slated to compete in the open and just three have thrown their heels in the mix for the Masters division.

2014 IFBB Southern California Pro Bikini

Angela Marquez will look to make it three wins in a row. She’ll be coming off back to back victories in Arizona and Northern California. Making her IFBB Pro debut will be Desiree Niemann. Desiree has the potential to make an immediate impact in the pro ranks is she brings a similar look to her amateur days. She achieved IFBB Pro status by winning her class at the 2012 NPC Nationals. Narmin Assria always seems to fair well in the Southern California shows and has to be considered a contender in this lineup. She’s coming off a 6th place finish at the New York Pro. Christie Marquez will look to stay in the top spots after her third place finish at the Northern California Pro. Janelle Saitone-McGuire finished just behind Christie last weekend and should be in the hunt for the top five once again. Others who have potential to break into the top five are Lisette Howard and Amy Updike. Amy continues to move up in her placings and will look to move up from her 7th place finish last week.

2014 IFBB Southern California Pro Bikini Competitors
1. Narmin Assria
2. Lisa Asuncion
3. Sandy Avelar
4. Iveth Carreon
5. Rachelle DeJean
6. Lisette Howard
7. Lisa Kelly
8. Angela Marquez
9. Christie Marquez
10. Desiree Niemann
11. Marissa Rivero
12. Janelle Saitone-McGuire
13. Amy Updike

2014 IFBB Southern California Pro Masters Bikini Competitors:
1. Iveth Carreon
2. Diana Harbort
3. Lisa Kelly

Outside Magazine Returns for the 2014 GoPro Mountain Games

Outside Magazine Returns for the 2014 GoPro Mountain Games

Vail, CO (June 4, 2014)—For the eighth year in a row, OUTSIDE Magazine joins the GoPro Summer Mountain Games as media partner covering the nation’s largest celebration of adventure sports, music and mountain lifestyle for OUTSIDE’s multi-media platform of over 2.77 million visitors. The Ultimate Mountain Weekend will be held in Vail this weekend (June 5-8).

“OUTSIDE views the GoPro Mountain Games as the perfect vehicle to grow and establish the active living lifestyle, and as a legacy partner for the event, OUTSIDE has been part of the collective effort to make this exciting weekend the biggest occasion in our space,” noted Outside Director of Marketing Jen Wittman.

OUTSIDE will bring lifestyle partners such as Eukanuba and Go RVing to the GoPro Mountain Games in a unique opportunity to interact with the event’s important demographic. GoPro Mountain Games attendees rank the DockDogs event as their No. 1 favorite event to watch, and 45% of event attendees own at least one dog, positioning Eukanuba perfectly among potential consumers. Eukanuba will host perennial favorites Eukanuba DogDocks Competition and Eukanuba Rocky Dog Trail Run. Go RVing will tailgate in the interactive expo area, Gear Town, with a tricked out RV boasting adventure gear like bikes, kayaks, and more.

A team of OUTSIDE editors will descend on Vail to compete in the Ultimate Mountain Challenge and other events, as well as report from a multitude of platforms from original commentary and athlete interviews on Outside Online to social networks such as Instagram and Facebook.  Additionally, Outside Television, the leading active lifestyle cable network, will air the two new GoPro Mountain Games 2014 television shows again this year, including a 90 minute “Best Of” show and a 60 minute “Docu-Sport” show. Outside Television is available nationally on the following distributors: Comcast’s Xfinity, Cox Communications, CenturyLink Prism TV and Google Fiber systems.

“From racing to outdoor concerts and film screenings, the GoPro Mountain Games exemplify the lifestyle that OUTSIDE covers,” said executive editor Michael Roberts. “We’re thrilled to report on the event for our audience.”

The GoPro Mountain Games are the nation’s largest celebration of adventure sports, music and mountain lifestyle featuring top professional and amateur athletes from around the world. Athletes converge on Vail’s mountains and rivers to compete in nine sports and 25 disciplines including kayaking, rafting, stand up paddling, mountain biking, road cycling, World Cup Bouldering, amateur climbing, fly-fishing, trail running, the slackline world championships and a half marathon. Additional events at the GoPro Mountain Games include: the Outdoor Reels film series; the Mountain Click photography competition; an interactive expo area, Gear Town; DockDog canine competitions and free concerts at the Mountains of Music.


# # #

 About OUTSIDE:  OUTSIDE is America’s leading active lifestyle brand. Since 1977, OUTSIDE has covered travel, sports, adventure, health, and fitness, as well as the personalities, the environment, and the style and culture of the world Outside. The OUTSIDE family includes OUTSIDE magazine, the only magazine to win three consecutive National Magazine Awards for General Excellence, The Outside Buyer’s Guides, Outside Online, Outside Television, Outside Events, Outside+ for the iPad, Outside tablet edition, Outside Books, and now Outside GO, a revolutionary, 21st-century adventure-travel company. Visit us online and onFacebook, and follow us on Twitter.

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2014 IFBB Northern California Pro Bikini Competitors & Preview

Twelve women are slated to compete this weekend at the 2014 IFBB Nothern California Pro Bikini contest. A quick look at the list and it could be anyone’s show to win but there are a few names you have to figure will be in the hunt. Jessica Arevalo, Janelle Saitone-McGuire and Christie Marquez have faired the best out of this line up but don’t count out Krissy Chin, Liana Hamilton and Amy Updike. Amy continues to improve with each show and I look for her to crack the top five at this competition. Jessica Arevalo could win this show if she smiles and gives off some positive energy instead of scowling on stage. Christie Marquez will likely be standing next to Jessica and it will come down to the two of them if they are in condition. If Liana Hamilton brings a similar to this stage as she did as an amateur she’ll give them a run for their money and could be your winner.

northern cal

There’s also a master’s pro bikini event which I look for it to be between Krissy Chin and Liana Hamilton for the win. Krissy has to watch not to come in too hard with her conditioning and Liana has to make sure she’s not too soft with hers.

2014 IFBB Northern California Pro Bikini Competitor Lists

2014 IFBB Northern California Pro Bikini Competitors:
1. Jessica Arevalo
2. Lisa Asuncion
3. Sandy Avelar
4. Krissy Chin
5. Liana Hamilton
6. Christie Marquez
7. Stacey Naito
8. Janelle Saitone-McGuire
9. Amy Updike
10. Rosemary Valenzuela
11. Nissan Weaver
12. Katherin William

2014 IFBB Northern California Pro Bikini Competitors:
1. Sandy Avelar
2. Krissy Chin
3. Liana Hamilton
4. Stacey Naito
5. Rosemary Valenzuela

For more information visit:

Saturday Showdown – Hardbody Preview of Toronto, Denver & Phoenix Pro

This weekend nearly 300 IFBB Pro competitors will be competing across North America. The Toronto Pro will showcase the largest field and every IFBB Pro League division. The Mile High Pro, held just outside of Denver, will feature the Men and Women’s Physique division. Last but certainly not least, the Dennis James Classic will take place in Phoenix and features the Pro Bikini division.

show preview

If you’re looking to connect on social media use… #TOPRO for Toronto, #MILEHIGHPRO for Denver’s show and #AZPRO for Phoenix coverage.

This is one of the biggest shows of the year for the IFBB PRO LEAGUE and the first women’s bodybuilding event of the year. It will be interesting to see how the women show up. You have a variety of physiques ranging from the large and in charge to those who could be women’s physique competitors. Familiar names to the line up are Emery Miller, Tonia Moore, Nancy Clark and Melody Spetko. The winner goes to the Olympia so look for the women to be at their best in hopes of snagging the qualification.

2014 IFBB Toronto Pro Women’s Bodybuilding Competitors
1. Nancy Clark
2. Roxanne Edwards
3. Christine Envall
4. Lisa Giesbrecht
5. Sherri Gray
6. Aurelia Grozajova
7. Margie Martin
8. Wendy McCready
9. Tananarive McGowan
10. Emery Miller
11. Tonia Moore
12. Simone Oliveria
13. Virginia Sanchez
14. Alana Shipp
15. Melody Spetko
16. Joanne Williams

If you’re going with conventional wisdom based on past events you’d most likely put your money on Trish Warren, Kizzy Vaines or Ryall Graber. All three have competed at the Olympia and done well. Kizzy always has a crazy good routine with insane flexibility. Ryall can bring a high energy, fast paced routine but we haven’t see that just yet this year. Trish has improved not only her routine but also her physique over the years.

Diana Monteiro won’t be in the top spots for the physique round but will have a routine that moves her up. Three women to watch for that could shake things up in the top spots… Vanda Hadarean is a world class athlete. When you see her routine you’ll know what I am talking about. She’s an Olympic Gymnast, yes those Olympics, and her skills are out of this world. She doesn’t tend to place as high as she should simply based on her physique round. Danielle Ruban continues to bring her routines to a higher level and has improved her physique. Look for her to finish in the top 5 and she’s always very happy on stage, which is nice. No one wants to see ANGRY FACES. The dark horse is Darrian Tissenbaum. She will have a routine that leaves people saying, “WOW”! Look for her to bring an improved physique from her last competition and a routine that puts her on the map.

2014 IFBB Toronto Pro Fitness Competitors
1. Marta Aguiar
2. Ryall Graber
3. Natalie Graziano
4. Vanda Hadarean
5. Amanda Hatfield
6. Nita Marquez
7. Dominique Matthews
8. Diana Monteiro
9. Kary Odiatu
10. Shelly Paton
11. Danielle Ruban
12. Shannon Siemer
13. Lovena Stamatiou-Tuley
14. Darrian Tissenbaum
15. Kizzy Vaines
16. Trish Warren

The Figure competition will likely be a two woman race. Ann Titone will be back to defend her title and Genn Strobo will likely be standing next to her looking for the win. Smart money is on Ann as she’s coming off a win in Dallas and had time to tweak things. Strobo is coming off the New York Pro and will likely be Ann’s biggest threat for an upset. Look for Andrea Calhoun to be in the mix and I really like Elissa Martis’ potential. If Elissa can pose her back just a bit better I think it will help her. I’d like to see her in that first callout if she shows up like she did in New York. Those are my picks for your top spots but as we all know anything can happen.

2014 IFBB Toronto Pro Figure Competitors
1. Leah Berti
2. Chaya Boone
3. Jennifer Brown
4. Andrea Calhoun
5. Maggy Cambronero
6. Linda Crossley
7. Laura Davies
8. Angela Doucette
9. Jolene Fonseca
10. Cydney Gillon
11. Erin Harding
12. Shawn Hecktor Lewis
13. Vera Mallet
14. Elissa Martis
15. Christina Mehling
16. Annette Mendez
17. Emi Perez Custodio
18. Samantha Rioux
19. Jill St. Laurent
20. Roshanda Schmitt
21. Giada Simari
22. Gennifer Strobo
23. Katerina Tarbox
24. Ann Titone
25. Zsuzsanna Toldi
26. Madgalena Wilk
27. Emily Zelinka

The defending champ, Ashley Kaltwasser will be back to defend her title. She’s shown that she’s not unbeatable. Ashley is coming off a second place finish at the New York Pro but don’t look for her to be out of the winner’s circle. I like Belinda Kiriakou’s physique and if she doesn’t “over pose” she should be in the mix. Gigi Amurao could be in the top five if her legs aren’t too muscular. Stephanie Mahoe finished in third in New York and will likely be in the top spots again this weekend. Noemi Olah is looking to get back to the Olympia but hasn’t found the winning look as of late. Sabrina Nicole will have some of the best abs on stage but it could cost her for being “too muscular”. Canada’s own Natalie Waples will have a large cheering section as she competes in Bikini again. Nat has the personality for the division but needs a little more booty to finish in the top spots.

2014 IFBB Toronto Pro Bikini Competitors
1. Gigi Amurao
2. Maria Annunziata
3. Yarisna Ayala
4. Cynthia Benoit
5. Callie Bundy
6. Valerie Cantin
7. Danielle Carr
8. Denita Clark
9. Becky Clawson
10. Jennifer Dawn
11. Dana French
12. Breanne Hensman
13. Joanne Holden
14. Ashley Kaltwasser
15. Belinda Kiriakou
16. Natalie Mack
17. Stephanie Mahoe
18. Jana Majernikova
19. Nathalie Mur
20. Sabrina Nicole
21. Noemi Olah
22. Marissa Rivero
23. Francine Slobodnik
24. Anna Starodubtseva
25. Natalie Waples
26. Nissan Weaver

Look for Mindi O’Brien and CeAnna Kerr to be your top women in the Women’s Physique portion of the show. There are a number of women who have the potential to be in the top spots but my money is on it coming down to those two for the win.

2014 Toronto Pro Women’s Physique Competitors
1. Olandina Balan
2. Fabiola Boulanger
3. Jessica Bowman
4. Nathalie Foreau
5. Amie Francisco
6. Aurelia Grozajova
7. Leah Johnson
8. CeaAnna Kerr
9. Michelle Krack
10. Sandra Lombardo
11. Terista Morales
12. Colette Nelson
13. Nkechi Nwafor Robinson
14. Mindi O’Brien
15. Jill Rudison
16. Ida Sefland
17. Lise Thexton
18. Tracy Weller


The judges will have their hands full with a variety of physiques taking the stage at the Mile High Pro. Look for Rachel Baker and Samantha Jo Hill to be in the mix for the top spots. They’re coming off the Optimum Classic last weekend and unless they did something crazy in between then could be your top two again. Roxie Beckles has long, lean muscle but should make her presence known. If Carrie Simmons brings in a tight physique she could be in the top spots. Jacklyn Sutton Abrams won’t be the biggest competitor on stage but will hold her own in her hometown. Jen Louwagie could find herself in the mix if she brings her best. The 2013 Champ, Sara Hurrle will not be competing but will be on stage as the emcee. Sara is expecting her first child later this year.

2014 IFBB MILE HIGH PRO Women’s Physique
1. Rachel Baker
2. Roxie Beckles
3. Rose Brunner
4. Cinzia Clapp
5. Jill Dearmin
6. Jessica Gaines
7. Susan Graham
8. Samantha Jo Hill
9. Cathy Jackson
10. Candrea Judd Adams
11. Anna Marie Kam
12. Marina Lopez
13. Jen Louwagie
14. Meredith Mack
15. Delia McNeil
16. Marga Lee Overby
17. Antonia Perdikakis
18. Rita Rae
19. Drorit Silverman
20. Carrie Simmons
21. Stacy Simons McDowell
22. Jacklyn Sutton Abrams
23. Shelly Yamchuck

This weekend’s Phoenix Pro could go a number of ways but you have to look to Lacey DeLuca as the favorite. If Lacey brings in a tight booty without looking too drawn in she could leave the champ. I like Ashriel Osgood’s look and would put her up in the top spots but I’m not judging. I also like the look Amy Updike brings to the stage and she rocks the tats like no other bikini pro. If she’s more relaxed with her back posing she’ll be up there. Angela Marquez may not sound familiar and that’s because she competed as Angela Skeels. She recently married and will look to return to the top spots. Angela has struggled to find her groove since winning the 2012 Overall NPC Nationals title. Nikola Weiterova has a great look and gets the award for longest travel, making the trip all the way from Slovakia. No, it’s not a mistake that Krissy Chin’s name is in the Bikini line-up. This is Krissy’s first time on stage since having her baby and don’t be surprised if she brings a completely new physique and holds her own. Debora Goodman deserves a standing ovation for the rock’n body she brings to the stage. She is a mother of not just one, not two but SIX children. Yes, SIX! I like what she brings to the stage and how can you not cheer for a mom of six bringing a hardbody like hers to the stage? Karey Grabow has a good look for the division and has steadily improved. I like her chances for a top five finish.

2014 IFBB Dennis James Pro Bikini Competitor List
1. Sandy Avelar
2. Krissy Chin
3. Kelsie Clark
4. My Coustels
5. Lacey DeLuca
6. Deborah Goodman
7. Karey Grabow
8. Lisa Kelly
9. Angela Marquez
10. Stacey Naito
11. Ashriel Osgood
12. Caryn Paolini
13. Amy Updike
14. Nikola Weiterova

ESPN’s Digital Center-2 to Debut in June

Unparalleled Media Center Comes On Line – June / NFL Programming to Originate from DC-2 Late Summer
ESPN’s Digital Center-2, a 194,000-sq. foot, five-studio media facility, had its ceremonial opening today on the network’s Bristol, Conn campus. SportsCenter will be the first program to debut from the state-of-the-art DC-2 in June, followed by NFL programming later this summer.


DC-2’s infrastructure is future proof. The facility is format agnostic, currently planned for 1080p, and can handle all existing media formats and future industry standards capable of carrying data/signals at various rates, that haven’t been adopted by the television industry yet. SportsCenter moves into its DC-2 studio from the original Digital Center’s Studio F, which was designed for three hours of live daily SportsCenter in 2004. The new studio can accommodate SportsCenter’s expansion to 18 live hours a day.

DC-2’s SportsCenter studio, unlike any television environment in the world, is designed to support 24/7 programming, and allows for distinct differentiation of each show. The unique environment features a video floor, virtual technology, two touchscreens, a 56 LED multi-dimensional monitor wall and the ability to do live and pre-produced segments simultaneously.

ESPN Plaza includes 1.2 million square feet in 18 buildings on 123 acres.

“The new SportsCenter set embodies the spirit of innovation and ambition that has always distinguished our signature news and information brand,” said Rob King, Sr. Vice President SportsCenter & News. “Our new array of sets and screens provides a powerful showcase for our on-air talent to serve fans with their unique authority and personality. Dynamic new graphics and animation packages convey information and imagery with unprecedented clarity.”
The new SportsCenter set is divided by an enormous glass wall separating the 6,200-sq. foot Studio X, which will be home to those programs on ESPN and ESPN2, from the 3,500-sq.-foot Studio XA – The Annex – from where SportsCenter on ESPNEWS will originate. The center of The Annex will feature a large glass cube/work station, housing a new “SC Display Unit,” dedicated to overseeing what appears in the set’s 114 video and graphic display monitors.
The nearly 10,000-sq. foot SportsCenter studio is twice the size of the current studio and contains 100 more monitors than the original Digital Center studio which debuted in June 2004.

Studio Z, at 2,250 sq. feet, is the smallest DC-2 studio.

SportsCenter’s first studio — Studio B in Building 1, is 1600 sq. ft.

SportsCenter Studio X

• South wall – main desk (Annex Studio in background) flanked by monitors with a 10’x10’ monitor sunken in the floor
• East wall – can be configured into six separate panel monitors, one big monitor, or any combination in between with a “cat-walk” in front allowing hosts to interact with the content displayed
• Northeast corner – a 16’ x 10’ monitor wall on rails that can be brought to the center floor monitor to show an L–shaped wall of video
• North Wall – a multidimensional display wall comprised of 56 monitors powered by ESPN-built software.
• Northwest corner – a stationary 16’ x 10’ monitor wall
• West wall – similar embedded riser system to the North wall, adding 8 stationary displays and one large center monitor outfitted as a touchscreen device.
• SkyDeck – a wire tension grid system allowing operators to walk among the lights, to adjust, reposition or repair fixtures – during a live show if needed.

SportsCenter Studio Annex
On the balcony are four Craft Edit Suites for content editing and at the far left of the balcony is the “Social Media Studio;” this is where analysts and guests will be invited to do live streaming or blogging sessions, before or after appearing on SC, to help drive fans to linear or digital platforms.
In the center of the Annex studio is a giant glass cube, this is where the “Display Unit Team” will sit. The team consists of Preditors (Producer/Editors), Motion Graphic Operators, Researchers and Graphic Producers, whose job is to create content which will appear in more than 100 monitors in both SportsCenter studios. There is set of workstations for those actively working on the on-air show and a second set for those working pre-production for the next show up.

“This is SportsCenter” — The DC-2 lobby hosts three interactive towers that show a cascade of video squares showing every “This is SportsCenter” promo.
Fans Will Notice SportsCenter Enhancements in DC-2

Animation: A fresh, unique 3D environment supported by an integrated 2D counterpart to create stylized and inviting environments that feel energetic and embody the spirit of sports and the SportsCenter brand

Music & Sound Design: Evolves the SportsCenter brand with a modern feel while maintaining the signature melody. The theme has three distinctive packages: day time, night time and serious news

Informational Graphics: Updated graphics to show information that is clean, bold and crisp

Sustainability, Energy Efficiency, Water Conservation
DC-2 was submitted to the US Green Building Council for consideration for the “Certified” category of the LEED New Construction program. The following have been employed to reduce overall energy consumption:

• high efficiency condensing boilers

• CO2 monitoring for demand control ventilation

• high performance lighting (CFL and LED)

• lighting controls: occupancy sensors

• daylight control: electronic dimming

• variable frequency drive (VFD) controls on fan motors and pumps

• High thermal property glazing keeps the building cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

• Water efficient landscape design uses native plants selected on the basis of tolerance to dry conditions. No irrigation system for the site is needed

• A groundwater capture system treats groundwater which is used for toilet flushing thereby eliminating the use of municipal water

• An air handler condensate water capture system treats condensate water which is then used for cooling tower make-up, reducing the use of municipal water.

SportsCenter App
SportsCenter is the best example of ESPN’s app strategy – personalized, social and a template for cohesiveness across all ESPN apps. SportsCenter (formerly ScoreCenter) is the most popular sports app ever: 53 million total downloads.

“Our new visual design unites the linear and digital SportsCenter experiences, so whether you’re watching the show on TV or enjoying content on our mobile applications or interacting with our social experiences, you’re in a world that looks and feels like SportsCenter,” King said. “We’re bringing fans new ways to enjoy unforgettable storytelling, compelling interviews, state-of-the-art statistics and engaging, shareable content.”

SportsCenter will debut from new studios in the Los Angeles Production Facility in conjunction with the show’s DC-2 launch to ensure a unified look and continuity of the SportsCenter brand.

ESPN’s Digital Center-2 to Debut in June info via ESPN.

Cosmo Magazine Goes Backstage at The New York Pro

The competitive fitness scene is an often misunderstood by “mainstream media”. Most of the main stream media doesn’t take the time to ask questions and educate themselves on the niche industry before writing about it. It’s easier to describe someone with low body fat, over the top make up and a ridiculously fake tan as a freak bodybuilder. Kudos to Cosmopolitan magazine’s Senior Editor, Michelle Ruiz for her approach in writing about the New York Pro. She interviews a variety of women and asked questions that reveal what’s behind the blinded out suits and fake tan.

cosmo mag bodybuilders

A tweet reading, “These female bodybuilders LOVE how they look and don’t care what you think” went out to Cosmo’s 960,000 twitter followers and their Facebook page, which boasts over 5.1 million fans, shared the story as well.

As expected, the comments range from praise to hate on the story. Check out the interviews / feature on Cosmo’s website and let them know what you think.

2014 IFBB California Pro Figure Competitor List

The 2014 IFBB California Pro Figure contest will be held this Saturday in Culver City, California. The May 24th contest features IFBB Pro Figure and Masters IFBB Pro Figure in conjunction with the NPC California Bodybuilding, Fitness, Figure and Bikini Championships. Currently, 27 women are on the competitor list for this weekend’s competition.

California Pro

2014 IFBB California Pro Figure Competitor List:
1. Victoria Adelus
2. Shalako Bradberry
3. Sasha Brown
4. Angela Coleman
5. Jessica Curry
6. Kimberly Dickson
7. Dawn Fernandez
8. Erin Harding
9. Jennifer Iritano
10. Sandie Kight
11. Meg Kruse
12. Nicole Kupser
13. Monica Labriola
14. Gretchen Lichtenstein
15. Julie Mayer
16. Lisandra McGrath
17. Michelle Mein
18. Alissa Parker
19. Alessandra Pinheiro
20. Camala Rodriguez
21. Jill St. Laurent
22. Tamara Sedlack
23. Melissa Smith
24. Zsuzsanna Toldi
25. Latorya Watts
26. Bojana Vasiljevic
27. Betty Vasquez

2014 IFBB California Pro Masters Figure Competitor List:
1. Ginete Delhaes
2. Kimberly Dickson
3. Dawn Fernandez
4. Sandie Kight
5. Meg Kruse
6. Monica Labriola
7. Gretchen Lichtenstein
8. Lisandra McGrath
9. Michelle Mein
10. Jill St. Laurent
11. Tamara Sedlack
12. Melissa Smith
13. Betty Vasquez

WHEN: Saturday, May 24, 2014
WHERE: Veteran’s Memorial Auditorium
4117 Overland Avenue
Culver City, CA
TIME: Prejudging – 10am / Finals – 6pm

2014 IFBB BODY POWER Pro Figure Results

The 2014 IFBB BODY POWER Pro Figure results are in and Zsuzsanna Toldi from Hungary took top honors. Coming in second was Amanda Doherty and rounding out the top three was Louise Rogers. The win qualifies Zsuzanna for the Figure Olympia held in Las Vegas, Nevada later this summer. She shared a photo on her twitter account after her win…

2014 IFBB BODY POWER Pro Figure Results
1. Zsuzsanna Toldi
2. Amanda Doherty
3. Louise Rogers
4. Ann Pratt
5. Lynsey Beattie
6. Kati Alander
7. Maria Jose Garcia Sanchez
8. Giada Simari
9. Ninamarie Richter
10. Anniken Froyslie
11. Mette Ulseth
12. Pia Marlen Johnsen
13. Kizzy Vaines

2014 IFBB New York Pro Women’s Physique Results & Review

Juliana Malacarne remains undefeated as a women’s physique pro, at least in New York. She went into the 2014 IFBB New York Pro Women’s Physique competition as the favorite and she delivered with flying colors. This was the third time she’s won the New York Pro and there was no question she was the deserved winner. Will she carry that momentum to a win at the Olympia this September? We’ll have to wait and see on that but here’s the skinny on this year’s New York Pro Women’s Physique competition.

women physique results

Juliana was a bit tighter at this show than she was in Dallas the week prior. It’s likely she wasn’t at her best in Dallas due to cancelled flights and delays getting to the contest. She had the luxury of not flying for this contest and it showed. Juliana carries more muscle than many of the other competitors in the division but dare I say it’s a “pretty” look to her muscle. She’s downsized a bit from last year and will look to get into the top spot come Olympia time in a few months. No disrespect to the other women in this show but it was Juliana and everyone else.

Shawna Pringle has to be stoked with her finish as this was her IFBB Pro debut. She has nice shape and a good look for the division. If I was to nitpick, I’d say I wasn’t crazy about the suit cut on her bottoms from the back. Look for her to be a contender in future shows.

Fabiola Boulanger took home third place and had a solid showing. She carries a bit more muscle than Shawna but doesn’t have quite the shape she does. When she poses straight on her waist looks a little wide but from the side / twisting poses she hides it well.

Olga Beliakova finished in the top five for the first time in her pro career and was improved from her Dallas appearance. She has some crazy baseball sized biceps and as one of the shorter competitors has to come in a bit leaner than others. She has a nice look and has fun on stage which is refreshing. No one wants to flat footed angry posers and Olga does a good job of posing on her toes, something more Women’s Physique competitors should do.

Mascha Tieken brought an improved physique to the stage and it paid off with a fifth place finish. She came in a bit leaner than she had before and it suited her well. If she enters more competitions this year you’ll see her in the top spots once again.


2014 IFBB New York Pro Women’s Physique Results
1. Juliana Malacarne
2. Shawna Pringle
3. Fabiola Boulanger
4. Olga Beliakova
5. Mascha Tieken
6. Gloria Faulls
7. Orlandina Balan
8. Eva Pogacnik
9. Teresita Morales
10. Jill Rudison
11. Sheena Ohlig
12. Karen Gatto
13. Alicia Spearman
14. Amie Francisco
15. Nahiany Berbet Nery
16. Ida Sefland
16. Tracy Weller

2014 IFBB New York Pro Figure Results and Review

The 2014 IFBB New York Pro Figure showcased a number of competitors however the judges had their hands full with what they were presented with. We saw some women with more vascularity than the male bodybuilders and others who left you wondering where they had turned pro.

Heading into the show it appeared to be a three woman race with the favorites (at least on paper) being Heather Dees, Camala Rodriquez and Genn Strobo. Based on previous shows and finishes Heather Dees was the one to beat. Things didn’t quite shake out that way.

new york pro figure

Camala Rodriquez was better than what we saw in Pittsburgh earlier this month but still not at her all-time best. She had the best shape and symmetry in the show and that deservedly put her in the winner’s circle. She’ll need to be a bit tighter at the Olympia if she hopes to be in the top three. Overall not a bad show for her and she was head and shoulders above the rest in this field. Look for her to make it three wins in a row if she heads to California for the Cal Pro.

Genn Strobo appeared a bit over depleted and tired on stage. I’m not a big fan of the dark makeup around the eyes and it make her appear even more drawn in than she was. She has to watch her vascularity on stage especially in her shoulders. I know it’s a timing thing with her and she has a fast metabolism so one minute she can appear flat and the others she’s full and vascular. Genetically, she doesn’t have the same flow to her physique as some of the other competitors but has steadily improved since turning pro. She’s not qualified for the Olympia yet so we’ll see her on stage again. I like her with longer hair (like she had here) and her suit was gorgeous.

Laurie Green finished in third and has to be ecstatic with her placing. She was just two points away from finishing in the runner-up spot. I like the fullness she brought to the stage last year but it’s hard to argue with her improved placings. She has a noticeably downsized physique and the judges have been rewarding her new look. She’s was a bit smaller in her quads and shallow in her upper chest compared to Camala but held her own. If she continues to add some width to her back and brings up her quads up in size she’ll continue to be in the mix. Overall a great finish for Laurie.

Andrea Calhoun finished in fourth and continues to improve. She’s one of the shorter competitors but has great shape and hangs with the taller gals. If she continues to improve her posing and presentation she’ll be a contender for the top five in future shows. Andrea tends to present a little lopsided and lean too far forward when posing her back. She doesn’t need to add any more size to her quads and could have been a tad tighter in her glutes and hamstrings.

Beckie Boddie rounded out the top five. She brought a fair amount of muscle to the stage and a bit too vascular in my opinion. This was her highest finish as a pro. We’ll see if she can duplicate t his finish in future competitions.

Kelly Keiser showed promise in her pro debut with a sixth place finish. She’ll need to continue to add size to her frame to move up but overall a good showing. Elissa Martis has a ton of potential. She finished in seventh at this show and I wouldn’t have argued if she was in the top five. She just needs to streamline her physique a bit but overall she’s one to watch in the months ahead.

Overall the competition was a bit lackluster. Some of the women came in way too hard and overly conditioned. The judges should see striations in a Figure competitor’s glutes. A few competitors looked like they were ready to transition into the bikini division. The judges were faced with trying to place a field of competitors with a variety of looks. Yes, this is often the case however this show was more than I’ve seen in quite some time.

What about Dees? Heather was way off. She knew it and you could see it on her face when she took the stage. She finished out of the top ten for the first time in over 3 years. Earlier this year (in March), Heather placed second at the Figure International and the Australian Pro. The drastic drop to 14th at this show was a surprise to everyone. Something clearly didn’t go as planned. She’ll likely take some time off to regroup before the Olympia. She’ll likely enter a show before the Figure Olympia to regain some momentum.


2014 IFBB New York Pro Figure Results
1. Camala Rodriguez
2. Gennifer Strobo
3. Laurie Green
4. Andrea Calhoun
5. Beckie Boddie
6. Kelly Keiser
7. Elissa Martis
8. Annette Mendez
9. Georgina Lona
10. Andrea Cantone
11. Patty Zariello
12. Rinnah Schmid
13. Tara Chandler
14. Heather Dees
15. Diana Schnaidt
16. Maria Allegro
16. Laurel Bickford
16. Kim Clark
16. Laura Davies
16. Erin Ehrlich
16. Robynn Europe
16. Sidibe Khoudiedji
16. Elizabeth Maurice
16. Lisandra McGrath
16. Christina Mehling
16. Tamara Sedlack
16. Jill St.Laurent
16. Tamen Stuve
16. Katerina Tarbox
16. Magdalena Wilk

Yeshaira Robles Repeats – 2014 IFBB New York Pro Bikini Results

The New York Pro always showcases the top competitors in the IFBB Bikini division and this year was no different. The reigning Ms Bikini Olympia and Bikini International champ, Ashley Kaltwasser had been on a hot streak and seemed unbeatable, at least on paper heading into this show. Yeshaira Robles was the defending New York Pro champ and coming off a win at the Pittsburgh Pro earlier this month. When it came to the finals, Yeshaira and Ashley were the last two women standing.

2014 IFBB New York Pro Bikini Results

The results played out just like last year, at least for the top two spots, and Yeshaira retained her New York Pro title. She has natural stage presence and comes across as sexy and sassy without it being over the top. She adds a little cutesy smile and you can’t help but smile with the energy she brings to the stage. Yeshaira is the epitome of class and one of the pros up and coming bikini competitors should look to on how to present themselves. She has to feel confident heading into the Olympia later this summer.

Ashley wasn’t quite as sharp as we’ve seen her in previous shows but she wasn’t too far off what we’ve seen in the past. She seems a bit nervous at times when she presents herself and her posing/walking in heels could use a bit of work. She has an athletic physique but lacks the energy some of the other women do on stage. At this point in her pro career, I’d like to see her with a bit more energy and be in the moment when on stage. Still a second place finish is nothing to be disappointed in. She was second at this show last year and like last year lost by a narrow margin to Yeshaira.

In third place was Stephanie Mahoe. Stephanie was definitely better than her Pittsburgh appearance earlier this month. She had trouble with her tanning at some shows but it wasn’t an issue here. Stephanie didn’t seem like she was having fun on stage and her presentation was good but lacked energy. I’d like to see her with a bit more sass and enjoy herself rather than just go through the motions.

Stacey Alexander was a bit off from what we’ve seen from her in previous shows. She was tighter at her Pittsburgh appearance where she finished second. Stacey has positioned herself as a top five competitor in every show she enters. The little details have been fixed like her hair and makeup. If she sticks with what works on those all she needs to do is bring a tighter booty and she’s good to go.

Lacey Deluca was much tighter than we’ve seen in previous shows and cursed (or blessed depending on your point of view) with a booty. The only thing that took me back was how drawn in her face was. She’ll need to watch that in future shows as the drawn in face flies with bodybuilders but not so much with bikini competitors. She continues to improve and as long as she keeps doing that she’ll be in the mix. A top five finish in this lineup is a solid placing for her.

A few of my personal favorites…
I like the look Belinda Kiriakou from Canada brings to the stage. She ditched the excessive hands through the hair pose she had in Dallas but still needs to work on her presentation. There’s a timing to it and she tends to hit a couple too many poses and stays on stage longer than others. She carries a bit more muscle than some of the other women but overall she has a great look.

Antanique Landry has a look that separates her from the rest of the competitors. She’s beautiful and has some of the best hair in the division. I love that she went with the natural look versus straightening it. If she brings her legs down in size just a bit you will see her move up. She’s definitely one to watch in future shows.

Amy Updike has a great physique and I like that she doesn’t cover up her tattoos. If she improves her posing from the back just a bit she’ll move up in the placings. I like her potential and the more stage time she gets the more she’ll improve.

Sabrina Nicole brought her best to the stage and it may have been a bit too much for the judges. She has a rock’n set of abs and while I’m a fan of the look it didn’t resonate with the judges this time around. She’s a taller competitor so I don’t think she needs the super thick heels she was sporting but hey what do I know?

See contest photos here.

2014 IFBB New York Pro Bikini Results
1. Yeshaira Robles
2. Ashley Kaltwasser
3. Stephanie Mahoe
4. Stacey Alexander
5. Lacey DeLuca
6. Narmin Assria
7. Belinda Kiriakou
8. Angeles Burke
9. Callie Bundy
10. Vladimira Krasova
11. Antanique Landry
12. Anna Starodubtseva
13. Breanne Hensman
14. Francine Slobodnik
15. Jade Carroll
16. Maria Annunziata
16. Yarishna Ayala
16. Chaundra Bagwell
16. Danielle Carr
16. Marcela Cabral
16. Becky Clawson
16. Rachelle Dejean
16. Diana Graham
16. Joanne Holden
16. Amira Lamb
16. Jana Majernikova
16. Sabrina Nicole
16. Jessica Renee
16. Amy Updike
16. Nissan Weaver

2014 IFBB Pittsburgh Pro Preview & Competitor Lists

Nearly 100 IFBB pros will compete this weekend at the 2014 IFBB Pittsburgh Pro. The women will compete in pro bikini and figure divisions at this event. The men’s physique competitors will also take the stage. Along with the pro competition is the NPC portion of the event, which always showcases some of top amateur physiques. Many of the top male bodybuilders will also take the stage on Saturday night for the annual guest posing.

pittsburgh pro


The 2014 IFBB Pittsburgh Pro Bikini is going to be a very competitive competition and the top five could go a number of ways. Currently, 27 women are slated to compete but a few favorites should rise to the top. Look for the defending champ, Yeshaira Robles be the one to beat here. Yeshaira has the looks, the body and posing down. She’s my pick for the win as she can go from sassy and sexy to cute in a blink of an eye. She’ll be put to the test with always improving Stacey Alexander. Stacey is polished and poised on stage and continues to bring a better look each time she competes. She could be in the winner’s circle is Yeshaira isn’t at her best.

Amanda Latona will undoubtedly be in the top five but where. She’s won a number of competitions in her career but has placed behind Yeshaira and Stacey in previous outings. She’ll have to be at her best to leave Pittsburgh with the win. I see her in the 3-5 spot but hey you never know. Rising star, Janet Layug has the looks and could be the one to shake things up if she’s on her A-game. Janet continues to improve her physique with time and while she’ll have a tough time with this line up she should be in the mix for a top five spot. Sarah LeBlanc will look to make it three in a row after winning in St. Louis and Orlando. She also continues to improve with each show and this will be her toughest competition to date.

Narmin Assria will try to hang with the big dogs on the East. She typically competes on the West Coast and fairs well but will it carry over to the East? She’ll have her work cut out for her to be in the top five. Callie Bundy continues to improve and could be one in the mix. Lacey Deluca always finds her way into the top 10 but will she be able to be in the top 5? She continues to bring in a tighter physique and if her booty is tight she could be in the mix. Stephanie Mahoe is a bubble girl who is sometimes in the top spots and other times on the outside looking in. Little details like her posing and tan will make a difference here. I like the look Pollianna Moss brings to the stage. A native of Brazil and now living in Hawaii she always brings a tight and toned physique. She should be in the mix for the top callout or two. If Jessica Renee brings the look she has in the past two shows, she could also be a contender for the top spots.

Anyone could bring their best and be in the hunt but based on prior showings that’s how I see things shaking out at the 2014 Pittsburgh Pro Bikini

2014 Pittsburgh Pro Bikini Competitors
1. Natalie Abrhiem
2. Stacey Alexander
3. Narmin Assria
4. Yarishna Ayala
5. Paula Lorena Bucio Moran
6. Callie Bundy
7. Alexis Burke
8. Angeles Burke
9. Taylor Jade Carroll
10. Maria Chase
11. Lacey DeLuca
12. Breanne Hensman
13. Joanne Holden
14. Belinda Kiriakou
15. Amanda Latona
16. Janet Layug
17. Sarah LeBlanc
18. Stephanie Mahoe
19. Pollianna Moss
20. Mylien Nguyen
21. Sabrina Nicole
22. Ashley Pfaff
23. Jessica Renee
24. Satrice Rigsby
25. Yeshaira Robles
26. Lisa Schmkat
27. Francine Slobodnik

The Pro Figure competition has nearly 30 competitors listed but you have to figure it’s Camala Rodriquez’s show to lose. Since she made the switch from Fitness to Figure she’s held her own in nearly every competition she’s entered. If Camala brings the physique she has in recent shows, she will leave your champ. Allison Frahn should be in the mix but will need to be on point with her conditioning to be compared next to Camala. I like Elissa Martis for a top callout in this competition. She has a nice look and if she’s on the money with her conditioning she could be in the mix for a top spot. Monica Labriola and Laurie Green are likely candidates for the top five callout but would need to be at their all-time best to leave with the top spot. Look for Andrea Calhoun to be in in the hunt, again if her conditioning is on point. Julie Mayer has found success in her last couple of shows an could be another name you see at the top of this group.

2014 Pittsburgh Pro Figure Competitors
1. Mayla Ash
2. Laura Belew
3. Laurel Bickford
4. Tammy Bravomalo
5. Jennifer Brown
6. Andrea Calhoun
7. Maggy Cambronero
8. Andrea Cantone
9. Jessica Canty
10. Edith Driver
11. Allison Frahn
12. Susana Garcia
13. Karina Grau
14. Laurie Green
15. Ryan Hays
16. Monica Labriola
17. Georgina Lona
18. Elissa Martis
19. Julie Mayer
20. Annette Mendez
21. Alissa Parker
22. Amy Puglise
23. Camala Rodriquez
24. Rinnah Schmid
25. Danielle Sereluca
26. Melissa Smith
27. Tamen Stuve
28. Katerina Tarabox
29. Patty Zariello

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