2016 IFBB Pro Fitness Schedule of Events

2016 IFBB Pro Fitness Schedule
The 2016 IFBB Pro Fitness Schedule of Events has been announced and there are 13 competitions slated to take place. The IFBB Pro Fitness season kicks off with the Arnold Fitness International in March.

The IFBB Pro schedule of events is subject to change and without notice.

2016 IFBB Pro Fitness Schedule of Events

March 3-6, 2016
Arnold Fitness International
Columbus, Ohio

April 1-2, 2016
IFBB Arnold Classic Brasil
Rio deJaneiro, Brasil

April 1-2, 2016
IFBB Miami Muscle Beach
Miami, Florida

May 27-29, 2016
IFBB Arnold Classic South Africa

June 4-5, 2016
IFBB Toronto Pro
Toronto, Canada

July 1-2, 2016
IFBB Wings of Strength Chicago Pro
Chicago, Illinois

July 9-10, 2016
IFBB Europa Charolette Pro
Charolette, North Carolina

July 9, 2016
IFBB Vancovuer Pro
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

August 5-6, 2016
IFBB PBW Tampa Pro
Tampa, Florida

August 20, 2016
IFBB Arnold Classic Asia
Hong Kong

September 16-17, 2016
Figure Olympia
Las Vegas, Nevada

September 224, 2016
IFBB Arnold Classic Europe
Madrid, Spain

October 15-16, 2016
IFBB Europa Phoenix Pro
Phoenix, Arizona

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2016 IFBB Pro Bikini Schedule of Events

2016 IFBB Pro Bikini Schedule
The 2016 IFBB Pro Bikini Schedule of events has been released. The IFBB Pro Bikini division continues to grow in popularity and as a result we’re seeing more and more events added. The IFBB Pro schedule of events is subject to change and without notice. The first IFBB Pro Bikini competition of 2016 will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada on January 31st.

2016 IFBB Pro Bikini Schedule of Events

January 31, 2016
Las Vegas, Nevada
March 3-6, 2016
Arnold Bikini International
Columbus, Ohio

March 12, 2016
IFBB MuscleContest.com Pro Bikini
Culver City, California

March 12, 2016
IFBB Orlando Pro Bikini (Open and Masters)
Orlando, Florida

March 12, 2016
IFBB Phil Heath Pro Bikini
Houston, Texas

March 18-20, 2016
Arnold Bikini Australia
Melbourne, Australia

March 25-26, 2016
IFBB St. Louis Pro
St. Louis, Missouri

April 1-2, 2016
IFBB Miami Muscle Beach
Miami, Florida

April 29-30, 2016
IFBB Europa Orlando Pro
Orlando, Florida

May 6-7, 2016
IFBB Pittsburgh Pro
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

May 14, 2016
IFBB Seaboard Pro
Atlanta, Georgia

May 14, 2016
IFBB Florida Grand Prix Pro
West Palm Beach, Florida

May 21, 2016
IFBB New York Pro
Teaneck, New Jersey

May 21, 2016
IFBB Mozolani Pro
Bratslava, Slovakia

May 27-28, 2016
IFBB Puerto Rico Pro
San Juan, Puerto Rico

May 28, 2016
IFBB Optimum Classic Pro
Shreveport, Louisiana

June 4-5, 2016
IFBB Toronto Pro
Toronto, Canada

June 4, 2016
IFBB Northern California (Open and Masters)
Sacramento, California

June 4, 2016
IFBB Muscle Mayhem Pro
Overland Park, Kansas

June 11, 2016
IFBB Omaha Pro
Omaha, Nebraska

June 25, 2016
IFBB Greater Gulf States Pro
New Orleans, Louisiana

June 25, 2016
IFBB South Carolina Grand Prix Pro

July 1-2, 2016
IFBB Wings of Strength Chicago Pro
Chicago, Illinois

July 2, 2016
IFBB Patriots Pro Bikini (Open and Masters)
Las Vegas, Nevada

July 9-10, 2016
IFBB Europa Charolette Pro
Charolette, North Carolina

July 9, 2016
IFBB Vancovuer Pro
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

July 23, 2016
IFBB Grand Prix of Baltimore
Baltimore, Maryland

August 5-6, 2016
IFBB PBW Tampa Pro
Tampa, Florida

August 12-13, 2016
IFBB San Antonio Pro
San Antonio, Texas

August 20, 2016
IFBB Orange County Pro
Culver City, California

August 20, 2016
IFBB Coastal USA Pro
Atlanta, Georgia

August 27, 2016
IFBB Naples Pro
Naples, Florida

August 31, 2016
IFBB Pittsburgh Master Pro
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

September 16-17, 2016
Figure Olympia
Las Vegas, Nevada

September 23-24, 2016
IFBB Hurricane Pro Classic
Tampa, Florida

September 24, 2016
IFBB Korean Grand Prix
Seoul, Korea

October 8, 2016
IFBB Nordic Pro
Lahti, Finland

October 15-16, 2016
IFBB Europa Phoenix Pro
Phoenix, Arizona

October 15, 2016
IFBB Ft. Lauderdale Cup Pro (Open and Masters
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

October 22, 2016
IFBB San Antonio Pro
San Antonio, Texas

October 22, 2016
IFBB Baltimore Classic
Baltimore, Maryland

October 22, 2016
IFBB Dayana Cadeau Pro
Coral Springs, Florida

October 28-29, 2016
IFBB Mel Chancey Pro Charolette Pro
Port Charolette, Florida

November 5, 2016
IFBB Sacramento Pro (Open and Masters)
Sacramento, California

November 12, 2016
IFBB IRON GAMES Pro (Open and Masters)
Culver City, California

November 12, 2016
IFBB San Marino Pro
Republic of San Marino, Italy

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2015 IFBB Irongames Pro Results

The 2015 IFBB Irongames Pro Bikini Results from Culver City, California are in. Narmin Assria took home her second in as many weeks. Narmin was the winner of last week’s Iowa Pro and bested a competitive field again today. Coming in second was Ivete Carreon and Stacey Alexander rounded out the top three. Ivete Carreon was the Master Pro Bikini winner.

2015 IFBB Irongames Pro Results

2015 IFBB Irongames Pro Bikini Results
Culver City, California – November 14, 2015
1. Narmin Assria
2. Iveth Carreon
3. Stacey Alexander
4. Jamie Del Angel
5. Janelle Saitone-McGuire
6. Marissa Rivero
7. Lorena Bucio
8. Breena Martinez
9. Kate Abate
10. Kristina Olson
11. Francine Sablan
12. Cynthia Benoit
13. Harriet Davis
14. Lucy Huang
15. Michelle Mein
16. Genevieve Brodeur
16. Magdalena Coffman
16. Maybelline Cordero-Higa
16. Ashley Gaines
16. Colleen Garman
16. Rachael Labender
16. Robyn Maher
16. Janice Murphy
16. Adrienne Ochoa Dodobara
16. Janice Murphy
16. Adrienne Ochoa Dodobara
16. Ruby Perey
16. Jessica Schiefer
16. Jessica Wilson

2015 IFBB Irongames Pro Master Bikini Results
Culver City, California – November 14, 2015
1. Iveth Carreon
2. Harriet Davis
3. Lucy Huang
4. Michelle Mein
5. Robyn Maher
6. Ruby Perey
7. Colleen Garman
8. Maybelline Cordero-Higa

2015 IFBB Kentucky Muscle Pro Results

The IFBB Kentucky Muscle Pro results are in from Louisville, Kentucky. This event featured Men’s Physique and Women’s Figure. Christina Woodward from Virginia Beach, Virginia was the unanimous winner in the Figure competition. Coming in second was Cassandra Carpenter with Candice Keen rounding out the top there. Scott Rowe from New Zealand took home top honors in the Men’s Physique competition with Xavisus Gayen in second.

2015 IFBB Kentucky Muscle Pro Results

2015 IFBB Kentucky Muscle Pro Figure Results
Louisville, Kentucky – November 14, 2015
1. Christina Woodward
2. Cassandra Carpenter
3. Candice Keene
4. Lauren Valentino
5. Nadia Wyatt
6. Kelly Dominick
7. Georgina Lona
8. Maria Garcia
9. Diana Schnaidt
10. Harmony Baird
11. Katherine Lane
12. Sarah Fechter
13. Jacqueline Timberlake
14. Dawn Reichley
15. Jerrica Thomas
16. Jennifer Brown
16. Rachel Cammon
16. Jess Coate
16. Valerie Haines
16. Charmayne Jackson
16. Codi Jaeger
16. Danielle Kifer
16. Angie LeMay
16. Vera Mallet
16. Holly Mitchell
16. Stephanie Moen
16. Andrea Paynet
16. Linda Potter
16. Susana Ramirez
16. Megan Rigby
16. Jessica Vetter
16. Natalie Waples
16. Sue Ling Yip

2015 IFBB Kentucky Muscle Pro Men’s Physique Results
Louisville, Kentucky – November 14, 2015
1. Scott Crowe
2. Xacisus Gayden
3. Michael Ferguson
4. Sly Hardy
5. Phillip Blow
6. Michael Anderson
7. Dev Maxwell
8. Burton Hughes
9. Jay-T Bax Rysaac
10. Georga Brown
11. Ian Buchanan II
12. Chris Mosher
13. Victor Clark
14. Rich Tuma
15. Ani Sallasi
16. Chad Abner
16. James Hodges
16. Tony Lynch
16. Dwayne Punter
16. Johnny Qunones

Oksana Grishina Wins! 2015 Fitness Olympia Results

Oksana Grishina Wins! 2015 Fitness Olympia Results

2015 Fitness Olympia Results:
1. Oksana Grishina
2. Tanji Johnson
3. Myriam Capes
4. Regina DaSilva
5. Bethany Wagner
6. Michelle Blank

Dana Linn Bailey Sits Out The Olympia – Launches New Supplement Brand

Dana Linn Bailey
Dana Linn Bailey (DLB as she’s known to her fans) is one of the most popular individuals in the IFBB Pro League. She was the first-ever Women’s Physique Pro and then went on to be crowned the inaugural Women’s Physique Olympia champion. DLB and her husband have created their own empire over in a relatively short time frame. While many “go pro” and seek to have a supplement sponsorship DLB has carved out her own path. Dana did go the traditional route for a short time working with MHP but quickly realized it would be more beneficial to build her own brand. What Dana and Rob have created is fascinating and something that arguably couldn’t be duplicated. They have their own camps, clothing line, Rob’s music, popular Youtube Videos, Road Tour, supplement line and a slew of other things in the works. Dana’s one of the few competitors who has managed to create an income on her own and the stage has little to do with it any more. Sure winning the Olympia didn’t hurt but it’s not the end all – be all for her.

Recently, Dana announced that she would be passing on competing in the Olympia due to a variety of reasons. It’s a smart move on her part and one that will certainly only help enhance the numerous projects she has going.

Dana Linn Bailey Sits Out The Olympia – Launches New Supplement Brand

So thank you all for your understanding and support, and don’t worry … DLB WILL BE BACK!!! I can’t think too far ahead to say what my next contest will be … BUT I will be back onstage, and it will only be that much more exciting!!!!!

– Dana Linn Bailey Sits Out The Olympia – Launches New Supplement Brand

It won’t “take away” any ticket sales to the Women’s Physique competition as it’s held in the Expo Hall of the convention center. Anyone who buys an expo ticket can watch the event. Fans can still see her at the Olympia as she’s recently announced they she will be launching “RUN EVERYTHING LABS“. Earlier this year she released a single supplement called “ONWARD” and now it appears the greater picture is Run Everything Labs with Onward and other products as part of it.

Are you even ready?….. Come see us at both 1249 @runeverythinglabs

A photo posted by DayDay Knucks (@danalinnbailey) on

If fans are wondering what else she and her team are up to you can check out the most recent video that outlines everything the marketing machine has going on. From their clothing line, supplement line to their own line of gyms. You don’t have to be a fan of her physique to appreciate the hustle and all that the Bailey’s have created.

Follow their adventure on Youtube and Instagram for the latest. Get your ticket for the Olympia and see what RUN EVERYTHING LABS has in store.

Lead image via Youtube

2015 Olympia Point Series Info & Leaders’ Update

2015 IFBB Olympia Point Series
The Olympia Point Series (Officially called the Olympia Qualification Series) is a point-based system that determines qualifiers for all Olympia divisions. The Series awards points to competitors placing 2nd to 5th at IFBB Pro League competitions. At the end of the Qualification season, the five (5) competitors with the highest point totals will qualify to compete at the Olympia. The winner of each competition automatically qualifies and no points are awarded for first place. The top five (5) at the Olympia automatically qualify for the following year. Previous Olympia Winners are qualified to compete as we’ll likely see in a few divisions once the line-ups are announced for the 2015 Olympia.

There are four tiers to IFBB Pro League shows where points are awarded.

Tier 1 – Arnold Classic USA
2nd place – 8 points
3rd place – 7 points
4th place – 6 points
5th place – 5 points

Tier 2 – Arnold Classic Spain, New York Pro & Prague Pro
2nd place – 6 points
3rd place – 5 points
4th place – 4 points
5th place – 3 points

Tier 3 – Arnold Classic Brazil & Australia, Pittsburgh Pro & China Pro
2nd place – 5 points
3rd place – 4 points
4th place – 3 points
5th place – 2 points

Tier 4 – All Other IFBB Pro League Competitions
2nd place – 4 points
3rd place – 3 points
4th place – 2 points
5th place – 1 points

There are only a handful of shows left for IFBB Pro League competitors to qualify for the Olympia. The Olympia Qualification Series has wrapped up for the Men’s 212 and Fitness divisions with others determined in the next two weeks.

212 Men’s Bodybuilding
Tricky Jackson locked in the top spot in the Point Series with 12 points. Aaron Clark’s second place finish at the Texas Pro put him in the second place spot. Ahmad Ahmad and Oliver Adzievski tied with nine points for the third and fourth spot and the final qualifying spot went to Khalid Alomsinawi from Kuwait. Sami Al Haddad will not return to the Olympia stage this year. He will finish in 6th place with 6 points. Thomas Anderson, Derik Farnsworth and John Meadows all narrowly missed out on qualifying as well with five points.

212 Men’s Bodybuilding Olympia Point Series Top 5:
Tricky Jackson – 12
Aaron Clark – 10
Ahmad Ahmad – 9
Oliver Adzievski – 9
Khalid Almohsinawi – 7

The Texas Pro helped finalize who would make the cut for the 2015 Fitness Olympia. Marta Aguiar’s third place finish at the Texas Pro put her at the top of the Point Series leader board. Chika Aluka’s second place finish in San Antonio put her in the runner-up point total. Kristine Duba, Danielle Ruban and Allison Either round out the top five point leaders.

Fitness Olympia Point Series Top 5:
Marta Aguiar – 12
Chika Aluka – 11
Kristine Duba – 9
Danielle Ruban – 4
Allison Ethier – 4

There are two qualifying shows remaining on the IFBB Figure schedule. The Tahoe Pro (August 22) and Europa Atlantic City Pro (August 28-29) will finalize the line-ups. It appears Julie Mayer and Wendy Fortino will get in with 12 and 11 points but with two shows remaining it’s not a lock. I don’t see them falling out of the top 5 spots though and would consider them in. Andrea Cantone looks to be safe with 10 points but with Karen Noorlun and Jennifer Brown with 7 points she could slip a bit. I look for Andrea to be in the Olympia line-up Currently Brittany Campbell, Tamara Sedlack, Chaya Boone and Shalako Berry are in a tie with six points. After the Tahoe Pro the field and the possibilities will be a bit clearer.

UPDATE:Wendy Fortino, Julie Mayer and Andrea Cantone are a lock for the Figure Olympia. There’s a four-way tie for the remaining spots with 7 points. Mathematically there are a number of women who could beat the seven points with a strong finish in Atlantic City.

Figure Olympia Point Series Top Spots: As of August 22, 2015
Wendy Fortino – 13
Julie Mayer – 12
Andrea Cantone – 10

Karen Noorlun – 7
Jennifer Brown – 7
Shalako Bradberry – 7
Megan Wyble – 7

Brittany Campbell – 6
Tamara Sedlack – 6
Chaya Boone – 6

Vivien Olah – 4
Maria Garcia – 4
Linda Andrew – 4
Tina Nguyen – 4
Jessica Morgan Canty – 4
Janaina Ferreira – 4
Azaria Glaim – 4
Joan Smith – 4
Andressa Ribeiro – 4

Josie Zamora – 3
Carly Starling Horrell – 3
Chiomba Uwasomba – 3
Louise Rogers – 3
Bruna Miyagui -3
Bojana Vasiljevic – 3
Swann Delarosa – 3
Idalia Molina – 3
Rachelle Carter – 3
Maggy Cambronero – 3
Amanda Doherty – 3

There’s one more Bikini competition remaining on the schedule (August 29th). That said, it’s safe to say Noy Alexander, Francesca Lauren and Angeles Burkeare in the Olympia. Noy currently leads with 15 points and Francesca has 13 for second place. There’s no way those two are not in. Angels Burke is gauranteed a top five spot with 12 points. Christina Fjaere looks to be safe with 11 points and will return to Vegas for her second Olympia.

Sofia Tunisian is currently holding down the fifth place spot with 9 points but that number doesn’t put her safely in the Olympia yet. Mathematically there are a number of women who could bump her out should they finish in second at the last qualifying show. Brittany Taylor and Kenea Yancey could both snag the fifth place spot with a third place or better finish. They are tied with 7 points but would need to beat Sofia’s 9 points to get in. Tatiana Koshman, Lindsey Waters, Cynthia Benoit, Vladimira Krasova, Romina Basualdo and Angelica Dejean are long shots but could potentially get in with a second place finish. Anything less than second and they’re not in. They’d also have to hope that Brittany Taylor and Kenea Yancy finish lower than third.

Bikini Olympia Point Series Top Spots: As of August 21, 2015
Noy Alexander – 15
Francesca Lauren – 13
Angeles Burke – 12
Christina Fjaere – 11
Sofiia Tandilian – 9
Shandy Ortiz – 8
Brittany Taylor – 7
Kenea Yancey – 7
Tatiana Koshman – 6
Lindsey Waters – 6
Cynthia Benoit – 6
Vladimira Krasova – 6
Romina Basualdo – 6
Angelica Teixeira – 6

Leonie Rose is a lock with 13 points at the top of the Women’s Physique Point Series. Erica Blockman also looks to be a lock with 11 points. Jennifer Hernandez is safe with 10 points. Those three will get in the Women’s Physique Olympia showdown. After that it’s a tight race for the two remaining spots. Currently, Silvia Alves Fraga and Kristina Dybahl-Farnsworth are tied for fourth. They aren’t safe with their seven points as Mikaila Soto’s second place finish at the Texas Pro puts her within striking distance of a qualification. She currently sits in sixth but don’t be shocked if she heads to Atlantic City next week and gets into the top five. Loana Pula Muttoni and Rachel Baker each have a chance to sneak into the top five as they sit tied with five points. Mathematically, nine other women could get in if they place 2nd in Atlantic City.

Women’s Physique Olympia Point Series Top Spots: As of August 21, 2015
Leonie Rose – 13
Erica Blockman – 11
Jennifer Hernandez – 10
Silvia Alves Fraga – 7
Kristina Dybdahl-Farnsworth – 7
Mikaila Soto – 6
Loana Paula Muttoni – 5
Rachel Baker – 5
Katerina Kyptova – 4
Lise Thexton – 4
Pamela Slemmons – 4
Antoinette Downie – 4
Venus Nguyen – 4
Nathalie Foreau – 4
Eva Pogacnik – 4
Jodi Boam – 4
Reshanna Boswell – 4

Jacke Alvarez and Joseph Lee are a lock for the Olympia Showdown. After that Jake Campus looks like he’ll get in with 12 points. There are two shows remaining on the schedule (both on August 29th) and that will determine the rest of the field. Right now Andre Ferguson and Michael Balan are in the top five but there are a number of competitors that could mathematically knock them out of the top five.

Men’s Physique Olympia Point Series Top Spots: As of August 21, 2015
Jake Alvarez – 16
Joseph Lee – 14
Jake Campus – 12
Andre Ferguson – 11
Michael Balan – 10
Alex Carneiro – 9
Patrick Fulgham – 9
A.J. Shukoori – 8
John Nguyen – 7
Arash Rahbar – 7
Logan Franklin – 7
Geobanny Paula – 6

There are two shows remaining and after the Texas Pro finals we’ll have a clearer picture of who could get in. It’s safe to say Victor Martinez and Johnny Jackson are in with 14 points. Branch Warren looks to be a lock with 13 points and is slated to compete at the Atlantic City show (the last remaining qualifier on August 29th). Steve Kuclo is in 4th but is competing in the Texas Pro and undoubtedly will move out of that spot after the show. Justin Compton and Brad Rowe are tied for fourth with 11 points. Compton has announced he won’t compete in the Olympia even if he does qualify. Michael Lockett could move up after Texas as could Robert Piotrkowicz, both are on the outside of the top five but in striking distance with 9 points.

UPDATED – Johnnie Jackson won the Texas Pro, Steve Kuclo finished in second and Robert Piotrkowicz’s third place finish shook things up a bit. If Lockett enters the Atlantic City show and finishes in the top five he will bump Compton and Rowe out of the final spot. If Branch wins next week he’d be out of the point series and Locket, Compton (not competing regardless) and Rowe would be in.

Men’s Bodybuilding Olympia Point Series Top Spots: As of August 22, 2015
Steve Kuclo – 15
Victor Martinez – 14
Branch Warren – 13
Robert Piotrkowicz – 12
Justin Compton – 11
Brad Rowe – 11
Michael Lockett – 11
Evan Centopani – 8
Renaldo Gairy – 8

Check back for more updates.

2015 Olympia Adds Amazon as a Main Sponsor

amazon olympia sponsor

When news spread that bodybuilding.com would not be attending the 2015 Olympia the internet (as you might expect) went into a tizzy. Bodybuilding.com had been a major sponsor of the Olympia for years and provided a live, free webcast for the fans. It appears promoter Robin Chang and his team have not only addressed their absence but taken things to  another level.

How could anyone be bigger than Bodybuilding.com in the supplement world? To the hardcore bodybuilding fans they’d say there is no one bigger however in the online retail space there’s a much larger player. Enter Amazon.com.

Today the Amazon Sports Nutrition (yes, they really have a sports nutrition logo) was added to the Olympia as a main sponsor. What does this mean for fans? We’ll have to wait until the official announcement is released but it appears to be a very positive thing. You have to assume that they’ll be behind some type of webcast this year and have a large presence at the Olympia Expo.

olympia logo

This certainly makes things a bit more interesting in the supplement world. Amazon.com coming to the Olympia definitely makes a statement that they’re investing in the supplement business. How will this change the online supplement game? Only time will tell but with their distribution and buying power it could be a great thing for consumers.

2015 Olympia Sponsors


Look for an “official” announcement to be released soon.

2015 IFBB Dallas Pro Competitors

A number of the IFBB Men’s Physique and IFBB Bikini competitors will be in Dallas, Texas this weekend for the IFBB Dallas Pro. Currently 12 Men’s Physique competitors and 20 Bikini competitors are slated to compete. This event will also play host to the IFBB Men’s Pro Wheelchair Bodybuilding competition which currently has three competitors signed up to compete. Check back later in the week for competitor list updates.


2015 IFBB Dallas Pro Bikini Competitors
Dallas, Texas – August 15, 2015
Noy Alexander
Sarah Allen
Lea Beaumont
Marcela Cabral
Andreanne Calhoun
Laurin Conlin
Adrienne Crenshaw
Juliana Daniell
Tawna Eubanks
Eli Fernandez
Juliana Halloran
Shawn Hector-Lewis
Jazmeen Hernandez
Vladimira Krasova
Francesca Lauren
Jesica Lyda
Adrienne Ocha Dodobara
Kristina Olson
Sheiryll Ray
Chanan Siglock
Michelle Slyvia
Lindsey Waters

2015 IFBB Dallas Pro Men’s Physique Competitors
Dallas, Texas – August 15, 2015
Sunny Akhigbe
Jake Campus
Murat Demir
Miguel Frank
Logan Franklin
Tim Frost
Jorge Gonzalez
Chris Griffin
David Hill
James Hodges
Coby Lewis
Freddy Naidy
Branden Richards
Alex Woodson

2015 IFBB Dallas Pro Men’s Wheelchair Bodybuilding Competitors
Dallas, Texas – August 15, 2015
Jack Anderson
Roger Espina
Harold Kelly

Top Olympia competitors Dexter Jackson and Flex Lewis will be making an appearance.

WHEN: Saturday, August 15, 2015
WHERE: Irving Convention Center, 500 W. Las Colinas Blvd, Iving, TX

For more information visit npctexas.org.

NIKE Women Presents: Master Trainer Marie Purvis

Marie Purvis

Nike’s quintessential “trainer in your pocket” Marie Purvis launches an all-new NTC workout.

Marie Purvis was a Nike Master Trainer before the title even existed. Over the past seven years, she has helped Nike understand how to best reach female workout enthusiasts, bring fitness to new places and create a training app that would eventually touch millions of people across the globe. She was one of the driving forces behind the creation of Nike+ Training Club (NTC).

“I would definitely say NTC is my biggest accomplishment,” says Purvis. “I still pinch myself. But it’s real. I’m living it.”

Purvis excelled as a track athlete in high school. However, when she got to college, she was exhausted, injured and over-trained. She wanted to stay in the world of sports, but made the tough decision to not continue on her college track team. She became depressed, had to overcome issues with self-esteem and felt lost in the world. Then she talked to her father, who had run track himself.

“My dad told me that you make a decision every single day in life and you have to own that decision,” says Purvis. “You can’t dwell and you can’t live with regret. You have to take action.”

The conversation was a catalyst in Purvis’s journey to be #betterforit. Purvis took her dad’s advice to heart and began working at her college’s athletic training facility. The job blended her passions and her talents: sports, mentoring and exercise physiology. After graduation, she continued down that road, becoming a sports conditioning coach for a competitive soccer league in Oregon. From there, she connected with Nike, where her personal training career led her to designing workout classes that would become the precursor to NTC. Not long after, she helped design the NTC App.

“I wanted to develop tools for people who maybe didn’t have the resources to get a trainer or coach,” she says. “I wanted to educate. I wanted them to have a trainer in their pocket.”

Ok #ntctourstockholm we are coming for you tomorrow!!! Let's get #ntcfit together!!

A photo posted by Marie Purvis (@mariepurvis) on

Today, Purvis is an NTC Master Trainer based at Nike World Headquarters in Beaverton, Ore., who travels on workout missions all around the world. She divides her time among mentoring new trainers, researching fitness, designing workouts and educating the community. Known for her creative workouts and her ability to inspire the people she trains, Purvis gains energy and drive from helping others get fit and meet their goals.

“That’s what gets me up at 4 a.m. every single morning,” she says. “When people start exercising they get more energy, and that goes so much deeper than just being able to get through the day. Once they feel better inside, they start to shine. They glow. It’s crazy. They come into the gym and they’re smiling.”

In recent years, Purvis has gotten much of her inspiration from traveling to places around the world where fitness is just catching on and where women are just beginning to learn the many benefits of training.

“I get chills every time I see women embracing sport in a new place,” she says. “It is amazing to see thousands of girls get super excited about working out.”

Purvis’s Ready, Set, Zoom workout launches on the NTC App on July 7. The 13-minute workout is the first of six new training sessions that highlight the 12-week Find Your Fast NTC Challenge. Purvis designed it to be dynamic, fast-paced and a starting point for more challenging workouts in the weeks to come.

“This workout is about getting used to footwork and getting used to your body mechanics before the training program progresses,” says Purvis. “This will give you more body awareness as you increase your speed, build power, and develop explosiveness.”

The workout blends quick, powerful movements – like fast feet and split jumps – with full-body moves that showcase balance, poise, and core strength, like side planks and hollow bodies.

“You’re going to be out of breath and you’re going to work on strength,” she says. “The workout really sticks true to the six core moves and lays a foundation down to make you as successful as you can be over the next twelve weeks.”

To find out more, visit nike.com or follow the Nike Sport Feed in the NTC App.

Plank rows are great for core and upper body strength. Add 3×16 to your workout! #trainingtips #strongissexy

A photo posted by Marie Purvis (@mariepurvis) on

To stay in touch with Marie, follow her on Instagram or Twitter.

• Diversity and consistency are huge if you want to get results. To keep getting better, it’s important to have fun and mix it up.

• Everything is so fast-paced and high-strung these days. People are getting injured and over-training. I want people to take a breath, slow down and do a proper warm-up.

• Functional training — training your body for everyday movement — should be your foundation. This is what Nike+ Training Club is all about.

• The NTC App really is a trainer in your pocket. If you’re just starting out, pick a Beginner-level class and follow the coaching in the app. Before you know it, you’ll be advancing to higher levels and longer workouts.

• One of the most powerful motivators I’ve seen in my travels is the power of the community. Whether you’re connecting digitally or in person, find your workout friends and push one another – you’ll go much further than you would alone.

Lead Image via Nike.

Ronda Rousey is ‘femininely badass as f*ck’

Ronda Rousey Rio

UFC Champion Ronda Rousey puts her Bantamweight title on the line this Saturday in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil against Bethe Correia. If you’ve followed Ronda for any amount of time you know the hardbody champion is never short on giving people something to talk about. She unapologetically speaks her mind and consistently provides writes with headlines on a silver platter.

In the second episode of UFC 190 EMBEDDED we’re treated to a perfect example of this. It’s 10:45pm and Ronda is all business. She’s doing cardio on an elliptical machine. Her headphones are on, hands are wrapped and she’s working up a sweat. She’s not talking or texting…she’s focused.

After cardio and a training session, Ronda discusses her body and the type of woman she isn’t. She’s not a ‘do-nothing bitch’ and she find her body to be ‘femininely badass as f*ck’. What? Watch around the 6:10 minute mark for some of the best of Ronda yet…

“Being put in the position of being like a role model, I don’t think I’m infallible enough for that. I have this one term for the kind of woman that my mother raised me to not be. And I call it a ‘do nothing bitch.’ Or I call it a DNB a lot of the time. The kind of chick that just like just tries to be pretty and get taken care of by somebody else. That’s why I think it’s hilarious like or if people like say my body looks masculine or something like that. I’m just like, ‘listen, I’m like, just because my body was developed for a purpose other than fucking millionaires, doesn’t mean it’s masculine.’ I think it’s femininely badass as fuck because there’s not a single muscle in my body that isn’t for a purpose. Because I’m not a do-nothing bitch. It’s not very eloquently said but it’s to the point and maybe that’s just what I am. You know, I’m not that eloquent but I’m to the point.”

Be like Rhonda. Don’t be a #DNB. Be femininely badass.

Ronda Rousey Quote - femininely badass as fuck

Meet Janae Marie Kroc… Formerly Matt Kroc

Matt Kroc to Janae Marie Kroc
While the mainstream media has been fixated on Caitlyn Jenner, the powerlifting/bodybuilding world has its own Transgender story. Over the past year, powerlifting champion and amateur bodybuilder Matt Kroc has been transitioning himself into the woman he’s always wanted to be… Janae Marie Kroc.

Looking back on the Matt Kroc’s Instagram page you can see some of the changes taking place of the past year. While continuing to update the Matt Kroc account, Janae Marie was quietly documenting the journey to a new identity. The profile reads, “Janae Marie Transgender/genderfluid Alpha male/girly girl Lesbian in a male body Single at the moment.” The first post was after surgery…

First no makeup pic 5 days post op FFS. 🙂

A photo posted by Janae Marie (@janaemariekroc) on

From GymFlow100.com

“Transitioning is a very difficult process and even tougher at an older age (I’m 42). Your body doesn’t respond to hormones very well as compared to being in your teens or twenties and I have built a very good life for myself that I am hesitant to give up. And living as a transgender woman that is honest about her situation is very difficult and can be very dangerous. I am a very realistic person and I don’t think the transitioning will magically solve all of my issues without creating new challenges. Whatever path I choose there will be sacrifices to be made.”

In a story with GymFlow100.com Janae shares her full story.

#transgender #genderfluid #mtf #m2f #nonbinary #girlswholift #girlswithmuscle #girlslikeus #macgal #macgirl #brunette

A photo posted by Janae Marie (@janaemariekroc) on

The last post was three weeks ago but the comments continue to pour in. The comments are overwhelming positive and visitors are treated to a response from both Matt and Janae Marie in some of the posts. Janae Marie tells a confused commenter, “sexuality and gender identity are two different things. One isn’t necessarily linked to the other. Sexuality is who you like, gender identity is who you are. :-)”

When asked by one visitor if Matt Kroc would be coming back to powerlifting Matt writes back, “I’ve been having a lot of shoulder issues for the last 4-5 months which have prohibited me from training regular flat bench. So that has postponed any return for now. I’m training around it the best I can and trying to get it healed up. I will come back 100% or not at all. It’s not in me to do things half way.”

Janae Marie’s story has been picked up by a number of news organizations. Hngn.com writes, “Elite Bodybuilder Matt ‘Kroc’ Kroczaleski Transitions To Janae Marie Kroc” and outsports.com shares, “World record powerlifter transitions to Janae Marie Kroc.”

See more of Janae Marie’s journey on her Instagram account.

2015 IFBB Wings of Strength Chicago Pro Results

IFBB Chicago Pro Results
The Women’s Bodybuilding portion was won by Helle Trevino. The Masters Women’s Bodybuilding victory went to Rita Bello. Complete updates from the 2015 IFBB Wings of Strength Chicago Pro…

Figure Results can be found here. Men’s Bodybuilding, Women’s Physique and Fitness results can be found here.

2015 IFBB Wings of Strength Chicago Pro Women’s Bodybuilding Results
July 3, 2015 – Chicago, IL
1. Helle Trevino
2. Rita Bello
3. Virgina Sanchez Macias
4. Isabel Turell
5. Angela Ryaburn
6. Judy Gallard
7. Irene Anderson
8. Margie Martin
9. Lora Ottenad

2015 IFBB Wings of Strength Chicago Pro Women’s Masters Bodybuilding Results
July 3, 2015 – Chicago, IL
1. Rita Bello
2. Virginia Sanchez Macias
3. Angela Rayburn
4. Judy Gallard
5. Lora Ottenad

2015 IFBB Wings of Strength Chicago Pro Men’s 212 Bodybuilding Results
July 3, 2015 – Chicago, IL
1. Craig Richardson
2. Tricky Jackson
3. Oliver Adzievski
4. Shelby Starnes
5. Mike Ergas
6. Quincy Winklaar
7. Derik Farnsworth
8. Hunni Glanville
9. Darron Glenn
10. Freddie McCray
11. Guy Ducasse
12. Craig Licker
13. Kevin Ofurum

Dana Linn Bailey Fans Are Not Happy With American Ninja Warrior

Dana Linn Bailey
The first-ever Women’s Physique Olympia champion, Dana Linn Bailey has established one of the largest fan bases in the competitive bodybuilding and fitness industry. She has hundreds (often thousands) of fans waiting hours in an expo line just to meet the champ and snag a Selfie with her. Many times Dana doesn’t sell anything at her booth, she just poses for photos with fans and signs autographs. Something that’s unheard in the bodybuilding industry.

There’s no clear explanation as to why she’s become one of the most popular female competitors but there’s no disputing she has achieved super-star status in the bodybuilding world. Dana recently graced the cover of Muscular Development magazine and proudly endorsed being called “The Baddest Bitch in the Gym.” She’s one of the few women to ever have a solo Muscular Development cover.

As you might imagine, when she announced she’d be appearing on national television and competing on American Ninja Warrior, her fans went nuts. In April, Dana Linn Bailey (DLB) posted the announcement on her Youtube channel.

After the big announcement, DLB posted training videos geared towards her newfound goal. She set out to show the world that women with muscle are athletes. Most people (in and out of the industry) don’t look at physique competitors as athletes. If physique competitors are athletes and what determines that is a topic for another day. Making it through American Ninja Warrior test someone’s athleticism or lack there of.

Tonight was the moment DLB fans had been waiting weeks for. American Ninja Warrior Orlando Qualifiers aired tonight and well… you could say things didn’t go quite as her fans had hoped. DLB’s tv time on American Ninja Warrior lasted about 10 seconds. Fans couldn’t believe it! Not that she didn’t make it through the course but that they didn’t air any background story. The fans were furious that they (ANW) didn’t featured the woman they admire and look up to. DLB fans were expecting NBC to roll out the red carpet and talk about her training, winning the Olympia, her successful clothing line and more but alas they got nadda. These super fans took to social media and boy oh boy they were not happy with American Ninja Warrior.

A few Facebook Fan comments:

Tiffany Lewis – REALLY?? They only gave you a commercial break appearance?? You deserved a story and an intro too!!

Katie Boucher We are all pissed they only did a recap of her run. Literally 5 seconds!!

Alexis Eggleston That was not worth it. No interview, no props given to her, no mention of ms olympia

Lauren Toth She is so popular and such an amazing person. They could of given her a back story!!!!!! Basically gave everyone else one!!!!

Jennifer L Athoe I put my kids to bed, was gone for 3 minutes and totally missed it. WTH?!

Shannon Harrington I like how the Chik-fil-a team leader got an intro with a backstory but they just swept all of Dana’s incredible accomplishments under the “commercial” rug. Wtf

Check out how DLBmaniacs went off on American Ninja Warrior’s Instagram post.

#AmericanNinjaWarrior is back! Tonight at 8/7c we’re headed to @universalorlando!

A photo posted by American Ninja Warrior (@americanninjawarrior) on

One thing is for certain when it comes to DLB… She has passionate fans. Some took to twitter to voice their displeasure as you can see in response to her tweet before the show.

UPDATE: Dana responds to her fans.

I HEART you guys!!! Thank you everyone that took the time out of their day to watch little ol' me on the big TV!!! I've been reading all your comments, obviously can't reply back to all of you. So this is a group reply… I just want to THANK every single one of you! Means so much, to have so many people behind me, rooting for me, and cheering for me!!! #AmericaNinjaWarrior was such an awesome experience for me! I am not the best at everything. This was something very new to me. Something I had no idea how to train for. I conquered fears. I overcame obstacles. With practice, I got better at things, and that was the most exciting part. Not being able to do something, then practicing it over and over and over, till you got it! That's exciting! That's why you continue to see me still training for it! It's not over for me!! Failure is the first step to success. You learn from it, grow from it, prepare for it, and better yourself so it never happens again! The only way to fail is quit or never try and that is NOT happening! Failure does not have to be negative. Embrace failure. Use it. Learn from it. And success will always follow….#DLBwillbeBACK (insert Arnold voice here 👇) Thank you guys and I love ya!! @americanninjawarrior #AmericaNinjaWarrior #ninjawarrior #doitforTiny #makeTinyProud

A photo posted by DayDay Knucks (@danalinnbailey) on

Esquire Network and NBC have teamed again to bring the heart-racing competition series, American Ninja Warrior, with hosts Matt Iseman, former NFL player Akbar Gbajabiamila, and co-host Kristine Leahy. The action-packed series follows competitors as they tackle a series of challenging obstacle courses in both city qualifying and city finals rounds across the country. Those that successfully complete the finals course in their designated region move on to the national finals round in Las Vegas, where they face a stunning four-stage course modeled after the famed Mt. Midoriyama course in Japan. The winner will take home a grand prize of $1,000,000. Although many have come close, no competitor has yet to achieve total victory and claim the prize.

Lead photo via ANW.

IFBB at the 1st European Games

IFBB at the 1st European Games
IFBB at the 1st European Games
H.E. Azad Rahimov , Minister of Youth and Sport of the Republic of Azerbaijan opened the finals of the Classic Bodybuilding and Fitness events at Baku, June 19-22, 2015.

24 athletes from the Classic Bodybuilding and 12 from the Fitness disciplines, selected from the European Championships with 100% of the athletes having submitted to rigorous doping control, representing 16 countries in Europe have been in Baku at the competition that started Saturday afternoon with Technical Meeting and official registration of competitors. At the Meeting, IFBB President Dr. Rafael Santonja, emphasized the importance of this event as part of the IFBB’s strategy towards Olympic recognition. Following IFBB recognition by the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) where the IFBB is in the program of the OCA’s Asian Beach Games and in the upcoming ANOC Beach Games.

The IFBB’s Bodybuilding and Fitness event in Baku counted with the hospitality of the Government of Azerbaijan and the hard work and relentless enthusiasm of Azerbaijan Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation’s President Eng. Rauf Bunyataliyev at this historical 1st European Games in Baku. We should note this is not the first IFBB event in Baku, a city that has previously hosted two European Championships and the 2010 World Bodybuilding Championships.

More info at: www.ifbb.com

Jacklyn Abrams Wins 2015 IFBB Mile High Pro

2015 IFBB Mile High Pro
The hometown favorite delivered in Denver on Saturday night. Jacklyn Abrams has steadily added sized to her physique since her competition days as a Fitness competitor. The added size and balance paid off at the 2015 IFBB Mile High Pro. The win earned a trip to the Olympia Women’s Physique showdown held in September. She beat out a competitive field of women and didn’t have to travel far to so. Coming in second was Erica Blackman and rounding out the top three was Paula Frega. Fourth place went to Tracy Hess and in fifth was Laura Richards. This was Laura’s pro debut and made the switch to Physique after turning pro in Women’s Bodybuilding at the 2014 NPC USA.

Earnest Flowers from Colorado Springs, Colorado took home the top spot and a trip to the Olympia showdown. Alex Carneiro and Jake Campus tied for second and third but Jake ended up winning the tie-breaker.

2015 IFBB Mile High Pro Women’s Physique Results
May 30, 2015 – Denver, Colorado
1. Jacklyn Abrams
2. Erica Blockman
3. Paula Frega
4. Tracy Hess
5. Laura Richards
6. Rachel Loftis
7. Melissa Pearo
8. Keri Ann Heitzman
9. CeaAnna Kerr
10. Lisa Stark
11. Antonia Perdikakis
12. Kellyn Huehn
13. Janeen Lankowski
14. Nadia Meyer
15. Roxie Beckles
16. Andrea Boudreaux

2015 IFBB Mile High Pro Men’s Physique Results
May 30, 2015 – Denver, Colorado
1. Earnest Flowers
2. Jake Campus
3. Alex Carneiro
4. Brandon Hendrickson
5. Brent Guillory
6. Anthony Ramsey
7. Stephen Mass
8. Cory Lagasse
9. Kameron Bailey
10. Jason Alan Robinson
11. Brent Johnson
12. Negus Ferguson
13. Austin Standage
14. Tim DeGroot
15. Tony Torres
16. Trevor Larsen

Read more: http://www.hardbodynews.com/category/ifbb-npc-contests/#ixzz3bg9lAql9

2015 IFBB Omaha Pro Results

Omaha Pro Results
The 2015 IFBB Omaha Pro took place on May 30, 2015 in Omaha, Nebraska. The IFBB Pro show is held in conjunction with a national qualifying NPC competition. Promoters, Jack and Ann Titone always go all out to make the event a success in the Midwest and this year was no different. Ivan Ivusic won her first pro Figure show and Julie Mayer finished in second. Dobromir Delev from Bulgaria took the top spot in the Men’s 212 Bodybuilding division.

2015 IFBB Omaha Pro Figure Results
Omaha, Nebraska – May 30, 2015
1. Ivana Ivusic
2. Julie Mayer
3. Chaya Boone
4. Krista Dunn
5. Jessica Canty
6. Carly Starling Horrell
7. Danielle Kifer
8. Bojana Vasilijevic
9. Shalako Bradberry
10. Candice John
11. Nadia Wyatt
12. Kimberly Jones
13. Agnese Russo
14. Karen Noorlun
15. Charmain Lett
16. Maria Carlone
16. Angela Coleman
16. Natasha Davis
16. Chrissy Garcia
16. Elizabeth Jenkins
16. Jennifer Palazzo
16. Dawn Reichley
16. Tamara Sedlack
16. Katerina Tarbox
16. Jessica Vetter
16. Natalie Waples
16. Molly Wichman
16. Sue Ling Yip

2015 IFBB Omaha Pro 212 Results
Omaha, Nebraska – May 30, 2015
1. Dobormir Delev
2. Tricky Jackson
3. Oliver Adievski
4. Darron Glenn
5. Thomas Anderson
6. Daron Lytyle
7. Bleu Taylor
8. Rod Ketchens

2015 IFBB Omaha Pro Women’s Physique Results
Omaha, Nebraska – May 30, 2015
1. Leila Thompson
2. Leonie Rose
3. Andrea Lenihan
4. Loan Leonard
5. Margarita Charaim
6. Caroline Gaume
7. Joy Henderson
8. Melanie Horton
9. Sheila Mettler
10. Casie Shepherd

2015 IFBB Omaha Pro Women’s Bodybuilding Results
Omaha, Nebraska – May 30, 2015
1. Lisa Cross
2. Monique Jones
3. Christine Envall
4. Gillian Kovack
5. Angela Rayburn
6. Judy Gaillard
7. Margie Martin
8. Paula Francis
9. Irene Anderson
10. Rene Campbell
11. Elizabeth Meza Gomez

2015 Arnold Brazil Bodybuilding & Fitness Preview Plus Prize Money

2015 Arnold Classic Brazil
The 3rd annual Arnold Classic Brazil will take place on Saturday May 30th in Rio de Janiero. The IFBB Pro portion of the weekend is an invite only competition and it has shaped up to be one the best line-ups of the year. The IFBB Pro League event features Men’s Open Bodybuilding and Fitness. Bethany Wagner, the defending champ, and Ryall Graber the inaugural champ are both in the line up looking to become the first 2x winner in Pro Fitness. The buzz is around Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay in the men’s competition but there are a number of competitors who could take the top spot.

Tanji Johnson will be making her first appearance in Brazil and could shake things up in the top spots. It will largely come down to how conditioned she is and be in the top spots for the physique round. Bethany can repeat if she brings a solid routine to the stage. Look for her to go back to the Hot for Teacher routine instead of the Wicked Witch she did at the Arnold in Columbus. It will likely be Bethany, Michelle, Tanji and Ryall to be in the top spots for the physique round if they are all on the A-Game. Regiane has been placing higher in the physique rounds lately but I don’t see it other than she brings better conditioning than most. Ryall has to bring a conditioned physique if she wants to be in the top spots. She’ll likely be in the 3-4 range with her routine score. Regiane Da Silva has shown she’s a threat for a top spot in every show she enters. She will likely score high in the routine round and don’t be shocked if you see her finish in the top three. Marta Aguair has a great routine and if she can move up a bit in the physique portion of the show she could be in the top spots. Michelle Blank is coming off a win and will look to make it two in a row. She’s improved her physique presentation and routine so she could be up in the mix. Ashley Sebera will have her work cut out for her in this line up and may be have to settle with being happy to be there.

Marta Aguiar
Michelle Blank
Regiane Da Silva
Ryall Graber
Tanji Johnson
Ashley Sebera
Bethany Wagner

2015 ARNOLD BRAZIL PRIZE MONEY: Fitness ($16,000)
1st Place – $6,000
2nd Place – $3,500
3rd Place – $2,000
4th Place – $1,500
5th Place – $1,000
6th Place – $1,000
7th Place – $1,000

My Predictions:
1. Bethany Wagner
2. Regiane Da Silva
3. Tanji Johnson
4. Michelle Blank
5. Ryalla Graber
6. Marta Aguiar
7. Ashley Sebera

This show is stacked! The only show with a better line up this year will be the Olympia. While there are only 10 guys in the show, they are ten top notch competitors. It’s not like the 10 we saw in California earlier this month where you’re wondering who was who. These are familiar names that will have the fans following along to see who comes out on top. It’s no secret that Arnold loves Cedric’s physique but Rio hasn’t been the kindest place for McMillan to compete. In the inaugural Arnold Brazil he was disqualified for missing showing up late to the competitor’s meeting and ended up not competing after a bizarre string of events. He’ll be looking for a bit of redemption but will have some tough competition. The biggest guy in the line-up and the one with the most buzz in the industry is Big Ramy. The question that remains for the big guy is will he bring the conditioning it takes to win. He’s working with a new “guru” and that leaves people wondering if they’ll have the right plan the first time working together. We’ve seen Ramy go from a giant water ballon in preview pics before to ripped on stage. He’ll need to be on point to win his first Arnold title. Lionel Beyeke will be looking for a top spot and arguably could have been much higher than his fourth place finish last year at this show. Brandon Curry won the inaugural Arnold Classic Brazil and will look to add another win to his resume. He’ll have a tough time overcoming most guys in this lineup due to their sheer size. Victor Martinez will be the x-factor in this lineup and if he’s conditioning could be the winner, if he’s slightly off you could see him in a 3-5 place spot. One of the seasoned veterans to the stage, Toney Freeman likely won’t be the winner but he’ll show that he can still hang with the younger cats. Last year, Juan Morel was second to Steve Kuclo and is coming off a win at the New York Pro. Look for him to be in the top spots when the dust settles at the finals. Jose Luis Rodriguez won the Arnold Amateur Brazil overall title last year and this will be his pro debut. It’ll be a tough show to make a debut at but he should be able hold his own. Marius Dohne needs to bring an entirely different look than he did to Columbus or he’ll be at the bottom of the pack. He’ll be outsized in this lineup so his only hope will be conditioning to keep him in the top five. Fred Smalls continues to improve his physique but has become known for his smooth moves in his routine. He’ll entertain the crowd at the night show but will need a miracle to be in the top five of this lineup.

Lionel Beyeke
Brandon Curry
Marius Dohne
Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay
Toney Freeman
Victor Martinez
Cedric McMillan
Juan Morel
Jose Luis Rodriguez
Fred Smalls

1st Place – $22,500
2nd Place – $15,000
3rd Place – $10,000
4th Place – $7,500
5th Place – $5,000
6th Place – $1,000
7th Place – $1,000
8th Place – $1,000
9th Place – $1,000
10th Place – $1,000

My Predictions:
1. Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay
2. Victor Martinez
3. Juan Morel
4. Cedric McMillan
5. Brandon Curry
6. Lionel Beyeke
7. Toney Freeman
8. Fred Smalls
9. Marius Dohne
10. Jose Luis Rodriguez

Visit arnoldclassicbrasil.com.br for more information and follow Arnold Rio on Facebook. The main Arnold Sports Facebook page will also be sharing information throughout the weekend on this event. There will not be a live webcast of the show.

2015 IFBB Dennis James Classic Pro Competitors

Dennis James Classic
This weekend in Phoenix, Arizona the IFBB Pro Bikini competitors and Pro Men’s Physique competitors will be back in action. The winners of the IFBB Dennis James Classic Pro will qualify for the Olympia. The event takes place on May 23, 2015 at the Mesa Performing Arts Center.

Angela Marquez will be back to defend her title in the Pro Bikini division. Look for her and Courtney King to be the top two in this lineup. Don’t be surprised if the hometown fella, Matt Christianer is victorious in the Men’s Physique competition.

2015 IFBB Dennis James Classic Pro Bikini Competitors(Updated May 19)
Phoenix, Arizona – May 23, 2015
Valeria Ammirato
Karen Brunette
Adrienne Crenshaw
Anette De La Rosa
Dawn Fernandez
Aly Garcia
Jazmeen Hernandez
Courtney King
Jessica Lynn
Angela Marquez
Sheena Jayne Martin
Joni Lyn Ortiz
Ashriel Osgood
Caryn Paolini
Francine Slobodnik
Michelle Sylvia
Christine Williams
Kenea Yancey

2015 IFBB Dennis James Classic Pro Men’s Physique Competitors
Phoenix, Arizona – May 23, 2015
Kameron Bailey
Jake Campus
A.J. Cannon
Joe Cantu
Matt Christianer
Stanislas de Longeaux
Nickolas Dennard
Roderick Gaines
David Gonzalez
Jacques Lewis
Darnell Moss
Aaron O’Connell
Matt Pattison
Kelly Schmidt
Matt Wold

Saturday, May 23, 2015
Pre Judging – 9:00am
Finals – 6:00pm

Mesa Arts Center
One East Main Street
Mesa, AZ 85201

For More information visit npcdennisjamesclassic.com.

Reebok CrossFit Nano 5.0 Tough as Nails

Reebok CrossFit Nano 5
The Reebok CrossFit Nano 5.0 will be available to the public in June but those watching the CrossFit Regionals got a sneak peek at the new shoe. Reebok has been teasing the new shoe on their Instagram account and I’ve noticed it appearing in my twitter feed as a promoted tweet. If you’re going off from looks alone, it’s a pretty sweet looking shoe. Two 15-second videos on Instagram hint at the Nano’s toughness through exaggeration. One video shows sledge hammers smashing into the show and another fires nails at the shoe. The shoe utilizes DuPont Kevlar fiber which is known for its strength and durability.

Reebok Nano 5.0

You won’t be able to purchase the Reebok CrossFit Nano 5.0 until June 18th (online) and a week later in stores. Visit Reebok.com for all your Reebok CrossFit apparel and other Reebok shoes.

Reebok Nano 5.0

Jen Labaw shared her experience on Instagram regarding the new CrossFit Nano 5.0.

Images via Reebok Instagram

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

Monday Morning Clicks

flex cam girl

Check out the some of the latest news, stories and videos from the past week. See the links below on GMO Labeling, Spanx, FLEX CAM girl, baby boxer is back and what is Jennifer Nicole Lee doing? If you have a story or news item email editor @ hardbodynews.com.

Is the GMO Labeling Movement Just a Long Con to Get You to Buy Organic?
By Kavin Senapathy
An interesting read on the hot topic of GMOs. “But whether a product contains GMOs? Not informative or relevant in the least. The term “GMO” refers to how a food ingredient was bred, not its content. Knowing whether or not a food is GMO is akin to knowing whether or not a person was conceived via in-vitro fertilization. Indeed, genetic modification is not an ingredient, it’s a breeding technique, and there’s no reason for consumers to know if their food was made using this method.”
READ THE STORY ON: gawker.com

A federal judge in Georgia denied a request by the U.S. government to dismiss a lawsuit filed by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Inc., a dietary supplement manufacturer that contends FDA unlawfully detained millions of dollars in products that contained a controversial substance.
READ THE STORY ON: www.naturalproductsinsider.com

Alison Overholt celebrates her first anniversary as editor-in-chief of espnW
“We’ve made some noise this year, which is exactly what we needed to do. I think we’ve established why it’s not just valuable to have women in the sports conversation, it’s crucial.”
READ THE STORY ON: espnfrontrow.com

Spanx Tries to Loosen Up Its Image
An interesting New York Times article on Spanx. You remember Spanx, right? The product that makes you feel like a human sausage? Ya that. The article talks about the change in trends and how Spanx is struggling to adapt. One of the more interesting nuggets of info was that women’s activewear is a $15.9 billion industry. Yes, BILLION with a “b”. Marshal Cohen, chief industry analyst at the NPD Group said, “Why buy underwear that’s uncomfortable when you can buy yoga pants which has got stretch to it and can make you look a little slimmer?”
READ THE STORY ON: nytimes.com

A reminder to all the dudes out there… Don’t taunt a woman to FLEX or you might just get “stoned, my brother!” Watch how one dude gets shown up on the Philadelphia Soul‘s FLEX Cam.

Two years ago this video became an online sensation. It’s an impressive showing of skill and speed. That was nothing compared to Evnika Saadvakass’ newest video. She shows off showing off her boxing skills with her father/trainer. Now she’s back and she’s faster than fast.

Her father shared, “My friends keep telling me: ‘It would be cool if we could train like this when we were kids!’ Just imagine, how great our life could be if we had skills like Evnika? It’s every child’s right to start training when you’re under five and then use the gained skills for the rest of life. Actually, this is not a video about sports, but about our parental abilities and things we can give our children today.”

Ridiculous Item of the Week
Jennifer Nicole Lee. No words except… why? See the pics on www.egotastic.com. Four years ago JNL was in hot water over her AB CIRCLE PRO.

Jennifer Nicole Lee

Lead image via youtube

Muscular Development Features Dana Linn Bailey on Cover

dana linn bailey magazine
Dana Linn Bailey is without question the most fascinating female in the IFBB Pro League. She’s gone from missing the top five in an amateur Figure competition (6th place in 2006, her first show) to making history by winning the inaugural Women’s Physique Olympia in 2013. She also notched her name in history by becoming the first ever Women’s Physique Pro at the 2011 NPC JR USA.

She’s had success competing but it’s her hustle away from stage that is making waves in the industry. Dana Linn has built a fan base that’s unlike any you’ve seen. She boasts over 1.4 million fans on Facebook and over 743,000 followers on instagram. At any given event you’ll see fans wait hours to meet and take a selfie with her. You have to admire the hustle it took to get that level of stardom in the bodybuilding world. It’s something few have ever achieved, especially as a female with muscle.

Dana (DLB as she’s known by her thousands of fans) is making history once again by gracing the cover of Muscular Development magazine. The magazine is known for being the “hardcore bodybuilding” publication. The magazine typically features a professional male bodybuilder that looks larger than life on the cover. Occasionally there will be a female featured on the cover but she’s typically in a swimsuit and paired with some bro cheese’n from ear to ear.

DLB MD Cover

Muscular Development Features Dana Linn Bailey on Cover

For the June 2015 issue the publishers of MD rolled the dice on putting DLB, a woman with muscle on the cover. They didn’t put her in a bikini, photoshop off her muscle or outer her next to an oiled up dude. It’s something that hasn’t been seen since the 90s when women’s bodybuilding was in its heyday. They were smart for featuring her on the cover and the only thing smarter would have been doing it before last year’s Olympia or before this year’s Arnold. Had they done that you can bet your high-priced food cooler that every person in her line would have a copy of the mag. No doubt DLB fans will still have a copy in their hands for her to sign. Will the cover sell? No question about it, at least in my opinion.

Dana is currently preparing for an appearance on American Ninja Warrior documenting it on her Youtube Channel.

Lead image & cover via MD

Oh Please Tell Me More…

oh please tell me more
If you’ve spent any time on social media you’ve likely noticed some of the things mentioned below. I applaud anyone who wants to live a fit and healthy lifestyle. I enjoy seeing people succeed when from working their butts off, literally and figuratively. There’s nothing wrong with sharing your enthusiasm with others and what better way to do that than through social media, right? Absolutely! Social Media, whether it’s on Facebook, twitter, pinterest, instagram or snap chat, is a quick and easy way to share things. Whether it’s your workout tips, what you had for lunch or your progress pics. While that’s all fine and daddy many people have mistaken social media as a platform to be an “expert” without anything to back up their newfound title.

This morning I posted a few of the things I’ve spotted on social media. It’s tongue-in-cheek and may come across as a bit snarky but hey it’s all true. The point of posting this is to point out the ridiculousness that is spreading like wildfire on social media. I encourage you to take a few minutes and do a little research before jumping onboard with whatever the person is saying/selling. Don’t be afraid to ask for more information if a coach/guru/trainer/nutritionist/self-appointed queen/no-it-all/jack-of-all-trades makes a claim. Ask them with tell you more. You probably won’t get a response because they’ll be too busy taking another ass-selfie to notice but hey it’s worth a shot.

Feel free to join the conversation on your social media with the hashtag #TELLMEMORE

LET’S PLAY PLEASE TELL ME MORE. Comment with any I missed. Use #TELLMEMORE

You’re a “pro”? Oh please tell me more.

You’re a “posing coach? Oh please tell me more.

You’re a “trainer”? Oh please tell me more.

You’re a suit maker too? Oh please tell me more.

You write #diets? Oh please tell me more.

You can help me get #sponsorship? Oh please tell me more.

You’re a “social media expert” but you haven’t posted an update in months because you’re so busy? Oh please tell me more.

You’re a professional #model? Oh please tell me more.

You can get me a magazine cover? Oh please tell me more.

You drink tea to detox & it helps you get skinny? Oh please tell me more.

You never leave home without your brand new shaker cup filled with whatever #supplement company is paying you at the time? Oh please tell me more.

You “waist train” to get fit? Oh please tell me more.

You’re a professional makeup artist after watching a youtube tutorial? Oh please tell me more.

You’re inspiring others by continually showing your boobs & arse? Oh please tell me more.

You’re full of shit? No need to tell me more.

LET'S PLAY PLEASE TELL ME MORE. Comment with any I missed. Use #TELLMEMORE You're a "pro"? Oh please tell me more. You're a "posing coach? Oh please tell me more. You're a "trainer"? Oh please tell me more. You're a suit maker too? Oh please tell me more. You write #diets? Oh please tell me more. You can help me get #sponsorship? Oh please tell me more. You're a professional #model? Oh please tell me more. You can get me a magazine cover? Oh please tell me more. You drink tea to detox & it helps you get skinny? Oh please tell me more. You never leave home without your brand new shaker cup filled with whatever #supplement company is paying you at the time? Oh please tell me more. You "waist train" to get fit? Oh please tell me more. You're inspiring others by continually showing your boobs & arse? Oh please tell me more. You're full of shit? No need to tell me more. I know 🙅💩 COMMENT WITH YOUR #TELLMEMORE. It may be used in a story I am doing for @hardbodynews 😬👍 If you see anyone post ridiculousness on social media comment with #tellMEmore

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Five Circuit Training Workouts from Hannah Teter

Hannah Teter Workouts
Doing the same workout routine every week can get boring and mundane. We’ve all been there at some point. It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned pro or a rookie to the training game, it happens. You can help combat boring workouts by trying something new. Seems like an obvious way to mix things up, right? Totally. While perusing Facebook I ran across an insanely awesome workouts by professional snowboarder Hannah Teter. Hannah has been going full beast mode with her workouts lately and she’s kind of a bad ass. Scratch that. She IS TOTALLY bad ass.

The two-time Olympic medalist (2006 Gold & 2010 Silver) in snowboarding halfpipe shares a few examples of her circuit training on social media and they’re impressive. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be an Olympic or X-Games (ya she’s won seven of those as well) medalist to try these workouts. I’m confident you’ll find something new to try in one of these Hannah Teter workouts & it’ll help you avoid training boredom.

Follow Hannah on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and be sure to check out her website at hannahsgold.com.

Check out these Five Circuit Training Workouts from Hannah Teter!

[fbvideo link=https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=851451851558417&set=vb.105035379533405 width=”575″/]

[fbvideo link=https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=850140718356197&set=vb.105035379533405 width=”575″/]

[fbvideo link=https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=840417812661821&set=vb.105035379533405 width=”575″/]

[fbvideo link=https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=842755272428075&set=vb.105035379533405 width=”575″/]

[fbvideo link=https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=752146104822326&set=vb.105035379533405 width=”575″/]

MAD PROPS HANNAH! You’re definitely a hardbody!

Lead image composed via video images.

2015 FIBO POWER – IFBB Pro Show Canceled


The 2015 IFBB FIBO POWER Pro show has been canceled. On March 30th the promotion posted on Facebook that SCITEC Nutrition would be the new sponsor for the show and confirmed that three of their (the title sponsor) athletes would be competing. Yesterday, the promotion provided an update  that read (translated via Bing), “Not good news, many of you will be disappointed. We must unfortunately cancel the FIBO POWER night session. The reason: Some athletes can not start. Therefore the planned field not coming together. Since we make no half measures, we have decided to cancel the FIBO POWER night session completely. Because we think: where FIBO POWER is on it, should be in there also, FIBO POWER. Those who have already bought a ticket, refunded the entry of tickets.de of course. With the purchased ticket for the evening event you will receive free access to FIBO POWER continue to 2015.”

While a refunded ticket is great what about the competitors who trained weeks/months for the show? I’m not quite sure what “some athletes can not start” means but it’s horrible news for those who dieted their asses off to compete. It doesn’t matter if it was one or a hundred. If a show is on the schedule a competitor shouldn’t have to stress over if it is going to get canceled or not due to not enough people showing up. Is it the competitors’ fault that only a few people decided to compete? Not so much. Competitors should be pissed and so should fans.

The FIBO POWER Night session was slated to qualify one person for the Olympia in the Men’s Bodybuilding division. While this event didn’t feature any of the women’s pro events it is of concern when a pro show is canceled. It’s even more troubling when it’s canceled one week out from the competition.

The expo and other events will still take place.

FIBO POWER 2015 – Europe’s Biggest Meeting Point for the Bodybuilding, Weight Training and Martial Arts Community
2 February 2015

Comeback: the FIBO POWER Night Session returns
It’s back! The FIBO POWER Night Session will be the highlight of FIBO POWER 2015. Once FIBO had struck a deal with main sponsor Liftag late in 2014, a decision was made rapidly. Professional, competitive bodybuilding would come back to FIBO POWER. This year’s Night Session will focus on IFBB Pro Men’s Bodybuilding and the DBFV Amateur Bikini Cup sponsored by Olimp. The Night Session powered by Liftag will be staged on FIBO’s Saturday, 11 April 2015. Athletes interested in participating in the IFBB Pro competition should contact the IFBB Professional League to register, while female athletes interested in the Bikini Cup should get in touch directly with the DBFV.

Prejudging in the morning
IFBB Pro Men’s BB prejudging event will take place during the trade fair, on the new “Liftag Stage” in Hall 4.2 at 9:30 am on Saturday. Directly afterwards, all fans are invited to watch the Bikini women’s qualifying rounds in Hall 10.2 at 11:45 am.

Feminine aesthetics and defined muscles: see the finalists at the Kristallsaal
Starting at 6:00 pm, those who prevailed in prejudging will get a chance to triumph as the winners of the Night Session. Dennis “The Menace” James and Markus Rühl will serve as the hosts of the show at the Kristallsaal at the Exhibition Centre Cologne. During the first round of the IFBB Pro Men’s BB competition at 7:00 pm, all finalists will perform the compulsory poses and the group posedown. Starting at 7:45 pm, the victor of the DBFV Bikini Cup will be determined through individual performances and the T-walk. The evening’s highlight will follow at 8:15 pm: the final round of the IFBB Pro Men’s Bodybuilding competition. The champion of this event will qualify for Mr. Olympia in Las Vegas.

All visitors are welcome to watch prejudging free of charge. Tickets for the finals during the Night Session are available in a range of price categories. For those who want more, the VIP Ticket adds the option of attending the Meet the Champs autograph signing session, plus free admission to FIBO/FIBO POWER on all four days and the 30 Years of FIBO Party (after the Night Session on FIBO’s Saturday).

All tickets can be booked by visiting http://fibopower.tickets.de/de/events/5818-FIBO_POWER_Night_Session_Liftag


Lofty Goals with WWE’s Relaunch of TapouT

WWE & TapouT
Today Authentic Brands Group (ABG) and the WWE announced they will be relaunching the once popular MMA clothing brand, TapouT. The new partnerships has plans to reposition the clothing line as a “fitness lifestyle brand”.  Which is pretty much what every clothing company in fitness claims to do but only a few are successful at it. Given the platform the WWE has the clothing will certainly get noticed but I’ll be taking a “wait and see” approach to their fitness lifestyle claims, especially with the female audience.

“This is a powerhouse pairing given the synergy between TapouT’s brand promise to be the premier hard-body fitness brand, and WWE’s commitment to training and fitness,” says Nick Woodhouse, President and Chief Marketing Officer of ABG. Anyone who uses the word “synergy” raises a huge red flag and then to claim TapouT’s brand promise is to be the premier “hard-body fitness brand”. Thanks for the chuckle!

There was no mention of what will be the key differentiators in the new TapouT line other than a new logo. The release is mostly fluff and does little to speak to specifics.

The press release stated, “The next generation of TapouT preserves the original brand essence and drives a hard-body, fitness-centric message positioned around motivation, discipline and determination. An all new line of men’s and women’s performance apparel and accessories will launch at retail in Spring 2016. New TapouT branding and packaging will roll out in key categories throughout 2015 starting with beverages, supplements and fitness centers.”

Promoting fitness is great but simply slapping your logo on clothing and aligning with the WWE doesn’t make you a “premier hard-body fitness brand”. TapouT has attempted to be more than a clothing line before. In 2009, TapouT partnered with Champion Nutrition on a supplement line. It failed miserably.  Currently TapouT is schilling a “Lose Weight and Get Ripped in 90 Days. Extreme Home Fitness Program.” on www.tapoutxt.com. A look at the biggest online supplement retailer, Bodybuilding.com and the line no longer is for sale.

Maybe with the focus shifting away from MMA the brand will do better in their attempt to capture the beverage and supplement market but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Image and quotes Via WWE.com

Four Ads Worth Watching

Four Ads To Watch

The movement to encourage and empower women to be strong has never been stronger. Yes, lame pun intended. Check out these for spots that focus and highlight women in a positive, encouraging way. Nike’s Training Club has kicked things up a notch and gone global. Their group workouts look more like a rave that a dreadful gym class and it’s pretty awesome. Under Armour focuses on the team aspect in their new “Women of Will” spot. Everlast isn’t known for their marketing to women but in their newest spot they take a shot at it. Last but certainly not least, ALWAYS shares a follow up video to their hugely successful “Like A Girl” campaign. In this video they show how women are changing the meaning of “Like A Girl” with their actions.

Good stuff.

Nike Training Club
“Push your limits with a full-day training challenge featuring the world’s best fitness experiences led by Nike Master Trainers.”
Join the movement at http://www.nike.com/women/events.


EARN YOUR ARMOUR | Women of Will
“It’s not just you out there. Team amplifies WILL. Five Women of WILL tell us how. #EARNYOURARMOUR”


“Don’t call me a female boxer. I’m a boxer.”


Always #LikeAGirl – Stronger Together
As part of International Women’s Day, Procter & Gamble released a follow-up “LIKE video showing how women are changing the meaning of “LIKE A GIRL.”

Alone you’re awesome. Together we rock.

This year, for International Women’s Day, let’s all join forces to make sure that girls everywhere keep their confidence through puberty and beyond by showing them that doing things #LikeAGirl is an awesome thing.

Using the phrase “like a girl” is an insult to any adolescent girl, and a tough blow to her confidence. We started a conversation to help change all that with our #LikeAGirl social experiment and film. And millions of girls from around the world responded big time. In fact, many of you started a movement: you shared your videos and personal stories, and showed the world that doing things #LikeAGirl really is downright amazing.

Together, we’re changing what it means to do things #LikeAGirl. And our movement’s growing bigger and stronger everyday. Thanks for sharing. Keep doing things #LikeAGirl. It’s working.

Lead image compiled via Youtube

2015 Arnold Australia Results

2015 Arnold Australia
2015 Arnold Australia Pro Results: Camala Rodriquez continued her winning ways with the Arnold Australia Figure title and Janey Layug won the first-ever Pro Bikini at the 2015 Arnold Australia Pro. This event was previously called the Australian Pro but switched to the Arnold Australia. Dexter Jackson won the men’s open and nearly didn’t make the trip down under due to VISA issues.

Camala Rodriquez was coming off a win at the Figure International in Columbus, Ohio and with this victory puts her in a top contender spot heading into the Olympia later this year. The only other leading lady in Figure who was absent from this lineup was Nicole Wilkins. Candice Keene improved by one placing from her Columbus showing and Candice Lewis dropped to third. Keene hasn’t been 100% on the money yet this year and it’s kept her out of the winner’s circle. Camala has improved and while her conditioning is there she could continue to bring up her quads a bit. Candice Lewis has cartoon like features with a tiny waist and boulder shoulders. She’s improved the conditioning in her legs and arguably looked her best ever at this contest. Just two points separated Keene and Lewis. Strobo moved up into the fourth place spot with Watts slipping to fifth. Latoyra continues to be a consistent contender for the top five in every show she enters. Rounding out the top six was Dana Ambrose who also continues to bring an improved look to the stage. Ann Titone did not make the trip to Australia.

Figure Prejudging:

We just can't 'figure' out who's gonna take this one home, what do you think?! #arnoldclassic #arnoldclassicau

A video posted by Arnold Classic Australia (@arnoldclassicau) on

2015 Arnold Australia Pro Figure Results:
1. Camala Rodriquez – 5
2. Candice Keene – 11
3. Candice Lewis – 13
4. Genn Strobo – 22
5. Latoyra Watts – 24
6. Dana Ambrose – 29
7. Heather Dees – 36
8. Myra Rogers – 40
9. Amanda Doherty – 44
10. Larissa Reis – 51
11. Eliyan Lobez – 56
12. Asher Prior – 59
13. Rinnah Schmid – 64
14. Maria Garcia – 70
15. Tara Ramos – 75

Many thought it would happen in Columbus but it took one more week for Janet Layug to upset Ashley Kaltwasser for the win. Janet took the top spot at the Arnold Australia and you’ll have a tough time finding anyone arguing with that call. Don’t be surprised if you see Janet run the table from here on out this year in every show she wins. She has the body, presentation and looks to win every show she enters. Ashley brought what Ashley always brings to the stage. Ashley needs to improve her stage presence, namely walking in heels. If you watch Janet and then watch Ashley it’s like night and day. Just one point separated the two for first and second though. Rounding out the top spots were India Paulino, Stephanie Mahoe and Narmin Assria.

2015 Arnold Australia Pro Bikini Results:
1. Janet Layug – 7
2. Ashley Kaltwasser – 8
3. India Paulino – 16
4. Stephanie Mahoe – 19
5. Narmin Assria – 24
6. Summer Bernard – 32
7. Pollianna Moss – 33
8. Sheena Anderton – 42
9. Barbie Heng – 45
10. Jade MacKinnon – 49
11. Whitney Wiser – 56
12. Ebony Quince – 61
13. Amy Wright – 63
DNC – Jessica Arevalo

Arnold with the winner, Janet Layug…

The results from the men’s show were pretty much like we saw in Columbus. Brandon Curry moved up into the top five and Roelly Winklaar ended up in sixth where it could have gone either way in the earlier comparisons. Dexter continues to defy the odds at age 45 and shows the young bucks how being smart with your training can lead to a long-term, profitable career.

2015 Arnold Australia Pro Men’s Bodybuilding Results:
1. Dexter Jackson – 10
2. Branch Warren – 20
3. Justin Compton – 30
4. Evan Centopani – 43
5. Brandon Curry – 52
6. Roelly Winklaar – 56
7. Ben Pakulski – 69
8. Toney Freeman – 84
9. Josh Lenartowicz – 87
10. Cory Mathews – 104
11. Luke Schembri – 110
12. Saman Mohammad – 117

See more from the Arnold Australia show on https://instagram.com/arnoldclassicau.

Be More Human – My Reebok Review

Be More Human

Be More Human – My Reebok Review
“When we test our physical limitations, we transform our entire lives.” That’s the opening quote on Reebok’s BE MORE HUMAN opening page. I should start by disclosing I received product from Reebok for this review and these are merely my own opinions. If you click on any of the Reebok Links <-like that one, I will be compensated if you make a purchase. If you don’t buy anything well that does nothing for me and leaves you without some nifty new Reebok gear.

get outsideStepping outside into the snow.  Reebok CrossFit Speedwick Pant are super comfortable.

What does “Be More Human” mean to you? For me it meant logging off the computer, putting down the smart phone and getting outside. Getting outdoors for my morning workout and taking a minute to appreciate mother nature’s gym. When I stepped outside of my Jeep and saw the snow on the ground, I thought ah piss this may not be such a good idea. I mean it’s Spring time and there’s still snow on the ground? Come on Mother Nature, work with me here! It reminded me though that there’s no time for excuses if you want to transform your life. If you want to put yourself to the test you have to over come obstacles. Life isn’t always going to be perfect and neither is the weather. I looked down, turned on some music and said to myself let’s do this sh*t. Yes, the apparel says Reebok Crossfit but that doesn’t mean you need to go to a Box to wear them.

I proceeded to run 3 miles outside and take in the scenery. It was relaxing for the most part. I could have done without the car nearly clipping me but it made me feel alive. Getting outdoors made me feel human. Corny? Maybe but try it. Get off the treadmill or stairclimber and take your workout outdoors. See what the change does for your state of mind.

new reebok shoes

After my run, well I’d call it more of a steady jog over any actual running, my lungs were on fire. I felt like I was going to collapse from exhaustion. It reminded me not only that I was out of shape but that I needed to do this more often. Leave the convenient and get uncomfortable. I’d encourage you to do the same.

The Speedwick pants from Reebok are super comfortable. They are lightweight and perfectly fine to run in. The one thing that kinda of bugged me was the cut of the pockets, if your sitting down and the zipper isn’t zipped your phone/ipod may fall out. This was a good reminder to get off my ass though. The Reebok zquick dash shoes look hella cool and stylish. I have a wider foot so they were a little snug for me. You might want to go up a 1/2 size from what you normally wear when buying Reebok.

new reebok shoesNew kicks will bring out the kid in anyone. These are the Reebok zquick dash. 

It was my first time ever wearing a pair of Reebok’s and getting them in the mail reminded me of going back to school as a kid. Every summer I’d get a new pair of shoes to wear for the school year and it was a big deal. I couldn’t wait to rock them once school started. It kinda felt like that again. A new pair of shoes and I couldn’t wait to wear them.

I encourage you to leave the convenient and get uncomfortable. It’s up to you to transform your life and “be more human”.

reebok shoesI dig the detail on the Reebok shoes.

Wings of Strength Goes Big with New Pro Show

Phoenix Pro show
Wings of Strength has been a a strong supporter of women’s bodybuilding since their inception. Wings of Strength was founded by Jake and Kristal Wood in in 2011. They describe their mission as wanting to ensure there are “meaningful stage opportunities for women to compete in bodybuilding pro shows.” Wings of Strength is a membership website that reinvests “100% of the website proceeds” back into sponsoring pro shows.

The group started by sponsoring the Tampa Pro and Chicago Pro. Last year they added their name to the Omaha Pro. They’re also a sponsor of the Toronto Pro show. Essentially any show outside of the Olympia they’re the title sponsor. The Ms. Olympia was not part of the 2015 IFBB schedule and based on the recent announcement from Wings of Strength it doesn’t appear to be coming back.

Wings of Strength announced they would be adding their sponsorship to another pro show and this one will offer big prize money for the female bodybuilders. The new pro show will be called the “IFBB Wings of Strength Rising Phoenix World Championships”. Yes, a bit of a mouthful. The winner will receive $50,000 and a new vehicle. The type of vehicle has yet to be determined but a car on top of fiddy grand is pretty legit. Second place is solid too with a $25,000 payout. The Rising Phoenix pro show will use the same point series as the IFBB Pro League uses for the Olympia.

Along with the new show announcement, Wings of Strength announced legendary bodybuilding Lenda Murray will be their official spokesperson. “We think Lenda Murray is the perfect representative for women’s bodybuilding,” says Jake Wood, co-owner of Wings of Strength.

Wings of Strength is honored to announce the “2015 IFBB Wings of Strength Rising Phoenix World Championships” as the main stage women’s professional bodybuilding event this year. The championship show is to take place in conjunction with the Texas Pro in San Antonio on August 22, 2015 at the Grand Hyatt San Antonio.

We will be following the IFBB Professional League qualification point system formerly used for the Ms. Olympia.
• Top 5 IFBB female bodybuilders of the 2014 Ms. Olympia.
• 1st place IFBB female bodybuilder at the Toronto Pro, Omaha Pro, Chicago Pro and Tampa Pro.
• Top 7 IFBB bodybuilder’s accumulative points implementing the IFBB Tier 4 point system.
• IFBB Tier 4 point system: 2nd – 4 points, 3rd – 3 points, 4th – 2 points and 5t – 1 point.
• These points will be earned at the 2015 IFBB Omaha Pro, Toronto Pro, Chicago Pro and Tampa Pro.
• Up to three invites from Wings of Strength as approved by the IFBB Professional League.

Prizes and Awards
• First place of the Rising Phoenix will win $50,000 plus a new vehicle (tbd).
• Second place winner: $25,000
• Third place winner: $12,500
• Fourth place winner: $7,000
• Fifth place winner: $5,000

For information on the Chicago Pro, Tampa Pro and Texas Pro visit www.timgardnerproductions.com.
For information on the Omaha Pro visit npcmidwest.com.
For information on the Rising Phoenix Pro visit wingsofastrength.net or email wingsofstrength.net@gmail.com.

Disclaimer: Reader discretion advised, please consult your physician before beginning any exercise or diet program.