20/20 Goes After Jennifer Nicole Lee & The Ab Circle Pro

Jennifer Nicole Lee has become one of the biggest names in the fitness industry. She’s prominently featured in BSN‘s ad campaign and can often be seen at large fitness expos working their booth. At this year’s Arnold Classic Ron Avidan and I caught up with her at the BSN booth where she was promoting her new book and bobble head. Yes, she even has her own bobble head. She’s always full of energy and that weekend was no different. Jennifer has taken her weight-loss and turned herself into a world wide name but did she go too far? She’s appeared on Oprah and eventually made her way into the infomercial world with her own product.

If you’ve ever been up late at night watching tv you’ve likely seen her infomercial for the Ab Circle Pro. It’s a machine that appears to be selling well. So well it caught the attention of ABC and their news program 20/20. They caught up with the bikini diva to ask her about her weight loss claims and how it applied to the ab circle pro. Check out the video below to see their report.

What do you think? Is it false advertising on JNL’s part of are people just jealous of her success?

Disclaimer: Reader discretion advised, please consult your physician before beginning any exercise or diet program.