Hardbody PROfile: Narmin “Funsize” Assria – IFBB Pro

Narmin Assria has finished in the top five of every bikini competition she’s entered. This weekend she’ll look to keep that streak alive in her IFBB Pro debut. This California girl may not be the biggest woman on stage but she brings a ton of sass and can hang with the big dawgs. I caught up with Narmin on the eve of her pro debut. Check it!

Name: Narmin Assria

Born in: Chicago IL

Currently live in: Murrieta, California

Any nicknames: Nar Nar, funsize

Did you play any sports growing up?
Yes I danced all four years in high school.

What would your friends say you are like – the wild one, quiet, etc?
My friends would without doubt describe me as the one that has a good time, not too wild but definitely not the quiet one.

Is that how you’d describe yourself? Yes

Dog or cat lady: Both, I grew up with a cat my whole life she was my baby, but now I am definitely a dog lover. I want a yorkie soo bad, there so cute and little!!

Contest history:
– 2010 NPC California Championships, Bikini Class A, 2nd place
– 2010 NPC USA Championships, Bikini Class A, 4th place
– 2011 West Coast Classic, June 25th 2011 Bikini Class A, 1st place
– USA Championships, Bikini Class A. July 29- 30 2011 1st place, earned IFBB PRO status

How did you get into competing? I have always been a gym rat, saw a show and knew I can do it. I love competing whether it was in any sport, so it was perfect for me

Best part of a competition: I get to meet such amazing people that inspire me even more every day. Doing what I love. Being center stage and showing off all my hard work, and always going home a winner because I know I worked hard and have been blessed threw out my journey as a fitness competitor.

Not so great part: Le’ts see… the diet, I love food!!!! But I absolutely put all the junk food to the side when I’m prepping and stay focused.

What’s a your breakfast consist of:
4 egg whites and a cup of oatmeal 🙂

Any favorite supplements: Gotta love Evogen, EVP, pre-workout solution!! It gets me going in the gym

How much cardio do you do? About 20-30 min, 5 days a week

Stupidest thing a guy has said to you in the gym: haha hmm I can’t even think of anything I try not to talk to them when I’m there.

Sandals on a guy – ok or gross? Sandals are okay for the beach otherwise cover up those toes guys haha

If I guy takes longer than you to get ready… unattractive

What expectations/goals do you have for your pro debut? My goal is to come into my Pro debut with a bang, and qualify for the Olympia!! I’m going to go out there and have fun, rock that stage like it was any other show I have done!! To come out on top but if not that’s okay because there is always room for improvement, and more shows I will be competing in 😉

What music do you listen to while working out? Rocking that house music!!

Are you a booty short and bra top girl or sweats and a hat when working out? Definitely a booty short girl, rocking a hat 😉

What are you going to be for Halloween? A Sexy firefighter 🙂

All the best in your pro bikini competitions. See more of Narmin’s competition photos here.

Disclaimer: Reader discretion advised, please consult your physician before beginning any exercise or diet program.