HARDBODY Photo: Juliana Daniell Bikini International Competitor

Juliana Daniell positioned herself as one of the top Bikini Pros last year and is already qualified for the 2012 Bikini Olympia. She has an athletic background and was a swimmer in college. She currently cheers for the Atlanta Hawks and is prepping for her first trip to the Arnold Sports Festival where she will be a contender in the Bikini Internationals

This photo has become one of the more popular photos on pinterest.com as I receive emails on a weekly basis asking who it is. Mainly because people have taken the photo and put their own words over it, which is fine and dandy but they crop off the watermark/copyright. Not so dandy. Any whoo, now you can PIN this image and let everyone know who she is. You can see Juliana compete in Columbus and stay updated with her via facebook.

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