2012 St. Louis Pro Bikini Review, Results & Opinions

Seven IFBB Bikini Pros  took the stage at the St. Louis Pro over the weekend. It’s a bit disappointing to see such a low turn out from the bikini competitors, especially given the number of pros in the division. Jack and Ann Titone did a great job with this event and treated the competitors as good as you’ll find at any show. St. Louis is easy to fly into from pretty much any where. Hopefully with the new Olympia qualification system we’ll see more women entering shows. If not you’ll see more shows being removed from the calendar due to the cost and time that goes into an event.



The judges kept all seven women out at once but did a number of comparisons with the line up. It appeared Jennifer Andrews would repeat as the champ however there were a few others who could make a strong case for the win. The judges moved the women around a few times and it left some wondering who would prevail. When the awards were announced it was Jennifer Andrews repeating as the champ and her fellow Bombshell sista, Jennifer Chapman in second.


1. Jennifer Andrews
Jennifer was tighter than she was at the Bikini International where she finished 12th. She was the champion at this show last year and it was her best finish since. Jennifer has a bit of a beauty queen presentation to her, with a constant smile and very poised the entire time she’s on stage. I like her legs crossed from the back but don’t care for the legs spread wise while posing her backside.

2. Jennifer Chapman
Jennifer continue to move her way up in the placings and has a bit more sass than Jennifer Andrews on stage. I’m not a big fan of the legs spread wide pose from the back though.  I wouldn’t have argued if she took top honors here as it was one of her best looks since turning pro. The finish moves her up in the rankings for an Olympia birth. She may not win a pro show but if she can stay consistently in the top five she’ll head to Vegas this Fall.

3. Taylor Matheny
Taylor has a great bikini body but she struggles to present it on stage. She’ll have to watch that her obliques don’t get any bigger and definitely needs some posing work. If she can pose her physique better she’ll move up. I wasn’t crazy about her make up at this show as it was a little flat and kind of muddy. She’s a beautiful woman with the potential to do well, if she tweaks the little details she’ll be a contender.

4. Michelle Brannan
Michelle’s physique looked great in her pro debut. I would have liked to see her with a little darker tan as she was a little washed out on stage. I’d also like to see her with different make up at her next show. It didn’t flatter her facial features and with a little more make up I think it will help. If she tightens her booty a bit and tweaks the little details she’ll move up. I thought she had the best bikini body in the show however the little details kept her out of the top spots.

5. Cristina Vujnich
Cristina has a rock’n bikini bod and is another competitor who just needs to fix the little details. Some people have suggested she get extensions for her hair. I like her short hair and it’s a look she can pull off, where many others can’t. It’s also become part of her identity, at least in my opinion. Her tanning was spot on, whereas in the past it has been too dark and a bit red. I wasn’t crazy about her eyeshadow makeup and found that a little distracting. She has a pretty long torso so it comes down to her posing and working hr angles on stage. If she can make these little tweaks she’ll be in the top spots.

6. Candyce Graham
Candyce didn’t seem like herself on stage. She was a tad bit off in her conditioning and the sassy presentation we’ve seen from her was missing. She did ditch the “angry posing” which is great. If she comes in a bit tighter and has a bit more relaxed energy on stage she’ll be back up in the mix.

7. Beth White
Beth has a cute look to her but the little details hurt her as well. I don’t think the short hair works for her or at least how it looked at this show. If she can improve her posing a bit and get more relaxed on stage she’ll move up in the placings. She needs to sass it up a bit while on stage.


Top Five Bikini - 2012 St. Louis Pro

2012 St. Louis IFBB Pro Bikini Results:
Placing / Name / Score
1. Jennifer Andrews – 6
2. Jennifer Chapman – 9
3. Taylor Matheny – 16
4. Michelle Brannan – 19
5. Cristina Vujnich – 23
6. Candyce Graham – 31
7. Beth White – 32

See photos from the show here.


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