Leave a Message – A Women’s Surf Film

While perusing Cindy Whitehead’s (our resident Hardbody style’n guru) blog, I ran across an ad featuring Lakey Peterson. The simple surfing image caught my attention and lead me to Nike.com/surfing. There was a nice assembly of female athletes but more interestingly was a link to a surfing film featuring only women. The film “leave a message” is a pretty rad collection of women surfing.


The film is well edited and has some sic footage of women doing incredible moves.

“Leave a Message”
“Leave a Message is a true testament of just how much this generation of surfers has changed their sport. This is a performance surf film, with an emphasis on performance. But beyond the groundbreaking aerials and long barrels is a message that transcends well beyond the lineup: they enjoy what they do and do it to the fullest. Unintentionally, they wrote a new script for women’s surfing.

Deliberately, they’ve left their message.


lead image via Cindy’s Blog.

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