Road To The Olympia: Dianna Dahlgren – The Contender

Cover girl, Dianna Dahlgren joins our “Hardbody Road to The Olympia” series. The California girl has risen to the top of the bikini ranks and is looking to remain there at this year’s Olympia. Dianna was third at the Olympia last year and is gunning for the number one spot. She checks in with us four weeks out from the show and shares what’s different this year. See what she had to say.

4 weeks out
By Dianna Dahlgren

HELLLLLOOOOO, great to be back on HardBody! So we are about 4 weeks out from the Bikini Olympia and I am soooo excited! This year my prep is different being that my comfort levels have done a complete 180 turn! To have the best success day in and day out through this last bit of prep I decided to pack up and head out to Arizona where I live, breath, eat, sleep, train at AZ Pro Physiques with my most amazing trainer Damian Segovia! I feel like I’ve never had a 100% solid prep because there were so many distractions back in California, so I know in my heart this is what’s best for the time being to be out here in Arizona where I get to hang out with my fitness friends as we all prepare for shows! Having people around me who do the same things and live a very similar lifestyle makes me feel normal again. No longer do I feel ‘odd’ for having all the tupperwares and protein powders with me. I now know the difference in prepping for shows where you have no one around you doing what you do and having everyone around you doing what you do. The change up is amazing! My goals right now in prep are to stay busy! I get distracted too easily, so things I do to stay focused is writing on my mirror, goals, sayings, desires, etc, write them on the bathroom mirror so every morning and night you wake up and BAM! goals, goals, goals!!!! Makes me want to get my ass up, out the door and conquer the day!!!!

For this week, these are they things I am focusing on! I will check in with you all next week with an update and renew my weekly goals!

Talk to you soon!!! 4 WEEKS, LETS DO IT!!!!!

xo, DD

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