Hardbody Road To The Olympia: Nathalia Melo “Listen to Your Body”

One of the IFBB’s most popular bikini competitors, Nathalia Melo checks in on her road to the Olympia. She talks about the often cliché “listen to your body” and her love/hate relationship with an “evil device”. One thing you can always count on with Nathalia is her keeping a sense of humor even when she’s tired, crabby and wants to chew her arm off during a prep. This latest check-in is no different. Check out what’s happening in Nathalia’s world in this installment of her Road to The O.

Just Under 3 weeks out
By Nathalia Melo

Hello Hardbodies!

We are now just under 3 weeks from the 2012 Olympia and I can easily say that this has been the contest prep in which I have learned a lot about my body and myself!

I had always heard people say how you should listen to your body and if you felt it was begging for a bit of rest then it should be given. For me it was a whole bunch of crap and just an excuse to get a day off! Well… I was 100% wrong on that!

At this point training is getting very intense, the “bipolar” effect is taking over and I feel like I can only remember my name because of Facebook! LOL…

I was stressing out over little things and feeling like things were not falling in place… Thanks to that little device, which I have learned to develop a Love/Hate relationship, THE SCALE! Sometimes you wanna hug it and kiss it, but sometimes you just wanna smash it against the wall! Hold on, hold on… I didn’t do either! Pheeew! I think that because of the stress my body was just like “WTF?”, and one day it decided to shut off on me, and refused to do the things I was telling it to do!! That’s when I realized it needed a BREAK… the famous, “Listen to your body!” was happening to me! No, It wasn’t a bunch of crap or an excuse; it was actually true!

I went home, ate my meals every day and slept until my bed kicked me out of it! Oh it felt good!! The next day I went back to my routine, and when I looked at myself on the mirror and stepped on the “evil device” aka the scale – BOOOM!! Everything was RIGHT ON!! Wohoooo!!!

Contest Prep, just like life, has its ups and downs, but you can’t give up at the first bump on the road! You might need a little break to get yourself together and keep on pushing forward!! Giving up on anything, mainly on yourself, should NEVER be an option and this is another lesson that I have learned on my Road to the Olympia 2012!!

Thank you all for reading this crazy and hungry lady’s blog, and Thanks Hardbody for the space to share a bit of my craziness!

Until next time,
Nathalia Melo

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Disclaimer: Reader discretion advised, please consult your physician before beginning any exercise or diet program.