Hardbody Road To The Olympia: Juliana Daniell’s Juggling Act

IFBB Pro Juliana Daniell joins us on her Road to The Olympia. Juliana will be making her second appearance on the big stage and she’s looking to stay in the top spots. She has one of the more athletic physiques in the division and it can be attributed to her years of swimming as well as her continued work as NBA cheerleader.

atlanta hawks cheerleader

The Juggle, The Struggle, and The Satisfaction
1.5 weeks out
By Juliana Daniell

This year’s Olympia prep for me has been nothing like the last. This will be my second year taking the Olympia stage in the bikini division and it will be an array of emotions when I do. Normally my prep is somewhat relaxed and the only thing I focus on; however this year the word relax and tunnel vision have been no where in my daily routine! But with all the craziness, I have never lost sight of what I want to achieve or lost the motivation to continue.

I do, and am part of, a lot of things outside of competing and usually they all fall into a nice pattern, nothing overlaps, and I can very easily manage everything.But this year, the entire year for that matter, has been completely opposite the norm! It has forced me to become more organized and assign priorities to certain things. I like to give myself ample time in between shows to make sure I stay mentally in the game as well as give my body some rest between prepping for shows. But this year, because of my Hawks (Atlanta’s NBA team) schedule, I haven’t been able to do that.

I recently competed in the Sarasota Pro show and then spent this past week in Biloxi, MS for the Atlanta Hawks Cheerleaders calendar photo shoot! This past weekend I had to attend our team retreat as well as take part in our uniform photo shoot. So between the prep for Sarasota, the travel for our photo shoot (and being away from my gym and kitchen), and the lack of time for myself (and sleep!!) it’s made things a little harder for me than normal. But even with all of the craziness going on in my life, I can honestly say I feel better and more prepared than I ever have before. Competing in Sarasota was actually a great thing for me because it forced me to get show ready early and now I am just tweaking things instead of changing them! Which is a relief mentally and physically. And because of how busy I’ve been recently, sticking to my diet has been much easier than normal because my mind is always occupied. My diet is very similar to last years; lots of fish, chicken, veggies, and very little carbs. My cardio however is slightly more than normal, 2 – 2.5 hours/day, but I’m okay with it because I can see changes already and I love them. I’m planning to come in a little smaller at this year’s Olympia compared to what I was at the Arnold this past March and I’m excited for it.

The only other thing that’s different this year compared to last is I’m a member of Team Bombshell and I love it! =) The support and knowledge that Shannon and Rob provide is just incredible. I know the reason I feel so prepared, mentally and physically, is because I believe in them, their program, and myself. And not to mention I absolutely love my teammates and the friendships I have developed over the last few months. It really makes such a huge difference, at or away from shows, when you have girls you can talk to and lean on when things are good, or bad, or just normal. Because as much as your boyfriend, mom, and friends who don’t compete try to help you, it’s just not the same because they truly don’t get it or understand what you’re going through! No offense y’all! 🙂

I’m less than two weeks out and know that the next few days are critical. Thankfully the craziness that’s been my life recently is lessening and I will be able to rest and focus a little more. But my drive and determination to bring my best package yet is in overdrive and I am excited to show y’all the final product. I’ll check back in sometime next week and give y’all an update! Until then, stay strong, stay motivated, and believe in YOURSELF! And if you have any questions please feel free to leave me a message on my facebook fan page or email me!


If you can’t make it to the Olympia you can still watch Juliana and all the other competitors live on webcast via bodybuilding.com

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