Amanda Latona’s Top 10 Hardbody Gym Jams – Weightlifting Edition

Our hardbody pal Amanda Latona took time out of her busy schedule to share what she is jamming to in the gym lately. Check out what the popular cover girl and fitness personality listens to while she’s building her world-famous booty and hitting the iron.

Ok guys here’s my Top 10 Hardbody Gym Jams:

Steering away from the likes of Lady Gaga and techno or house, although they are in my repertoire for cardio, my top 10 playlist is heavily hip hop focused. I derived my 10 all time go-to’s based around my absolute favorite thing… THE LOVE OF THE IRON… SERIOUS LIFTING!

This is my playlist is for weight training, the time I need serious focus, and serious jams. When I’m weight training, I love hip hop for its strength, and ability to psyche you out and pump you up. These gym jams will pump you up, while your pumping up. Take this playlist to the gym your next weight training day, and let me know how it goes. HAVE FUN!

1. Outta Your Mind – Lil Jon & LMFAO
2. Swing – Savage & Soulja Boy
3. Dance A$$ (remix) – Big Sean
4. Make it Nasty– Tyga
5. All I Do is Win – D.J Khaled
6. Motivation – T.I
7. Bad Girlfriend – Theory of a Deadman
8. Bossy – Kelis
9. Sweat -Bump & Grind
10. I’m Back – T.I.

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Disclaimer: Reader discretion advised, please consult your physician before beginning any exercise or diet program.