Hard Body Kaitlyn is The New WWE® Diva Champion

Houston, We see no problems! A HUGE shout out to our Hardbody friend and contributor to the site, Kaitlyn. Tonight in front of thousands of fans in her hometown of Houston,Texas she become the new WWE® Diva Champion. Th hometown girl was down early but not out. At the end of the match she hoisted the belt in victory.


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Via wwe.com:

You know what they say: Good things come to those who wait. And Kaitlyn’s persistence in pursuing the Divas Title finally paid off on Raw’s 20th anniversary, when the beautiful NXT veteran finally dethroned Eve as Divas Champion, capturing the butterfly-emblazoned title in a hard-fought match with an interesting stipulation. While Eve had largely retained the title due to chicanery and an exploitation of technicalities, SmackDown General Manager Booker T decreed the title would change hands if Eve got herself counted out or disqualified again, as she had done in recent bouts between her and Kaitlyn.

The stipulation worked entirely to the challenger’s advantage, as Eve found herself with nowhere to escape Kaitlyn’s relentless onslaught. The champion looked as though she might pull off the victory after a rough start, but couldn’t close the door on the contest to notch a three-count or submission. The two Divas matched each other shot for shot, as Eve kicked out of Kaitlyn’s reverse DDT, Kaitlyn escaped the neckbreaker and Eve withstood the gutbuster in a vicious sequence of signature maneuvers. Kaitlyn inevitably proved herself the wilier of the two when Eve tossed Kaitlyn over the barrier and assumed the win was in hand. While Eve called for a count-out, Kaitlyn snuck back into the ring and rocked the champion with a spear, bringing Eve’s reign to its crashing close.

But that’s not all: One Diva’s triumph was another one’s final downfall as, moments later, a furious Eve quit WWE during an WWEActive interview.

Check out the video where Kaitlyn is all tears…of joy after her win. Here’s some HARDBODY photos of Kaitlyn shot by Liftstudios specifically for Kaitlyn and this site.

See more photos of Kaitlyn on WWE.com.

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