Texas Tawna’s Road to The Arnold

Tawna Eubanks is a rising star in the IFBB Bikini division. She’s steadily moved up in the ranks and positioned herself as a contender in every show she enters. She joins us in our Hardbody Road to The Arnold coverage and shares a bit about herself. They say “everything is bigger in Texa”s and when you see Tawna on stage her smile and energy reinforces that. Follow what the first time Arnold competitor has to say en route to her first trip to the Bikini International stage.


Tawna Eubanks – 2013 Biini International Contender

Hey Y’all! Tawna Eubanks here!

First I have to warn you, I’m not much of a writer and this happens to be my very first blog…ever! So bare with me please!  If you couldn’t already tell from the first two words, I’m Texas born and currently residing in Dallas, TX. I was raised in Waco, Texas… no David Koresh was not my uncle. For whatever reason everyone seems to think that if you’re from Waco your related. Anyways!  I currently train clients of all shapes and sizes out of Metroflex Gym of Plano, and I really enjoy the work. I also keep a pretty busy schedule teaching bikini competitors to pose! Texas has a great group of competitors and it’s fun to give back to the sport and help all these girls make the most of their time on stage!

I’ve been competing right at 3 years. It was a passion from the get go! I grew up competing in beauty pageants, dance, ballet, cheer-leading; I LOVED being on stage and still do, it has always felt like second nature to me. Last year was actually my first time to go to the Arnold; I was working a booth for Muscle Nutrition. Little did I know that working a booth at the Arnold would be so INTENSE! GEEZE that’s a lot of people in one spot. It’s a really cool atmosphere and it’s always really fun to meet all the fitness fans and like minded people.  The expo is where I spent most my time but I was able to escape to the stage to watch the bikini prejudging and finals. What a great contest… from Men’s Bodybuilding, the Strongman and seeing Arnold is always inspiring. After a great experience inside Veterans Memorial I left pointing to the stage saying “Next year…”

So, here I am prepping for THE 2013 Bikini International Arnold Classic, and I am just tinkled pink! As my first year being on the Arnold stage I am really looking forward to soaking up the moment and taking it all in. Sometimes I get caught up in preparation, training, dieting, traveling and everything else to get ready for a show. I forget to take a step back and realize WHAT I am prepping for, WHERE am I at, WHO I’m next to! Ha! I’ve been working hard on keeping my diet clean and getting to the gym through the Holidays so that I could bring my best package for the Arnold. It wasn’t easy being home with the family where I have a mom AND a step mom who are both Betty Crocker’s. But I managed and I am very excited and super anxious to step out on that stage! It’s really such an honor to be invited to this show and I still can’t believe that I am going to be part of it!

My last show was the Sacramento Pro in November so I am still fresh off stage. This was my second year at the SAC show placing second (Thanks AMANDA love ya girl ;), and THAT was motivation enough for me to prepare for the Arnold. I always want to strive for better on and off stage. Being that the Arnold is the first show of the year and coming off of a top spot in my last show I am more than amped to prep! I am undder 7 weeks out, training 6 days a week and cardio 6 days a week. I am really glad to share with y’all my journey to the Arnold stage.

Taking it one day at time!

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