Candice Keene’s Hardbody Road to the Arnold: Life is a Journey – Learn from It

Figure International contender, Candice Keene checks in just a couple weeks out from the big show in Columbus. The IFBB Figure Pro shares what her state of mind is like and what her mantra is for 2013. Read what’s happening in Candice’s world as she prepares for her first show of the year.


Hey Guys!

I know I’m a little late updating you all on my Road to the Arnold. (Sorry!!!)  These last two weeks have went by so fast and have been so busy that it kind of felt only a week went by! It’s craziness I tell you!  I have to look at my calendar to remind myself what day it is frequently. Three weeks to go till I hit the stage! I am sooo excited for this show too! Everything seems to be falling into place: Right frame of mind, already on point physically, my determination to be my best is on fire, and there is just something about the year 2013 that gets me full of excitement just thinking about it. Maybe because I AM READY!  I am ready to take on whatever comes my way.  I am ready to finally come into my own.  Each year I think I have finally figured myself out, but each following year I continue to prove myself wrong.  I am constantly discovering new things about myself.. Love it!

Life is a journey; a journey to enjoy, but also to learn from.  Every day is a learning experience. Every day I find something new about myself.  As of right now, my inner-self is telling me to listen to those tiny thoughts in the back of my head, and to listen and trust my gut. Also to not be afraid to look blindly ahead, to jump, and to trust that whatever lies ahead will be nothing short of amazing.  You never know what ‘could be’ unless you take that first step into whatever it is you want to do or become.

Anyhoo, I hope everyone is enjoying their week!  I have tons of studying to do the next week. Had my first exam the other day, one tomorrow, and one next week…so focused I must be!  Sometimes people ask how I manage to do school, compete, and my business… Well, don’t think about everything on your plate…you just DO IT!!

My words of wisdom for the week: “Pay attention to your heart, your mind, and your gut…they usually never lie!”

Until Next Time!! ~CK

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Lead image courtesy of Candice Keene.

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