Interview with Bikini International Competitor Jaime Baird

Jaime Baird has been one of the leading ladies in the IFBB Pro Bikini division since its inception. She’ll be heading to her third Bikini International next weekend where she hopes to stay in the top spots.’s David Robinson caught up with the Florida pro for an interview. Jaime hits on training, motivation and becoming the online editor-in-chief of FitnessRX for Women.


Can you describe your current training approach and the specific results it has produced? Have you made any changes to the program you used in 2012?

My training is always intense and it evolves throughout my prep so I see continued progress. So, it’s hard to say how my training is different from last year’s prep. I focus on making the most of each and every weight training session so my muscles stay full while I’m leaning out.

How important is nutrition to your competition preparation? Do you follow a similar dietary protocol year round?
Success in this sport, or anything related to your health, begins with nutrition. You can train your butt off, but if you don’t eat strategically, you won’t see results.

My diet definitely varies from off-season to pre-contest. My off-season nutrition, while still mostly clean, has a bit more variety and calories from carbs and fat. And, I definitely make room for a chocolate chip cookie or two when I’m not counting down to a show.

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