Erin Stern Sticks to The Plan

Erin stern is on track for the 2013 Figure International held in Columbus, Ohio. She was recently interview by’s David Robinson where she talked about this year’s competition and more. Stern offered some great advice, “I found that the best way to handle the pressure is to make a plan and stick to it. I focus on what needs to be done. I have learned to filter the feedback and understand that I won’t make everyone happy.”


A question often asked of Figure competitors is what would you like to accomplish? If an amateur they typically say, “turn pro” and if a pro they say, “win the Olympia”. When Erin was asked what she would like to accomplish by being a Figure athlete she answered much differently. Perhaps it was because she’s already won the Olympia or maybe she’s gained insight at what being a pro competitor in the spotlight can be about. Erin shared, “I want to teach and help other women incorporate balance into their lives. I want to help other women be strong, healthy, and natural.”

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