2013 Toronto Pro – Women’s Preview

This weekend over 100 IFBB Pros will head north to Canada for the annual Toronto Pro Show. The competition is shaping up to be highly competitive in each division. Despite the continued low numbers in Fitness it will be a tough line-up. Fans will also get to see Bikini, Figure, Physique and female bodybuilding. The show is held over two days and continues to get better and better each year. Check out the competitors slated to compete and the Hardbody breakdown on each division.



The Bikini division has to favor Ashley Kaltwasser for the win. She’s been on fire all year and consistently in the top three since the Bikini International. Aside from Ashley the field is fairly wide open. Gigi continues to bring her legs down which could put her in the top five. Jennifer Dawn looks to get back in the top ranks after missing out in her recent showings. Yarleis Gonzalez should be contending for the top spot but has yet to crack the top three since her pro debut. If she can bring her lower half in tighter she’ll be in the top spots, if not she’ll be outside the top three again. Dayna Maleton has a smoke’n physique but comes in a bit too hard and muscular for most bikini competitions. If she can tone it down a bit she’ll be top five. Amanda Sexsmith could catch some people sleeping and sneak into a top spot. Canadian Jaclyn Wilson will stand out as one of the lone blondes in the group. If she can bring a tight physique she could contend for a top five spot.


Gigi Amurao
Cynthia Benoit
Leigh Brandt
Danielle Carr
Eboney Chipman
Becky Clawson
Jennifer Dawn
Dana French
Yarelis Gonzalez
Ashley Kaltwasser
Meredith Long
Dayna Maleton
Nathalie Mur
Amanda Sexsmith
Simone Sinclair
Anna Lee Van Hatten
Janet Lynn West
Jaclyn Wilson

The fitness competitors are often heard grumbling about few competitions on the schedule but when there are shows few turn out. This is why most promoters opt not to include fitness. Props to the ten women who have entered this show as it will be one to watch and highly competitive despite the low turn out. Michelle Blank will make things interesting in her return since being injured and switching to Women’s Physique for the 2012 season. She’ll have a solid routine and will be a question of how conditioned she is for the physique round. Look for her to finish in the top spots. Nicole Duncan can be the winner here if she brings the high flying, high intensity we’ve expected from her routines and nails her conditioning. She tightened up for the Arnold Brasil and if she comes even sharper she’ll be in the mix. Lately she seems to be a bit winded at the end of her routines. If she nails the routines all the way through she could be the queen of the night. Ryall has to be considered the one to beat after taking top honors at the Arnold Brasil. She has the physique and a high-flying, energetic routine. Vanda Hadarean has the looks and incredible gymnastic skills. If she’s in the hunt after the 2-piece round she’ll be a contender for the top five. Fiona Harris has the physique and it’s a matter of putting together a well choreographed routine with consistent strength moves. Amanda Hatfield continues to improve with each pro show and look for her to move up even more this time around. Babette has yet to find her groove in the pro ranks and if she brings a tighter physique this time around will move up. Ashley Sebera will be making her pro debut and has the cute factor working for her. She’ll need to come in conditioned and tight to be in contention here. Tanis Tzavaras is an inspiration to all women. She returned to the stage shortly after having a baby and more than held her own at the Ft. Lauderdale Cup. Look for her to be a crowd favorite here no matter where she finishes. Eileen Wells will be making her pro debut and will need to bring an energetic routine with strength moves to hang with this group but a great show to test herself in the pro ranks.


Michelle Blank
Nicole Duncan
Ryall Graber Vasani
Vanda Hadarean
Fiona Harris
Amanda Hatfield
Babette Mulford
Ashley Sebera
Tanis Tzavaras
Eileen Wells

The Figure competition will be a hard fought challenge for the top spots. Ann Titone has to be the favorite heading into the show with her recent showings and refined physique. Natalie Waples will look to challenge her as well Aleisha Hart. Both Aleisha and Natalie would love to win in their native country, the only opportunity afforded to them since every other pro show is held outside of Canada. Swann Cardot positioned herself as one to watch after her runner-up finish at the New York Pro. She won’t carry the most muscle of the group but if she matches her presentation and conditioning from New York will be a contender for the top spots.  While those might be the leading ladies on paper any number of women could slip into the top five at this show.

Leah Berti
Magela Camronero
Swann Cardot
Vicki Counts
Ginette Delhaes
Krista Dunn
Melanie Gardner
Cydney Gillon
Erin Harding
Aleisha Hart
Kenyatta Jones Arietta
Veronique Morin
Tiani Norman
Tamara Ribeiro Bailey
Tissilli Rogers
Jill St. Laurent
Danielle Sereluca
Ann Titone
Natalie Waples

The Physique competition will also be hotly contested. Kim Tilden made the switch from Figure to Physique and has shown she has the structure to be a top contender in the division. Toni West is coming off a third place finish and if she tightens up just a bit from her New York finish she’ll be in the hunt once again. Joelle Smith is also poised to be a contender in this line-up after a strong finish in New York. Mindi O’Brien will be the dark horse in the line-up as she switches from Fitness to Physique due to nagging injuries. Jen Louwagie has a good look and should have been higher in my opinion at the New York Pro. CeaAnna Kerr is another Figure to Physique competitor who could contend for the top five. It’ll all depend on how every shows up and compares to one another but given there’s no clear cut winner it’ll make for an exciting show.

Debbie Barrable Leung
La’Drissa Bonivel
Jill Dearmin
Nathalie Falk
Cynthia Jansen
CeaAnna Kerr
Michelle Krack
Sandra Lombardo
Jen Louwagie
Mindi O’Brien
Tammy Patnode
Janessa Roy
Jill Rudison
Joelle Smith
Tammy Strome
Kim Tilden
Toni West

Despite the constant complaining of so few shows for female bodybuilders, few have entered the competition. You’d think we’d see over 20 women in the line-up but that’s not the case. Maria Rita Bello will be a crowd favorite with all the muscle she carries but don’t look for the judges to share the same thoughts. She’s big and blocky but did finish in 4th at the 2011 Tampa Pro. Anne Freitas will likely show up with freaky size and conditioning. Gillian Kovack was fourth at this show last year and doesn’t have the smallest waist but could be a top contender. Janeen Lankowski was third at the Chicago Pro and could be a top five finisher here if she matches that look. Marina Lopez returns to female bodybuilding after trying her hand at physique and always being “too big”. She could be the top contender here if she brings in a small waist and controls her breathing / stomach while posing. Melody Spetko could be top five and match her 2012 Tampa Pro finish.

Maria Rita Bello
Michelle Brent
Laura Davies
Guisy Caputo
Christine Envall
Anne Freitas
Gillian Kovack
Janeen Lankowski
Marina Lopez
Maryse Manios
Rene Marven
Sharon Mould
Jennifer Scarpetta
Athena Siganakis
Melody Spetko

Visit www.torontoprosupershow.com for more info and use #TOPRO for all your tweets related to the show.

IFBB Pro Women’s Meeting (Bodybuilding, Physique, Figure, Fitness and Bikini)
Friday May 31st, 2013
Metro Toronto Convention Centre


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