2013 IFBB Omaha Pro Figure Review & Results

The third annual IFBB Omaha Pro is in the books. Arizona’s Candice Lewis successfully defending her title tonight in downtown Omaha but the win didn’t come easy.

Nipping at her heels was Colorado’s Camala Rodriquez, fresh off her first pro victory at the Cal Pro. Rising in the figure ranks and bringing a much improved look to the stage was Aleisha Hart. The Canadian standout is en route to the Olympia if she continues to collect points in the every challenging Olympia Point Series. Rounding out the top five was Kim Sheppard and Allison Frahn. The two are also in the mix for the Olympia point series.

The venue for the Omaha Pro was second to none. You’ll be hard pressed to find a better venue than the Holland Center in Omaha. Captain Jack Titone an his wife Ann did a great job and rolled out the red carpet for the competitors and fans. Hats of to the St. Louis duo who continue to put their heart and soul into the NPC and IFBB. Their passion is admirable and it doesn’t go unnoticed.

See photos from the IFBB and NPC event here.

1. Candice Lewis: The defending champ has incredible shape. She wasn’t at her best here but her shape carried her to a victory. She was a little off in her conditioning. Look for her to take a little break and then compete at the Olympia. If she sharpens her conditioning she can be a top 5 finisher.

2. Camala Rodriguez: Camala was a bit more streamlined with her physique and overall look but her tan could have been darker and a bit tighter in her conditioning. I wasn’t crazy about her suit cut on the bottom. She appeared confident on stage and a runner-up finish here is a great placing.

3. Aleisha Hart: The Canadian standout took the stage with a ton of confidence. She weas holding a bit of water but wasn’t terrible. She stood out from the get-go and wouldn’t have argued if she was in second. She’s improved her posing and presentation a great deal over the last year.

4. Kimberly Sheppard Kim took the stage with confidence. She had nice color/good tan and presentation She could use more wider lats, especially from the front. If she lifts up a bit when posing from the back it would help. She continues to collect points in the Olympia Series.

5. Allison Frahn: Allison’s little details were on point… hair & makeup look good, nice suit and good tan. I’d like to see a bit more thickness in her back.

6. Maria Luisa Baeza Diaz: Maria has a pretty balanced physique and complete from head to toe. Many competitors lack calves but she’s not one of them. She carries a bit more muscle than others especially in her legs. There are times when posing she needs to open up her back a bit more. Still a solid showing from Maria.

7. Victoria Adelus: Victoria Adelus could be a bit fuller and needs to fill out her frame a bit more. Standing next to Maria it when you see it. She always has great energy and seems to be having fun.

8. Dawn Fernandez:  Dawn has great delts. She rocked a nice suit and her tanning was spot on. She needs to to be a bit tighter in the lower body from the backside and a bit more thickness in her back.

9. Bernita Stuckey: Bernita had great energy on stage. Love the shape and symmetry she brought to the stage. I wouldn’t have argued if she was in the top five. I thought the look sthe brought to the stage was very good.

10. Elizabeth Jenkins: The hometown gal has great delts. She could have been a little tighter an bring her legs down a bit. It’s always fun to compete as a pro in your own backyard.

11. Lauren Lessnau: This was Lauren’s pro debut. She downsized a bit since turning pro in Women’s Physique last year. She was a bit uncomfortable posing and walking in heels. She was better at the night show but still could improve. She looked good from the back but the front poses weren’t as on point.

12. Ginette Delhaes:  ofOne of Ginette’s best looks on stage. Her waist came down a bit at least it appeared to on stage and looks great from the front. She brought the best version of her and that’s all you can do.

13. Krista Dunn: Krista appears a little shallow in the upper chest and posing needs a little bit of tweaking. She improved her posing at the night show. She’s done a number of shows in a row and it might be time for a rest. She knows her body best thought and continues to come in with good conditioning.

14. Nancy Bowlin: In prejudging he could have used a bit more oil. Needed to be a bit tigher in the legs, especially from behind.

. Samantha Maycock: She has good shape. Once she gets into her poses she looks goo. Needed to be a bit tighter from behind.

16. Linda McKown: She had great energy and looked to be having fun. She wasn’t quite tight enough and her lower body needs to be dialed in.  great energy. Not quite tight enough. Lower body needs dialed in. #omahapro

16. Cinderella Richardson: She was in great shape and incredible condition but lots of muscle and it was too much for this lineup. She could potentially move over to women’s physique and do better. Her suit top wasn’t the most flattering fit.

See photos from the IFBB and NPC event here.

2013 IFBB Omaha Pro Figure Results:
1. Candice Lewis
2. Camala Rodriguez
3. Aleisha Hart
4. Kimberly Sheppard
5. Allison Frahn
6. Maria Luisa Baeza Diaz
7. Victoria Adelus
8. Dawn Fernandez
9. Bernita Stuckey
10. Elizabeth Jenkins
11. Lauren Lessnau
12. Ginette Delhaes
13. Krista Dunn
14. Nancy Bowlin
15. Samantha Maycock
16. Linda McKown
16. Cinderella Richardson

See photos from the IFBB and NPC event here.

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