Build Better Legs & Glutes – Ashley Kaltwasser’s Hardbody Training

Ashley Kaltwasser took top honors at the 2012 Arnold Sports Amateur competition in Columbus, Ohio. She went on to achieve pro status at the 2012 Team Universe and has since become one of the rising starts in the IFBB Pro League. Ashley shares her leg and glute workouts that help her build her hard body. She splits her workouts into two separate regimens, one with a leg focus and the other with a glute focus.


Monday (leg focus)
• 4 x 10 deep squats Smith Machine
• 4 x 10 prone hamstring curl
• 4 x 10ea. leg Pistol Squats
• 4 x 10 straight leg dead lifts
• 4 x 10 sumo squats with dumbbell
• 3 x 20 calf raise

Thursday (glute focus)
• 3 x1 5 resistance band kick backs
• 3 x 10 plyometric box jumps
• 3 x 10 one legged dead lifts with dumbbell
• 3 x 15 glute kick ups on hamstring curl machine or 3x 5 Glute Ham Raise
* Some exercises may be performed in a circuit or as supersets.

I will do a few sessions of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) cardio throughout the week, focusing on squeezing the glute area.

Examples of what I typically do for cardio would be 20 mins of interval Step Mill or 10 minutes of Jacob’s Ladder.


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Disclaimer: Reader discretion advised, please consult your physician before beginning any exercise or diet program.