2013 Olympia Prize Money Reaches One Million Dollars

The 2013 Olympia continues to be the most anticipated event in bodybuilding and fitness. Event organizers shared an update to the prize money and it’s reached a whopping one million dollars. Previously we shared that the Olympia total purse had been increased to nearly one million but now it’s reached the milestone. The additions come to the men’s bodybuilding events and both the men and women’s physique divisions. Exciting news for the women who will be competing in the inaugural Women’s Physique Showdown.



Joe Weider’s Olympia Fitness and Performance Weekend has reached a milestone-correction, a million dollar milestone. Yes, bodybuilding’s biggest weekend has hit the $1,000,000 mark, making Olympia Weekend’s total prize money figure the richest in the industry-by a country mile! Check out the increases in total prize money per division: Mr. Olympia has jumped from $650,000 to $675,000; the Olympia 212 Showdown has grown from $40,000 to $65,000; and the inaugural Olympia Men’s and Women’s Physique Showdowns kick in $20,000 a piece, and those figures combined with the other divisions add up to one million dollars in total prize money.

For years, the goal was to reach one million dollars by the 50th anniversary of Olympia Weekend, which would have been 2014. But thanks to the hard work and combined efforts of American Media Inc. and its CEO and chairman David J. Pecker, the IFBB Professional League and its president Jim Manion, and title sponsor Ultimate Nutrition, presenting sponsor Bodybuilding.com, and other valued sponsors, Joe and Ben Weider’s lifelong dream has become reality-ahead of schedule. And let’s not forget the folks who really made this possible, the fans.

“Without the fans none of this would have happened,” Manion said. “Whether you’re a fan who attends year after year, a fan who can only make a special trip once in a while, or a first-time fan, it’s because of your support of the event and the sport, that Olympia Weekend has been getting bigger every year and I know that with all the exciting things happening in the industry, it will continue growing in the coming years. The sky’s the limit.”

Ultimate Nutrition presents the 2013 IFBB Joe Weider’s Olympia Fitness and Performance Weekend, brought to you by Bodybuilding.com, September 26-29 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Get your tickets now at www.mrolympia.com.

Mr. Olympia: $675,000
212 Showdown: $65,000
Ms. Olympia: $60,000
Fitness Olympia: $60,000
Figure Olympia: $60,000
Bikini Olympia: $40,000
Men’s Physique Showdown: $20,000
Women’s Physique Showdown: $20,000

Total: $1,000,000

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