Trish Warren’s Hardbody Road to The Arnold

Trish Warren joins us to share what life is like as a mother, wife, business owner and top fitness pro. Trish made her return to the stage last year after having baby. She picked up where she left off and didn’t miss a beat. Trish continues to up her level of difficulty in her routines and is a threat to the stop in every show she enters. Check out what Trish has been up to and what a “normal day” in the Warren residence looks like.

Trish Warren Fitness Pro

Happy New Year Hardbodies!

Last year was a monumental year for me as I had to learn how to balance my life between God, Branch, Faith (my daughter), my career, and competing. At times it was very trying, and I spent a lot of time praying for the strength to endure such a busy lifestyle. Most women would shut down and give up, but I somehow found the courage to keep pushing forward. I have been blessed to have a support group that saw the champion in me that I was struggling to find. Some of the fears I faced were, stepping back on stage after having a baby not knowing if I will be as good as my last show; can I encourage Branch as he struggled with overcoming a knee injury that was re-injured during the filming of Generation Iron when he was bucked off his horse Pistol?

Can I give my daughter the attention she needs to meet all of her important mile stones, can I maintain my full-time business while Branch and I prep for a big show, and will the decision for Branch to work with Neil Hill bring a favorable look, or will it backfire?


My fears stuck with me through the Olympia, and while I seemed calm and collective on the outside, I was numb and a wreck on the inside.

Leading up to the Olympia our schedule seemed unbearable! Branch was going to therapy 3-4 times a week, which was adding to the stress of our normal hectic daily schedule. We had to stay up late, and get up early to get in all of his meals, because Neil had him eating so much more than he previously had. Faith was becoming more adventurous so trips to the gym were becoming more difficult, and my routine sessions were often paused so Faith could show me that she could do what I was doing. I remember boarding the plane to Vegas praying for God to give me the ability to handle any outcome with a positive attitude knowing that his plan was perfect and I have to trust this. Branch and I both slipped a few places and the weekend was much quieter than I was used to. I felt that I brought a very balanced physique to the stage and a super entertaining routine, but this was not enough to keep me in the top 5.



I then decided to see if I could redeem myself at the Europa Phoenix but once again left with a disappointing outcome. This weighed very heavy on my heart and I needed time to decompress and re-evaluate my fitness dreams. I continued to seek God for answers and search deep within myself to see if I still have the ability to be a competitive fitness pro. I have decided to give it another shot at the Fitness International as competing is my passion, and I do this for myself. I will go into this show with no expectations other than proving to myself that I still have the ability to make improvements. So far I have found a balance that seems to be working for us.

A normal day at the Warren residence looks something like this..

• 6:30 wake up, and have coffee and make breakfast while Branch does his cardio.
• 7:30-9:30 work
• 9:30 make our pre-workout meals
• 10:00-11:00 train
• 11:30 make lunch
• 12:00-2:30 work
• 2:30 prepare another meal for Branch and I
• 3:00-5:00 work
• 5:00 prepare another meal
• 5:30-7:00 my cardio and routine time
• 7:00 cook again
•  7:30-10:30 family time. Make a shake before bed.
• 10:30 listen to a sermon from Pastor Troy at

Faith is with me most of the day and enjoys helping me work! She still goes to the gym with me and try’s to keep up with me as best she can. In the weeks leading up to the Fitness International I will be posting updates and recipes on my fan page, as well as blogs here on Hardbody. Thanks for your support and I will catch up with you in a couple of weeks!

Until Next Time,

Love Life and God Bless!
Trish Warren

Disclaimer: Reader discretion advised, please consult your physician before beginning any exercise or diet program.