Burton Girls Graphic Contest

Burton Snowboards has been the leader in the industry for years and with that comes the challenge of always being ahead of the competition. Burton Girls is a division devoted to the women’s side of things at the company. One of the things the team does is develop graphics and designs for the women’s line. Now they’re calling on you to be part of the team.

Burton Girls Snowboard

The calendar just hit 2014 but the Boards Team at Burton is already working on a new model for 2016. Think you have a photo that would look super cool on a snowboard? Check it out… The winning Entries will be used as a graphic on one or more snowboards in the upcoming snowboard line.


1. We will ONLY accept original photos! Please DO NOT send Instagram photos or photos with added filters.

2. We will ONLY accept one submission.

3. We will ONLY accept FOUR photos. Please DO NOT send more than four photos. Submissions with more than four photos will not be accepted. Be picky! Find the best of the best.

4. We’re looking for photos in the following categories: Outdoor, Travel, Snowboarding, Lifestyle. Think about those four categories and pick your photos based on them.

5. Send your photos to info@burton.com with the subject 2016 Burton Girls Graphic. Include your name, email, and phone number in the email.

6. By submitting these photos, you are allowing Burton Snowboards to use these photos in a board graphic for 2016.

7. We will be notifying the Burton Girls whose photos are going to be used once all selections have been made.

8. All submissions must be sent in by January 20, 2014.

The Legal Rules here.

Lead Graphic via Burton Girls.

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