Road to The Arnold with Yeshaira Robles – 6 Weeks out

Top IFBB Bikini Pro Yeshaira Robles checks in with an update on her road to the Arnold. She’s currently six weeks out from the Bikini International and this time around she’s dieting with her significant other. The fit duo has a fun, light-hearted relationship where they keep each other in check. Check out what’s up with Yeshaira.


What’s Up Hardbodies?!!!

What have I been up to? Hmm… well, I’m six weeks out from the Bikini International yayy. I’m looking forward to a few things; Seeing everyone, wearing my bikini, having my hair and make up done and posing on stage. I don’t normally get all dolled up, so that’s why I look forward to competing. When I go to the gym I wear sweats and a tank top. I admire some of the girls I see wearing booty shorts and sports bras they look amazing. I told Marco (my fiancé also prepping for the Arnold) the other day that when I get really close to show time I’m going to wear those type of clothes to the gym. He looked at me and said ” Well if you’re doing a shoot yes, but not to work out.” LOL

Training has been going very well. At first I was sore all over, I had to roll out of bed. Now nothing hurts. Food has been more like fuel for my body. That’s how I think of it.

I can’t go food shopping with Marco. I like to add 100 calorie treats to the cart, but when we get to the cash register oooooo it’s a different story. He picks it up and says “Really Yeshaira? Is this what you’re going to eat”. I tell him, “It’s just for some in between snacks” he says “No put it back”. Now the lady at the cash register looks at me and looks at him. Here I am looking thin. I could just imagine what she’s thinking haha. (Damm he doesn’t let her eat nothing). So now I go food shopping by myself as well sometimes hehe.

Here’s another funny story with Marco. Last night I turned off the heat at home since it was warm. He gets out the shower and tells me “Did you turn off the heat?” I say ” Yes it’s hot in here”. He says “Hell no its cold!! Its because you’re fat”. LOL he’s the worst.

That’s all for now.

Thanks for reading and until next time Keep Training Hard!

You Guys Rock “Peace”!
Yeshaira Robles

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