Aerie Vows to show “Real Women”… Airbrush Free

American Eagle’s brand ‘Aerie’ caters to young women and their new “REAL” ad campaign vows to show “real women”. The campaign features women without photoshop and embraces their imperfections. Everything from tattoos to beauty marks remain in the photos shown in this campaign. The advertising is getting a great deal of buzz because it goes against the norm in advertising images.

aerie-real images

Let’s be clear though… the photos are professional lit and photographed. The women shown are models, just not “super models” and they’re beautiful. The approach / tactic in this campaign isn’t new but it is a bold step to show what “real women” look like, at least in advertising. The message is a positive one and it encourages women, especially young women, to take a positive look at themselves. The current look of advertising images, and editorial images for that matter, tends to show overly edited images. In most advertising images… women’s waistlines are trimmed, their noses made smaller, arms shorter and the list goes on.

aerie real ad

Whether or not this campaign will give women a better self-image remains to be seen but kudos to the brand for showcasing women in a different light. What do you think about it? Join the conversation on twitter @hardbodynews and on facbeook.

images vie

Disclaimer: Reader discretion advised, please consult your physician before beginning any exercise or diet program.