Bethany Cisternino’s Road to The Fitness International

Bethany Cisternino is one of the top Fitness pros in the IFBB Pro League. She’s a threat for the top spots in every competition she enters and the 2014 Fitness International is no different. She was third at the 2013 event and has her sights set on the top spot. She’s been faced with the challenges that Mother Nature has brought to the East Coast with the ridiculous amounts of snow. Bethany hasn’t let that get in her way staying the course and coming in on top of her game.

Bethany Cisternino

She’s not only prepping for the show but also a teacher and coaches indoor track and gymnastics. The Bridgewater bad ass checks in with an update with just days to go until the big dance in Columbus.

Hey there hardbody peeps! We are a few short days away from the 2014 Ms. Fitness International and I am ready to rock! I’d like to share a few things I’ve found very important and critical to my prep this year (other than training).

I am at the Acura dealership because I hit a monster pot-hole and blew out my right front tire. AWESOME. No, not awesome. The snow and ice has been relentless this winter. I don’t think I have had a full week of school since before Christmas! One benefit from the cold weather and canceled classes… more sleep. I’ve had a chance to catch up on a lot of sleep and has allowed my body more time to recover.

Sleep is key. It is the time when your mind and muscles finally rest, recover, and grow. It can also be a huge factor in weight loss. I typically average 5 hours of sleep during the week. However, this prep I have made an effort to get at least 6 1/2 or 7 during the week. The weekends I never set an alarm. I listen to my body and let it get up when it wants to. If you are interested in benefits of sleep check out for more information.

Every prep I learn something new about myself. This prep, I have learned to look at my training, dieting, and hard work as a celebration. I’ve tried not to complain about cardio or dieting. My leg is not being amputated and pizza will be still be served after March 1st. Everybody trains hard. Everybody has obstacles and challenges. Nothing about being an IFBB competitor is easy. Stop complaining and celebrate it.

“Yup. That’s right. That’s me. Check me out. Look what I can do.”

I’ve learned it’s ok to be proud. This does not mean post everything on Instagram. I don’t need you to “like” my picture for satisfaction or justification. Yes, we all tend to post pictures for fans and followers, but I have made an effort to internalize my efforts.

I’m talking about self-worth and self-pride.

In less than a week that’s exactly what I’m going to do. Win or lose (hopefully win) I look forward to celebrating with my friends, fans, and fitness sisters.

I may even do a dance!

When asked what kind of dance Bethany will do she said, “My dance will definitely include some form of fist pump — I’m from NJ.” But of course. LOL!

Disclaimer: Reader discretion advised, please consult your physician before beginning any exercise or diet program.