Inaugural Arnold Australia Competitor Lists Announced

2014 Arnold Australia
The inaugural Arnold Classic Australia will be held in Melbourne, Australia on March 13-15, 2015. The official list of invited athletes was announced today and the first Arnold Australia looks to be a star-studded event. The IFBB Pro League event will feature the Men’s Open bodybuilding, Women’s Figure and Bikini divisions. There will be a number of other events held in conjunction with the pro show along with an expo. Get your tickets and more information at

2015 Arnold Australia Competitor Lists

Many of the competitors will be on stage at the Arnold in Columbus the week prior to this event. Look for Candice Keene and Candice Lewis to lead the Figure competition with Bethany Wagner-Cisternino potentially shaking things up. Anne Titone is sure to be a top six contender and if Camala nails her conditioning she should be in the mix for a top spot. Latorya Watts is also one who could sneak up into the top spots as she showed tremendous potential throughout the 2014 season. Add in Coates, Cowan and Dees and the top spots will be highly competitive at this show. Keene will be tough to beat but it’s anyone’s show when a long flight is involved.

Alicia Coates
Ava Cowan
Heather Dees
Amanda Doherty
Maria Garcia
Candice Keene
Candice Lewis
Eliyan Lobez
Asher Prior
Tara Ramos
Larissa Reis
Carmala Rodriguez-McClure
Myra Rogers
Rinnah Schmid
Anne Titone
Bethany Wagner-Cisternino
Latorya Watts

You have to figure it will be a bikini battle between Janet Layug and Ashley Kaltwasser for the top spot. After that look for Paulino and Mahoe to be in the top spots. Again, a long flight can throw a competitor’s game off so you never know who will benefit and who won’t from it.

Narmin Assria
Pollianna Batista-Moss
Summer Bernard
Lacey Deluca
Barbie Heng
Ashley Kaltwasser
Janet Layug
Stephanie Mahoe
Jade MacKinnon
Sheena Martin
India Paulino
Anna Starodubtseva
Whitney Wiser
Amy Wright

The Men’s show is pretty close to the Arnold Classic line up in Columbus. Watch how things play out there and look for them to be pretty close to the same in Australia. The smart money is on the seasoned vet, Dexter Jackson but young bucks like Compton and a hungry Curry could be nipping at his heels.

Evan Centopani
Justin Compton
Brandon Curry
Toney Freeman
Dexter Jackson
Michael Kefalianos
Josh Lenartowicz
Cedric McMillan
Sam Mohammad
Ben Pakulski
Luke Schembri
Branch Warren
Roelly Winklaar

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Arnold Australia 2015

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