Jada Pinkett Smith’s Inspiration

inspiration fitnessIt’s not every day you see a Hollywood celebrity post that their inspiration comes from a Figure competitor. On Sunday, Actor/Director Jada Pinkett Smith shared a photo of IFBB Figure Pro Natalie Benson on her Facebook page and said, “Here’s one of my new inspirations to hit the gym. This is Natalie Benson and this picture is the wallpaper on my phone. When I’m contemplating whether I’m going to work out or not…I look at her and I’m out the door. I will never look like her, but she inspires me everyday. She’s magnificent…”

That’s pretty sweet. When Natalie heard of the news she shared, “thank you for this POST!!! Girl people are always thinking and quoting that I look like a man!!! And I’m far from that… I do not let the negative comments affect me and I keep on pushing and pushing.. I’m a 40 year old woman, with a 21 year old daughter!! and I take care of myself just as you!!! You have a great body hun!!! And I love it.. I’m smiling like crazy to know that Jada Pinkett Smith has me as her wall paper!! Love Ya CHICA!! Let’s keep on inspiring woman… To push themselves no matter what!!”

Natalie Benson
As Jada shared, “Find a workout muse…it helps”. Solid advice for all of us to stay motivated and inspired.

photo via Physique Art Inc.

Disclaimer: Reader discretion advised, please consult your physician before beginning any exercise or diet program.