Myriam Capes’ Hardbody Gym Jams

Myriam Capes Music
Canadian Fitness Pro, Myriam “Mimi” Capes has been busting her butt in the gym getting ready for the 2015 Fitness International. As you can imagine she spends a fair amount of time getting hardbody in the gym. During the hours of sweating and building her best body, Mimi likes to listen to a variety of music.

Myriam Capes’ Hardbody Gym Jams
1. Innocence – Avril Lavigne
2. I Gotta Believe – Yolanda Adams
3. Magic Fortune – Highland
4. Hold Me Back – Rick Ross
5. Jump – Kris Kriss
6. You Can Do it – Ice Cube
7. (Rap) Superstar – Cypress Hill
8. Crank Dat – Souljia Boy
9. 4 My People – Missy Elliott
10. Eye of the Tiger – Survivor (Rocky IV Soundtrack)

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