2015 Arnold Fitness International Results

Fitness International Results
The results in the Fitness International played out as most who follow the division thought they would go. Despite the somewhat expected results, that didn’t change the excitement of watching the routines.

The defending chap, Oksana Grishina brought another new performance to Columbus and demonstrated new ballet skills in her routine. She noted in a post-show interview that she was inspired by the movie Black Swann three years ago but held off on doing the routine. Adela Garcia, the all-time fitness winner, encouraged Oksana to perform the routine. She taught herself ballet and the hours of hard work paid off. Her routine wasn’t the biggest surprise. She moved all the way up to win the physique round and not just win but did so with a unanimous score. The pair of perfect scores earned her the title for the second year in a row.

Tanji Johnson had a great showing and finished in second. She was in third going into the routine rounds and actually finished fourth in the routine round. Coming third, which was a bit higher than I thought she’d finish, was Regiane Da Silva. Regiane was fourth in the physique round and tied for second in the routine round. Bethany Cisternino struggled a bit with her routine and I think it cost her at least one spot. She was in second heading into the night show but had to settle for fourth. She was sixth in the routine round. Michelle Blank brought her best physique to the stage and nailed a solid routine to put her in fifth. An impressive comeback after she injured her foot last year at the Arnold. Myriam Capes moved up in the standings with her routine round but it was just enough to put her into 6th place.

2015 Oksana Wins

Oksana Grishina at the 2015 Arnold Fitness International. Photo by Michael Pronzato

2015 Arnold Fitness International Results
Place / Name / 2-Piece Score / Routine Score
1. Oksana Grishina – 5 – 5
2. Tanji Johnson – 15 – 21
3. Regiane Da Silva – 26 – 18
4. Bethany Cisternino – 13 – 30
5. Michelle Blank – 20 – 27
6. Myriam Capes – 39 – 18
7. Ryall Graber – 37 – 37
8. Fiona Harris – 47 – 45
9. Trish Warren – 47 – 50
10. Melinda Szabo – 55 – 50
11. Sara Kovach – 61 – 49
12. Auyrika Tyrgale – 68 – 48
13. Ashley Sebra – 66 – 64
DNF – Whitney Jones due to injury

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