2015 Arnold Australia Results

2015 Arnold Australia
2015 Arnold Australia Pro Results: Camala Rodriquez continued her winning ways with the Arnold Australia Figure title and Janey Layug won the first-ever Pro Bikini at the 2015 Arnold Australia Pro. This event was previously called the Australian Pro but switched to the Arnold Australia. Dexter Jackson won the men’s open and nearly didn’t make the trip down under due to VISA issues.

Camala Rodriquez was coming off a win at the Figure International in Columbus, Ohio and with this victory puts her in a top contender spot heading into the Olympia later this year. The only other leading lady in Figure who was absent from this lineup was Nicole Wilkins. Candice Keene improved by one placing from her Columbus showing and Candice Lewis dropped to third. Keene hasn’t been 100% on the money yet this year and it’s kept her out of the winner’s circle. Camala has improved and while her conditioning is there she could continue to bring up her quads a bit. Candice Lewis has cartoon like features with a tiny waist and boulder shoulders. She’s improved the conditioning in her legs and arguably looked her best ever at this contest. Just two points separated Keene and Lewis. Strobo moved up into the fourth place spot with Watts slipping to fifth. Latoyra continues to be a consistent contender for the top five in every show she enters. Rounding out the top six was Dana Ambrose who also continues to bring an improved look to the stage. Ann Titone did not make the trip to Australia.

Figure Prejudging:

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2015 Arnold Australia Pro Figure Results:
1. Camala Rodriquez – 5
2. Candice Keene – 11
3. Candice Lewis – 13
4. Genn Strobo – 22
5. Latoyra Watts – 24
6. Dana Ambrose – 29
7. Heather Dees – 36
8. Myra Rogers – 40
9. Amanda Doherty – 44
10. Larissa Reis – 51
11. Eliyan Lobez – 56
12. Asher Prior – 59
13. Rinnah Schmid – 64
14. Maria Garcia – 70
15. Tara Ramos – 75

Many thought it would happen in Columbus but it took one more week for Janet Layug to upset Ashley Kaltwasser for the win. Janet took the top spot at the Arnold Australia and you’ll have a tough time finding anyone arguing with that call. Don’t be surprised if you see Janet run the table from here on out this year in every show she wins. She has the body, presentation and looks to win every show she enters. Ashley brought what Ashley always brings to the stage. Ashley needs to improve her stage presence, namely walking in heels. If you watch Janet and then watch Ashley it’s like night and day. Just one point separated the two for first and second though. Rounding out the top spots were India Paulino, Stephanie Mahoe and Narmin Assria.

2015 Arnold Australia Pro Bikini Results:
1. Janet Layug – 7
2. Ashley Kaltwasser – 8
3. India Paulino – 16
4. Stephanie Mahoe – 19
5. Narmin Assria – 24
6. Summer Bernard – 32
7. Pollianna Moss – 33
8. Sheena Anderton – 42
9. Barbie Heng – 45
10. Jade MacKinnon – 49
11. Whitney Wiser – 56
12. Ebony Quince – 61
13. Amy Wright – 63
DNC – Jessica Arevalo

Arnold with the winner, Janet Layug…

The results from the men’s show were pretty much like we saw in Columbus. Brandon Curry moved up into the top five and Roelly Winklaar ended up in sixth where it could have gone either way in the earlier comparisons. Dexter continues to defy the odds at age 45 and shows the young bucks how being smart with your training can lead to a long-term, profitable career.

2015 Arnold Australia Pro Men’s Bodybuilding Results:
1. Dexter Jackson – 10
2. Branch Warren – 20
3. Justin Compton – 30
4. Evan Centopani – 43
5. Brandon Curry – 52
6. Roelly Winklaar – 56
7. Ben Pakulski – 69
8. Toney Freeman – 84
9. Josh Lenartowicz – 87
10. Cory Mathews – 104
11. Luke Schembri – 110
12. Saman Mohammad – 117

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