Lolo Jones “Eff butt injections. Kick butt Instead”

A great butt is all the craze in the fitness world and apparently it’s hitting the world of Track & Field. American Hurlder, Lolo Jones shared a snippet of her workout on Instagram & Facebook page and her fans went nuts. Her follow-up comment on Facebook was more interesting than the video though…

Eff butt injections. Kick butt instead #GetFit

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Via Facebook:

The days I don’t lift weights I do a body circuit so that I can get ripped. Lots of girls complain that they don’t want to lift weights bc they don’t want to look manly. So try this trick. I lift over 200 pounds for power clean. I don’t look like a body builder bc I balance it with moves like these. Happy Training!

Lolo Jones “Eff butt injections. Kick butt Instead”

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