19 Questions with Amanda Latona – Live Twitter Chat Q&A

We caught up with cover girl and popular fitness model, Amanda Latona live on twitter. The questions came in fast and furious. We weren’t able to ask every question that came in but during the hour the cover model shared with us and her fans she answered a variety of things thrown at her.


Live Twitter Q&A with Amanda Latona

1Q What’s your biggest goal for 2013?
1A My goal every new year is to everything bigger, better and more awesome then the year before.That being said,more tv & mainstream.

2Q I’m having a hard time going to the #gym. How do you push yourself?
2A TRAINING HAS ALWAYS BEEN A PASSION OF MINE, SO I PHYSICALLY JUST LUV TO GO. I’ve been there though and thats the times u.
2A cont. You gotta invision what you want. GO AFTER IT! Dig deep, find that inner motivation& know that gotta out in the hard work

3Q U r my fav athlete! I fell off the wagon one year ago…what should I eat to start burning fat again?
3A I understand, 1st DONT get discouraged.Cut out all processed foods,limit carbs to 1st meal and post lift.lean protein/veggies

4Q Your glutes: genetics or what did you do to build them into what they are today?
4A I always say a mixture of both. had a butt since I was young but worked my butt off to build build it.YEARS of heavy lifting#askamanda

5Q Are you competing in 2013 & will you be at @ArnoldSports?
5A My plans are Olympia and Sac right now. Need a break for hormones, injuries. I will def be at the Arnold for @BSNFinishFirst

6Q Why do you eat 6 meals a day?
6A Ha why not? Heck I would eat 15 times a day if I could.I’m always hungry & luv me sum food.But, its to keep blood levels steady

7Q What got you started in the #fitness industry?
7A I started as a singer in a girls group.they gave us a gym membership 2 stay in shape. went in, fell in love, been hooked.

8Q How much cardio (time/how often) would you recommend and do you do?
8A Depends on ur goals. I’m never a slave to cardio. I like less time, more intense for me right now, 3-4 days @30-@35 min HIIT

9Q What is your favorite outfit to do a serious workout at the gym in?
9A Hands down @lululemon WonderUnders and a HOODIE. All my booty pics are in those & I’m never to naked @ gym. I’m There to work.

10Q What fat burners do you recommend & what’s your fav @BSNFinishFirst protein flavor?
10A @BSNFinishFirst HYPERSHRED! luv it. Ya’ll know me know I’m a peanut butter nut head! so syntha 6 choc.p.b. also…cont. @BSNFinishFirst I just found out is coming out with..wait for it…PEANUT BUTTER COOKIE FLAVOR FOR SYNTHA 6 !!#heaven

11Q Do you feel weight training is a good source of cardio? Trying to be careful w/ my adrenal fatigue.
11A Gotcha. Weight training is good cardio depending on intensity/rest periods/training styles. for cardio though, I like cardio.

12Q Do you have any regrets with #fitness or your singing career?
12A I live life with the mantra “I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be” no regrets. never dwell on the past

13Q What’s the best advice to get into #fitness modeling & getting a cover?
13A Know ur brand. Look good. Have a personality & knowledge. Be aggressive. Compete to be seen.Be humble & nice.

14Q Do you have any advice for someone who wants to compete one day in a pro fitness comp?
14A Get a good coach. Go to the shows to see what its all about. Knowledge is key. Talk to people, network, ask questions & research.

15Q Do you use heavier weights to help with toning & building more muscle Or lighter weights higher reps?
15A I don’t believe in building or toning. I lift heavy & lite to switch it up 4 my body. Diet &c ardio is my means of building or toning

16Q Who is your biggest inspiration & what motivates you?
16A inspiration is anyone who is selfless & helps people. in fitness, its people who set a goal&make positive changes in their life
16AA what motivates me are the people who tell me that I inspire them.It keeps me goin when I dont feel like it

17Q Do you eat carbs at night & what’s typically your last meal?
17A I sometimes but rarely eat carbs at night. I do add more carbs on lifting days. Last meal is 99%of the time protein/fat


(We forgot to ask #18 oops)

19Q Can I train with you & what’s next for you this year?
19A WAHOO! You will FINALLY be able to train with me this year! I will be “hands on”training & posing at a new Vegas studio. Cant wait

20Q Where is the studio & do you have a #training DVD yet?
20A The studio is in Vegas but will be doin online as well. This year my goal is to have a training DVD.

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Disclaimer: Reader discretion advised, please consult your physician before beginning any exercise or diet program.