21 Questions with Figure Champ Nicole Wilkins

Two-time Figure Olympia and 3x Figure International Champion, Nicole Wilkins joined us for a live twitter chat. During the hour, she provided fans with workout tips, nutrition advice and posing insight. Nicole also shared that she’s planning to compete at the New York Pro. Check out the entire Q&A with Nicole.


1Q @NicoleMWilkins I want to get into figure competitions, but have no clue where to begin. Where should I start?
1A Attend a show in your area, ask qs and def hire a trainer with experience working w/ competitors. #askNicole

2Q @NicoleMWilkins Is it hard to sit out the @ArnoldSports this year and will you still be there, if so where? #askNicole
2A Yes and no. Knew my body needed a break plus I moved from MI to CA. Would’ve made prep vry hard. Will be at @Official_METRx #askNicole

3Q @nicolemWilkins What is YOUR biggest obstacle during a contest prep? #asknicole
3A Ha! the beginning-Getting back into routine. Traveling/training/packing food is also hard. I ❤ it tho. #asknicole

4Q @nicoleMwilkins Have you ever thought of switching back to #fitness? (nicole won the fitness & figure title at the same show) #asknicole
4A Nope. I think I’ll stick with what I’m better at.

5Q @NicoleMWilkins How do you deal with the mental aspect of weight gain during your off season? #askNicole
5A I’ve never been a ‘skinny’ girl and I’m ok w/ that. I am strong, healthy and I think I look good so that’s all that matters. #asknicole

6Q @NicoleMWilkins How do you train to keep symmetry for your physique?  #askNicole
6A I have to train my upper body heavy to balance my lower. Lower gains muscle easy so I do lots of sprints/plyos. #asknicole

7Q @NicoleMWilkins What is your favorite part about competing? The prep, the walk on stage or the “bling” #askNicole
7A All of the above. the challenges day 2 day, seeing improvements, motivating others, the rush of the stage etc #asknicole

8Q @NicoleMWilkins What carbs are u utilizing during your preps & do u use whey #protein for all weeks of prep? #askNicole
8A Oats, brown rice, sweet pot, rice cakes usually. I use whey only for emergencies during prep. Off-season more often. #asknicole

9Q @NicoleMWilkins Do you do cardio workouts on the stair master? If so, how long & what intensity? #askNicole
9A Yes. I love that thing. I also run, track, ellipticize (I think I just made that up). Duration/intensity varies. #asknicole

10Q @NicoleMWilkins What is your biggest challenge when training clients & what do you enjoy most from training clients? #askNicole
10A Biggest challenge is when you want it more than them. I love when I people change their lives – lower cholesterol, BP etc #asknicole

11Q @NicoleMWilkins Any tips/hints on practicing posing for figure? i.e. duration to hold each pose, what to focus on, etc. #askNicole
11A practice practice practice!! Learn to flare lats, be confident and not robotic. When practicing hold poses for 30sec #asknicole

12Q @NicoleMWilkins How often do you train legs & what exercises helped build yours the most? #askNicole
12A Once a week. Squats and lunges are two of the most important IMO for legs. And don’t neglect your hamstrings! #asknicole

13Q @NicoleMWilkins Do you find it difficult 2 maintain a clean diet / workout plan when in a relationship? #asknicole
13A lol depends on who you’re w/. For me no. It is my life and is very important to me. I need my significant others support. #asknicole

14Q @NicoleMWilkins What changes the most in your diet from contest prep to off-season? #askNicole
14a precontest-very strict,food measured, no sugar, don’t miss meals. Offseason-still clean 2-3hrs but more variety,will go out2eat. #asknicole

15Q @NicoleMWilkins What do you have for pre and post workout meal and does it change in your off-season? #askNicole
15A usually lean meat/sw pot and 15 almonds pre and shake or lean meat and rice cakes/apple post #asknicole

Hold up @NicoleMWilkins 15 almonds… Do you count them out? lol Sorry couldn’t resist. #asknicole
@hardbodynews ha! Maybe 16 or 21. What’s the difference, right @OddosAngels?

16Q @NicoleMWilkins Do you prepare for a #photoshoot different to a comp? If so, how? #asknicole
16A usually at shoots you can be a little softer than onstage. For me? na not much difference.

17Q @NicoleMWilkins What do you think are the best supplements for women trying to build lean muscle and lose weight? #asknicole
17A You MUST have a sound nut. plan. Supplements supplement that.Multi, BCAAs,EFAs,Glutamine, @Official_METRx joint guard, Whey #asknicole

18Q @NicoleMWilkins What brand of jeans do you wear and find that fit muscular quads? #asknicole
18A I hate jeans. They hate me lol. Needs to have stretch – I get waist tailored in. Express and Buckle – silver jeans. #asknicole

19Q @NicoleMWilkins We are talking training, but what do you do for fun? Do you have any hobbies? #asknicole
19A I love traveling, trying new restaurants, movies, amusement parks, coffee shops, long walks on the beach… #asknicole

20Q @NicoleMWilkins Do you have any upcoming plans to hold seminars in the US? #askNicole
20A yes! Omg so many: few in CA, 2 in New Orleans, 1 in MI, Texas, FL, maybe AZ. Follow here and fb facebook.com/nicolewilkins01 #asknicole

21Q @NicoleMWilkins Will you be putting out another DVD & when/where will you compete next? #askNicole
21A Yes! DVD: Legs and Glutes. Editing now – How to structure wo/track wo/plyo/cardio4glutes etc.due in spring. Next show: NYPro #asknicole

That’s all the time we have for @NicoleMWilkins #askNicole chat. Thnx 4 all your questions! Visit her site nicolewilkins.com for more!

Disclaimer: Reader discretion advised, please consult your physician before beginning any exercise or diet program.