Quest Nutrition to Release New Flavored Bar

Question Nutrition has quickly become one of the favorite protein bars in and out of the fitness industry. The company has done what few are able to do… generate buzz. They’ve embraced social media and uses professional, enticing images to help market the products. Their latest tactic is teasing fans with new flavors and it’s working.

new quest bar

The secret to Quest Nutrition‘s success is a combination of things but ultimately it comes down to the taste of the product and it’s supplemental value. You can hype a company and/or product but if you don’t deliver on flavor, it was all for not. The days of chalky tasting protein bars are gone. Quest has come under scrutiny over some of their ingredients and labeling but they’ve openly discussed the topic related to the seemingly frivolous lawsuit.

So what’s the next big flavor they’ve been teasing? While we can’t say for certain what it will be, we can say if we were to bet on it… we’d put our money on Cookies & Cream. Rumor has it there could be samples of this new flavor at THE FIT EXPO, this weekend in in Los Angeles, CA.  If the new flavor is officially released and available, you can be sure we’ll give it a try and let you know how it tastes.


Image via Quest

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