Women Ski Jump for The First Time In The Olympics

Sarah Hendrickson will be the first official woman “allowed” to ski jump in the Olympics. Mark this day down and file it away for future trivia questions. The world will finally get to see the women in the Olympic Ski Jump.

Sarah is having some fun with the history making event on twitter.

Make Time – Hardbody Motivation Photo of the Day

We’re all busy. It’s not about having time but rather MAKING time. If something is important to you, you’ll make the time. We encourage you to make time to train. Make time to cook healthy meals and live a healthy lifestyle.

Emily Herrington

Emily Herrington is a trainer and model who makes time to live a healthy lifestyle.

Making Time Quote

Good Health = Wealth

Today’s Photo of the Day reminds us of bright, sunny days and summer. While it’s cold outside for most of us it doesn’t mean that we should be cold on the inside.


Remember to focus on your health by knowing yourself. Featured model is Elspeth Katherine. She shares this on her Facebook page… “Hi everyone! I have been a hair and makeup stylist for the past 6 years, and absolutely LOVE what I do! I am also a fitness enthusiast (to say the least!). I am a Team Dymatize Featured Athlete, ReebokONE, LeaseQ, & Fitmark bags Ambassador, an NPC Bikini Competitor, and Personal Trainer. I am constantly challenging myself to learn and do more, and taking every chance I can get to travel the world!”

looking like wealth

Athletes Eat and Train, They Don’t Diet & Exercise

If you’re active and making an effort to be the best version of you, then we applaud you. One thing to think about with your approach to tackling those New Years’ resolutions is a shift in focus. Instead of looking at it as diet and exercise, tackle it like an athlete. Athletes eat and train, they don’t diet and exercise.

athletes eat and train, not diet and exercise

Your body is one thing you control. Determine what you’re training for and then eat accordingly. A marathon runner isn’t going to eat the same way as a powerlifter. Think about it. Change your mindset. A shift in your thinking and your approach will help motivate you year-round.

Libby Dibiase - Athletes Don't Diet and Exercise, They Eat and Train.

Libby Dibiase – Reebok & Gaspari Nurition Athlete.
Photo by Isaac Hinds

Hardbody Motivation: Open Doors

It’s a new year and a perfect opportunity to rethink your approach to all areas in your life. A simple quote can often help shift your thinking and this one by Alexander Graham Bell got our wheels turning…”Sometimes we stare so long at a door that is closing that we see too late the one that is open.”


Instead of focusing on what happened in 2013 too much look to what is in front of you this year. Featured in this Hardbody Motivation graphic is rookie IFBB Pro, Janet Layug. She was the winner of the FLEX Bikini Model Search and the 2013 NPC Nationals overall bikini winner. In just a few weeks she’ll make her pro debut at the Arnold in Columbus, Ohio. She’s a great example of someone who saw an opportunity in competing and ran with it.


Hardbody Photo of the Day: Candice Lewis Motivation

IFBB Figure Pro Candice Lewis rocks a hardbody and is today’s photo feature of the day. Candice is currently living in Denver, Colorado and preparing for the 2014 Figure International in March. She has the potential to be a top contender in every show she enters and is one to watch, not that we’re asking much of you there.

candice lewis

Pin this image to your pinterest page or share on Facebook. BE STRONGER THAN YOU WERE YESTERDAY! Remember it’s only you against yourself when it comes to the gym, training and your nutrition. #MEvsME

stronger candice

Candice Lewis

Hardbody Photo of The Day: Miesha Tate Weighs In

The women are back in the octagon this weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada at UFC 168. Miesha Tate takes on the champion Ronda Rousey in the co-main event and it’s sure to be one to watch. The two were coaches on The Ultimate Fighter and since that time Miesha’s popularity has increased but will she be able to get past the champ? The odds-makers in Vegas don’t think so but never say never.


miesha tate

She’s today’s Hardbody Photo of The Day. Once Miesha made weight (135lbs) she through up a bicep pose and gave it a kiss. The fans loved it and she shows she’s definitely got some guns.

miesha tate muscle

Photo via UFC weigh-in webcast.ร‚ย 

Disclaimer: Reader discretion advised, please consult your physician before beginning any exercise or diet program.